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义乌驼峰鼻整形要哪家医院好义乌妇幼保健医院做去疤手术多少钱那些常被中国人错用的英语习语 -- :39:39 来源: 那些常被中国人错用的英语习语Editor's note: Sayings and expression are difficult to understand non-native speakers. One of our bloggers from the US, who goes by the online tag of Mattwritenow, lists some common mistakes made by people studying English in China. Do you agree? Comments are always welcome.1. "A friend in need is a friend indeed."This really is like listening to nails on a chalkboard native speakers in China. It's so overused. I tell my students that if I was hanging out with my expat friends and decided to say this to them they'd likely give me a very strange look.. "Every coin has two sides."Okay. This one is very common and it is also widely understood. But it isn't very inspirational. Why focus on the good and the bad? Instead, just "look on the bright side".3. "A double-edged sword"Most Chinese students I've met get the phrase wrong and say "two-edged sword", but it is still strange to use the correct phrase in everyday life. It may be used in writing, but it would change the tone of your piece. We could perhaps say that using a double-edged sword is a double-edged sword… I'll move on…. "Play""Do you want to play with me?" is a question I think you should ask only if you really know the person as it can have another meaning. My rule is that I use it ONLY if I am talking about sports and games. Other options are "hang out", "go out", and "spend time with…"5. "Pardon?"This is a hard one, because my best friend says "pardon" all of the time and I think it's weird when he says it. Despite the fact that I know a native speaker who uses it a lot, I strongly believe that "sorry, I didn't hear you" or "can you say that again?" are both better choices.6. "Clever"You're not clever. You're smart, funny, talented, interesting, or wonderful. Only if you are tricking someone to do something that you want them to do are you clever, or if you think of something very quickly that is unique. Other than those two situations, use a different word.7. "Fine"If I ask you to do something or I ask permission, don't use the word "fine". The meaning of this word as a response to a request means that you don't really want to do it but you will do it anyway. example, "Have you done your homework?" "Fine." You see, this is okay because it refers to my homework – and I don't mind showing that I don't want to do my homework.8. "Quarreled"It may sound strange, but instead of this word I suggest that you can use the word "fight". Like, "My wife and I had a huge fight yesterday!" –of course, it doesn't mean that we hit each other!9. "Lover"This is a little awkward to explain, but just don't use it. I know you probably hear it in songs and sometimes in TV shows, but don't use it. Seriously. Nobody wants you to stress that the person you're dating is your lover. Be a normal person and use boyfriendgirlfriendhusbandwife.. "TV dramas"So I meet you the first time and I tell you that I am American, so you tell me "I love watching American TV dramas!" It's become so common now that I don't often correct it anymore. I just say, "Wow that's great! What do you like to watch?" then they will say, "Two broke girls." The problem is, that show is a comedy, not a drama. Just say, "TV shows" from now on and you will always be correct! 英语习语浙江省义乌芙洛拉整形医院去除狐臭多少钱 英语中那些能融化人心的甜言蜜语 -- :58:19 来源: 1、Do you have a quarter? Because I promised I would call my mom as soon as I fell in love.你有零钱吗?因为我答应我老妈当我恋爱时要立刻打电话给她、It's awful hot in here, or it is you?这里真的好热,或许那是因为你的关系?3、If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together.如果我能重新排列字母, 我要把 U (You) 跟 I 排在一起、Do you have a map? Because I just keep losting in your eyes!你有地图吗?因为我刚在你的眼神中迷失了!5、If you are a tear in my eye, I wouldn't cry fear of losing you.如果你是我眼里的一滴眼泪,我不会 哭因为我害怕会失去你6、My love you is like diarrhea, I just can't hold it.我对你的爱就像是泻肚子一样,让我把持不住7、I am a thief, I am here to steal your heart.我是小偷,我是来这儿偷你的心8、A. How are you?B: Fine.A: I didn't ask you how you looked, I asked you how are you.A: 你好吗?B: 好A: 我没有问你长的如何,我只是问你好不好9、I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?我把我的电话簿弄丢了,我能用你的吗?(双关语,其实是跟对方要电 话) 人心 那些 英语 因为品牌英语口语00句():我吓呆了 --9 :5: 来源: 每天背句,你能坚持多久?1. I was scared stiff.我吓呆了#9658;scare stiff 使...极其害怕,使...非常紧张e.g. Spiders scare me stiff. 蜘蛛把我吓坏了. The police manhandled some of the demonstrators.警察带走了一些示威者3. The dollar took a nosedive.美元大跌. You’re so transparent.你太不会撒谎了5. She’s nobody’s poodle.她主意很正6. He’s fallen on evil days.他现在落魄了#9658;evil days 苦难的岁月,黑暗的日子7. You’ll be in breach of the regulations.那样你就犯规了#9658;in breach of 违反…,破坏…e.g. Your company is in breach of the contract. 你们公司违反了合同8. That’s a tall story.太夸张了吧#9658;tall story 荒诞无稽的故事,令人难以相信的故事也可用tall tale9. He’s a rich man by his own .他自称是个有钱人#9658;by one own 据某人自己说. Now youre listless, ah?现在你怎么蔫儿了? 口语义乌芙洛拉整形美容医院治疗宽鼻整形手术怎么样

诸暨市妇幼保健院祛疤痕多少钱就为了今天,我将不再害怕尤其我不会再害怕享受美丽的事物,并且相信我给予世界的,世界也会给予我 Just today Just today I will try to live through this day only and not tackle my whole life problem at once. I can do something twelve hours that would appall me if I had to keep it up a lifetime. Just today I will be happy. This assumes to be true what Abraham Lincoln said,that "Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be." Just today I will adjust myself to what is, and not try to adjust everything to my own desires. I will take my "luck" as it comes. Just today I will try to strengthen my mind. I will study. I will learn something useful. I will not be a mental loafer. I will something that requires eft, thought and concentration. Just today I will exercise my soul in three ways. I will do somebody a good turn and not get found out If anybody knows of it, it will not count. I will do at least two things I don't want to do—just exercise. I will not show anyone that my feelings are hurt they may be hurt, but today I will not show it. Just today I will be agreeable. I will look as well as I can, dress becomingly, talk low, act courteously, criticize not one bit,and try not to improve or regulate anybody but myself. Just today I will have a program, I may not follow it exactly, but I will have it. I will save myself from two pests hurry and indecision. Just today I will have a quiet half hour all by myself and relax. During this half hour, sometime, I will try to get a better perspective of my life. Just today I will be unafraid. Especially I will not be afraid to enjoy what is beautiful,and to believe that as I give to the world, so the world will give to me. 83877浦江第二医院做祛疤手术多少钱 Random1) Thoughts-PartyLast night,pressured by well-intentioned friends, the first time in months,I came out of writer’s seclusion and attended a cocktail party which is another word a social gathering.So there I was,trapped in a crowded room,people milling) all around me ,each with a drink in hand,chitchatting3) while the waiters skillfully negotiated) their way through the bustle with trays of colorful beverages and fancy hors d’oeuvres.It was definitely party time.Yet,instead of losing myself to the convivial5) surroundings of food,drink and conversations,I found myself retreating back into my head all the way to China where the subject of American sociality is of great interest.In China,many of my students are curious about how Americans party and have a good time."What do you do?Sing and dance?To what kind of music?""What’s American party talk?""How do you dress and act at a party?""How about food?What do you eat?" Every year,without fail,students ask their eign teachers to dedicate a full class to this fascinating topic.Of course,one would think that a subject as interesting and entertaining as such would make an excellent lesson plan,a rich source of discussions.But to my surprise,many teachers run into roadblocks when generating this particular lesson plan."Michelle,Michelle.I have to teach a class on American parties.And I only have,hmm,five things to say about it.And that’ll take about five minutes.What am I supposed to do after that?"They cry."Well,tell me what those five things a re,"I ask."Arrive late,talk,eat,drink,and have a blast."They blurt out.It is true that the five steps listed above encompass6) much of the goings-on at American social gatherings.Of course,during parties special occasions such asbirthdays,holidays,weddings,baby showers,anniversaries,graduations,etc.,there are additional ceremonies such ascake cutting,gift opening,dancing,toasting,game playing,etc.But regardless,the fundamentals of a typical American soiree7) are good company,good food and drinks,and good times.Sounds simply,doesn’t it?But if you were to look deeper and think further,you’ll realize that there’s far more to these steps than meets the eyes.FASHIONABLY LATE It is a major faux pas(social embarrassment )to arrive at a party early or even on time.Theree,with the exception of the hosts,you never wan t to be the first per-son present at a social function.Why?Because people fear that others may think that they have no life or nothing better to do than waiting a party t o start.Many Americans try to project an image of business which,whether true or not,has a positive correlation with success.So by arriving late,you are saying"I lead a full life and it' s exciting and productive." Theree,an 8o ’clock party customarily doesn’t really start until maybe 9o ’clock as everyone wants to be thought of as a busy and important person with lots to do.In other words,a party is one of those rare occasions where your punctuality can actually hurt you.Weird8),isn’t it.Anyhow,remember,be fashionably late.SMALL TALK One way of gauging9) the success of a party is by the noise meter.The louder the party is,the more happening it is,and the more fun people are having.Then you stop to wonder,if it’s so noisy,how can people really hear each other and have great,engaging conversations?The truth isThey don’t.They engage in small talk,which is another word casual,trivial conversations.They chew the fat,shoot the breeze an d swap anecdotes about random subjectswork,family,news,weather,hobbies,etc.Because the surrounding noise and activities often sidetrack people,it’s difficult to get personal or discuss any one topic at length or in depth.The point is to have fun,not to get serious. However,keep in mind that since people tend to be in good moods and spirit when attending a social function,parties often provide an excellent environment making new friends and establishing valuable business contacts.In fact,in many professions,important business transactions are initiated at a social event.People meet,have a nice chat,exchange inmation,and make a good impression.Sometime s that’s all it takes to begin a long-lasting friendship or business association.So never underestimate the power of small talk.FOOD FUN With the exception of dinner parties where a full meal is served,most parties offer finger foods --food that you pick up with your fingers.(So don’t worry,it is not impolite to eat with your hands at parties.)Some of the classic party foods are cheese and crackers,crudités(vegetables and dip),fruits,shrimp toasts,Swiss meat-balls,mini-sandwiches,shrimp cocktail,etc.And believe it or not,Asian foods are now in fashion.Mini egg rolls,Calinia sushi rolls and various dim sum dishes always add an exotic) flair to a party.And the Americans love it. Anyhow,party foods aren’t meant to be eaten as a meal.They are simply yummy accents t o the party and eaten to absorb all that alcohol you’re about to consume.So don’t pile too much food on your plate.Remember,you can always get refills.And one more thing,don’t talk with your mouth full.It’s rude.DRINK AND BE MERRY?Here’s a frequently used party acronym,BYOBBring Your Own Bottle.Alcohol plays a big part in most American parties.People drink to relax,unwind and enjoy themselves.Anyhow that's the way it should be. Untunately it’s not always the case and sometimes you sense the unspoken pressure to join the crowd.As a result,you feel out of place without a beverage in your hand.I even notice from observation that frequently the first thing people do upon arriving at a party is to hit the bar,kick off the night with a few drinks.Sometimes,there are even those,mostly young,w ho go to parties the sole purpose of getting drunk,trashed,plastered,totaled.Not a smart thing to do since we all know the effect alcohol can have on us.(People tend to talk loudly when they’re intoxicated which might explain why it’s so loud at parties.) In America,there’s definitely a negative association between drinking and partying.If you lose control of your drinking,you lose control of your partying,vise versa.As a result,drunks not only make a fool of themselves but their drunken behavior could endanger their safety and the safety of others.I suppose as with most things,moderation is the key.PARTY HEARTY At the end of the day,the objective of attending a party is to have an unadulterated good time.A blast...And how do you do that?You get in the spirit,go with the flow(but never do anything you are uncomtable with)and try not to be a party pooper.If you have fun at parties,you are probably fun to have at parties.As a result,people are more likely to invite you to their parties in the future.And that's definitely a good thing. As my mind wandered back to the party,I realized that I was standing alone,my stomach growling,my hands empty of a drink.I was being a total party pooper.So I quickly grabbed a drink(Diet Coke in this case)from the bar and snatched some of that delicious party food the waiter was bringing by.With a smile,I rejoined my friends.That night,we talked,we drank,we ate.We had ourselves a great time.by Michelle Chang 019566义乌哪家整形医院割双眼皮好

义乌芙洛拉整形美容医院治疗狐臭多少钱The Nobel Academy The Nobel Academy the last 8years, Sweden Nobel Academy has decided who will receive the Nobel Prize in Literature, thereby determining who will be elevated from the great and the near great to the immortal. But today the Academy is coming under heavy criticism both from the without and from within. Critics contend that the selection of the winners often has less to do with true writing ability than with the peculiar internal politics of the Academy and of Sweden itself. According to Ingmar Bjorksten , the cultural editor one of the country two major newspapers, the prize continues to represent ;what people call a very Swedish exercise reflecting Swedish tastes.;The Academy has defended itself against such charges of provincialism in its selection by asserting that its physical distance from the great literary capitals of the world actually serves to protect the Academy from outside influences. This may well be true, but critics respond that this very distance may also be responsible the Academy inability to perceive accurately authentic trends in the literary world.Regardless of concerns over the selection process, however, it seems that the prize will continue to survive both as an indicator of the literature that we most highly praise, and as an elusive goal that writers seek. If no other reason, the prize will continue to be desirable the financial rewards that accompany it; not only is the cash prize itself considerable, but it also dramatically increases sales of an author books. 97 Boondoggle: 细小而无用的事 -01-7 00::7 来源: Boondoggle是美国俚语,是指花费了时间、精力或金钱,却没有得到什么有价值的报酬Boondoggle来源似乎与美国世纪早期的童子军有关,它是一种童子军系于颈部的皮辫绳有些童子军夜晚在营地干些琐碎的活(busy work),来消磨时间关于boondoggle这个词从哪来的,没有什么具体的理论据一种说法和上文提到的童子军有关,纽约市的童子军领队罗伯特·林克凭空想象发明了这个词不过,关于这个词确切的来源一直都没有定论但这不影响我们在日常生活交流中使用这词,例如:我们可以说He summarized the experience as a boondoggle.(他认为自己的经历没有价值,浪费了时间).en888.com.cn 英语口语学习网 无用 童子军 没有 时间义乌中心医院治疗腋臭多少钱诸暨市牌头医院激光祛斑多少钱



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