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Beware battery-saving myths.当心那些关于节省电能的错误说法:1. Closing unused apps.1. 关闭不常使用的应用程序There is plenty of inaccurate conventional wisdom about methods to prolong battery life. Let’s start with one of the worst “tips”: Closing (or force-quitting, as it’s commonly called) apps you are not currently using. The theory is that apps running in the background are using your phone’s components, so quitting them will save energy.关于延长电池使用时间,有很多不准确的传统观点。就从最糟的这条“小贴士”开始吧:关闭(或者所谓“强制退出”)你不经常使用的应用。这个贴士的理由是,在后台运行的应用使用了手机的元件,所以关闭它们可以省电。 /201603/429171

A craze for lifelike dolls thought to bring good luck is sweeping Thailand, reflecting widesp anxiety as the economy struggles and political uncertainty persists nearly two years after a coup.泰国最近刮起了一股追捧仿真玩偶的热潮,据说这种玩偶能带来好运。自两年前发生军事政变以来,泰国政局动荡,经济萎靡不振,老百姓人心惶惶。玩偶潮流或由此产生。Thailand is predominantly Buddhist and has been modernizing rapidly over the past two or three decades but many people are highly superstitious, their Buddhist beliefs co-existing with notions of animism, astrology and ;black magic;.泰国民众主要信奉佛教。过去二三十年,泰国现代化进程发展迅速,但许多民众仍然很迷信,他们在修佛的同时,也相信鬼神、占星以及巫术之说。The plastic dolls, about the size of a real baby, are called ;look thep;, or ;child angel;.这种塑料玩偶约为真人婴儿大小,人称“娃娃神”、“天使娃娃”。Devotees buy them in shops or online and invite benevolent spirits to possess them, hoping they will bring good luck.信奉者从实体店或网店买来这种娃娃,然后开光供奉,希望以此给自己带来好运。;The economy is bad right now. Everybody needs something to hold on to,; said Mananya Boonmee, 49, a doll owner and seller.49岁的玩偶店主曼安亚·波密称:“现在经济不好,大家都想寻求精神安慰。”曼安亚同时也是个“娃娃神”信奉者。Mananya told Reuters her doll, called Nong Petch, or baby jewel, had helped her win the lottery by telling her what numbers to buy in her dreams.曼安亚告诉路透社,她供奉的名为“宝珠”的娃娃提前告诉她票号码,使她得以。Panpimon Wipulakorn, deputy director-general of the Department of Mental Health, said the economic downturn exacerbated the phenomenon.泰国精神健康部副部长潘门·维普康表示,经济下行助长了这个风气。;There have always been groups in Thai society that hold such beliefs and economic worries only help to heighten these beliefs,; Panpimon told Reuters.潘门告诉路透社,“泰国一直就有这种迷信群体,而经济不景气则进一步推动了这股风潮。”;These people do not have mental health problems.;“这些人并不是有什么精神问题。”Thailand has been ruled by a junta since a May 2014 coup and the generals have struggled to revive the export-dependent economy, while promising to restore democracy with an election next year.2014年5月,泰国发生军事政变,后来该国一直由军政府统治。军中领袖重振经济的举措一直不奏效,已承诺明年恢复民主选举。泰国是个严重依赖出口的国家。Such fads have happened before. After a 2006 coup, many people turned to plasticine amulets, or charms, in the belief they would bring riches.类似的迷信风潮以前也出现过。2006年发生军事政变后,当地曾流行过泥塑护身符,据说能带来财运。Devotees of the dolls lavish attention on them.信奉者都非常痴迷这种娃娃神。;My life has changed a lot, for the better,; said beauty salon owner Natsuda Jantabtim, 45, who has had her doll - Nong Ruay Jung, or baby so rich, for eight months.45岁的美容店老板那素达·詹他廷供奉“财神娃娃”已有8个月了。她表示,“我的生活因此改变了很多,变得越来越好。”;When I hug her, I know it#39;s love. I tell her I love her all the time.;“每当我抱她时,会有一种说不出的爱的感觉。我告诉她我会永远爱她。”Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha weighed in saying people who could not afford to buy the dolls should not do so.泰国总理帕拉育也发表了看法,建议买不起娃娃的人,就不要参与了。;I#39;ve never raised a child angel doll,; he quipped.他自嘲说:“我就从来没供过娃娃神。”The dolls cost from 1,500 baht to up to 30,000 baht and some businesses are tapping in on the craze.每个娃娃售价在1500至3万泰铢(约合275至5500元人民币)不等,不少商家趁机涨价。Thai Smile said it would charge passengers who bring dolls on board and would serve them snacks.泰国微笑航空公司表示,娃娃神享有座位的话须同样付费,该公司也会为“它们”提供零食。But the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand said it would stop airlines selling tickets for dolls over concern they could be used to smuggle drugs.不过泰国民航局已表示,将禁止航空公司向“娃娃神”售票,因为担心这种玩偶可能被用来藏毒。 /201601/424507

A survey shows over 80% of college students are plagued by procrastination, requiring epic all-nighters to finish papers and prepare for tests.一项调查显示,超过八成的大学生被拖延症所困扰,这才有了大伙通宵达旦写论文或备考的壮观景象。Roughly 20% of adults report being chronic procrastinators. But Adam Grant writes in the NYT that most people think procrastination as a vice for productivity. But it#39;s actually a virtue for creativity.近两成的成人承认自己是慢性拖延症患者。但是亚当·格兰特在纽约时报上写道,大部分人认为拖延症是效率的大敌,但实际上它是创造力的表现。According to Grant our first ideas are usually our most conventional but when you procrastinate, you#39;re more likely to let your mind wander giving you a better chance of spotting unexpected patterns.根据格兰特所说的,我们的第一个想法通常是我们最习惯的那个想法。但当你有所拖延的时候,其实这更有可能会让你的思维活跃起来,这也会给你提供一个发现意外模式的机会。Experts say procrastination encourages divergent thinking.专家称,拖延激发了发散性思维。Even some monumental achievements are helped by procrastination. Grant says that according to those who knew him, Steve Jobs procrastinated constantly, Bill Clinton has been described as a ;chronic procrastinator; who waits until the last minute to revise his speeches.甚至一些名人的成就都是靠拖延的帮助才得以实现的。格兰特说,从那些了解乔布斯的人我们可以获知,乔布斯就是一个总是拖延的家伙。此外,比尔·克林顿是一个被形容为有;慢性拖延症;的人,直到最后一刻他才会修改他的演讲。Aaron Sorkin, the screenwriter, is known to put off writing until the last minute. He once said, ;You call it procrastination, I call it thinking.;此外,编剧艾伦·索金曾说过,;你认为是拖延,我认为是思考。;众所周知,他的剧本总是要拖到最后一刻才会动笔。 /201601/423159

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