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  In The Rogue: Searching the Real Sarah Palin, the 7-year-old is accused of having a night of passion with a basketball star, snorting cocaine and having an affair with her husband's business partner - all allegations which are thought to have shattered Palin's White House dreamRABAT - The death toll from clashes after a soccer match in Western Sahara on Sunday has reached seven, Morocco's MAP official news agency reported on Tuesday, in the desert territory's worst bout of violence since November.

《二次曝光即将上映 范冰冰承认恋情

《了不起的盖茨比精对白 -- 18::5 来源: 《了不起的盖茨比精对白T: Okay, fine, fine, fine.D: Open another window.N: There aren't any more.D: Then telephone... an ax.T: Will you get about the heat? You make it worse by crabbing about it.G: Why not let her alone, old sport?T: That's a great expression of yours, isn't it?G: What is?T: "Old sport." Where'd you pick it up?D: See here. If you're going to make personal remarks, I won't stay here a minute.T: Mr. Gatsby...I understand that you're an Oxd man.G: No, not exactly, no.T: Oh, yes, I understand that... you went to Oxd.G: Well, yes, I went there.T: Sure. The man in the pink suit went to Oxd.D: Tom.G: I said I went there, didn't I?T: Oh, I heard you. I'd like to know when.G: You'd like to know when.T: Well, Mr. Gatsby?G: It was in 1919. I only stayed there five months. That's why I can't exactly call myself an Oxd man. You see, it was an opporty they gave to some of us officers who fought in the war.Nick voiceover: I wanted to get up and slap Gatsby on the back.D: I'll make you a drink, Tom. Then you won't seem so stupid to yourself.T: Wait a minute. I want to ask Mr. Gatsby one more question.G: Oh, please, please, go on, Mr. Buchanan. Go on.T: What kind of a row are you trying to cause in my house anyhow?D: He isn't causing a row, you're causing a row. Please have a little self-control.T: Self-control? Oh, I suppose the latest thing is to sit back and let Mr. Nobody From Nowhere make love to your wife. Well, if that's the idea you can count me out. See, nowadays people .begin by sneering at family life and family institutions...and the next you'll know, we'll throw everything overboard, we'll have intermarriage between black and white!G: Your wife doesn't love you. She never loved you. You see, she loves me.T: You must be crazy.G: No, old sport. No, you see, she never loved you. She only married you because I was poor and she was tired of waiting. It was a terrible...terrible mistake, but in her heart...In her heart, she never loved anyone but me.J: We should go.D: Let's all go home.T: Sit down, Daisy!G: Please. Please, take a seat. Go on, Daisy.T: Daisy...what's been going on? I want to hear about it.G: I just told you what's going on. It's been going on five years.T: You've been seeing him... five years?G: No, no, no, not seeing. Not seeing, we couldn't. But both of us loved each other all that time. Didn't we?T: Oh, that's all. Ha-ha-ha! You're crazy! I can't speak about what happened five years ago because I didn't know Daisy then. And I'll be damned if I see how you got within a mile of her unless you brought the groceries to the back door. But all the rest of that is a goddamn lie. Daisy loved me...when she married me ...and she loves me now.G: No. No. I'm sorry, Mr. Buchanan, no.T: She does! She does, though. No, she does, though. She does. And what's more, I love Daisy too. No. I love you, Daisy. Now, once in a while, I go off on a spree. I always come back.G: A spree.T: And in my heart I love her all the time.D: You're revolting. Do you know why we left Chicago? I'm surprised they didn't treat you to the story of that little spree!G: That's all over now, Daisy, darling. That's all over. Just tell him the truth. Go on. That you never loved him and this will all be wiped out ever.D: How could I love him possibly?G: Remember our plans. You tell him that you never loved him and all this pain will be wiped out ever. Daisy. Daisy, tell him.D: I never loved him.T: Never?G: No.D: No.T: Not at Kapiolani? Not that day I carried you down from the Punch Bowl to keep your shoes dry? Never?D: Please don't.T: Daisy.D: There, Jay. You want too much. I love you now, isn't that enough? I can't help what's past. I did love him once, but I loved you too.G: You loved me too? You loved me...?T: Even that is a lie! She didn't know you were alive! There are things between Daisy and me, Gatsby, that you'll never know. Things that neither of us can ever get.G: I need to speak to Daisy alone. You see, you've got her all excited now, don't you, old sport? Daisy.D: Even alone I can't say I never loved Tom. It wouldn't be true.G: What?T: Of course it wouldn't.D: As if it mattered to you.T: Of course it matters! I'm gonna take better care of you from now on.G: You're not taking care of Daisy any more. She's leaving you.T: Nonsense!D: I am, though!T: No, no, no. She is not leaving me. Certainly not... a common swindler...like you. Mr. Gatsby, exactly who are you, anyhow? See? I’ve made a small investigation into your affairs. You're one of Meyer Wolfshiem's bunch.D: Please, let's go home.T: See, he and this Wolfshiem...they bought up drugstores. And sold bootlegged alcohol over the counter.G: What about it, old sport?T: Don't you call me "old sport." And this drugstore business is just small change compared to this bonds stunt that you and Wolfshiem have got going on.G: Your friend Walter Chase isn't too proud to come in? I gave you…That some thought.T: How does a reputable banker like Walter Chase find himself up to his eyeballs in debt...G: I'll tell you.T: ...to a little kike like Wolfshiem?G: It's called greed, old sport.T: That's right! And you have half of Wall Street out there swilling your free booze at that fun park every weekend. I'm surprised he hasn't tried to drag you in. My God, he has.G: He's got nothing to do with...T: With your little racket. Daisy. Daisy. Can't you see who this guy is...with his house and his parties and his fancy clothes? He is just a front... Wolfshiem, a gangster...to get his claws into respectable folk like Walter Chase.G: The only respectable thing about you, old sport, is your money. Your money, that's it. Now I've just as much as you. That means we're equal.T: Oh, no. No. We're different. I am. They are. She is. We're all different from you. You see, we were born different. It's in our blood...and nothing that you do or say or steal...or dream up can ever change that. A girl like Daisy...G: You shut up! Shut up! You shut up! Shut up! Shut up!Nick voiceover: Gatsby looked, in that moment...as if he had... killed a man.G: My sincerest...My sincerest apologies. I seem to have...lost my temper.T: That's right, Mr. Gatsby. Show us some of those fine Oxd manners.G: Daisy, darling. None of this has any consequence. Daisy. Daisy, talk to me, darling. I just lost my temper, that's all.Nick voiceover: He began talking excitedly, but with every word Daisy was drawing further and further into herself.G: ...to go to your parents' house in Louisville.D: Please, Tom, I can't stand it any more!T: Why don't you two start on home...in Mr. Gatsby's car.G: Daisy, darling, look at me.T: Go on.G: Daisy.T: He won't annoy you. I think he realizes that this little flirtation is over.G: Daisy?! Daisy! 《了不起的盖茨比 精对白问路的英语对话:你能告诉我在哪儿吗- :1:30 A:Excuse me,Miss,can you tell me where the bank is?打扰一下,,你能告诉我在哪儿吗?B:Yes,the bus doesn’t go there directly.You have to take the No.6 bus five stops and then change to a No. bus and get off at the third stop.When you get off,you can see the bank.可以,但是车不能直接到那儿你得坐5站6路公共汽车,然后换乘路公共汽车,在第三站下车后你就能看到这家了A:How long will it take me to get there?到那儿需要多少时间?B:It’s about an hour.大约一个小时A:I see.Thank you.我知道了,谢谢B:Not at all.不用谢

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 When life gets toughWhat is坦然接受现实 Buddha famous saying tells us: “It is your resistance to ‘what is’ that causes your suffering.;佛教有句经典的话:“你的痛苦都源于对现实的抗拒”Think about that a minute. It meansthat our suffering only occurs when we resist how things are. If you can change something, then take action! 好好想想这句话这意味着只有当你不接受现实时才会产生痛苦Change it! But if you cant change it,then you have two choices: (1) either accept it and let go of the negativity,or () make yourself miserable by obsessing over it.如果你能改变什么,那就开始行动吧,改变它!但如果无法改变,你就有两个选择,(1)要不去接受要不就忽视消极的部分,或者()不断的折磨自己让自己更加痛苦.【知识点讲解】take action 采取行动例句:We have to take action to stop them.我们得采取行动来制止他们His bodyguard leapt into action.他的保镖立即采取行动They decided against taking legal action.他们决定不提起诉讼Either party may bring an action in the people court against the arbitral award.当事人对仲裁裁决不的,可以向人民法院提起诉讼更多详情敬请关注新浪微:安夏Ukki 微信公众号: (安夏01)anxia01[本节目属] 88,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 How to overcome a bad situation如何度过困难期Dont waste time dwelling on it.不要浪费时间老是想着问题Dwelling on a problem can only make it bigger than it aly is. 老想着一个问题只会让问题变得比实际更严重Not only will you feel worse in the long run, but also, youll lose valuable time when you could be working toward a solution. 你不仅会觉得越来越糟糕,而且你浪费了本可以用来想出解决方案的宝贵时间Dont let a bad situation get the best of you — take steps to let it go.不要让坏情况阻碍你,随它去吧dwell on 老是想着, 详述; 居住在(某处); 不嫌词费例句:It morbid to dwell on cemeteries and such like.不厌其烦地谈论墓地以及诸如此类的事是一种病态[本节目属] 951

Hi ,大家好!年早间课堂第二系列《抛招接招在今天与广大可友们见面了,这一系列的节目是我同美籍人合作的口语节目这也是我一年前的初衷在我们今天以及今后的节目中大家会听到一位美国男生的地道美语发音和一位女生的地道美语发音现在,我很荣幸想大家介绍这位男生来自于美国加州的Jackson,现在在中国北京学汉语,是我的BF(男友)女生可谓是绝代美女了,是我校的美籍芭蕾舞教师Catherine非常感谢两位能与我合作,参与到我的节目制作中来下面我再介绍着一些列的节目内容:这一些列节目内容是就我们在工作、学习和生活中的某一方面教您几招地道美语表达好,朋友们,我们先来体验第一期节目今天我就教您招说;开始;A saying goes.;A hard beginning makes a good ending.; 俗话说:;好的开端就有好的结局;那么,一开始事情就不顺利,人的心里总会有些疙瘩不知大家有没有这种经历:一大早就遇到交通堵塞,紧接着一大早就挨老板一顿,然后一大早工作老是出错,这一天可真够倒霉的反之,一大早就捡到一万元钱,到了公司又发奖金,接着晚上公司又请员工吃大餐,这一天可乐开花好,今天Juliet教您一招就说;开始;;;一开始就不顺利和一开始就顺利Take it!(亲爱的朋友们,请接招!)第一招:Her very first day at work, the new girl got off on the right foot by making a profit the company. 这位新来的女员工上班的第一天就为公司赚了钱,一开头就很顺利(Yeah, it is right. It important to get off on the right foot in a new job. ):get off on the right foot的英文解释是make a good beginning中文意思就是一开头(一开始)就顺利用我们中文说得更地道点就是;开门红;它的变异表达有:get off to a good start,get off to a flying start我们再来看几个例句来熟悉它的意思和用法:1. The marketing director took pains to get the campaign off on the right foot.营业部主任费尽心机使他的计划有一个良好的开端 注解:take pains:尽力,下苦工,努力,费尽心机 get something off on the right foot 使......开门红 maketing director:营销部主任,营业部主任. If you can get off on the right foot,everything will go smoothly later on.如果能赢得开门红的话,以后的事情就会顺利了 注解:go smoothly:进展顺利;顺利进行 later on:以后,今后第二招:I finally got a date with that new girl in class but I sure got off on the wrong foot with her: I had a car trouble and got to her place almost two hours late.那天我终于和班上的那位新来的女同学约好了出去玩可是,当天我的车出了问题,晚了个小时才去接她,所以开头就把事情弄糟了:get off on the wrong foot很显然就是get off on the right foot的反义词了,意思是一开始就不顺利,用我们中文说得更地道一点就是;出师不利;我们再来看一个例子: On the first day to work in the company, you should get well dressed. You do not want to get off the wrong foot, do you?你头一天到那个公司上班应该穿得整洁体面,你总不愿意出师不利吧? 注解:get well dressed:穿得体面点好,亲爱的朋友们,今天的这一招说;开始;,我想您一定接住了那么,Juliet下回再给您说开始的第二招,特此邀请您来接招哦!好,我们下次再见吧小编Juliet的英语温馨Q窝,欢迎大家加入,Q窝宗旨是共同学习,共同进步,建立友谊QQ群号6353 6我喜欢读小说-01 :7:55 A:What kind of books do you like?你喜欢什么样的书?B:I like ing novels about early America.我喜欢关于美国早期时候的小说A:Really? Me too.真的吗?我也是B:Which one do you like best?你最喜欢哪一本?A:I prefer the novels by Hemingway, such as The Old Man and the Sea. I like the simple words in his novels.我比较喜欢海明威的小说,例如《老人与海我喜欢他小说里简单的语言B:Yup. Though the words he used are simple, but the spirit he has conveyed is great.是的尽管他使用的单词很简单,但是他传递的精神却很伟大A:Absolutely!绝对是这样!

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