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Its cool because so many people,there are so many talented people, like Gods blessed so many people这很酷因为很多人 有很多受到上帝眷顾很有才华的人But it takes a lot of hard work as well,He wants you to work for it但这同样需要付出巨大的汗水 你需要为之不懈奋斗and he wants you to always just trust him and just always dont stop你要相信他 永远不要停下前进的脚步and never give up,right never say never,never say never,never say never永不放弃 永不言弃 永不言弃 永不言弃Now, youre surrounded by very very good people too,Yes, its great你现在身边也有不少好人 是的 很棒because Ive surrounded myself with core group who have now become like my family因为我身边的这些人 这些人都成了我的家人Theyre been really close to me and its been really cool他们和我很亲密 这很棒because they want me to become not just a great artist but a good person in the end因为他们不仅仅想让我 成为一个成功的歌手 更成为一个正直的人A lot of people that havent seen the movie,a lot of people think Im just some product很多没有看过电影的人 很多人觉得我只是个商品that people put together package and put out there,Sing Baby,just do it是被人包装出来的 唱《Baby》 快唱but Ive been playing music ever since I remember,I just wanna people to see the movie and really see I work really hard从我记事起我就在玩音乐 我只希望让大家看这个电影 看到我真的很努力Yes you work reall hard,The fact youve got to play Madison Square Garden sold out in 22 minutes是的 你真的很努力 事实上你在Madison Square Garden的演出门票 在22分钟之内就销售一空And did it in such a short amout of time and you see youre heart breaking when you throat is在这么短的时间内就售完 当你嗓子有问题的时候 你很伤心In fact you cant talk for a few days you ha to cancel the concert事实上 你有几天都不能说话 你不得不取消演唱会I have to say about the Michael Jackson thing though,Do you feel sometimes you我还是要提到Michael Jackson 有时候你有没有感到because the tough thing is,you have the talent, you have all these fans因为最困难的事情是 你很有天赋 你粉丝成群and youre huge all over the world,Do you get to go out and do things你红遍了全世界 你可以像正常人一样生活吗because thats one thing Micheal suddenly didnt have a life,He had to hide all the time因为Micheal因为这件事而迷失了方向 他必须要一直躲躲藏藏 /201606/450805Top Gear疯狂汽车秀High-octane antics高辛烷值的滑稽Motormouth Jeremy Clarkson is suspended from the Bs hit show快嘴快舌的杰里米·克拉克森被B热门节目停职WHEN Jeremy Clarkson suggests switching off the VSC on a Toyota GT86 sports car to do better doughnuts around the “Top Gear” test track at Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey, his audience is more than likely to know what he is talking about. That audience is huge: “Top Gear” is the worlds most widely watched factual television programme, with more than 350m viewers in 214 countries. That presents B Worldwide, the commercial arm of the B, with a problem, because on March 10th the broadcaster suspended Mr Clarkson for being involved in what it called a “fracas” with one of the shows producers. The next episode will not be broadcast and another two may be dropped.当杰里米·克拉克森在萨里的敦斯福德机场建议将丰田86跑车的车辆稳定性控制系统(VSC)关闭,好让跑车在“疯狂汽车秀”的测试跑道上更好地回旋时,他的观众很可能不知道他到底在说些什么。这个节目观众数量庞大:“疯狂汽车秀”是全球受关注最广的真人电视节目,在214个国家拥有约3亿5千万名观众。这给B的一个部门B Worldwide(英国广播公司商业公司)带来了麻烦,因为在3月10号,该广播公司辞退了克拉克森,原因是他与该节目的一名制片人发生了所谓的“争吵”。下一集将不会播出,余下两集也可能被砍掉。Mr Clarksons satnav seems to steer him towards controversy. In May last year he said he had been given a final warning by the B after it was claimed that he had said “nigger” while reciting a rhyme during the filming of an earlier series. In October 2014 the Top Gear crew had to flee from Argentina after being attacked by angry crowds during a road trip because the registration of a Porsche they were using appeared to refer to the date of the Falklands war. The B says it is investigating the latest incident, which, according to some reports, involved Mr Clarkson throwing a punch in a row over a lack of food on an assignment.克拉克森的导播可能将他推上了争论的风口浪尖。去年五月,他说B声称他在之前的录制过程中背诵诗时提到了“黑鬼”这个词,给了他终极警告。2014年10月,疯狂汽车秀中使用的一辆保时捷牌号与马岛战争日期一样,因此在自驾路上受到了愤怒民众的攻击,工作人员被迫逃离阿根廷。B表示正在调查最近的事故,据某些报道,与克拉克森在某次任务中因缺乏食物而出拳斗殴有关。“Top Gear” earns a good deal of money for B Worldwide and for its star. The commercial rights to the series used to be controlled by a company called Bedder 6, a joint venture with B Worldwide, and 30% owned by Mr Clarkson and 20% by Andy Wilman, an executive producer. The dividends from that company alone made Mr Clarkson a multimillionaire. In 2012 the pair sold their shares to B Worldwide. Mr Clarkson is said to have received £8.4m (.6m) for his stake.“疯狂汽车秀”帮B Worldwide和明星大赚了一笔。该节目的商事权利曾由一家名为Bedder 6的企业管理,该公司是B Worldwide的合资企业,克拉克森拥有30%的股权,一名执行制片人安迪·威尔曼拥有20%的股权。仅该公司的分红就让克拉克森成为了千万富翁。2012年,这对合伙人将股份卖给了B Worldwide。据说克拉克森将自己的所有权卖到了840万英镑(1260万美元)。Mr Clarkson and the shows co-presenters, James May and Richard Hammond, are believed to have been negotiating new contracts with the B. The politically correct and those who have found themselves the butt of Mr Clarksons jokes—greens, truck drivers and Mexicans are among those on a long list—would be happy to see him go. Some think Danny Cohen, the Bs director of television, shares their feelings: he hinted last year that he did not see the presenter as “untouchable”.据说克拉克森和该节目的合作主持人詹姆斯·梅、理查德·哈蒙德一直在与B就新合同事宜进行协商。政治倾向正确的人和克拉克森取笑的对象——绿党、货车司机和墨西哥人在这份长名单之列,他们将乐见克拉克森的离开。有一些人认为B的电视导演丹尼·科恩和他们有同感:去年克拉克森曾暗示他认为导演并非是“无法企及的”。The B has a strong incentive to overlook Mr Clarksons transgressions. But it is a bureaucratic machine that must try to please everybody, because everybody pays for it. So it could be that commercial rivals such as ITV and Sky will be taking out their chequebooks to sign Mr Clarkson to present a rival series. They would not be able to use the “Top Gear” brand, but whatever the contracts say it is Mr Clarkson who is the real franchise of this show. An online petition in support of the presenter collected nearly 500,000 signatures in barely 24 hours. Mr Clarkson might be seen as an overbearing joker, but that is precisely what his fans like. And, petrolheads all, they know he is not afraid to call a new car rubbish if he thinks it is.B绝对有忽略克拉克森越矩行为的强烈动机。但它是一架官僚机器,必须取悦每一个人,因为每个人都向它付费用。所以像ITV和Sky这样的商业对手有可能将拿出票本签下克拉克森,开创一档竞争栏目。他们无法使用“疯狂汽车秀”的名字,但无论合同怎么说,克拉克森才是节目的真正卖点。持这位主持人的在线请愿在24小时内收集到了近500,000个签名。也许克拉克森给人的印象是一个自大的爱开玩笑的人,但他的粉丝所喜爱的正是他这一点。而且车迷们都知道如果克拉克森认为一辆新车是垃圾的话,口无遮拦的他毫不讳言。译者:王颖 校对:唐宇译文属译生译世 /201505/374750

International Vaccination A jab in time国际 疫苗—及时一针Some Western countries have lower vaccination rates than poor parts of Africa. Anti-vaxxers are not the main culprits与非洲贫困地区相比,部分西方国家的疫苗接种率更低。反疫苗者并非罪魁祸首。ERADICATING a disease is the sort of aim that rich countries come up with, and poor ones struggle to reach. But for some diseases, the pattern is reversed. These are the ailments for which vaccinations exist. Many poor countries run highly effective vaccination programmes. But as memories of the toll from infectious diseases fades across the rich world, in some places they are making a comeback.消灭疾病是发达国家提出的目标,落后的国家则要很努力才能实现这一目标。但对于一些需要接种疫苗而疫苗存在安全隐患的疾病来说,上述模式正好相反。许多落后国家实施高效疫苗接种方案。传染病致死的记忆虽然离富裕国家逐渐远去,但在世界的某些角落,这些传染病正卷土重来。The World Health Organisation (WHO) reckons that vaccines save 2.5m lives a year. Smallpox was eradicated in 1980 with the help of a vaccine; polio should soon follow. In both cases, rich countries led the way. The new pattern looks very different.据世界卫生组织估计,疫苗每年能挽救约250万人的生命。在疫苗的作用下,1980年,天花得以消灭;不久小儿麻痹症也会被根除。上述两个案例中,发达国家起了示范作用。然而,新的情况看起来与此不同。The trend is most evident for measles, which is highly contagious. At least 95% of people must be vaccinated to stop its sp (a threshold known as “herd immunity”). Although usually mild, it can lead to pneumonia and cause brain damage or blindness. The countries with the lowest vaccination rates are all very poor, but many developing countries run excellent programmes (see chart). Eritrea, Rwanda and Sri Lanka manage to vaccinate nearly everyone. By contrast several rich countries, including America, Britain, France and Italy, are below herd immunity.这种新趋势在传染性极高的麻疹中体现最为明显。为阻止它的传播,至少95%的人必须接种麻疹疫苗(95%为群体免疫力的一个已知阈值)。尽管疫苗通常是温和的,但它仍可能导致肺炎、脑损伤和失明等后遗症。疫苗接种率最低的国家都很贫穷,但是许多发展中国家却实施良好的疫苗接种方案(见下图)。其中,厄立特里亚国,卢旺达和斯里兰卡设法让每个人接种疫苗。与之相对的是,包括美国、英国、法国、意大利在内的发达国家低于群体免疫力的阈值。Last year Europe missed the deadline it had set itself in 2010 to eradicate measles, and had almost 4,000 cases. America was declared measles-free in 2000; in 2014 it had hundreds of cases across 27 states and last year saw its first death from the disease in more than a decade. The trends for other vaccine-preventable diseases, such as rubella, which can cause congenital disabilities if a pregnant woman catches it, are alarming, too.2015年,欧洲不仅没有实现自己制定的在2010年消灭麻疹这一目标,相反还出现了近4000例麻疹病例。2000年,美国宣布根除麻疹;直到2014年,全美27个州仍然有数以百计的麻疹病例涌现,且2015年出现了近十年来首例麻疹死亡事件。其它一些可通过注射疫苗预防的疾病的趋势令人惊恐,例如风疹(若妇患上风疹,可导致新生儿患先天性疾病)等。This sorry state of affairs is often blamed on hardline “anti-vaxxers”, parents who refuse all vaccines for their children. They are a motley lot. The Amish in America spurn modern medicine, along with almost everything else invented since the 17th century. Some vegans object to the use of animal-derived products in vaccinesmanufacture. The Protestant Dutch Reformed Church thinks vaccines thwart divine will. Anthroposophy, founded in the 19th century by Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian mystic-cum-philosopher, preaches that diseases strengthen children’s physical and mental development.人们通常将这一窘境归咎于强硬的“反疫苗者”,即拒不让孩子接种任何疫苗的家长,例如,美国的蒙诺教派排斥现代医学,以及几乎自17世纪以来的所有发明物;部分素食主义者反对疫苗制作中使用动物制品;新教荷兰归正教会则认为疫苗阻止了神的旨意;奥地利神秘主义者兼哲学家鲁道夫·斯坦纳于19世纪提出了人智说,鼓吹疾病可以促进孩子的身体及智力发育。In most countries such refuseniks are only 2-3% of parents. But because they tend to live in clusters, they can be the source of outbreaks. A bigger problem, though, is the growing number of parents who delay vaccination, or pick and choose jabs. Studies from America, Australia and Europe suggest that about a quarter of parents fall into this group, generally because they think that the standard vaccination schedule, which protects against around a dozen diseases, “overloads” children’s immune systems, or that particular vaccines are unsafe. Some believe vaccines interfere with “natural immunity”. Many were shaken by a claim, later debunked, that there was a link between autism and the MMR vaccine, which protects against measles, mumps and rubella.在大多数国家,仅有2%-3%的家长是上述提及的反疫苗者。然而,因为他们大多为群居生活,这可能使得他们成为疾病爆发的源头。一个更大的问题是,越来越多的父母推迟接种或者选择性接种疫苗。来自美国,澳大利亚和欧洲的研究结果表明,约四分之一的父母已经加入这个阵营,通常是由于他们认为接种疫苗的安排(为了防止十几种疾病而不断的注射疫苗)会导致孩子的免疫系统“超负荷”,或者一些特殊疫苗不够安全。一些人认为疫苗干预了“自然免疫力”。许多人曾被一个说法所动摇,该说法声称麻疹、腮腺炎、风疹三联疫苗(MMR疫苗)会导致自闭症——这一说法后遭拆穿。In America, some poor children miss out on vaccines despite a federal programme to provide the jabs free, since they have no regular relationship with a family doctor. Some outbreaks in eastern Europe have started in communities of Roma (gypsies). Members of this poor and ostracised minority are shunned by health workers and often go unvaccinated.在美国,尽管联邦政府提供免费接种疫苗,一些贫穷的孩子还是没能及时注射,因为他们难以跟家庭医生保持定期联系。东欧的某些疾病爆发于罗马(吉普赛人)的社区,这些贫穷、被放逐的少数民族得不到医务人员的关注,他们通常没有接种疫苗。 译文属译生译世201603/434539

For some time now, scientists have understood that the earths crust is divided into plates that move about at the rate of a few inches a year.现在科学家们已经搞清楚地壳分为各个板块,而且板块间以每年几英寸的速度移动着。But over time, form mountain ranges and volcanoes. 但随着时间的推移山脉和火山得以形成。They have also known that the earths mantle, the layer between the earths crust and core, was the major player in the movement of the plates. 他们也已经搞清楚地球的地幔,就是地壳和核心之间的那层是板块运动的主要参与者。Scientists talk about the mantle as a kind of weather system. 科学家认为地幔是一种天气系统。There are cooler and warmer sections of the mantle that are in constant flux with one another, much like gathering storm clouds. 地幔部分持续的流动有冷却器和温暖,就像风暴云聚集一样。These subterranean storms miles below the earths surface, though very slow in development, can eventually exert powerful force on the earths crust.这些地下风暴低于地球表面,虽然发展非常缓慢,最终会对地壳产生强大的力量。201502/359494

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