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South Africa is a country that always create an impression,南非是一个总是给人们营造印象的国家,we know of its diverse population, the troubled history of Part take and its rebirth as a global travel destination.我们熟知它的多样化人口,陷入困境的历史及作为全球旅游目的地这个国家的重生。Ive been a fan of this country for many years,多年来我一直深爱着这个国家,but this is my chance to go beyond the obvious South Africa,但这次是我超越显而易见人们眼中南非的机会,to explore on foot and take time to see how light and stunning landscape work today in the new South Africa,步行探索并且花时间看看今天新南非令人吃惊的景观,country thats now came to invite the world.这个国家现在邀请世界人民前往。Hello, welcome to my final South Africa work,你好,欢迎来到我南非的最后一站,this is the village of Ringfast mud,now my look like much.这是灵法斯特穆德村,现在看看我的这身打扮。201309/255562May 26th 2012Barack Obama had a wobbly week. His re-election campaign’s attack on Mitt Romney’s time at Bain Capital came under fire from some Democrats for going too far in its criticisms of private equity. And in Democratic primary elections in Arkansas and Kentucky around 40% of the voters withheld their support for the president; some reckoned Republicans had crossed party lines to cause mischief.巴拉克#8226;奥巴马度过了忐忑的一周。他的连任竞选团队针对米特#8226;罗姆尼在执掌贝恩资本期间的攻击,遭到了一些民主党内人士的谴责,认为对私募股权的批评太过分了。同时,在阿肯色州个肯塔基州进行的民主党内初选中,大约40%的投票者没有持奥巴马。一些人认为共和党已经跨越了党派界限,造成了民主党内的不和。Officials in Argentina said they found a bomb hidden in a theatre in Buenos Aires where Aacute;lvaro Uribe, Colombia’s former president, was due to speak. Mr Uribe is campaigning against a constitutional amendment that might exempt Colombia’s guerrilla leaders from prosecution if they make peace.阿根廷官员表示,他们发现了一枚藏在布宜诺斯艾利斯一个剧院内的炸弹。而这个剧院正是哥伦比亚前总统乌里韦将要发表演说的地方。乌里韦正在组织一个反对宪法修正案的活动。如果该修正案通过,哥伦比亚的游击队领导人在同意和解的条件下,便可能逃脱起诉。Spain’s Repsol said that an exploratory well in deep water off Cuba was dry, dashing the island’s hopes of reducing its dependence on imported oil.西班牙雷普索尔能源称,在古巴附近海域深海区的一口勘探井是干的,这打破了古巴对减少对进口石油依赖的期望。In another attempt to inject life into Brazil’s stagnant economy, the government announced a fresh round of tax cuts, this time on car sales and some financial transactions.巴西政府在为向巴西滞怠的经济注入新鲜血液的又一次尝试中,宣布了新一轮的减税政策。这次减税对象为汽车销售和一些金融流通税。In a presidential election in the Dominican Republic Danilo Medina, the candidate of the ruling party, won a narrow victory. The parties complained of vote-buying but international observers said this did not affect the result.多米尼加共和国总统选举中,执政党候选人麦迪纳险胜,当选为总统。各党派纷纷抱怨说选举中有买选票的作弊行为,但是国家观察员表示这并不影响选举结果。Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, unveiled a government dominated by loyalists, tightening his grip on the economy and national security after popular protests. The new government is likely to curtail the ability of Dmitry Medvedev, the prime minister, to pursue market reforms.俄罗斯总统普金揭开了一个由一群忠实拥护者统治的政府。继一系列的反对之后,他抓紧了经济和国家安全建设。新政府可能削弱总理梅德韦杰夫推行市场改革的力度。Serbia’s presidential election was won by Tomislav Nikolic, who beat Boris Tadic, the liberal incumbent, by two percentage points. Mr Nikolic used to be an extreme nationalist but has changed his tune, vowing to promote integration with the European Union and promising to be a good neighbour in the Balkans.叙利亚总统选举中,托米斯拉夫#8226;尼克利奇击败了自由党现任总统鲍里斯#8226;塔迪奇,以两个百分点的优势赢得了大选。尼克哩利奇过去式一名极端的民族主义者,但是后来转而发誓要促进欧盟一体化,并承诺要成为巴尔干半岛的好邻居。European Union leaders attended yet another summit in Brussels aimed at solving the euro-zone’s sovereign-debt crisis. At the earlier G8 summit at Camp David, in Maryland, Germany came under pressure to do more for jobs and growth, though the communiqué also concluded that “the right measures are not the same for each of us.”欧盟领导人在布鲁塞尔又出席了一次峰会,旨在解决欧元区的主权债务危机。之前在马里兰州戴维营召开的八国峰会上,德国迫于压力,要努力增加就业,促进增长,虽然公报中也说;“对我们每个国家要采取的正确措施不尽相同。”Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, a Libyan convicted of the 1988 bombing of a Pan Am flight over Lockerbie in Scotland, died from cancer. Mr Megrahi was released from prison by the Scottish government on compassionate grounds in , which outraged many relatives of the 270 people killed in the atrocity. He always claimed to be innocent.1988年苏格兰洛克比小镇上空泛美航空航班爆炸事件制造者利比亚人迈格拉希死于癌症。年,苏格兰政府出于同情从监狱释放了麦格拉希,激起了那场暴行中270名死难者亲属的愤怒。他也一直坚持称自己无罪。A Pakistani doctor who helped the CIA track down Osama bin Laden was found guilty of treason under laws that govern the country’s tribal areas. Shakil Afridi, who carried out fake vaccinations near bin Laden’s compound so that he could gather DNA evidence on his family, was sentenced to 30 years in prison.根据巴基斯坦部落地区法律,帮助中央情报局追踪本拉登的阿夫里迪被告犯有叛国罪,被判刑30年。阿夫里迪是一名巴基斯坦医生,他当时在本拉登住所附近,假借推广疫苗项目采集本拉登家人的DNA样本。In Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim, the leader of an opposition party and thorn to the government, was charged with inciting and participating in an illegal street protest on April 28th. Coming just four months after he was acquitted of sodomy (which is still illegal in Malaysia), Mr Anwar said the new charges were also politically motivated.马来西亚反对党领袖,政府的眼中钉安华被告,于4月28日,煽动并参加非法街头抗议。就在四个月前,他案无罪释放(在马来西亚也是非法的)。安华称新的指控也是出于政治动机。Fitch downgraded Japan’s sovereign-debt rating to A+, as its politicians squabbled about passing a rise in the sales tax. Japan’s public debt is forecast to rise to 239% of GDP by the end of 2012.惠誉国际评级将日本的主权债务降级为A+,因为日本的政客针对是否要上调营业税发生了争执。预计到2012年底,日本国债将上升为其国内生产总值的239%Fifteen months after the fall of Hosni Mubarak, Egyptians voted in their first free presidential election on May 23rd and 24th, with no opinion poll confidently predicting a winner among the three or four front-runners. But nearly all reckoned there would be a run-off, due a month later.5月23日和24日,埃及民众在穆巴拉克倒台十五个月后,第一次自由地选举他们的总统。没有任何一个民意调查可以有把握地预测三四个领先者中谁将胜出。但是,几乎所有人都认为一个月后将会有一场决定性竞选。Representatives of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany began a fresh round of talks with Iran over its nuclear plans, this time in Baghdad, hoping to persuade its government to agree to stop enriching its uranium to the high grade that would enable it to make a bomb.联合国安理会五大常任理事国和德国的代表们,在巴格达,就伊朗核计划开始了新一轮的会谈。旨在劝说伊朗政府同意停止其浓缩铀项目。该项目旨在将铀浓缩到可以制造核弹的程度。At least 100 people were killed by a suicide-bomber at a military parade in Yemen’s capital, Sana’a. A group allied to al-Qaeda claimed to have carried out the attack ten days after Yemen’s army launched an offensive against jihadists in the southern province of Abyan. See article也门首都萨那举行的阅兵过程中发生自杀式爆炸袭击事件,造成至少100人死亡。一个同基地组织有关联的小组称发动了这起袭击案。此事故发生十天前,也门军队向驻南方省份阿比安的圣战战士发动了袭击。Eleven Lebanese Shia pilgrims were kidnapped in Syria. The Free Syrian Army, a group of rebel fighters, said that government forces, hoping to besmirch the opposition, were responsible. As a result, protests erupted in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, where people are divided over the uprising in Syria.在叙利亚有十一名黎巴嫩什叶派朝圣者遭绑架。反叛者组成的自由叙利亚军队称,该绑架案是政府军队所为,政府军队欲将罪名嫁祸给反对派。绑架还引发了黎巴嫩首都贝鲁特的抗议。在贝鲁特民众对叙利亚的起义意见存在分歧。Supporters of Mali’s coup leader named him to head a new interim government in defiance of a deal brokered by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), a regional body that has been trying to mediate. The announcement provoked protests in Mali’s capital, Bamako. Mali’s interim president was beaten up by a mob.马里政变领袖的持者们将他推举为新临时政府的领导人,这是对区域组织西非国家经济共同体ECOWAS达成的协议的公然违抗。ECOWAS一直在努力调停。声明引发了马里首都巴马科的抗议,临时政府总统遭到了暴民的痛打。Guinea-Bissau’s military junta handed power back to a civilian government six weeks after the army staged a coup.六周前发动了政变的几内亚比绍的军事执政团将权利归还给了平民政府。A South African farm worker was found guilty of killing Eugène Terre’Blanche, the leader of a white-supremacist party, the Afrikaner Resistance Movement, who was beaten to death in his home in 2010.南非白人至上运动,白人至上党领袖尤金#8226;特雷布兰奇于2010年在家被打致死。查明凶手是一名南非农场工人。A debate over freedom of expression raged in South Africa over a gallery’s display of a painting of Jacob Zuma, the president, with his genitals exposed. The ruling African National Congress said the painting was disrespectful and sought legal action to have the artwork removed.南非的一个美术展览馆展出的一幅总统雅各布#8226;祖玛的画像激起了一场有关言论自由的争辩。画像中雅各布#8226;祖玛的生殖器无遮掩地暴露着。执政的非洲人国民大会称,这幅画太过失礼,并将采取法律手段将其撤除。201307/247383Son India swims alongside Puck.因迪亚在妈妈身边游泳。A five and a half years old,hes still unusually attached to her.五岁半的它还是很依赖妈妈。Most young males leave the female families at around four years old, but India isnt in any hurry to go.大多数雄性海豚差不多四岁就离开了家庭,但因迪亚还不着急离开。;He knows its a big bad world out there with the big bad boys, so hes stayed close to mum for now.它知晓外面的世界有多凶险,有很多坏家伙。所以它还是选择跟妈妈呆在一起。Hes not gonna want to give all this nice family fun up, but he might have to.;它还不想放弃美好的家庭生活。但现在是时候学会放弃了。With Pucks new baby due soon, Indias days with the Beachies are numbered.帕克很快就要生下小宝宝了,因迪亚在比奇家庭的日子也很快就要结束了。Across the Bay, most of the females have aly had their calves, timing their arrival to well before the big sharks arrive.鲨鱼湾的另一边,大多数雌性海豚已经生下了小海豚,在鲨鱼到达之前,它们必须到达安全的地方。201404/284642

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