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Chinese President Xi Jinping hailed the ;profound friendship; between China and Pakistan on Tuesday, during his first state visit to the Southeast Asian country.星期二,中国国家主席习近平在对东南亚国家巴基斯坦进行首次国事访问期间赞扬中巴两国的“深厚友谊”。Addressing the Pakistani parliament, President Xi praised Islamabad#39;s anti-terror efforts, saying Pakistan and China ;share a common stake in security.;习近平在巴基斯坦议会发表演讲时,赞扬伊斯兰堡的反恐努力,表示中巴两国有着共同的安全考虑。;Over the years Pakistan has overcome all kinds of difficulties and contributed greatly to the security and stability of China#39;s western border areas, and this is something that we shall never forget,; Mr. Xi said.他说,巴基斯坦多年来克了种种困难,对中国西部边疆地区的安全与稳定做出了巨大贡献。这是我们永远都不会忘记的。In his own address to lawmakers, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said Islamabad and Beijing ;will fight together to eliminate the menace of terrorism.;巴基斯坦总理谢里夫在议会发表演讲时说,伊斯兰堡和北京“将共同战斗,消除恐怖主义威胁”。China has long been concerned that Muslim militants in its western Xinjiang region may be getting training and support from fighters in Pakistan#39;s lawless tribal areas.长期以来,中国一直担心新疆穆斯林激进分子可能得到巴基斯坦部落地区不法战斗人员的训练和持。President Xi arrived Monday in Pakistan#39;s capital, Islamabad, for a two-day trip.习近平星期一抵达巴基斯坦首都伊斯兰堡,进行为期两天的访问。In addition to security talks, the visit saw the two sides launch over billion in energy and infrastructure projects.除了讨论安全问题外,中巴两国在习近平访问期间启动了耗资450亿美元的能源和基础设施项目。 /201504/371465As many women know only too well, finding a dress that fits like a glove is no easy task.许多女人都很明白吧,想要找一条和手套一样合适的裙子可不是容易事。But a new dress, created using a 3D printer, may be the answer to every woman#39;s style woes.但是这条用3D打印机打印出来的新裙子,也许可以解决每个女人的时尚问题了。A design studio have used 3D printing technology to create an innovative dress customised to a woman’s body.一件设计室已经可以用3D打印技术“制作”为女人量身订造创新型的裙子。The dress, which costs a staggering #163;1,900 (,000) to print, features 2,279 printed panels interconnected by 3,316 hinges.这条裙子,出人意料的要花1900镑(3000美金)来打印,由3316条铰链连接2279块打印的图案。Creators Nervous Systemcall it a ‘4D dress’ as, like fabric, the printed garment can go from a compressed object to its intended shape.创造者神经系统称其“4D裙子”,因为像织物一样,这件打印的衣可以从一件被压扁的物件展开成你想要的形状。Jessica Rosenkrantz, co-founder and creative director, revealed the garment took approximately 48 hours to print.合作创始人和创意总监杰西卡·罗森克兰兹透露,这件衣大约要花48小时来打印。The company, based in Massachusetts, USA, have also created a smartphone and tablet app, which helps users to manipulate their dresses.这家在美国马萨诸塞州的公司也发明了智能机和平板的APP,它们可以帮助用户来操作裙子。Using the app, the pattern, style and flexibility of the dress can all be changed.使用这款APP,裙子的图案、风格和灵魂度都可以改变。Speaking about her work, Jessica said: #39;I’m very interested in a future where garments are more personal and customised.说道她的工作,杰西卡说:“我对未来裙子可以变得更私人,还可以量身定做感到很有兴趣。”#39;It is printed using a process called Selective Laser Sintering that uses a laser to fuse together nylon powder, leaving unmelted powder in between all of the gap spaces.“其使用选择性激光烧结方法来打印裙子,使用激光将尼龙粉末熔合到一起,在空白的地方把不熔化的粉末留下来。#39;More dresses are aly on the way.#39;“更多裙子已经在制作中。” /201412/349084

As one of the few Western journalists who has traveled widely in North Korea, David Guttenfelder believes that photography can open a window onto a country. And on a recent trip to that closed society, he took that credo to a different level.作为为数不多的深入朝鲜境内游历的西方记者之一,大卫·古登菲尔德(David Guttenfelder)坚信照片能够打开一扇窗户,让外界了解一个国家。在最近一次造访这个封闭社会的旅途中,他把这一信条提升到了一个不同的层次。About 31 floors up in his hotel room.在大约31层楼高的酒店房间里。Firing up his Periscope app, Mr. Guttenfelder pointed his iPhone outside his hotel window and began to stream live . Soon, he was being peppered with questions from online viewers: What was it like? What did he eat? How was it working there? That intense curiosity — not to mention engagement — was similar to when he had posted images to Instagram, not only during his recent visit, but also dating back to his tenure as The Associated Press’s chief Asia photographer.在设置好Periscope应用之后,古登菲尔德把自己的iPhone对准酒店的窗外,开始录制直播视频。很快,网络观众就向他提出了一系列问题:朝鲜是个怎么样的国家?他吃什么?在朝鲜工作感觉怎么样?这种强烈的好奇心——更不必说这种互动——同之前他把照片传到Instagram上时颇为类似。不仅是最近访问朝鲜时,在过去担任美联社(Associated Press)亚洲首席摄影记者一职时,他也会在Instagram上发布照片。“There’s probably not a better place to test the power of photography and photojournalism than a place that has never really allowed photography or foreigners there,” Mr. Guttenfelder said. “We don’t know very much about North Korea because it has not been photographed for 60-something years. The only images we ever see have been distributed by the state as propaganda. For me to go there over the years has been a rare opportunity and responsibility. Otherwise, it’s completely unknown. While imperfect, we have eyes on the ground and some windows opening.”Mr. Guttenfelder, who left the news service last year and is now a National Geographic photography fellow, had gone to North Korea for a six-day assignment for The New York Times, initially to photograph a trip by Gloria Steinem and other peace activists who were meeting with North and South Korean women. But as with any of his more than 40 previous trips there, he found time to document daily moments.“因为基本上不允许摄影,也不允许外国人进驻,所以朝鲜可能是测试摄影和摄影新闻报道影响力的最佳地点,”古登菲尔德说道。“我们不太了解朝鲜,因为过去60多年里都没有关于朝鲜的照片。那些曾经见过的仅有的照片,都是朝鲜用作宣传发布的照片。对我来说,能够在过去几年里访问朝鲜,是一个难得的机会和责任。否则,外界就完全一无所知。虽然并不完美,但是我们在朝鲜有眼线,还有一些通畅的信息渠道。”古登菲尔德去年离开了通讯社,现在担任《国家地理》(National Geographic)的摄影师,他来到朝鲜为《纽约时报》展开了为期六天的工作。最初是为了拍摄格洛丽亚·斯泰纳姆(Gloria Steinem)和其他和平活动人士,同朝鲜和韩国女性的会面,但和之前的40多次访问一样,他抽空记录了一些日常生活的瞬间。Face it: In a place as walled-off and mysterious as North Korea, any image not produced by the state was a revelation. In a way, Mr. Guttenfelder said, he felt it was his responsibility to show the outside world the reality away from stage-managed events.要知道,在一个像朝鲜这样封闭而神秘的国家,任何一张并非由国家拍摄的照片,都是一种揭示。古登菲尔德表示,从某种程度上说,他感觉到自己有责任向外界展示真实的朝鲜,而非一些台面上精心安排的活动。“It’s an amazing place to work as a photographer,” he said. “Anything I photograph I feel is of news value because we don’t know what the places looks like. Every picture looks like a piece of a puzzle, and the sum of the parts begin to reveal something.”That approach dates to one of his earliest trips to North Korea in 2000, when he accompanied then-Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright on a visit to Pyongyang. Back then, the Communist government gave new meaning to the notion of a closed society: The windows on his bus were covered with drapes, and he was told not to even bother taking out a camera. Even the windows of his hotel were covered.“对于摄影师来说,朝鲜是一个不可思议的地方,”古登菲尔德表示。“我觉得我拍摄的任何一张照片都具有新闻价值,因为我们不了解这些地方都是什么样子。每张照片似乎都是拼图的一部分,把这些部分拼凑起来,就可以揭露一些事物。”这种方式可以追溯到他最早在2000年访问朝鲜的时候,当时他陪同时任美国国务卿的玛德琳·K·奥尔布赖特(Madeleine K. Albright)访问朝鲜平壤。那时,朝鲜的共产主义政府刷新了“封闭社会”这一概念的含义:古登菲尔德乘坐的汽车的窗户被封上了帘子,并且被告知不要妄想拿出照相机,就连他住的酒店窗户也被封上了。“I couldn’t see outside,” he said. “I had the feeling that North Korea was not real. That it was a facade, like ‘The Truman Show.’ That’s what most people still think about North Korea.”“我没法看到外面,”他说道,“我有一种感觉,朝鲜一点都不真实。它是一种假象,像《楚门的世界》(The Truman Show)。大部分人眼里的朝鲜仍旧是这样的。”The importance of that visit took a back seat to things he began to notice on the periphery, like a scene of children tossing snowballs. At one point, when Dr. Albright was at a ceremony where food was being donated, he noticed a child who was cutting up in class. He could identify, imagining himself as a child being the class clown. It was a breakthrough moment.那次访问变得不再重要了,因为他开始注意到周围的一些事物,比如说小孩子打雪仗这样的场景。奥尔布赖特出席一场食品捐赠仪式期间的某个时刻,古登菲尔德注意到一个孩子在班上插科打诨。对此,他完全可以认同,而且能够把自己想象成一个孩子,一个班里的活宝。这是一个具有突破性的瞬间。“That was a surprising moment and informed how I try to photograph the country,” he said. “There are connections to be made. There are universal things to discover in a photo. Regular life shouldn’t be surprising. It should not be surprising there is real life and people try to get by. That seems to be one of the loudest things I can say with really subtle, mundane moments.”“那是一个出人意料的瞬间,让我知道了应该如何拍摄这个国家。”他说道。“需要制造一些共鸣,从一张照片里可以发现一些普世的东西。日常生活不应该是让人惊讶的,朝鲜存在着真实的生活,人们努力维持生计,对此我们不应该感到惊讶。这似乎是我能通过那些细微且平淡的瞬间,讲出的最响亮的话。”He embraced that approach in earnest in 2013, when North Korea allowed local 3G mobile phone service, permitting him to do everything people in the ed States were doing on their smartphones, including using Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare. While others used the technology for personal reasons and connections, he saw the value as a journalist in an isolated society.他真正采取那种做法是在2013年,当时朝鲜许可了本地的3G移动电话务,于是他也能做美国人在智能手机上做的事情了,比如使用Twitter、Instagram和Foursquare。其他人出于个人原因和联系的目的使用科技手段时,他作为封闭社会的一个记者,看到了其中的价值。His Instagram feed attracted hundreds of thousands of followers, and he realized this work on social media was as important as any of the other photography and journalism he was doing. With his use of Periscope, he continued to find new ways to use new tools, even if he had first used it only a month earlier — to watch the title bout between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. “I ended up watching with some family in Mexico filming the fight” on their living room television, he said. “I hadn’t used it until I got to North Korea.”他在Instagram上的动态吸引了成千上万的关注者,随后他意识到这项在社交媒体上的工作,与他在做的其他摄影和新闻工作一样重要。他对Periscope的运用,实际上延续了以创新方式运用新工具的做法,尽管他开始使用Periscope才一个月——观看曼尼·帕奎奥(Manny Pacquiao)和小弗洛伊德·梅威瑟(Floyd Mayweather Jr.)的冠军较量。他说,“结果我观看的是墨西哥一家人”在起居室的电视上录制的比赛画面。“我在去朝鲜之前从来没用过。”But once there, he took advantage. During a drive in the countryside, he again pointed his phone out the window, showing rural scenes.但一到朝鲜,他就抓住了机会。一次在乡间驾车时,他把手机伸出窗外,展示乡间的景象。“To see the countryside, the rural areas of the country, and know it was not me being led, directed to stand in some spot, this was clearly candid, the world passing by…#8202;,” he said. “Even if the is a bit shaky, it’s certainly not broadcast quality, but it’s more powerful in a way. People feel they are there, and you can transport them to a place very few people have ever seen.”Bringing outsiders into close contact with life in North Korea — if only via a phone or a laptop — continues to guide Mr. Guttenfelder. He has been curating @EverydayDPRK, an Instagram feed in which he features images taken by foreigners living in or visiting North Korea. His contributors include a model-turned-English-teacher from California; a tour guide who had made some 150 trips there; and an Indonesian stay-at-home father.“我看到了乡间,看到了这个国家的农村,我知道自己站到某个地点时,并没有被人引导、指示。这都是坦诚的,世界在我身边经过……”他说。“尽管视频有些晃动,并且画面质量肯定不到播出的水准,但它在某种方式上更有力度。人们觉得他们是在现场,而你能把他们带到极少有人见过的地方。”带外人近距离地接触朝鲜的生活,这仍然是古登菲尔德的指引目标——虽然只是通过手机或笔记本电脑。他一直在整理@EverydayDPRK的内容,这个Instagram账户展示的是在朝鲜生活和参观的外国人拍摄的照片。向他提供照片的包括一个来自加州、以前做过模特的英语教师;一个去过朝鲜150次的导游,还有一个印度尼西亚的居家父亲。Each one offers another peek, another piece of the puzzle. Each image also helps dispel some of the misconceptions about the country.每个人都提供了一瞥的景象,提供了拼图的另外一块。每张照片都有助于驱散关于这个国家的误解。“They are questioning reality,” Mr. Guttenfelder said of some viewers. “It’s hard for people to believe that North Koreans commute to work on the bus, or what they see in cities and the countryside is representative of real life there.”“他们在质疑真实性,”古登菲尔德谈到一些关注者时这样说。“人们很难相信朝鲜人坐公交上下班,也很难相信他们看到的城市和乡村反映了那里真实的生活。”Granted, a dictatorship wary of the outside world is not an easy place to work. Some critics would counsel him to stay away altogether, rather than try any engagement. Mr. Guttenfelder said that despite the constraints, he had not been censored, which in some ways makes his responsibility even greater: to decide what is real or not.诚然,一个对外部世界谨慎提防的独裁国家不是一个容易工作的地方。一些批评者会劝告他避而远之,而不是试图有所接触。古登菲尔德说尽管有着各种限制,他还没受到审查,而这在某些方面让他的责任变得更大:判断什么是真实的而什么不是。“Social media is uncharted territory for all of us, including North Korea,” he said. “I’m allowed to work there as a journalist, and this is a tool, one of the many I use to tell the story. I don’t think there is a clear line on this. I also think there shouldn’t be, really. I think it’s in everyone’s interest to have connections made between North Korea, its neighbors and the rest of the world. The more information that flows in both directions, the better for everyone.”“社交媒体对所有人都是一个未知的领域,包括朝鲜,”他说。“我获准以记者的身份在那里工作,而这是个工具,许多我用来讲故事的工具之一。我不认为在这个问题上有一个清晰的界限,我也觉得不该有,真的。我认为在朝鲜和它的邻国,以及世界其他国家之间建立联系,对每个人都有好处。彼此间双向流动的信息越多,对大家也就越好。” /201506/380635

MY kids have recently picked up a worrying French slang word: bim (pronounced “beam”). It’s what children say in the schoolyard here after they’ve proved someone wrong, or skewered him with a biting remark. English equivalents like “gotcha” or “booyah” don’t carry the same sense of gleeful vanquish, and I doubt British or American kids use them quite as often.我的孩子们最近学会了一个令人担心的法语俚语词:bim(发音与英语的“beam”相似)。孩子们在校园里明别人犯了错,或者用尖刻的话把对方驳得体无完肤时,就会说“bim”。英语里类似的词语“gotcha”或者“booyah”并没有完全传达出那种碾压别人的喜悦。而且我也怀疑,英国和美国的孩子说这些词并没有那么频繁。As an American married to an Englishman and living in France, I’ve spent much of my adult life trying to decode the rules of conversation in three countries. Paradoxically, these rules are almost always unspoken. So much bubbles beneath what’s said, it’s often hard to know what anyone means.作为一个嫁给英国人、目前生活在法国的美国人,我成年后的大把时间,都在努力破译这三个国家语言交流的规则。可矛盾的是,这些规则几乎总是心照不宣的。人们说出的话里有太多掩饰,常常很难明白真实的用意。I had a breakthrough on French conversation recently, when a French sociologist suggested I watch “Ridicule,” a 1996 French movie (it won the César award for best film) about aristocrats at the court of Versailles, on the eve of the French Revolution.在理解法国式对话方面,我最近取得了重大进展。一位法国社会学家建议我看一看1996年的法国电影《荒谬无稽》(Ridicule)。这部片子赢得了凯撒奖的最佳影片奖项,讲述了法国大革命前夕凡尔赛宫廷里贵族的故事。Life at Versailles was apparently a protracted battle of wits. You gained status if you showed “esprit” — clever, erudite and often caustic wit, aimed at making rivals look ridiculous. The king himself kept abreast of the sharpest remarks, and granted audiences to those who made them. “Wit opens every door,” one courtier explained.凡尔赛宫的生活似乎就是漫长的唇舌剑,如果能展示出“esprit”——聪明、学且时常很尖刻的机锋,并让其他人显得可笑——那么你就能赢得地位。国王本人也时刻关注着最犀利的言辞,而说出这种话的人会得到接见。一位侍臣解释道,“机智能打开每一扇门。”If you lacked “esprit” — or suffered from “l’esprit de l’escalier” (thinking of a comeback only once you had reached the bottom of the staircase) — you’d look ridiculous yourself.但是,如果你缺乏“esprit”,或者遭遇“l’esprit de l’escalier”(走到楼梯最下面,才想起如何反击),那么你自己就会显得十分可笑。Granted, France has changed a bit since Versailles. But many modern-day conversations — including the schoolyard cries of “Bim!” — make more sense once you realize that everyone around you is in a competition not to look ridiculous. When my daughter complained that a boy had insulted her during recess, I counseled her to forget about it. She said that just wouldn’t do: To save face, she had to humiliate him.诚然,法国比起凡尔赛的时代已经发生了一些变化。但是当你意识到,周围的所有人都在为了不显得可笑而奋力竞争,那么当代的很多对话,包括校园里高呼的“Bim!”,就都显得合理了。我的女儿抱怨,一个男孩课间欺负了她,我建议她别在意这件事。但她说那是不行的:要想挽回面子,就必须羞辱回去。Many children train for this at home. Where Americans might coo over a child’s most inane remark, to boost his confidence, middle-class French parents teach their kids to be concise and amusing, to keep everyone listening. “I force him or her to discover the best ways of retaining my attention,” the anthropologist Raymonde Carroll wrote in her 1987 book “Cultural Misunderstandings: The French-American Experience.”许多孩子在家就接受了这种训练。为了激发孩子的信心,美国人对子女最愚蠢的言论或许都会柔声赞许,但是法国中产阶级父母却会教导孩子要讲话简洁风趣,好让所有人都愿意听。“我会强迫他或她,想方设法地吸引我的注意力,”人类学家雷蒙德·卡罗(Raymonde Carroll)在她1987年出版的《文化误解:法国和美国的经验》(Cultural Misunderstandings: The French-American Experience)一书中写道。This is probably worse in Paris, and among the professional classes. But a lot of French TV involves round-table discussions in which well-dressed people attempt to land zingers on one another. Practically every time I speak up at a school conference, a political event or my apartment building association’s annual meeting, I’m met with a display of someone else’s superior intelligence. (Adults don’t actually say “bim,” they just flash you a satisfied smile.) Jean-Beno#238;t Nadeau, a Canadian who co-wrote a forthcoming book on French conversation, told me that the penchant for saying “no” or “it’s not possible” is often a cover for the potential humiliation of seeming not to know something. Only once you trust someone can you turn down the wit and reveal your weaknesses, he said. (I think the French obsession with protecting private life comes from the belief that everyone’s entitled to a humiliation-free zone.)这种现象在巴黎,在专业阶层当中或许更严重。不过,法国的很多电视节目都有圆桌讨论的情形,让衣着考究的嘉宾用尖刻的口吻相互嘲弄。在学校会议、政治活动,或者公寓楼居民协会的年会上发言时,我几乎每次都会遇到别人炫耀高超的智力。(成年人并不会真的说出“bim”,只是脸上闪现出一丝满意的微笑而已。)加拿大人让-贝努阿·纳多(Jean-Beno#238;t Nadeau)与人合著了一本关于法国式谈话的书,即将出版。他告诉我,爱说“不”、“不可能”的习惯,常常是为了避免因为看起来不知道某事而可能受到的羞辱。他说,只有当你信任某人时,才能不必那么机智,袒露自己的弱点。(我想,法国人对保护私生活的偏执,源于他们认为每个人都有权得到一个免受羞辱的空间。)At least it’s not boring. Even among friends, being dull is almost criminal. A French entrepreneur told me her rules for dinner-party topics: no kids, no jobs, no real estate. Provocative opinions are practically required. “You must be a little bit mean but also a little bit vulnerable,” she said.至少这样聊天不会无聊。即使是在朋友之间,表现得无趣几乎也是犯罪行为。一名法国企业家告诉我,她为聚餐话题立下的规矩是:不谈孩子、不谈工作、不谈房地产。这实际上就需要提出争议性的意见。她说,“必须要有一些恶毒,但也要有一些脆弱。”It’s dizzying to switch to the British conversational mode, in which everyone’s trying to show they don’t take themselves seriously. The result is lots of self-deprecation and ironic banter. I’ve sat through two-hour lunches in London waiting for everyone to stop exchanging quips so the real conversation could begin. But “real things aren’t supposed to come up,” my husband said. “Banter can be the only mode of conversation you ever have with someone.”切换到英国式的交谈模式则会令人不知所措。在这种模式里,人人都努力表现得不把自己当回事,结果就是大量的自嘲和讽刺性的调侃。在伦敦,我曾好几次耐着性子坚持到两个小时的午餐结束,一直等着所有人停止相互打趣,这样才能开始真正的交谈。但“可别以为一定会谈什么实质内容,”我丈夫说。“和有的人,只存在戏谑这一种谈话模式。”Earnestness makes British people gag. Viewers respond to the “gushy, tearful” speeches of American actors at the Oscars with a “finger-down-throat ‘I’m going to be sick’ gesture,” writes Kate Fox, author of “Watching the English.” Moralizing politicians get this, too.真诚会让英国人呛着。《观察英国人》(Watching the English)的作者凯特·福克斯(Kate Fox)写道,对美国演员在奥斯卡颁奖礼上“含泪发表的煽情”感言,英国观众会做出“把手指塞进喉咙里,表示‘我要吐了’的动作”。面对爱说教的政客,他们也不会客气。Even British courtships can be conducted ironically. “ ‘You’re just not my type,’ uttered in the right tone and in the context of banter, can be tantamount to a proposal of marriage,” Ms. Fox writes.就连英国式的求爱,也可以在冷嘲热讽中展开。“在戏谑语境下用恰当的语调说出‘你决不是我喜欢的类型’,简直无异于求婚,”福克斯写道。Being ridiculous is sometimes required. The classic British hen night — a bachelor party for brides — involves groups of women wearing feather boas to a bar, then daring one another to “kiss a bald man” or “remove your bra without leaving the room.” Stumbling around drunk with friends — then recounting your misadventures for months afterward — is a standard bonding ritual.有时候,表现得滑稽可笑是必须的。在传统的英国女子婚前单身派对上,会有很多姑娘戴着羽毛围巾前往酒吧,然后用激将法撺掇彼此“亲吻一个秃顶男人”或是“当场脱掉内衣”。醉醺醺地和朋友一起出丑——然后在接下来的几个月里一直回顾自己当时做的糗事——是建立友情的标准仪式。After being besieged by British irony and French wit, I sometimes yearn for the familiar comfort of American conversations, where there are no stupid questions. Among friends, I merely have to provide reassurance and mirroring: No, you don’t look fat, and anyway, I look worse.被英国式的嘲讽和法国式的机智包围后,我时不时会渴望美国式谈话给人带来的那种熟悉的舒适感。这种谈话里没有问题会被认为是愚蠢的。在朋友之间,我只需要宽慰对方,并拿自己做参照:不,你看起来不胖,而且不管怎样,我看上去更遭。It might not matter what I say, since some American conversations resemble a succession of monologues. A 2014 study led by a psychologist at Yeshiva University found that when researchers crossed two unrelated instant-message conversations, as many as 42 percent of participants didn’t notice. A lot of us — myself included — could benefit from a basic rule of improvisational comedy: Instead of planning your next remark, just listen very hard to what the other person is saying. Call it “mindful conversation,” if you like. That’s what the French tend to do — even if it ends with “bim.”我说什么可能根本不重要,因为有些美式谈话其实是一连串的独白。叶史瓦大学(Yeshiva University)的一名心理学家在2014年牵头进行的一项研究中发现,当研究人员将两个不相干的即时通讯对话交叉在一起时,多达42%的参与者毫无察觉。我们中的很多人,包括我在内,可以从即兴喜剧的一条基本规则中受益:与其构思接下来要说什么,不如干脆非常认真地听对方在说什么。不妨称之为“用心交谈”。法国人往往会这么做,尽管最后会加上一个“bim”。 /201503/364986

  4. Worcestershire Sauce4.辣酱油While relatively unknown to most of the world, this foodstuff gets a spot on this list because it was made entirely by accident.尽管辣酱油在世界上很多地方都鲜有人知,但我们还是将这种食物纳入这篇文章中,因为它的制作完全是个意外。It began its life as an Indian sauce. The recipe made its way over to Worcester, England (see where this is going?), where two chemists, John Wheeley Lea and William Perrins, got their hands on it. They marketed this new exotic sauce, claiming all sorts of healing properties to cure common problems. When they actually made the stuff, however, it tasted awful. The pair stuffed the rest in a barrel and left it in a cellar, presumably to use again some day. That day didn’t come until two years later.它最初是一种印度酱油。这个食谱传到了英国伍斯特,被两位化学家John Wheeley Lea 和William Perrins所得。他们售卖这种新的异国酱油,宣称它能治愈一般的疾病。然而,当他们实际制成了这种东西的时候,它的味道非常糟糕。这两个人将剩下的酱油倒进一个桶里,存放在地窖中,准备过几天再用。而这一天直到两年后才到来。The pair, rediscovering their old invention, decided to give it a second shot. What should have probably murdered them (the sauce did have fish in it, after all), actually tasted very good. The pair decided to sell the sauce under the name ‘Lea and Perrins,’ a brand name that is strong to this day. Who knows how many other food inventions we’ve missed, due to people not willing to eat vastly out-of–date food?这两个人重新发现了他们过去的发明,决定再试试。差点让他们笑死的是,这东西尝起来非常美味。两人决定售卖这种酱油,给它取名“Leaamp;Perrins”,这个商标直到今天依然赫赫有名。因为人们不愿意吃那些过期的食物,谁知道我们因此错过了多少美食的发明? /201506/383153

  TORONTO — YOU can’t even really see the shoes.多伦多——你其实很少能看到这些鞋子。In many of the photos of women on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, the elegant gowns fall all the way to the ground, obscuring a view of their special-occasion footwear.在戛纳电影节(Cannes Film Festival)女星走红毯的照片中,有很多优雅的及地长裙,遮挡了她们专为这个特殊场合穿着的鞋子。So why on earth would it matter if women entering the prestigious celebration of cinema chose not to confine themselves in difficult-to-walk-in heels, opting for something more manageable — or even fashion-forward, in a flat?那么,如果一名女性决定不穿着难以走路的高跟鞋,而是选择更加方便——甚至是时尚前沿的——平底鞋,步入这个知名的电影盛会,又有什么大不了的呢?It did seem to matter to someone, though. It was reported last week that some women were turned away from the festival for the sartorial sin of wearing flats. High heels, it turns out, appeared to be part of the unwritten red-carpet dress code. Wearing heels changes how you stand, how you walk and how you are perceived. Even if they are visible only in small flashes, when a hem moves to one side, they are, in essence, a foundation garment: shoes that keep women in their place.但是对于有些人,这似乎真的很重要。上周有报道称,一些女性穿着平底鞋前往这个电影节,却因违反着装规范而被拒之门外。实际上,高跟鞋似乎是不成文的红地毯着装规范之一。穿着高跟鞋,会改变你站立、走路的姿势,改变人们对你的感觉。即使鞋子被看到的时候很少,但当裙装的下摆摆到一边时,它们本质上就相当于紧身胸衣:鞋子让女性摆正自己的位置。The heel has come to be the icon of feminine allure and even female power. But what, exactly, is this power and why do only women have the privilege of using heels to convey it?高跟鞋已经变成女性魅力的标志,甚至是女性力量的标志。但是,这种力量究竟是什么,为什么只有女性才拥有用高跟鞋来表达它的特权呢?Heeled footwear that gave the wearer a bit of a lift, or an advantage while on horseback, were not the original domain of women. They were first introduced into Western fashion around the turn of the 17th century from Western Asia. Privileged men, followed by women, eagerly wore them for more than 130 years as expressions of power and prestige.高跟鞋会对穿着者产生一种“提升”效果,类似于骑在马上的优势,它最初并不是女性饰。在17世纪之交,高跟鞋被首次从西亚引入西方时装领域。在130多年的时间里,它是权力和威望的表达,特权阶层的男性热衷于穿着高跟鞋,该阶层女性也随之效仿。This changed, however, in the 18th century when the distinctions between male and female dress began to reflect larger cultural shifts. Regardless of class, men were deemed uniquely endowed with rational thought and thus worthy of political enfranchisement. Heels were not required on this new equal playing field. Men began to wear the nascent three-piece suit in somber hues and were discouraged from standing out from one another. Alexander Pope, writing early in the century, composed a satirical list of men’s club rules that included the warning that if a member “shall wear the Heels of his shoes exceeding one inch and half... the Criminal shall instantly be expell’d... Go from among us, and be tall if you can!”然而在18世纪时,情况发生了转变,男女饰之间的差异开始反映更广泛层面上的文化转变。无论属于哪个阶级,男性都被视为唯一具有理性思维的性别,因而应当拥有政治选举权。在这种新的平等中,男性不再需要高跟鞋。他们开始穿着新兴的三件套,色调暗沉,别具一格是不受提倡的。在那个世纪之初,亚历山大·蒲柏(Alexander Pope)列出了男性俱乐部的规则,其中警告说,如果一个成员“鞋跟超过一英寸半……此人应被立即驱逐……从我们这里离开,自己去变高!”Women, in contrast, were represented as being naturally deficient in reason and unfit for either education or citizenship. Fashion was redefined as frivolous and feminine, and the high heel became a potent accessory of ditsy desirability. The “lively” character Harriot “tottering on her French heels and with her head as unsteady as her feet” in a 1781 story “The Delineator,” represented the typical 18th-century feminine ideal. The high heel was then suspect for other reasons, too; it had supposed connections to female vanity and deceitfulness. Added to this was the increasing fear that women would use heels and other sexualized modes of dress to seduce men and usurp power. Marie Antoinette was the poster child for this, and this idea is the cornerstone of the contemporary conceit that high heels are accessories of female power.相反,女性则被视为天生缺乏理性,不适合接受教育和拥有公民身份。时尚被重新定义为轻浮和女人味,高跟鞋成为“傻白甜”形象的有力辅助。在1781年的短篇小说《描画者》(The Delineator)中,“活泼”的人物哈里奥特(Harriot)“穿着法式高跟鞋摇摇晃晃的,脑袋就像她的脚一样不稳定”,这代表了18世纪女性的理想典型。接着高跟鞋又有了其他一些让人不放心的理由;它与女性的虚荣心和不诚实联系到了一起。此外人们还越来越担心,女性会用高跟鞋等性感饰来迷惑男人并篡夺权力,玛丽·安托瓦内特(Marie Antoinette)就是一个典型例子。而这种观念也奠定了基础,让高跟鞋成为了一种代表女性权力的配饰。By the 19th century, the invention of photography, and its immediate adoption by pornographers, established the curious convention of depicting women stripped of their clothing with the exception of their shoes.到19世纪,摄影术的发明及其在色情作品中的迅速普及,催生了一种古怪的惯例:描绘除了鞋子之外不着其他衣物的女性。The heel also retained its associations with female irrationality. As one anti-suffrage agitator wrote in The New York Times in 1871, “Suffrage! Right to hold office! Show us first the woman who has ... sense and taste enough to dress attractively and yet to walk down Fifth-avenue wearing ... a shoe which does not destroy both her comfort and her gait.”高鞋鞋仍然保持着与女性非理性形象之间的联系。一个反对女性参政的煽动者,在1871年的《纽约时报》上写道:“选举权!担任公职的权利!先让我们看看,哪个女人有足够的理性和品味,穿着让她舒适,又不破坏步态的鞋子,风姿绰约地走过第五大道。”With all this baggage weighing down high heels, it’s no wonder they couldn’t gain a foothold in men’s fashion — even when men’s stature became a cultural focus in the early decades of the 20th century. Pseudoscientific ideas promoted Darwinian concepts of survival of the fittest and linked male height directly to sexual attractiveness. Heels could have been pressed back into service in men’s fashion, yet they were rejected. Heels on men detracted from their masculinity by highlighting a natural lack of height, rather than conferring any advantage gained from artificially increased stature.高跟鞋被这种种包袱所拖累,难怪无法在男士时装中拥有一席之地——即使在20世纪最初几十年,男人的身高成为一个文化焦点的时候。一些伪科学观念引入达尔文优胜劣汰概念,把男性身高和性吸引力直接联系起来。高跟鞋本有可能回到男士时装界,但遭到了他们的拒绝。男人穿着高跟减损了他们的阳刚之气,突出了天生的身高不足,人为增加的身高不会赋予他们任何优势。High heels on women, however, remained the cultural norm. Even when heels temporarily went out of fashion, they retained a prominent place in erotica. At the conclusion of World War II, this association led to the invention of the stiletto. The exceptionally thin heels depicted in wartime pinup art were made reality in the early 1950s and real-life women were encouraged to emulate those pinup ideals. Marilyn Monroe — alluring, playful and invariably stiletto shod — became one of the principal feminine archetypes of the period.然而,女性穿着高跟鞋仍然是一种文化规范。即使在时装领域,高跟鞋会暂时过气,在情色领域,它也始终屹立不倒。第二次世界大战结束后,这种联系催生了细高跟鞋的发明。战时美女招贴中细到极致的高跟鞋,在50年代初成了现实,社会鼓励现实生活中的女性去模仿那些画报女郎。诱人、顽皮,总是穿细高跟鞋的玛丽莲·梦露(Marilyn Monroe),成为了这一时期女性的典型形象。By the 1960s, the high heel fell somewhat from favor; too “mature” for the Youthquake style revolution and too problematic for emerging feminists. It returned to fashion in the 1970s, perfectly in tune with the disco era (when some men did allow heels back into their wardrobe, too).到了20世纪60年代,高鞋跟变得不那么受青睐了;对于“青年风暴”(Youthquake)的风格革命而言,它太“成熟”;而对新锐女权主义者来说,它又太容易惹麻烦。到70年代,高跟鞋重新流行起来,与那个迪斯科时代完美契合(高跟鞋当时也确实出现在了一些男性的衣柜中)。In the 1980s, as unprecedented numbers of women entered the white-collar workplace, climbing the corporate ladder was perceived as socially risky — it could strip a woman of her desirability. High fashion offered an antidote: Toweringly high “killer heels” that insinuated that business acumen alone was not the reason for women’s success. By the early 2000s, designer heels were perceived as “power tools” — as one Times story called them — to be used, like lingerie, by professional women to manipulate people through the “power” of sex appeal, an idea that continues to resonate to this day.上世纪80年代,前所未有的大批女性进入职场,事业心太强开始被认为是社交生活的不利因素——它可能会让女性不招人喜欢。高端时尚提供了一个对策:高耸入云的“致命高跟”。它可以旁敲侧击地告诉对方,女性的成功并非只是因为她的商业头脑。本世纪初,设计师版的高跟鞋被认为是“影响力工具”——时报的一篇报道也曾使用这种说法——职业女性利用高跟鞋,通过性感的“力量”来操纵他人,这个想法在今天仍然会得到认同。Linking sex appeal to power also clearly suggests that women have a very short window of opportunity for when they can be seen as powerful. The common comment about the Cannes debacle — that a handful of middle-aged women in flats were turned away — illustrates this issue. In an apologist manner, this observation seemed to suggest that perhaps if these women hadn’t been so aged they wouldn’t have worn sensible shoes. Never mind what accomplishments or connections brought them to the festival.性魅力与影响力之间的关联还可以清晰地表明,女性一生中只有很短暂的一段时间可以显得富有权力。对于今年戛纳电影节上的事故——少数穿着平底鞋的中年女性被拒绝入场——的普遍看法就突显了这个问题。虽然带有道歉的姿态,但这种观点似乎在暗示,或许如果这些女性不这么老,就根本不会去穿舒的平底鞋,无论她们是凭借什么成绩或关系来参加庆典的。This is the ultimate problem with sexual allure as a purported means to power: The power lies in the eye of the beholder, not the beheld.这就是把性诱惑力视作影响力工具要面对的终极问题:你是否有影响力取决于观察者的主观看法。If the argument for heels is that they are part of traditional attire for women, that is not wrong. The body-revealing gowns and barely there footwear worn by women on the red carpet have direct links to 18th-century ideas on gender, 19th-century pornographic images and midcentury concepts of a woman’s place in society.如果倡导穿高跟鞋的人声称它属于女性的传统饰,这也一点没错。暴露的礼和藏在裙子下的鞋子与18世纪的性别观、19世纪的色情图片,以及上世纪中叶的女性社会地位有着直接的关系。Perhaps it is a tradition we can upend in the 21st century, when it should be clear that a woman’s power has nothing to do with the height of her heel.或许我们可以在21世纪颠覆这个传统,因为我们现在都清楚,女性的影响力与鞋跟的高度无关。 /201505/377178。


  In between running one of the world’s largest charitable agencies and acting as Microsoft’s technology advisor, Bill Gates manages to find a significant chunk of time to books, both long and short.在运转着全球最大的慈善基金会和担任微软(Microsoft)技术顾问的同时,比尔o盖茨还抽出大量时间阅读各种篇幅的书籍。Now Gates — who has been labeled a voracious er — has released a list of his favorite books of the year. Not all of them were released in 2014; some were published in past years, and one is still unreleased. All of the books, though, are standout s, according to the billionaire techie.作为一个如饥似渴的读者,盖茨列出了2014年他最喜爱的书籍名单。其中有些书并不是2014年开始发售的,有些是以前出版的,有一本则尚未出版。不过,用这位拥有亿万身家的高科技专家的话说,这些书都是非常出色的读物。Most are focused on business and the economy. While that wasn’t necessarily intentional, “that’s fitting in a year when Thomas Piketty’s ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’ put a big spotlight on inequality,” Gates wrote on his blog.盖茨推荐的大多是商业和经济类书籍,但并非刻意而为,“托马斯o皮凯蒂在《21世纪资本论》(Capital in the Twenty-First Century)里对贫富差距给予了强烈关注,在这样的一年里读这些书是很合适的,”盖茨在自己的客中如此写道。Here are Bill’s top five picks for 2014 (with extracts from his full review of each book).以下是盖茨在2014年最爱看的5本书(以及他对每本书的书评节选)。1. “Business Adventures,” by John Brooks1.《商业历险记》(Business Adventures),作者约翰o布鲁克斯Brooks’ collection was published in 1969 and remains one of Gates’ favorites. He re- it again this year, labeling it the “best business book I’ve ever .”约翰o布鲁克斯的文集出版于1969年,至今仍是盖茨最爱的书籍之一。今年他重读了这本书,并盛赞这本书是“我读过的最好的商业书籍”。“Shortly after we met, Warren Buffett loaned me this collection of New Yorker business articles from the 1950s and 1960s. I loved them as much as he did. Brooks’s insights about business have aged beautifully, and they are as true today as ever.”“我和巴菲特刚认识不久,他就把这本书借给了我。这本书收集了作者20世纪50至60年代在《纽约客》(New Yorker)杂志上发表的商业类文章。他和我都非常喜欢这本书。布鲁克斯的商业见解虽然年代久远,但是历久弥新。”2. “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” by Thomas Piketty2.《21世纪资本论》(Capital in the Twenty-First Century),作者托马斯o皮凯蒂Piketty’s novel hit the shelves in August 2013 and sparked much discussion concerning income inequality throughout this year. Gates also got to sit down with Piketty after ing the non-fiction work to discuss the topic.皮凯蒂的这本著作于2013年8月上市,并在今年引发了关于收入不平等的热议。盖茨在读完这本纪实性著作后,还与作者坐在一起讨论了书中主题。“As I told him, although I have concerns about some of his secondary points and policy prescriptions, I agree with his most important conclusions: inequality is a growing problem and that governments should play a role in reducing it.”“我告诉皮凯蒂,虽然我比较关注书中一些次要观点和政策处方,但是我同意他最重要的结论:贫富差距是一个日趋严重的问题,各国政府应该有所作为,努力缩小贫富差距。”3. “How Asia Works,” by Joe Studwell3.《亚洲如何崛起》(How Asia Works),作者乔o斯塔威尔Studwell’s work, which was published in May this year, addresses how countries such as Japan, South Korea and China have continued to achieve high growth, and why other countries have failed to do the same.斯塔威尔的这部作品出版于今年5月,主要分析了日本、台湾、南韩和中国等亚洲国家和地区是如何持续实现高速的经济增长,而其他国家又为何无法振兴经济。“The agriculture section of the book was particularly insightful. It provided ample food for thought for me as well as the whole Agriculture team at our foundation. And it left us thinking about whether parts of the Asian model can apply in Africa.”“此书关于农业的章节可谓是真知灼见,为我和我们基金会的农业团队提供了充足的精神食粮,同时也启发我们思考:是否可以将部分亚洲经济模式用于非洲。”4. “The Rosie Effect,” by Graeme Simsion4.《萝西效应》(The Rosie Effect),作者格兰?辛溥生The only fiction work to make Gates’ list is a follow-up to Simsion’s “The Rosie Project.” The novel will be released on Dec. 31 this year, but Gates was able to snag an advanced copy from the author directly.这是盖茨书单上唯一的一本小说,是辛溥生所著《萝西的计划》(The Rosie Project)的续篇。该书将于今年12月31日正式出版,但是盖茨已经直接从作者手中拿到小说的预售版。“It’s a funny novel that also made me think about relationships: what makes them work and how we have to keep investing time and energy to make them better. A sweet, entertaining, and thought-provoking book.”“这本有趣的小说唤起了我对人际关系的思考:人际关系是如何建立起来的?我们要如何花时间和精力去改善这些关系?这是一本温馨、有趣并引人思考的书。”5. “Making the Modern World: Materials and Dematerialization,” by Vaclav Smil5. 《创建当代世界:材料及去材料化》(Making the Modern World: Materials and Dematerialization),作者:茨拉夫o斯米尔Smil’s books are a constant favorite of the Microsoft MSFT -1.50% founder — one of his books makes Gates’ list almost every year. “Making the Modern World” came out late last year and explores the global use of materials, from silicon to wood, and plastic.这位微软的创始人一直对斯米尔的书情有独钟—— 每年都会有一本他的书进入盖茨的书单。《创建当代世界》是去年出版的,探索的是从硅到木材再到塑料等材料的全球使用情况。“If anyone tries to tell you we’re using fewer materials, send him this book. With his usual skepticism and his love of data, Smil shows how our ability to make things with less material — say, soda cans that need less aluminum — makes them cheaper, which actually encourages more production.”“如果有人试图告诉你,我们现在用的材料减少了,就给他看这本书。这本书依然体现了斯米尔惯常的怀疑主义和对数据的迷恋。斯米尔在书中展示了,如果我们减少材料的使用(比如用更少的铝来生产易拉罐,)就可以降低成本,这实际上会鼓励更多的生产。” /201412/347710Suspended 2000ft above the ground, a Georgia bride and groom were literally floating on air on their big day as they tied the knot on a hot air balloon.在距离地面2000英尺(约609米)的热气球上,佐治亚州的一对夫妇在空中举办了一场别出心裁的浪漫婚礼。Sara and Joseph Stewart, from Canton, exchanged their vows during the unusual ceremony, watched by a single friend.只有一位好友同在热气球上见了这对夫妇--萨莎·斯图尔特和约瑟夫·斯图尔特相互交换誓言的那一神圣时刻。But it wasn#39;t all plain sailing, as the loved-up pair had had to keep their unique choice of venue a secret until the last moment in case the flight was cancelled due to bad weather.这一切并不是一帆风顺的,因为热气球的起飞会受天气状况的影响,所以两人将热气球婚礼的计划一直保密到最后。The unusual choice of venue also meant that Mrs Stewart#39;s father was unable to be with them as they exchanged vows, although he did give his daughter away beforehand.由于婚礼举办场所比较特殊,新娘的父亲无法当面见新人交换誓言,但在两人登上热气球之前,萨莎的爸爸牵着女儿的手将她交到了约瑟夫的手中。In the event, the only close friend to share the couple#39;s magical moment was Leslie, a military chaplain who performed the ceremony.热气球上除了萨莎和约瑟夫,只有作为牧师的两人的好友莱斯利在场分享了他们的喜悦瞬间。Rather than sending their friends invitations to a wedding, the couple invited them to their house the following day to watch the footage of the quirky ceremony and celebrate their marriage.与其他人直接邀请朋友去婚礼现场不同,斯图尔特夫妇在婚礼第二天邀请朋友们去家里观看他们在热气球上的浪漫婚礼视频,以此来为他们庆祝。Mrs Stewart, a wedding photographer, came up with the idea after her new husband revealed he had planned to pop the question on a hot air balloon, but decided it was too expensive.萨莎是一名婚礼摄影师,约瑟夫之前本想在热气球上向她求婚,但因为花销不菲只能作罢。两人在热气球上举行婚礼的想法就来源于此。#39;In my line of work I had seen so many different weddings and I didn#39;t want to copy anyone else#39;s,#39; she says. #39;I wanted to do something different.#39;“我在工作中看到过各式各样的婚礼,我不想重复他人的。”萨莎说,“我想做点与众不同的事。”#39;I wanted to do something I had never seen before. Joey told me that he had thought about proposing to me on a hot air balloon, so then I came up with the idea of getting married in one. He thought it was an awesome idea.#39;“我想做一些之前从未经历过的。当约瑟夫告诉我他本想在热气球上向我求婚的时候,我就想出了举办热气球婚礼的主意。他也同意并觉得很棒。”The couple married in August 2012 after dating for two years - but the soulmates had been friends since meeting during an American Football game at university in 2007.萨莎和约瑟夫交往两年后于2012年结婚,但是两人从2007年在大学的一场足球赛上相识后就一直是朋友。#39;We got a lot of great reactions from our friends and family,#39; added the happy bride. #39;I#39;m sure a lot of them thought we were weird for doing it, but I think after everyone watched the they agreed that it was a pretty cool idea.“我们的朋友和家人对此反应不一。”萨莎说,“我确定大部人肯定觉得我们这么做有点怪,但是我相信只要他们看到我们婚礼视频,一定也会赞成这是个很酷的想法的。”#39;We actually didn#39;t tell them about the balloon because we weren#39;t 100 per cent sure that we would be able to fly so we kept it a secret in case we needed to change plans.“实际上之前我们并没有跟大家说要在热气球上举行婚礼,因为我们不能百分百确定热气球一定能在那天顺利起飞,所以为了防止计划有变我们一直保密到最后。”#39;It really was the best day of my life. I loved when Joey was saying his vows to me because we were completely surrounded in a cloud of white. It was perfect, so still and beautiful.“那天真的是我生命中最重要的一天。约瑟夫对着我讲誓言的那个时候,我真是陶醉了,因为那时我们正被洁白的云朵包围着。宁静而美丽,简直太完美了。”#39;We started the ceremony on the ground so that my father could still give me away, and only immediate family came to see us fly. It was perfect.#39;“婚礼是在地面上就开始举行的,这样爸爸仍可以牵着我的手将我交给约瑟夫,当时在场观看我们热气球婚礼的只有我们最亲近的家人。这感觉很棒。” /201412/347528


  Hearing loss is practically an epidemic among young people in middle- and high-income countries -- and it#39;s getting worse, not better. The World Health Organization said that 1.1 billion people ages 12-35 listen to personal audio devices at ;unsafe volumes,; risking permanent hearing loss. Worse, people who experience hearing loss don#39;t always get the help they need fast enough, and they may not recognize that their behavior is risky to begin with.The proliferation of smartphones, which provide easy access to music-listening apps and often come packaged with earbuds, coincides with higher hearing-loss statistics. There#39;s basically no question that the two are related.Here are a few simple things you can do to protect yourself from permanent, noise-induced hearing loss.听力损害几乎已经成为了年轻人的一种流行病,在中等收入和高收入的国家,这个问题并不见好转,却越来越严重。世界卫生组织发布消息,全球有11亿的青少年由于听音乐的“时间过久、音量过大”而处于可能永久性听力损害的危险之中。更为糟糕的是,听力受到损害的人往往没有得到及时有效的帮助,而且他们可能还并没有意识到自己的听力受到损害。智能手机的普及,让青少年更容易使用耳机通过个人音乐播放器,同时我们也可以看到,听力损失数据的不断升高 。毫无疑问,二者是有关联的。你可以通过这些简单的事情来保护自己的耳朵不受到永久性、噪音导致的听力损害。Get Headphones That Fit佩戴合适的耳机A whopping 86 percent of U.S. consumers age 25-34 owned smartphones in 2014, according to a recent Nielsen survey.That#39;s a lot of phones. The problem is, the headphones that come with these devices aren#39;t designed to fit perfectly into your ears, which means they let in a lot of ambient noise. People tend to crank up the volume on their devices to make up for this.It#39;s imperative that your headphones fit correctly, so you should test out a few different kinds before buying.最近的一项尼尔森调查显示,2014年有高达86%的美国青少年消费者拥有智能手机。这是一个很大的数字。问题在于,这些手机所配置的耳机的设计并不是很完美,阻挡不住周围的噪音。人们往往通过增加他们的音量来弥补这一个缺陷。耳机必须要选择完全合适的,所以在买手机之前,你需要测试几种不同类型的耳机。Give Your Ears A Rest让耳朵有休息的时间The World Health Organization recommends that young people limit themselves to one hour of listening per day on devices like smartphones.;You shouldn#39;t have exposure to 80 decibels for longer than 60 minutes,; Hall ,executive director of the Hearing Loss Association of America,said. ;Give yourself a rest. Let your ears recover a little bit.;For reference, 80 decibels is equivalent to the sounds of city traffic or a garbage disposal. After several hours, this decibel level can be damaging to your ears. Consider that next time you#39;re pumping music through your headphones.世界卫生组织建议青少年把每天在电子设备上,比如手机上,听音乐的时间限制在一个小时之内。美国听力损害协会执行主任霍尔说:“不能让耳朵暴露在80分贝的听力环境下超过一个小时,要给自己一个休息的时间,让耳朵恢复一下。”作为参考,80分贝相当于城市噪声和垃圾处理的声音。几个小时之后,这个分贝水平的环境会对你的耳朵造成损害。下次通过耳机使用个人音乐播放器播放的时候要注意了。Get Screened及时检查耳朵的健康状况You know not to listen to music too loud. You know to wear earplugs. Now you need to make sure your ears stay healthy.We need to get screened for hearing loss from their health care providers.Adults should try to get a hearing test every five or 10 years. And even then, many people find out they#39;ve got hearing loss, but actually wait a few years for it to get worse before they actually do something about it.In short,the sooner we can get them assistance, the better.你知道了不要播放太大的声音去听音乐。你也明白了必须要带耳塞。现在你需要确保你的耳朵是健康的。需要去医生那里去做自己的听力损害的检查。青少年应每5年或者每10年做一次听力检测。即便如此,还是有很多人发现他们的听力受到了损害,但是在等上几年问题变得严重之前做点事情还是比较有帮助的。总之,越早治疗越有帮助。译文属原创,未经授权! /201505/367946

  Gout, a form of arthritis, is extremely painful and associated with an increased risk for cardiovascular problems. But there is a bright side: It may be linked to a reduced risk for Alzheimer’s disease.痛风是关节炎的一种,它很折磨人,而且与心血管疾病风险增加有关。但它也有好的一面:它可能与老年痴呆症风险降低有关。Researchers compared 59,204 British men and women with gout to 238,805 without the ailment, with an average age of 65. Patients were matched for sex, B.M.I., smoking, alcohol consumption and other characteristics. The study, in The Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, followed the patients for five years.研究人员花了五年时间对英国的59204名痛风患者和238805名非痛风患者进行比较。他们的平均年龄为65岁,在性行为、体重指数、吸烟、喝酒等方面都比较接近。这项研究发表在《风湿病疾病纪事》(The Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases)上。They found 309 cases of Alzheimer’s among those with gout and 1,942 among those without. Those with gout, whether they were being treated for the condition or not, had a 24 percent lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease.他们发现,痛风患者中有309个老年痴呆症病例,非痛风患者中有1942个病例。不管是否正在接受痛风治疗,痛风患者得老年痴呆症的比例比另一组低24%。The reason for the connection is unclear. But gout is caused by excessive levels of uric acid in the blood, and previous studies have suggested that uric acid protects against oxidative stress. This may play a role in limiting neuron degeneration.这种联系的原因尚不明确。不过,痛风是由于血液中尿酸过多,之前的一些研究表明,尿酸能防止氧化应激。它可能有助于延缓神经老化。“This is a dilemma, because uric acid is thought to be bad, associated with heart disease and stroke,” said the senior author, Dr. Hyon K. Choi, a professor of medicine at Harvard. “This is the first piece of data suggesting that uric acid isn’t all bad. Maybe there is some benefit. It has to be confirmed in randomized trials, but that’s the interesting twist in this story.”“这是个两难境地,因为尿酸被认为是有害的,与心脏病和中风有关,”这项研究的高级作者、哈佛大学医学教授崔玄圭士说,“这是第一组表明尿酸不完全有害的数据。尿酸可能也有益处。我们必须通过随机试验来确定,不过这是痛风研究中的一个有趣转折。” /201503/363033。


  On a grim, rainy Tuesday morning, as New York’s commuting masses rushed from stoops to subway entrances, a group of shoppers more concerned with style than with comfort huddled for hours outside 151 Wooster Street in SoHo, waiting for the 9 a.m. opening of the highly anticipated Alexander Wang sample sale, with some showing up as early as 4:45 a.m. Arranged in a loose line over at least a half-block, they clutched unruly umbrellas, rapidly cooling coffee from Starbucks and damp cigarettes. Some clinged to friends, a few made use of plastic bags and one savvy consumer brought a car and a partner with whom she repeatedly traded places, grabbing a few minutes of warmth before running back out to her spot. These customers were the dedicated few, battling the elements in the hope of walking away with a coveted (and deeply discounted) item from the Alexander Wang collection.在一个天色阴沉、下着雨的周二早上,当纽约的通勤族们从门廊冲进地铁站时,一群为了时尚不怕冷的购物者在索霍区伍斯特大街151号外站了好几个小时,等候着9点开始的备受期待的王大仁(Alexander Wang)样品特卖会,有些人早上4点45分就到这里了。三三两两的队伍至少延伸到半个街区之外,他们费力地撑着伞,拿着很快冷掉的星巴克咖啡和受潮的香烟。有的依偎着朋友,有的用塑料袋防潮,有个聪明的顾客开了辆车,和同伴轮流排队——在车里暖和几分钟,再跑回队伍中。以下是几位王大仁的死忠粉,他们顶着恶劣天气,期望买到一件梦寐以求的(而且打了很大折扣的)东西。Name: Hayato Watanabe姓名:渡边勇人(Hayato Watanabe)Age: 23年龄:23Profession: Paralegal职业:律师助理When did you get here? 4:45 a.m.你是几点到这里的?4点45分。Have you gone to other sample sales this season? I would go to more if I saw more that I liked. The last one I went to was Comme des Gar#231;ons, which was more than a year ago.这一季你去过其他的样品特卖会吗?如果看到更多我喜欢的,我会去的。我上次参加的是Comme des Gar#231;ons的样品特卖会,那是一年多以前。Is there one specific item you want? No because people at the preview pick everything over, so you never know what’s going to be left.有没有哪样东西是你特别想买的?没有,因为预售时已经被人挑过一遍,所以你不知道还剩下什么。Do you have a strategy? I’m just going to grab and see what I end up finding.你想好抢购策略了吗?我先抢,然后再挑。Do you have work today? I’m going to work right after this. I work at 10 a.m. I’m going to be really fast.你今天要上班吗?我买完这个马上去上班。我10点上班,所以我真要速战速决。How are you dealing with the weather? Going to Starbucks. We went into Starbucks and used the hand dryers to warm up our socks.你怎么应对这种天气?去星巴克。我们跑到星巴克,用烘干机把袜子烘热。Name: Joseph Tanner姓名:约瑟夫·坦纳(Joseph Tanner)Age: 20年龄:20Profession: Human resources assistant职业:人力资源助理When did you get here? 4:45 a.m.你是几点到这里的?4点45分。Is there one specific item you want? I’m looking to find a new wallet.有没有哪样东西是你特别想买的?我想买个新钱包。Have you gone to other sample sales this season? This is only my second. I went to one at Oak, which was crazy.这一季你去过其他样品特卖会吗?这是我第二次参加特卖会。上次是参加橡树百货公司(Oak)的特卖会,那次特别疯狂。Do you have work today? I have the day off, so I’m just going to go to sleep.你今天要上班吗?我请了一天假,一会儿回去补觉。How are you dealing with the weather? We’re not. I plastic-wrapped my socks under my shoes because I knew my shoes would get wet, but then my feet wouldn’t get wet. But it didn’t really work.你怎么应对这种天气?我们也没办法。我在袜子外面裹了塑料袋,因为我知道鞋子会湿的,我希望脚不要湿。但是好像不怎么管用。Name: Fang Yang姓名:杨芳(音译)Age: 21年龄:21Profession: Student职业:学生When did you get here? 4:50 a.m.你是几点到这里的?4点50分。Why are you out here? Because of how bad the weather is. I thought no one would come. Last season, the first girl came at 1:30 a.m. I’m the third person in line.你为什么会来这里?天气很糟糕,我以为没人会来。上一季,排在第一个的女孩1点半就到了。我今天排在第三个。Is there one specific item you want? The Rockie bag.有没有哪样东西是你特别想买的?Rockie手袋。Do you have school today? I don’t have class until 6 p.m. I can go home, take a nap, shower, eat.你今天要上课吗?我到下午6点才有课。我可以回家,补个觉,洗个澡,吃点东西。How are you dealing with the weather? Coffee, cookie. It really helps.你怎么应对这种天气?咖啡、饼干。这些真的有用。Name: Liz Little姓名:利兹·利特(Liz Little)Age: 24年龄:24Profession: Dancer职业:舞蹈演员When did you get here? I got here at 5:40 a.m.你是几点到这里的?5点40分。Why are you out here? It’ll be worth it if I get the bag that I want or the shoes that I want.你为什么会来这里?如果能买到我想要的那个包或那双鞋,就太值了。Why Alexander Wang? I love Alexander Wang. The details, the architectural elements, things that are surprising but still understated. It kind of has this cool-girl vibe, that insouciant look.为什么选择王大仁?我很喜欢王大仁。喜欢它的细节和建筑元素,以及那些令人惊喜却依然低调的元素。它有酷女孩的那种漫不经心的感觉。Is there one specific item you want? Bags and shoes. Wang tends to be really boxy and my shape isn’t boxy, it makes it really hard because the clothes don’t lay right on me and I have to get them tailored. You lose weight, you gain weight, but your shoes will still fit. Your bag will still fit.有没有哪样东西是你特别想买的?手袋和鞋子。王的衣大多又短又宽,我的身材不是那样的,所以他的衣我穿上不合适,总得拿去改。但是不管你瘦了还是胖了,鞋子总是合适的。手袋也永远合适。Do you have a strategy? Last year, the way it was lined up, the bags were on one wall, the shoes were in the back and the leather jackets were on the outside. So I’m going to do a circle and then I’m going to go to the middle and see if I can find the black bandeau mesh-top bathing suit from last year. They say you should do that in grocery stores, too: Go around the outside first because that’s where all the produce is.你想好抢购策略了吗?去年,货物都是一字排开,包在一面墙上,鞋在后面,皮夹克在外面。所以我打算转一圈,然后到中间看看能否找到去年的那款上身有网眼的黑色细带泳衣。有人说你在杂货店也应该这样做:先在外面转一圈,因为所有的东西都摆在那里。Do you have to work today? I don’t have work until 4 p.m. I might not go because I’m really tired. I worked until 1 last night. I came home and took a nap and woke up at 4. But I was so excited because I was Googling the sale online and seeing what I want to buy.你今天要上班吗?我下午4点才上班。我可能不会去,因为真的很累。我昨晚工作到凌晨1点,回家睡了会觉,4点就醒来了。但我真的很兴奋,我在网上查了特卖信息,看到了我想买的东西。How are you dealing with the weather? I was thinking that maybe I should have picked up an extra shift at work and bought stuff full price.你怎么应对这种天气?我想也许我应该多加一次班,然后正价买这些东西。Name: Cinthya Toledo姓名:辛西娅·托莱多(Cinthya Toledo)Age: 27年龄:27Profession: Interior designer职业:室内设计师When did you get here? 6 a.m. I woke up at four in the morning. I came from Jersey City, so it’s a bit of a trip.你是几点到这里的?6点。我早上4点就醒了。我从泽西城来,所以路有点远。Why are you out here? You’ll get cheaper things here. If you want to spend 0 versus ,000 for a bag, it’s worth it.你为什么会来这里?因为在这儿能买到更便宜的东西。如果你能花300美元买到原价1000美元的手袋,还是挺值的。Have you gone to other sample sales this season? I’ve been to quite a lot. Five maybe? I don’t even remember all the names. It’s sad. But this is the way to shop. You get good brands and you get it for cheaper.这一季你去过其他样品特卖会吗?我去过很多。也许有五个?我连名字都记不全了。真是可悲。不过这是购物的好办法。能以较低的价格买到好品牌。Is there one specific item you want? The bags, of course. I don’t know which bag yet because I don’t know what they have to offer, but I think every year when I come to Alexander Wang it’s for the bags because it’s the one item that sells out.有没有哪样东西是你特别想买的?当然是手袋。我还不确定能买到哪款,因为我不知道还剩下什么,但是我每年来亚历山大·王都是为了手袋,因为它是肯定会卖光的东西。Do you have a strategy? Bags, then maybe shoes, then browse for the clothes. On Saturday, they drop the price of clothes even more. I’m coming back. Last year I came back three times. I don’t play.你想好抢购策略了吗?先看包,然后也许看看鞋子,最后浏览一下衣。周六衣会降价更多,我到那时再来。去年我来了三回。我不是开玩笑。Do you have work today? I have work at 9 a.m., so I’ll be there late. They aly know. I’m like, I’m going to the sample sale at four in the morning. They’re like, all right, I guess you’re going to be tired all day. I’m like, nope, I’ll probably be really happy. If I get what I want.你今天要上班吗?我9点上班,所以我会迟到。他们知道我要来这儿。我跟他们说,我要早上4点起来去样品特卖会。他们说,好吧,我猜你一整天都会很累。我说,才不呢,我也许会很高兴——如果我买到想要的东西的话。How are you dealing with the weather? I don’t think it’s that bad.你怎么应对这种天气?我没想到这么糟糕。Name: Kenji Nazario姓名:肯吉·纳扎里奥(Kenji Nazario)Age: 19年龄:19Profession: Student职业:学生When did you get here? 7 a.m.你是几点到这里的?7点。Why are you out here? It’s up to 70 percent off. The discount is worth it.你为什么会来这里?最多打三折。挺值的。Why Alexander Wang? Everybody loves Alexander Wang.为什么选择亚王大仁?谁都喜欢王大仁。Have you gone to other sample sales this season? Yes. Too many to count.这一季你去过其他样品特卖会吗?是的,太多了,数不清。Is there one specific item you want? I want to get a few bags for my friends and my girlfriend, and hopefully I can get some outerwear for myself.有没有哪样东西是你特别想买的?我想给朋友们和女朋友买几个包,还想给自己买件外套。How are you dealing with the weather? I have leggings, sweats, stuff I don’t mind getting drenched.你怎么应对这种天气?我穿了绑腿和毛衣,还有不怕淋湿的衣。Name: Wei Jien姓名:卫洁(音译)Age: 32年龄:32Profession: Lighting designer职业:灯光设计师When did you get here? 6:55 a.m. I don’t live far away. I just rolled out of bed.你是几点到这里的?6点55分。我住得离这儿不远。起床过来就好了。Is there one specific item you want? Some shoes and maybe a bag.有没有哪样东西是你特别想买的?鞋子,也许再买个包。Do you have work today? Yes. I plan to be at work at 10 o’clock.你今天要上班吗?是的,我打算10点到公司。How are you dealing with the weather? It’s not too bad actually. I’m wearing a lot of layers. Could be drier.你怎么应对这种天气?实际上不是太糟。我穿了很多层。应该不会弄湿。Name: Irene Lee姓名:艾琳·李( Irene Lee)Age: 32年龄:32Profession: Packaging designer职业:包装设计师When did you get here? 7:30你是几点到这里的?7点半。Why Alexander Wang? It’s really modern, it’s really New Yorker. I’m looking for a black bag, perfect for winter I think. I like the style and the price range is good too.为什么选择王大仁?它真的很现代,也很纽约。我想买一个黑色手袋,我觉得很适合冬天。我喜欢那种风格,价格也合适。Is there one specific item you want? Bags. I’m looking for the Pelican bag, but anything else, as long as it’s pretty close to the current season.有没有哪样东西是你特别想买的?手袋。我在找那款Pelican手袋,不过其他的也可以,只要非常接近本季潮流。Do you have a strategy? I didn’t expect this many people, so hopefully the people in front of me don’t grab three or four bags at a time. But at this point, if I can get any bag, I’ll be lucky.你想好购物策略了吗?我没想到会来这么多人,所以希望排在我前面的人不要一下拿走三四个手袋。不过现在,不管什么包,只要能买到一个,就够幸运的了。Do you have work today? I don’t, so that’s good. I’ll have a nice brunch and then just go home.你今天要上班吗?不用,所以还不错。我会好好吃一顿早午餐,然后回家。How are you dealing with the weather? Freezing, especially my toes because they’re wet.你怎么应对这种天气?太冷了,特别是我的脚趾头,都湿了。Name: Josh Tafoya姓名:乔希·塔夫亚(Josh Tafoya)Age: 23年龄:23Profession: Freelance designer职业:设计师,自由职业When did you get here? 7:10 a.m.你是几点到这里的?7点10分。Why are you out here? I’ve been to one of his other sample sales and it’s pretty good stuff. I’m sure I’ll come in and find a jacket or something.你为什么会来这里?我去过他的另一个样品特卖会,里面有很好的东西。我知道自己肯定会来买件外套什么的。Is there one specific item you want? I’m looking for a coat.有没有哪样东西是你特别想买的?我想买件外套。Do you have a strategy? Every man for himself.你想好抢购策略了吗?自顾自。How are you dealing with the weather? I’ve been to worse. I did a Jil Sander one once a couple of years ago and that was freezing. By the end, me and my friend were shaking, hoping it was aly over. We waited four hours.你怎么应对这种天气?我遇到过更糟的。几年前,我去过吉尔·桑达(Jil Sander)的特卖会,天特别冷。到最后,我和朋友都在打抖,希望赶紧结束。那次我们等了四个小时。Name: Eduarda Pereira姓名:爱德华德·佩雷拉(Eduarda Pereira)Age: 24年龄:24Profession: Designer职业:设计师When did you get here? 7:10 a.m.你是几点到这里的?7点10分。Why are you out here? If you come on the first day you can usually grab the good things, but by the end it’s not that great.你为什么来这里?如果你第一天来,通常能抢到好东西,但是到最后,就没那么好了。Is there one specific item you want? I want to do accessories first, obviously.有没有哪样东西是你特别想买的?我肯定是先买配饰。Do you have work today? I have to be in by 10 a.m., so hopefully I’ll get out by 9:30.你今天要上班吗?我得10点到公司,所以我希望9点半能出来。How are you dealing with the weather? It’s not that bad. I dressed appropriately.你怎么应对这种天气?天还不是太糟。我穿得很合适。Name: Chris Vella姓名:克里斯·韦拉(Chris Vella)Age: 28年龄:28Profession: Footwear designer职业:鞋类设计师When did you get here? 7 a.m.你是几点到这里的?7点。Why are you out here? I think Alexander Wang stuff is really interesting and modern and different. It’s simple but with an edge.你为什么来这里?我觉得王大仁的东西真的有趣、现代,与众不同。它简单而有锋芒。Have you gone to other sample sales this season? I also went to the Alexander Wang for Hamp;M sale. I got on line at 11:30 p.m. there. It was more intense. I learned my lesson on that one, though. I didn’t need to be there that early. And it was raining, just like this.这一季你去过其他样品特卖会吗?我还去过王大仁的Hamp;M装特卖会。我晚上11点半就到那儿排队。那次人更多。不过那次也给了我一个教训。不用去那么早。而且那天也下雨,跟今天一样。Is there one specific item you want? A backpack. He has one in the line, so we’ll see if it’s here. If not, I’ll get something else. It won’t be a backpack-or-nothing type of deal.有没有哪样东西是你特别想买的?双肩包。他的系列里有一款,所以我们要看看这里有没有。如果没有,我就买点别的。不是说没有那款双肩包,我就不买了。Do you have a strategy? No, just sort of see how it is. I’m close enough to assess the situation before I get stampeded.你想好抢购策略了吗?没有,就去看看什么情况。估计在我被挤走之前,应该能看得差不多。Do you have work today? Yes. I’ll just go in and out, so I’ll be there at the appropriate time.你今天要上班吗?是的,我进去看一下就走,这样就能及时赶到办公室。How are you dealing with the weather? The umbrella is pretty good. It’s big. My toes are a little cold. My hands are clenched up in my mittens.你怎么应对天气?这把伞挺好的。够大。我的脚趾头有点冷。我的手蜷缩在手套里。Name: Corey Tolbert姓名:科里·托尔伯特(Corey Tolbert)Age: 30年龄:30Profession: Digital media buyer职业:数字媒体买家When did you get here? 7:20你是几点到这里的?7点20分。Is there one specific item you want? I have an idea. A really long black winter coat with a wraparound on the face. Either that or a leather bomber.有没有哪样东西是你特别想买的?有的。我想买那件前面是弧形的很长的黑色冬大衣。或者买一件运动皮夹克。Do you have work today? I have my work clothes in my bag and I’m going to head to work and put on something more advertising-agency-like. I work down the street. I’ll probably be 30 minutes late, but that’s not a big deal.你今天要上班吗?我包里装着工作,我会去公司换上更像广告公司从业人员的衣。我的公司就在这条街上。我很可能会迟到30分钟,不过那没关系。How are you dealing with the weather? It’s worth it. You get a piece that you can have for years at a fraction of the cost. It’s like two hours and by this afternoon it won’t matter.你怎么应对这种天气?还算值得。你只用付原价的一小部分,就能买一件可以穿很多年的衣。而且只用等两小时,到今天下午,这都不算什么了。 /201412/350033

  HONG KONG — When the third edition of Art Basel Hong Kong opens to the public on Sunday, the atmosphere at Asia’s hottest contemporary art fair will be noticeably cooler — for reasons that have less to do with the region’s overall economic slowdown than the shift in the fair’s dates from humid May to balmy March.香港——第三届香港巴塞尔艺术展(Art Basel Hong Kong)将于本周日开幕,作为亚洲最热门的当代艺术展会,本届的“热度”明显会有所降低。其实这和该地区整体经济增长放缓关系不大,而是因为展会的日期从闷热的5月调整到了温煦的3月。But the show’s organizers hope the real draw of the date change for collectors and galleries will be more distance in the international art world calendar from the fair madness of May and June.但该展会的组织者之所以更改日期,实际上是希望与国际艺术界5月和6月繁忙的展会安排岔开时间,方便收藏家和画廊参加。“Because of the timing, we weren’t reaching the potential we thought we could reach,” said Marc Spiegler, director of Art Basel.“因为时间安排问题,我们从前没有实现应该可以达到的潜力,”巴塞尔艺术展总监马克·斯皮格勒(Marc Spiegler)说。With the March date, Art Basel Hong Kong — the newest outpost of the Art Basel triumvirate that also includes editions in Switzerland and Miami Beach — will no longer run up against Frieze New York, Gallery Weekend in Berlin and the Venice Biennale in May, not to mention the flagship Art Basel in June.香港巴塞尔艺术展是巴塞尔三大展会中最年轻的一个,其他两个分别在瑞士和迈阿密海滩举办。改期到3月之后,它就不会和5月的纽约弗里兹展(Frieze)、柏林的画廊周末(Gallery Weekend)以及双年展(Venice Biennale)发生时间冲突,更不用说6月的旗舰展会巴塞尔艺术展了。If all goes according to plan, the shift will allow Art Basel Hong Kong to bring in more big Western art players to mix with the younger, less-established regional contemporary art scene for a week of openings, cocktail parties, panel discussions and dinners — a unique intermingling of East and West that has in many ways come to define Art Basel Hong Kong from its counterparts.如果一切按计划进行,改期将会为香港巴塞尔艺术展带来更多的大牌西方参展商,让他们与这里的更为年轻的、新兴的、区域性的当代艺术人士共聚一堂,在一周长的时间里参加各种揭幕式、鸡尾酒会、小组讨论会和晚宴--东西方以多种方式独特地交织混合,是香港巴塞尔艺术展不同于其他展会的标志性特点。The strategy appears to be working. This year’s fair will feature 233 galleries from 37 countries and territories — slightly fewer than last year, but still maintaining the 50-50 split between Asian and Western exhibitors, as in previous years. Art-world heavyweights like Gagosian Gallery, Acquavella, Pace, David Zwirner and Hauser amp; Wirth will be alongside prominent Asian galleries like ShanghART Gallery and Vitamin Creative Space.这个策略似乎显露了成效。今年的览会将有来自37个国家和地区的233家艺廊参加——比去年略有减少,但仍维持着往年亚洲和西方参展商各占一半的比例。像高古轩艺廊(Gagosian Gallery)、阿奎维拉艺廊(Acquavella)、佩斯艺廊(Pace)、大卫·兹沃纳艺廊(David Zwirner),以及豪瑟和沃斯艺廊(Hauseramp; Wirth)这样的重磅级艺术商,将与香格纳艺廊、维他命艺术空间等著名亚洲艺廊同台参展。But there will also be 29 first-time exhibitors, including Edward Tyler Nahem Fine Art from New York, Thomas Dane Gallery from London, Skarstedt from New York and London, and, from the Asia-Pacific region, Darren Knight Gallery from Sydney and Liang Gallery from Taipei.但本届也有29家首次参展的艺术商,其中包括纽约的爱德华·泰勒·纳厄姆艺廊(Edward Tyler Nahem Art)、伦敦的托马斯·戴恩艺廊(Thomas Dane Gallery),来自纽约和伦敦的斯卡斯登特艺廊(Skarstedt),亚太地区的则有悉尼的达伦骑士艺廊(Darren Knight Gallery)和台北的谷公馆。“We’ve been wanting to do the fair for some time,” Mr. Nahem said. “But as somebody who prides himself on sourcing great material, and it certainly doesn’t grow on trees, it wouldn’t have been easy to do the two fairs close to each other,” he said, referring to Art Basel in Switzerland.“我们想来参会已经有一段时间了,”纳厄姆说。“但是,佳作肯定不是从树上长出来的,而作为以购藏佳作为傲的知名艺廊,要在短时间内参加两个展会很困难,”他说。两个展会指的是香港和瑞士的巴塞尔艺术展。Another first-time exhibitor is the Andrea Rosen Gallery of New York, which will be bringing a billboard by the Cuban-born American artist Félix González-Torres, among other work. Called “Untitled” (1995), the billboard will be exhibited in tram shelters and transportation hubs across the city in partnership with the Hong Kong nonprofit organization K11 Art Foundation.纽约的安德烈·罗森艺廊(Andrea Rosen Gallery)也是首次参展,它带来了一面名为“无题”(Untitled,1995年)的广告牌,由古巴出生的美国艺术家菲利克斯·冈萨雷斯-托雷斯(Félix González-Torres)创作。在香港非营利性组织K11艺术基金会协助下,这块广告牌将在香港各处的电车候车厅和交通枢纽展出。“I think a lot of people have a curiosity about Hong Kong right now,” Ms. Rosen said.“我想目前很多人都对香港感到好奇,”罗森说。The emergence of Hong Kong as a top destination for international art-world figures is a recent phenomenon. When the local art fair, ART HK, began in 2008, the city was known mostly as a global financial capital. That changed as the market for contemporary art began to flourish, a shift accelerated by the purchase in 2011 of ART HK by MCH Swiss Exhibition (Basel) Ltd., Art Basel’s parent company. (The founders of ART HK will be debuting a more Asia-focused, satellite fair called Art Central on Saturday.)香港成为国际艺术界成员的顶级目的地的时间还不长。2008年,本地艺术展香港国际艺术展开始举办的时候,该市主要是一个全球性的金融资本中心。随着当代艺术品市场的蓬勃发展,这种状况发生了转变,而巴塞尔艺术展的母公司MCH瑞士展览(巴塞尔)有限公司2011年收购了香港国际艺术展,更是加速了这一转变。(本周六,香港国际艺术展的创办人将举办一个更侧重于亚洲的展会,名为香港当代艺术展[Art Central])。“I think now that we’ve established Hong Kong as the major site for the fair in Asia, the bigger task is to focus on the markets that feed the fair,” Mr. Spiegler said.“我认为,我们已经把香港变成了亚洲艺术展会的桥头堡,更大的任务是把重点放在撑展会的市场上,”斯皮格勒说。To that end, the team of organizers led by Mr. Spiegler and Adeline Ooi, the new Asia director for Art Basel, have been focusing on recruiting collectors and museum directors, with an emphasis on the Asia-Pacific region. Expected to attend this year are the heads of major arts institutions like the Tate in Britain in London, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei and M+, Hong Kong’s visual culture museum that is scheduled to open in 2018. Last year, the event, which is being held again at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, logged about 65,000 visitors.为此,在斯皮格勒和巴塞尔艺术展新上任的亚洲总监黄雅君(Adeline Ooi)的带领下,组织者团队集中精力招募收藏者和物馆馆长,并把侧重点放在亚太地区。一些知名艺术机构的负责人预计将于今年参会,他们来自于伦敦的英国泰特美术馆(Tate in Britain)、纽约现代艺术物馆(the Museum of Modern Art, MoMA)、东京的森美术馆(Mori Art Museum)、悉尼的新南威尔士艺术馆(Art Gallery of New South Wales)、台北当代艺术馆,以及定于2018年开业的香港视觉文化物馆M+。去年,这个活动吸引了6.5万名观众,今年的活动仍然在香港会议展览中心举行。“There is a curiosity about all these galleries and artists they’ve never heard of,” Mr. Spiegler said. “For the Asian collectors, that’s especially true, because the different art scenes in Asia are historically so disconnected from one another.”“这些从没听说过的艺廊和艺术家让大家很感兴趣,”施皮格勒说。“对亚洲藏家来说,尤其如此,因为亚洲不同的艺术圈子一贯是相互脱节的。”David Heng, 48, a collector in Singapore, has attended the event every year since it began as ART HK in 2008. “ The fair is getting quite interesting,” he said. The scale is growing, he added, and “we’re starting to see a lot of big names in terms of the works the galleries are bringing.”48岁的新加坡藏家戴维·王(David Heng)从香港国际艺术展2008年创办以来就每年前来参会。他说,“这个展会正在变得相当有意思。”他还表示,展会的规模也在扩大,“我们开始看到艺廊送来的作品里头出现了很多重量级的名字。”The juxtaposition of Western and Asian artists at the fair makes for a fresh cultural dialogue for collectors who are accustomed to viewing one or two artists at a time here in galleries or at auctions, said Pearl Lam, a Hong Kong dealer “It’s a very different way of looking at art,” said Ms. Lam, who opened a second Hong Kong gallery in the Sheung Wan neighborhood in time for the festivities. “But now with contemporary art being so fashionable, the gallery culture in Hong Kong is coming together and everybody is getting into the habit of going to art fairs.”香港经销商林明珠(Pear Lam)表示,展会上西方和亚洲艺术家的混搭提供了与藏家开展全新文化对话的机会,而这些藏家习惯的是在艺廊或拍卖会上一次看一两位艺术家的作品。“看待艺术的方式非常不一样,”林明珠说。她刚好在此次活动前在上环开设了自己在香港的第二家艺廊。“但是现在当代艺术这么时髦,所以香港的艺廊文化正在形成,人人都在养成去看艺术展的习惯。”Among the many artists being highlighted at the show is Cao Fei, a rising Chinese artist known for her exploration of Chinese identity through multimedia and projects.参加香港巴塞尔艺术展的众多艺术家中,有一位是冉冉上升的中国艺术家曹斐。她的特色是通过多媒体和视频项目来探讨自己的中国人身份。For this year’s fair, she will present “Same Old, Brand New,” a large-scale installation commissioned by Art Basel that will be shown across the fa#231;ade of the 118-story International Commerce Centre, the tallest building in Hong Kong.今年,受巴塞尔艺术展委托,曹斐将展示大型视频装置作品《乐旧·图新》(Same Old, Brand New)。它将在香港最高的建筑118层的环球贸易广场的外立面上展示。The work, which draws on symbols and logos from games in a reference to popular and youth culture in ultra-wired Hong Kong in particular, will be shown each night from Friday to Tuesday, with a smartphone app viewers can download.这件作品从视频游戏中截取图标,影射年轻人的流行文化,尤其是在高度联网的香港。它将在本周五到下周二的每晚表演,还配有一款智能手机应用供观众下载。While not explicitly political, Ms. Cao’s piece, with its reference to Hong Kong youth, inevitably calls to mind the recent democracy protests that convulsed the city for months as protesters, many of them young Hong Kongers, took to the streets to demand open elections for the territory’s chief executive.曹斐的作品虽说并不直接带有政治色,但它涉及了香港年轻人的文化,不可避免地让人想起近期令香港震荡了数月之久的民主抗议活动。当时,抗议者走上街头,要求公开选举香港行政长官,其中许多参与者是本地年轻人。“Everybody is curious how the recent political unrest is going to have an impact on the arts community,” said Doryun Chong, chief curator of M+.“大家都想知道,近期的政治动荡会怎么样来影响艺术圈,”M+的首席策展人郑道炼(Doryun Chong)说。He added: “My view is actually that this shifting ground that we’re standing on in fact actually makes things much more interesting.”他还表示:“我的观点实际上是,我们的大环境在改变,而这其实在让事情变得有意思得多。” /201503/364589

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