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武汉华夏男子医院做包皮切除么武汉哪家医院做生育检查?Im trying to understand how life works and Ive learned this我想搞明白生活是怎么回事 我学到了这个you have to date people that you really like.你得跟你喜欢的人约会You cant just be physical because if it is,its doomed.不能只是为了性 因为如果是那样的话 那就完蛋了because men are bipolar when it comes to sex.因为涉及到性爱时 男人是双极的Pre and post sex we are two different people.性爱前和性爱后 我们是两个不同的人Pre sex,very enthusiastic.Yes,I agree with that.Ha,ha,ha,thats so funny.性爱前 很感兴趣 对 我同意 哈哈哈 太搞笑了Just the lie,the deception.谎言 欺骗I hear myself talking to women.Im like shut up!我听见我自己跟女人谈话 我都想说 闭嘴吧And its all for what?Just to get laid.这都是为了啥啊 就为了滚床单But the second that you climax,youre like what have I done?但是 你高潮的那一秒 你想着 我做了什么啊Its like a murder.Theres a naked body here.How do I get rid of it?那就跟谋杀一样 这里有一具裸体 我该怎么处理掉它I have left my own apartment after sex.Do you kown how uncomfortable that is?做完爱后我离开过自己的公寓 你知道那有多么不舒吗Theyre looking at you going where are you going?她们看着你说 你要去哪里啊I just,I cant.Just do whatever you need.我只是 我做不到 你想做什么都行Something happens to men during orgasm. Something leaves our bodies.高潮时男人会有变化 有东西离开了我们的身体I think its interest. And you cant get that back for roughly an hour.我觉得是兴趣 大概一小时内 你都找不回兴趣And yet women are so comfortable afterwards.Theyre like what do you want to do now?但女人在性爱后好舒 他们说 你现在想做什么啊Anything.Not with you.Ill do anything you like but you cant be there.什么都行 只要不跟你一起做 我愿意做你喜欢的任何事 但你不能在场And I really hate that happens to us as men because I adore women.我真的讨厌那种事发生在男人身上 因为我喜欢女人I think theyre incredible.Just the fact that they agree to pregnancy.Theyre just like yeah,sure.我觉得她们很了不起 她们居然会同意怀 她们说 好吧 没问题Ill let someone live inside me for nine months.Nine months!我会让一个人在我体内住九个月 九个月啊People say to me,can you hold this?I say no.Im James Smith.Thank you very much.人们对我说 你能拿着这个吗 我说不行 我是詹姆斯·史密斯 非常感谢201607/453788武汉陆总医院包皮手术怎么样 武汉哪家看不孕比较厉害

武汉治疗梅毒最好的医院Lexington莱克星顿Rick Perrys no-frills airline里克·佩里的廉价航空模式The governor of Texas thinks his states thrifty model will appeal to America德克萨斯州长认为自己州的节约模式对美国具有号召力COWBOY swagger can be a great look—until the strutting hero trips and falls flat on his face. Governor Rick Perry of Texas learned that in 2011. For a heady moment he led the field of Republicans seeking the presidential nomination. Then came the fall. An ill-prepared Mr Perry was stunned when rivals attacked him from the right, denouncing his (admirable) policy of offering subsidised university places to Texas residents, regardless of immigration status, in the interests of a skilled workforce. The end came with an “Oops” heard around the world, uttered during a TV debate in which—flustered and battling severe back-pain—Mr Perry forgot which federal departments he wanted to abolish.趾高气扬的牛仔看起来很棒—直到这名大摇大摆的英雄不小心摔了个啃泥,变成了熊。德克萨斯州长里克·佩里在2011年得到了教训。在一个激动人心的时刻,他领导共和党人追求总统提名,然后功亏一篑。由于佩里准备不足,当他的竞争对手从右翼攻击他,谴责他的政策(一个值得赞扬的政策)为德克萨斯居民提供大学资助名额,而忽略了移民身份,只是为了熟练工人的利益,他手足无措。在这场电视直播的辩论中,结束时他的一声“哎哟”全世界都清楚地听到了—佩里慌乱地对抗着严重的背痛,忘了他希望废除的是哪个联邦部门。Now, as he prepares to retire as Texass longest-serving governor, Mr Perry is poised for a re-launch. Think-tank boffins and foreign-policy gurus have descended on the Ionic-columned governors mansion in Austin, briefing him on everything from monetary policy to Islamic extremism. He has talked geopolitics in London and Warsaw and debated energy policy with Communist bosses in China. On December 2nd he invited donors to lunch. Wisely, he offered more than happy-talk. When voters handed Republicans big wins in the mid-term elections it was no declaration of love for the Right, he told guests. Theirs was a vote of no-confidence in Barack Obama, and a cry of despair at Washington dysfunction and the lack of respect enjoyed by America abroad. Voters are offering Republicans one more chance to govern, with the message: “Dont blow it.”如今,作为德克萨斯州在任时间最长的州长,他准备退休了,但也正在准备重新开始自己的事业。智囊团和国外政策专家们突然访问了这座位于奥斯丁的有着爱奥尼亚式圆柱的州长大楼,简单向他报告了许多事情——从货币政策到伊斯兰极端主义。他在伦敦和华沙谈论地缘政治学,与中国的共产党官员争辩能源政策。他于12月2日邀请捐赠人吃午餐。他很明智,午餐间他们并不仅仅是愉快的交谈。他对宾客们说,选民们投票给共和党使其在中期大选中全胜,这对右翼来说不是一件好事。他们对奥巴马投了不信任票,而且对美国政府功能紊乱,以及海外国家对美国缺乏尊重很失望。选民们为共和党提供了更多管理的机会,并传递了信息:“别搞砸了。”Not blowing a fresh White House bid is Mr Perrys own mission. Last time he was “a bit arrogant,” he admits in an interview at his mansion, reclining in an armchair flanked by busts of Reagan and Churchill. He mistakenly assumed that running Texas was preparation for a presidential bid. This time, he has spent 22 months preparing “intensively”.佩里的任务就是不要搞砸这次全新的白宫选举。在州长大楼的一场采访中,他斜靠在扶手椅中,两侧分别是里根和丘吉尔的半身像,他承认上次“有点自大”了。他错误认为管理德克萨斯州就是为总统竞选做准备。而这次,他已花费22个月“集中”准备竞选。Pundits are asking: is Rick Perry y? When asked, prominent Republicans advising Mr Perry offer warm words: they call him “energised” and “intellectually curious”. The difference from 2011 is “night and day”, says one. The governor will make a final decision next spring. In an unexpected twist, he was recently indicted for abuse of power, after leaning on an Austin prosecutor to resign after her arrest for drunk-driving. His indictment (which even some liberal jurists think looks like the hounding of a governor for doing his job) will either go away or stop him dead. Time will tell if he is up to a fresh run, but that is the wrong question. A better one is: what does Mr Perry stand for?专家询问:里克·佩里准备好了吗?当问到这个问题时,杰出的共和党员建议佩里言辞热烈一些:他们称他是“精力充沛”以及“求知好学”的人。某位专家称他与2011年那时已经不可“同日而语”。州长在来年春天将会做出最终决定。在一名奥斯丁检察官因酗酒被捕后,他逼迫她辞职,意料之外的是,最近他因此被控告滥用职权。对他的控告(即使一些仁慈的法学家也认为这看起来是州长被迫行使职权)要么会沉寂,要么就会使他止步。时间将会明他是否能够胜任一场新选举,但这个问题是错误的。更好的问题是:佩里代表了什么?Any answer must begin with his governing record. A “Texas miracle” say boosters, pointing to the millions who have moved to his state in recent years, drawn by low taxes, cheap housing, light-touch regulation and courts that take a dim view of frivolous lawsuits. Mr Perry is keen on comparisons with highly-taxed, regulation-choked California, or as he calls it, the state from which he poaches employers “on a regular basis”. During his 14 years as governor, he beams, a third of all net jobs created in America were created in Texas.任何都应该从他的管理记录开始。近几年有数百万人因低税收、低房价、轻力度监管和法庭对琐碎诉讼的不赞成而迁移到德克萨斯州,持者们说这是个“德克萨斯奇迹”。佩里喜欢与高税收、严监管的加州作对比,或者像他称的那样,他“经常”从加州挖来雇主。他笑容满面地称,在他十四年的行政生涯中,美国所有净就业机会中有三分之一都是德克萨斯州创造的,这是他的一个得意功绩。A mirage, retort many on the Left: Mr Perry rode an energy boom and stole jobs from other states with tax breaks and other bribes. Millions in Texas lack health insurance. The state tolerates horrible inequalities. Sceptics charge that an extremist lurks behind the governors charm, whether he is attacking the federal government for leaving a lethally “porous” border between Mexico and Texas, or displaying a serene confidence as he signed off on 279 executions as governor. If people move to Texas—such critics murmur—its because they are happy with crappy.许多左翼人士反驳说这只是个假象:佩里先生精力旺盛,用税收减免和其它贿赂从别的州偷来了不少工作。德克萨斯州有数百万人没有医疗保险。该州容忍了严重的不平等。怀疑论者们控告称州长那迷人外表下隐藏着极端主义者,他正在攻击联邦政府,在墨西哥和德克萨斯州之间留下致命的“漏洞百出”的边界,或者是就像同意了279项执行令状那样展示着自己平静的自信。这些批评家们抱怨说,如果人们迁移到德克萨斯州,那是因为他们自甘堕落。Americans dont move to crappy places, retorts Mr Perry. He reels off statistics about the Texan quality of life: the number of well-paid new jobs, the 35,000 doctors who arrived once dodgy lawsuits were curtailed, even the number of theatre seats in Houston (only New York has more, he says). The Texan way is a choice, he says: the state offers people as much government as they want, rather than what Washington thinks is good for them.佩里先生反驳说,美国人不会迁移到没价值的地方。他一口气说出了德克萨斯州的生活质量的各种统计资料:待遇优厚的新工作,当烦人的诉讼被缩减后,三万五千名医生来到了这里,甚至连休斯顿的剧院座位都缩减了(只有纽约增加了,他说)。德克萨斯之路是个选择,他说:该州为人们提供了他们所有想要的治理,即使华盛顿都没这么为他们着想过。You get what you pay for你付出了,就能得到收获This, surely, will be Mr Perrys contribution to the debate if he runs. Reduce modern politics to their essence, and some of the angriest arguments turn on a crisis of affordability. Most households have seen their incomes stagnate while certain essential middle-class goods (such as college education and health care) have soared in price. Too many Democrats seem to think that the solution is to pluck more money out of a magicians hat. Some suggest that new taxes can painlessly fund more government largesse, or insist that firms can easily afford to pay higher wages. Too many Republicans put their faith in magical policies: hinting that tax cuts and deregulation alone will return the economy to a Golden Age of affluence.当然,如果佩里先生参加竞选的话,这就是他对辩论的贡献。将现代政策缩减至精华,一些愤怒的争论变成了负担能力的危机。大多数家庭都看到了收入停滞不前,而一些重要的中产阶级物品(如大学教育和医疗保险)价格飙升。许多民主党认为解决方案就是从魔术师的帽子里变出更多的钱。一些人建议说新的税务政策能够毫不费力地为政府的慷慨提供资金持,或者坚称公司能够轻松负担高薪。许多共和党对魔法政策信心十足:暗示单靠减税和放松管制就能使经济回到富裕的鼎盛时期。Mr Perry stands out for tackling, squarely, the fact that Americans are used to services that increasingly cost more than they (or any government) can afford. Rather often, the Texan solution involves basic services that aim to be cheap but good enough. Call it the low-cost airline model: offering a minimal service that is safe and reliable, then letting consumers pay for frills and extras if they like. Mr Perry grumbles at the idea that Texas is a discount model for anything. But competition is certainly at the heart of his pitch. He has pressed Texan colleges to offer degrees for only ,000, for example. He has rejected Obamacares calls to expand health coverage on Washingtons terms. He thinks that Texas should be allowed to cover the poor as it sees fit (with an emphasis on creating jobs that make health care affordable, rather than safety nets). As president, he would be delighted to let other states offer onerous taxes and lavish services. Some people want such things, he agrees: they are “free to live in California”.佩里坚决断然阻止,事实是美国人习惯了超出他们(或者任何政府)承担能力的日益增加的花费。德克萨斯州的常见解决方法就包括物美价廉的基本务,叫做廉价航空模式:提供最少的安全可靠务,如果顾客需要额外的花哨务的话,让他们自己付。佩里对德克萨斯州这种什么事情都要打折扣的模式表示不满。但竞争是他竞选的核心。例如,他曾向德克萨斯州大学施压,让他们提供一万美元就能获得的学位。在华盛顿任期期间,他拒绝了奥巴马医改扩大医疗覆盖范围的要求。他认为德克萨斯应该被允许覆盖穷人,因为它很合适(强调创造就业机会,使人们能负担得起医疗保险,而不是建立医疗安全网)。如果成为总统,他会很乐意让其它州提供繁重的税收和花哨的务。有人喜欢这些东西,他赞同说:她们“在加州自由生活”。Not everyone wants to live in Texas. But Mr Perrys pitch is worth debating. Forget that “Oops,” and hope that he runs.不是每个人都想生活在德克萨斯州。但佩里先生的政策值得争辩。忘掉那声“哎哟”吧,希望他参加竞选。译者:靳方方 校对:萧毛毛 译文属译生译世 /201412/349502武汉包皮哪家医院好 Point at a ball and a dog will look at the ball, whereas a cat will probably look at your hand.当人手指着球的时候,会看着球;而猫很可能看着手。Dogs seem to have a yunderstanding of how human beings direct attention bypointing, and can follow our gestures almost as if they thought the same way we do.似乎,能读懂人的指示并执行指示。和人类的思维方式好像是一致的。Of course, dogs probably arent born knowing anything about people.当然,不可能天生就知道人的想法,We just carefully train them to look, fetch, and so on, right? Or do we?都是受过精心的训练:看、拿…是不是?A comparativepsychologist at the Max Plank Institute in Germany,named Michael Tomasello ran a series of tests on dogs,in which they had to find which sealed container had yummy dog food in it.德国普朗克学院的比较心理学家迈克尔对进行了一系列测试。他要求找出藏有美味食物的密封容器。The only hint they got was from a human being who looked at or pointed at the right container.而唯一的提示是人的眼神或指示。This wasnt hard for dogs at all.这项测试对而言是小菜一碟。But it was hard for wolves.但是狼却做不到。Wolves that have been raised by people should have had the samesuccess at finding the sealed container, but they didnt.本以为一直受人抚养的狼也能准确找出,可是,狼却失败了。Even chimpanzees, which are verysmart animals indeed, werent as fast at finding the food as dogs.甚至十分聪明的黑猩猩,也比不上的速度。What does this mean?为什么?One interpretation is that dogs do, in fact, have a natural ability to understand forms of human communication.一种解释是确实天生理解人沟通的方式。Even nine-week old puppies found the food, suggesting the skill is there beforetraining.甚至是9周大的小都能找到食物,说明这种能力并非后天受训。Wolves dont have the skill, suggesting that it has developed in dogs since the time theybranched off from their evolutionary predecessors.而狼却不具备这种能力,和狼虽有共同的祖先,但是由于进化而形成差异。There is debate about this idea.虽然这一观点备受争议,But Tomasello thinks that in the past fifteen thousand years, as human beings and dogs have evolved together, the basis for fidos ability to understand what youmean may have become encoded in his genes.但是迈克尔认为,早在15000年前,人和都在进化过程中,那时,已经具备能力读懂人的想法并代代相传。 /201410/333589武汉华夏医院电话预约号码多少

武汉华夏男子医院电话Multiple births多胞胎Oh, baby噢,宝贝A reduction in multiple-birth pregnancies is a good thing多胞胎怀率的减少是件好事IT HAS long been known that in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) increases the chances of multiple births, as several fertilised eggs are implanted in a woman to improve the chances of pregnancy. A fifth of all successful IVF treatments in Britain result in multiple-birth pregnancies, compared with just over 1% from natural conceptions.众所周知体外受精(IVF)可以增加多胞胎几率,因为要将几个受精卵植入一个女人体内来提高受几率。在英国,自然分娩多胞胎的几率仅超过1%,而体外受精的方式则成功的将多胎妊娠的几率提升到1/5。Such was the success of IVF after the first test-tube baby was born in 1978 that the rate of all multiple-birth pregnancies rose from ten per 1,000 in that year to 16.4 in . The total number of multiple births doubled during that time. However, for women over 35—frequently users of IVF—it shot up 600%.自1978年第一例试管婴儿出生之后,多胞胎受率由那一年的千分之十上升到年的千分之16.4,这是体外受精的又一成功。多胞胎的总数在那些年间翻了一倍。但是,对于35岁以上的妇女,即体外受精的常见对象,她们生产的多胞胎总数直线上升了600%。When all goes well, a multiple birth can be good news for women who had difficulty conceiving. But it also carries risks: the infant mortality rate is five times higher than for single births. So the fact that newly released statistics show that the number of multiple births has started to fall is welcome.当一切都顺利的时候,多胞胎对于经历了痛苦艰难治疗的不妇女来说无疑是个好消息。但这也同样带来危险:多胞胎的婴儿死亡率比一个婴儿高五倍。最新发布的统计数据显示多胞胎的数量正开始降低,这也算是个好消息。This is largely a result of a new policy adopted by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), a regulator. In it launched the elective single-embryo transfer policy (now part of its multiple-births minimisation strategy) with the aim of reducing overall IVF multiple pregnancies from 27% in 2008 to 20% initially. HFEA’s latest figures, dating from 2012, show that the rate has slowed to 18%. The current target is 10%. According to the HFEA, multiple-birth pregnancies carry a higher risk of premature delivery and children having disabilities as well as late miscarriage, high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia for expectant mothers. At least that risk is now being tackled for IVF users.这主要是监管机构人类受精与胚胎(HFEA)执行新政策的结果。年它推出了选择性单个胚胎转移政策(如今是多胞胎简化策略的一部分),目的是要将体外受精多胞胎的的总比率由2008年的27%降到最初的20%。HFEA的最新数据显示,从2012年起,多胞胎比率已经降到了18%。目前的目标是10%。根据HFEA的研究得出,多胞胎怀有早产、儿童残疾的较高风险,并且妇有晚期流产、高血压和先兆子痫的风险。至少现如今IVF受对象已经不会被这些风险所困扰了。翻译:邵夏沁 校对:胡雅琳 译文属译生译世 /201412/346379 I have never,I swear to god,I never heard of a jazz game.Really?我对天发誓 我从没听说过爵士乐 真的吗I though every teenage boy had their jazz games.Sounds like a punishment.我还以为每个青少年都有爵士乐 听起来像是惩罚Well,you know,it was eye opening.The way it worked,you would just wander through the history of jazz.那让我开阔眼界 游戏是这样的 你就漫游在爵士的历史里You really didnt do anything.You were just a passive participant.你什么都没做 你就是个被动的参与者Theres no game aspect of it?Its just wandering through jazz?里面没有游戏的元素吗 你就漫游在爵士乐中吗Youre a jazz audience member.Like imagine call of duty but instead of storming barracks,you just like quietly listen to jellyroll Morton play.你是爵士观众 想象一下《使命召唤》 但你不是冲进军营 而是安静地听着杰利·罗尔·莫顿演奏So that I wanted become a musician.I got really into it.I used to wear a fedora.然后我想成为音乐家 我真的很沉迷 我以前带着软呢帽Oh,god,how old were you at the time?I was 14,It wasnt great.天啊 你那时多大n 14岁 那可不棒Youre 14 year-old wearing a fedora trying to be a hipster jazz guy?你14岁 带着软呢帽 想成为爵士乐音乐迷Right,but I would dress up like a normal 14 year-old boy until my neck and then from the head up,是啊 但我直到脖子的穿着打扮像是14岁的男孩 然后头以上I wear the haberdashery of a old cool black guy,but then from here down,it just be like a bugle boy,ironically played trumpet.我穿着老黑人的饰 但是脖子以下只是个吹喇叭的男孩 这很讽刺 我吹的是小号And one day I was walking along the street and a guy pulled up in the car next to me,一天我在街上走着 一个人在我身边停了车and he rolled down the window and I was wearing my fedora and he just quietly went,lose the hat and drove away.摇下窗户 我带着软呢帽 他小声说 取下帽子 然后他就开走了He saved your life.My guardian angel.他救了你的命 我的守护天使You went to a jazz camp then?That right,I went to.Was that a summer camp?那时候去了爵士乐营啊 是啊 我去过 那是夏令营吗Yeah,it a summer camp for the unfortunate youths who decided jazz the center pieces of their lives.是为那些不幸的年轻人开办的夏令营 他们决定了爵士乐是他们生活的中心部分201608/460622黄冈市麻城县看泌尿科怎么样武汉黄冈做包皮手术多少钱



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