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#65279;In the American presidential campaign, Ohio is considered one of the battleground or swing states. These are states where the race is close and could decide the winner this November. 在美国总统竞选中,俄亥俄州被认为是主战场或摇摆州之一。美国有些州在竞选中的选情非常接近,这些州能够决定大选的最终结果President Obama and Mitt Romney, the Republican Partys likely candidate, both gave speeches in Ohio on Thursday. The president has been helped by falling unemployment rates in Ohio. The states jobless rate dropped from over ten percent in twenty-ten to less than seven and a half percent. 本周四,奥巴马总统和共和党最有可能的候选人罗姆尼同时在俄亥俄州发表了演讲。奥巴马总统受益于俄亥俄州失业率的下降。该州的失业率从2010年的10%以上,降到了现在.5%以下But President Obama has had a difficult few weeks that began with a disappointing jobs report. The nations unemployment rate rose to 8.2 percent in May. 但奥巴马总统刚度过了艰难的几周,这源于一份令人失望的就业报告。今月,美国失业率上升到.2%Then, last week at the White House, Mr. Obama made the statement that ;The private sector is doing fine.; A reporter had asked him about claims that he is blaming the Europeans for failures in his own policies. 奥巴马上周在白宫发言称“私营企业表现不错”。一名记者曾问奥巴马有关于他将自己政策的失败归咎于欧洲人的这一主张Mr. Obama answered that more than four million jobs have been created over the past twenty-seven months. He said that where weaknesses are being seen in the economy is in cuts by state and local governments. But his statement that private employers are ;doing fine; quickly came under attack. 奥巴马先生回答说,过7个月里创造了超过400万个就业岗位,各州和地方政府正在减少当前经济中不足。但他所说的私营企业“表现不错”很快遭到了攻击Mr. Obama, speaking in Cleveland, Ohio, talked about a need to continue investing in manufacturing, the energy industry and education. He also called for economic fair play to help the middle class. 奥巴马在俄亥俄州克利夫兰市的演讲中谈到了继续投资于制造业、能源行业及教育业的必要性。他还呼吁经济公平竞争以帮助中产阶级BARACK OBAMA: ;The economic vision of Mr. Romney and his allies in Congress was tested just a few years ago. We tried this. Their policies did not grow the economy, they did not grow the middle class, they did not reduce our debt. Why would we think that they would work better this time?; 奥巴马:“罗姆尼先生及其国会中的盟友的经济观点在几年前被验过了。美国当时试过这么做。但他们的政策无法让经济增长,无法让中产阶级增加,无法让债务减少。我们为什么会认为,这次他们会做得更好呢?Mr. Romney, speaking in Cincinnati, said Mr. Obamas policies have hurt job growth. 罗姆尼先生在俄亥俄州辛辛那提市发表演讲时说,奥巴马的政策损害了就业增长MITT ROMNEY: ;Talking to small employers and big employers, I hear day in and day out they feel this administration sees them as their enemy. They feel that the Obama policies have made it harder for them to put people back to work.; 罗姆尼:“在和大、小企业的谈话中,我成天听到他们说这届政府将他们视为敌人。他们认为奥巴马的政策使得他们更难以让人们重新就业。This week, the Federal Reserve, the central bank, reported on changes in family finances from two thousand seven to two thousand ten. Part of that three-year period has been called the Great Recession. So how much wealth did the recession and slow recovery destroy? The report says the median net worth of families in twenty-ten was close to the same levels as in nineteen ninety-two. 本周,美联储报告007年到2010年美国家庭经济状况的变化。这三年的部分阶段被称为大萧条。那么经济衰退和复苏缓慢造成了多大的财富损失呢?该报告称010年美国家庭净资产平均值接近于1992年的水平Median means the point where half the families were higher and half were lower. Net worth is what remains after removing debts from the value of homes, bank savings and other assets. 平均值是指中间值。净资产是指房产、存款和其它资产减去债务后的剩余资产Median net worth was one hundred twenty-six thousand four hundred dollars in two thousand seven. Three years later it was down to seventy-seven thousand three hundred dollars. The numbers are corrected for inflation. 2007年,美国家庭净资产平均值为126,400美元年后下降到了77,300美元。这是修正通货膨胀影响后的数字The report says falling home prices as a result of the collapse of the housing market caused most of the drop in wealth. 报告称,住房市场崩溃导致的房价下跌造成了财富的大幅缩水Lawrence Yun is chief economist of the National Association of Realtors. He says falling home prices make families less willing to spend money. 劳伦斯·云(Lawrence Yun)是美国房地产经纪人协会首席经济学家。他说,房价下跌使得家庭消费意愿下降LAWRENCE YUN: ;A decline in home value has a major impact on the economy because for most homeowners the largest wealth holding is in their housing. And, therefore, if the home values decline, it makes the homeowners much more conservative about their spending outlook.; 云:“房价下跌对经济产生了重大影响,因为对大多数房主来说,房产是他们最大的财产。因此,如果房价下跌,就会使得房主对他们的出前景更为保守Mr. Yun says there are signs that the housing market is improving. 云先生表示,有迹象表明,住房市场正在好转 /201206/187207Have things stolen失窃Is there anything I can do you?我能为您做些什么吗?Yes. I have my wallet stolen.是的,我钱包被偷了When did you lose it?什么时候丢的?I dont know the exact time. Maybe I lost it last night when I was traveling on the bus.我不知道具体的时间有可能是昨晚在公交上丢失的Can you make a description of your wallet?能描述一下您的钱包吗?It a black leather one. There are my credit card and ID and some money.是一个黑色的皮制钱包里面有我的信用卡和身份及一些现金 5750必背句型:A:I have initiated a bankruptcy proceeding.我已经提起破产诉讼B:Who gives you the right to behave like that?谁给你权利这么做的?How could you say that?你怎么能这么说?What do you mean by that?你这是什么意思?延伸阅读:A:Ive just about had enough.我真是受够了B:I will file bankruptcy.我会申请破产I cant put up with it any more.我无法再忍受了!This is the last straw.我再也受不了了I cant take it anymore.我再也受不了了 55

Talking about Shoes讨论鞋子Where can I find the shoe department?卖鞋的专柜在哪儿呀?Im looking a pair of jogging shoes.我想买一双运动鞋Ill get a pair you to try on.我拿一双来给您试一下Youd better try on both feet and see whether the shoes are comtable to wear.您最好两只脚都试试,看看穿上是否舒适Ill fasten up the shoelace and stand up and walk a few steps.让我系上鞋带,站起来走几步看看Shoes will stretch a bit with use.鞋穿穿会撑大些的This pair fits perfectly.这双正合脚This brand of leather shoes is very popular.这种牌子的皮鞋非常受欢迎It is made of pigskin, very durable.是猪皮做的,非常耐穿Do you want high heels or low heels?您想要高跟的,还是低跟的?We have run out of size 36.36号的已经卖完了Make sure there is a little space left in the toe.请注意鞋头必须留一点空间 67

导购口语:This moisturizing fluid can help replenish moisture without greasiness.这种保湿露可以给皮肤提供水分,而不感到油腻This nourishing cream goes beyond moisturizing and actually nourishes your skin to help keep even dry skin youthful looking.这种营养霜不但能滋润肌肤,更可为肌肤提供丰富营养,让干燥皮肤越发青春光This is a pearl cream made in Hong Kong. It makes the skin softer.这是香港产的珍珠霜,它可以使肌肤更娇能 语句:Moisturizing fluid保湿露;nourishing cream营养霜;moisturizing and nourishes your skin滋润营养你的肌肤;makes the skin softer使肌肤更娇嫩 情景再现:Which skin cream sells well? And could you recommend one my dry skin?你们有什么较畅销的润肤露吗?能不能给我推荐一种适合我的干性皮肤的?It is nourishment, moisture-keeping and wrinkle prevention.它具有滋养,保湿和防皱功能 30Americans say A-bomb attacks were proper: poll摘要:最新调查显示,61%的美国民众认4年前美国向日本广岛和长崎投掷原子弹是正确之举。Sixty-one percent of Americans believe the ed States did the right thing by dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki 64 years ago, according to a new poll.Older voters, men and Republicans favored the attacks more than younger people, women and Democrats, the survey of 2,409 registered voters by Quinnipiac University showed.Asked whether the ed States "did the right thing or the wrong thing by dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki," Republicans said it was the right thing to do by a margin of 74 to 13 percent, while Democrats favored it 49 to 29 percent.People over 55 years old favored it by 73 to 13 percent while people aged 18 to 34 favored it 50 to 32 percent.Men approved of the attacks 72 to 17 percent versus 51 to 27 percent for women.Blacks and Hispanics were split. Blacks said it was the wrong thing to do by 36 to 34 percent. Hispanics said it was the right thing to do by 44 to 43 percent.The ed States dropped single bombs on the two Japanese cities in August 1945, killing tens of thousands immediately and many more later from radiation sickness.Americans widely credit the attacks with ending World War Two, believing they may have saved lives because Japan would not have surrendered otherwise.Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, said American support has remained firm over the decades, though it was down from 85 percent approval in a Gallup poll conducted shortly after the bombings. /08/80516

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