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福州不孕检查去那好福州市中医院检查精子活性福州市第七医院做结扎恢复手术好不好费用多少 随函附件1. 词组句型附寄enclose, attachsentence patterns:Ill enclose your letter with mine.Attached youll find...2. 多种表达We will enclose...We will attach...There is a copy of ... attached to this letter.There is a copy of ... enclosed to this letter.Attached, please find...Enclosed is a copy of the agreement.A copy of the agreement is enclosed.Enclosed, please find a copy of the agreement.We would greatly appreciate if you could send us latest catalogue.We are grateful to it if you could send us your latest catalogue.We will send you...We are sending you...We will mail you...We are pleased to send you the copy.We are very glad to send you the copy.We are very happy to send you the copy.I should apologize to you for not answering your letter of June 1 in time.Id like to apologize to you for my delay in replying your letter of June 1 in time.Id like to apologize for not replying your letter of June 1 in time.I am sorry for not answering your letter sooner.I am sorry for not responding to your letter sooner.I am sorry I havent anwered your letter until now.Please forgive me for not having written you for so long.Please excuse me for late reply to your letter. /201210/202903福州宫腔镜手术专业医院

福建人工受精公立医院1、the gang: a group of friends (区别:a gang 犯罪团伙)一帮朋友2、money to burn: spendingmoney花钱3、pick up some hours (at work): working over time at work or you are trying to make more money at work加班加点多赚钱4、good for you: hey,well done, good job!太好了!对你有益!5、get over yourself: hey,stop being so self-centered ,you are not as great as you think.别自以为是了!得了吧,你!6、broke:you dont have any money to spend.破产了7、burn a hole in ones pocket: its extremely expensive.超 /201310/261285福州输卵管修复去那比较好 Feifei: Hello, Finn. You are very talkative so I want to make a bet with you.菲菲:你好,芬恩。你很健谈,所以我想和你打个赌。Finn: Hi, Feifei. OK. Whats the bet then?芬恩:你好,菲菲。好啊。你想打什么赌?Feifei: Well, were going to have a chat for the next few minutes and I bet you cant express your feelings without using proper words.菲菲:嗯,接下来的几分钟我们要进行谈话,我打赌你不用适当的词无法表达你的情感。Finn: Mmmm... OK, so no proper words. But I can use interjections, cant I?芬恩:嗯……好,不用适当的词。但是我可以用感叹词,对吧?Feifei: Interjections?菲菲:感叹词?Finn: Yes. These are mostly sounds we make to express sudden emotions such as surprise, delight, displeasure, disappointment, pain, things like that. We use them more when we speak than when we write.芬恩:对啊。那些我们用来表达突发情感的声音,比如惊讶、高兴、生气、失望、痛苦之类的感情。相较于写作,我们在说话时会更多地使用这种词。Feifei: OK. Here we go. I have just bought this dress...菲菲:好,我们开始吧。我刚刚买了这条裙子……Finn: Wow!芬恩:哇!Feifei: Yes. I know youre pleasantly surprised. Its by a very famous designer. It was the last one in the shop and cost a lot of money. There was this woman in the shop who wanted the dress too. She tried to snatch it from me and she pinched my arm like this... Ill do it to you...菲菲:嗯。我知道你会感到惊喜。这是一个非常著名的设计师设计的。这是商店里的最后一条,我花了很多钱才买下来。商店里还有一个女人也想买这条裙子。她想从我这里抢走这条裙子,她就像这样捏着我的胳膊……我也要这样捏你……Finn: Ouch!芬恩:哎哟!Feifei: You felt a sudden pain, didnt you? She did that to me. It was really painful. Look at my bruise. Look!菲菲:你突然感到很痛,对不对?她就是那样对我的。当时真的特别疼。看看我的淤青。看看!Finn: Ugh!芬恩:啊!Feifei: Its not a pretty sight, is it? Its unpleasant to look at. And... well, I think you won the bet, Finn.菲菲:看起来不太好,对吧?看到这个会让人感到不舒。还有……芬恩,我想打赌是你赢了。Finn: Yippee!芬恩:好耶!Feifei: Youre obviously delighted - happy with the outcome of our bet. You can speak normally now. I know youre bursting to use proper words!菲菲:显然你很高兴,因为我们打赌的结果而高兴。你现在可以正常说话了。我知道你很想用适当的词!Finn: Phew!芬恩:哟!Feifei: An expression of relief. Come on, Finn. Talk to me. I miss hearing you speak.菲菲:这是轻松的表达方式。来啊,芬恩,和我说话。我想念你说的话。Finn: And I miss speaking in full sentences. Interjections are the focus of todays The English We Speak. Lets remember the ones I used.芬恩:我也想念说完整句子的感觉。今天地道英语要讲的就是感叹词。我们来记住我刚才使用的那些词。Expressing pleasant surprise: Wow!表达惊喜的词:哇!Expressing sudden pain: Ouch!表达突然感到的疼痛:哎哟!Expressing a negative reaction to unpleasant sensations of sight, touch, smell or taste: Ugh!表达对看到、摸到、闻到或是尝到的东西感到不舒:啊!Expressing delight with an outcome: Yippee!对结果表示高兴:好耶!Expressing positive relief: Phew!表达乐观的解脱:哟!Feifei: I must say you are very good at expressing things. Interjections are very useful indeed!菲菲:我必须要说,你很擅长表达。感叹词真的非常有用!Finn: Though they might sound different in other languages - people might make a sound for a sudden pain other than ouch!, but I think the meaning would be very clear.芬恩:虽然这些词在其他语言中可能听起来不同,人们在感到突然的疼痛时可能不会说“哎哟”,而是发出另外的声音,不过我想,要表达的意思很清楚。(A cup of coffee on the desk was knocked over by accident)(桌上的咖啡不小心打翻了)Feifei: Theres only one thing Im not happy about, Finn. Youve just spilt your coffee over my new dress!菲菲:芬恩,我只有一件事感到不开心。你刚刚把你的咖啡洒在我的新裙子上了!Finn: Oops!芬恩:哎呀!Feifei: An interjection expressing a negative reaction to having done something wrong by accident. Ill forgive you, though.菲菲:这是对不小心做错的事情表达消极反应的感叹词。总之,我会原谅你的。Finn: Im sorry, Feifei. Thanks. Time to go. Bye.芬恩:我很抱歉,菲菲。谢谢你。现在该结束节目了。再见。Feifei: Bye.菲菲:再见。 译文属 /201409/328410福州那个医院治不孕比较好

福州那里第三代试管比较好理解与迷惑1. 词组句型惑,迷惑confusion, confuse, puzzle, at a losssentence patterns:His unexpected appearance threw us into total confusion.Dont confuse the issue.The reason for doing it is still a pazzle.He is just at a loss how to say.His answers puzzled all of us.2. 多种表达Do you understand?Do you know the meaning?Did you catch the point?Is it clear?Are you clear about it?I get the picture.I almost know it.I think I made myself clear.I think I have made everything clear.I catch what you said.I heard.I can make out your handwriting.I can judge your handwriting.I get it.That shows it.I catch it.I grasp it.Its reasonable.It makes sense.Its acceptable.I cant understand.Its beyond me.Thats beyond me.I dont know what you will do.I cant see what you are driving at.I cant understand what you are driving at.I am just kidding.I am pulling your leg.I am joking.Let me see.Let me think it over.Its on the tip of my tongue.I cant recall it immediately.What should I say...How sould I put it...I really dont know how to put this.I dont know how to say.I am not sure how to put this.Beats me.I cant answer that.Youve got me.What would you call it?What do you call it? /201208/197400 You:Chinese lovers day just passed.中国的情人节刚过。David:Ah, the time for lovers to meet.哦,情人约会的日子。You:Yes, it is in the August. I cant remember which day, but I do know that in the Chinese lunar calendar its July seven. I dont know which way it is in the solar calendar.是的,在8月份。我记不清出具体的日子了,但我知道是阴历七月初七。阳历是哪一天我不知道。David:Someone told me once about the story behind this special day.我曾听说过关于这个特殊节日的故事。You:Thiss a story of two lovers. They are two stars in the sky.这是一对恋人的故事。他们是天空中的两颗星星。David:Yes, it is a beautiful story. One was a goddess, the daughter of a god, and one was a shepherd boy. They fell in love next to a stream at first sight. Then they married, and had children, but then the mother or father of the goddess got mad. 多么美的故事。一个是神仙的女儿,另一个是个牧人。他们在小河边一见钟情,然后他们结了婚,有了孩子。但后来不知道是她的父亲还是母亲发怒了。You:Her mother, yeah. That’s a very beautiful story.是她母亲。是呀,是个美丽的故事。David:They were divided to starts on two sides, and only on that day can they see each other.他们被变成了两颗星星,分隔两地,只有在那一天才能见面。You:They were sepereted by a river, I mean, the Milky Way.他们被一条叫“”的天河隔开了。David:The River? No bridge?河?没有桥吗?You:No, in Chinese it’s called Yinhe, the SilverRiver.没有。汉语里叫做。David:You mean the Milky Way. The Milky Way is the English name of our galaxy. At night, the galaxy appears like a river in the sky.你是说“”——夜晚出现在天空中,就像一条天河。You:Oh, I see. Anyway, they can meet only once a year on a bridge made by birds. A lot of birds come together to form a bridge that the lovers use to meet each other on.我明白了。就如故事里讲的,他们每年在由很多鸟架成的桥上只见一次面。 /201208/195209福州晋安博爱医院游玉兰福州台江区性激素检查哪里好



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