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重庆瘦脸针多久见效綦江区中医院口腔美容中心重庆狐臭微创价格多少钱 Obituary;Michael Foot;讣告;迈克尔·富特;Michael Foot, politician and man of letters, died on March 3rd, aged 96.政治家、作家迈克尔·富特于本月3日仙逝,享年96岁。He died a much-loved Englishman, renowed for his untidy shock of white hair, his shambling wanderings on Hampstead Heath with his dog Dizzy, his devotion to literature, and the modesty that allowed him, when leader of the Labour Party, to stand in his anorak waiting at the bus stop. Deep into old age, half-blind, he never failed to keep up with the latest works on his great loves, Shelley and Byron, and to hold forth over breakfast—several eggs running all over his plate—about the latest troubles of his beloved party, and its prospects for the future.他,名叫迈克尔·富特(Michael Foot),一位备受爱戴的英吉利人——带着他引人注目的一头蓬乱的白发、带着他在普斯泰德西斯公园牵着小迪齐蹒跚闲行的身影、带着他对文学的挚爱、还带着他任工党党魁时,身着风帽夹克在站台候车所赢得的谦逊美名——离开了人间。进入高龄后,他几近失明,雪莱和拜伦的作品,乃其至爱,一俟新评问世,他必关注;而且,在早餐(那早餐是几枚在餐盘中来回滚动的鸡蛋)时侃侃而谈,谈论他所爱戴的工党的困境和未来。He was not always so popular. As a left-wing journalist working for the right-wing proprietor Max Beaverbrook before, during and after the war, the vituperative scorn of his prose injured those who did not realise that it masked a complete lack of personal malice. But age and familiarity smoothed the sharp edges. “Sweet man, Michael,” remarked Anthony Crosland, a revisionist socialist who, in the 1970s, had spent most of his time fighting him.迈克尔·富特并不总是备受爱戴。在二战前、中、后的一段时间,他作为一名左翼记者在右翼领袖东马克斯·弗布鲁克旗下工作,他那充满责骂鄙视的文章伤害了一些人的自尊——这些人实际上没有意识到他的文章完全不带有对个人的蓄意伤害。但时间和世故人情消融了他的锐气。“好人,迈克尔”,安东尼·克罗斯兰如是说——20世纪70年代,修正社会主义者安东尼·克罗斯兰在与迈克尔·富特的论战中度过了大部分时光。The leadership of the Labour Party was not a job which—for most of his life—he sought. When Jim Callaghan stood down as leader in 1980, the two men most likely to succeed him were Denis Healey on the right and Peter Shore on the left. But Mr Foot, by then 67, had developed a certain fond vanity which was worked on by a Machiavellian trade-union leader, Clive Jenkins, to persuade him to stand. The result was the worst disaster that could have befallen Mr Foot. He won.出任工党党魁不是富特一生中大部分时间里所寻求的事业。1981年,吉姆·卡拉汉作为(工党)党魁下台时,最有可能接替他的两个人是(党内)右翼派系的丹尼斯·希利和左翼派系的彼得·肖尔。 那时的富特已经67岁,心里开始滋生出几分骄傲自满,一位狡猾的工会领袖正是利用这一点,劝说他挺身参选,而最终的结果则是他最不愿意看到的——他赢了。The Labour Party then was a veritable Bermuda triangle, containing both ardent followers of the left-wing policies advocated by Tony Benn, and a right-wing group, led by Roy Jenkins, which was threatening to start a new centre party. Mr Foots appeal was that, being of the left but not of the far left, he could hold this combustible mixture together.是时,工党是一个名副其实的百慕大三角架构,其中既有托尼·本主张的左翼政策的追随者,也有罗伊·詹金斯领导的右翼团体,后者威胁要创建一个新政党。富特的左,但又左得不太远的主张,可以将这两种易燃物揉合在一起。To a degree, he did. The breakaway was contained. Mr Foot accepted most of the policies of the left, including unilateral nuclear disarmament which he had always agreed with, and many others that he hadnt. This was just enough to preserve his party broadly intact. Unfortunately, it also made it unelectable. In the 1983 general election, fought on a manifesto described by one shadow minister as “the longest suicide note in history”, the party started badly and finished worse.在一定程度上,富特做到了这一点。党内分裂得到控制。富特接受了左派的大部分政策,包括他一直主张的单方面核裁军以及他过去不曾赞同的其他一些政策。他的这些举措仅可大体上保持党内团结。遗憾的是,这些举措未能确保他成功连任。1983年大选期间,由于富特发表了被一位影子大臣形容为“历史上篇幅最长的遗书”的竞选政纲,致使工党开局不顺,结果更糟。Even before the election, Mr Foot was not an effective leader. He dithered terribly. At one point, he insisted in the Commons that Peter Tatchell, a left-winger, would never be a Labour candidate while he was leader. A little later, he decided that he could be. Most voters could not conceive of him as a plausible prime minister. He seemed to come from another age, perhaps the 19th century, a West Country radical in his familys best tradition. He could not get the hang of television, and horrified the country by appearing at the Cenotaph one Remembrance Day in a short, scruffy coat. By the time he stepped down gratefully after his defeat, he seemed a tragi-comic figure.即使在选举前,富特先生也算不上是一个卓有成效的领导人。他相当地优柔寡断。有一次,当时他还是工党领导人时,他在下院坚持说左翼成员彼得·塔契尔永远不能成为工党的候选人。过了一会儿,他又断定他会是候选人。多数选民无法想象他真的成为首相。他似乎来自另一个时代——或许就是来自19世纪吧,他是一位那个世纪英国西南部的、带着所在团队优良传统的激进分子。他不懂如何在电视机上秀形象,而令举国震惊的是,他于荣军纪念日在和平纪念碑出席纪念活动时,身着短裤、衣冠不整。他在竞选落败后,却带着感激引退的行为,令人感觉他是一位悲喜剧式的人物。His political judgment was dodgy from the beginning. In 1974-75, when he first went into government as employment secretary, he was responsible for relations with the trade unions. In the words of one cabinet member of the time, “The relationship was one of give-and-take. The government gave and they took.” Industrial subsidies, housing subsidies, even food subsidies flowed out in an effort to buy low pay settlements. All were enthusiastically supported by Mr Foot. None made a jot of difference to escalating wage agreements.富特的政治辨别力自始就不怎么样。 1974至75年期间,他第一次进入政府内阁,出任劳工部大臣,在处理与工会的关系上,他是应受指责的。用当时一位政府内阁成员的话说:“这种相互妥协的关系变成一边倒。政府给,他们取”。工业补贴、住房补贴、甚至食物补贴大量花掉,以求与工会达成低工资协议。所有这一切都得到了富特先生满腔热忱的持。但在免于形成高工资协议上毫无效果。Mr Foot was slow to realise this. But once he had, he entered perhaps the most effective period of his political life. In an extraordinary speech to his partys conference in 1976, he ed Joseph Conrad: “Always facing it, Captain MacWhir. Thats the way to get through. Always facing it—thats the way weve got to solve this problem.” By 1978 the economy was back on an even keel and Labour was neck-and-neck in the polls.富特意识到这一点是缓慢的。但是,一旦他意识到了,就进入了也许是他政治生涯中最卓有成效的时期。在1976年工党年会上的一次特别演讲中,他引用约瑟夫·康拉德的话:“麦克惠尔船长,总得面对现实,这才是到达目的地的办法。总得面对现实——这才是我们不得不解决此麻烦的办法”。到1978年时,经济又回复平稳,且工党在民调中的持率也与经济的转好同步上升。But Mr Foot, by then the leader of the House of Commons, convinced himself that his party would lose an election that October. More important, he convinced the prime minister. The election was postponed to the spring of 1979. The “winter of discontent”, with widesp strikes, intervened.This was the first of two elections which Mr Foot delivered to Margaret Thatcher on a plate.不过,时任下议院领袖的富特自我确认,他所在的工党将会在10月的大选中落马。尤其是,他也使首相(即当时由工党出任的首相詹姆斯·卡拉汉)认识到这一点。因伴之以大罢工的“不满的冬天”事件的影响,10月份的选举被推迟到1979年的春天。这次选举是富特两次轻易将胜选权让渡给撒切尔夫人中的第一次。He could seem unworldly. As a minister, he once boarded a plane to a Socialist International conference in Europe without a penny in foreign currency, carrying only a leather-bound volume of Hazlitt. Yet in one sense, he was entirely worldly. He had an instinctive understanding of people. He wrote beautifully and, after overcoming a stammer, was a wonderful orator: humorous, self-deprecating, empathetic. He could be a hater—anyone who failed to perceive the genius of his hero Aneurin Bevan, whose biography he wrote, had best look out—but he was incapable of sustained malevolence.富特似乎天生不谙世故。作为一位大臣,他曾经在没有一分外币的情况下,仅携带一本黑兹利特的皮面装订书籍,就登上一架飞机,去欧洲出席一个“国际社会主义者”会议。但在某种意义上说,他又老于世故。他对民众悲喜如天才般洞若观火。他文笔优美,而且在克口吃后成了优秀的演说家,他幽默诙谐、自嘲自谦、善解人意。他也会恨人的—— 如果还有谁看不到富特所撰写的传记中的主人公安奈林·贝文的天才的话, 那可就要小心点——不过他虽然会恨人, 恨意却从不长久。Over the last few years of his life, Mr Foot contemplated writing a serious work of socialist philosophy. Instead, he embarked on a biography of an eccentric literary genius, H.G. Wells. In the end, that seemed to suit him better.在富特生命的最后几年,他打算写一部关于社会主义思想体系的严肃著作。相反,他却写起了一部关于一位超乎寻常的文学天才HG威尔斯的传记来。也许,后者于他更适合。 /201212/217841重庆四院做丰胸手术多少钱

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重庆开眼角手术Obituary;Nancy Wake; 讣告;南希·威克;Nancy Wake—saboteur and special agent, died on August 7th, aged 98.南希·威克——二战间功勋卓越的英国间谍特工,8月7日去世,享年98岁。Convivial, and not averse to a drink, Nancy Wake could often be found cheering up a cocktail bar. In the late 1940s, and again towards the end of her life, it might have been the American Bar of the Stafford Hotel, just across the road from The Economist’s offices in London. In 1940, when she was living as a newlywed in Vichy France, it could have been another American Bar, this one in the H?tel du Louvre et de la Paix in Marseilles. It was a chance encounter here with an English officer, interned by the French authorities but that day on parole, which led to her membership of the resistance, and then to her role as an agent of the British Special Operations Executive in occupied France. Of the 39 SOE women infiltrated into France, 11 of whom would die in concentration camps, she was perhaps the most redoubtable.热衷于聚会派对,从不拒绝美酒的南希·威克经常出现在鸡尾酒会。到她生命的最后一段时光也是如此,可能她就出现在伦敦《经济学家》杂志社办公大楼对面的斯塔福耶酒店的美国酒馆。上世纪40年代时亦是如此,1940年她刚刚结婚,嫁到维希政权下的法国,那时她经常出现在另一家美国酒馆,在巴黎卢浮旅馆里或者在马赛和平旅馆里。在那里,她很偶然地碰到一位被法国当局保释的在囚英国军官。 这位军官后来带领她加入了抵抗德国纳粹的运动中,也使她成为了英国特别行动处驻占领的法国的一位特工。而在特别行动处39位渗入法国的女特工中,11名没有在德国纳粹集中营中丧生,而她也许是其中最令人敬畏的那个。From her earliest days, Miss Wake combined opposing qualities. She was disciplined, but at the same time a free spirit. In Sydney, to which her large family had moved after leaving her birthplace in New Zealand, she twice ran away from home. As soon as she could, she made her way to London, then to Paris to work as a freelance journalist. There it was her cheerful independence as much as her good looks that caught the eye of the rich French industrialist, Henri Fiocca, who would take her to Marseilles as his wife.早在还是个女孩的时候,威克身上就有了相反的特质。她遵守纪律,同时却又热爱自由。她随大家庭从家乡新西兰搬到悉尼后,就离家出走过两次。她一长到足够负担自己的生活的年纪,就自己去了伦敦生活,然后又到巴黎做了自由记者。她那值得庆贺的独立以及她夺人眼球的美貌,捕获了一位法国企业家亨利·费奥卡的心。随后他们结了婚,来到了马赛。She enjoyed her new life of luxury while it lasted, but she was no flibbertigibbet. Soon after meeting the interned British officer, she was helping to get similar Allied airmen, refugees and escaped prisoners-of-war out of occupied France and into Britain. She took a flat, ostensibly for a lover, in fact for the resistance, sheltered men on the run and became a crucial part of the southern escape line to Spain, travelling all over southern France from Nice to Names to Perpignan, with clothing, money and false documents.她很享受奢华的新生活,但她并不是那种只知享乐的肤浅的人。在她遇到那名被拘禁的英国军官后不久,她就帮着将与他情况相似的盟军飞行员、难民和在逃战俘逃从被占领的法国转移到英国。她买了栋公寓,表面上看是为了会情人用的,但实际上是为了庇护抵抗军。她带着衣物、钱和假造的公文,从尼斯到尼姆再到配里皮昂在法国南部来回奔走,成为法国南部向西班牙逃亡路线的一个关键部分。Inevitably, she was arrested. Beaten up and questioned for four days, she revealed nothing. It was this steadiness and loyalty to her comrades that most appealed to the British officers who later agreed to train her to become an SOE agent.不可避免地,她被逮捕了。敌人鞭打拷问了她四天,她却什么都没有泄露。正是这种坚持稳定和对同志的忠诚打动了那位英国军官,成为他后来同意将她训练为一名特别行动处特工的最重要原因。Other qualities were evident by then. Her femininity was never in doubt. It helped her escape capture, not just because she could on occasion flirt her way out of trouble, but also because her Gestapo pursuers assumed any woman as skilful in evading them must be a butch matron (though because of her ability to scuttle off the Germans called her “the White Mouse”). When she was with the Maquis, silk stockings and Elizabeth Arden face cream were often dropped for her by parachute, along with Sten guns, radios and grenades. Yet she conformed to no stereotype, swearing in the vernacular in the coarsest of terms, living for months in the woods and fighting, in the words of a confrère, not like a man but “like five men”.那时她的其它优秀品质也已经非常明显。她的女性魅力是毋庸置疑的。这帮助她成功逃离拘捕,并不只是因为他能偶尔靠美人计脱险,还因为她的那些盖世太保追求者们认为任何擅长回避他们追求的人必定是个男人婆 (不过因为她非常善于逃跑,德国纳粹称她为“白鼠”)。 在法国抗德游击队工作那会儿,组织经常空降丝袜、伊莉莎白·雅顿的面霜,以及斯特恩式轻机关、收音机和手榴弹给她。然而,她绝不是一般的女人。她可以用最脏的法国方言骂人,她也可以在茂林作战数月。用一位同事的话说,她根本不像一个男人,她“像五个男人”。Her fearlessness seemed to come from a total lack of self-doubt. The certainty with which she held her beliefs—she hated the Nazis, having seen them whipping Jews in Vienna before the war, loved France and was intensely loyal to Britain—freed her of any sense of guilt. This in turn enabled her to act as though she were utterly innocent, even when claiming to be the cousin of an imprisoned Scottish captain, or chatting to a Gestapo officer with 200lb of illegal pork in her suitcase.她的英勇无畏似乎因为她从不自我怀疑。她那种斩钉截铁的确定和由此而来的信念——对战前在维也纳鞭笞犹太人的纳粹的痛恨、对法国的热爱以及对英国无比的忠诚——使她从不愧疚。因此,即使她公开撒谎自己是一名囚禁的苏格兰上校的表,或者是在包里藏着两百磅非法猪肉与一名盖世太保军官交谈,她也表现地底气十足、气定神闲。It was sheer guts, though, that got her over the Pyrenees in her espradilles when the Germans were at her heels. And back in Britain in 1943 it was her character rather than her skills or physical abilities that got her through her training in grenade throwing, silent killing and parachute jumping. As for violence, she hated it—until she became hardened.然而,完全是巨大的勇气,使得她在德国纳粹紧跟其后的情况下,穿着她那破旧的帆布鞋,穿越了比利牛斯山。而再往前,1943年在英国时,正是因为她的顽强的性格,而不是她的技术或身体素质,使她通过了扔手榴弹、无声杀人和跳伞训练。她痛恨暴力,直到她变得无坚不摧。That began in April 1944, when Captain (as she now was) Wake and another SOE agent were parachuted into the Auvergne in south-central France. Their immediate job was to work with the local Maquis to cause as much disruption as possible before D-day five weeks later. Now the fighting began, and Captain Wake showed herself more than willing to take part, ily joining raiding parties, blowing up local Gestapo headquarters and ambushing German patrols.那是1944年4月,威克成为了上尉(到现在一直是),她和另外一位英国特别行动处特工空降在法国中南部的奥弗涅。他们当时的任务是与当地的抗德游击队员一起,尽可能多地制造混乱,为五周后的诺曼底登陆做准备。现在斗争开始了,威克上尉显然不只是要去参与其中,她自愿加入了突击队,端掉了盖世太保的总指挥部,并突袭了德国巡逻兵。She did not enjoy killing a German sentry with her bare hands, but she was unsentimental. Likewise, she saw the necessity of killing a German woman captured by some of her Maquis colleagues who admitted to being a spy. Though she had been raped and tortured, Captain Wake ordered her to be shot—or, if the captain’s later suggestion is to be believed, she herself shot her, since the Maquisards’ sense of honour permitted her rape but not her killing.她不喜欢用徒手杀掉一名德国哨兵的感觉,但她并非冷血无情。同样地,在与她共事的马基队员抓到一名承认自己是名间谍的德国妇女时,她知道必须杀了她。尽管这女人已经被强暴过、折磨过,威克上尉还是命令杀掉她。甚至,人们都不敢相信她后来这个提议:由她亲手干掉她——因为法国抵抗成员的荣誉感使他们只允许自己强暴她,而不允许自己杀掉她。In spite of such horrors, and in spite of such feats as bicycling over 500km in under 72 hours to find a radio operator, Captain Wake was having the time of her life. She was still only 26, a woman among 7,000 (mostly) admiring men, carrying out daily acts of derring-do and revelling in a job she had plainly been born for. Although she lived with the constant possibility of capture, it held no fear for her, and she did not yet know that her husband, rather than betray her, had been arrested by the Gestapo, tortured and killed. Decorations galore—from Britain, France, America and Australia—awaited her, but life would never be as good again.尽管经历着类似的恐怖事件,尽管曾经有过许多惊人壮举,比如为寻找一个收音机操作员72小时内骑车500公里,威克上尉依然享受着女人生命的黄金时光。她毕业是个26岁的年轻女性,军营中的7000男人大多都是她的倾慕者。在这群男人中,每天英勇地执行任务,完全陶醉于这一她天生注定要从事的工作。尽管随时都有可能被捕,她却从不害怕。那时她还不知道,她的丈夫并不是背叛了她,而是被盖世太保抓了起来,折磨致死。战争结束后,各种荣誉从英国、法国、美国和澳大利亚向她涌来,但她生命最美好的时光已一去不返。201206/187927 In todays Tech Bytes, Sony brings 3D to its point-and-shoot camera. Sonys unveiled two new cyber-shot models that feature a 3D panorama mode.The system works by capturing a rapid fire burst of pictures as you sweep the camera around and the software does the rest turning it into 3D. But you wont be able to see the effect on a viewfinder, you will need a 3D TV or computer. The cameras will be released in September.今天的Tech Bytes节目将介绍的是索尼公司推出的3D傻瓜相机。索尼最新推出的两款数码相机以3D全景模式为卖点。这两款相机能够自动将捕捉到的画面通过软件合成为3D画面,你要做的仅仅是用镜头扫摄。但通常你是看不到3D效果的,只有在3D电视或者电脑上才能看到效果。这两款相机将于9月发行。One of the issues that may prevent electric cars from catching on is the amount of time it takes to charge them. But a Japanese company claims it has solved that problem. The company says its developed a charger that needs just 3 minutes for a 50% charge and 5 minutes to get up to 70%. That is about the same amount of time it takes to fill up the car with gas. The company expects its charger to be in gas stations all over Japan by next March.充电时间过长是阻碍电动汽车发展的一大问题。但一家日本公司声称他们已经解决了这个问题。这家公司表示他们发明出一款新的充电电池,仅需3分钟就能冲50%的电,5分钟就能达到70%。这和汽车加油的的时间几乎一样。这家公司希望这款充电器能在3月遍及日本的所有加油站。Microsofts been rolling out a new version of its hotmail email service to some users. The overhauled programme has new features that address spam and clutter and give you tools to better manage your Inbox. USA todays Ed Baig says Microsoft has really cleaned up its act.微软已经对部分用户开展了hotmail的付费务。这项务的一大特色就在于用户可以用特殊工具对垃圾邮件和杂乱无序的邮件进行删除或分类整理,更好地管理邮件。《今日美国》的编辑Ed Baig表示,微软正在藉此大捞一笔。;I used to have nothing but spam in my hotmail inbox. Now through the efforts Microsofts making largely behind the scenes, most of it, not all of it, has disappeared. Its worth giving it a second look. The new hotmail is relevant. Its modern and it stacks up nicely against its competitors, Yahoo and Gmail.;“我的hotmail收件箱里通常只有垃圾邮件。现在借微软强大的后台功能,大部分的垃圾邮件,虽然不是全部,都不见了。这项务是值得一试的。它和新版的hotmail是相关的。它充满现代气息,并且和行业竞争者保持着友好的竞争关系,比如雅虎,Gmail。”And you can it as full review on USATODAY.COM.更多信息详见USATODAY.COMFinally residents in Pennsylvania can now get Chianti and Cabernet the same way they get a Coke by vending machine. The state recently introduced the countrys first wine kiosks. Customers choose a wine on a touch screen display. They swipe their ID. They blow into an alcohol sensor and then they get their wine. The whole process takes about just 20 seconds.最后一则消息,家住宾夕法尼亚州的居民可以买到Chianti和Cabernet两种葡萄酒,就像从贩卖机购买可口可乐一般。宾夕法尼亚州乡间首开自动酒铺,消费者在触摸屏上点击需要购买的酒,并扫描ID,酒精传感器将选定酒,并最终送到顾客手上。整个过程仅仅需要20秒钟。For information of all these stories log on to the technology page of abcnew.com. With your Tech Bytes, Im Jeremy Hubbard.以上所有信息的更多内容,请登录abcnew.com科技板块。这就是今天的Tech Bytes节目,我是Jeremy Hubbard。cyber-shot 数码相机panorama 全景rolling out 延伸cleaned up 清理;大捞一笔stacks up 总计,较量vending machine 自动贩卖机注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201207/189296重庆彩光祛斑多少钱江北区中医医院门诊地址



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