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新宾满族县人民医院要预约吗1.she's been ill,some chronic condition.她有病,慢性病 chronic(病)慢性的 ; 反之,acute(病)急性的2.Find a spot close to the club and sit tight.找个离俱乐部近的地方,慢慢等着 tight可作形容词或副词,指"牢牢的/地,不动的/地"3.What the hell are you thinking about,waltzing here?你到底想怎么样,还悠闲地跑到这儿? waltz华尔兹,在这里指"轻松前进"4.She's had this kidney thing since she was real young.她从小肾就有问题 kidney肾5.I don't give a rat's ass about your or your brother.我对你和你哥的事都他妈的没兴趣 I don't give a shit/damn/rat's ass about sth.都算是粗口了,表示"我不在乎..."6.What if i'm standing on this side? 如果我处于这种情况呢?7.There are places that can better serve your needs.有些地方更适合你们的需要serve sb's needshelp sb. (当help用腻时,可用serve sb's needs替换)8.What the hell are you trying to pull.你到底想干嘛? pull在美国口语中指"干(勾当),耍阴谋" eg.Don't try to pull anything.别想耍什么花招9.Look me in the eye,tell me you don't believe there's a cover-up going on right now.看着我的眼睛,你觉得我在欺骗你吗? cover-up掩饰;掩盖 (顺便体会一下Look me in the eye和Look at me的小区别)10.'cause i feel like a circus freak.因为我觉得自己像马戏团小丑 circus马戏团;马戏表演 ; freak行为怪诞的人11.you mark my words.你牢牢记住我说的话 mark记下,录下,可与"remember/record"替换12.President reynolds attended a chicago fundraiser last night.reynolds总统昨晚在芝加哥参加了一个筹款活动 fund基金 ; raiser筹措者 ; fundraiser资金筹集活动13.Scofield,i don't know what you're used to,but anything short of filet mignon is not going to cult it with me.Scofield,我不知道你习惯怎么着,但没有一客腓力牛排别想打发我. short of缺少,不足 filet mignon腓力牛排.这个词源于法语.意思就是牛里脊,是牛身上最贵的部分.14.Do you think i'd bring you here to so sacred a place to me as this if i meant you ill.如果我要害你,你觉得我会带你来这个对我来说如此神圣的地方么? ill用在此处指"坏的;冷酷的;恶劣的".比"bad"的程度深15.I am the laws of karma all come down wrong.我是因果报应的作孽的产物 karma命运;因果报应16.may need to run a few tests.可能得做些化验17.You don't mind if i ask you to empty your pockets.你不介意我搜一下你的口袋吧? empty (out) sb's pockets搜查某人 eg.The police made the thief empty out his pocket.警察搜查小偷 此外,an empty pocket没有钱的人 /08/82353抚顺哪里看阳痿早泄有效Jerry: I really admire you, Diana.Diana: why, Jerry? Your words just came out of the blue.J: you are really happy and able to achieve high scores at school.D: I work very hard and that's it, you know, practice makes perfect.J: isn't there anything else?D: I have no idea.J: you must have a high IQ score.D: well, Jerry, let me tell you a secret.J: go ahead.D: my IQ score is slightly above average.J: seriously? But you are such a genius.D: maybe I've got a higher EQ. I'm not sure.J: well, perhaps you're right. Sometimes EQ matters more than IQ.D: you can say that again, Jerry. And I'm sure you're high in both of them. With a little more time cracking the books, you can also get high marks.J: oh, thank you. I'm going to the library, are you coming?D: let's go! /12/92131英语口语王 第2部分:第38章暂无文本 推荐口语专题:日常口语会话120分钟英语口语社交美语五分钟英语快餐 /200809/48630抚顺市妇幼保健院男科咨询

抚顺市顺城人民医院有泌尿科吗抚顺包皮切割手术A: why are there still so many people overweight despite the current fitness craze?C: well, there are certain factors that effect people's size and weight.A: what are they?C: one study said that low-income groups have a higher percentage of over-weight people than higher income families.A: why?C: the survey said that the low, income groups eat more junk food on a daily basis.A: that makes sense. Probably less time to make dinner and the junk food is cheaper.C: and junk food contains lots of fat and oil. There is one final reason why so many people are fat.A: what's that?C: nobody exercises anymore-not even kids! The average american home has the TV on for 6 hours a day!A: wow! No wonder people are so fat. Say, Carl, looks like you could be doing a bit more exercising.C: yeah, I guess so.A: you should consider eating healthier food and getting some more exercise.C: hey, I started a diet and lost 10 pounds.A: so what happened?C: well, I quit and gained it back plus 5 pounds.A: you should have kept trying. /11/894071) The worst thing that can happen to a company is bankruptcy. That is when the company loses all of its money and has to close its doors. 对于一个公司来说,能够发生的最糟糕的事是破产。公司破产的时候就是公司的钱已经空了,不得不关门大吉的时候。2) Another tragic, but common event is being deep in debt. After borrowing money, you must pay back the loan. However, if you don't have the money, you will have to borrow money from person B to pay back person A. This situation sends you deeper in debt. 另外一件悲惨的事情、但是很常见的事是公司陷入债务的泥潭中无法拔出来。在你借钱后就要面临归还贷款的那一天。然而当你没有足够的钱还款的时候,你就得从B某人那里借钱用来还欠的A某人的钱。这种环环相扣的借钱还钱的状况会使你的财政状况变得更糟。3) Having a huge surplus of goods can also be a bad thing. Most businesses work on a supply and demand system. If there is less of a product, you can sell it for a higher price. If there is too much of a product, you must sell it for less, thus losing money. 储存大量的产品货物也是一件糟糕的事情。大多数的商务工作都是基于一种供求体系。如果市场上的某一种货物稀少,你就可以出高一些的价钱来出售。如果市场上某种货物的供应很多,那么你就需要以相对低的价格把货物卖出去,这样一来你得到的钱就少了一些。Diologue: Business TroubleGordon: Howdy, how's business?Molly: As well as can be expected since we are deep in debt.Gordon: I am sorry to hear that. But didn't you say you had a surplus of your products?Molly: Our surplus is hurting sales. Everyone aly has one. No one is buying our products now.Gordon: That sounds bad, really bad. Aren't you afraid of going bankrupt?Molly: You hit the nail on the head. We are worried.Gordon: I am sorry to hear that.Molly: Not as sorry as we are.Gordon: Let me know if you need a new job.Molly: I have no plans of being unemployed. However, it may happen if we go broke.Gordon: Try to keep a positive attitude.Molly: I guess you are right. Thanks for the advice.Gordon: Anytime.商业危机戈登:你好,你的生意进展得如何?莫莉:就象可以预见到的,我们欠债了。莫莉:很抱歉听到这个消息。可是我记得你说过你的库房里有很多积压的产品。戈登:我们的积压产品对销售有百害而无一利。每个人都已经有了我们的产品,现在没人再买我们的产品了。莫莉:那听上去太糟糕了,真的太糟糕了。难道你不害怕破产吗?戈登:你说到了我的痛处。我们现在很担心这一点。莫莉:我很抱歉听到这个消息。戈登:如果你需要找到一份新工作的话,请告诉我。莫莉:我现在对于失业还没有计划。然而,如果我们破产的话,这可能会发生的。戈登:尽量保持一种积极的态度。莫莉:我猜你说得没错。谢谢你的建议。戈登:不客气。 /08/82164抚顺新抚区第一医院男科医院在那儿训练方法说明:先看汉语部分-口头译为英语并大声朗读出来-对照英文部分-写出发生错误的问题所在让我们开始吧,请阅读下面的汉语,口头翻译为英语并大声读出来在北京谋生,当幼儿园教师是一个绝佳的选择。薪酬比大多数跟我同龄的办公室职员要高,而每周的工作时间却还要比他们少20小时。但是,你必须每天都早起,与孩子们一起玩。我不会撒谎说我“天天开心”,许多年轻的中国教师都这么说,我不会像他们那样做的。但是,我愿意去做能让孩子们开心的事情。对于一名教师而言,最大的快乐就是你的学生不仅接受你是他们的老师,而且非常喜欢你做他们的老师。 点击此处查看英文部分 说明:将你口译的内容对比下面的原文翻译:Teaching kindergarten is a wonderful way to make a living in Beijing. The pay is more than most professionals my age earn working in an office and I work less than 20 hours a week! However, it takes a special disposition to be able to get up early every morning and play with toddlers. I will not lie and say that I am "Tiantian kaixin" or happy everyday like many young Chinese teachers claim. I am, however, willing to do what it takes to keep the kids smiling. The greatest joy for a teacher is to have students who are not only willing but also very much pleased to have you as their teacher./04/68160抚顺望花治疗睾丸炎多少钱

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