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The Tibetan brown bear, a close relative of the grizzly, tries to dig the pikas out of their burrows.西藏的棕熊是灰熊的近亲,试图把鼠兔从洞里挖出来。Even hard-frozen soil presents little obstacle to a determined bear. The wily Tibetan fox is quick to spot any opportunity.即使棕熊很难从冻得坚硬的土地里挖出鼠兔来,狡猾的藏狐可绝不放过任何可能的机会。True to form, the crafty fox claims the prize. A combination of inaccessibility, and ancient traditions which forbid hunting, means that in some parts of the plateau, wild animals have remained relatively undisturbed, even today.一如既往,狡猾的狐狸得到了它的战利品。由于动物难以捕获并且有世代相传的禁止猎杀的传统,这使得即使在今天在高原的一些地方,野生动物都相对没有被打扰。But in those areas which are within reach of motor vehicles, these historical safeguards have been undermined. This change is illustrated in the fortunes of the chiru.但是在那些汽车可以到达的地方,那些传统的保护已经渐渐被打破。这种变化从藏羚羊的身上得到了体现。A century ago, millions migrated across the plateau. Unfortunately for the chiru, its fur, known as ;shahtoosh;, or ;king of wools;, is highly prized.一个世纪以来,上百万的藏羚羊在高原上迁徙。不幸的是被称为“沙图什”或者“羊毛之王”的藏羚羊的毛皮被认为有很高的价值。In recent decades, poachers have been able to venture deep into the wilderness, killing thousands of chiru.近几十年以来,偷猎者冒险深入荒原,捕杀了成千上万头藏羚羊。 /201403/281730。

  • 一个超薄的3英尺磁片如何使它自重7万倍的物体悬浮?在这个引人入胜且具有未来感的演示中,Boaz Almog 展示了量子锁定效应如何使一片超导体磁片在磁力轨道上漂浮--完全无擦,且无能量损耗。201401/272437。
  • Even though these hothouses are now irrigated drop by drop,water consumption continues to increase along with exports.尽管温室使用滴灌方法,出口的增长还是令耗水量持续增加。The once mighty river Jordan is now just a trickle.奔流的约旦河已成为涓滴细流。Its water has flown to supermarkets all over the world...in crates of fruit and vegetables.其河水伴随着一箱箱蔬菜水果飞往世界各大超市。The Jordans fate is not unique.约旦河的命运并不少见。Across the planet, one major river in 10 no longer flows into the sea for several months of the year.地球上每十条大河就有一条每年数月不能流进大海。The Dead Sea derives its name from its incredibly high salinity that makes all life impossible.死海的名字来自它极高的盐度没有生命可以生存。Deprived of the Jordans water, Deprived of the Jordans water,its level goes down by over one meter per year.缺少了约旦河水死海的海平面每年减少一米多。Its salinity is increasing.盐度一直在增加。Evaporation, due to the heat,produces these fine islands of salt evaporites-beautiful but sterile.高温蒸发了海水造成了这些漂亮的盐岛美丽却不毛。In Rajasthan, India, Udaipur is a miracle of water.在印度的拉贾斯坦邦 乌代布尔创造了一个水的奇迹。The city was made possible by a system of dams and channels...that created an artificial lake.城市因这些大坝和水渠系统构成的人工湖而存在。For its architects, was water so precious that they dedicated a palace to it?对它的建设者来说 水是如此珍贵值得为它建一座宫殿。India risks being the country that suffers most...下一世纪 印度可能是最受。from the lack of water in the coming century.缺水问题困扰的国家。Massive irrigation has fed the growing population,and in the last 50 years, 21 million wells have been dug.大规模灌溉养活日益增长的人口过去五十年他们挖了二千一百万口井。201410/337136。
  • Fashion stylist Viv Harris shows you 5 different ways to wear this seasons must-have fabric, lace.时尚设计师Viv Harris向你展示本季必备织品蕾丝的五种不同穿着方法。Step 1: Black Lace1.黑色蕾丝Vamp up the black lace look with leather trousers. Black v-necks are flattering for big busts, and a backless lace style adds a subtle classiness.黑色蕾丝与皮革裤子搭配。黑色V领可以让胸部看上去更加丰满,黑色露背蕾丝的款式增添了微妙的经典气质。As lace is limited on the outfit, bring in a lace accessory such as a bag or choker.由于蕾丝只限于外衣,可以搭配蕾丝配件,例如包包或项链。Step 2: Ruffled Lace2.打褶蕾丝Ruffle details add a romantic edge and make the bust look bigger. Combine a ruffle top with a pencil skirt for a hot seasonal look. Go for simple accessories and a slick pair of heels.打褶的细节更增添了浪漫的气息,让胸部看上去更大。搭配打褶蕾丝上衣与直筒裙,打造热辣的形象。搭配简单的饰品,穿一对光面高跟鞋。Step 3: Metallic Lace3.金属蕾丝Metallic lace is a chic, vintage alternative to black, and neutral tones can be more flattering on the skin. The shift dress with a backless detail is classy and stylish, but make sure you wear seamless underwear. Keep the rest of the outfit simple - bare legs and simple heels.除了黑色之外,金属蕾丝也是一种别致的上等选择。中性的色调更增加皮肤的光泽。露背细节的直筒连身裙是非常时尚的,但是确保要穿无缝内衣。整套装备的其他部分保持简单——双腿裸露,高跟鞋也保持简单。Step 4: Lace Print4.蕾丝印花Printed lace looks fine and intricate, and works well on a dress.印花蕾丝看上去精美复杂,用于套裙效果非常好。If youre pear shaped, avoid lace print on the bottom half, but a dress with a plain black top is flattering if you have a big bust.如果你是梨形身材,装下面不要有蕾丝印花。但是,如果你的胸部比较丰满,普通黑色上身的裙子比较合适。Finish the look with heels and a jet or lace choker.再搭配高跟鞋,黑玉或系带项链。Step 5: Lace Skirts5.蕾丝短裙Black ruffle mini skirts are great for petite frames and if you like showing your legs off. Team with a cream chiffon blouse to soften the look. Accessorise with a great pair of heels to lengthen your legs.如果你的身材比较娇小,喜欢秀出双腿,黑色打褶迷你裙比较合适。搭配奶油色雪纺衬衣让整个造型更加柔和。搭配一双高跟鞋来拉长双腿的造型。Thanks for watching How To Wear Lace.感谢收看“怎样穿着蕾丝装”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。201307/246305。
  • 乔治克鲁尼携新片《大寻宝家》作客。两人互相恭维后分析:希特勒之所以走向极端是因为画画没人鸟他的作品.。。最后还不忘了黑下丁日吸奶。201402/276149。
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