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广元市妇幼保健院在哪个区四川成都引产需要多少钱Beijing Mobike Technology Co last Wednesday announced it is expanding its business links with WeChat, China#39;s largest social networking platform, in a move that will allow the bike-sharing startup to access the latter#39;s huge user base.共享单车初创企业北京拜科技有限公司上周三宣布,将扩大与国内最大社交平台微信的业务合作,此举将使拜能够接触到后者庞大的用户群。As part of efforts to outshine its rival ofo Inc, Mobike said users don#39;t have to download its app to enjoy bike-sharing services.作为旨在领先竞争对手ofo公司的举措的一部分,拜表示,用户无需下载其应用即可享受共享单车务。WeChat will also give its users quick access to Mobike services in its WeChat Wallet function.微信用户将可通过微信钱包功能快速访问拜单车务。The move comes shortly after Tencent Holdings, the owner of WeChat, doubled down its investment in Mobike.不久前,微信母公司腾讯控股刚刚将对拜的投资增加了一倍。Hu Weiwei, founder and president of Mobike, said: ;Enabled by our smart locks and intelligent positioning technology, we have built the world#39;s largest internet of things network to connect people with bicycles.;拜单车的创始人兼总裁胡玮炜表示:“由于我们的智能锁、智能定位技术的启用,我们已经建立了世界上最大的物联网网络,以此来和骑自行车的人建立联系。”Ofo, Mobike#39;s archrival, is reportedly in discussions with its investor Didi Chuxing, China#39;s largest ride-sharing company, to make its service available on the latter#39;s mobile app.此外,有报道称,拜单车的竞争对手ofo正在与其投资方、国内最大的叫车务公司滴滴出行讨论在后者的手机应用上接入其务。Ofo did not respond to requests for comment.但ofo方面并未对此作出。 /201704/502803成都市第五人民医院客服 The billionaire founder of LeEco, one of China’s hottest technology groups, has told employees that his company has burnt through cash too quickly as it expanded into businesses ranging from movie production to driverless cars.中国最热门的科技企业之一乐视集团(LeEco)身家亿万的创始人贾跃亭向员工表示,乐视在向从电影制作到无人驾驶汽车等各种业务扩张的过程中,烧钱的速度过快。The company had been seen as a leading example of a Chinese technology company poised to profit from the rebalancing of the country’s economy away from heavy industry towards consumption and services.乐视曾被视为准备从中国经济再平衡(即摆脱对重工业的依赖,转而侧重消费和务业)中获利的中国科技企业的典范之一。But problems with its strategy were laid bare in a letter from Jia Yueting, founder and chief executive, which raised doubts about the pursuit of market share growth — a path that many Chinese technology companies have followed.然而,乐视创始人兼首席执行官贾跃亭发出的一封信,却揭示了该公司的战略存在的一些问题。这封信对乐视执着于市场份额的增长提出了质疑——许多中国科技企业走的都是这样的发展路线。“There is a problem with non-listed LeEco’s growth pace and organisational capacities,” Mr Jia wrote. “Our funding and resources are extremely limited. Our early-stage investment in Leshi auto has been enormous, with continuous spending of more than Rmb10bn.”“LeEco战略实现节奏过快,组织与资金面临极大挑战,”贾跃亭写道,“相对应的是我们的资金和资源其实非常有限。一方面乐视汽车前期投入巨大,陆续花掉100多亿的自有资金。”Mr Jia, whose estimated net worth of .2bn placed him 31st on the latest Hurun Rich List for China, said he would accept a nominal salary of Rmb1 for life. Shares in Shenzhen-listed Leshi Internet Information amp; Technology Corp, which Mr Jia also controls, have fallen 14 per cent since last Friday amid rumours that the company was unable to pay Rmb10bn owed to a supplier. The company has denied the rumours.贾跃亭的财富净值估计为62亿美元,在最新的《胡润中国百富榜》(Hurun China Rich List)上排名第31位。他表示,他自愿永远只领取公司1元人民币的名义年薪。有传闻称,乐视未能付欠供应商的100亿元人民币。受此传闻影响,贾跃亭控股、在深圳上市的乐视网(Leshi Internet Information amp; Technology Corp)的股价自上周五以来下跌了14%。乐视方面已否认了上述传闻。Mr Jia’s empire began as a Netflix-style streaming platform, but he has spent lavishly over the past two years to expand into far-flung business lines. LeEco symbolises the company’s ambitions to develop an integrated ecosystem of devices and services. 贾跃亭的帝国始于一个Netflix式的流媒体视频直播平台,但他在过去两年里斥重金向五花八门的业务线扩张。LeEco这一标识,象征着该公司立志打造一个集设备与务于一体的生态系统。In October, LeEco revealed a self-driving car in San Francisco. The company is spending .8bn on an electric-car plant in east China’s Zhejiang province and is also a primary backer of Faraday Future, which is building a separate electric car factory in the suburbs of Las Vegas.今年10月,乐视在旧金山发布了一款自动驾驶汽车。该公司正斥资18亿美元,在浙江省建设一座电动汽车制造厂。此外,该公司还是法拉第未来(Faraday Future)的主要投资方之一,法拉第未来正在美国郊外建设另一座电动汽车制造厂。In February, LeEco agreed with Aston Martin a joint venture to build an electric vehicle. The two companies previously struck a deal for LeEco to provide in-car entertainment systems.今年2月,乐视与阿斯顿.马丁(Aston Martin)达成协议,建立一家合资企业制造一款电动汽车。两家公司之前还曾达成协议,由乐视提供车载系统。LeEco spent bn in July to acquire US television manufacturer Vizio. And last month LeEco raised its stake in Chinese smartphone producer Coolpad, becoming the company’s largest shareholder. In the past month, the group has also revealed a new smartphone, smart TV, virtual reality headset and “super bike” with an Android-enabled touchscreen.今年7月,乐视斥资20亿美元收购美国电视机制造商Vizio。上月,乐视增持了中国智能手机制造商酷派(Coolpad)的股份,成为该公司最大股东。乐视在过去一个月里还发布了新的智能手机、智能电视、虚拟现实头盔及配备可使用Android系统的触摸屏的“超级自行车”。But analysts say LeEco sells high-performance hardware below cost in an attempt to hook users into its value-added services, a risky strategy that has also caused problems for Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi. Leshi has also spent heavily on content licensing fees for its internet TV platform.不过,分析师表示,为了吸引用户使用其增值务,乐视在以低于成本的价格销售高性能的硬件,这是一种高风险的战略,这种战略也为中国智能手机制造商小米(Xiaomi)带来了麻烦。此外,乐视还在其互联网电视平台的内容许可费上花了大量的钱。Le Vision Pictures, the group’s movie production arm, is in production on The Great Wall, directed by Zhang Yimou and starring Matt Damon, in what has been billed as the largest joint Sino-US film co-production.乐视旗下的电影制作公司乐视影业(Le Vision Pictures),正在制作由张艺谋执导、由马特.达蒙(Matt Damon)主演的《长城》(The Great Wall),该片被宣传为最大手笔的中美合拍影片。Last year LeEco invested 0m in Yidao Yongche, a car-hailing app with a niche in the Chinese market dominated by the Alibaba and Tencent-backed Didi Chuxing.去年,乐视对易到用车(Yidao Yongche)投资7亿美元。易到用车是一款叫车应用,在由阿里巴巴(Alibaba)和腾讯(Tencent)投资的滴滴出行(Didi Chuxing)主导的中国叫车市场,易到用车占据了一块利基市场。“They have a reputation for splashing cash around. There has been a sense of lack of strategy to what they’re doing,” said Duncan Clark, chairman of BDA China, a technology consultancy. “Fast cars and entertainment — it’s a tough mix.”科技咨询公司达克(BDA China)的董事长邓肯.克拉克(Duncan Clark)表示:“他们以四处撒钱而闻名。给人的感觉是他们做的事缺乏战略。飞奔的汽车和,很难捏合到一起。” /201611/476872龙泉驿区中心医院专业的医生

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彭州市妇幼保健院引产Hopes for a colony on Mars took a step forward after scientists proved it was possible to grow edible food in Martian soil for the first time.殖民火星的希望向前迈进了一步:科学家首次实在火星土壤上是有可能种出可食用作物的。Researchers in the Netherlands have been attempting to grow crops in soils created to simulate conditions on the Red Planet and also the Moon. Scientists of Wageningen University And Research Centre, Wageningen, were concerned that even if food grew it would contain dangerous levels of metals which would be toxic to humans.荷兰研究人员一直在试图模拟月球和火星的土壤条件,进行农作物栽培实验。荷兰瓦赫宁根大学与研究中心的科学家们担心,即便种出了农作物,其重金属含量也可能会过高,从而对人类产生有害影响。But experiments growing tomatoes, peas, radishes and rye proved that the crops were not only safe, but possibly healthier than those grown in Earth soil.但事实明,实验中种出的西红柿、豌豆、小萝卜和黑麦不仅安全,而且有可能比在地球土壤中种出的更健康。;For radish, pea, rye and tomato we did a preliminary analysis and the results are very promising,; says Dr Wieger Wamelink. ;We can eat them.;韦格·瓦梅林克士说:;我们对小萝卜、豌豆、黑麦和西红柿进行了初步分析,实验的结果充满了希望。我们可以食用它们。;Nasa has said that it wants to establish a Mars colony by the 2030s while the European Space Agency is hoping to return to the Moon even sooner. But if the plans are to be realised, astronauts will need to learn to grow their own food.美国航空航天局表示,希望在本世纪30年代在火星建立殖民地。欧洲航天局则希望能更早重返月球。而实现这些计划,宇航员得学会自己种农作物。The research showed that only radishes had high levels of aluminium, iron and nickel. They also grew significantly less well in lunar soil. However scientists think that the problem may just be on the outside and washing away the soil would be enough to bring levels down and make them safe for eating.研究显示,只有小萝卜的铝、铁和镍含量过高。小萝卜在月球土壤中的生长状况也更糟糕。不过,科学家们认为,问题可能只出现在小萝卜的表面,洗掉外层的土可能就足以使重金属含量降低,并可安全食用。It is still unknown if the take up of heavy metals is the same on Earth as it would be under the lower gravity conditions found on Mars and the Moon. Only research ‘on site’ or in will give an answer.现在不知道的是,重金属的占比在火星和月球这些重力较低的环境中是否还和在地球上一样。只有;实地;实验才能得出结论。The researchers are now planning tests on green beans, rocket and spinach and potatoes and are due to carry out further testing on vitamins, flavonoids, and alkaloids in the crops.研究人员现在打算对青豆、芝麻菜、菠菜和土豆进行实验,并对作物中的维生素、类黄酮和生物碱进行进一步的检测。 /201607/453271 成都哪家医院看前列腺炎成华区中医医院网上咨询



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