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Jennifer's ears were "talking" to her. They were making little sounds, like little bubbles bursting. A "bubble" was bursting almost every second. It was not painful, but annoying. She knew the cause.While she was cleaning the whiteboard after her class ended last night, the fire alarm went off. Instead of leaving the building immediately, she walked around to see what the problem was. The blaring alarm sounded like the busy signal on a phone, but 1,000 times louder. The school seemed to be empty. Then she walked by one room, and saw about seven students inside.Just then the night supervisor came by. She told everyone to leave immediately. The students were packing their hair-care equipment into their bags. The night supervisor waited impatiently. Finally, after almost five minutes, all the students and their teacher left the building. They apologized for being so slow.The firemen never arrived. Instead, a school police officer showed up. He walked around the area with the supervisor. It was a false alarm. The officer used his key to finally turn off the alarm.But it was too late for Jennifer. She had listened to the loud alarm for too long. She should have known better. Even as she drove home, her ears felt strange. Article/201104/130143

According to the writer Walter Ellis, author of a book called the Oxbridge Conspiracy, Britain is still dominated by the old-boy network: it isn't what you know that matters, but who you know. He claims that at Oxford and Cambridge Universities (Oxbridge for short) a few select people start on an escalator ride which, over the years, carries them to the tops of British privilege and power. His research revealed that the top professions all continue to be dominated, if not 90 per cent, then 60 or 65 per cent, by Oxbridge graduates.And yet ,says Ellis, Oxbridge graduates make up only two per cent of the total number of students who graduate from Britain's universities. Other researches also seem to support his belief that Oxbridge graduates start with an unfair advantage in the employment market. In the law, a recently published report showed that out of 26 senior judges appointed to the High Court last year, all of them went to private schools and 21 of them went to Oxbridge.But can this be said to amount to a conspiracy? Not according to Dr. John Rae, a former headmaster of one of Britain's leading private schools, Westminster:"I would accept that there was a bias in some key areas of British life, but that bias has now gone. Some time ago - in the 60s and before - entry to Oxford and Cambridge was not entirely on merit. Now, there's absolutely no question in any objective observer's mind that entry to Oxford and Cambridge is fiercely competitive."However, many would disagree with this. For, although over three-quarters of British pupils are educated in state schools, over half the students that go to Oxbridge have been to private, or "public" schools. Is this because pupils from Britain's private schools are more intelligent than those from state schools, or are they simply better prepared?On average, about £5,000 a year is spent on each private school pupil, more than twice the amount spent on state school pupils. So how can the state schools be expected to compete with the private schools when they have far fewer resources? And how can they prepare their pupils for the special entrance exam to Oxford University, which requires extra preparation, and for which many public school pupils traditionally stay at school and do an additional term?Until recently, many blamed Oxford for this bias because of the university's special entrance exam (Cambridge abolished its entrance exam in 1986). But last February, Oxford University decided to abolish the exam to encourage more state school applicants. From autumn 1996, Oxford University applicants, like applicants to other universities, will be judged only on their A level results and on their performance at interviews, although some departments might still set special tests.However, some argue that there's nothing wrong in having elite places of learning, and that by their very nature, these places should not be easily accessible. Most countries are run by an elite and have centers of academic excellence from which the elite are recruited. Walter Ellis accepts that this is true:"But in France, for example, there are something like 40 equivalents of university, which provide this elite through a much broader base. In America you've got the Ivy League, centered on Harvard and Yale, with Princeton and Stanford and others. But again, those universities together - the elite universities - are about ten or fifteen in number, and are being pushed along from behind by other great universities like, for example, Chicago and Berkeley. So you don't have just this narrow concentration of two universities providing a constantly replicating elite."When it comes to Oxford and Cambridge being elitist because of the number of private school pupils they accept, Professor Stone of Oxford University argues that there is a simple fact he and his associates cannot ignore:"If certain schools do better than others then we just have to accept it. We cannot be a place for remedial education. It's not what Oxford is there to do."However, since academic excellence does appear to be related to the amount of money spent per pupil. This does seem to imply that Prime Minister John Major's vision of Britain as a classless society is still a long way off. And it may be worth remembering that while John Major didn't himself go to Oxbridge, most of his ministers did.据《牛津剑桥阴谋帮派》一书作者沃尔特·埃利斯所说,英国如今仍然处于老同学关系网的控制下:你懂什么并不重要,重要的是认识谁。他声称在牛津大学和剑桥大学求学的少数精英一开始便平步青云,扶摇直上,几年之内,就登上了特权和权力的顶峰。他的调查结果显示,英国高级职能部门仍然由牛津和剑桥的毕业生控制着,如果没有90%,至少也有60或者65%。埃利斯指出,牛津、剑桥的毕业生只占英国大学毕业生总数的2%。其它的研究者似乎也明了这一点,即牛津、剑桥的毕业生一开始就在劳动市场上占据着不公平的优势。最近公布的一份调查结果显示:在法律界,去年任命的26名高级法官都就读过私立学校,其中21人曾就读过牛津和剑桥。但仅凭这些就能说是一个阴谋帮派吗?根据英国一家有代表性的私立学校--威斯敏斯特的前任校长约翰·雷士的看法,情况并不是这样的:"我承认过去英国的某些重要领域内存在着偏见,可如今这种偏见已经不存在了。一段时间以前--即60年工或更早的时候进牛津、剑桥并不完全是凭本事的。而现在,在任何能够客观看问题的人的眼里,毫无疑问,去牛津和剑桥读书竞争理很激烈的。"然而,很多人都不同意这种说法。尽管有3/4的英国毕业生就读于公立学校,而上牛津剑桥的学生中有半数以上的人曾就读于私立学校,即"公学"。难道这是因为英国私立学校的学生比公立学校的学生更聪明些?或者,仅仅因为他们准备得更加充分吗?私立学校平均每年在一个学生身上的花费是5000英镑,是公立学校每个学生费用的两倍还多。那么财源少得多的情况下,公立学校的学生怎么可能与私立学校的学生竞争呢?这些考试需要精心准备,为此许多公立学校的学生传统上要住校,以便有额外的学习时间。直到最近,仍有很多人就牛津大学的专门入学考试一事谴责牛津存在偏见。但牛津大学直到去年2月才决定取消入学考试,鼓励更多的公立学校毕业生报考本校。从1996年秋天开始,申请上牛津大学的学生像其它大学的申请者一样,将只根据他在中学学习期间的成绩和面试的表现来决定是否录取,尽管有些系仍可能需要专门考试。 Article/200802/28006

That evening when he got back from work, Uncle Vernon did something he#39;d never done before; he visited Harry in his cupboard.当天晚上,在弗农姨父下班后,他破灭荒的第一次拜访了住在柜子里的哈利。;Where#39;s my letter?; said Harry, the moment Uncle Vernon had squeezed through the door. ;Who#39;s writing to me?;;No one. It was addressed to you by mistake,; said Uncle Vernon shortly. ;I have burned it.;;It was not a mistake,; said Harry angrily, ;it had my cupboard on it.;;SILENCE!; yelled Uncle Vernon, and a couple of spiders fell from the ceiling. He took a few deep breaths and then forced his face into a smile, which looked quite painful.;我的信在哪里?;弗农姨父一钻进柜子哈利就问道,;是谁写过来的?;;不知道。是出了错信才会寄给你的。;弗农姨父简短地解释,;我已经把它烧了。;;没弄错。;哈利生气地说,;要不他怎么知道我住在柜子里。;;别出声!;弗农姨父尖叫道。这时几只蜘蛛从柜子顶上掉落下来。他深深的吸了几口气,强迫自己挤出一丝笑容,看得出来非常勉强。;Er ; yes, Harry ; about this cupboard. Your aunt and I have been thinking... you#39;re really getting a bit big for it... we think it might be nice if you moved into Dudley#39;s second bedroom.;Why?; said Harry.;这样的,哈利,关于这问题。我已经和你的姨妈考虑过了;;它对你来说确实是小了一点;;我们认为你最好能搬到达力的第二间卧室去。;;为什么?;哈利问。;Don#39;t ask questions!; snapped his uncle. ;Take this stuff upstairs, now.;The Dursleys#39; house had four bedrooms: one for Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia, one for visitors (usually Uncle Vernon#39;s sister, Marge), one where Dudley slept, and one where Dudley kept all the toys and things that wouldn#39;t fit into his first bedroom.;不要问问题!;弗农姨父打断了他,;赶快收拾你的东西上楼!;杜斯利家一共有四间卧室:一间是杜斯利夫妇住的,一间是给客人住的(通常是维能的玛姬)。剩下的一间是达力睡觉用的,另一间是给达力放第一间卧室放不下的玩具的。It only took Harry one trip upstairs to move everything he owned from the cupboard to this room. He sat down on the bed and stared around him. Nearly everything in here was broken. The month-old camera was lying on top of a small, working tank Dudley had once driven over the next door neighbor#39;s dog; in the corner was Dudley#39;s first-ever television set, which he#39;d put his foot through when his favorite program had been canceled; there was a large birdcage, which had once held a parrot that Dudley had swapped at school for a real air rifle, which was up on a shelf with the end all bent because Dudley had sat on it. Other shelves were full of books. They were the only things in the room that looked as though they#39;d never been touched.哈利只用了一趟就把他柜子里的所有东西搬到楼上的房间去了。他坐在床上看着周围的东西。几乎这里所有的东西都是破的:达力用过一个月的电影摄像机被放在一只小小的玩具坦克上。达力曾经用这架坦克轧过邻居家的。摆在角落的是达德里的第一台电视机,这台电视机是在他最喜爱的电视节目被取消后他一脚踢破的。房间还有一只装过一只鹦鹉的巨大的鸟笼。可惜那只鹦鹉已经被达力在学校换成了一。那的前端被折弯了,丢在架子上,可能是达力一屁股坐在上面弄坏的。其它架于放满了书。它们是整间房子唯一看上去没有被碰过的东西。From downstairs came the sound of Dudley bawling at his mother, I don#39;t want him in there... I need that room... make him get out...;Harry sighed and stretched out on the bed. Yesterday he#39;d have given anything to be up here. Today he#39;d rather be back in his cupboard with that letter than up here without it.楼下传来达力的声音:;我不想他住在那里;;那间房是我的;;让他滚出去;;;哈利叹了一口气倒在床上。昨天他为了能住上来什么都愿意做。可是他今天宁愿住回他的柜子,只要能把那封信还给他。

  One of the world's oldest stories, The Epic of Gilgamesh, is a lively tale of heroism and sacrifice from ancient Sumer. It also contains one of the earliest references to beer. In the story, a female friend of the hero changes a wild, primitive beast into a cultured human being by giving him seven cups of beer. In reality, drinking that much beer is more likely to have the opposite effect. Nowadays, it is the beverage of choice among rowdy young people on a Saturday night out, and it has fueled acts of violence and destruction in more than a few societies. It is, nevertheless, the oldest known alcoholic drink in the world and is widely enjoyed.Fermented beverages made from various types of grain appeared independently in different locations all over the ancient world from Africa to China. The word beer itself comes from a Latin verb meaning "to drink", and the ancient Romans were certainly no strangers to the brew. However, because they considered it the drink of barbarians , the Romans generally preferred wine.In ancient times, people who made beer lacked the means to preserve and filter it properly, so the drink was cloudy and turned bad quickly. It was medieval European monks who introduced scientific brewing techniques in an effort to produce a nutritious beverage to supplement their meager diets. The monks were not restricted to only brewing the beer, and consumption of it within the monasteries reached astonishing levels. One report from Belgium said that monks were drinking as much as five liters a day. Monastery breweries in Europe also ran their own pubs and enjoyed a tax-free status that came to be resented by the growing merchant class. As the power and influence of the church declined, the art of brewing became an important commercial activity. Today, beer production is largely a high-tech process in the hands of huge corporations or government monopolies. However, recent years have seen a growth in the popularity of small-scale breweries, reflecting an increasing global demand for quality and variety. 《吉尔伽美什史诗》是世界上流传最久的故事之一,栩栩如生地讲述了古代苏美尔地区(古代幼发拉底河下游的一个地区)的英勇事迹及壮烈牺牲的场面。史诗也涉及有关啤酒的最早传说。在故事中英雄的一位女友用七杯啤酒将一头野性,原始的野兽变成了一位文雅的男子。 事实上,饮用太多啤酒更可能产生相反的效果。啤酒是时下血气方刚的年轻人在周六夜晚狂欢时必备的饮料,而啤酒也在为数不少的社群里激发了暴力和破坏行为。尽管如此,它仍是世界上公认为最古老的含酒精饮料,而且广受喜爱。这些由多种谷类制成的发酵饮料,古时候从非洲到中国的世界各国都各自单独生产。啤酒这个词源自拉丁文动词,意为“饮用”。古罗马人对啤酒肯定不陌生,不过,由于他们认为啤酒是野蛮人的饮料,因此古罗马人普遍偏好葡萄酒。古时的啤酒酿造者缺少良好的保存方法及过滤工具,所以啤酒混浊而且容易变质。正是中世纪欧洲的僧侣们引进科学的啤酒酿造技术,制造有营养的饮料, 从而补充了他们贫乏的饮食。僧侣们不只局限在酿造啤酒,而且还在修道院中大量饮用啤酒,消耗量实在惊人。一份来自比利时的报告指出,僧侣们每天喝五升多的啤酒。欧洲修道院的酿酒厂也经营自己的酒吧,并享有免税的优惠,此项优待引起正在兴起的商人阶级的不满。随着教会权力和影响的衰落,酿制艺术也就转变为一项重要的商业活动。今天,啤酒的制造在巨型企业或政府的垄断下俨然成为一个高科技流程。然而近年来,小规模啤酒厂的倍受青睐也反映了全球对啤酒质量及多样化日益增长的需求。 Article/200803/28211

  It's a big country, but still, how can anything be left of Iraq? When you look at the news on TV, all you see is one explosion after another. Helicopters falling from the sky, and vehicles flying into the sky. Suicide bombers committing homicide, and two deeply religious sects going at each other's throats.Iraqis are leaving the country as fast as they can, while terrorists are entering as fast as they can. About 30,000 Iraqi civilians are getting killed each year, while 2 million Iraqis have left their country since 2003. The US government, which has caused most of this suffering, has not welcomed these Iraqi refugees into the USA. Less than 800 Iraqis have been allowed to enter this country since the war began four years ago. What is the reason for this small number? The Iraqi people are our friends.The US government tried to rescue Iraqis from Saddam Hussein and bring them democracy. Now there is no Saddam, but also there is no democracy. In the future, there might even be no Iraq. Many people worldwide, and many Iraqis, think that Iraq was better off before Bush and Cheney decided to "help." Article/201104/131424。


  As our knowledge of health and fitness increases, people are becoming more and more interested in not only taking care of themselves physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. As a result, many are turning to more complete approaches to health, including less mainstream fitness methods such as yoga. Yoga's origins lie in Hindu philosophy, which was developed thousands of years ago in India. Today, yoga is a system of movements and meditation that emphasizes physical control and discipline as a way to achieve a state of spiritual knowledge.Yoga’s ideal state of knowledge is reached after a person has gone through eight different stages. These include aspects of self-control, religion, postures, regulation of breath, restraint of senses, steadying of the mind, meditation, and profound thought. For a practitioner of yoga, or "yogi" the progression through these stages is a movement from the physical toward a perfect mental state.There are eight major schools of yoga, each varying in its area of emphasis. The type of yoga thatis taught in the West is mainly a combination of exercise and meditation called Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga is said to have a number of positive effects, such as reducing weight, strengthening muscles and nerves, cleaning out the body, and generally improving health and prolonging life. Recent decades have seen yoga gain widesp acceptance as a method of staying in shape, as well as a way of handling stress. Pop singer Madonna and supermodel Christy Turlington are just two of the many celebrities known to be strong advocates of yoga.At present, there is a lot of speculation and uncertainty about yoga and its effects. One thing, however, is certain: In our modern world of fast-paced lifestyles, taking time out to meditate and do some relaxing exercise cannot be a bad thing!我们对健康与健身的知识与日俱增,人们越来越感兴趣的是不仅仅关心身体健康,还关心心理与精神的健康。因此,许多人转而寻求更全面的途径来增进健康,包括一些还未成为主流的健身方式,如瑜珈。瑜珈起源于印度哲学,在印度已经发展了数千年。而今,瑜珈是一组强调身体控制与修身养性的运动和静坐,是达到“天人合一”境界的一个有效途径。人要经过八个不同阶段的训练才能达到瑜珈的完美境界。这包括了自制、信仰、体位、调息、节欲、内省、冥想和三地。对瑜珈修习者来说,这些阶段是从身体到完美精神境界的进程。瑜珈有八大流派,每派强调的领域有异。西方国家传授的瑜珈名为“哈他瑜珈“(又称“运动瑜珈”),主要是运动与静坐的结合。据说“哈他瑜珈”有许多良效,如减肥、强化肌肉与神经、净化身体进而增进健康,延年益寿。几十年来,瑜珈已广为世人接受,成为一种既能保持身材又能舒缓压力的方法。有许多知名人士亟力推荐瑜珈,流行歌手麦当娜与超级名模克里斯蒂·特灵顿只是其中两位。目前,关于瑜珈及其作用有很多揣测与怀疑。然而,有件事是毋庸置疑的:在快节奏生活方式的现代社会中,花点时间静坐和做些放松身体的运动,绝不是件坏事! Article/200803/28353Four Chaps in the Library 04图书馆的四个家伙 04  "It is indeed true," said Blake, who, in contrast to Rhodes-Fotheringham, was of a thin shape, and was clutching his brandy glass tightly the whole time. "This apparition grew to a fine old age, until he reached a maturity he could not improve on, and now he haunts the church in which his parents had married."  Again, a strange air filled the room, and an odd nervousness prevailed in the three figures that flanked me. I remember thinking how chilling and sinister were those three fellows, to the point where I began to feel rather frightened me. However, I attempted not to reveal this, as I sat with clenched fists upon that armchair, gazing into the leaping flames opposite my position in that library.  "That is an impressive story," said Atkinson. I had never seen a chap as tall and gangly as he was. His weird-looking legs protruded from that chair, stretched out before him like two huge clothes-props, and behind his gold-rimmed spectacles I observed the most evil pair of grey eyes.   “这是个真实的故事。”布莱克说。和拉霍斯.佛斯林汉姆不同,他长得很瘦弱,讲故事的时候手里一直紧握着白兰地酒杯。“那鬼怪一直长到它成熟为止,现在,它就在它父母当年结婚的那家教堂出没。”  房间里的氛围再次变得很奇怪,坐在我身边的三个人有种怪异的紧张感。我还记得当时他们的神情是多么害怕慌张,那神情让我觉得很害怕。但我努力不把这种害怕表现出来,于是我坐在扶手椅上,紧握双拳,紧盯着对面壁炉里跳动的火焰。  阿特肯森说:“这故事真是吓人。”我从没见过像他那样又瘦又高的人。他那看起来怪怪的双腿从椅子前突出来,像两根晒衣绳架似的。透过他的那副金边眼镜,我看见一双至为邪恶的灰色的眼睛。 Article/200810/51542I don’t know about you, but I think there are more natural disasters now than before. Every time I turn on the news there’s some kind of disaster. There are bushfires in Australia and California, earthquakes in China, hurricanes in Mexico and droughts in Africa. I’m sure global warming is creating more natural disasters. I’m lucky. Where I live, we don’t really have natural disasters. I’ve never experienced anything like the things on TV. Japan has many natural disasters. They have earthquakes, typhoons, flooding, volcanoes, all kinds of things. They are lucky they have the money to deal with them. There are countries in Africa that aren’t rich. When a natural disaster hits them, everyone suffers terribly. Article/201106/139707

  免子到了门外,想推开门,但是门是朝里开的,爱丽丝的胳膊肘正好顶着门,兔子推也推不动,爱丽丝听到它自语说,“我绕过去,从窗子爬进去。” `Oh, you foolish Alice!' she answered herself. `How can you learn lessons in here? Why, there's hardly room for YOU, and no room at all for any lesson-books!' And so she went on, taking first one side and then the other, and making quite a conversation of it altogether; but after a few minutes she heard a voice outside, and stopped to listen. `Mary Ann! Mary Ann!' said the voice. `Fetch me my gloves this moment!' Then came a little pattering of feet on the stairs. Alice knew it was the Rabbit coming to look for her, and she trembled till she shook the house, quite forgetting that she was now about a thousand times as large as the Rabbit, and had no reason to be afraid of it. Presently the Rabbit came up to the door, and tried to open it; but, as the door opened inwards, and Alice's elbow was pressed hard against it, that attempt proved a failure. Alice heard it say to itself `Then I'll go round and get in at the window.' Article/201012/120735PART THREE - A YOUNG WOMAN AT THORNFIELDCHAPTER SIXTEENThe WeddingBefore I swa Mr. Rochester the next morning I felt a little nervous. Was I really going to marry him, or was it all a dream? But I knew the answer when he came to meet me and kissed me."Jane, you look well and smiling and pretty," he said. "You will be Jane Rochester in four weeks' time, not one day more! I don't want to wait any longer. I'll send for my family's jewels, which are kept in a London bank. Theses jewels are for the woman who will be my wife, whether she is a great lady or a poor teacher.""For me, sir?" I cried. "[-----1-----]! I'm sure I wouldn't look very good wearing them!"Mr. Rochester laughted. "I insist, Jane! Today I'm baking you to town to buy some beautiful clothes. In one month, we will have a small wedding at the church near Thornfield, and after a few days in London, we'll travel through all the countries of Europe.""Well, sir, you seem very happy to please me, but I wonder if you will do something else for me.""Ask me anything, Jane, anything!""Well, sir, I ask you not to give me jewels and fine clothes.""If that's really what you want, then I agree. But can't you think of anything I can give you?""Well, I'd like you to answer a question for me." I said softly.He looked worried, and truned away from me for a moment. [-----2-----],"You may ask me something I cannot answer, Jane. What is it?""How stern you look! [-----1-----]! This is what I want to know. Why did you make me think you wanted to marry Miss Ingram?"Immediately he stopped looking worried, and smiled at me, and smiled down at me. 填空 :1、I'm too plain to wear jewels我太平凡了,配不上珠宝2、He said in a strange, quiet voice他用一种奇怪的平静的语调说3、You will probably look the way when we are married我想我们结婚后你就会是这个样子 Vocabulary Focuswedding:婚礼,是结婚的仪式,注意与“marriage”区分开。 Article/200905/70714

  AmbitionIt is not difficult to imagine a world short of ambition. It would probably be a kinder world: without demands, without abrasions, without disappointments. People would have time for reflection. Such work as they did would not be for themselves but for the collectivity. Competition would never enter in. conflict would be eliminated, tension become a thing of the past. The stress of creation would be at an end. Art would no longer be troubling, but purely celebratory in its functions. Longevity would be increased, for fewer people would die of heart attack or stroke caused by tumultuous endeavor. Anxiety would be extinct. Time would stretch on and on, with ambition long departed from the human heart.Ah, how unrelieved boring life would be!There is a strong view that holds that success is a myth, and ambition therefore a sham. Does this mean that success does not really exist? That achievement is at bottom empty? That the efforts of men and women are of no significance alongside the force of movements and events now not all success, obviously, is worth esteeming, nor all ambition worth cultivating. Which are and which are not is something one soon enough learns on one’s own. But even the most cynical secretly admit that success exists; that achievement counts for a great deal; and that the true myth is that the actions of men and women are useless. To believe otherwise is to take on a point of view that is likely to be deranging. It is, in its implications, to remove all motives for competence, interest in attainment, and regard for posterity.We do not choose to be born. We do not choose our parents. We do not choose our historical epoch, the country of our birth, or the immediate circumstances of our upbringing. We do not, most of us, choose to die; nor do we choose the time or conditions of our death. But within all this realm of choicelessness, we do choose how we shall live: courageously or in cowardice, honorably or dishonorably, with purpose or in drift. We decide what is important and what is trivial in life. We decide that what makes us significant is either what we do or what we refuse to do. But no matter how indifferent the universe may be to our choices and decisions, these choices and decisions are ours to make. We decide. We choose. And as we decide and choose, so are our lives formed. In the end, forming our own destiny is what ambition is about.抱负一个缺乏抱负的世界将会怎样,这不难想象。或许,这将是一个更为友善的世界:没有渴求,没有磨擦,没有失望。人们将有时间进行反思。他们所从事的工作将不是为了他们自身,而是为了整个集体。竞争永远不会介入;冲突将被消除。人们的紧张关系将成为过往云烟。创造的重压将得以终结。艺术将不再惹人费神,其功能将纯粹为了庆典。人的寿命将会更长,因为由激烈拼争引起的心脏病和中风所导致的死亡将越来越少。焦虑将会消失。时光流逝,抱负却早已远离人心。啊,长此以往人生将变得多么乏味无聊!有一种盛行的观点认为,成功是一种神话,因此抱负亦属虚幻。这是不是说实际上并不丰在成功?成就本身就是一场空?与诸多运动和事件的力量相比,男男女女的努力显得微不足?显然,并非所有的成功都值得景仰,也并非所有的抱负都值得追求。对值得和不值得的选择,一个人自然而然很快就能学会。但即使是最为愤世嫉俗的人暗地里也承认,成功确实存在,成就的意义举足轻重,而把世上男男女女的所作所为说成是徒劳无功才是真正的无稽之谈。认为成功不存在的观点很可能造成混乱。这种观点的本意是一笔勾销所有提高能力的动机,求取业绩的兴趣和对子孙后代的关注。我们无法选择出生,无法选择父母,无法选择出生的历史时期与国家,或是成长的周遭环境。我们大多数人都无法选择死亡,无法选择死亡的时间或条件。但是在这些无法选择之中,我们的确可以选择自己的生活方式:是勇敢无畏还是胆小怯懦,是光明磊落还是厚颜无耻,是目标坚定还是随波逐流。我们决定生活中哪些至关重要,哪些微不足道。我们决定,用以显示我们自身重要性的,不是我们做了什么,就是我们拒绝做些什么。但是不论世界对我们所做的选择和决定有多么漠不关心,这些选择和决定终究是我们自己做出的。我们决定,我们选择。而当我们决定和选择时,我们的生活便得以形成。最终构筑我们命运的就是抱负之所在。 Article/200908/81180

  It was their first vacation together in years. Meg and Oscar had been running their own jewelry business for years. They made a nice income, but they were busy all the time. They went to one trade show after another, flying throughout the US and often to China and other countries. Their last vacation was at least ten years ago. Recently, Oscar’s doctor said that Oscar’s high blood pressure was going to be the death of him. After questioning Oscar about his eating and exercise habits, he concluded that Oscar was stressing himself out at work. He told Oscar that he needed to stop and smell the roses more often.“In short,” he said, “I’m writing you a prescription for two weeks of Ramp;R—rest and relaxation, immediately. In fact, I want you to take off four weeks a year, and these must be nonworking vacations. No cell phone, no laptop. Do you understand me? In case you don’t, I’m telling Meg, too. You might not listen to me, but you will listen to her.”Meg canceled all their activities for the two weeks at the end of July. Fortunately, they did not have any flights scheduled. She booked them a nice hotel near Palm Springs. “We’ll catch up on our magazines, newspapers, and TV reruns,” she told Oscar. “We won’t even TALK about work for two weeks, okay? We’ll relax in the pool, get massages, and treat ourselves like royalty. Got it?”“Yes, ma’am,” Oscar said, smiling as he saluted her.The hotel had failed to tell them that it was undergoing renovations. But when it offered everything at half price, Meg and Oscar stayed. The second morning, about 10, Oscar told Meg he was going to take a swim. She told him not to forget his sun block. She went back to sleep. When she woke up at noon, she put on her swim suit and went outside.She couldn’t stop screaming when she saw Oscar submerged beneath the water. His foot had gotten caught in a suction vent that workers had not covered properly. He had been under water for ten minutes.A month after the funeral, back home, Meg was going through her mail. The hotel, apparently worried about a lawsuit, had sent her an offer to stay there free for a month. The congenial letter suggested that she “Bring a friend!” Article/201104/132593。

  Court rejects'stolen children' claim 澳“被偷走的孩子”败诉The policy aimed to "civilise" Aborigines 当时的政策是为了“教化”土著居民 An Australian court has rejected a landmark claim for compensation by two Aborigines who claimed they were taken from their families as young children by the government. The ruling will be a major setback to hundreds of other claimants from the so-called "stolen generation", as well as to the Aboriginal community, which is fighting for the government to acknowledge past injustices. The Northern Territory Federal Court said the government was not liable to pay Peter Gunner and Lorna Cubillo compensation and punitive damages. Mr Gunner and Ms Cubillo sued for psychological trauma, emotional distress and isolation from the cultural lives of their Aboriginal mothers. Thousands of Aboriginal children were forcibly removed from their families and raised by whites in a government policy to "civilise" them. The policy lasted for nearly a century until the 1960s. 两名澳大利亚土著居民称他们小时候被政府从家中带走,因此提出了有标志意义的赔偿诉讼。法庭判他们败诉。这一裁决对于其他许多被称作“偷走的一代”的告状者,以及一直在斗争并要求政府承认自己过去的不道义行为的土著居民团体都是一个很大的打击。北方联邦法庭说政府不能给予彼德-古纳和劳纳-库比劳补偿或是伤害赔偿。彼德-古纳和劳纳-库比劳的控告理由是心理伤害、精神上的压抑以及与土著母亲的文化氛围分离所带来的孤独。按照政府“教化”土著居民的政策,成千上万的土著孩子曾被强行从家中带走并交由白人抚养。这一政策持续了近一个世纪,一直到20世纪60年代才结束。 Article/200803/30655

  Why We Walk in Circles? "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" is always fun when you're watching rather than pinning. It is somewhat surprising to see how the blindfolded performers act. Instead of going straight, they always wander off to one side or the other. The greater the distance to the donkey, the farther they go astray. Have you ever wondered why they are unable to walk straight ahead?It is a well-known fact that a person will move in a circle when he cannot use his eyes to control his direction. Dark nights, dense fogs, blinding snowstorms, thick forests - all these can keep a traveler from seeing where he is going. Then he is unable to move in any fixed direction, but walks in circles.Animals act the same way. You have probably heard the saying "running around like a chicken with its head cut off." Well, a chicken with its head cut off actually does run around in circles. Blind birds fly in circles. And a blindfolded dog will swim in circles.A Norwegian biologist, F.O.Guldberg, decided that this problem of circular movement was worth investigating. He collected many true stories on the subject.One of his stories is about people rowing on a lake during a fog on a dark night. One group of rowers who tried to cross three miles of water in foggy weather never succeeded in reaching their goal. Without knowing it, they rowed in two large circles. When they finally got to the shore, they discovered that they were at the spot they had started from.After studying many stories such as this, Professor Guldberg wrote an article in which he discussed "Circular Motion as the Basic Motion of Animals." A simple example will help you to understand his explanation of why we walk in circles.Have you ever wound up a toy automobile and started it off across the floor? Then you know that it will rarely travel in a straight path. It will travel, instead, in some kind of arc, or curve. If it is to travel in a straight line, the wheels on both sides have to be of exactly equal size. If they are not, the little automobile turns toward the side with the smaller wheels.Circular movement in walking is caused in much the same way. Usually a man walking will "watch his step" and "look where he is going." He needs his senses, especially his eyes, to get to the point he intends to reach. When he cannot use his eyes to guide his steps, he will walk straight only if he takes a step of the same length with each foot.In most people, however, muscle development is not the same in both legs, so that it is probable that the steps will be uneven. The difference may be so small that no one is aware of it. But small as it is, it can cause circular movement.Let us suppose that a man's left foot takes a step 20 inches long and that his right foot takes a step 30 inches long. Now suppose he takes ten step - five with his left foot and five with his right. His left foot will travel 100 inches. His right foot will travel 150 inches. This sounds impossible. One foot cannot remain 50 inches behind the other. What really happens? At each step the man turns a little bit to the left. Sooner or later he makes a complete circle. The tracks of his feet, however, make two circles, one inside the other. His left foot makes the smaller circle because it is taking larger steps. This is why a person may walk in an arc when he sets out in a straight line.The muscles of a man's arms are no more identical than the muscles of his legs. This explains why the rowers who set out to cross the lake at night rowed in a circle. By the same rule, a bird's wings do not develop evenly, and so it will fly in circles when blinded. Thus, dear ers, our circular mystery has a very straight answer. 为什么我们会走成两个大圆圈观看别人做"去把尾巴给毛驴安上"的游戏,比自己亲自去做更逗人。看到了被蒙住眼睛的参加游戏表演的人所走的路线着实有点儿让人吃惊。他们都不走直线,总是要由一边偏离到另一边。参加游戏比赛的人距离毛驴越远,他们偏离目标毛驴也越远。一个人若不用眼睛来掌握走路的方向,就会走成一个大圈。这一事实是众所周知的。每遇到漆黑的夜晚,浓浓的大雾,伸手不见五指的暴风雪,浓密森林--这一切都会使路上的行人看不见是在往哪个方向走。这时他就不能按既定的目标前进,只能走成一个大圆圈。动物也会这样。你也许听过这样一句老话:"像砍掉脑袋的鸡一样转着圈跑。"是的,一只被砍掉了脑袋的鸡确实会转着圈跑的。瞎了眼睛的鸟也都是转着圈飞的。一双被蒙住了眼睛的也会转着大圈游泳。一位挪威的生物学家哥尔柏格认为绕圈运动的问题确实值得调查研究。关于这一课题他汇集了很多实际事例。他汇集的实例之一就是在一个浓雾黑夜里,人们在湖面上划般。在大雾的天气里,一帮想要横渡三英里的水面的划船手永远也不能成功地划到他们的目的地。不知不觉地,他们都把船划行路线划成两个大圈。在他们缍上个岸后,才发现又划回到了他们原来出发的地点。在研究过很多诸如此类的实际经历之后,哥尔柏格教授写了一篇题为《动物的基本运动模式是圆周运动》的论文。一个很简单的的例子,就可以帮助你弄明白他的论点:为什么我们会走成两个大圆圈。你有没有把一辆玩具汽车上好发条以后,把它放到地板上让它从头跑到那头的经历?那么,你就会知道小汽车几乎很少顺着直线跑,那么它左右两边的车轮的大小必须是正好绝对相等的。步行时绕大圆周运动的规律在很大程度上是由同一原理引起的。通常一个人走路时会看着脚下所踩的步子,会看着所要去的方向。一个人需要用他们的各种器官,特别是要用两只眼睛,才能走到他打算要去的地点。只有当一个人的两只脚所迈出的每一步的长短都完全相同时,这个人才可以不用眼睛来引导脚步而能够顺着一条直线往前走。但是,在绝大多数人左右两腿肌肉的发育并不是一样的,结果很可能左右两脚所迈的步子长短是不一致的。迈步子长短的差距是非常小的,以致于没有人会意识到这一微小的差距。尽管这个差距很小,但结果却导致了圆周运动。我们假定某一人的左脚迈一步是20英寸长,右脚万一步是30英寸长。现在假设这个人迈了十步--左脚迈五步,右脚也迈五步。他的左脚总共走了100英寸,他的右脚总共走了150英寸。这听起来让人觉得不可能。到底是怎么回事呢?每迈一步这个人就稍微向左转了一点点。迟早,他会走成一个大圆圈。于是他的两只脚所走过的圆圈稍微小一点,因为左脚迈的步子小。他的右脚所走的圈比较大,因为右脚的每一步都大一点。这就是一个人在出发时本来是想走的直线,结果却走成了一条弧线的原因。一个人的两只胳膊肌肉的发育和他的两只腿的肌肉的发育也是不同的。这足可以说明这些在夜间出发去横渡湖面的划船手缍把船划行的路线划成了一个大圆圈的道理。同理,鸟的左右两个翅膀的发育也是不均衡的,所以如果它的眼睛瞎了以后,也会绕圆圈飞行。由此可见,亲爱的读者,这就是我们的圆圈运动之迷的最直截了当的。 Article/200802/27819

  While he drove, Uncle Vernon complained to Aunt Petunia. He liked to complain about things: people at work, Harry, the council, Harry, the bank, and Harry were just a few of his favorite subjects. This morning, it was motorcycles. "... roaring along like maniacs, the young hoodlums," he said, as a motorcycle overtook them. "I had a dream about a motorcycle," said Harry, remembering suddenly. "It was flying." Uncle Vernon nearly crashed into the car in front. He turned right around in his seat and yelled at Harry, his face like a gigantic beet with a mustache: "MOTORCYCLES DON'T FLY!" Dudley and Piers sniggered. "I know they don't," said Harry. "It was only a dream." But he wished he hadn't said anything. If there was one thing the Dursleys hated even more than his asking questions, it was his talking about anything acting in a way it shouldn't, no matter if it was in a dream or even a cartoon — they seemed to think he might get dangerous ideas.

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