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上饶玉山县双眼皮多少钱上饶玉山县垫鼻子多少钱During the lowest tides,the water runs off and whole sections of living coral are normally beyond the water,are exposed.最低潮时,海水流干,活珊瑚露出全貌。正常情况被淹没在水底的部分得以展现。The level of water on the reef top decreases dramatically,getting ever shallower,and going from a stable environment,to ever changing hostile one.珊瑚礁顶端的水位下降得很显著,变得非常浅,从一种稳定的状态变成一个不停改变的危险状态。Its almost as though some mighty force has lifted the reef right out of the water,these are extreme conditions.就好像一种强大的力量举起了珊瑚礁把它托出水面,这些都是非常极端的条件。As the exposed corals start to heat up,显露出水面的珊瑚礁逐渐升温,the tiny polyps retract inside their stony skelectons for protection,珊瑚虫退回到珊瑚骨架内以保护自己。then they secrete mucouscan,it acts as sunscreen, and there is no skimping on quantity,an area no larger than the size of a coffee table can produce five meters of the stuff.接着它们开始分泌有遮光作用的粘液,在分泌量上它们毫不吝惜。一张咖啡桌般大小面积的珊瑚虫就可以分泌出5升液体。As the tides retreat to the edge of the reef,it cuts off pools of water,for most animals like the sea cucumboers and starfish,the best way to stay alive is by taking refuge in these rock pools.在潮水完全退到礁石区以外后,留下的只有被礁石分割开来的潮汐地。对于大多数动物来说,比如海参,海星,最佳的生存方法就是暂时避居在这些潮汐池中。201410/338086上饶万年县治疗白瓷娃娃多少钱 According to research conducted at the University of Colorado, living in low-income neighborhoods puts young people at a higher risk of obesity.根据科罗拉多大学的研究,生活在低收入地区的年轻人有更高患肥胖的风险。Dr. Adam Lippert, an assistant professor at Colorado University in Denver says The research demonstrates that the long-term residential experiences of teenagers can affect their life-long health.丹佛科罗拉多大学助理教授亚当士称,研究表明青少年长期居住的经历会影响他们的终身健康。Researchers examined census data for 12,164 adolescents in grades 7 through 12, who were then followed for 13 years.研究人员考察了12164名7至12岁青少年的人口普查数据,他们随后被观察13年。The data showed adolescents living in poorer neighborhoods were more likely to be obese, or to become obese, than those living in higher-income areas. 数据显示,相比于生活在收入高的地区,生活在贫困地区的青少年更可能肥胖,或变得肥胖。Even just moving to low-income neighborhoods was shown to increase the risk.甚至仅仅是移居到低收入地区都会增加风险。Over longer periods of time spent living in destitute areas, the researchers saw a correlation between a lack of exercise amenities, healthy food sources and increased stress with the higher risk for obesity.在贫困地区度过的时间越长,研究人员发现缺乏锻炼设施、健康的食物来源以及增加的压力与高肥胖风险的相关性。译文属。201603/431773上饶做疤痕修复哪家好

万年县妇幼保健人民中医院做双眼皮手术多少钱万年县妇幼保健人民中医院去疤多少钱 Leni Sinclairs camera captured the music scene of Detroit in the 60s and 70s even as she played a seminal role in the growing countercultural movement in Southeast Michigan.Sinclair was born in Konigsberg, East Germany, and escaped to West Germany three years before the Berlin Wall was erected. She was 18 when she emigrated to America in 1959, settling with relatives in Detroit. Sinclair photographed musicians from John Coltrane and the MC5 to Iggy Pop, Janis Joplin, Bob Marley and many, many more.She and her then-husband, John Sinclair, helped to found the White Panther Party, later the Rainbow Peoples Party. They fought against the Vietnam War and racism, and worked to legalize marijuana and reform the prison system.Now Sinclair has been named the 2016 Kresge Eminent Artist. She becomes the eighth artist to receive the ,000 award in recognition of her contributions to the art, culture, and people of Detroit.Sinclair tells us she was overwhelmed when the Kresge Foundation designated her the 2016 Eminent Artist.;In my mind Im still the little girl running around barefoot on the farm, and here Im getting an award as one of the eminent artists of Detroit,; she says. ;Its very flattering and I just feel totally honored and humbled by this.;Kresge Foundation President and CEO Rip Rapson said of her, ;Leni Sinclair both contributed to the social changes of the 1960s and 70s and documented the movements fleeting moments for posterity.; Sinclair tells us documenting and preserving history was basically her intention from the very beginning.;I came to this country from another place, so Im really not a native. So I looked at what was going on around me with a little bit foreign eyes, and what I saw happening in front of me was just all so important to me, I just, you know, I was lucky I had a camera so I could take some pictures,; she says.She tells us she wanted to document her life in America to share with her family back home in Germany.;I wanted to share my life, and this award from the Kresge Foundation is just the topping of it all. Now I can show off I made something of myself in America,; Sinclair says with a laugh.Sinclair tells us that becoming a photographer was never the plan. She says she only ended up buying a camera because ;there was really nothing else that was of any value to buy in East Germany.; Her only desire at the time was to simply document her life, but the hobby evolved into something more.The Kresge Foundation notes that Sinclair ;captured a pivotal era in American history when art and politics intertwined.; But Sinclair tells us that even after all this time, art and politics are as tightly wound as ever.;I think artists always are political. I think most artists become artists because they have something to say,; she tells us. ;I was involved in organizing things and I always documented what I helped organize, and I always had one foot inside and one foot outside. I sometimes refer to myself as the participant observer. I observed the scene, but I also was part of it.;Sinclair became involved in Southeast Michigans growing countercultural movement in the early 60s, when she joined the Students for a Democratic Society as a student at Wayne State University. She tells us she admired people like Tom Hayden and others involved in the civil rights movement.;So I was radical,; she says. ;Thats what they called us, we were radical.;When she met John Sinclair, she says radicalism took on a new tone.;It did not involve going to meetings and demonstrating with placards and stuff, it involved working and creating a whole new society that we could feel comfortable in. And of course that included being against wars and against racism and against poverty.;Sinclairs collection has been said to now include some 100,000 photos, but she tells us that number is a little deceiving.;For instance, I have a proof sheet, a contact sheet, of my pictures of Jimi Hendrix, and really only one came out real nice,; she says. ;I have 100,000 negatives and slides probably, but God only knows how many of those are good and usable and good enough to save.;Sinclair is confident that the ,000 award from the Kresge Foundation will go a long way to making as many of her photos publicly available as possible, and shes thankful the award came when it did.;This award … its like a light at the end of the tunnel. I can see where maybe I will get done at least most of the stuff that needs to be done and that only I can do before I pass or before my memory fades,; she says. ;It couldnt come a minute too soon … because every year I might forget a few more of the names or people I used to know, so its just perfect. Its just, for me, its just like a divine interference that its happening to me at this point in my life, you know?;Leni Sinclair is the 2016 Kresge Eminent Artist. Along with the ,000 award, the honor includes an artist monograph that will chronicle her life and portfolio. It will be released later this year. 201602/425359上饶做隆鼻费用是多少

德兴市祛疤手术多少钱Britain in Iraq英国,在伊拉克Camerons confusions卡梅伦的困惑The government flip-flops between belligerence and caution政府在交战和警告间犹豫不决HOW seriously does the British government take the threat from Islamic State (IS), an extremist group which has taken over swathes of Iraq and Syria? Despite a flurry of pronouncements from the prime minister and from Michael Fallon, Britains defence secretary, it is growing increasingly hard to judge.英国政府究竟对来自伊斯兰国(IS)这一占领了伊拉克和叙利亚的极端组织的威胁有多认真?尽管有首相和英国国防部长迈克尔·法伦的一系列声明,这一事态还是变得越来越难以琢磨了。Writing in a newspaper on August 17th, David Cameron warned that Britain faces a “generational struggle” against a “poisonous ideology”. Striking a Churchillian tone, the prime minister argued that Britains very security depended on the country using all its resources, aid, diplomacy and “military prowess” to vanquish this enemy. Tough stuff—perhaps the toughest from any Western leader so far.大卫·卡梅伦于8月17日在报上撰文警告说,英国面临着“代际斗争”和“有毒思想”的抗衡。这位首相带着惊人的丘吉尔语气争论说英国的安全取决于国家能否使用全部的资源、援助、外交和“军事力量”来击溃敌人。手段强硬—这可能是到目前为止西方领导人中最强硬的了。Yet before leaving on holiday the following day Mr Cameron assured journalists that this fiery rhetoric did not mean Britain was returning to war in Iraq, and that he had no intention to put “boots on the ground” against IS. That was before the release of a horrific on August 19th showing the beheading of a captured American journalist, James Foley, by an IS militant who appeared to have a British accent. Mr Cameron rushed back from his break in Cornwall to confer with ministers in London.然而第二天,在外出度假前卡梅伦向记者保说这种激烈的言辞并不意味着英国要在伊拉克重燃起战火,他并没有“派兵”对抗IS的意图。这是在8月19号美国记者詹姆斯·福利被一疑似有英国口音的IS成员斩首的恐怖录像发布之前了。卡梅伦立即结束了在康沃尔的度假,返回与伦敦的大臣们协商。Confusion aly surrounds the work Britains armed forces are presently performing in Iraq. Tornado bombers, helicopters, a spy plane, and some special forces are all operating in the north of the country—in particular near the city of Mosul. The government has said these efforts are merely humanitarian, intended to help refugees besieged by IS fighters (see picture). Yet on August 18th Mr Fallon was reported to have said that British forces were performing reconnaissance missions for Kurdish soldiers battling the jihadists. Some think Britain is also supplying the Kurds with communications equipment and training.关于英国武装力量目前在伊拉克的工作已招致了不少疑问。旋风式轰炸机、直升机、间谍机和一些特殊武力正在伊拉克北方—尤其在苏尔附近—进行操练。政府表示这些行为仅仅是人道主义的,目的是为了帮助被IS分子围困的难民(见图)。然而在8月18号,有报道称法伦曾表示英国武装力量在帮助库尔德士兵进行侦察任务以对抗圣战者。一些人认为英国也在为库尔德人提供通讯设备和训练。What explains this prevarication? Mr Cameron is doubtless eager to avoid a repeat of the fiasco last year, when the House of Commons voted against his urging that British forces intervene against the murderous regime of Syrias President Assad. As well as shattering Western resolve, the episode was a personal humiliation for the prime minister. If the government sounds too bellicose pressure will grow to recall parliament, currently in its summer recess, for a full debate.这种搪塞该如何解释?卡梅伦毫无疑问急于避免重复去年的惨败,当时众议院投票反对他催促英国军方介入叙利亚总统阿萨德恐怖统治的要求。正如粉碎西方的决心一样,这一插曲是对首相的个人羞辱。如果政府看起来过于好战,那么过大的压力会召回目前正处于夏季休会的议会成员来进行一次完整的辩论。Another risk is that Mr Camerons pronouncements outstrip Americas eagerness to act, leaving Britain isolated should the Obama administration commit itself no further. And the prime minister also has a war-weary public to contend with. Polls suggest that a large minority of Britons would support taking some limited action against IS, such as arming the Kurds. But winning public support for a larger scale conflict, however worthy the cause, looks almost impossible at present.另一风险是卡梅伦的声明超过了美国作战的热情,若奥巴马政府不愿进一步行动,便会使英国处于孤立地位。卡梅伦还需应对厌战的公众。投票显示大部分英国人持对IS采取有限的行动,比如说为库尔德人提供武装。但无论理由看起来多么值得,要赢得公众持大规模战争在目前看起来几乎还是不可能。Mr Foleys murder may change this. His hooded killers London accent has focused attention on the thousands of European—and particularly British—Muslims which IS has drawn to its banner. Thomas Hegghammer of the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment argues that this represents the “largest European Muslim foreign fighter contingent” that has gone to any conflict in modern history. As many as 500 of them are thought to be British. The clear risk is that these callow, inexperienced volunteers will return home as hardened and skilful jihadists, y, as Mr Cameron puts it, to “target us on the streets of Britain”.福利的谋杀一事可能改变这一情况。这位带有头罩的杀手的伦敦口音引起了成千欧洲—尤其是英国—穆斯林的注意,这些穆斯林已被IS招至旗下。挪威国防研究院的托马斯·黑哥海默称这代表着“最大的欧洲穆斯林国外战斗队伍”已参与现代史中的每一次冲突。其中多达500人被认为是英国人。很明显的风险是这些初出茅庐、毫无经验的志愿者们将成长为久经沙场、技巧纯熟的圣战者归来,如卡梅伦所说,这些人已做好准备“在英国大街上对我们开”。Experts disagree on the scale of that threat. But even a very small number of returning extremists could cause considerable harm. After haring back to Whitehall, the prime minister said authorities would redouble efforts to track down British jihadists, and that the grisly would not lead Britain to ramp up its involvement in the conflict. There is a limit to how long Mr Cameron can keep his options open.专家对这一威胁的规模持有异议。但即便归来的极端主义者 数目非常小,也能造成严重的伤害。在急忙赶回白厅后,卡梅伦表示当局将付出双倍努力搜查圣战者,这一可怕的录像也不会使英国进一步介入冲突之中。卡梅伦能保持选择权多久是有限度的。译者:王颖 校对:毛慧 译文属译生译世 /201507/386230 Authorities said a landslide collapsed and buried buildings at and around an industrial park in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen on Sunday, leaving 27 people missing.当局称周日中国南方城市深圳发生山体滑坡吞没了一工业园区,造成27人失踪。The Ministry of Public Securitys firefighting bureau said in an online statement at least seven people were rescued after 18 buildings were buried and an area of 24,000 square yards was covered with soil.公安部消防局在网上发布的一份声明中指出,被埋的18栋楼房里至少有7人被救出,土壤覆盖面积达24,000平方码。State broadcaster China Central Television, or CCTV, said that there was a residential area next to the industrial zone, and that the buildings buried included two workers dormitories.中国中央电视台CCTV报道称,工业区附近有一处居民区,包括两栋工人宿舍的建筑被埋。译文属。201512/417033余干县妇幼保健人民中医院激光点痣多少钱上饶切双眼皮多少钱



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