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北碚区点痣多少钱云阳县打botox要多少钱重庆眼部修复 Ah, young love. Their public offerings barely past, China’s Alibaba and US peer-to-peer finance pioneer Lending Club have hooked up. Lending Club will offer working capital financing to US businesses that buy from Chinese suppliers on Alibaba.com, an English language business-to-business website. The companies promise that an application takes less than five minutes, and offer up to 0,000 in funding. Monthly lending rates range from 0.5 per cent to 2.4 per cent (6 per cent to 32 per cent annually).啊,年轻人的爱情。中国阿里巴巴(Alibaba)和美国P2P金融先驱Lending Club刚刚忙完了各自的首次公开发行(IPO),就走到了一起。Lending Club将向从Alibaba.com上的中国供应商那里购买产品的美国企业提供流动资金融资。这家网站是阿里巴巴旗下的英文B2B网站。这两家公司承诺,贷款申请流程只需不到5分钟,贷款金额最高可达30万美元,月息为0.5%至2.4%(相当于年息6%至32%)。It is a canny pairing. Alibaba contributes the borrowers, providing insights into their creditworthiness from online transaction history, and visibility on the usage of the funds. It should benefit from added sales on Alibaba.com, which is one of its smallest online marketplaces (others include Taobao, a Chinese language consumer-to-consumer site, and Tmall, a business-to-consumer site). Lending Club, meanwhile, gets access to a pool of borrowers. Consistent with Lending Club’s model, the loans will be packaged and passed on to individual and institutional investors in the US.这是一个精明的配对。阿里巴巴贡献借款人,依据在线交易记录提供关于他们信用状况的信息,并提供关于资金使用情况的信息。这一合作应该能够受益于Alibaba.com平台销售额的增长。Alibaba.com是阿里巴巴旗下规模最小的在线市场之一(该公司旗下的在线市场还包括中文C2C网站淘宝网(Taobao),以及B2C网站天猫(Tmall))。Lending Club则得到了与大量借款人建立联系的机会。它发放的贷款将被打包,然后出售给美国的个人投资者和机构投资者,这与Lending Club的现有业务模式一致。This is just Alibaba’s latest step into finance. Through affiliate Ant Financial it aly operates China’s largest money market fund, with assets of more than bn. Last month, Ant Financial became the first of eight companies granted a licence to launch a credit-scoring service, Sesame Credit. It will benefit from access to data on Alibaba’s 300m consumers and 37m small business users — including visibility on merchants’ cash flows. In a market with short credit histories, and outmoded and disconnected data collection processes, the new business could change consumer finance.这只是阿里巴巴进军金融领域的最新动作。在此之前,它已然通过关联企业蚂蚁金(Ant Financial)经营着中国最大的货币市场基金,管理资产规模超过800亿美元。上月,蚂蚁金成为中国8家获发个人征信牌照的民营机构中首家推出个人征信务——名为“芝麻信用”(Sesame Credit)——的机构。芝麻信用的优势是,它可访问阿里巴巴拥有的3亿消费者和3700万小企业用户的数据,包括关于商家现金流的信息。在一个信用历史不长、数据收集流程过时且不畅通的市场上,芝麻信用可能会改变消费金融的面貌。Although the new Lending Club partnership is initially limited to the US, it may well expand globally alongside Alibaba’s ecommerce business. Alibaba’s finance businesses are becoming an important part of its investment case. Young love can deepen into something greater.尽管阿里巴巴与Lending Club新建立的合作最初只限于美国,但很可能会随阿里巴巴的电商业务一道扩展到世界各地。阿里巴巴的金融业务正成为其投资吸引力的重要组成部分。年轻人的爱情也可以发展为一种更持久的关系。 /201502/358421The development of computer programs that can beat humans at games has a long history — from the mastery of noughts and crosses in the 1950s to Deep Blue’s celebrated defeat of world chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1997. 能够在游戏中击败人类高手的计算机程序有着悠久的发展历史——从上世纪50年代掌握“井字棋”制胜之道,到1997年“深蓝”(Deep Blue;IBM研发的计算机——译者注)击败国际象棋世界冠军加里#8226;卡斯帕罗夫(Garry Kasparov)。 In recent years, however, the pace of advance has quickened. Data-crunching devices routinely notch up previously unthinkable victories. Computers can triumph in quiz games, as IBM’s Watson proved when it won the TV show Jeopardy in 2011. They also mimic human aptitudes with ever greater facility. For instance, machines play arcade games simply by observing the movement of objects on the screen. 然而,近年来进步速度加快了。能够运算海量数据的设备经常取得以往不可想象的胜利。计算机能够在智力竞赛中取胜,IBM的“沃森”(Watson)在2011年赢得电视节目《危险边缘》(Jeopardy)就是例。它们还能以越来越强大的“悟性”模仿人的天赋。例如,机器通过观察屏幕上物体的运动,就能学会玩街机游戏。 Even so, the triumph of the AlphaGo computer over the South Korean world champion Lee Se-dol in the first of a five-match series in the ancient Chinese board game of Go marks more than just a new notch on the computerised honours board. Mr Lee had been confident of victory and proclaimed himself “shocked” by his defeat. 即便如此,AlphaGo电脑在古老的中国棋盘游戏——围棋的对垒中击败韩国九段棋手李世石(Lee Sedol),在五局“人机对战”中首战告捷,不仅标志着电脑荣誉板上的一个新档次。赛前对胜利信心满满的李世石,在落败后坦承“震惊”。 Go is a little like a version of chess, only vastly more complicated. Indeed the possible moves within a game exceed the number of atoms within the universe. This is a challenge that would defeat traditional programmes. Indeed it can only be mastered by computers assembled into neural networks that teach themselves through observation and practice — abilities that remain at the frontiers of computer science. 围棋有点像国际象棋的变体,只是复杂程度高得多。的确,其棋局的变数比宇宙中的原子数量还要多。这个挑战会挫败传统的程序。事实上,只有多台计算机组成神经网络,通过观察和实践来“自学”(这些能力仍处于计算机科学的前沿),才能驾驭这种高难度挑战。 Demis Hassabis and his team at DeepMind, the UK-based artificial intelligence (AI) arm of Alphabet, deserve credit for the speed at which they have mastered this undertaking. True, AlphaGo, a formidable piece of IT, could be described as a computerised sledgehammer aimed at a recreational nut. Its victory, however, is a reminder of how fast the world is overcoming the obstacles in the way of AI, and its deployment in the world about us. 杰米斯#8226;哈萨比斯(Demis Hassabis)以及他在DeepMind(Alphabet旗下英国人工智能部门)的团队以如此快的速度掌握围棋制胜之道,这一点值得赞赏。没错,作为一件具有强大能力的信息技术设备,AlphaGo可以被形容为一把计算机化的大锤,其用途是敲开一个消遣的坚果。然而,它的胜利提醒世人,世界正在快速攻克人工智能及其实际部署所面临的障碍。 That is largely due to the huge amount of cash being poured into AI research by US and Chinese companies. These are poaching some of the brightest computer scientists from universities, giving them the capacity and tools to pursue their heart’s desire. 这在很大程度上归功于美国和中国企业对人工智能研究的巨大投入。这些企业从高校挖走一些最优秀的计算机科学家,并提供资源和工具,让这些科学家从事内心渴望的研究。 According to a recent survey, half of the world’s AI experts believe human level machine intelligence will be achieved by 2040. This opens up huge possibilities for the enrichment of mankind, from tackling climate change and treating disease to labour-saving devices. It also raises ethical questions every bit as profound as those posed by genetics. AI experts talk about the possibility of the human brain being reverse-engineered. Physicist Stephen Hawking last year warned that unless we take care, board games might be the least of it: AI could ultimately “outsmart us all”. 根据最近的一项调查,全球半数人工智能专家相信,人类水平的机器智能到2040年就能成为现实。这为增进人类福祉开启巨大可能性——从应对气候变化、治疗疾病,到节省劳动力的设备。这也引发种种道德问题,其深刻性丝毫不亚于遗传学所构成的道德问题。人工智能专家谈到人脑被“逆向工程”的可能性。物理学家史蒂芬#8226;霍金(Stephen Hawking)去年曾警告,除非我们小心,否则棋盘游戏可能是最无关紧要的问题:人工智能最终可能“比我们所有人更聪明”。 One does not have to believe in some future tech dystopia to believe that governments and wider society should take the implications of these developments seriously. Google, Facebook and other companies rushing into AI point out that they are establishing ethics panels to consider appropriate uses for these technologies. These are unlikely to be immune from commercial interests or indeed from the gung-ho enthusiasm of the researchers. 人们不一定非要相信未来将出现某种科技“敌托邦”才会认为,政府和整个社会应该认真对待这些发展的潜在影响。竞相进军人工智能领域的谷歌(Google)、Facebook等公司指出,他们正在成立伦理小组以考量这些技术的适当用途。这些小组不太可能对商业利益以及研究人员的热忱无动于衷。 Some external scrutiny akin to that supplied in the case of genetics by the UK’s Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority is needed to protect the public from developments that may threaten more than the amour-propre of a South Korean Go champion. Granted, there may yet be no evidence that computers will ever shrug off their human masters but we should still treat these developments with the humility and caution they deserve. 需要进行一些外部监督,类似于遗传学领域的英国人类受精和胚胎学(HFEA),以保护公众免受相关发展的威胁,这些威胁所牵涉的不只是韩国围棋高手的自尊。当然,目前也许还没有据表明计算机有朝一日将踢开他们的人类主人,但我们仍应该对这些发展给予应有的谦卑和审慎。 /201603/431097重庆三峡中心医院儿童分院好不好

重庆自体脂肪丰胸样武隆区儿童医院在那儿 北碚区中医医院打玻尿酸多少钱

重庆有哪些祛斑医院Since Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, Nintendo stock has dropped nearly 80 percent.自苹果2007年发布iPhone以来,任天堂的股价下跌了近80%。The Japanese game maker still dominates the portable game market, thanks to its 3DS family of handheld devices. But it’s an admittedly huge piece of an otherwise shrinking pie that market researchers estimate will generate .1 billion in software revenue and .1 billion in hardware revenue this year.凭借3DS系列手持游戏机,这家日本游戏厂商仍然在便携式游戏机市场占据统治地位。但无可否认,这一巨大利好正在逐渐缩水。市场研究人员预计,任天堂今年将从该市场获得41亿美元的软件收入和31亿美元的硬件收入。The money is moving to those other handheld devices, of course—smartphones and tablets. By the end of 2015, eMarketer estimates there will be 1.91 billion smartphone users and 1 billion tablet users.显然,利润正在流向其他手持设备——智能手机和平板电脑。网络调研公司eMarketer预计,到2015年底,智能手机用户将达到19.1亿,平板电脑用户也将达到10亿。Nintendo wants to tap into this growing market with its original game characters such as Mario, Link, Donkey Kong, Star Fox, and Kirby. Through a new partnership with Japanese mobile game publisher DeNA, it will design original games featuring Nintendo characters exclusively for smart devices.任天堂希望凭借公司独创的游戏人物,比如马里奥(Mario)、林克(Link)、大金刚(Donkey Kong)、星际火狐(Star Fox)和星之卡比(Kirby),进入这个蓬勃发展的市场。通过与日本移动游戏厂商DeNA合作,该公司将为智能设备专门开发拥有任天堂游戏人物的原创作品。The move allows Nintendo to continue to deliver exclusive games featuring these characters for its own devices, while offering separate adventures designed for smart devices. Lewis Ward, game analyst at IDC, predicts Nintendo mobile games could grow into Top 10 hits on the global games charts because the appeal of these characters is so strong.凭借这一举动,任天堂不仅能够开发面向智能设备的游戏产品,还可以继续为该公司自身的游戏机提供拥有这些人物的独家游戏。IDC公司的游戏分析师刘易斯o沃德预计,由于这些游戏人物的吸引力很强,任天堂的移动游戏有望跻身全球游戏前十强。A Nintendo spokesman told Fortune: “We have the opportunity to reach hundreds of millions of people. As these consumers enjoy the unique kind of gameplay found only with Nintendo, they will have the opportunity to explore even more premium experiences on Nintendo’s dedicated game platforms.”任天堂发言人对《财富》表示:“我们有机会接触到数亿用户。当这些顾客喜爱上任天堂独一无二的游戏玩法时,他们就会发现,只有在任天堂专有的平台上才有机会享受更优质的游戏体验。”The Nintendo spokesman also said that even when the company uses the same intellectual property, the gaming experience will be different on Nintendo hardware and on smart devices. He added that if Nintendo and DeNA can provide Nintendo-like content on smart devices, Nintendo believes that it will be able to expand its business while keeping the value of its intellectual property intact.这位发言人还表示,即便公司开发的是同一款游戏,在任天堂游戏机和智能设备上的游戏体验也有所不同。他补充道,任天堂相信,他们和DeNA如果在智能设备上提供类似任天堂游戏的内容,就能拓宽业务范围,也不会损害公司知识产权的价值。“It took them a long time, but Nintendo finally realized that the billion mobile gaming market in 2015 is too big to ignore,” said Peter Warman, analyst at game research firm Newzoo. “Nintendo might even realize that the future is device-agnostic, and franchises will eventually be delivered to every screen through the cloud.”研究公司Newzoo的分析师彼得o沃尔曼表示:“任天堂花了很长时间,终于意识到2015年规模300亿美元的移动游戏市场太大了,不容忽视。他们甚至还意识到,未来的游戏不会受到设备的限制,其专有游戏将会通过云,传递到每一块电子屏幕上。”Warman said top mobile game franchises can generate over billion. Nintendo’s strong franchises could be worth more than billion in the mobile games market. With revenue growth rates for console games in single digits, the 22 percent compound annual growth rate seen in the mobile segment is an opportunity and a threat that Nintendo needed to address, added Tim Merel, managing director at Digi-Capital.沃尔曼表示,顶级的移动游戏专营权可以获得10亿美元以上的收入。任天堂的系列游戏影响力强大,在移动游戏市场价值会超过20亿美元。市场研究公司Digi-Capital的董事总经理蒂姆o麦洛表示,任天堂在主机游戏上的年增长率仅有个位数,对他们来说,移动游戏领域整体22%的年增长率,既是需要把握的机遇,也是将要应对的挑战。The failure of the Wii U to compete with Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One may have played a significant role in Nintendo’s shift in thinking. At the same time, DeNA has focused recently on partnerships with companies such as Marvel for Marvel Mighty Heroes and Square Enix for Final Fantasy: Record Keeper.在与索尼PlayStation 4和微软Xbox One的竞争中,任天堂的Wii U游戏机败下阵来,这也许是促使该公司转变思路的重要因素。与此同时,DeNA最近还与《漫威奇迹英雄》系列游戏的开发商漫威公司,以及《最终幻想:记忆水晶》的开发商的Square Enix展开合作。“This is a partnership between two weakened parties, and this could prove to be beneficial for both,” Ward said. “DeNA’s home-grown games haven’t performed well so they’re now working with established brands through partnerships, and that poor performance over the last two years like gave Nintendo favorable terms for this relationship.”沃德表示:“这是两大弱势方的一次合作,应该会获得双赢。DeNA的本土游戏表现不佳,所以他们开始与那些知名厂商合作,而过去两年的糟糕业绩让任天堂也有理由接受对方伸出的橄榄枝。”As part of the new collaboration, Nintendo and DeNA invested 1 million in each other through a capital alliance. The companies will also develop and launch a new online membership service this fall that will be accessible from smart devices, PC and Nintendo systems like the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U.作为新合作的一部分,任天堂和DeNA通过资本联盟,各为对方投资了1.81亿美元。双方还将在今年秋天开发和推出一项新的网络会员制务,该务横跨智能设备、个人电脑和任天堂3DS、Wii U等任天堂产品。Nintendo president Satoru Iwata also announced that the company is working on a new console, codenamed NX. He revealed no further details, but said that Nintendo is committed to continuing its hardware business.任天堂公司总裁岩田聪还宣布,公司将开发一款代号为NX的新主机。他并未进一步公布详细情况,但表示任天堂将一如既往地开展硬件业务。Ward noted that Wii U will have its strongest year yet in 2015 because of the strong lineup of exclusive franchise games like Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Mario Party 10 and The Legend of Zelda. It’s those characters and franchises that could connect with the more mainstream audiences that are spending more time playing games on tablets and smartphones than ever before.沃德指出,凭借《星之卡比:虹诅咒》、《马里奥派对10》和《塞尔达传说》等独家游戏,Wii U在2015年的表现将空前强劲。这些人物和游戏将与那些花费更多时间在平板电脑和智能手机上的主流玩家,进行前所未有的亲密接触。 /201503/367038 重庆市星宸医院预约南充隆鼻价格



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