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重庆三甲医院美容整形门诊重庆市急救医疗中心是什么等级梁平区中心医院外科 Scientists Ponder Over The Mystery Of The Missing Egyptian Animal Mummies科学家探秘不完整的动物木乃伊When researchers from the University of Manchester and Manchester Museum decided to take a peek inside some ancient Egyptian animal mummies using CT scans they expected to discover perfectly preserved remains. To their surprise, only one-third of the 800 specimens they examined actually contained complete skeletons. The rest housed partial animal remains, or even worse, just some mud, sticks, and eggshells.曼彻斯特物馆和曼彻斯特大学对一些古埃及动物木乃伊进行了CT扫描,期待找到完整的遗体。但令人震惊的是,扫描的800多个标本中只有1/3有完整的骨骼,剩下的仅有部分遗骸,有些更糟——全由泥土,木棍和蛋壳填充而成Though surprised at how prevalent the practice was, the researchers were not completely taken aback by the missing remains. That#39;s because, over the years, numerous archeologists have come across similar empty mummy shells. So did ancient embalmers regularly scam their customers? While that had been the consensus thus far, the Manchester researchers think otherwise.科学家们虽然对当时这种做法的广泛流行感到惊讶,但并没有因此大惊小怪。因为过去几年也有很多考古学家频频发现类似的空木乃伊。难道是因为当时的木乃伊制作师投机取巧,欺骗顾客?虽然许多人认为如此,曼彻斯特的研究者却持相反意见。To understand a plausible reason for the fake mummies, one first has to understand ancient Egyptian culture. While human mummies were meant to preserve bodies for the afterlife, animals were mummified for numerous reasons. Some were preserved because they had been beloved pets, others as a source of food for humans. Then there were the cult animals that were worshiped in life that had to be mummified. However, the most common reason was as an offering to the gods in return for answering a prayer.为了给空木乃伊一个合理的解释,我们先要去了解一下古埃及文化。制作人类木乃伊是为来世保存好身体,但制作动物木乃伊就有许多其他原因了。动物木乃伊中有些生前是深受主人喜爱的宠物,有些是人死后供奉的食物,还有的是人们崇拜的神兽,但做为宗教贡品的占大多数。According to University of Manchester researcher Lidija McKnight, who led the latest study, herein may lie the explanation for the #39;fake#39; tombs. The Egyptologist thinks that as people ran out of animals to offer the gods, they began mummifying objects that the animals were closely associated with during their lifetime - things like nest material or eggshells. The researcher says that though forgery cannot be entirely ruled out, given how carefully the objects were wrapped, it is very likely that customers knew exactly what they were burying. Fortunately, the same is not true for the mummies that house human remains.该实验的带头人——曼彻斯特大学的科学家Lidija McKnight说,该问题的也许还能解释那些“假墓穴”的存在。埃及古物学家认为,当祭祀用的动物供不应求时,古埃及人就用与这些动物的生活息息相关的物件来制作动物木乃伊,比如建巢穴的原料或者蛋壳。虽不能完全排除造假的可能,但考虑到这些物体均包裹认真,很可能顾客本身就清楚自己埋下来的是什么。不过幸运的是,这种情况并没有在人类木乃伊遗体上发生过。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201507/381818南岸区做颧骨整型多少钱

四川省去眼袋哪家医院好A marathon in the midnight sunshine午夜日光下的马拉松A look of horror comes across friends’ faces when I tell them the grand plan for my second marathon. Fired up with enthusiasm after triumphantly collapsing over the Virgin London Marathon finish line in April, I was determined not to kick my running shoes off and leave them gathering dust for the rest of eternity, so signed up for another one happening two months later. In the Arctic.当我对朋友们谈到第二个宏伟的马拉松计划时,便看到了他们脸上恐惧的神情。在我得意洋洋地倒向四月伦敦处女马拉松终点线之后,从便满怀,因此也决定注册参加两月后在北极的另一场马拉松,而不是将跑鞋丢弃一边,放任它永久的埋上尘土。Now, firstly, I should make it clear that I’m not a natural runner. While I feel like a gazelle sprinting gracefully through the streets of London, when I catch my reflection I am hunched like Quasimodo, dragging my feet through puddles and panting a lot.现在,首先,我要清楚地指出,我并不是一名天生的赛跑运动员。我感觉自己像是羚羊一样地穿过伦敦的街道,当我看见我的倒影时,感觉自己就像是卡西莫多,拖着脚步气喘吁吁地穿过水坑。But what I lack in grace and ability I more than make up for in enthusiasm and nervous energy, which is what I was hoping would pull me through as I stepped off the plane in the Norwegian city of Troms#248; two weeks ago for their annual Midnight Sun Marathon.而我却愿意用满怀的和集中的精力弥补我所缺少的天赋和能力,这也是我在两个星期之前所希望的,当我在挪威城特罗姆瑟下飞机,参加每年的午夜太阳马拉松时,能够帮助我通过的地方。It’s the middle of the night. The sun is shining. There are more than 4,000 runners from 56 countries – 300 from the UK, but others from as far afield as New Zealand, Brazil and China – signed up for either a 10K, a half marathon, or the full 26.2 miles, and making a Lycra-clad invasion on the city whose position 200 miles north of the Arctic circle means the sun doesn’t set for a nine-week stretch during the summer.午夜时分,日光烂漫。这里有来自56个国家的4000多名跑步爱好者,其中300名来自英国,其他的分别来自新西兰,巴西和中国。他们这些人要么是报名参加一个10000米,半个马拉松,要么是参加26.2英里,使得莱卡入侵城市,这些城市在200英里以北的北极圈境内,在夏日期间太阳将直射长达九周。Most of the city is located on the island of Troms#248;ya, surrounded by calm waters and spectacularly rugged snow-topped mountains, which – thankfully – we’ll be avoiding by following a route that sticks close to the water. But the scenery and terrain is aly marking out Troms#248; as something of a sports haven, with the Polar Night Half Marathon being held in January and the Sky Race Ultra Marathon in August.大多数的城市位于特罗姆瑟雅岛境内,四周环绕着平静的水域和巍峨险峻白雪皑皑的山脉,谢天谢地的是,我们会在一条靠近水面的路线上躲避。但风景和地形也同时凸显出特罗姆瑟作为一处体育圣地,正如一月份举行的极地夜半马拉松和八月份的天空跑马拉松。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201507/385532万州区妇女医院祛除腋臭多少钱 CyD!j5*Ut%wif~+LerR*iAw8IIfI love taking people to eat dim sum for the first time.我喜欢带人初试中式点心mNti#tG-O。Most people in the US, have no idea what dim sum actually is or the etiquette behind it. It#39;s fun to watch their eyes glaze over at the million tapas-like choices laid out before them._Nq^Uzv)g8G0Vk-Y]U5在美国,大多数人都不知道中式点心到底是什么,也不知道其背后的风俗民情GczTA*tOd1|wT。看着他们对摆在面前的各种点心露出如痴如醉的表情,我觉得特别好玩B-_7.m;-tn*O。]JF_Cndtgnb#dSsc5Y|Wf5kR;Us]ClevSmiling and nodding as they look over the — as though anything you pick it fine by them — you can visibly watch as the overwhelmed feeling washes over them.7wLdQg!dE-5他们边浏览菜单边微笑点头,喜悦之情溢于言表,好像你点的任何东西他们都会喜欢#HqGhXJ!25。I get it.我的目的达到了p6(((GDLIN!d6BPUr。Dim sum in fact, can be quite overwhelming! Add in s with limited English, rowdy Chinese families shouting all around, and people spitting bones out on the table, it#39;s definitely not an experience most Westerners are accustomed to.说实话,吃中式点心有时非常让人无语!除了菜单上的英文很蹩脚外,就餐的人拖家带口闹哄哄地又喊又叫,还把骨头吐在桌子上,这氛围大多数西方人肯定都受不了E;8;lp%JUbXqM%[I。But I love it.但我喜欢ZJdnl3bWybv,4x。Going to grab dim sum on a Sunday morning quickly became one of my favorite rituals in Hong Kong, and one I still try to fit in at least once a month here in Chicago. So to help sp that love I#39;ve decided to outline my favorite dim sum items, in hopes that you#39;ll be more confident in ordering and will want to go give dim sum a try!周日早晨去中式点心店饱餐一顿,这是我去香港没多久就培养出来的嗜好之一9ohK#94HmK。现在在芝加哥这边,我也至少每月要抽时间去大快朵颐一次60(jPTk%qT5VGbTK(2+。所以呢,为了跟别人分享这种热爱,我决定简单描述一下我最喜欢的几类中式点心,希望能为你前去点餐增加些底气,同时也希望能唤起你品尝的欲望![;V|ldtH*~~9KJJ*d|Q3k.pRysRNe88T,1xN-i@ /201507/383493重庆腿部吸脂哪家医院好

广安人民医院费用 He Quangui spends his days in a bed connected to a battered oxygen machine that pumps air into his lungs. The monotonous sound is punctuated only by his gasping cough. Like many of his fellow villagers in a mountainous area of Shaanxi Province in China, he answered the government’s call to leave his farm and make a better living as a migrant worker in the 1990s.何全贵成天躺在床上,身体连接着一个把空气输送到他肺里的破旧的氧气机。机器发出单调的声响,时不时穿插着他喘不上气来的咳嗽声。上世纪90年代,和很多居住在陕西山区里的老乡一样,他响应政府号召放弃务农,为谋得更好的生计而外出打工。He went to work in an illegal gold mine, which, while helping fuel China’s growing economy, cost him dearly: He has silicosis, a form of pneumoconiosis, China’s most common occupational disease.他去了一家非法金矿工作。这样的金矿为中国的经济增长提供了动力,同时也让他付出了沉重的代价。何全贵患上了矽肺病。这是中国最普遍的职业病尘肺病的一种。Today, when he leaves his bed, he often collapses, unable to breathe. There are treatments that could prolong his life and ease the suffering, but he has neither money nor benefits after his seven years working in the mines.如今,只要他一下床,就经常会瘫软在地,无法呼吸。通过治疗可以延长他的生命,缓解痛楚。可是,尽管他在矿场工作了七年时间,他既没钱,也不享有福利。Had he not met the photographer Sim Chi Yin at his fruit stand in 2011, he would most likely be dead. She came to his remote village to document the ravages of lung disease among the men who worked as migrant miners. To make the story more immediate, she sought a dying miner to be the main character, and soon settled on Mr. He.Mr. He learned he had silicosis in 2004. He lived in an old earthen house with his wife, Mi Shixiu, and their son, Jinbo. Together, they sold fruit; Ms. Sim stayed in a spare room above the stand, taking photos while trying to persuade the couple to let her into their lives. Though she started out doing a story about silicosis, she soon saw a different narrative.如果不是2011年他在自家的水果摊遇到了摄影师沈绮颖(Sim Chi Yin),他很可能已经离开了人世。沈绮颖来到他所在的偏远村庄是为了记录肺病对外来矿工的摧残。为了突显问题的紧迫性,需要寻找一个垂死的矿工作为主角,她很快便选定了何全贵。何全贵在2004年得知自己患上了矽肺病。妻子米世秀、儿子何进波和他一起住在一间老旧的土房里,全家人一起贩卖水果。沈绮颖待在水果摊上面的一间空房里,在摄影的同时,她尝试着说夫妇二人允许自己走进他们的生活。尽管一开始是想要讲述有关矽肺病的故事,但是沈绮颖很快便发现了另一个角度。“I realized this was not just a story about a dying man in a remote village in China,” she said. “It was a universal love story.”“我意识到,这个故事不光是说中国的偏远农村里有一个垂死的人,”沈绮颖说。“这是一个普世的爱情故事。”“Their love was so powerful and palpable and so pure,” she said. “Even now, they cuddle and play like teenagers.”“他们之间的爱是如此的热烈、外露和纯粹。即便是现在,他们仍然会相互依偎,像少年一样打闹,”她说。Ms. Sim returned home after a week with some photos and a sense that the project might not work out because the couple was not interested in being photographed over a long period. But six months later, Mr. He’s wife called, crying and desperate for help.沈绮颖在拍摄了一周后返回家中。因为夫妇俩对长期跟拍不感兴趣,她感觉到计划可能无法实现。然而,六个月后,何全贵的妻子打来了电话,绝望地哭诉着向沈绮颖求助。Ms. Sim contacted a friend, an investigative journalist who ran an organization for poor people with silicosis. It arranged for a ,600 grant so Mr. He could get treatment at a hospital. She flew to Xi’an and picked up Mr. He, who could not walk and had to be carried by his brother-in-law.沈绮颖联系了一名调查记者。这位朋友开设的一家机构专为患有矽肺病的贫困人士提供帮助。他们为何全贵筹集了1万元人民币,让他能够入院接受治疗。沈绮颖飞去西安接何全贵。他当时无法行走,只能由夫背着。She spent long days at the hospital as both “caretaker and court jester trying to lift his spirits,” she said. At night, she returned to her hotel room and sobbed. Depressed, Mr. He asked Ms. Sim to take him far away, kill him and dump his body if the treatment failed.The hospital stay was a turning point. Ms. Sim was no longer a stranger but, according to Mr. He, was his “savior.” From that point, she stayed in his home whenever she visited, and she became close to his family. Her intervention changed the story, and Ms. Sim acknowledges that some might find that unethical. But she felt the situation demanded action.沈绮颖在医院待了很长时间,“既是看护,又要插科打诨来振奋他的精神,”她说。夜里,她会回到酒店房间里啜泣。沮丧的何全贵曾说,如果治疗失败的话,想让沈绮颖带他走,杀了他,再把他的尸体扔掉。这次治疗成为了一个转折点。对于何全贵而言,沈绮颖不再是一个陌生人,而是用他的话来说成了“救命恩人”。从那时起,不论何时到访,沈绮颖都住在何全贵的家中,他们一家人和她的关系也变得亲近了。沈绮颖的介入改变了这个故事,她自己也承认,有些人可能会觉得自己的行为不符合职业道德,但是她认为这是形势所迫。“I was a human being first and a photographer second,” she said. “As a documentary photographer, I want to bring about change around large issues, but given the opportunity to make a concrete change in one person’s life, it would be unconscionable not to do so.”“我首先是一个人,然后才是一个摄影师,”她说。“作为一名纪实摄影师,我希望在大事上带来改变,但如果有机会让一个人的生活发生具体的变化,不去做的话就不对了。”She has spent much of the last four years following Mr. He’s travails, living in his home and falling asleep in the next room listening to the drone of the oxygen machine. Once, she was awakened before dawn when Mr. He attempted suicide.过去四年里,沈绮颖用了大量时间记录何全贵经历的困苦。她住在何家,睡在隔壁屋子里,听着氧气机的嗡嗡声。有一次,当何全贵企图在凌晨自杀时,她被惊醒了。In her journal, Ms. Sim noted him saying: “I have completely given up hope this time. Moaning out loud, short of breath. If I were a rich man, I’d see it differently. I’d go to a hospital in the city and use the best drugs, and I’ll still be able to live for a few more years. But I don’t have the money.”Ms. Sim, who sometimes photographs for The New York Times, has turned her attention to getting Mr. He’s story out while he is still alive. Despite the powerful images, she has had few takers.沈绮颖在日记里写道,何全贵说:“我这一次彻底不抱希望了。大声哼哼、气短。如果是个有钱人,就不一样了。我会去城里的医院,用最好的药,还能再多活几年。但我没钱。”有时会为《纽约时报》拍摄图片的沈绮颖,此时已经转移了注意力,致力于在何全贵的有生之年,把他的故事刊登出来。尽管这些影像颇能打动人,但却鲜有媒体接收。“I’ve showed the photos and to perhaps 15 or 20 editors, some of whom cried, but no one would publish it in print,” she said. “It’s not a sexy subject, and the photos aren’t highly aestheticized.”“我给大概15或20个编辑看过照片和视频。有些人都看哭了,但没人愿意刊登,”她说。“这不是一个迷人的话题,照片也没有很高的美学价值。”They are not over-processed, blurry black-and-white images, nor are they fine art portraits, she added.她接着说,它们不是那种过度加工的朦胧的黑白照片,也不是精美的肖像照。“This is a story that is not about me or my vision or my aesthetics,” she said. “It’s about a dying man and the impact on his family. It’s about this disease that’s China’s No. 1 occupational disease, period.”“这个故事和我本人、我的见解或审美无关,”她说。“它讲的是一个垂死的人,以及他的家庭遭受的影响。讲的是中国的头号职业病,就这样。”National Geographic is the only magazine that expressed serious interest in publishing it, though a 10-page layout was ultimately rejected for publication. Instead, a on Mr. He was featured on its photo blog, Proof.《国家地理》(National Geographic)是唯一认真考虑登出这个故事的刊物。但最终,10页篇幅的版面还是没能问世。不过,一段介绍何全贵的视频,放在了杂志网站的图片客Proof上。Mr. He now has an inexpensive smartphone and uses social media to share health information with other miners with silicosis. He weighs less than 90 pounds but “is still hanging on,” Ms. Sim said. To keep his spirits up, she tells him that he must stay alive to see the impact of the s and photo essay.现在,何全贵有一部廉价的智能手机,能通过社交媒体和其他患矽肺病的矿工分享健康讯息。何全贵体重不到90磅(约合41公斤),但沈绮颖说,他“依然在坚持”。为了让他保持良好的精神状态,沈绮颖对他说,他必须活着看到自己的视频和图片产生了什么样的影响。The Chinese news and photo website Tencent published the photos and s this month and raised ,000 from ers for Mr. He, who can now go to a hospital for new treatments, repay some debts and fix his leaking roof.本月,中文新闻和图片网站腾讯刊发了相关照片和视频,并从读者那里为何全贵筹集到了10万元人民币。现在,何全贵能够去医院重新接受治疗,还一部分债,再修补一下漏雨的屋顶。Mr. He sent a text to Ms. Sim last week: “I didn’t think that I could hold on and live till now, that I would see this happening with my own eyes, that I would enjoy the fruits of this collaboration myself and have it prolong my life.”上周,何全贵给沈绮颖发了一条短信:“没想到我能坚持活到现在,能亲眼看到这一切,能亲身享受这种合作的果实,让它延长我的生命。” /201506/383096梁平区妇女医院位置长寿区中心医院在线



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