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2019年09月17日 23:21:19 | 作者:度专家 | 来源:新华社
Subject:Do you mind if Ipick your brains? 迷你对话A:Do you mind if Ipick your brains?你介意我像你请教吗?B:No problem. I will help you as best as I can.没问题,我会尽可能帮助你。 地道表达pick one’s brains 1.解词释义Pick one’s brains的字面意思是“摘某人的脑袋”,比喻为“向别人学习和讨教,在解决某问题中采用别人的想法”或“了解或弄清别人的想法,让被人告诉你他们对某事的看法”。 2.拓展例句e.g. I need a new French dictionary. Can Ipick your brainsabout the best one to buy?我需要一部新的法语词典. 能否向您请教哪本最好?e.g. Why should a successful company allow another firm topick its brains?为什么一个成功的企业就得允许别的公司来讨教呢? 3.视野拓展Pick one’s brains作为褒义短语的话,是“向别人讨教,请教”的意思,作为贬义短语,它表示“剽窃他人的思想或成果,抄袭”等。e.g. He refused to prepare for the exam, but counted on being able topick his roommates brains.他不肯准备考试,仗着他能够抄袭他室友的。 Ps : as best as sb. can的意思是“尽力地”。例如:e.g. Martin manages his business as best he can.Martin竭尽所能经营他的事业。 /201411/342213迷你对话:A:Why did you get your back up, dad?爸爸,你为什么生气。B:What a mess in your room!瞧瞧你的房间多乱。A:Im playing with my toys. I will tidy up the room after a while.我正在玩玩具,过会儿我会把房间收拾好。B:That’s all right.好吧。词海拾贝:1.get one’s back up:生气,使发怒Eg. An unfriendly attitude of the shop-assistant often gets customers’ back up.售货员不友好冷淡的态度常常使顾客生气。Eg. He was got up his back up by the perception of Mrs. Bulshrodes meaning.布尔斯罗德太太的弦外之音使他有些生气。Eg. Can you stroke him down? He is still got his back up.你能使他消消气吗?他还是非常生气。Eg. Anna was got her back up by Jacks rude remarks about her appearance.杰克对安娜相貌的粗鲁使她很生气。2.play with:玩......Eg. If you play with fire, youll get burnt in the event.你如果玩火,到头来总会被灼伤。Eg. She could lie on the cool rocks and play with the golden carp.她会趴在凉爽的石板上,逗弄金鱼。Eg. Does it make sense to let children play with matches?让小孩玩火柴有意义吗?Eg. That selfish boy wont let other children play with his toys.那个孩子自私,玩具不让别的孩子玩。3.tidy up:整理,收拾Eg. We should tidy up the place before we move in.在我们搬进去之前应该先把那地方收拾一下。Eg. He began to tidy up his desk and finish off the week s work.他开始整理书桌,结束一周的工作。Eg. Dolly, all your things are in a muddle, tidy up your room.多丽,你的东西乱七八糟,收拾收拾房间。Eg. Be sure to tidy up before the guests arrive.客人来到前一定要收拾一下。4.after a while:过一会儿Eg. After a while she wept, and her tears brought some relief.过了一会儿,她哭起来,她的眼泪让她心里轻松了一些。Eg. After a while he washed his face and hands, and tried to regain his composure.过了一阵,他洗了脸和手,竭力想恢复平静。Eg. After a while we got to know each other a little.过了不久我们有点熟了。Eg. Oh, not very well. You get tired of it after a while.不太喜欢,你过一段时间就厌倦了。 /201209/198912校车安全 school bus safety超载严重、质量堪忧、监管不力;;在校车安全备受关注和质疑声中,中国政府针对校车安全的突出问题和主要环节,迅速制定法规力保校车安全。由国务院法制办牵头起草的校车安全条例草案征求意见稿于12月11日正式全文公布,广纳民意。请看中国日报网的报道:A draft regulation on school bus safety management was made public on Dec 11 by the State Council, with the public invited to submit comments.国务院法制办12月11日公布《校车安全条例(征求意见稿)》,面向社会各界征求意见。文中的school bus safety就是指;校车安全;,school bus是指依法获得使用许可,用于接送幼儿园、小学、中学等从事preschool education(学前教育)或者compulsory education(义务教育)的教育机构的幼儿或者学生上学、放学的7座以上的passenger service vehicle(载客汽车)。近来多次发生的school bus safety(校车安全)事故,造成未成年人重大伤亡,教训惨痛。据此,《征求意见稿》规定,local governments above the county level(县级以上地方政府)对校车安全管理负;overall responsibility(总责);,authorities of education(教育部门)、public security(公安部门)、交通运输、product quality supervision(产品质量监督)等部门各司其职、密切配合,共同做好school bus safety management(校车安全管理)工作。 /201201/168074Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Captain speaking. We will be landing at Bangkok International Airport in 20 minutes. Our flying altitude is 7000 feet. The local time is 9:45 p.m. and the ground temperature is 25 degrees Centigrade, or 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Captain Tony and all the members of his crew thank you for flying with us. We hope you enjoyed the flight.各位旅客您好,这是机长报告。本航班20分钟后即将降落曼谷国际机场。我们的飞行高度是7000英尺。 当地时间为晚上9点45分, 地面温度为25摄氏度,77华氏度。机长托尼与所有组员感谢各位旅客搭乘本航班,希望各位旅客旅途愉快。单词、句子讲解1. captain 机长2. Bangkok International Airport 曼谷国际机场3. altitude 高度4. feet 英尺5. ground 地面6. temperature 气温7. degrees 度8. Centigrade (Celsius) 摄氏9. Fahrenheit 华氏10. crew 机组人员Lily老师的公众微信账号:贵旅特(shanghai_greeters) /201509/396524

大家好,欢迎来到,我是Canace,学习英语除了要学会大量单词以外,掌握实用的短语也特别重要,三个句子,短语,希望这样的方式大家能够喜欢,好啦接下来就开始我们今天的学习吧。1. I have access to his office.我可以进出他的办公室。Have access to的含义会根据宾语而有所改变。后接建筑物,指“有进入某地的权利;通道,入径”;后接某种物品,则指“有查阅或使用的机会或权利”。Only two men in the company have access to the secret records. 公司只有两个人可以查阅秘密档案。而后接某人,则指有“接近某人或与某人见面的机会或权利”。She was so strictly kept by her father, that no man might have access to her by day. 她父亲把她管得十分严,白天任何男人也不可能接近她。2. We are apt to think ill of others.我们往往从坏的方面考虑人。Be apt to do指“有……倾向的,易于……的”,也可以翻译为“往往、常常”。例如,动不动就发火就是apt to lose someones temper,容易犯错是apt to make mistakes。Think ill of表示看不起、轻视某人,或者把某人往坏的方面想再举个例子:You must not think ill of her because she did not love you. 你不该因为她不爱你就认为她这个人不好。3. The apples give off a very sweet smell.这些苹果散发出非常香甜的味儿。这个句子里的give off指“释放”,也可指散发出某种气味,释放热量、气体等,可以用give out替换。类似的短语还有几个。Send out指发出信号、声音、光等,还常常表示发出信件、请帖等。. Please send out the invitations as soon as possible. 请尽快把请贴发出去。如果使用emit,则特指通过某种物力或化学的方式散发出来,是较正式的用法。 It is now unlawful for factories to emit black smoke into the air. 工厂向大气中排放黑烟现在是违法的。回顾一下今天学习的内容。have access to-有进入/接近..的权利;be apt to do-倾向于;think ill of-看不起某人,将某人往坏的方面想。以及表示“释放”的几个短语和单词Give off, send out, emit。温故而知新,才能有所提高。今天的学习就到这里,感谢收听,再见!背景音乐:Britney Spears - Deep In My Heart本节目属 /201510/406597

特别声明该文章中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,对话精讲为可可编辑编写。第一、迷你对话A: I’d be a basket case if you think of me that way. I need your understanding.要是连你也这么看我的话,我真的是走投无路。我需要你的理解。B: I know, I know. But you always bat around without doing things useful.我知道,我知道。但是你总是游手好闲的。A: Can’t you be more considerate? I need your encouragement.你不能替我想想吗?我需要你的鼓励。B: All right. Do what you can do now instead of twiddling your thumbs.好的,别总是闲着,找点事情干。第二、对话精讲1. 核心地道表达【核心短语】basket case【解词释义】Basket的意思就是;篮子;。比如说,要是一个人在一次事故中失去了四肢,他就变得毫无能力来料理自己的生活,只能让人家把他放在一只篮子里抬来抬去。这种毫无能力和希望的情景就是basket case的意思。Basket case经常被用来形容那些很穷的国家,它们的人民饥寒交迫,毫无希望。有的时候,basket case也是指那些老是亏钱,即将倒闭的企业。Im afraid my uncles stressful job has turned him into a basket case.我担心叔父的压力沉重的工作会使他变成一个毫无气力的废人。That manager has been a basket case here since his wife left him.自从太太离开他后,那位经理就变得意志消沉。I m really worried - our company is losing so much money these days that if things dont get better in the next two months well be a basket case and have to go out of business.我真是非常担心,我们公司这些日子亏损了那么多钱,要是在今后两个月里情况没有好转的话,我们就彻底没有希望,只好倒闭了。【典型例句4】They made me wait so long for the interview that I was a basket case by the time I finally got called in. Ive never been so nervous! I stammered, I stuttered--I almost couldnt remember my own name.他们让我等了很久才和我面谈。等到他们叫我进去的时候,我根本就不行了。我从来就没有这样紧张过,结结巴巴地说不出话来,差一点连自己的名字都忘了。2.词海拾贝think of:有…想法; 对…有意见They all thought of her as a nice girl.他们都认为她是一个好女孩。We think of him as representing modern writers.我们认为他是现代作家的代表。instead of:而不是You should reason with him instead of just telling him to obey.你应该同他讲清道理,不要只叫他听话。Taking exercise every day makes him look younger instead of older.每天锻炼身体使他看起来年轻而不显老。bat around:到处游荡The women were batting around, gossiping instead of spending the day industriously.这些女人到处游荡闲聊而不是勤勉过日子。Instead of looking for work, he preferred to bat around.他不去找工作做,宁愿到处游荡。 /201309/255560

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