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@GBch)5Nn-spsi_LZkYXvToday in History: Monday, August 20, 2012历史上的今天:2012年8月20日uR1JUOwzR6On Aug. 20, 1998 Retaliating for deadly embassy bombings in East Africa, the ed States launched cruise missile strikes against al-Qaida training camps in Afghanistan and what was described as a chemical plant in Sudan.1998年8月20日m,7OIAn3!K-T,)fPV。为报复东非大使馆致命的爆炸惨案,美国发射巡航导弹打击阿富汗基地组织训练营以及据称是苏丹的一化工厂,ZX+You[QI%8MPE0ER(。(xTPJ!NU8l6O~TmVBENPns5~ePSMM2YrAz1833 Benjamin Harrison, the 23rd president of the ed States, was born in North Bend, Ohio.1833年,美国第23届美国总统本杰明·哈里森在俄亥俄州北本德出生9R%9!cxk]3k。g)UZL~zT;8*wgw#y+vUN-_)SOcJn-j;jhi4!|bt1914 German forces occupied Brussels, Belgium, during World War I.1914年,在第一次世界大战德国占领比利时布鲁塞尔*[19n0WLYy3lTPh。miFKiLK+0RJg,YX@QbLE[w*e;bJ0*ME]v91918 Britain opened an offensive on the Western front during World War I.1918年,第一次世界大战英国向西线发起进攻*%LWlHgBAcY8sc5Q。U%vWABlkm135Z%mcKqkPgxl;AOD1940 British Prime Minister Winston Churchill paid tribute to the Royal Air Force, saying, ;Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.;1940年,英国首相邱吉尔表彰英国皇家空军称“在人类战争史上,从来也没有一次像这样,以如此少的兵力,取得如此大的成功,保护如此多的众生nB0fFr)PR34MQKG4il。”rp_ht9-1rz3~[nnS,K|#!.OeST+_QfqhlG1953 The Soviet Union publicly acknowledged it had tested a hydrogen bomb.1953年,苏联公开承认已经测试了一枚氢弹3dVr]Of,B+cn。MhdF4K@]s!0CJ]o%ZcXS1955 Hundreds of people were killed in anti-French rioting in Morocco and Algeria.1955年,在洛哥和阿尔及利亚的反法暴乱中数百人遇害mFoWWJv)!E-Jj;quW。x8CMtxl4pwRrG-CeZ.nlRo5VzNoi0%-zmGU1964 President Lyndon B. Johnson signed a nearly billion anti-poverty measure.1964年,林登·约翰逊总统签署了近10亿美元的反贫困措施n8-bkDkW9+;C3BJ。lJ+Nec~-h0o7o.)YrCW*!MnG(l)Z*bY1968, the Soviet Union and other Warsaw Pact nations invaded Czechoslovakia to crush the ;Prague Spring; liberalization drive of Alexander Dubceks regime.1968年,苏联和其它华沙条约国入侵捷克斯洛伐克镇压了亚历山大·杜布切克政权的“布拉格之春”自由化改革;Q%22u,Gb-cM)1-*s。EkK]t6PzD_IlExfg5^@Y%(igAER)Do1Zn1977 The ed States launched Voyager 2, an unmanned spacecraft carrying a 12-inch copper phonograph record containing greetings in dozens of languages, samples of music and sounds of nature.1977年,美国发射旅行者2号,这是一艘携带12英寸铜留声机搭载着很多语言问候,音乐样本以及自然声音的无人驾驶宇宙飞船emFJNLJKk~Yc)B3h。wv9(vtS[!0DosMLcfg71992 The Republican National Convention in Houston nominated President George H.W. Bush and Vice President Dan Quayle for a second term.1992年,休斯顿共和党全国代表大会提名总统乔治·布什和副总统丹奎尔连任Jki)s.G*Yd48-+ueN。@)j|2@AP[lRI7_Zw;1k5Y|wG,2006 Former Associated Press photographer Joe Rosenthal, who took the iconic Iwo Jima flag-raising picture during World War II, died at age 94.2006年,二战期间携带过标志性硫磺岛升旗图片的前美联社摄影师乔·罗森塔尔去世,终年94岁]FJ1SV|n30tHv*。E](QoH+5W9NoWJk[ej9lnCX4W Voting in Afghanistans presidential election was marred by rampant ballot-box stuffing. (Hamid Karzai was declared the winner in November.)年,阿富汗总统选举投票受到猖獗投票箱填料的损坏9NKFaV_drNd%0qs(。(哈米德·卡尔扎伊在11月被宣布获胜#chR+HL4Kj_f。)(Hc+z!~xv-TfbqImsLk_A31CKiNxT)Wc The only man convicted of the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 returned home to Libya after his release from a Scottish prison on compassionate grounds.年,泛美航空103航班爆炸案唯一被定罪者受到同情,从苏格兰监狱释放回到利比亚eWQ)NoUlmO。pK,QiEbWx(-KyDhF2nIXtiTS)n0WO2hxKF_h)ss /201208/195855

Spring cleaning ushers in a clean home alongside a new season. Create an easy-to-follow game plan to tackle spring cleaning one step at a time.进行春季打扫除,在新的季节来临之际打造干净整洁的居住环境。制定简单的大扫除计划,每次进行一个步骤。You Will Need你需要Pen and paper纸和笔Storage containers贮藏箱Bucket桶Rags破布Sponges海绵Multi-purpose cleaner多用清洁剂Vacuum cleaner吸尘器Rake耙子Wheelbarrow独轮手推车Ladder梯子Furnace filters火炉过滤器Music (optional)音乐(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Create a game plan1.制定计划Make a list outlining the areas of your home -- living, eating, and sleeping areas, plus the bathrooms. Break down rooms by the individual items to be cleaned in each area. Then focus on cleaning one zone per week.列出清单,概括家中需要打扫的地方——客厅,餐厅,卧室和浴室。把每一个地方需要清洁的单个物品拆分开来。然后每周集中清洁一个区域。Tackle the big projects first. The bigger the project, the bigger the sense of accomplishment when the chore is completed.首先进行比较大的项目。工程量越大,清洁工作完成后的成就感也越大。Step 2 Cut the clutter2.收纳凌乱物品Get storage containers to hold papers, books, and junk. Organize the closets and give away anything you havent used in the past year. Clutter attracts dirt and dust. Eliminate the clutter and youll significantly cut your work load.找一个储藏箱来储存报纸,书籍和废旧物品。整理橱柜,把过去一年没有用到的物品全都丢弃。废旧物品会吸引污垢和灰尘。把废旧物品丢弃,你的工作量会大幅减少。Make it fun for the whole family. Blast your favorite music and dance while vacuuming.尽量让所有家人都觉得大扫除是一项乐趣。吸尘的时候可以一边播放最喜欢的音乐一边跳舞。Step 3 Take your time3.从容不迫Use rags, sponges, and multi-purpose cleaner to thoroughly clean and organize every cupboard and drawer. Wash walls,cabinets, baseboards and woodwork. Dont forget to clean and wax wood floors, and shampoo carpets.使用破布,海绵和多用途清洁剂彻底清洁和整理每一个橱柜和抽屉。清洗墙壁,橱柜,护壁板和木制品。不要忘记给木地板进行清洁和打蜡工作,还要清洗地毯。Step 4 Hit the great outdoors4.户外工作Rake flower beds to remove dead plants. Haul away branches and debris in a wheelbarrow for easy disposal. Get on a ladder and clean out leaf-clogged gutters before springs heavy rains cause any damage. Dont forget to wash the windows and shake out your welcome mat for a sparkling first impression.耙一下花床,清除枯死的植物。用独轮手推车推走枝叶和垃圾,这样比较方便丢弃。拿一把梯子,在春季的暴雨造成任何损害之前清除被树叶堵塞的排水沟。不要忘记清洗窗户,展开你最喜欢的垫子,打造光夺目的第一印象。Step 5 Check the mechanics5.检查设备Inspect your homes mechanical systems to ensure theyre functioning properly. Replace the furnace filters monthly and vacuum your refrigerators condenser coil to reduce dust.检查家中机械系统,确保运作正常。每个月更换火炉过滤器,打扫冰箱冷凝旋管,以减少灰尘。A recent study showed that more than 75 percent of all liquid hand soaps and nearly 30 percent of bar soaps contain antibacterial agents.最新一项调查显示,超过75%的液体香皂和接近30%的条形香皂含有抗菌成分。注:音频暂缺视频听力栏目译文属。201303/230961




  One of the most powerful opponents ofreform反对改革者中权力最大的一位was the kings own brother, le Comte de Provence,是国王的兄弟 普罗旺斯伯爵known in court simply as Monsieur.在法庭中被所有人称为先生He clung to the traditional order of French society.他坚决持法国社会的传统阶级制度Three estates under the king—the clergy,国王之下 分为三个阶级:神职人员the nobility and the rest.贵族 以及普通民众With only the rest paying taxes.而且 只有普通民众需要缴税The gossip in Paris,巴黎的流言combined with the strong vocal opposition inside Versailles,与凡尔赛宫中直接的反对声音结合began to undermine Louis faith in Turgot and reform.开始侵蚀路易对杜尔哥和改革的信心Louis XVI must not have known which way to turn,路易十六应该不知道要何去何从because the economists are divided and,因为经济学家们分成了不同派别fundamentally, the issue is the French state and whether it will survive.而这涉及到法国是否能存续的基本问题Very momentous decisions for a young man to take.这个年轻人要做出一系列非常重大的决定It looked initially as if he was going to stand firm.起初 他看起来是要持变革However, his confidence was undermined.然而 他的信心被逐渐摧毁Louis XVI lacked the willingness tosupporthim to the bitter end.路易十六缺乏持他到达结局的决心 201206/187442互联网搜索引擎巨头谷歌公司已同意付5亿美元罚款,以了结一项针对该公司在网络上违法发布药品广告的刑事调查。而这笔罚金也是美国历史上针对违法网络广告开具的最大罚金之一。 Google has agreed to pay 500 million U.S. dollars for running advertisements by online Canadian pharmacies targeting consumers in the U.S. The U.S. Justice Department says the ads led to illegal imports of prescription medication into the country, and allowed the purchase of these drugs online without valid prescriptions. The fine is one of the largest-ever in the U.S. for illegal online advertising, and represents money made by Google on ad sales, plus revenue earned by the pharmacies from sales to American customers. Google has since banned the advertising of prescription drugs in the U.S. by Canadian pharmacies. But, the fine didn't come as a total surprise to Google, as the company disclosed in May it had set aside 500 million dollars for a potential settlement.词汇学习:1. pharmacy n. 药房,药店;药剂学,配药2. prescription n. 处(药)方,(开的)药;开处(药)方3. fine a. 健康的;极好的的 ad. 很好 vt./ n. 罚款4. ban vt. 取缔,查禁;(from)禁止 常构成: ban from sth./ doing sth. n. 禁止,禁令 常构成: ban on sth. 201108/151110Job hunting is a challenge we all have to face at some stage in our careers. VideoJugs careers expert will share tips and techniques to give you the biggest chance of success when searching for a new position, and help you find the job you want.求职是我们在职业生涯的某个阶段都会遇到的挑战。VideoJug职业专家将跟我们分享一些建议和技巧,让我们在寻求新的职位时有最大的成功机会,帮助你找到喜欢的工作。Step 1: Staying motivated1.积极Whether youre searching for a new job while youre unemployed or still in your old job, its important to set achievable goals for your job hunt. Set aside a certain amount of time each day or week to spend on job hunting. A goal could be to send out two CVs a day, or phone five contacts a week for example.无论是失业时寻找新的工作还是仍然在职,为求职设立可以达到的目标都是非常重要的。每天或每周花费一定的时间来找工作。你设立的目标可以是每天发出两份简历,或者每周电话联系五家公司。When job hunting it can be easy to become discouraged if you keep getting negative responses.如果你的反应一直比较消极,找工作的过程中会感到非常沮丧。Talk to family and friends about your search to help you stay motivated and positive. It can also be helpful to consult a careers adviser for information and ideas.与家人和朋友讨论一下自己求职的过程,帮助你保持积极上进。还可以向职业顾问咨询信息或建议。Your job hunt might take a long time, especially if youre still in a full time job while searching - so be prepared to keep trying.求职过程可能非常漫长,尤其是仍然在职的时候找工作——所以一定要做好打持久战的准备。Step 2: Your job hunt2.求职There are many different places to look for jobs, such as employment agencies and newspaper ads.找工作有许多途径,例如求职机构或报纸广告。The internet is also a huge resource for job hunters, with most recruitment agencies now having some kind of website.However, in many industries the best way to hear about jobs is through word of mouth. When exploring your career options,talk to as many people as you can. Use your network of family and friends to gather information, and remember that networking is not something thats just done at stuffy business events.互联网也是找工作的好地方,许多招聘机构现在都有自己的网站。然而,在许多行业,招聘消息都是口头传播的。寻找新的职业的时候,与尽可能多的人聊天。使用你的亲友网来搜集消息,记住,社交网不仅仅是为繁琐的商务活动务的。How you present yourself and market yourself is extremely important when youre jobhunting. Think of your CV as a sales tool which youre using to sell yourself to your prospective employer. Its a good idea to customise your CV and make it as specific as possible to the job youre applying for, rather than making a generic CV that you send to hundreds of employers. Also, make sure you are well prepared and properly dressed for interviews - this is your chance to make a really good impression.求职的时候怎样推销自己是极其重要的。把你的简历作为销售工具,用来把自己推销给潜在的雇主。定制自己的简历是一个不错的主意,尽量专门适用于你申请的职位,而不是向数雇主发送千篇一律的简历。同时,确保为面试做好充分准备,着装也要得体,这是留下好印象的机会。Step 3: The new job3.新工作When youre offered a new job, make sure you consider all the factors involved, such as the salary, perks and the distance youll have to travel. If youre entering a salary negotiation, make sure youre well prepared and can back up your reasons for requesting the salary you want.当你收到新的聘用通知之后,确保考虑所有因素,例如薪水,津贴和距离。如果进入薪水谈判,一定要充分准备,说明为何你提出这样的薪资要求。And once youve found the job you want, give yourself a big pat on the back! Enjoy your new job!一旦找到自己喜欢的工作,鼓励一下自己!祝你新的岗位工作愉快!Thanks for watching How To Find The Job You Want.感谢收看“怎样找到喜欢的工作”视频节目。201210/206119

  Today we will explore the fasinating ancient art of Origami. We take you through some simple steps to get you strarted on your first piece, a Christmas Tree. 今天我们将探讨迷人的古老折纸艺术。通过一些简单的步骤,可以让你制作出一棵精美的圣诞树。 马上跟随我们一起学习吧:Turn the paper over so it is green side down.将纸张翻过来,让绿色一面朝下。 Fold in half on the diagonal.整张纸沿对角线对折。 Unfold and fold the edge to the centre line.展开,把边缘折向中线。Repeat with the opposite edge.另一边也是这样操作。Fold the bottom corner up to meet the other two corners.把底部的角沿上两步对折后产生的边对折。Fold the bottom edges to the centre line.之后把整张纸的两边折向中间。 Fold the bottom section up.把整个底部向顶部对折。Fold the bottom edge back down to form the trunk of the tree.把底部向原有方向对折,这样就产生了圣诞树的树干。 To narrow the trunk fold sideways, part of the section will lift up , encourage it to do so and squash it flat. Repeat with the other side of the trunk.为了缩小树干,将树干底部折向一边,由于部分将被抬起,压扁压平即可。另一边也是这样对折。这样你就做好了一颗只属于你自己的圣诞树!词语解释:1. origami n. 折纸2. trunk n. 树干164750Shannon Duffy gives expert advice on:夏农#8226;达菲给出专家的建议:How do I teach my child healthy eating habits?我怎么教给我的孩子健康的饮食习惯?When it comes to teaching adolescents healthy eating habits,当涉及到教学青少年健康饮食习惯的时候,the best thing you can do as a parent is to set a good example.身为一名家长你能做的最好的事情就是树立一个好榜样。If your child sees you and has grown up watching you and participating with you in healthy eating habits,如果你的孩子的成长过程中耳濡目染你涉足其中的健康饮食习惯,you have a much greater chance of having an adolescent who is willing to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and willing to choose healthy food options instead of unhealthy options.你的孩子会有很大的几率愿意吃新鲜水果,蔬菜并愿意选择健康食物而不是那些不健康的选择。Definitely sitting down to dinner, or at least one meal as a family,肯定是坐下来吃一顿饭,或者作为家庭来说至少吃一顿,to create that unity and that connectedness as a family unit,来创建作为一个家庭单位的团结和连通性,is a good way to encourage healthy eating habits.鼓励健康的饮食习惯就是一个很好的方式。 201207/191273

  即使庞大的纷纷崩溃,胡安 恩利克斯认为巨大的复苏仍然会来到。但别指望你的选票会起作用,或者股票交易。它会来自科学实验室,并且会带来更敏捷的身体与思维。我们的后代将会变得不同。分集介绍:[text]即使庞大的纷纷崩溃,胡安 恩利克斯认为巨大的复苏仍然会来到。但别指望你的选票会起作用,或者股票交易。它会来自科学实验室,并且会带来更敏捷的身体与思维。我们的后代将会变得不同。[/text] [headImg]http://img1.cache.netease.com//2012/12/4/20121204172533aa222.jpg[/headImg]201212/216517

  Traditionally, kids dont do housework, they cause it. Getting children to realise the importance of cleaning and tidying is a tall order, but you can plant the seed in their minds with these four ways to make housework fun. So watch this VideoJug film to finally get your kids to do housework.一般情况下孩子是不做家务的,相反为他们‘善后’是一项很重的家务。让孩子懂得干净整洁的重要性是一个很重的任务,但是你可以通过以下四种充满乐趣的方式来加深他们的印象。所以来看看本期视频汇的指导吧,让你的孩子享受做家务的乐趣。Step 1: Make it a game1.做游戏Make chores into a game and your kids will not even realise they are doing chores把家庭事务设计进游戏中,这样孩子甚至不会觉得是在做家务。Step 2: Make it a privilege2.优先权If you make the chore you are doing look grown-up and exciting, your kids will want to have a go.如果你把做家务当成只有大人才能做的乐事,孩子们就会想要试着一展身手。Step 3: Make it a challenge3.挑战性If you challenge your kids, by pretending you think they cant do something, then they will want to show you otherwise如果跟孩子打赌,打赌他们做不好一件事,他们就会试着明他们能做好。Step 4: Make it rewarding4.奖赏One classic way of getting them to help around the house, is by hiding treats around an untidy room. They can keep the treats if they tidy properly.让孩子帮忙做家务的一个有效办法是,把奖赏藏在杂乱的屋子中,如果孩子能把屋子收拾整洁,就可以得到奖赏。Thanks for watching How To Get Your Kids To Do Housework谢谢收看本期“让孩子做家务”节目。 /201208/196993。

  This great first aid will provide tips on how to best treat bruises. Bruises can look rather painful and ugly, so let VideoJug show you how to take care of them properly.这段急救视频将为你最好地处理瘀伤提供一些建议。瘀伤既疼痛,又不美观,所以,跟随VideoJug视频学习怎样恰当护理瘀伤。Step 1: You will need1.你需要a cold pad or ice pack冷垫或冰袋Step 2: Elevate The Injury2.把伤口处抬高Raise and support the injured part of the body in a comfortable position. This will help the fluid in the swollen tissue to drain away from the injury.以比较舒适的姿势抬高身体受伤部位,这样可以帮助肿胀组织的淤血从伤口处流走。Step 3: Use A Cold Compress3.冷敷There are two ways of making a cold compress, one using a pad, the other an ice pack.有两种方法可以进行冷敷,使用冷垫或冰袋。To make a cold pad, use a towel or cloth that has been dipped in very cold water, wrung out and folded into a pad. To keep the compress cool, dip it in the water every few minutes and repeat the same process. This should be done for at least 10 minutes.冷垫可以用毛巾或布料在非常冷的水中浸湿,把水拧干,折叠成垫子。为了保持冷却效果,过几分钟就把垫子浸入冷水中,重复同样的过程。至少要冷敷10分钟。Alternatively, you can use an ice pack or a sealed packet of frozen peas wrapped in a thin towel. Dont use the ice pack for more than 10 minutes.另外,还可以使用冰袋,或者密封好的冰冻豌豆装入薄毛巾中。使用冰袋冷敷的时间不要超过10分钟。Step 4: Apply Firm Pressure4.用力按压Now apply firm pressure to the bruise using a cold compress. This will help you to reduce any swelling and pain.冷敷的时候用力按压瘀伤处,这样可以帮助你缓解肿胀和疼痛。Step 5: Seek Medical Advice5.寻求医疗建议Bruising may be an outwards sign of a deeper injury. Elderly people as well as those on particular medications can bruise more easily. If the symptoms get worse or you have any concerns, seek medical advice.瘀伤可能是内部伤痛的外在表现。老年人和身体状况比较特殊的人更容易出现瘀伤。如果症状恶化或者你心存疑虑,立即寻求医疗建议。Thanks for watching How To Take Care Of A Bruise感谢收看“怎样护理伤口”视频节目。 /201210/205633


  It says right on the directions that you shouldnt wear your contacts any longer than two weeks. Youre going on your six or seventh - youve lost count. What REALLY happens when you wear contact lenses longer than recommended?说明书上建议,隐形眼镜佩戴的时间不要超过两个星期。而实际上呢,你戴了六个星期,还是七个星期?自己都不记得了。如果隐形眼镜佩戴的时间超过建议时间,会出现什么情况呢?Step 1: Best Case1.最好的情况Your contacts will will get coated with germs and protein, your eyes will get red and irritated, and youll have to wear glasses until your eyes feel better.你的隐形眼镜会被细菌和蛋白质覆盖,双眼会红肿疼痛,在眼睛恢复之前你不得不佩戴框架眼镜。Step 2: Worst Case2.最糟糕的情况Youll develop an infectious corneal ulcer that may lead to scar tissue which can lead to vision loss, and even blindness.Symptoms of an infectious corneal ulcer include squinting, redness, pain, tearing, and small pupil size.你可能会患上传染性的角膜溃疡,导致疤痕组织,视力下降,甚至失明。传染性角膜溃疡的症状包括斜视,发红,疼痛,流泪和瞳孔变小。Cleaning and disinfecting disposable contacts wont make a difference. After youve worn them for the recommended time period, theyre done. You have the facts, now you make the call.对一次性眼镜进行清洗和消毒也没有什么效果。超过建议的佩戴时间之后,隐形眼镜就无效了。现在你已经了解了情况,应该做决定了。Thanks for watching Danger: Expired Contact Lenses!感谢收看“隐形眼过期的危害”视频节目。 /201302/226752

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