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Turkish forces crossed into Syria and seized an Isis-held town yesterday as Ankara launched a large-scale operation ostensibly against the jihadi group, but also to contain Syrian Kurds.土耳其军队昨日越境进入叙利亚,拿下了“伊斯兰国ISIS)盘踞的一个小镇。安卡拉方面发起这场大规模行动表面上是打击这个圣战组织,但实际上也是为了遏制叙利亚库尔德人。The military offensive, which also involved Turkish-backed Syrian rebels, was part of a sustained effort to force Isis out of Jarablus, a town that straddles the Turkey-Syria border.土耳其持的叙利亚反政府武装也加入了这场军事行动。此举是一项持续努力的一部分,目的是把ISIS赶出土耳其-叙利亚边境的小镇贾拉布鲁Jarablus)。But officials say the offensive was also aimed at foiling plans by US-backed Kurdish militia in Syria to extend a swath of land along Turkey’s border that it aly holds. 但官员们表示,这场攻势也是为了挫败叙利亚境内美国持的库尔德民兵组织扩大其在土耳其边境地盘的计划。Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish president, has denounced the Syrian Kurdish groups as an extension of Kurdish terrorists in Turkey.土耳其总统雷杰#8226;塔伊#8226;埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)谴责叙利亚库尔德人组织,称他们是土耳其境内库尔德恐怖分子的延伸。“Turkey’s goal is to sweep Isis away from the border,said Mevlut Cavusoglu, foreign minister. “[Syrian Kurdish militia] must move to the east of the Euphrates [river]. If they fail to do so, we will do what’s necessary.”“土耳其的目标是把ISIS赶出边境地区,”土耳其外长梅夫吕特#8226;查武什奥卢(Mevlut Cavusoglu)表示。“(叙利亚库尔德民兵组织)必须转移到幼发拉底河以东。如果他们不这样做,我们将采取必要行动。”The offensive began hours before Joe Biden, US vice-president, arrived in Turkey, the most senior US official to visit the country since an attempted coup last month.这场进攻是在美国副总统#8226;拜登(Joe Biden)抵达土耳其几小时前发起的;拜登是自土耳其上月发生未遂政变以来访问该国的美国最高级官员。Mr Biden’s trip was part of US efforts to reassure Ankara after the failed putsch, which Mr Erdogan blamed on Fethullah Gulen, an exiled cleric living in the US. 拜登此行是美国整体努力的一部分,目的是在未遂政变发生后让安卡拉方面放心。埃尔多安将这场政变归咎于居住在美国的流亡神职人员费特胡#8226;居伦(Fethullah Gulen),而居伦否认自己在政变企图中扮演了任何角色。Turkey’s demands for the extradition of Mr Gulen, who denies any role in the coup attempt, have strained relations between the two Nato allies.土耳其发出的引渡居伦的请求导致两个北约盟国之间关系紧张。Mr Biden said the people of Turkey “have no greater friend that the people of the ed States of America.”拜登表示,土耳其人民“没有比美利坚合众国人民更伟大的朋友”。The US provided air support and intelligence to the Turkish military, disappointing its Syrian Kurdish allies, who have proven to be the most effective fighting force against Isis in Syria, pushing west across the Euphrates.美国向土耳其军队提供了空中援和情报,这使美国的叙利亚库尔德盟友失望,后者已被明是叙利亚境内最有效的打击ISIS的力量,目前正从幼发拉底河流域向西推进。The offensive probably Ankara’s largest intervention during the five-year Syrian civil war came days after a suicide bomber killed more than 50 people in Gaziantep, near the Syrian border. 这场进攻很可能是叙利亚五年内战期间土耳其发起的最大规模干预。就在几天前,一名自杀炸弹袭击者在靠近叙利亚边境的加济安泰Gaziantep)杀死了50多人。The attack, which Turkish authorities blamed on Isis, was the latest incident highlighting the perils to Turkey’s internal security as rival militant groups in Syria attack each other inside Turkey.土耳其当局将此次袭击归咎于ISIS。这是突显土耳其国内安全形势严峻的最新事件,因为叙利亚境内敌对的武装组织把战线延伸至土耳其境内。来 /201608/462852

  The head of the Democratic National Committee has resigned after the leaking of 20,000 emails exposed rifts in the party leadership, throwing Hillary Clinton’s campaign into turmoil on the eve of this week’s convention.在遭泄露万份电子邮件揭示出美国民主党领导层内存在裂痕后,民主党全国委员会(Democratic National Committee,简称DNC)主席已提出辞职。在本周的民主党全国代表大会前夕,她的辞职令希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)的竞选陷入一片混乱。Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DNC chairwoman, said on Sunday that she would be stepping down at the end of the convention in the wake of the leaks that have cast both her and her office in a negative light.邮件泄露后,民主党全国委员会主席黛比#8226;沃瑟#8226;舒尔Debbie Wasserman Schultz)上周日表示,她会在本次大会结束时离职。邮件泄露令她和她的办公室成为了负面新闻焦点。Ms Wasserman Schultz will open and close the event but by the end of the week her duties are to be taken over by Donna Brazile, a longtime Democratic operative and alumna of Bill Clinton’s White House.沃瑟#8226;舒尔茨将主持此次大会的开幕和闭幕,但在本周结束前,她的职务将由唐#8226;布拉齐尔(Donna Brazile)接任。后者曾长期担任民主党党工,也曾是比#8226;克林Bill Clinton)在白宫的幕僚。The resignation comes in the wake of a growing scandal over the DNC’s closeness to the Clinton campaign during the primary a time when the committee is supposed to be impartial and threatens to overshadow the first days of the convention and the news that Michael Bloomberg, the former New York mayor, will endorse Mrs Clinton on the convention stage.在沃瑟曼#8226;舒尔茨辞职前,民主党全国委员会卷入了一宗愈演愈烈的丑闻。丑闻涉及民主党初选期间该委员会与希拉里竞选活动的密切关系——它本该在这一时期保持中立。沃瑟曼#8226;舒尔茨的辞职可能会为民主党全国代表大会的头两天蒙上阴影,也会为纽约市前市长迈克尔#8226;布隆伯格(Michael Bloomberg)将在大会现场为希拉里站台的消息蒙上阴影。Last month the DNC reported that it had been hacked by what it believed were Russian government hackers, who had gained access to the committee’s email system for up to 12 months. The committee’s emails are now slowly being released to the public by WikiLeaks, which published an initial trove of 20,000 on Friday.上月,民主党全国委员会报告称,其遭据信是俄罗斯政府黑客的人员攻陷。这些黑客侵入该委员会电子邮件系统长2个月。如今,该委员会的电子邮件正被维基解WikiLeaks)慢慢公之于众。上周五,维基解密公布了首批2万份邮件。In a statement, Ms Wasserman Schultz said she would be stepping down to better focus on serving as Mrs Clinton’s surrogate in Florida, where she is one of the state’s representatives to Congress. But she did not directly address the leaks or some of the specific emails that have gained attention.沃瑟#8226;舒尔茨在一份声明中表示,她会离职以便更好地集中精力担任希拉里在佛罗里达州的代理人。沃瑟曼#8226;舒尔茨是佛罗里达州在美国国会的代表之一。不过,她并未直接提到邮件泄露或引发媒体关注的部分具体邮件。In one message sent on May 21, Ms Wasserman Schultz suggested that it was not worth responding to a particular claim by Bernie Sanders, who at the time was fiercely campaigning against Mrs Clinton for the Democratic nomination. “He isn’t going to be president,she said of Mr Sanders.1日发送的一封电子邮件中,沃瑟曼#8226;舒尔茨暗示不值得回应伯尼#8226;桑德Bernie Sanders)的一份声明。当时,桑德斯正处于同希拉里争夺民主党总统候选人提名的激烈选战之中。沃瑟曼#8226;舒尔茨在提到桑德斯时表示:“他不会成为总统的。”In another email, a DNC staffer suggested planting a story about the problems that had plagued Mr Sanderscampaign.在另一封电子邮件中,民主党全国委员会一名工作人员建议弄出一篇新闻,报道困扰桑德斯竞选的种种问题。“Wondering if there’s a good Bernie narrative for a story, which is that Bernie never had his act together, that his campaign was a mess,Mark Paustenbach, a DNC communications officer, wrote to Luis Miranda, the DNC’s communications director.民主党全国委员会沟通官员马#8226;保斯滕巴Mark Paustenbach)在给沟通部门主管路易斯#8226;米兰Luis Miranda)的电子邮件中写道:“不知道可不可以好好报道下伯尼,就说伯尼从来都没有章法,说他的竞选一团糟。”Mr Sanders, who has been calling for months for Ms Wasserman Schultz to resign, said he was not surprised by the content of the emails. “I told you a long time ago that the DNC was not running a fair operation, that they were supporting Secretary Clinton,he told A NewsGeorge Stephanopoulos.桑德斯几个月来一直呼吁沃瑟曼#8226;舒尔茨辞职,他表示自己对这些电子邮件的内容并不感到惊讶。他对A News的乔#8226;斯特凡诺普洛George Stephanopoulos)说:“我早就告诉过你,民主党全国委员会行事不公,他们在持希拉里。”Robby Mook, Mrs Clinton’s campaign manager, suggested on Sunday that the leak of the DNC emails on the eve of the convention could be an effort by Russia to give a boost to Mr Trump, the Republican candidate who has often sounded sympathetic to Moscow.希拉里的竞选经理罗#8226;穆克(Robby Mook)上周日暗示,在全国代表大会前夕发生的这起民主党全国委员会电子邮件泄露,可能是俄罗斯为了助唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)一臂之力而干的,这位共和党总统候选人常常对俄罗斯表示同情。“What’s disturbing to us is that experts are telling us Russian state actors broke into the DNC, stole these emails, and other experts are now saying that the Russians are releasing these emails for the purpose of actually helping Donald Trump,Mr Mook told CNN.穆克对美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)表示:“让我们不安的是,专家告诉我们俄政府黑客侵入了民主党全国委员会,偷走了这些电子邮件。现在还有一些专家说,俄国人公布这些邮件其实是为了帮助唐纳德#8226;特朗普。”Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, said the saga over the emails underscored the claim by Mr Trump that the Democratic primary process was rigged. Speaking at an event in Philadelphia, he said that “when you rig a system . . . this kind of outcome is inevitable共和党全国委员会(Republican National Committee)主席雷恩#8226;普瑞巴斯(Reince Priebus)表示,邮件泄露事件持了特朗普的说法,即民主党初选过程受到了操纵。普瑞巴斯在费城一场活动上表示,“当你操纵一个体制时……这种结果是不可避免的。”On Sunday, protesters were aly staging rallies not far from the convention site. On social media some Sanders supporters were demanding that he revoke his endorsement of Mrs Clinton following the DNC leaks.上周日,已经有抗议者在民主党全国代表大会会场不远处举行集会。民主党全国委员会邮件泄露事件发生后,一些桑德斯的持者在社交媒体上要求他撤销对希拉里的持。来 /201607/456433



  Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim issued a call for national unity early Wednesday, as his country faced a rising death toll from a suicide attack that killed at least 36 people at Istanbuls Ataturk international airport.土耳其伊斯坦布尔的阿塔图尔克国际机场自杀袭击造成的死亡人数仍在上升之际,比纳利·耶尔德勒姆总理星期三凌晨发出全国团结的呼吁。这次袭击导致至6人死亡。Yildirim, flanked by members of his cabinet, said three suicide bombers arrived by taxi Tuesday evening at the busy airport and opened fire with automatic weapons, shooting randomly at bystanders before detonating explosives as police closed in. The attack wounded 147 people.耶尔德勒姆总理在内阁成员的簇拥下表示,三名自杀炸弹手星期二晚乘坐出租车抵达繁忙的机场,用自动武器任意扫射人群,随后在警察逼近之际引爆炸弹。这次袭击还造成147人受伤。VOAs Dorian Jones in Istanbul said one of the bombers detonated his explosives outside the international arrival terminal. That area is usually packed with people waiting for transportation. The two other attackers are believed to have tried to enter the terminal, which is protected by heavily armed police and X-ray machines.美国之音驻伊斯坦布尔记者琼斯说,其中一名炸弹手在国际机场的抵达航站楼外引爆炸弹。那个地点通常挤满候车的旅客。另外两名自杀手据信试图进入有武装警察和X光检测机保护的航站楼。There was no immediate claim of responsibility. But Yildirim said early evidence pointed to an attack by Islamic State extremists, whom he identified by the Arabic pejorative Daesh. He called the attack ;cowardly; and vowed his country would continue to press its fight against extremism.目前还没有人声称对爆炸负责。但是耶尔德勒姆总理表示,初步据指向伊斯兰国极端分子,他用了一个阿拉伯有贬损意味的词“达伊沙”来称呼他们。耶尔德勒姆指责这起攻击是“懦夫行为”,并誓言土耳其将继续打击极端主义。来 /201606/451943Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Friday that the solution of the Iranian nuclear issue has provided inspiration for settlement of other hot issues, stressing dialogue and cooperation among major countries.中国国家主席习近平上周五指出,伊朗核问题的成功解决为以后如何应对其他热点问题提供了一个很好的范例,并着重强调主要国家间的对话与合作。He made the remarks at the meeting attended by leaders of six countries which helped broker the Iranian nuclear deal, an event on the sidelines of the fourth Nuclear Security Summit here.作为第四届核安全峰会的一项会议议程,伊朗核问题备受关注。在旨在解决该问题的六方会谈会议上,习近平主席发表了这一重要意见;We should stick to the political commitment and make sure the deal is implemented as it should have been,; Xi said, adding that any ;external interference; should be eliminated.习近平主席说道:“我们应该坚持履行政治承诺,确保伊朗核协议得到实斀?”同时,他还强调任何“外部的干扰”都应该被排除。Iran reached the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action last year with the ;P5+1,; namely Britain, China, France, Russia, the ed States and Germany, over its nuclear program after over 18 months of marathon talks.针对伊朗核问题,包括英国、中囀?法囀?俄罗斯、美国和德国组建了六方会谈(P5+1)。在经过了长8个月马拉松式的谈判后,伊朗终于与这六个国家达成了《联合行动计划》。China has always been ;an active participant, constructor and contributor; in the solution process, Xi said. ;We stand y to work with all related sides to push forward the implementation of the deal,; he said.习近平主席表示,中国在伊朗核问题的解决过程中一直是“一个积极的参与者,建设者和贡献者。”他说道:“中国已经准备好与所有有关各方合作,以求推进该协议的切实实施。”He also stressed the importance of strengthening the global security governance in todays world where hot issues keep emerging. The Chinese president said that dialogue and negotiation should be the best choice in solution of hotspot issues and cooperation and coordination among major countries proves effective to settle serious disputes.他还强调,在当今世界热点问题不断涌现的情况下,加强全球安全治理至关重要。习近平主席指出,对话和谈判应该成为热点问题的最佳解决方式。他还强调,主要国家间争端的解决,向世界表明合作与协调的方式在问题的解决上是有效的;Moreover, justice and equity should be the underlying principle for reaching any international agreement,; he said. ;The double standard will not lead anywhere.;“此外,公平正义应该成为达成任何国际协定的基本原则,”,习近平说道,“采用双重标准不会有任何好的结果。”来 /201604/436236


  Nicolas Sarkozy has announced he will seek his party’s nomination to stand in next year’s French presidential election.萨科齐宣布他将参加明年的法国总统大选,但还需先在党内争得提名资格。The rightwinger, who was nicknamed “the hyper-presidentfor his frenetic term in power from 2007 to 2012, had made no secret of his ambition to reconquer the élysée palace and avenge his 2012 defeat by the Socialist Fran#231;ois Hollande.因为在任期间007-2012)行事高调,这位右翼领导人曾被戏称为“超级总统”012年他败给了社会党候选人弗朗索瓦·奥朗德,卸任后他也从不掩饰想一雪前耻、重返爱丽舍宫的野心。After weeks of suspense in which he grabbed media headlines by presenting an increasingly hardline stance on national identity and the place of Islam in France, Sarkozy launched his campaign with an announcement on social media and a link to the first chapter of a book, Everything for France, which he will publish this week.几周以来,萨科齐不断发声,在国家认同问题和法国的伊斯兰问题上持强硬立场,使得他频频登上媒体头条,也引发了大家的猜测。这次萨科齐终于在社交媒体上宣布了自己的参选,并附上了一本书首章的链接,这就是他将于本周发行的新书《一切为了法囀?。“The next five years will be filled with danger but also with hope,he wrote. He listed what he said were the five major challenges facing France, including defending French identity, restoring lost competitiveness and enforcing state authority.“接下来的五年将是危机与希望交织的五年,”他写道。他列出了他认为法国正面临的五大挑战,其中包括捍卫国家认同、恢复竞争力和增强国家权威等几项。Sarkozy said France’s “top battlewas over how “to defend our lifestyle without being tempted to cut ourselves off from the rest of the world萨科齐认为法国的“首要任务”是思考如何“维护本国人民的生活方式但又不让法国人与世隔绝”。In his fight to win his party’s nomination, the 61-year-old candidate is putting forward a platform of policies that veer even further to the far right than in 2012, when he set out to win over voters from Marine Le Pen’s Front National.萨科齐正在争取共和党候选资格,为了在选票上胜过领导法国极右政党“国民阵线”的马琳·勒庞,这1岁的竞选人现在所推行的政策主张似乎比2012年时更倾向右派。He wants to ban the Muslim headscarf from universities and public companies, limit the French nationality rights of children born to foreign parents, and ban pork-free options in school canteens, meaning Muslim and Jewish children would no longer be offered a substitute meal.他打算在大学和上市公司里对穆斯林头巾施以禁令,限制外裔人口子女的国民权利,并取消学校餐厅里的无猪肉餐,这也意味着穆斯林和犹太儿童无法获得替代餐。He has also scoffed at what he called “legal nicetiesin the fight against terrorism, prompting the left to warn that his treatment of suspected jihadis could be akin to that of Guantánamo Bay.萨科齐还对打击恐怖主义的“法律细节”表示讥讽,左派人士警告称萨科齐有可能采取像关塔那湾拘留营这样的手段来对待有嫌疑的伊斯兰圣战分子。来 /201608/462609


  Matteo Renzi is set to resign after suffering a heavy defeat in a referendum on his flagship constitutional reforms, a result that plunges Italy into political crisis and raises fears of turmoil in its banking system. 意大利总理马泰伦齐(Matteo Renzi)在一场就其招牌性的宪法改革举行的公投中遭遇惨败,随后宣布将辞去总理职务。这一公投结果令意大利陷入政治危机,并引发了对意大利体系将发生动荡的担忧。Italians rejected the constitutional changes designed to ease gridlock in the country’s political system by a wide margin of 59-41 per cent, according to early returns, in a vote marked by a high turnout of nearly 69 per cent.早期的公投结果显示,意大利人拒绝了这次旨在化解该国政治制度僵局的修宪,反对修宪者占比大幅领先于持修宪者,二者的比例9:41。这次公投的投票率高达将9%。In an emotional press conference at the Palazzo Chigi early on Monday, Mr Renzi said the outcome had been “extraordinarily clear 周一早,伦齐在基吉宫(Palazzo Chigi)举行新闻发布会,他情绪激动地表示公投结果已“十分明确”。“We gave Italians a chance to change. It was simple and clear, but we didn’t make it,he said. Mr Renzi said that he should bear the entire responsibility of the loss, and announced that he would submit his resignation to Italy’s president, Sergio Mattarella, on Monday afternoon. 伦齐说:“我们给了意大利人一个改变的机会。这个机会简单明了,但我们没有成功。”他表示自己应承担失败的全部责任,并宣布他将于周一下午向意大利总统塞尔马塔雷拉(Sergio Mattarella)提交辞呈。The political instability triggered by Mr Renzi’s defeat could jeopardise plans by Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Italy’s struggling third-largest bank, to raise up to EURO5bn by the end of the year. The bank and its advisers are expected to meet on Monday morning to decide whether to go ahead with the plan.伦齐落败引发的政治不稳定可能会危及意大利第三大西雅那(Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena)的筹款计划,该目前陷入困境,计划在年底前筹资至多50亿欧元。西雅那及其顾问预计将在周一早举行会议决定是否继续执行该计划。And the euro sank to 20-months lows in Asia early on Monday, falling as low as .0505.周一亚洲早盘,欧元兑美元汇率一度跌0个月低点1欧元.0505美元。Marine Le Pen, the leader of the far right National Front in France, cheered Mr Renzi’s defeat, saying the “thirst of freedomcoming from Italy needed to be listened to. 法国极右翼国民阵National Front)领导人马勒庞(Marine Le Pen)为伦齐的失败欢呼,她表示人们需要倾听意大利流露出的对“自由的渴望”。来 /201612/481908



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