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cash-strapped 现金紧张的英文释义 Having very little money available for spending (NOTE: ;to be strapped; means to be limited in action because one has no money)例句 The cash-strapped new company struggled every month to pay its basic expenses.这家现金紧张的新公司连每月的基本开都难以应付。 /201209/199006愈忙愈要学社交英文随书光盘Mp3(下) 25 /200710/18784应聘销售人员对销售人员来说,其以往的经历与成就、应付困难的能力与韧性、懂得一些销售技巧与策略、了解客户心理以及会各种谈吐技巧都是非常重要的。BASIC EXPRESSIONS 基本句型表达1) I see by your resume that you have been working?从你的简历可以看出你一直在工作吗?2) What do you know about our major products and our share of the market?关于我们的主要产品和市场份额,你知道些什么?3) What do you think is the most important qualification for a salesperson?你认为对一个销售员来说最重要的是什么?4) When can I get the final decision?我什么时候能知道最终结果呢?5) I came in answer to your advertisement for a salesperson.我是为你们登的招聘销售员的广告而来的。6) I graduated from Beijing University. I majored in business administration.我毕业于北京大学,学的是工商管理专业。7) As far as I know, your company is a world famous one which produces cosmetics and skincare products.据我所知,贵公司是一家世界著名的化妆品和皮肤护理品生产商。CONVERSATIONS 会话(AApplicant IInterviewer)Dialogue 1I: I see by your resume that you have been working?A: Yes, I have worked for four years with a Canadian Company.I: Tell me what you know about our company, please.A: Well, Mark Smith, who was the first president, founded the company in Ottawa in 1955. It has 1.5 billion dollars in capital; it employs 8,000 people, and it is the largest company in its field in Canada.I: What do you know about our major products and our share of the market?A: Your company抯 products are mostly marketed in Canada and the ed States, but particularly have sold very well here in China. So I think in the future you抣l find China to be a profitable market as well. I: What made you decide to change your job?A: Because I want to change my working environment and seek new challenges.I: Do you like this job?A: Yes, I like it very much.I: What do you think is the most important qualification for a salesperson?A: I think it is confidence in himself and his products. I: I agree with you. Do you have any questions to ask about this job?A: Yes, I抎 like to know something about the salary.I: I think the starting salary for a salesperson is between 1,500 - 2,000 Yuan. But the specific number will be determined according to your sales.A: When can I get the final decision?I: We cannot reach a final decision until we have talked to all of the other five applicants. Anyhow, we抣l contact you within this month. All right. Nice meeting you. Good-bye.A: Nice meeting you, too. Good-bye.I: 你的简历上说你一直在工作吗?A: 是的,我在一家加拿大公司工作过4年。I: 请说说你对我们公司的了解。A: 好的,1955年Mark Smith首任董事长在渥太华成立了公司。资本额为15亿加元,有8,000员工, 是加拿大同行业中最大的公司。I: 关于本公司的产品和市场份额,你知道些什么?A: 贵公司的产品主要在加拿大和美国市场销售,但在中国市场的销路非常好,所以我想你会发现中国也是一个容易赚钱的市场。I: 你为什么决定换工作?A: 因为我想换一下工作环境,迎接新挑战。I: 你喜欢这份工作吗?A:我很喜欢。I: 你认为对一个销售员来说最重要的是什么?A: 我认为是对他自己和对他产品的自信。I: 我赞成。对这份工作,你有什么问题要问吗?A: 有,我想知道薪水如何?I: 我想起薪是1500-2000元,但具体数目将根据你的销售情况来定。A: 我什么时候能知道最终结果呢?I: 我们只有和其他五位应聘者都谈过之后才能做出最后决定。但无论如何,我们会在一个月之内联系你的。好的,非常高兴见到你,再见。A: 我也非常高兴见到你,再见。Dialogue 2A: Good morning. I came in answer to your advertisement for a salesperson.I: I see. Will you walk this way, please? What experience have you had?A: I抦 afraid I haven抰 had any experience in just this sort of work. I抦 studying business administration in college. I want to get a job that would tie in with my studies.I: Have you got any selling experience at all?A: I worked in a department store in a small town last summer vacation.I: Now tell me about your educational background.A: I graduated from Beijing University. I majored in business administration.I: What courses have you completed?A: The courses I completed are marketing, business law, business English, statistics, marketing principles, sales management, distribution theory, economies and psychology.I: What subjects did you like most at university?A: I liked sales strategies most.I: Why would you like to work with us?A: It抯 an interesting job, and your company is one of the best known. Although I have no work experience as a salesperson, the job description you sent was very interesting. It抯 a job I抳e been dreaming of when I was at university.I: What抮e your future plans and what kind of expectations do you have of the company?A: I have an interest in marketing and I would consider graduate study in business in the future. I think my goals will become more clear as I gain experience in sales and marketing.I: Good. Do you know anything about this company?A: Yes, a little. As you mentioned just now, yours is an American capital company. As far as I know your company is a world famous one which produces cosmetics and skincare products.I: Have you got anything to ask me?A: Will traveling be required in this position?I: Yes.A: How often?I: Three times a year at most. How do you feel about this?A: That's fine.A: 早上好,我是为你们登的招聘销售员的广告而来的。I: 我知道,请这边来。你有工作经验吗?A: 不好意思,我还没有做过这种工作。我在大学读工商管理, 我想找一份与我现在所学专业有联系的工作。I: 那你有销售经验吗?A: 去年暑假我在一家百货公司工作过。I: 那你说说你的教育情况吧。A: 我毕业于北京大学,学的是工商管理专业。I: 你都学过什么课程?A: 我学过的课程有市场营销、商业法、商业英语、统计学、市场原理、销售管理、销售原理、经济学和心理学。I: 你在大学时最喜欢哪门课程?A: 我最喜欢销售策略。I: 你为什么要来我们公司工作?A: 我对这份工作很感兴趣,而且贵公司也是最著名的公司之一。我虽然没做过销售员,但你对这份工作的介绍很有趣,这是我大学时梦寐以求的工作。I: 你将来有何计划?对公司有何期望?A: 我对市场营销感兴趣,我会希望将来能读商业专业的研究生。我想随着我在销售和市场方面经验的增加,我的目标会变得越来越明确。I: 那不错,你了解我们公司吗?A: 了解一些。正如你刚才所说的,贵公司是一家美国公司。据我所知, 贵公司是一家世界著名的化妆品和皮肤护理品生产商。I: 你有什么问题要问我吗?A: 这份工作需要出差吗?I: 需要。A: 多久一次?I: 最多一年三次。你认为怎么样?A: 那没关系。president 董事长,行长,校长 found 建立,创办capital 资本,资产 employ 雇佣share 份额,参股 profitable 有利可图的confidence 自信, 信心 specific 具体的,明确的administration 管理,经营 statistics 统计,统计学distribution 销售 psychology 心理学,心理strategy 策略 cosmetic 化妆品 做销售员,最重要的就是自信。所以无论你以前有过什么工作经历,销售过何种产品,都要说出来。要自信,不仅对自己,还要对自己销售的产品自信(confidence in yourself and your products)。1) The specific number will be determined according to your sales. in accordance with in conformity with 具体数目将依你的销售量而定。2) What do you think is the most important qualification for a salesperson? requirement asset 你认为对销售人员来说最重要的能力是什么? 3) We cannot reach a final decision until we have talked to all of the make other five applicants. come to arrive at 只有等到和另外五位申请者都谈过之后,我们才能作出最终决定。4) I came in answer to your advertisement for a salesperson. in reply to in response to 我是来应聘你们招聘广告上销售人员一职的。 /200602/4210第一句:Im sorry to say that the price you e is too high.很遗憾你们报的价格太高。A: Im sorry to say that the price you e is too high.很遗憾你们报的价格太高。B: So you have problems?也就是说你们有困难?A: Yes. It would be very difficult for us to push any sales if we buy it at this price.是的。如果按这种价格买进,我方实在难以推销。B: Well, if you take quality into consideration, you wont think our price is too high.如果你考虑一下质量,你就不会觉得我们价格太高了。第二句:Lets meet each other halfway.那咱们就各让一步吧。A: Lets meet each other halfway.那咱们就各让一步吧。B: Thats a good idea.是个好主意。A: How about granting us a 10 discount on the final price?在最后的价格上给我们打个九折怎么样?B: We have to have a meeting.我们要开会商量一下。要想在谈判中掌握主动权,就要尽可能地了解对方的情况,尽可能地了解掌握某一步骤对对方的影响以及对方的反应如何,投石问路就是了解对方情况的一种战术。其他表达法:Im sorry to say that your price has soared. Its almost 20% higher than last years.很遗憾,贵方的价格猛涨,几乎比去年高出20%。Thats because the price of raw materials has gone up.那是因为原材料的价格上涨了。 /201209/200729

This is the second in a two-part Business English Pod lesson on football and soccer idioms.这是2节英语商务播客中的第2节,将学到源自足球的惯用语。Since sports and business are so similar, it’s easy to see how there could be so many related idioms. Companies are like teams; employees are like players. Ideas are like balls that get kicked around. Success is like scoring a goal. And there’s always plenty of competition. 因为运动和商业是如此相似,很容易明白为何有如此多的相关习语。公司就像球队一样,雇员就是踢球的人。主意就像被踢来踢去的足球。陈功就像进球。而且总会有很多竞争。In the last lesson, Marilyn and Karl, two colleagues at a publishing firm, discussed Karl’s interest in a manager’s job at the firm’s Sydney branch. Karl isn’t completely sure it’s the right move for him and has asked for Marilyn’s feedback. Today, we’ll hear more of their conversation, as Karl explains his hesitation about applying.上节课中,在同一家出版公司工作的Karl和 Marilyn讨论了Karl想申请公司悉尼分部的经理职位。Karl拿不定注意,所以他询问Marilyn的建议。今天我们来听下他们之间的更多谈话,Karl会解释关于申请的犹豫。Listening Questions:1. How does Karl’s wife feel about moving to Sydney?2. Why does Karl feel like he’s cheating on his own company?3. What advice does Marilyn give at the end of their conversation? /201103/128024

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