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大学生上课偷拍女同学裙底被捉现行 -- :30:58 来源: 云南一名大学生上课偷拍女生裙底被抓现行,微用户对其给与了强烈谴责 A university student in China has been caught taking photographs up his female classmate’s skirt while attending a lecture.中国一名大学生上课偷拍女同学裙底被抓现行Images have been released on Chinese social media showing the man holding his phone around his back, which was aimed at another female student, reports the People’s Daily Online.据《人民日报报道,从一些被发布在社交媒体上的照片可以看出,该名男子将手机藏到背后,从桌子底下伸出来对着后排的女同学偷拍The male student allegedly shared the pictures with a classmate after they were snapped.据称,该名男子偷拍得手后还和其他同学分享了这些照片A total of six photos were circulated on Chinese social media site Weibo with posts claiming that the man is studying in a university in Kunming, southern China’s Yunnan Province.微上一共贴出了6张该男子偷拍行为的照片,同时有文称该名男子就读于云南昆明的一所大学The pictures were taken by a third student who sat behind the female victim at the time.当时坐在女受害人后方的另一名学生拍下了该名男子作案时的照片The name of the school, however, was not given.但是并不知道该起事件中学生所就读的学校In the photos, the student pretends to pay attention in class however his hands are holding his phone around his back, getting pictures of the unknowing female behind him.从照片中可以看出,该名男子假装很认真的听课,但是双手却拿着手机环于背后,拍下了后排女子裙底的照片,而受害人还浑然不知He then can be seen in another image showing his deskmate the photos he has just taken.从其他照片中可以看出,该名男子随后向他的同桌展示了他偷拍的成果The man has admitted to his behaviour to the media and apologised to the victim, according to People’s Daily Online.据《人民日报报道,该名男子向媒体承认了他的所作所为,并向受害人道了歉The photos have sparked an outrage among users of Weibo.这些照片激起了微用户们的怒火One user commented: ’This guy should be expelled.’一名微用户说道:“这人应该被开除”And another wrote: ’Why didn’t they call the police?’另一人说道:“为什么他们不报警呢?”A third user said: ’I’m disgusted.’还有人说道:“真恶心”While one user said: ’If apologies work, why do we need the law?’也有人说道:“如果道歉有用的话,那我们还要法律来干什么?”There is an increasing problem with people trying to take up-skirt photographs in China.在中国,不法分子偷拍女生裙底的问题越来越猖獗In April, a woman made a man eat his phone’s memory card after she caught him taking photographs up her skirt.今年四月,一名男子偷拍女生裙底照片被抓现行,受害人逼迫该名男子吃下了他的手机内存卡The woman filmed the incident and uploaded the footage to Weibo.这名女子把整件事拍了下来,并上传到了微上In the , the woman can be heard saying: ’Delete the pictures, delete them. Look everybody, here is a pervert who takes up-skirt pictures of women.’在这份视频中,这名女子说道:“删掉照片,删掉它们大家看一看啦,这个变态偷拍女生裙底啦!”。

联合国:中国禁烟法存在严重漏洞 --31 :: 来源: 本周二是世界无烟日,中国目前拥有日3亿烟民,另有7亿多人受到二手烟影响前世卫组织曾指出中国禁烟法存在巨大漏洞,容易导致更多人接触到二手烟 The World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday alerted Chinese lawmakers of loopholes in the draft of the country’s nationwide smoke-free Law ahead of Tuesday’s World No Tobacco Day.本周二是世界无烟日,在此之前世界卫生组织曾在周一对中国立法部门提出警告,指出中国国家禁烟法草案存在漏洞"A range of very problematic loopholes in the draft national smoke-free law have now appeared - example, which would allow smoking in individual offices. Exempting leaders in single offices would introduce a culture of privileges, putting the health of others at risk," WHO Representative in China Bernhard Schwartl?nder said Monday at a Beijing um on global smoking control and anti-smoking legislation.周一,北京举行了一场关于全球控烟和禁烟立法的讨论会会上,世卫组织驻中国代表施贺德说道:“中国国家禁烟法草案中一些非常有问题的漏洞已经开始显现了例如,这份草案允许在个人办公室吸烟那么,那些拥有个人办公室的领导就可以不必遵守禁烟的规定,从而发展成特权思想,还增大了其他人的健康风险”In March, China’s State Council vowed to complete the smoking-control legislation by the end of this year. Public opinions on drafted national regulations to curb smoking in public places were first solicited in November .今年三月,中国国务院决心在年底之前完成控烟立法在年月,(政府)首次就公共场合禁烟全国立法草案向公众征求意见However, experts told the Global Times that the latest draft, which has not been published yet, has some loopholes which are "disappointing" and "incomprehensible."然而,有专家告诉《环球时报,说尽管最新的草案还没有被公布,但是其中的一些漏洞让人“失望”和“不解”The new draft removed a requirement to print warnings on tobacco product packages, "one of the most effective methods to deter people from smoking," Xu Guihua, a senior consultant with the Chinese Association on Tobacco Control, told the Global Times on Monday.新草案删除了要求在烟盒上印刷警示标语的条款中国控烟协会高级顾问许桂华(音)在周一的时候告诉《环球时报,说该条款本是“阻止人们吸烟最有效的方法之一”Earlier this month, the UK became the second country to introduce plain, standardized tobacco packaging, which Xu said would greatly contribute to a drop in cigarette sales.本月早些时候,英国成为了全球第二个对烟草包装制定准确、标准规定的国家许桂华称此举将大大有助于减少卷烟的销量Xu noted that a similar policy would discourage many Chinese people from continuing to buy tobacco products as gifts superiors and friends.许桂华表示类似的政策对中国也会起作用,将使得许多中国人不再买烟送给上级和朋友As the world’s largest producer and consumer of tobacco products, China has about 3 million smokers, and percent of the country’s adults are regular smokers, according to the WHO.据世卫组织的信息,中国是全球最大的烟草生产者和消费者,拥有3.亿烟民,全国%的成年人经常吸烟According to the WHO, over 1 million people die from tobacco-related illness in China every year, and over 700 million Chinese people are routinely exposed to second-hand smoke, which kills approximately 0,000 people every year.据世卫组织的信息,中国每年有超过0万人死于和吸烟有关的疾病还有超过7亿的中国人都会接触到二手烟,导致每年大约万人死亡。

头上长草已经OUT了 头顶炒菜才是王道 -- ::7 来源: 时尚总是瞬息万变,让人琢磨不透如果头上长草可以让人看起来萌萌哒,那么头上别鸡翅、五花肉、包子、西兰花是为了让别人看到自己“口水直流”么?  最近淘宝热卖的食物发夹让歪果仁都震惊了,谁还敢说中国人没有想象力?  Last month, plastic hair plants took over China as the new fashion trend.  But in the world of fashion, one week you’re in and the next you’re out. And the Chinese Internethas decided to prove that by quickly brushing aside the “old” trend and upgrading to the nextlevel: plastic food clips.  While most Internet users have been quite shocked by the stunt, the self-proclaimed inventor sayson the store’s Taobao product page they have their hands full producing more clips because ofthe high demand.  【Key Points】  五花肉、鸡翅、排骨神马的戴在头上真的能好看?其实都是商家吸引消费者的噱头原文中的stunt指“引人注意的花招,噱头”除了“商业噱头”,还有“宣传促销噱头”(publicitypromotional stunt)等此外,stunt还有“电影特技”的意思  美女亲试鸡翅、基围虾发夹  淘宝热卖,一盘菜  荤素搭配更美味。

山东女子打学生致1死3伤 --31 :18:5 来源: 周日,北京消息,山东省一名教师用擀面杖殴打学生,致使学生1死3伤 Police have detained a teacher in East China’s Shandong province on suspicion of beating a student to death with a stick and injuring three others, Beijing News reported on Sunday.周日,北京消息,山东省一名教师用擀面杖殴打学生,致使学生1死3伤The 50-year-old woman, identified only as Li, had been leading an after-school tutorial class at her home in Wulian county when the incident happened on Saturday.该名教师50岁,姓李,在山东省日照市五莲县办了课后辅导班,此悲剧发生于上周六He Zhaolong, the father of the student who died, told Beijing News that the teacher lived in their neighborhood and that his son, , had been taking her classes several years.死亡孩子父亲何召龙告诉北京消息说,这名老师是他家邻居,岁儿子在他家上过几年的辅导班了He said his son had been beaten on the head and died due to a severe injury. He added that there were about a dozen students at Li’s home at the time of the alleged attack.孩子父亲说,儿子头部受伤,由于被多次殴打至脑淤血而死事发现场还有大约个学生在场"She was giving classes on Saturday morning when she suddenly locked the door and started beating the children with a big stick until some of the children escaped and found help," He was ed as saying.“当时她正在辅导孩子,突然就把门锁了,然后拿起擀面杖打孩子,李某随后用擀面杖追打多名学生,直到有女生逃出呼救,”何某说道A photo circulated online over the weekend reportedly showed his son covered in blood.周末,照片在网络热传照片中,他儿子浑身血污He said he did not know what may have prompted the attack, adding that his family had no previous conflicts with Li.何某说道,他不知李老师为何殴打孩子,之前他家并没有和李老师有任何冲突The local authorities said the suspect used to be a substitute teacher in her village but was dismissed in . Since then, she has made a living by running tutorial classes at her home, teaching Chinese language and math to students in third to sixth grade.据当地人说,李某曾做过民办教师,年被清退后一直在家中开办辅导班,辅导三到六年级的语文和数学In a statement released online, Wulian police said a thorough investigation is underway, while many netizens expressed their outrage at the incident and their sympathy the victims’ families.网上做出声明称,五莲县警方正在展开全面调查,很多网民表达了对李某行为的愤怒,和对受害者家庭的同情The alleged attack is the latest violent incident involving Shandong teachers this month.这起事件是山东省本月最近的一起暴力事件On May 3, a teacher at a junior middle school in Dezhou was sacked and ordered to apologize after slapping a student in the face. On the same day, a kindergarten teacher in Yantai was dismissed after being accused of beating a 5-year-old child.5月3日,德州市一名初中教师因扇学生耳光而被开除,并要求向学生道歉同一天,烟台市一名幼儿园教师因殴打一名5岁儿童被拘留According to guidelines issued by the Ministry of Education in , teachers who use physical punishments on students should receive penalties ranging from a warning to instant dismissal.根据教育部年发布的指南,教师如果对学生实施体罚将会遭到警告或者拘留惩罚。

全球十大最好吃泡面名单出炉 -- ::6 来源:sohu 泡面达人今年一共尝试了357种方便面的新口味,并成功完成他第二千篇泡面报告他只希望能够尝试来自世界各地、不同品牌的方便面新发布的名单是今年精选的泡面快来看看今年出版的全球十大最好吃泡面名单 The author reviewed 357 new instant noodle varieties and hit his 00th review. He wanted to try flavors from around the world and have been able to do just that. This new list is a compilation of the best of the best. let's have a look at The Ramen Rater's Top Ten Instant Noodles Of all Time Edition. 第十位: 缅甸妈妈牌-椰奶味方便面 . MAMA Instant Noodles Coconut Milk Flavor – Myanmar 甜甜的(不是太甜)椰子和鸡味汤底加上面条, 这特别的味道令人不可抗拒这是它第一次打入十大最好吃泡面的排行榜 Great noodles enjoy their time in a sweet (but not overly sweet) sea of coconut and chicken flavor. It is very unique and compelling. This is Myanmar's first time on the top ten instant noodles list. 第九位: 台湾曾拌面-香葱川椒味拌面 9. Zeng Noodles Scallion With Sichuan Pepper Flavor – Taiwan 宽面条很有嚼头,酱料分量适中,能完全拌均面条 The noodles have a broad, flat character with a very nice chew to them. The sauce coats the noodles completely – not too much, not too little. 第八位:斯里兰卡新加坡佳食面- 奶油鸡汤面 8. Prima Juzz's Mee Creamy Chicken Flavor – Sri Lanka Singapore 汤底像奶油鸡汤,但味道更浓郁 The broth is very elegant; more like cream of chicken soup – but with a rich and thick flavor. 第七位: 中国五谷道场-西红柿牛腩紫薯面 7. Wugudaochang Tomato Beef Brisket Flavor Purple Sweet Potato Noodles – China Via http:sanwen8.cnpaLRFK.html 西红柿味的汤底配上口感一流的牛肉, 味道不错这是第一次有中国品牌的泡面上榜 The broth is very good – excellent tomato flavor with beef notes and a very gourmet texture. This is China’s first appearance in the top ten instant noodles list. 第六位:马来西亚-槟城白咖哩汤面 6. MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodle Authentic Taste – Malaysia 它巳经连续第三年登上十大最好吃泡面宝座! This is its third year in a row on the top ten instant noodles list. 第五位: 新加坡百胜厨- 咖哩全谷拉面 5. Prima Taste Singapore Curry Wholegrain La Mian – Singapore 面条厚且有嚼劲,汤头浓郁,最精的不得不说是它的酱料和椰子粉 Noodles are thick and chewy, the broth thick and strong, especially with their wonderful paste and coconut powder. 第四位: 马来西亚-槟城红东炎汤面 . MyKuali Penang Red Tom Yum Goong Noodle Authentic Taste – Malaysia 浓郁的冬阴功作汤底–配上大虾、柠檬草和西红柿味道, 新配方有更浓的蘑菇味 The broth is a thick tom yum goong – strong shrimp, lemongrass and tomato notes abound as well as a lot more mushroom taste in this new recipe. 第三位:马来西亚佳珍-娘惹咖哩叻沙汤面 3. CarJEN Nyonya Curry Laksa Improved Taste – Malaysia 这是它第二年打进十大最好吃泡面排行榜 This is its second year on the top ten instant noodles list. 第二位:马来西亚- 香辣虾汤面 . MyKuali Penang Spicy Prawn Soup Noodle Authentic Taste – Malaysia 从去年的第七位升至今年的第二位,而跃升的真正原因是它正宗的新口味配方丰富的甜虾味浓汤,不错! Up from seventh place last year, MyKuali really upped their game with this new Authentic Taste recipe. The broth is just amazing – good thickness and so rich and flavorful with a sweet prawn flavor. 第一位: 新加坡百胜厨- 叻沙全谷拉面 1: Prima Taste Singapore Laksa Wholegrain La Mian – Singapore 汤头的配方看来没有改变味道依旧浓郁, 辣度也在大众容易接受的范围内 The broth seems unchanged. The flavor is rich and spiciness very accessible to most folks. 还记得我们以前也发布过类似的文章吗? 但它是介绍全球十大难吃的泡面,快以下连结,看看哪些是属于泡面界的地狱! http:mt.sohu.comn6866 快留言分享一下你们觉得好吃的泡面吧! English Source: The Ramen Rater。

超百万英国人签字请愿第二次脱欧公投 -- :: 来源: 在英国脱欧公投后,一份呼吁二次公投的请愿书获得了超过一百万人的签名 A petition calling a second referendum on UK’s membership of the EU has gained more than one million signatures following the vote to leave.在英国脱欧公投后,一份呼吁二次公投的请愿书获得了超过一百万人的签名The petition will be considered by Parliament as it has passed the required 0,000 threshold.只要请愿书获得超过十万人签名就将接受议会审议The UK voted to leave the EU by 5% to 8% in Thursday’s referendum but the majority of voters in London, Scotland and Northern Ireland backed Remain.在上周四的全民公投中,英国以5%比8%的投票数选择离开欧盟,但伦敦,苏格兰和北爱尔兰的大多数选民持留在欧盟David Cameron has previously said there would be no second referendum.卡梅伦此前曾表示将不会有第二次公投On Friday he said he would stand down as prime minister by October following the leave result.上周五脱欧结果出炉后,他说他将在十月份辞去首相职务’Accept that decision’“接受这个决定”The petition, set up by William Oliver Healey, states: "We the undersigned call upon HM Government to implement a rule that if the Remain or Leave vote is less than 60%, based on a turnout less than 75%, there should be another referendum."这份由威廉·奥利弗·希利起草的请愿书宣称:“我们签名呼吁英国政府实施既定规则,如果留欧或脱欧方票数少于60%,总投票率低于75%,则应该举行第二次公投”Thursday saw a 7.% turnout, significantly higher than the 66.1% turnout at last year’s general election, but below the 75% mark suggested by Mr Healey as a threshold.上周四的投票率为7.%,明显高于去年大选66.1%的投票率,但是低于希利先生提出的75%的临界值The Scottish independence referendum in had a turnout of 8.6% - but there has not been a turnout above 75% at any general election since 199.年苏格兰独立公投的投票率为8.6%,但自199以来,没有任何一次大选投票率在75%以上The petition site temporarily went down following "exceptionally high volumes of simultaneous users on a single petition, significantly higher than on any previous occasion", a House of Commons spokeswoman said.该请愿网站由于“特别高的用户量在同一时间涌入同一请愿书,显着高于以前的任何场合”暂时下线,下议院发言人说However, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn rejected the idea of a second referendum.然而,工党领袖杰瑞米·科尔宾否决了第二次全民公决的想法He said: "The referendum has taken place, a decision has been made. I think we have got to accept that decision and work out our relationship with Europe in the future."他说:“公投已经发生,人们已经作出了决定我认为我们必须接受这一决定,并处理与欧洲的未来关系”UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who has campaigned the UK to leave the EU throughout his political career, said in May that a narrow win Remain could cause unstoppable demand a rerun of the referendum.英国独立党领袖奈吉尔·法拉杰的整个政治生涯都在谋求英国脱离欧盟他在5月份表示,如果留欧派险胜,则很可能不可阻挡地引起第二次公投But Mr Cameron has said the referendum was a "once in a generation, once in a lifetime" decision, saying the UK had "referendums not neverendums".但卡梅伦表示,公投是“一代人一生只有一次”的决定,并称英国将“不会有第二次公投”The parliamentary petitions system is overseen by the Petitions Committee, which considers whether petitions that receive more than 0,000 signatures should be raised in the House of Commons and debated.议会的请愿系统由请愿委员会监督,该委员会将考虑有超过十万个签名的请愿书是否应该在下议院提出和讨论The committee is due to sit again on Tuesday.该委员会将于本周二再次开庭In a separate petition more than 0,000 people have called on London Mayor Sadiq Khan to declare the English capital independent from the UK and apply to join the EU.在一份单独的请愿书中,有超过十万人呼吁伦敦市长萨迪克·汗宣布英国首都从英国独立出来并申请加入欧盟The page, set up by James O’Malley, states: "London is an international city, and we want to remain at the heart of Europe.由詹姆斯·欧麦立起草的请愿书声称:“伦敦是一个国际化的城市,我们想要保持欧洲中心地位”"Let’s face it - the rest of the country disagrees. So rather than passive aggressively vote against each other at every election, let’s make the divorce official and move in with our friends on the continent."“让我们面对事实-这个国家的其余地区不同意这一观点与其在每次选举中被动地激烈地投票反对其他人,不如让我们与官方离婚,同我们大陆上的朋友们同居”Mr Khan has said he has no doubt London would "continue to be the successful city" but called the UK to remain part of the single market.萨迪克表示,他对伦敦将“继续成为成功的城市”这一点毫无疑虑,但呼吁英国仍然作为统一市场的一部分留下来mer London Mayor Boris Johnson, one of the leading Leave campaigners and the bookmakers’ odds-on favourite to succeed David Cameron, has insisted the UK is not "turning its back" on Europe.前伦敦市长,脱欧阵营的领导人物,下注接替卡梅伦的热门人选鲍里斯·约翰逊坚称,英国并没有“背弃”欧洲He said the decision would not make the UK any less tolerant or outward looking and would not reduce opporties young people.他表示这个决定并不会使得英国变得不宽容,眼界不开放,也不会减少给年轻人的机会。

职场女性表情符号来袭:各种职业都有男女两种选项 -- 18::6 来源:chinadaily Emoji users will soon be able to select female versions of police officers, doctors and athletes after critics said the popular text-message cartoons discriminated against women by showing mainly men in professional roles.人们很快就能在表情符号中选择女警官、女医生或者女运动员了此前家表示当下流行的手机卡通表情符号中职业角色以男性形象居多,这是对女性的歧视The Unicode consortium, the body that decides global standards emoji, said 33 existing characters would be altered to allow smartphone users to pick between male and female options.统一码协会是决定世界通用表情符号的机构,该机构表示智能手机用户将有33个可选男女的角色表情符号In addition, a new set of emoji showing people at work, including chefs, farmers and computer programmers, will display male and female versions, as well as several different skin tones.除此以外,代表不同职业的一组新表情符号,将包括厨师、农民、计算机程序员等个角色这组符号不仅有男女两个版本,还有不同肤色可供用户选择Previously, phones had represented emoji such as "weightlifter" and "spy" as male characters, while "cutting hair" and "tipping" had been represented by females. Future updates to the iPhone and Android software will allow texters to choose between genders.之前,手机上“举重运动员”和“特务”的表情符号都是男性,而“剪头发”和“给小费”都是女性在将来苹果和安卓系统的新版本中,这些角色都有男女两种性别可选择Google, which had led a campaign to encourage more emoji showing women at work, said: "More than 90 percent of the world's online population use emoji. But while there's a huge range of emoji, there aren't a lot that highlight the diversity of women's careers, or empower young girls.谷歌发起了一场运动来提倡表现职业女性的表情符号,谷歌表示:“全世界90%以上的网民使用表情符号尽管表情符号数量庞大,但其中表现女性职业多样化的并不多,可供年轻女性使用的也不多”"We hope these updates help make emoji just a little more representative of the millions of people around the world who use them."“我们希望这些更新能使表情符号更具代表性,方便世界各地用户使用”Other new emoji showing men and women in professional roles include factory workers, mechanics, office workers, scientists, singers and teachers.其他的新表情符号代表了各行各业的男性和女性,包括工人、机修工、上班族、科学家、歌手和老师等The rise of text messaging apps such as WhatsApp and iMessage have made emoji – of which there are now more than 1,500 – a key m of communication. However, they have been criticised a lack of diversity.像WhatsApp和iMessage这样的信息应用的崛起已经使得00多种表情符号成为交流的重要形式之一然而它们却因为缺乏多元性而备受批评Last year, a range of ethnically-diverse emoji were introduced that allowed users to change from the default yellow to one of six skin tones, and a series showing same-sex couples and families were also added.去年苹果推出了一组种族多元化的表情符号,用户可以把默认的黄皮肤改成六种肤色中的任意一种,同时也增加了一系列表现同性夫妇和家庭的表情符号On Friday, the charity Scope urged Unicode to add new emoji featuring disabled people and Paralympic athletes.慈善组织Scope上周五强烈要求统一码协会增加残疾人士和残奥会运动员的表情符号英文来源:每日电讯报翻译:张雪妮(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)审校#38;编辑:丹妮。

数百万人请愿抵制玉林肉节 -- :30: 来源: 中国动物权益保护组织日前发起了一场请愿活动,号召停止一年一度的玉林肉节,目前这份请愿书已经收到了10多万人的签名 Activists want to stop the consumption of dog meat at the festival in the southern city of Yulin which is due to begin later this month.在本月下旬,照惯例玉林将举行肉节,而活动家们想要阻止这种消费肉的行为Correspondents say animal rights is a growing concern in China.记者们表示,动物权益在中国越来越受到重视There have been frequent calls to treat animals more humanely.在中国,经常有人呼吁应该更加人道地对待动物About activists accompanied by their dogs handed in the petition at the representative office of Yulin city in the Chinese capital, Beijing. They unfurled banners with pictures of their pets alongside the message: "I’m not your dinner."大约有名活动家和他们的一起,向玉林驻北京办事处递交了这份请愿书他们拉起了横幅,上面有他们宠物的照片,还写着“我不是你的晚餐”The annual festival - due to begin on 1 June - involves the slaughter of thousands of dogs human consumption.玉林肉节将于6月1日开始,届时将有成千上万只被屠宰,变成人类的盘中餐Figures cited by The Washington Post say about 30 million dogs are killed across Asia every year their meat, with more than a third of that number killed in China.据《华盛顿邮报引用的数据显示,整个亚洲每年要屠宰3000万条食肉,其中中国占据的比例超过了三分之一Opponents say many dogs are either stolen or are strays rounded up the festival. They say many are caged in cramped conditions bee being killed.肉节的反对者们称许多都是被偷来的,还有一些是被抓来的流浪在被屠宰之前,许多都被关在狭窄拥挤的笼子里Campaigning group Humane Society International has described the Yulin event as a "nightmare not a festival".运动组织“国际人道主义协会”称玉林肉节是一个“噩梦而不是一个节日”Supporters of the festival argue that dog meat is good people and eating canines is no different from consuming any other meat.肉节的持者们则表示肉对人体有益,吃肉和吃其他肉没什么两样In , the Yulin government distanced itself from the festival, arguing it was organised by private business people and did not have official backing.年,玉林政府澄清了自己和肉节的关系,称肉节是由商人自己组织的,政府并没有持Celebrities including British comedian Ricky Gervais have criticised the festival along with Chinese pop star Chen Kun and actors Yang Mi and Fan Bingbing.许多名人都表达了对玉林肉节的潜质,包括英国喜剧演员瑞奇·热尔维、中国流行歌手陈坤、演员杨幂和范冰冰The tradition of eating dog meat dates back four or five hundred years in China, South Korea and other countries, as it is believed to ward off the heat of the summer months, according to state news agency Xinhua.据新华社报道,中国、韩国和其他国家吃肉的历史可以追溯到、500年前,人们相信吃肉可以去暑However, the Yulin festival only began in recent years, Xinhua reported last year.但是据新华社报道,玉林肉节是近些年才兴起的。

抱歉,凯特王妃,嫁的更好! --5 :56: 来源:chinadaily Clever Pippa (right with James Matthews) has scored a bullseye when it comes to rich husbands and, in doing so, has even managed to eclipse Kate.Sorry Kate, little sis has made a FAR better match! Clever Pippa scores a bullseye with her engagement to wildly wealthy James Matthews - and will live a life that the Duchess can only dream about. 抱歉,凯特王妃,嫁的更好!聪明的皮帕找到如意郎君,与超级富有的詹姆斯?马修斯订婚——她将过上王妃都梦寐以求的生活O hear ye, hear ye and hallelujah to ye, too. Let the word go th from this place that Miss Pippa of the Middletons is now engaged to Mr James Matthews, bachelor of this parish. 知道了,知道了,祝你好运!让祝福之声从这里开始传达:米德尔顿家的二千金皮帕现与这个教区的黄金单身汉詹姆斯?马修斯订婚了The engagement took place on Saturday, while the sporty couple were in the Lake District. 这对爱好运动的恋人于周六在湖区订立婚约On a midsummer day, James got down on one of his rugged knees, rummaged among the Kendal mint cake and liniment bottles in his mink-lined rucksack to pull out the stonking £50,000 ring. 仲夏之日,詹姆斯单膝跪地,在华贵背包中的肯德尔薄荷糕及清草油瓶间掏出一枚价值高达5万英镑的戒指 the UK’s most eligible miss — possessor of a famous derriere, party planner, professional royal-in-law and socialite extraordinaire — is now officially off the market. 作为英国最炙手可热的未婚女士——“皮帕臀”的主人、派对策划人、专业王室亲属、上层名流——皮帕现在正式在婚配市场下架Not only that, but clever Pippa has scored a bullseye when it comes to rich husbands and, in doing so, has even managed to eclipse Kate. 不仅如此,聪明的皮帕找到如意郎君,将与富有的詹姆斯喜结连理,甚至让凯特都黯然失色 while Kate may have married into royalty — and have produced a son who is a future King of England — Pippa stands to live the unrestrained wealthy wife’s life that Big Sis can only dream of. 虽然嫁入王室的凯特已经生下了未来的英国国王——她也只能在梦中暗暗羡慕即将成为任性阔太的皮帕Despite the prestige inherent in her married title of Duchess of Cambridge, in many ways Kate will always be a bird in a modestly gilded cage.尽管凯特的婚姻为她带来“剑桥公爵夫人”的显赫与殊荣,她在很多方面都仍只能是个“关在镀金笼子里的金丝雀”From now until ever, modern protocol and societal demands mean that the Duchess will have to be prudent and thrifty: dutifully pairing her loaned tiaras with High Street shoes; making sure the children don’t look too elitist in their pre-war nursery rompers; keeping her skiing trips down to a once-a-year mini break; and never, ever wearing Gucci in public. 从结婚的那刻直到永远,社会舆论和道德风向让公爵夫人注定只能向世人展示其谨慎节俭的形象:尽职地以“借来的”搭配高街鞋;确保子女所穿的旧式连裤童衣不显得过于贵气;将自己的滑雪旅行小假期控制在一年一次;以及绝不,永不在公共场合穿古驰Unlike Kate (pictured with Prince William), bound by ungiving royal schedules and responsibilities, Pippa can take off on a whim whenever she pleases, opting unashamed five-star luxury at every turnShe must make do with living in damp Norfolk and holidays at Balmoral, put up with everyone tut-tutting about how much she spent on kitchen worktops and always cut her embossed royal cloth to fit others’ expectations of frugality. 她得将就住在潮湿阴冷的诺福克,假期住在巴尔莫拉,忍受众人对她持家用度的窃窃私语,王室华常常旧衣新穿,以满足公众对她勤俭持家的期待And while she must never seem profligate, the sky is the limit the future Mrs Pippa Matthews. Her husband-to-be is, of course, a hedge fund manager, a 0-year-old City financier who is richer than some small countries and who is evidently happy to spend a considerable part of his tune on his future bride. 凯特从未显得挥金如土,未来的马修斯夫人却前途无量她的未婚夫是一位年届四十的对冲基金经理人,作为城市金融家,他的身家甚至超过一些小国家如此富豪,自然会非常乐意在他的未婚妻上花费巨资 after becoming famous just because of her sister, Pippa has the best of everything — starting with the engagement ring. 因一举成名的皮帕现在坐拥了最美好的一切——从戴上订婚戒指开始While Kate had to make do with the outdated and second-hand Ring of Doom — Princess Diana’s Ceylon sapphire, given to her by Prince Charles, ever the glittering symbol of a royal marriage that went spectacularly wrong — Pippa has an amazing chunk of brilliant diamond, chosen just her by the man she loves. 凯特只能硬着头皮接受过时、预兆不祥的二手戒指——查尔斯王子送给戴安娜王妃的锡兰蓝宝石,曾为不渝爱情的象征,但两人婚姻结局让人大跌眼镜——皮帕却拥有一颗闪亮的大钻戒,而且是由她爱的男人为她亲自挑选In addition, she can — and does — have as many lovely holidays as she wants. James’s parents own Eden Rock, one of the loveliest hotels on the Caribbean island of St Barts, meaning Pippa will never have to look far to top up her year-round tan. 除此之外,她可以——也确实能——要多少愉快假期就有多少詹姆斯的双亲坐拥伊甸岩,圣巴特岛加勒比海岸最受欢迎的度假酒店之一,这也意味着皮帕日后无需费力寻觅,也可以就近找到常年日光浴的理想之地Kate waves to the crowds as her sister and Maid of Honour Pippa Middleton holds her dress bee walking in to Westminster Abbey in Not only that, but her fiance also has a private plane, a £3 million Pilatus PC-, in which he whisked Pippa to Corsica a weekend in May. 不仅如此,她的未婚夫还拥有一架私人飞机,造价300万英镑的皮拉图斯PC-飞机今年五月,他就曾带皮帕乘坐飞机到科西嘉岛共度周末Unlike Kate, bound by ungiving royal schedules and responsibilities, Pippa can take off on a whim whenever she pleases, opting unashamed five-star luxury at every turn. 与被严苛的王室规矩和责任义务所束缚的不同,皮帕可以随心所欲的出门旅行,住奢侈的五星级酒店却不必担心引起非议Contrast, too, the sisters’ marital homes. Pippa is aly installed in James’s magnificent house in London’s Chelsea, where her bethrothed has recently installed his and hers dressing rooms. 两的“婚房”也大相径庭皮帕已经在詹姆斯位于伦敦切尔西的豪宅安家,她的未婚夫近期设立了两人的独立更衣室There is a man who knows the secret of a happy marriage: privacy, separate sinks and don’t touch my towels. 这个男人深谙美满婚姻之道:私人的独立洗浴,别碰另一半的毛巾Located in one of the most exclusive parts of London, Pippa’s pad couldn’t be more different from Kate’s remote Anmer Hall, stuck out on a limb, miles away from any fun — or even a consoling branch of LK Bennett. 凯特所居的Anmer Hall别墅自然与皮帕位于伦敦富人区的寓所不可同日而语,不仅位置偏僻,还几乎与乐趣绝缘——在附近甚至找不到LK Bennett品牌分店And while Pippa can continue to indulge in outdoor pursuits — running, swimming, cycling, mountain climbing and skiing on every continent — the equally sporty Kate is destined to confine her exercise routine to a windy tennis court in Norfolk. 在皮帕可以尽情享受户外运动之时——跑步,游泳,骑自行车,爬山,在任意一个大陆滑雪——同样爱好运动的凯特注定只能将日常的运动场所局限于诺克福凉飕飕的网球场Tatler magazine has suggested Pippa has a thing ‘tall men who work in finance’. Her previous two boyfriends were lofty City types, but James puts them all to shame. 《尚流表示,皮帕素来对“金融界的高个子男人”有好感她原来两个男友都是都市新贵,但詹姆斯显然让她的前任们相形见绌He is the kind of suede loafer, blazer-wearing, rich posh boy to gladden any mother’s heart. So let us pause a moment to steady ourselves in the hurricane gusts blowing down from the Home Counties. 他是典型的富家子弟,穿运动夹克衫,闲散潇洒,很难不成为少奶杀手让我们翘首以待,他订婚的消息一定会在伦敦各郡掀起飓风英文来源:每日邮报翻译:陈蕾羽(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning。

“大爷式占座”惹争议 --01 :51: 来源: 坐地铁、公交时最怕旁边的人不自觉,要不拿包占一个座位,要不干脆把两腿往两边摊开,直接一人占两座这种行为在国外已经引发公开抗议,而且还有个专门的词来描述这个行为——manspingMansping describes the situation when a man sits with his legs wide apart on public transport encroaching on other seats, also called man-sitting. Those who do so are known as manspers.Mansping,也叫man-sitting,指男士在乘坐公共交通工具时,双腿向两边摊开,以至于侵占了旁边的座位,我们称之为“大爷式占座”做出这种行为的人可以称为“占座大爷”'Mansping' has caused some internet criticism and debates in the USA, UK, Turkey and Canada. Campaigners have criticized the practice being rude and inconsiderate to other passengers who have to stand.“大爷式占座”行为已经在美国、英国、土耳其以及加拿大等国引发了网络论战和批评反对人士认为这一行为无礼,并且没有顾及到周围站着没有座位的其他乘客。