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A lot of people know this but I was born in the Republic of Georgia,很多人都知道这本书。我出生在格鲁吉亚共和国which was part of the Soviet Union for a long time.它曾经在很长一段时间里隶属于前苏联的一部分。And I remember one of our relatives came to our house once and she was complaining about having to buy b...我记得有次我的一个亲戚跑来跟我们抱怨买面包的事情…She said, There was only one type of b my entire life,她说,“在我的一生中只有一种面包,and I was just at the store and there are a 100 different types now! I hate this government! I hate everything now!而我刚刚待的那个商店里现在有100多种!我讨厌政府!讨厌这里的一切!”And as a kid I remember thinking, What the hell is wrong with her,那时我还是个孩子,就想,她这到底是怎么了,but now that I think about it, she did have somewhat of a point.但是现在想想,她说的也不无道理。Of course I dont want to live in a place where I can only buy one type of b,当然了,我不想住在一个只能买一种面包的地方,but at the same time there are disadvantages to having a 100 different bs to choose from.但是同时,选择太多也有一些缺点。And Im pretty sure youve experienced this yourself,我很确定你也有过这种经历,but sometimes I find myself in a store in front of a 100 different types of b,但有时我发现在一个品种繁多的面包店里,and I waste a lot of time just standing there having no idea what to pick.会浪费很多时间,只是站在那里却不知道该选哪个。This is the paradox of choice. All the different choices are supposed to make you better off,这就是选择矛盾。所有不同的选择都会让你变得更好,but they can cause paralysis and actually make you worse off.但它们也会引起麻痹,让你变得不好。So now that we know what were dealing with, lets take a look at how we can use this to sell or buy,知道我们面对什么,那我们就分析一下怎样利用这种选择矛盾来买卖东西,or just make ourselves better off. Lets start with selling,或是怎样让它把我们变的更好。从销售开始,and I like to talk about selling because a lot of people who watch this have a business or aspire to have one,我喜欢讨论销售,因为很多看这个视频的人都做生意或者想要做生意,but at the same time, we all have to sell something to someone every single day.但同时,我们所有人每天都会向某些人出售一些东西。Any time youre trying to persuade or convince anyone with anything, youre selling,只要你尝试说别人相信某事,你就是在销售,so it should be important and useful for everyone to cultivate the ability to sell.所以对大家来说培养销售能力很重要也很有用。Alright, so lets take a look at a study very briefly where they were trying to promote these high-quality jams.好吧,让我们来简单地看个推销高级果酱的研究,There were two different experiments... In experiment one, they offered 24 samples.有两种不同的试验…第一种,提供了24种样品。In experiment two, they offered only 6 samples.第二种,只提供了6种样品。So what were the results? Well, the large number of samples attracted more people那结果怎样呢?嗯,样品多的吸引了更多的顾客,but in both cases, people tasted the same number of jams on average.但在两个案例中,平均下来人们试吃了同样数量的果酱。But what happened when it came to buying? There was a HUGE difference...但是购买情况怎么样呢?差别很大…Only 3% of the people who were offered 24 jams to sample from went on to buy the jam.提供24种样品的,只有3%的人购买。However, 30% of the people who were offered only 6 jams to sample from went on to buy the jam.然而,提供6种样品的,有30%的人选择购买。That is a huge difference! Now lets take a look at what some restaurants do...这个差别太大了!下面我们再来看一下餐馆是怎么做的…They offer you a million different items on the ...他们的菜单上有很多菜品…You take a look at the , and its just impossible to pick...你看了一下菜单,却选不出来…They have successfully paralyzed you, but they also conveniently offer you 5 specials for the day.他们成功的麻痹了你,但是他们也很方便的提供了当天的五道特色菜。And a lot of times, these specials will never even change.大多数时候,这些特色菜品从来没有变过。Now what do you do? Well youve been offered something thats more managable,现在你要做什么?他们提供给你的都是经过精心安排的东西,youre much more likely to pick from this selection, and guess how the restaurant benefits from this?你极有可能从这些里面做出选择,猜想一下餐馆怎样从这里面获益?If you guessed that they sell you exactly what they want with high margins, youre absolutely right.如果你觉得他们销售给你的是正符合他们心意的高利润产品,那你就太正确了。Lets take a look at another example and make it even more personal.我们再来看另一个例子,让它更个体化。One of the most frequent things I get asked is, Hey, can you please make a ing list of your favorite books...别人经常问我,你能把你最喜欢的书列出来吗…And Ill definitely make it at some point, but lets take a look at what most peoples ing list looks like.我肯定会给出列表,但是让我们先看一下大多数人的书单是什么样的吧。A lot of authors and mentors have a ing list, but they literally put like 200 books on it.很多作者和老师都有书单,但是他们会放200本书在上面。Now when you take a look at that, most people are just going to be paralyzed.当你看的时候,大多数人就眼晕了。Theres too much choice, what if you pick the wrong book, its really hard to pick,选择太多,要是选错了呢,太难选了,so guess what youre probably going to do? Not pick anything...所以猜想一下你可能会怎么做?什么也不选…And Im telling you this is a mistake that people, who are a million times smarter than I am, make all the time.我告诉你,这是一个即使比我聪明很多倍的人也一直犯的错误。So keeping the paradox of choice in mind, when I do make the list, what is it going to look like?所以记住选择矛盾,当我做书单的时候,应该做成什么样的呢?Itll probably be about ten or maybe fifteen of the absolutely best books in my opinion.我认为应该包括十到十五本好书就可以了。Now even that is too much, but considering people will have half of them or possibly even more,即使那也很多,但是考虑到人们会读一半甚至更多,itll avoid the paralysis caused by 200 books.就会避免200多本引起的麻痹。Imagine if youve 9 out of 10 of the books, and theres one book that you havent .假设你读了10本书中的9本,有一本没读。You will most likely pick that book up. But if there were 200 different books,你极有可能把那本书挑选出来。但如果是200多本呢,the decision is too hard to make and youd just get paralyzed and probably postpone making the decision.就太难做出决定,你感到无能为力,进而可能延迟做出决定。Now lets talk about how you can use this if you just want to make your life better...如果想让生活变的更好,我们就来讨论一下怎样利用这种矛盾…Your number one priority is to avoid paralysis. A few months ago,首要任务就是要避免麻痹。几个月之前,Id get up and I wasnt really sure what I wanted for breakfast.起床后我不确定早餐要吃什么。And the amount of food in my fridge could probably make a 1000 different combinations,我冰箱里的食物可以有1000多种不同的组合,so there were times when I literally spent 20 minutes figuring out what I was going to have for breakfast.所以有很多次我都花费20分钟纠结我早餐应该吃什么。Now if you add that up over time, not only is it exhausting, youre wasting a lot of time.如果你把那些时间加起来,不仅很耗费精力,你也浪费了大量的时间。So what do I do now when I get up? Well, I have the same thing almost every morning.所以当我起床后该做点什么呢?我几乎每天早上都吃一样的东西。There are certain mornings where I dont and I just screw around and make a mess in the kitchen,只是在某些早上,我会在厨房里鼓捣鼓捣,but thats cool because thats what I want to do.因为我想那么做,所以感觉很酷。This isnt about not enjoying things. Its about enjoying things even more.这并不是不享受,而是更加的享受。So for most days, Ive turned something that wasted energy and time into something that is super easy,所以大部分日子里,我会把浪费时间和精力的事情转变成超级简单的事情,where I dont have to be paralyzed, and where I can dedicate that time and energy to things这样我就不会纠结,也可以把时间和精力花在that are more important and enjoyable than figuring out what Im going to eat for breakfast.比搞清楚吃什么早餐更为重要的事情上。And this is kind of like what Steve Jobs did with wearing the same thing all the time, which I would personally never do,这有点类似于乔布斯总穿同样的衣,我是坚决不会那样的,but if youre as indifferent with your clothes as I am with what I have for breakfast on a random Wednesday morning,但是如果你对穿着不那么讲究,就像我对某个周三的早餐不那么讲究一样,then this might be a good choice. So thats it.那这也许是个不错的选择。所以,就是那样。I hope you take this and apply it to your particular situation whether it be buying, selling,我希望无论是买东西,卖东西,or just making your life better.还是仅仅为了让生活变得更美好,你都能把这种思维方式充分利用到特殊情况中去。201706/515942。

栏目简介:Today, more than 2,000 people in town got the chance to hear some ;ideas worth sping; at a speech event called TEDx Shanghai at the newly-opened Shanghai Tower. The event invited innovators from different fields to share their experience and thoughts of the world. Wu Ying tells us more...201702/490219。

Im not gonna worry. I have more fun going out and photographing.我不会太担心…这样我会更热衷于呆在街上去拍照。I suppose itll bother me at the time, but so what?我觉得这个问题会暂时困扰我…但然后会怎样呢?Inconvenient but otherwise...You cant interrupt your life with that nonsense.这确实会变得不方便,但是你不该让这些无谓的事情打断你的生活嘿,嘿。Look at Veronica! -Bill, a hug.嘿,Veronica!-哦,Bill,抱一下。Hello child. My...-The diamonds have gotten bigger. -Right?嘿,孩子。-这些钻石可是越来越大了。-哦,是么?And, of course...Now that they make them at Club Monaco, they get bigger and bigger.是啊,他们现在在Club Monaco展示那些钻石可是越来越大了。And, of course, theyre all real.当然,我相信那都是真的钻石。Yes. Absolutely.是的,是的。In someones mind.在一部分人看来。Bill, this gentleman here in the velvet blazer straight ahead of you...is David Koch, who were honoring tonight.Bill,这位在你正前方的男士是David Koch,我们今晚将给他颁奖。Oh, I know him, yeah.哦,我知道他。Ive never had an experience like this Bill.Bill,我从没经历过这样的事。Im kind of over the moon about it, you know? -Good. Good.我完全不知道是什么样的状况了。-没事,没事。Enjoy it. My head is spinning. -Well, you should be.我脑子里有点乱。-嘿,这是你应得的。;Evening Hours;documents, perhaps to some, simply parties...and the people who go to them, but really, what its about...are the amazing connections people have in this city...with each other, with the various organizations...they think are important, with the people who they honor, and Bill really chronicles that.;Evening Hours;的活动其实就是些简单的派对去参加这些派对的人们,真正的目的是…通过这些活动来接触到这城市里更多有趣的人认识新的朋友,很多的组织机构去见一些他们认为重要的,或是崇拜的人。Bill对这样的活动已经很熟悉了。This is Karole Armitage. She has a dance company in New York.这是Karole Armitage她在纽约经营着一家舞蹈公司。You have to come take pictures of my gala.我有个活动,你要去帮我拍照呀。We need you.我们需要你。Remind me. Have someone at your place send a postcard. -Okay, I will.记得提醒我,或者给我几张明信片提醒。-哦,我会的。No formality. Just send me something in the mail.别光说,记得真的给我寄。These are all the ones I couldnt get to last week.这些是我一周中没法赴的约。201608/460720。


This time, I hit 43 miles an hour,这回 时速达到了每小时七十公里With cameraman Simon filming from a sledge right behind me.摄影师西蒙在我后面的雪橇上 拍摄这一过程Using the ice axe,Im stopped dead in 53 feet.在冰镐的帮助下 我滑行了十六米就停了下来But Simons still going flat-out.但西蒙仍开足了马力Lost in the snow cloud,he plows straight into me.在溅起的雪花中难辨方向 他径直撞向了我Is he okay? Is he okay?Stunned, the team fear the worst.他还好吗 他还好吗 队员们惊呆了 他们最担心的事发生了Me and my team are in the Canadian rockies,我和我的队伍在加拿大洛矶山脉nearing the end of our experiment,when disaster strikes.Okay, here we go.在试验的最后阶段 悲剧发生了 我上了Sliding downhill at 45 miles an hour,以每小时七十公里的速度滑下山坡 cameraman Simon and I have just suffered an enormous impact.摄像师西蒙和我狠狠撞到一起Within seconds, the safety team jump into action.随即 安全组迅速展开行动Bear, do you want to lie down, buddy?My leg has sustained a massive impact.贝尔 想躺着吗伙计 我的腿受到了严重的撞击The pains intense, and the worry is has my femur broken?剧痛阵阵 我担心股骨可能骨折Once Im on the stretcher,they move me to a snowcat to assess the damage.我被抬上了担架 转移到一辆雪地车上诊断伤情Bears got a bad leg injury.We dont know if its broken or not.贝尔的腿严重受伤 还不知道是否骨折了We hope not, please. Lets hope that its not broken.但愿没有 希望没有骨折Simons busted his nose.He got the camera in the face.西蒙撞断了鼻子 摄像机撞向了面部Whats left of the housing thats the front.外壳撞成这样了 这是正面Thats quarter-inch plate glass, that.Thats like a shop window.大约十厘米的玻璃板 就像橱窗那种玻璃And that went into Bears leg.It couldve been a lot worse.I just thank god theyre both alive.狠狠撞向了贝尔 这完全有可能要了他的命 不过谢天谢地 他们都还活着201703/498051。

Do you like to eat a sweet treat every now and then?你喜欢时不时地吃些甜食吗?I know I do, and a lot of us enjoy a cookie or a piece of candy when its time for that special goodies.我就喜欢这样,到了特别的甜品时间,我们许多人都喜欢吃上一块饼干或一颗糖果。And whats a birthday without a cake?一个生日没有蛋糕会怎样啊。But as much as we might, like special snacks, like these,但尽管我们很喜欢这些特色小吃,we know that they arent good for us, right?但也知道它们对身体无益,对吧?Fortunately, there are lots of healthier choices out there for when we want something sweet to eat.幸运的是,当我们想吃甜食时,我们还有许多更健康的选择。Foods like apples and bananas are full of things that are good for our bodies像苹果、香蕉之类的食物充满对身体有益的营养,and theyre also naturally sweet.而且它们也是自然甜。The reason that both desserts and fruits taste so sweet is thanks to sugar.多亏了糖,所有的点心和水果才吃起来那么的甜。So where does all that tasty sugar come from?那么,这些可口的糖都来自哪里呢?Believe it or not, the story of sugar starts withthe sun!不管你信不信,糖的故事始于太阳。Green plants catch the light from the sun, and then take the energy in the sunlight,绿色植物捕获阳光,然后吸收其中的能量,and use it with other materials in the air and water, to make a kind of sugar, called glucose.再利用空气和水中的其他物质合成了一种叫做葡萄糖的糖。Plants use this glucose as a source of energy, to help them grow.植物将这些葡萄糖当作能量来帮助自己生长。Then, when animals—including people like us—eat plants,然后,包括我们人类在内的动物吃下这些植物时,our bodies use the glucose in the plants for our own energy, to grow and play.我们的身体将植物中的葡萄糖变成自己的能量,用于生长和运动。Aw, thanks, plants!啊,多谢了,植物们!And glucose is just one kind of sugar that comes from plants.植物产生的糖类不仅仅是葡萄糖。The sugar thats probably in the canisters in your kitchen你家中厨房某个容器里的糖,is another kind of sweet stuff made by plants, called sucrose.是另一种来自植物的糖,叫做蔗糖。Plants move sucrose around from one part of a plant to another, in a liquid called sap.植物通过一种叫树汁的液体将蔗糖从一处转移到另一处。You might aly know that we collect sap from maple trees.你可能已经知道,我们会从枫树上收集树汁。If you cook the sap for a really long time, until most of the water in the sap is gone,如果你长时间地煮制这些树汁,直到其中的大部分水分蒸发,then the sweet stuff thats left behind is what we called maple syrup.留下的甜蜜物质就是我们所说的枫糖浆。But, maple trees are just one plant that we use to get sugar.不过,枫树只是我们获取糖类的其中一种植物而已。Most of the sucrose we eat comes from a plant called sugar cane.我们食用的大部分蔗糖都来源于一种叫甘蔗的植物。Sugar cane grows in places where its warm all year round.甘蔗生长在全年温暖的地区,and its related to the grass that grows in our lawns.它与生长在草坪上的草类似。Its long, thick stems are full of sugar, and when the cane is cut down,甘蔗又长又粗的茎里贮满了糖,在被砍倒后,the stems can be squeezed until all of the sap, or ;juice,;comes out.它的茎会被压榨,直到榨出全部的汁液,或是“糖汁”。We also get sucrose from another plant, called a sugar beet.我们也从另一种叫甜菜的植物中获得蔗糖。Instead of getting sap from the stem though,不像甘蔗用茎制汁,we can crush, cook, and squeeze the root of the sugar beet to get its sweet juice.我们通过粉碎、蒸煮、压榨甜菜的根来获得它的糖汁。All of these plants make and store a lot of sucrose,所有这些植物都会产生并储存很多的蔗糖,so we use them to make the sugar that fills up our sugar bowls.因此我们会用它们来制糖,填满我们的糖罐。But how does it get from the plants and into your bowl?那糖又是怎么从植物那里跑到你的糖罐中的呢?The sugar you eat is made by taking the sap from sugar cane, or the juice from sugar beets,你吃的糖是用甘蔗或者甜菜的汁液,and then heating it, until the water in the juice is gone.通过加热,直到蒸干里面的水分得到的。As it dries, the particles that make up sugar stick to each other,在水分蒸发过程中 组成糖的小分子会黏到一起,making little kind of squares that eventually form sweet little crystals!凝结成小方块儿,最终形成小糖块晶体。So, whether its maple syrup for your pancakes, or sugar for your sugar cookies,所以,不管是薄煎饼里的枫糖浆,还是甜饼干里的糖,or ever a sweet, juicy strawberry, the sugar that you eat comes from plants!甚至是一颗甜而多汁的草莓,你吃的这些糖都来自于植物。And you know what the sweetest part of many plants is? Fruit!你知道大多数植物最甜的部位是哪里吗?果实!Lots of plants store a bunch of sugar in their fruits,许多植物将大量的糖储存在它们的果实中,but, unlike those sticky desserts,但是,不像那些黏黏的甜点,fruit also carries a lot of other good things that your body needs to stay healthy.水果中也含有许多其他保持身体健康所需的物质。Thanks for joining us at SciShow Kids!感谢收看儿童科学秀!Do you have a question about a food you like or anything else?如果你有什么关于喜爱的食物或者其他的问题,Then get some help from a grown up and leave us a comment, or send us an email at kids@SciShow.com!那么就请大人帮忙给我们留言,或者发送邮件到kids@SciShow.com。Well see you next time!我们下期见。201706/515730。

This rope will be a lifeline and ticket to getting out of these mountains.这根绳子就是我们走出山谷的 生命线和敲门砖This is the real deal. This is really happening.Oh, man.这可是动真格的 上帝Its a good way to learn. Weve got the vests.这是学习的捷径 我们已经穿上了救生衣Sometimes, its better just to get thrown into the deep end and go for it, you know?有时候就是要置之死地 才能后生Im a huge fan of the show,and Bear seems like a pretty down-to-earth guy.我是这档节目的超级粉丝 贝尔给我的感觉很踏实If he has fears, I dont know what they are,because he exudes that confidence.我不知道他会惧怕什么 因为他全身都散发着一种自信For that reason, hes the person Id want to be.所以 他是我的榜样That is not coming out.You think?这样就可以卡住了 你确定吗I can honestly say that Ive never been more terrified in my life.说实话 我这辈子从来没有这种and excited at the same time, so.恐惧与兴奋交织的感觉The fans are nervous,so Im gonna lower them down together.两位队员有些紧张 因此我决定把他们一起放下去Lets stand up.And lots of confidence with this, guys.站起来吧 你们一定要相信自己能行You know, a mans survival is all about that balance of confidence.要明白能不能活下来 完全取决于自信平衡度You dont want overconfidence. Thats dangerous.不能过于自信 那样很危险You dont want underconfidence.You then get tentative and make mistakes.你不能缺乏自信那样就会犹豫不决并做出错误判断Good, steady, positive confidence,confidence in your kit,好了 沉着冷静 信心十足 相信你的装备confidence in me, confidence in each other.相信我 相信彼此Okay, lets put some pressure on the rope, start leaning back.好了 抓紧绳子开始向后仰This is a feeling Ive never felt before.我以前从未有过这样的心情Ive got you.You got me? You got me, Bear?Ive got you.我抓住了 抓稳了吗 确定吗 贝尔 抓住了These guys have never rappelled off anything like this.这俩人从来没有过像这样悬垂着下山Itll give me a vital insight into their strengths and weaknesses.这能让我清楚地了解到 他们的强项和弱项Youre leaning backward. Leaning out. Thats it.你要向后仰 探出去 就这样Once youve leant back, itll come easier.一旦你向后仰了 那就容易多了Joe is struggling aly.乔已经在挣扎了It looks like heights can be a problem for him.看来高度对他来说是个问题Not like this.This is when its hard and the rope goes slack.不要这样 这样很难走而且绳子会松弛Hold it like this, right out.But I need him to trust me.像这样拿着就行了 但是我得让他们相信我201705/509613。

I feel good about this. I really do, thank you.我很开心。我真的很开心,谢谢。Thank you very much. Of course.真是感谢你。不客气。My name is Mark Bustos. I am a hairstylist based at New York City我叫马克·布斯托斯。我在纽约当一名发型设计师。On my days off I go out on the street and I look for homeless people to help out我休假的时候会到街上,找无家可归的人来帮助他们whether itd be a haircut or just conversation无论是通过剪发还是聊天。Just tried to help out in any way to brighten someones day.我只是想试着帮助他们,让他们能有愉快的一天。Nice to meet you. What do you think about a haircut today? Free? Free.很高兴见到你。你今天想不想剪个头发?免费的吗?免费的。Is this where I sit? This is your seat. Ok. Just sit, my friend.你要我坐在这儿吗?你坐在这儿。好的。请坐吧,我的朋友。Feels good. Feel like a new man. Thank you.感觉很好。我觉得自己像变了一个人。谢谢。I can see myself now. Thank you. Thank you very much.我现在可以看到自己了。谢谢。非常感谢。I think grooming helps them take the next step in life just by giving them a little bit more confidence我觉得剪头发可以帮助他们踏出人生的下一步,给他们多一点自信,or even to just walk a little taller.让他们更能抬头挺胸。I wanna feel good when I got my interview next week and now Im feel it that way. Feel real good我下星期去面试的时候,希望能有自信,我现在很有自信。我非常开心。201702/491180。

Hi my name is Valen. Welcome to engvid.com. This is a lesson on common English expressions that youll hear in the workplace.大家好,我是Valen。欢迎来到engvid.com。在这堂课上你将学到职场中的一些常用短语。Okay, so the first expression is ;to bite off more than one can chew;.首先,第一个短语是“to bite off more than one can chew”。So how this expression works is if you say something like --该短语的使用方式通常是——John is stressed. I think hes bitten off more than he can chew.John 的压力很大。 我认为他是在做一些力不能及的事。What this means is John has taken on more responsibility than he can handle.这句话是说,John承担了许多他无力承担责任。So John is stressed. I think hes bitten off more than he can chew. John is taking on more responsibility than hes able to handle.所以,John的压力很大。我认为他是在做一些力不能及的事。指John承担了许多他力不能及的责任。Our second expression is ;to figure something out;, which means to find a way to solve a problem.第二个短语是“to figure something out”,表示找到解决问题的方法。So somebody asks you to figure something out, theyre asking you to find a solution.因此,当有人请你“figure something out”,他们是想请你来找出解决问题的方法。Heres an example of that expression --该短语的例句为——I dont understand this problem, maybe you can figure it out.我不太理解这个问题,或许你可以搞定它。So what this means: figure it out, I didnt understand this problem, maybe you can find the solution. So maybe you can figure it out.这句话是指:我不太理解这个问题,或许你能找到解决这个问题的方法。或许你可以搞定它。Okay our next expression is ;fill in for someone;.好了,下面学习下一个短语“fill in for someone”。So somebody uses the expression -- He filled in for me. What they mean is that that person did your work while you were away.常用句型为——He filled in for me。这句话是指当我不在的时候,那个人做了我的工作。Heres an example --例句——while I was on vacation, Mary filled in for me.当我休假的时候,Mary顶替了我。So what this means is while I was on vacation, Mary did my work or she took over my job.这句话是指,当我休假的时候,Mary做了我的工作或Mary接管了我的位子。So filled in for me; Mary filled in for me; Mary did my work; took on my responsibilities.所以,filled in for me、Mary filled in for me、Mary did my work,都指Mary承担了我的职责,顶替了我的位子。Another common expression you will hear in the workplaces -- ;in the black;.另一个常听到的短语是——“in the black”。So for business is in the black this is a good thing. It refers to the business being profitable.对于“in the black”的公司来说,这是一件好事。因为这意味着公司盈利。This year business was great! Weve been in the black all year. So in the black, um... is a good thing.今年业绩非常棒!我们全年盈利。所以“in the black”,是一件好事。The business is profitable, its making money. The opposite of in the black is in the red.这是指公司在盈利、赚钱。而其反义词是“in the red”。So someone says, ;were in the red.; That means the business is not making money, its losing money and its in debt.当某人说,“were in the red.” 这是指公司没有赚钱而是在亏损,身背负债。So if...um.. if your boss says,;Weve been in the red for the past three months.;因此,如果你的老板说,“在过去的三个月公司一直in the red。”That means the business is losing money and its in debt. So in the black is a good thing and in the red is a bad thing.这就表明公司在亏损、负债。因此,in the black是好事,而in the red 是坏事。Another common English expression up here in the workplace is ;Ill sleep on it.;另一个要提到的常用短语是“Ill sleep on it.”So if someone says to you, ;That sounds like a good idea. Let me sleep on it.;如果有人跟你说,“That sounds like a good idea. Let me sleep on it.”What they mean is let me think about it and Ill get back to you with my decision. So ;let me sleep on it; is a very common expression.他们实际是在说,这是一个好主意,我会考虑一下,有情况我再通知你。因此,“let me sleep on it”是一个非常常用的短语。Okay, the last expression is ;to get the ball rolling;.最后一个短语是“to get the ball rolling”。So someone who says to you, ;Lets get the ball rolling.; It means they want to get started on a project.当有人跟你说,“Lets get the ball rolling.” 是指他们想着手开始一个项目。See, my heres someone says, ;Lets get the ball rolling on this new project.;通常会说,“让我们开始着手这个新项目。”And what they mean is lets started with; lets get started; lets get moving; lets get the ball rolling.他们指的是开始做某事。So in this lesson weve covered seven common English expressions that you might hear in the workplace:这节课上,我们学习了7种常在职场听到的英语短语:to bite off more than one can chew, to figure something out to fill in for someone, in the black, in the red,做力不能及的事、搞定某事、顶替某人、盈利、亏损、Ill sleep on it and to get the ball rolling.我会考虑这个以及开始着手某事。You can take the quiz on www.engvid.com and visit us on the site for more lessons.你可以登录www.engvid.com做下小测试,也可以从网站中学习更多课程。201706/515645。