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Executive pay高管薪资The final reckoning死后算账When bosses die in office, their true value is revealed经理意外翘辫子了,他们的真正价值才浮出水面Worth every penny 一分钱一分货IN HIS book, “Capital in the Twenty-First Century”, Thomas Piketty argues that it is impossible to find an “objective basis” for the high salaries of senior executives in terms of their individual productivity: they pay themselves such exorbitant sums simply because they can. However, in a forthcoming paper in Management Science, an American journal, two academics claim to have found such an objective measure, and conclude that most bosses are not overpaid.托马斯·皮克提在他的《二十一世纪的资本论》一书中有这样的论述,即就高级管理人员的的个人生产力而言,实在是找不到他们能获得高额薪水的“客观依据”:他们为自己开出这么高的薪水,纯粹就是因为他们有权力这么做。然而,在即将发表在《管理科学》的一篇论文中,两位学者宣称他们发现了一种客观的衡量标准,并由此得出大多数高管的薪水并没有多付。In their study, Bang Dang Nguyen of the University of Cambridges Judge Business School and Kasper Meisner Nielsen of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology looked at how firms shares react when the chief executive or another prominent manager dies suddenly. They identified 149 cases of this happening at American companies between 1991 and 2008.该论文的作者分别是贾吉商学院的Bang Dang Nguyen和香港科技大学Kasper Meisner Nielsen,他们研究着眼于当企业的总经理或其他高管意外死亡后公司股价的变动情况。他们从1991至2008年间的美国公司中甄选出了149家发生此类情况的公司进行研究。They deem a boss to be overpaid if he gets more than his peers at firms of a similar type and size, but fails to boost his companys stockmarket value by at least the amount of his pay premium. They then assume that when an overpaid boss dies, investors will expect his successors pay to revert to the average, and will mark up its shares in anticipation of getting back the excess amount they had been handing to the deceased.这两位研究者认为,判断一名总经理薪资过高的标准是:如果一名总经理的薪水高于与他所在公司同类型、同等大小公司的总经理的薪资水平,但他给公司市值带来的提升却低于其薪资的溢价。他们继续假设,若一名薪资虚高的经理去世,股东们会预计他的继任者薪资将回归正常水平,于是就可以收回原先由死者多占有的那部分财富,进而抬高了股价。So, if the shares rise on an executives death, that means he was overpaid; if they fall, he was not. By this measure only 42% of the bosses studied were overpaid; furthermore, those with the most eye-popping rewards were found to be giving the best value for money, as measured by the share-price slump when they passed away.所以说,如果一名经理去世后,其公司的股价上升了,那就说明该经理的薪资过高了;股价降低的话,则没有。依据这种判断方法,作为研究样本的总经理中薪资过高的比重只有42%了。此外,那些报酬高的令人咋舌的经理人,他们给公司带来的价值完全对得起他们的薪资—他们去世后公司股价往往会大幅下跌。The study also reckons that of the increase in value that results from a firm hiring an executive, he gets 71% and the shareholders therefore get 29%. In the sense that investors at least get some positive reward from the relationship, executives as a whole are not overpaid.研究还计算出,一家公司雇佣的高管为其创造的价值提升中,该高管获得其中的71%,其他29%则是股东的收益。在这场雇佣关系中,股东是受益方,从这一层面讲,整体上来说高级管理人员的薪资并不过高。Followers of Mr Piketty are unlikely to be convinced. They would say that even when bosses add more value than the amount by which their pay exceeds the average, they are still overpaid because the average is itself excessive; and that it is inherently indecent for bosses to get such a big share of the gains from their relationship with their firms. But at least the study has added a bit of light to a debate that usually generates little but heat.也许,皮特提的追随者们不会就这么被说。他们会说,即使高管们创造的价值要比他薪资高于平均水平的数额还高,他的薪资仍是不合理的,因为这个平均水平本身就太高了;而且,一名从雇佣者那里捞走在收益中的这么大一部分,这件事本身就不很光。但不管怎样,这项研究还是这个雷声大雨点小的争议领域的一场新雨。 /201409/327427。

Hey yall know a lot about me.嘿 大家对我都非常了解You know that Im an animal lover,right?都知道我是动物爱好者I love animals.我可喜欢动物了Do you love animals?你们喜欢动物吗I love animals so i have animals,我喜欢动物所以也养了一些I have dogs and i have cats.我养了 也养了猫and I like wild animals.我也喜欢野生动物One time, I had to get 15 stitches有一次 我试着去抱一只澳洲野cause I tried to hug a dingo.却因此受伤缝了15针Like a dog to me.我觉得它和宠物没差嘛So last week, scientists confirm something上星期 科学家实也是有感情的that would come as no surprise to animal lovers, dogs have human emotion,这对动物爱好者来说应该不奇怪Does that surprise anyone?有人觉得不可思议吗Now,how many of you aly...that dogs had human emotions.你们中有多少人觉得是具备人类感情的Alrighy,and how many of you think that your Beanie Babies have human emotions.好吧 你们又有多少人觉得 自己的豆豆娃是由感情 的I have to ask to weed out the crazies,so...我必须得问问 好把神经病们请出队伍啊So the scientists have figured out by doing an MRI on a dogs brain.科学家是通过给做核磁共振来实这一理论的This is the dogs brain这是的脑部扫描成像or a Grateful Dead T-shirt.还是迷幻乐队的T恤图案啥的And...so I guess the blue part means its sad我猜蓝色部分应该代表悲伤and the red part means its happy.红色则代表开心At least thats what a mood ring says.至少情绪戒指是这么表示的I dont know what im looking at. I dont know.我才不知道那是什么呢 真的不知道Im just guessing it is.刚刚都是我瞎猜的注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201311/266567。

Its now late summer and four months since Samus birth.现在是夏末,莎木已经快4个月大了。Shark numbers are still at their peak.鲨鱼的数量还是很多。Across the Bay, theyve been feasting on scores of dugong and dolphin corpse.它们在鲨鱼湾里屠杀儒艮和小海豚。Has Samu survived his first, most critical moments?在这最关键的几个月里莎木会存活下来吗?Janet is out on patrol, looking for Puck and her baby.珍妮特外出寻找帕克和它的孩子。She catches up with the family on the Monkey Mia Flat.它和家庭成员在蒙克米亚海滩。I am just really anxious to see them, you know! Oh, look, theres Samu.我真的很想见到它们,看,那是莎木!And finally she sees Samu. Not only is he thriving, but he has a new playmate.她见到莎木了,莎木有了新玩伴,This is exciting, we have the whole Puck family here.太激动了,整个帕克家庭都在这里。Here it come the kids. Hello!孩子们过来了。Samu is now almost a meter long.莎木现在差不多有一米长。He is looking very strong. His young playmate was born shortly after him.看起来很强壮,它的新玩伴,比它迟了一点点出生。Look at them.看它们玩的。Thats Pals.它们是最好的朋友。here thats Pals.它们是最好的朋友。 201406/305374。

Books and Arts; Book Review; Culture on television; The cruellest cut;文艺;书评;电视上的艺术;最粗鲁的裁汰;The South Bank Show: Final Cut. By Melvyn Bragg.《南岸秀:最终裁汰》Melvyn Bragg著。The “South Bank Show” has for years been almost the only serious regular culture programme on ITV, Britains main commercial broadcaster, the intellectual conscience of an increasingly tacky network. Now, after profiling artists of all persuasions for 32 years, it has been axed, and the pretence of intellectual respectability abandoned. In his new book Lord Bragg, the shows presenter, looks back at 25 of his subjects, weaving excerpts from their interviews into fuller artistic portraits.“南岸秀”作为英国主要的商业广播机构ITV的一档固定节目,多年来一直秉承严肃的文化主题风格。在这么一个日渐俗套的电视网络中,它还留有知识分子的良知。32年来它描绘了持有各种信念的艺术家,现在,ITV将该节目连同它那受人尊敬的知识分子外衣,一并抛弃了。“南岸秀”的主持人Bragg阁下在他的新书中,回顾了他所做的其中25期节目,并力图从那些访谈摘录中编织出更加完整的艺术人像。The “South Bank Show” has been a long-running answer, indeed rebuke, to the hoary old question about the relative merits of John Keats and Bob Dylan. Its ethos has been that quality should be recognised in popular as well as elite culture, an approach that led to it being criticised as at once worthy and trivial. This collection, like the programmes run, opens with Paul McCartney: “I led with McCartney”, Lord Bragg writes, “because I wanted to show I was serious.” Several of his interlocutors—such as David Puttnam and David Hockney—are of his generation, and like him came from the British provinces to London in the 1960s and 1970s to explore and exploit “a new classless culture, sexy and delighted with itself”.“南岸秀”一直在回答(事实是在非难)约翰济慈和鲍勃迪伦孰优孰劣这个老调的问题。它的一贯主张就是节目品质既要为精英文化所接受,又应该被普罗大众所认知,这也使得人们批评它是“良莠并存”。这本汇编集和节目一样都是从保罗麦卡特尼开始的,“我之所以把麦卡特尼当做头条”Bragg阁下说道,“是因为我想向大家表明我严肃的态度。”他的一些访谈对象——如大卫普特南和大卫霍克尼——与他是同时代人,和他一样在1960和1970年代从英国其他省份来到伦敦,来探索开拓一种“新的性感的自我愉悦的无阶级文化”。Probably the most affecting profiles, however, are of more exotic figures: Luciano Pavarotti (“He gives a good name to ‘simple and ‘spoiled”), Rudolph Nureyev (“one of the most dramatic and unlikely personal journeys in art in the 20th century”), and a twin depiction of Barry Humphries and Dame Edna that brilliantly draws out the co-dependency of comedian and character. The books many biographical curiosities—such as the fact that Sir Harold Pinter once worked as a chucker-out at the Astoria ballroom—make it an entertaining volume to dip into. But it also offers some cumulative lessons.最动人的艺术肖像,也许是那些更具异国情调的人:卢西亚诺 帕瓦罗蒂(他给“简单”和“过分”作出了优秀的定义),鲁道夫 纽瑞耶夫(20世纪艺术领域最具有戏剧性和最不可思议的个人历程之一),还有对巴里 汉弗莱斯和埃德娜女爵士几乎相同的描述,精辟地诠释了喜剧演员和戏剧角色之间的互相依存。本书收录了很多令人好奇的人物轶事——例如哈罗德品特先生曾经在阿斯托利亚舞厅当保镖的一段经历——令览阅时意趣盎然。不过它当然也提供了一些经验教训,令人开卷有益。One is about Lord Bragg. In Britain he is the target of much backbiting, often motivated by ill-disguised envy for his success and his sheer industry (he is a prolific writer and radio presenter, among other commitments). Here he comes across as a lucid, supple and valuable analyst of many artistic genres and their varying different potential; he is good on the relative merits of television and film, for example, and on the alchemy of acting. He is a fine er of faces, and a useful tutor in the craft of interviews: when to press, when to sit back, when to needle and when to leave be.其中一些就是关于 Bragg阁下的,在英国他是众多谗言攻击的目标,那些诋毁他的人经常毫不掩饰地表现出对他的成功和他所从事的纯粹行业的嫉妒(除了其他工作,他还是一个多产作家和电台主持人)。在这里他看上去似乎是一个思路清晰柔顺的分析者,对不同艺术流派及其变化发展有着颇具价值的看法;他了解电视和电影的相对优势,例如,两者表演方法的各自魔力。他善于察言观色,是访谈技巧方面的大师:有张有驰,亦紧亦松,收放自如。Together his essays offer some intriguing generalisations about the making and methods of artists. The backgrounds of the people Lord Bragg examines are often humble but disciplined; typically they are exposed to art, or encouraged into it, by some fortuitous incident or acquaintance.总体来看,书中文章对艺术家的成功之道和创作方法做出了有趣的概括。Bragg阁下的受访者并非都是身世显赫,但是家教严明;他们因为偶然的机遇与艺术结缘,或是在熟人的鼓励下跨入艺术的殿堂,这样的情况很有代表性。He looks for turning points in lives and careers (Tracey Emin being abused by her ex-lovers during a dance competition; Pavarottis mother siding with her son when his father wanted him to find another job). Writing of David Lean, he summarises the pattern as “a very early passion which quickly became an adolescent obsession which became an adult, single-minded struggle to have it realised.”他寻找着艺术家生活和职业的转折点(特雷西 艾明在舞蹈比赛中受到前恋人的辱骂;当帕瓦罗蒂的父亲要他换一份工作时,他的妈妈站在了儿子这一边)。写到大卫里恩时,他这样总结大卫里恩的成功轨迹:“从早期的喜爱很快过渡到青少年时期的狂热,最后转变为成年后一心一意奋力地去实现。”The subjects are mostly less exercised by meaning than by form. And, for many—Eric Clapton, Francis Bacon, Ingmar Bergman, Pinter and others—there is ultimately a sense of mystery and spontaneity; of art coming from elsewhere.“南岸秀”的节目对形式的雕琢大都重于对意义的挖掘。而且很多的艺术家——埃里克 克莱普顿、弗兰西斯 培根、英格玛 伯格曼、品特和其他的一些艺术家——存在着一种终极的神秘感和与生俱来的艺术感觉,他们的艺术天赋好像并非来自这个俗世。 /201306/242787。

Todays Moment of Science ;digs up; the story behind one of the grizzly bears more unusual nicknames: the ;Rototiller of the Rockies.;今天科学一刻将会深入;挖掘;灰熊的一个不同寻常的绰号背后的故事,这个绰号就是;落基山脉的旋耕机;。Grizzly bear claws are huge–usually three to four inches long. This is perfect for an animal who survives by digging around in the landscape, unearthing tasty treats like ground squirrels and root vegetables.灰熊熊掌很大,一般有3到4英寸长。这种尺寸对于靠挖食为生的动物来说是极为有利的,它们能够在地里挖掘出美味的食物,如地松鼠、根茎类植物等。One of the grizzly bears favorite early season foods is the glacier lily, a beautiful yellow flower with a starchy, nutritious bulb. Bears ;till; up the land, turning over chunks of soil to access those tasty bulbs. And guess what: scientists working in Glacier Park, Montana have learned that this ;tilling; has some important side effects. Areas with recent bear diggings have less plant diversity and higher nitrogen levels than undisturbed parts of the landscape.早春季节,灰熊最喜欢的食物之一就是冰川百合,这是一种非常美丽的黄色花朵,它的球茎内含有大量淀粉和多种营养物质。灰熊会刨开土壤来寻找美味的球茎。你知道吗:在蒙大拿冰川公园的科学家们了解到,灰熊的这种挖掘方式会对土壤产生一些副作用。灰熊挖过的区域会造成植物的多样性减少,并且土壤的含氮量会高于那些没被挖掘过的区域。Without much competition from other plants, left behind glacier lily bulbs can quickly regenerate, and these new lilies produce twice the usual number of seeds, thanks to the nitrogen rich soil!由于没有来自其它植物的竞争,冰百合能够迅速繁殖,同时,由于土壤含氮量高,新生的百合能够产出比平常多一倍的种子。We humans have also gained important culinary knowledge. You see, after digging up glacier lilies, bears often leave the bulbs for a few days to wilt in the sun.我们人类从中也了解到很重要的烹调小贴士。你看,灰熊挖出球茎后,通常会将它晒上几天。This ;cooks; them a bit, and makes them sweeter and easier to digest. First Nations lore shows that early peoples learned to dry and cook glacier lily bulbs by copying the grizzly bear.晒过之后的球茎会更甜,更容易消化。据原住民记载,早期的人类就是通过模仿灰熊才学会晒干和烹制冰川百合的。 /201305/239763。