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Ive aly ed you the rock-bottom price.我已经给您报了最低价了。This price is quite reasonable.这个价钱是很合理的。This price is quite low.这个价钱很低了。This is a good bargain/buy!这多便宜多划得来啊!I can give you a 10% discount.我可以给您打九折。In that case,we can knock off 1O%.这样的话,我们可以打九折。There is no discount.不能打折。Its not expensive at all.这个一点也不贵。Its worth the price.值这个价钱。Less expensive, lower quality.便宜的质量差。Cheap things always have bad quality.便宜没好货。We dont bargain.我们不讲价。Its fixed price.价钱是固定的。Normally we have no second price.通常我们都是不二价的。Youll find nothing less expensive than this.您会发现没有更便宜的了。There isnt anything cheaper than this.没有比这更便宜的了。If you buy two sets, I can give you a discount.如果您买两套,我就给您打个折。The price will be cheaper if you buy more.如果您多买点,价钱就便宜些。It cant be any cheaper.不能再便宜了。Its the cheapest.这是最便宜的了。Its cheap enough.这已经够便宜的了。Lets meet each other halfway.咱们各让一半吧。Could you add 20 yuan?您能给加20块钱吗?Add 20 yuan,this will be yours.加20块钱,这个就是您的了。Take it or leave it.要买就买,不买拉倒。I cant sell it at this price.这个价格我不能卖。Please check other stores.请到别家商店去看看吧。How much is this piano, please?请问,这架钢琴多少钱?10,620 yuan.10620块钱。Wow, thats kind of expensive!哇,有点儿贵啊!But you must realize it, sir. Beethoven is the most famous brand.可是,先生,您得明白,贝多芬可是最著名的牌子啊。Nevertheless, its altogether too extravagant for me. I just want to get one to leam how to play the piano.不管怎么说,总之这对我来说太奢侈了。我只是想买一架供我学习用。Then how about this one made in Guangzhou.那么这架广州生产的怎么样?I hope its quality is guaranteed.希望质量能有保。Oh, yes, sir. I think youll find we have an excellent reputation for quality and service.噢,当然有保,先生。我想你会发现我们店因为质量和务好声誉很不错。Can you come down a little bit?便宜点儿可以吗?Normally we have no second price. As you are coming to us for the first time, Ill make it 5.000 yuan.通常我们都是不二价的,不过既然您是第一次光顾我们店,我就要5000元吧。Thank you. Ill take it.谢谢。我买了。 /201405/299567。

  • Narrator: Hello again. Tip Top 贸易公司的顶级上司 Mr Socrates 刚刚宣布了公司的新策略,希望能提高欧洲市场的销售额,保住公司。不过在工作正式开始前, 伦敦公司的团队请他到酒吧做客,感受一下英国风情。 Lets join them now…ARRIVING AT THE PUBTom: Welcome to the Rose and Crown. It is small, not like one of those bars you get in your country. Can I get you a pint Mr Socrates?Mr Socrates: A what?Tom: A pint. A pint of beer, its really nice here if you like it…Mr Socrates: I dont drink. Just an orange juice, freshly squeezed.Paul: Oh go on Mr Socrates, one pint wont hurt. Youve got to have a pint of beer when you come to a pub.Mr Socrates: Oh very well. Ill try one. It had better be good.Tom: Youll love it. Ill get it. Three pints of your best beer please Mr Landlord. Denise, are you OK getting your own? Im a bit short of cash.Denise: Oh… right. Mr Socrates, Anna said she would be along soon. She had some work to finish. Shes such a hard worker.Mr Socrates: Good to hear. She seems like a smart cookie. Now lets try this beer…mmm, not bad, a little warm but… tasty.Paul: Oh, you drank that quickly…would you like another one?Mr Socrates: Sure.DOOR OPENSAnna: Hi everyone. Sorry Im late.Denise: Hi Anna. Look Mr Socrates is enjoying our English beer. I think its going to his head.Mr Socrates: (Loudly) Anna! Our best worker. Get Anna a drink.Tom: Yes Mr Socrates. Of course Mr Socrates.Mr Socrates: Anna, come over here, lets talk.Anna: Oh right. What about…Tom: There you go Anna. I got you some crisps too. So what are we talking about.MrSocrates: Nothing. Thank you… bye bye.Tom: Oh right. Bye bye. Yes, Ill go and talk to Paul and Denise. Ill just be over here.Mr Socrates: What a loser. I can tell hes all talk and no action…Anna: Well, Toms a good worker really and…Mr Socrates: …and as for Paul. God, what a manager. Always eating cookies. You know he was fired from his last job because…Narrator: Anna, 我看他是有点喝醉了,说了不应该说的话。Anna: I know. What should I say?Narrator: 你得告诉他不能这么说 “Its not appropriate to talk like that.”或者他得改变话题“Could we change the subject please”.Anna: OK thanks. Erm, Mr Socrates I dont think its appropriate to talk like that, could we change the subject please?Mr Socrates: Oh, sorry have I said too much? Maybe we should talk about you. I like you Anna. Youre keen but youve got a lot to learn and I think you shouldwear more black – it makes you look… thinner…Narrator: 这可不像话。他说太多了。你得让他保持职业道德,就谈公司的事儿。Anna: Right, good idea. (To Mr Socrates) Erm, Mr Socrates, thank you but can we keep our conversation professional. Theres lots to discuss about our European market strategy.Mr Socrates: Yeah, right, absolutely right. Anyway, youre gonna have to lead this one not that Tom guy. Im thinking of firing him, his results aint that great and…Tom: …sorry to interrupt, just wondered if youd like some nuts?Mr Socrates: Hey Tom, I was just saying to Anna your results havent been good and Im thinking of…Anna: (flustered)…having another drink… thinking of having another drink. Mr Socrates, did you know Tom actually has a great idea for selling laser-curved oranges to Spain.Tom: (puzzled) Do I?Mr Socrates: Thats good to hear Tom. Email them to me and Ill check them over tomorrow.Anna: Of course he will Mr Socrates. Now how would you like to drink something, errr, less strong? Orange juice perhaps?Mr Socrates: Na, I think Ill try some more of the English beer.THE TEAM ALL CHEERNarrator: Anna 这次帮了 Tom 大忙了,要不他马上就被炒鱿鱼了。有时候和上司会谈时会突然说到私人话题,所以需要恰当的把话题再转回到工作上。我看Anna已经学会怎样保持话题的职业性。以下是她用到的一些句子:Its not appropriate to talk like that.Could we change the subject, please?Can we keep our conversation professional, please?Narrator: 看来 Anna 是 Mr Socrates 眼里的红人,不过她得向 Tom 做些解释呢。Tom: Anna, what were you talking about to Mr Socrates? Ideas for selling laser-curved oranges to Spain?Anna: He was going to fire you – so I was trying to tell him you had great ideas.Tom: What?! You helped me? Anna, I dont know what to say. I… I… I…Anna: Yes?Tom: I need to go back to the office and work on some ideas.Narrator: 好主意!我们下次节目再会。 Bye! 听力挑战:What is the name of the pub the team takes Mr Socrates to?伦敦团队请Mr Socrates 去了哪家酒吧?上期:Mr Socrates 想集中精力在哪个市场?: 欧洲市场。 /201208/196772。
  • 第5讲介绍:,,, /200809/50008。
  • I object that he is too young for the position.我反对,他太年轻了,难当此任。I object that he is too young for the position.我反对,他太年轻了,难当此任。Yes, Ill think about it again.是啊,我要再想想。I object to his making private calls on the office phone.我反对他用办公室的电话打私人电话。Im against too much control.我反对太多的限制。My main objection to the plan is that it would be too expensive.我反对这项计划的主要理由是它耗资太大。Sorry, Im not free now.对不起,我现在没空。Can you come here?你能过来一下吗?Sorry, Im not free now.对不起,我现在没空。I have no time for question now.我现在没时间回答问题。 We cant afford the time.我们现在没空。Im in a hurry now.我现在很忙。 /201503/367164。
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