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2019年09月21日 09:29:04 | 作者:同城大夫 | 来源:新华社
US Military, Afghan President at Odds Over Airstrike Deaths美军与阿总统对空袭结果说法不一Afghan President Hamid Karzai has condemned a U.S. airstrike in western Afghanistan that some Afghan officials say killed more than 70 civilians on Thursday. The U.S. military disputes the number of civilian casualties and insists the operation was a successful strike against a wanted Taliban commander. 阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊谴责美国星期四在阿富汗西部的空袭,阿富汗官员说那次空袭造成70多名平民丧生。美国军方对平民死亡数字表示异议,并坚持说,这次对一名受到通缉的塔利班指挥官的空袭行动取得了成功。President Hamid Karzai's office issued a statement Saturday strongly condemning what it called a "unilateral operation of Coalition Forces" in the Shindand district of Herat Province.  阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊的办公室星期六发表声明,强烈谴责“联军部队在赫拉特省辛丹德区的单方面行动”。The statement said local political and security officials reported at least 70 people, including women and children were killed in the airstrike.  声明说,当地政府和安全官员报告说,至少70人在空袭中丧生,包括妇女和儿童。The U.S. military disputes the civilian casualty figures and says troops called for airstrikes after a group of wanted militants fired on a joint patrol of coalition and Afghan forces.  美国军方对平民死亡数字提出质疑,说由联军部队和阿富汗部队组成的一联合巡逻队遭遇一夥被通缉的激进分子火力攻击之后,请求实施空中打击。U.S. coalition spokesman, First Lieutenant Nathan Perry, told VOA the troops were able to search the compound following the battle to confirm the casualty figures.  联军部队美方发言人佩里中尉对美国之音说,战斗结束之后,联军部队对受到空袭的院落进行了搜查,确定了死伤人数。He says five civilians, who were believed to be related to the militants, were among the 30 people killed in the strike. 佩里说,有30人在空袭中丧生,其中有5名平民据信是激进分子的亲属。"There was aly a battlefield assessment of this operation," said the spokesman. "We want to point out that this was an Afghan army operation. Coalition troops were in support of the Afghan operation. And after the operation, those troops on the ground were able to do a battlefield assessment. Not only did they confirm that they killed 25 militants, they also confirmed the main target that they were in pursuit of."  佩里说:“已经对这次空袭行动做了战场评估。我们想要指出的是,这是一次阿富汗军队的行动,联军是持阿军的行动。这次行动之后,地面部队进行了战场评估。他们不仅实了他们消灭了25名激进分子,还确定了他们追剿的重要目标。”The spokesman said despite the initial battlefield assessment, U.S.-led coalition forces have launched an investigation into the airstrike. Afghan officials have also called for an investigation.  这位发言人说,尽管进行了初步战场评估,美国领导的联军部队还是对这次空袭展开了调查。阿富汗官员也要求进行调查。Civilians deaths from U.S. airstrikes are a contentious issue in Afghanistan and in recent months the Afghan government has been more assertive in publicly rebuking foreign allied forces for civilian casualties.  美国空袭造成平民死亡在阿富汗是个容易引起争论的问题,阿富汗政府近几个月对外国联军部队造成的平民死亡进行了语气更加强硬的公开指责。President Karzai said Saturday that so far, Afghan efforts to stop civilian casualties have not had "desired outcomes." The president said the government will soon announce new initiatives for avoiding civilian deaths.  阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊星期六表示,到目前为止,阿富汗争取制止平民伤亡的努力还没有取得“理想的效果”。卡尔扎伊说,政府很快会宣布避免平民伤亡的新措施。In the village in Herat where Thursday's airstrike occurred, hundreds of locals protested Saturday after rejecting offers of food and other aid from Afghan military troops. Local media reports said some of the protesters turned violent and soldiers fired on the crowd, injuring several people. 在星期四受到空袭的赫拉特省的这个村庄,数百名村民星期六举行抗议,他们拒绝了阿富汗军队向他们提供的食品等援助。当地媒体报导,一些抗议者后来开始使用暴力,阿富汗部队向人群开,有几个人受伤。200808/46605importune ———— 纠缠(及物动词)英文释义 (transitive verb) To make persistent, annoying requests.例句 My aunt importunes me to give her hostile, lazy son a good job in my company, but I continually refuse.我的姑妈缠着我,要我在我的公司里给她的待人不友善又懒惰的儿子安排一个好工作,但是我一直拒绝。 /201606/450524POWELL:I've never missed any job I have been in because there's no point in it. So I always look forward. And I have got a lot of opportunities now. I'm having great fun back in private life. And looking forward to more opportunities coming along. KING: And don't miss anything about public life? POWELL: No. I'm not exactly out of public life. I'm staying involved. I'm doing a number of things that are in the public sector and the private sector. But I don't miss government. It's not that I didn't enjoy government. I do. I enjoyed all of my years in the government, all the assignments I was privileged to have. But I'm always looking forward. And I don't look back and say, I missed that. I didn't miss the Army after I left it even though I loved every one of the days I spent in the Army for over 35 years. I love the Army with all my heart. But missing it is another matter. KING: You look forward, and politics you're ruling out? POWELL: Ruling out, no politics. KING: Do you stay -- when you say you stay involved, does that -- are you a consultant to people? Does government call on you? Industry? Who do you talk with and to? POWELL: Well, the first thing I did after leaving government was to start my business back up, and that's being on the lecture circuit. And that's great fun, it gets me around the country and I learn so much about the country. I have also undertaken some business interest. I'm now a limited partner with one of the great venture capital firms in Silicon Valley, Kleiner Perkins Caufield amp; Byers. And they're involved in leading energy technology issues and fuel cells and all sorts of things. KING: Are they buying the baseball team?POWELL: I'm coming to that too. Yes. So I have got a little Silicon Valley, and it's on the West Coast. And I'm excited about that. On the East Coast, in Washington, I'm working with Steve Case, who used to head AOL, and a new group he has formed, Revolution Health Group. And a number of us have invested with Steve in order to put this company together and to do what we can to push the consumer- driven health care market by giving consumers more choice over the dollars they put into health care and how they use those dollars to provide for their families. And that's exciting. That's my East Coast and West Coast business activities. (CROSSTALK)KING: ... red states? POWELL: We're getting there. Who knows? Who knows? It's early, Larry. It's early. Also in the Washington area, I'm participating in an investment program, an investment team to buy a team. We're bidding on the Washington Nationals. And we hope the team led by Mr. Fred Malek, an old friend of mine, will prevail. We hope that Major League Baseball...KING: What has held that up? They were supposed to select it in August, they were supposed to select it Labor Day. POWELL: Larry, it's a very interesting group, Major League Baseball, the owners. And I've spoken to Commissioner Selig a few times and hope they'll make a decision soon. And I'm quite confident they'll do it on the basis not just of price but which team -- which group bidding for it has the strongest connection to the community. And that's where I think we have an edge. KING: Is it up to 0 million? POWELL: Minimum, I think, yes. KING: Would -- if you got the team, would you be an activist? POWELL: Yes. I intend to be activist...KING: General manager?POWELL: I don't think so. We want a winning team.KING: OK.(LAUGHTER)KING: But you would be active?POWELL: I would be active. I would be more than just a passive investor. I'm not a major investor, but I'm an investor. But I would also be very interested in the foundation that the team is going to create because we have made the pitch that not only do we think we could run a good baseball team. But we think we could make a major contribution to the young people of the Washington, D.C., community -- the greater Washington, D.C., community by investing in the boys and girls activities and getting baseball going again in the inner city with minorities. And I think we have a strong suit there to present to the community. KING: Did I somewhere you are were also going to buy a minor league team? POWELL: No. KING: No?POWELL: No.KING: Back to other things, touched a lot of bases. POWELL: I believe I'll just touch a couple of other bases, if I may.KING: OK. Sure.POWELL: A couple of other things I'm interested in.KING: You're writing a book, I'll bet. POWELL: Not -- no, not yet. KING: No?POWELL: No. I'll put that off for another time. But a couple of other things I'm interested in. There's a Colin POWELL Policy Center at City College of New York, my alma mater. And I'm the founder and I'll be a visiting professor there. And what I like about CCNY, it's such a great school.KING: Lavender, my lavender. POWELL: Lavender, my lavender. And for over 100 years it has educated the children of the immigrants of New York City. They did it for me 50 years ago. They're still doing it today. And so I'm going to be deeply involved in building up that center not just as another think-tank but as a place where young people from New York City who have come from all over the world can get an education and can contribute to the city and contribute to the broader society. I'm also taking over chairmanship of the Eisenhower Fellowship Program where we bring in fellows from around the world to study here in the ed States. We need more of that kind of activity. I've replaced Henry Kissinger as chairman, and I'll take that over from Henry next year.And then finally, another activity I'm involved in -- among many others, but another one that is very special to me is the Vietnam Wall is perhaps one of the most magnificent monuments and memorials. And we wanted...KING: The most visited, I believe. POWELL: Right. And because it is the most visited, we want to build an educational center nearby, in no way doing anything with the wall itself, which is perfect. But a little distance away, an education center, probably underground so it doesn't disturb that part of our great Mall, so that people can learn more about that conflict and learn more about those who gave their lives in that conflict. And I'm the honorary chairman of that fund-raising effort. And also working the fund-raising effort for the Martin Luther KING Memorial in Washington, D.C., so I'm kind of busy. 200807/44758Democratic Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are attacking each other on their foreign policy and national security credentials, as both candidates brace for a long and grueling battle for their party's presidential nomination. Senator Clinton met Thursday in Washington with a group of military leaders who are supporting her campaign to discuss Afghanistan and other national security challenges. 竞争美国民主党总统候选人提名的巴拉克.奥巴马参议员和希拉里.克林顿参议员为打一场难分难解的耗时选战已经进入战备状态。现在他们相互攻击对方处理外交政策与国家安全事务的能力。克林顿参议员星期四在华盛顿和持她的一些军方领导人会面,讨论阿富汗和其他有关国家安全议题。Senator Barack Obama says his rival, Senator Clinton's "very negative attacks" played a role in Clinton's election wins earlier this week, wins which have pumped new life into her faltering campaign. 奥巴马参议员说,他的对手希拉里.克林顿对他发动的“非常负面的攻击”在克林顿本周初取得的初选胜利中起到了作用。克林顿参议员本周二取得的胜利使她的竞选转危为安,得以继续。The 46-year-old senator from Illinois stressed that he still leads in the all-important overall delegate count, and targeted Senator Clinton's claim that she is more experienced on foreign policy because of her eight years in the White House as the wife of former President Bill Clinton.  46岁的奥巴马参议员来自伊利诺伊州。他强调说,他仍然拥有更多的重要的代表名额。克林顿称,作为前总统比尔.克林顿的夫人她在白宫8年的岁月令她更富有外交政策经验,但奥巴马针对这一言论说:"Was she handling crises during this period of time? My sense was 'No'," said Barack Obama. “难道她在这段时间里处理过任何危机吗?我认为没有。”On Thursday, Senator Clinton held a meeting with retired generals, admirals and other military officers in Washington, who said they are supporting her because of her foreign policy and national security experience. Clinton had words of praise for her Republican opponent, Senator John McCain for his national security and foreign policy credentials, but took a hard swing at Obama. 克林顿参议员星期四跟退休将领、海军将军和其他军方指挥官在华盛顿举行会议。这些军官说,他们持克林顿是因为她有处理外交政策与国家安全事务的能力。克林顿参议员赞扬了她的共和党对手约翰·麦凯恩参议员具有处理国家安全和外交政策的能力,但对奥巴马却言辞强硬。"Look I have said Senator McCain will bring a lifetime of experience to the campaign, I will bring a lifetime of experience, and Senator Obama will bring a speech he made in 2002," said Hillary Clinton. 克林顿参议员说:“我说过,麦凯恩参议员将以他终身获得的经验参与竞选,我也将以我终身获得的经验参与竞选,而奥巴马参议员是以他在2002年所发表的演说参与竞选。”Clinton referred to a speech Obama made in 2002 opposing any U.S. invasion of Iraq. He often cites his opposition to the Iraq war as proof that his judgment on life and death security matters is better than Clinton's, who voted for a resolution authorizing military action against Iraq. 希拉里.克林顿指的是奥巴马在2002年发表的一篇反对美国攻打伊拉克的演说。奥巴马经常说,他反对伊拉克战争就是一个据,明他比克林顿参议员对生死攸关的国家安全事务有着更好的判断能力。克林顿参议员曾经投票赞成批准美国攻打伊拉克的决议案。Clinton told the military leaders if she is elected president, she would pay a lot more attention to Afghanistan, calling it the "forgotten frontline" in the war on terror.  希拉里.克林顿星期四向美军指挥官表示,如果她当选美国总统,她将更多关注阿富汗。希拉里把阿富汗称作是反恐战争中“被遗忘的前沿战线”:"Today I am announcing a new strategy, one that is both smart and tough, that uses all of the tools in our arsenal to win the war in Afghanistan," she said. "We can no longer relegate Afghanistan to the bottom of our priority list." “我今天宣布一项新战略,一项既明智又强硬的战略,那就是我们将不遗余力地打赢阿富汗战争。我们再也不能把阿富汗推到我们首要日程表的底下。”Clinton said she would ask the ed States' NATO allies to take greater responsibility for training the Afghan National Army, and hold a summit level meeting to revitalize international support for Afghanistan's long-term reconstruction. She said she would also end what she termed President Bush's "one dimensional" Pakistan policy.  克林顿参议员说,她将要求美国的北约盟国为训练阿富汗的国家军队担负起更多的责任,还要召开一个高峰会议,重新推动国际社会持阿富汗的长期重建工作。她说,她还将结束她所称的布什总统不具多面化的巴基斯坦政策。200803/29100

16第十六单元Conversation 1会话 1A:Can I help you?A:我可以帮到你吗?B:I need some stamps.B:我想要些邮票。A:What kind of stamps do you want?A:你想要哪种邮票?B:How much do I need for this letter?B:寄这封信需要多少钱?A:I must weigh it.A:我必须称一下。B:How much? Is It overweight?B:有多重?超重吗?A:It is 5 grams overweight. Do you want to send it as an ordinary or registered letter?A:超重5克。你想寄平信还是挂号信?B:How much is it,then?B:那要多少钱?A:Registration plus overweight,7 yuan in all.A:挂号加上超重,一共7元。B:OK. Here you are.B:好的,给你。Conversation 2 会话 1A:Excuse me, is this the parcel post counter?A:对不起,打搅一下,这是邮寄包裹的柜台吗?B:No. It is at Counter 4,right over there.B:不是。在4号柜台,在那边。A:Id like to send this parcel by post.A:我想邮寄这个包裹。C:Whats in it,please?C:请问里面是什么?A:Just a few documents.A:只是一些文件。C:OK. You may wrap it now. Please fill in this form and label it.C:好的。你现在可以把它包起来了。请填好这张单,把 它貼在上面。A:Please weigh It,and would you tell me whether this parcel is too large for parcel post?A:请称一下,你可以告诉我这包东西作为包裹邮寄是否 太大了吗?C:No. By air or ordinary mail?C:不会。航空邮寄还是普通邮寄?A:Id rather send it by ordinary mail. How much do I have to pay?A:我想寄普通邮件。我得付多少钱?C:20 yuan.C:20 元。A:Here you are.A:给你。C:Here is the receipt.C:给你收据。 /201605/442360

Cambodian-Thai Border Talks Fail to Reach Solution泰柬边界会谈未达成解决方案   Top-level talks between Thailand and Cambodia have failed to resolve a dispute over who owns an ancient temple. The talks were called after Thai soldiers entered Cambodia and troops from both countries gathered along the disputed border. 柬埔寨和泰国高层的会谈未能解决一个引发争执的古庙归属问题。在泰国军队越境进入柬埔寨,泰、柬两国军队在有争议的边界地区集结之后,双方商定举行这轮高层会谈。The Defense Ministers of Cambodian and Thailand met Monday at a border town away from the disputed temple site. 柬埔寨和泰国的国防部长星期一在离引起争议的寺庙不远的一个边界小镇举行了会晤。They spoke for eight hours, but the discussion ended without a solution to the dispute or a schedule for further talks. 两国国防部长的会晤持续了8个小时,但是磋商结束时双方没有达成解决争执的方案,也没有商定举行进一步会谈的时间。The Director General of the National Authority for Preah Viheah, Professor Hang Soth says the two sides had different ideas on how to resolve the standoff, but said the Cambodian government was committed to finding a non-violent solution. 柬埔寨的国家帕威夏神庙权限机构总干事杭索教授说,双方关于如何解决僵持局面的意见不同,但是他说,柬埔寨政府致力于找出一个非暴力的解决方案。"No matter how long it takes, Cambodian government still calm, still use any new way to find peace, never want to make the conflict and no want to have fighting with each other," he said. 杭索说:“无论需要多长时间,柬埔寨政府仍会保持镇静,仍会通过各种新途径来谋求和平。柬埔寨方面永远不想发生冲突,不想双方兵戎相见。”At Preah Viheah temple, Cambodian and Thai soldiers chatted and posed for photographs together in an atmosphere that was mostly friendly. 在帕威夏神庙,柬埔寨和泰国军人相互交谈,并摆姿势照相留念,气氛非常友好。But both sides have hundreds of well-armed troops and heavy machine guns in place in case fighting does break out.  但是柬埔寨和泰国双方都在边界附近部署了配备重型机关的精锐军队,以备爆发战斗。Thailand sent troops to the border after anti-government demonstrators attacked Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej's government for supporting Cambodia's request to designate the temple a UNESCO World Heritage site.The Thai protesters say the temple's new status will undermine their country's claim to land around the site.200807/44570

China Leaves Footprints in Space中国宇航员成功完成首次太空行走 A Chinese astronaut has made the historic first step in outer space for his country. With the successful spacewalk, China has become the third country, after the ed States and Russia, to do so.一名中国宇航员为中国向外太空迈出历史性的一步。翟志刚成功进行太空行走以后,中国成为继美国和俄罗斯之后的第三个进行太空行走的国家。Cheering erupted in the control room when Chinese astronaut Zhai Zhigang opened the hatch of the Shenzhou 7 spacecraft and went outside.中国宇航员翟志刚走出神舟7号轨道仓,进入太空的时候,地面的控制室里爆发出一片欢呼声。His emergence from the module was captured by cameras mounted on the outside of the space ship and broadcast live to millions of Chinese viewers.安装在航天器外部的录像机把翟志刚进入太空的场面记录下来,然后实况播放给地面上数以百万计的中国观众。Zhai, who became China's first-ever spacewalker, waved to the camera at this historic moment.刚刚成为中国太空行走第一人的翟志刚挥舞著中国国旗,他说,这是一个历史时刻。Zhai says he sends greetings to the Chinese people and all the people in the world. Shortly afterwards, his teammate handed him a Chinese national flag, which he also waved for the camera.Outside the craft, Zhai recovered a scientific experiment that official Chinese media said were solid lubricant samples. The ship also will release a satellite that will circle the orbiter and send back images to mission command.在航天器外面,翟志刚从太空中取回一个科学试验,中国官方媒体说,那是一些固体润滑材料。航天器将向太空投放一枚卫星,这枚卫星将环绕航天器飞行,向使命指挥中心发送图像。For his 20 minute spacewalk, Zhai wore a Chinese-made Feitian suit, which is being highlighted as the first indigenous space suit.翟志刚进行了20分钟太空行走,他身穿中国制造的飞天宇航,中国强调说,这是第一套中国自制的宇航。It cost nearly .5 million, has 10 layers and weighs about 120 kilograms. 成本高达近450万美元。这套宇航有10层,重量大约是120公斤。The Feitian is like a mini space ship. It provides pressurized atmosphere, oxygen and temperature control to keep astronauts alive in outer space, while still allowing them to carry out their tasks. The suit also protects wearers from radiation and small flying meteoroids.飞天宇航就象一个微型宇航器。它提供加压大气,氧气,还配有温度调节,能保持宇航员在太空中生存,同时完成他们的任务。宇航还保护宇航员免受幅射和微小的宇宙微粒的打击。One of the Shenzhou 7 astronauts, who did not actually exit the craft, wore a Russian-made Orlan space suit. Chinese authorities say Russian experts have been on hand to support the entire mission.神舟7号的另一名没有离开航天器的宇航员穿着俄罗斯制造的太空。中国当局说,俄罗斯专家在指挥中心准备随时协助持整个使命。Shenzhou 7 launched Thursday night from the western province of Gansu, and is due to land in the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia Sunday. 神舟7号在星期四晚间从甘肃省发射升空,按计划将在星期天在内蒙古地区着陆。Official Chinese media report the country's ultimate goal is to build a permanent space laboratory and a larger-scale space engineering system. The chief designer of the Shenzhou spacecraft system, Zhang Bainan, is ed as saying China is planning to begin mass production of the spacecraft starting from the Shenzhou 8 mission.中国官方媒体报告说,中国的最终目标是建造一个永久的空间实验室,和一个大型太空工程系统。神舟飞船系列的主要设计师被引述说,中国计划从神舟8号开始批量制造太空飞行器。200809/50860

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