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南平市妇幼保健院有泌尿科吗晋安区男性专科Friday, Puerto Rico reported its first case of a baby born with microcephaly as a result of Zika. 周五,波多黎各报道了首例因塞卡病毒造成的婴儿出生畸形。Officials say the medical condition was not identified until the mother was eight months pregnant. 官员表示,直到母亲怀八月,身体状况才被确定。The newborn has severe brain defects, hearing, and vision problems, and remains in the hospital in the capital of San Juan. 这名新生儿有严重的脑缺损,以及听力和视力问题,现在待在首都圣胡安的医院里。31,500 Zika cases have been reported in Puerto Rico, including in over 2,400 pregnant women. 波多黎各有31,500例寨卡病毒报道,包括超过2,400名妇。The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expects an influx of babies born with severe deformities in Puerto Rico in upcoming months.美国疾病控制和预防中心预计在接下来的几个月里,波多黎各会有严重畸形婴儿出生潮。译文属。201610/475237福州市中医院有治疗前列腺炎吗 Hi, my name is Jane, I’m a teacher with Meisi.大家好,我的名字是Jane, 我是美思的英语老师。Last time we talked about “I’m in”.Students always like to ask about the opposite of a word. Think about “way in” and “way out”.So if we can say “I’m in”, can we say “I’m out”? Of course.上次我们学了 “算上我”。学生们总想知道反义词,看看“way in”和”way out”这两个词就知道啦。我们可以用I’m in 来表达算上我一个,那么我们能说I’m out 来表达相反的意思吗?当然可以!I’m out就是“我不参加”“我撤了”这个意思。还有一个差不多意思的词 “I’m done”.公众微信账号:贵旅特(shanghai_greeters) 公众账号:meisi1949 /201701/487541ellentube is doing very well thanks to all of you.艾伦的节目反响很好 感谢大家的持people are posting their s, and I appreciate it very much.大家都在不断上传视频 不胜感激Im gonna show you a few我现在要给你们看一些that some people have posted-uploaded.大家发布或者上传的视频and these are this is a toddler,他们是… 这是个孩子and hes missing his sucker.然后他的棒棒糖不见了where did your sucker go?“你的棒棒糖哪去了?”where did your sucker go? its gone.“你的棒棒糖哪去了?” “不见了”wherewhere did it go?“那在哪儿呢—它去哪了?”where did it go? where did your sucker go?“它去哪了?” “棒棒糖去哪了?”its on his head.在他的头上its on the back of his head.就在他的脑袋后面hes never gonna find it. they should help him.他永远都找不到它 他们应该帮助他hes a child.他还只是个孩子heres this is an audience member,接下来…这是我们一个观众and this is i love this so much.这个…我超爱这段视频they surprised her.他们给了她一个惊喜she was coming to the show, and she didnt know it.她要来参加我们的节目 然而她并不知道oh, whats going on here? whats that? ;ellen;?哦 怎么了?那是什么?艾伦秀?is that where they line up to go to ;the ellen;--这不是排队参加艾伦秀的地方么yeah, hi, how you doing? were here for ;the ellen show.;是啊 嗨 你好 我们是来参加艾伦秀的youre not youre kidding me.你不是......你在开玩笑么no. were going to ;the ellen show.; oh, my god!不 我们要去参加艾伦秀 哦 上帝啊were going to ;ellen;? yeah, we are.我们要去参加艾伦秀?是的oh, im gonna cry! were going to ;ellen;!哦 我会高兴哭的 我们要去艾伦秀啦i love you.我好爱你look what im wearing! aw, thats sweet.看 我都穿了什么 喔...真好we were full that day, so she didnt get in,我们那天现场人满了 所以她没能进来but she was但是她…heres a kid getting a holiday gift.接下来是一个拆礼物的孩子heres riley opening up his gift from aunt corinne.现在是赖利正要拆开科琳阿姨送的礼物okay, open it up. what is it?好的 打开它吧 是什么?bubble wrap! bub气泡纸!气…ah. ah. isnt it so much fun though?喔 喔 真的那么有趣么?its like-- i like theoh, i--就像是……我喜欢……噢 我……i mean, thisi could do this for an hour.我是说 这 我可以捏一小时now you know you can just put a box--现在你们知道只需要放一个箱子an empty box, no toy in it--空箱子 里面没有玩具的那种and surround it with bubble wrap然后用气泡纸围起来and your kid is gonna be happy and satisfied. uh oh.然后你的孩子就会很高兴很满意 呃 噢did you want to see more s? hold on.想看更多的视频?等一下下this is my first time on a talk show.这是我第一次上访谈节目what is it, noah? my first time on a talk show.什么 诺亚?我第一次上访谈节目oh, man. welcome.噢 天啊 欢迎201705/508808建瓯市妇幼保健院有治疗前列腺炎吗

福州龟头炎该怎么治疗每一个女生都会拥有自己心爱的八音盒,旋转、起舞,然后成长。《Jasmin口语八音盒》,陪你在口语的世界舞动自己。可可的朋友大家好,欢迎来到《Jasmin口语八音盒》。大家是否喜欢雨呢?那是喜欢什么程度的雨呢?今天我们就来看看英文中雨的表达,来看看倾盆大雨VS毛毛雨吧! 1. It rained cats and dogs last night.昨晚雨下得很大。Rain cats and dogs 是一句非常受欢迎的俚语,几乎每个学英语的学生都懂得用 rain cats and dogs 来形容雨下得很大。当然如果你不想用俚语的讲法,你可以说:;Its raining really hard. (雨下得很大) ;或是;Were having a heavy rain.; 同样也是;雨下得很大。;那;雨下得很大,我被淋成了落汤鸡;这整句话要怎么讲? ;落汤鸡;在英文里常用 ;I am soaked.; (我湿透了) 来形容,所以整句话就成为. ;Its raining cats and dogs out there so I am soaked.; 2. We had a downpour.我们刚遇到了一场倾盆大雨。中文里常形容下雨像是用;倒;的一样, 这在英文里也有同样对等的字眼喔! 英文里用的是 downpour 这个词。所以;下雨像是用倒的;我们可以说:;We had a downpour.;另外有一个十分口语的讲法就是 ;Its really coming down out there.;,也是形容雨下得很大, 像是用;倒;的一样。3. Its just sprinkling.只是在下毛毛雨而已。在英文里不管下;毛毛雨;或是;毛毛雪;我们都可以用 drizzle 和 sprinkle 这两个动词来表示。Drizzle 这个词就是气象术语;下毛毛雨;的意思,而 sprinkle 则是一个动词表示;撒;, 但也常被用来形容毛毛雨,常听到的用法就是:;Its drizzling.; 或是 ;Its sprinkling.;另外还有一个词叫 scattered rain,指的则是;零零星星地降雨;。例如:;We have to cancel the track and field contest because of the. (因为零星的降雨所以我们必须取消田径赛);好了,今天的雨专辑你觉得怎样呢?在下雨的时候我们不妨用英文描述下吧。OK,今天的节目就到这里了,我们坚信说好英语口语不是难事。Practice makes perfect。这里是《Jasmin口语八音盒》,我是Jasmin。感谢大家收听此次节目,下期节目,我们再见。JasminMSN: jasminecho@msn.cn /164889松溪县中医院看男科怎么样 Subject:You play ball with me and I’ll play ball with you. 迷你对话A: You play ball with me and I’ll play ball with you.这次你跟我合作,下次我一定跟你合作。B: OK. It is deal.好,一言为定。 地道表达play ball with sb. 1. 释义中国人说“打球”,很少说“玩球”。可是在英语总却刚刚相反,没有人说“打球”,都是说“play ball”。To play ball除了有“打球”的意思外,它还有“合作,互相帮忙”的意思。美国人常说“You play ball with me and I’ll play ball with you.”从字面上看是“你和我打球,我就和你打球。”孩子当然会说这样的话。但是这句话作为俗语来看,意思是“这次你跟我合作,下次我跟你合作。” 2. 例句e.g. We need the Committees approval for this scheme.Do you think theyll play ball with us?我们这项计划需要委员会的赞助。你认为他们会跟我们合作吗?e.g. Theyre refusing to play ball with us.他们拒绝与我们合作。e.g. He is very helpful and it is easy to play ball with him.他非常肯帮忙,与他合作很容易。 Ps:It is a deal. 这个口语短句的意思是“事情就定下来了。”或“一言为定。” /201311/264196罗源县治疗阳痿多少钱

南平医院预约Subject:My ears are burning.迷你对话A: My ears are burning. Maybe the person who is scolding me is in the library, too.有人在谈论我。或许那个人就在图书馆里。B: But maybe somebody is missing you, right? I guess he is staring at you with deep feelings.但是也许有人在想你哦,对吧。我才那个人正生情地看着你了。地道表达one’s ears are burning1. 解词释义One’s ears are burning.的字面意思是“某人的耳朵在发烧。”即为“耳根发热。”的意思,实际意义是“有人在谈论某人。”当我们耳根发热的时候,或怀疑有人在说自己坏话。西方人相信,如果你的耳根发热,那可能是有人在其他地方议论你或者是有人在想你。其英文解释为:something that you say to someone who is being talked about。2 .例句拓展e.g. All that talk about William - his ears must have been burning.那一切都是关于William的谈论,一定是有人在议论他。Ps:stare at的意思是“凝视,盯住”的意思。例如:In the West people think its rude to stare at a person.在西方,人们认为盯着看人是不礼貌的。He would often stare at the black print for a long time.他常常久久地盯着那些黑色的印刷字体。You have no time to stare at yourself.你现在没时间端详自己了。I would stare at it, feeling that it possessed some vital meaning which always eluded me.我每每凝视着这个形象,总觉得其中寓意重大,而又百思不得其解。Ps:with deep feelings的意思是“深情地”,它是个副词性短语。 /201404/287351 什么是品位呢?这确实很难用语言来描述。你们好,欢迎来到《Faith口语课堂-天天学》新的一课,我是Faith老师,今天来培养一下大家对英语的品位。Procrastinate: vi. 拖延, 耽搁You can’t procrastinate any longer, tomorrow will be yesterday. 你不能再这么耗时间了,明天会变成昨天。He procrastinates until it is too late to do anything at all. 他因循坐误,一事无成。I was sick of all the procrastinating. 我受够自己这么瞎拖。Procrastination:n. 拖延(明日复明日)Procrastination is not a good habit in time management. 拖拉从时间管理上来说不是个好习惯。Procrastination is one of my failings. 喜欢磨蹭是我的一个缺点。Taste: n. 滋味, 味道, 鉴赏力, 爱好, 嗜好The food has an attractive taste. 这食品的味道很诱人。Her taste in clothing is rather vulgar. 她穿着相当俗气。Modern paintings are not to my taste. 现代画不合我的口味。Have a taste in… 对……有品位,对……的审美能力She has developed a good taste in clothes. 她在衣着方面已培养出良好的品位。He has refined taste in everything. 他在各方面都有高尚的品位。You have a poor taste in men. 你对男人的品位真差。My husband’s taste in music is contrary to my own, as a matter of fact, he has a poor taste in music. 在音乐方面,我丈夫的品位和我完全不同,不瞒你说,他对音乐没品位。 /201205/184276福州割包皮那家好福州男科哪家可以刷医保



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