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赣州全南医院做人流会昌县人民医院的院长Im also a catholic.I believe,ok.我也是个天主教徒 我相信 好吧I believe in the main things,one god.我相信主要的东西 一个上帝I believe you should respect your parents.I believe you should love your neighbor.你该尊重你的父母 爱你的邻居The rest of it,I dont know.Flip a coin.其余的 我不知道 扔一枚硬币吧Should I not want to covet my neighbors wife?我不该垂涎我邻居的妻子吗Probably not,but maybe she shouldnt be walking around half naked with the drapes open,也许不该吧 但也许她不该半裸着走来走去 窗帘还没拉上Because thats how sin happens,thats how it happens.因为罪孽就是这样发生的 这样发生的Her carelessness,plus my high-powered binoculars.Equals sin.她的粗心大意 加上我的高倍望远镜 就等于罪孽Im also pro gay marriage.Yeah.Drop the bible.clap your hands.Pro gay marriage.我也持同性恋婚姻 是的 扔掉圣经 鼓掌吧 持同性恋婚姻Gay marriage is legal in new york.whats this mean for me?Im straight.同性恋婚姻在纽约合法了 这对我意味着什么 我是直男Live with another straight guy.Five years now,because I cant affort to move out.我跟另一个直男住一起 五年时间了 因为我没钱搬出去So two more years out of this law,are we going to be gay common law married?根据这项法律 再过两年我们就要成为同性恋已婚伴侣吗Because I think gays should be allowed to get married,but I dont think I should have to be gay,just because Im poor.Thank you.因为我觉得应该允许同性恋结婚 但我觉得不该就因为我穷 我就是同性恋了 谢谢Like I said,I love in new your.I have a rodent problem.我说过 我住在纽约 我家闹耗子Thats the beauty of living in new york.You live in an urban area but you still have the problems of a farmer.这就是住在纽约的美妙之处 你住在城市里 但是还有农民的问题I dont tell my landlord I have rats.why?Not a snitch.They just get suspicious.我没告诉我的房东我家闹耗子 为什么 我不是告密者 告密者没好报201607/456114信丰县小江中心卫生院能检查怀孕吗 No. 1 Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prizein 1939, he was nominated by Brandt, a member of the Swedish parliament.第一,希特勒在1939年获得了诺贝尔和平奖的提名,提名他的是勃兰特,一位瑞典议会的议员。The man was a dedicated anti-fascist and he made thenomination as a joke, but unsurprisingly is sarcasm wasnt very well received.此人致力于反法西斯,并把这项提名当作笑话,但毫无疑问这个讽刺并不被大众理解。No. 2 Hitler invented the blow-up sex doll.第二,希特勒发明了充气娃娃。German troops were getting syphilis from engagingwith French prostitutes, so to counteract this, Hitler had lifelike dolls madethat could pack into soldiers bags and provide comfort when needed.德国军队从法国身上染上梅毒,所以为了抵抗此病,希特勒下令制作了栩栩如生的娃娃,可以装在士兵的包裹里,在需要的时候提供安慰。No. 3 Hitlers first love was a Jewish girl, lackingcourage he never spoke to her.第三,希特勒的初恋是一个犹太女孩,由于缺乏勇气,他从来没有对她说话。He was only 16 at the time and he wrote a number oflove poems about her.那时他只有16岁,还写了许多关于她的爱情诗。Some sources claim he even contemplated suicide, asan escape from the suffering unrequited love caused him.一些消息来源声称他甚至想以自杀来逃避单恋的痛苦。No. 4 Hitler led the first public anti-smokingcampaign in modern history.第四,希特勒领导了现代史上第一次公共禁烟运动。The Nazi anti-tobacco campaign banned smoking inpublic transport vehicles and raised the tobacco tax.纳粹反烟运动禁止在公共交通工具上吸烟和提高烟草税。They also promoted health education and organizelectures for soldiers.他们还推行士兵的健康教育并组织讲座。No. 5 Hitler was a vegetarian, and created lawsagainst animal cruelty, he passed laws which regulated animal slaughter as wellas animal transport.第五,希特勒是一个素食主义者,他制定了反对虐待动物的法律,通过法律规范动物屠宰以及运输。Most importantly, he prohibited hunting and limitedanimal testing.最重要的是,他禁止打猎和限制动物实验。Unfortunately, the animals previously used inmedical experiments were replaced by the Jews.不幸的是,之前医学实验中使用的动物被犹太人所取代。No. 6 Hitler was saved from drowning by a priestwhen he was four years old.第六,希特勒在他四岁时溺水,被一个牧师救了。The priest was around hitlers age and jump to therescue when the ice under Hitlers feet cracked and he sank into the freezingwater.这个牧师跟他差不多年龄,在希特勒脚下的冰裂开,陷入了冰冷的水时,跳下去救了他。Ironically, the hero grew up to regret the incident.具有讽刺意味的是,这位英雄长大后表示十分后悔这个举动。No. 7 During the First World War, a British soldierspared the life of a wounded German, that German was Adolf Hitler.第七,在第一次世界大战期间,一名英国士兵救了一个受伤的德国士兵一命,那个德国人就是阿道夫#8226;希特勒。The soldier had a clear aim to kill at point-blank,but he decided not to shoot.这个士兵本可以一毙命,但他决定不开。Hitler later found an article about the soldier,recognized him in the picture and save the clipping.希特勒后来发现了一篇关于该士兵的报道,从照片上认出了他并保存了剪报。No. 8 Hitler plan to collect thousands of Jewishartifacts to build a museum of an extinct race after the war.第八,希特勒计划收集成千上万的犹太人艺术品以在战争结束后建造一个灭绝种族的物馆。He ordered the collection of 200,000 items whichwere photographed and catalogued, the collection was meant to serve as a trophycase.他命令集合20万件物品来拍摄和编目,这个收集被作为自己的一个奖杯陈列。No. 9 Hitler never once visited a singleconcentration camp.第九,希特勒从未去过任何一个集中营。In fact, he was very careful about keeping a safedistance from all the dirty work.事实上,他非常小心地和所有肮脏的工作保持着一段安全距离。He deliberately spoke very vaguely about thesubject, and no written order about the killings ever existed, he gave the mostsensitive order exclusively and verbally.他故意很含糊地谈到这个话题,对裁定杀戮从不下书面命令,这些敏感的命令都是口头陈述并鲜为人知。No. 10 Hitler only had one testicle. Reportedly, hewas injured in battle with his abdomen and groin suffering most of the damage.第十,希特勒只有一个睾丸。据传,他在战斗中受了伤,腹部和腹股沟遭受了严重的伤害。As a result, he lost one of his testicles, the wardoctor supports this claim although no conclusive evidence was ever made inpublic.结果是,他失去了他的一个睾丸,虽然战地医生持这一说法,但至今没有有确凿的据来公然实。201508/391263Do you think theres life on other planets Don?你认为其他行星上会有生命存在吗?It seems perfectly reasonable that there would be Yael.似乎完全有理由相信有生命存在。what with how unfathomably largethe universe is.Dont you think?宇宙如此之大,深不可测,不是吗?I do.But then again, life is a tricky thing.的确如此。但是话又说回来,生命的存在是一件极其有难度的事。So much has to fall into place for the conditions for life aswe know it to be possible.据我们所知,生命存在的可能性需要满足众多适合生存的条件。For instance, a planet has to be just the right distance from the star itrevolves around.比如说,行星与其所围绕旋转的恒星之间的距离是否适当。How is that?这有什么关系?If its too close to its star, the heat from the star would cause any water on the planet to boil away.如果太近,来自恒星的热量会导致行星上水分蒸发,If its too far away, the opposite problem occurs:the cold temperature would cause water to freeze.与之相反,要是距离太远,温度太低会致使水冻结。The range of distance from a star that will allow water to remain a liquid is called the habitable zone.与恒星之间的距离要能保持水呈现的是液体状态,这个范围被称作适居带。So we Earthlings are lucky I guess that we are just the right distance away from the sun.那我们地球岂不是很幸运,与太阳之间的距离正当适宜。Very lucky it seems.是非常的幸运。In 2007, scientists discovered the first two Earth-like planets outside our solarsystem that appear to be located near or within their stars habitable zone.2007年,科学家们在太阳系以外首次发现两颗类似地球,可能位于适居带附近的行星,Previously discovered planets have had masses more akin to Jupiters.而之前发现的行星更类似于木星。The planets orbit the same star andare known as Gliese 581c and Gliese 581d.这两颗行星都围绕格利泽581恒星转动,因此他们被称作格利泽581d和格利泽581c。Wow,so there is other life out there?哇!那探索到有生命存在吗?Not so fast, upon further investigation, it seems that Gliese 581d may be the only one of the two actually in the habitable zone, and its orbit seems to take it in and out of the zone. 没那么快。据进一步调查研究发现,格利泽581d可能是二者中在适居区以内的行星,而且其运行轨道使其在适居区内游离。Not tomention as I said, a lot of factors must come into play for life to exist.更何况正如我所说的,生命存在还有诸多因素要考虑,Being within the habitable zone is just one of them.在适居区只是其中之一。201410/337084赣州会昌人民医院妇科价位表

赣州人民医院体检收费标准This year,This is kind of dark but its true.今年 这则消息挺黑暗但是真事This year,North Korean dictator kim jong un has reportly had 15 of his top officials excuted.15!今年 朝鲜独裁者金正恩据报 已经处死了15名高官 15名So the lesson here is when kim jong un comes into work with new haircut,you tell him,所以教训就是 如果金正恩梳着新发型来上班了 你要说Looking good,um,Looking real good!Looking fine,un!帅啊 恩哥 帅呆了 不错哦I would like to announce that 15 people have been executed in north korea.The crowd went,ooh!Tough boss.刚刚我宣布朝鲜处死了15个人 观众席上一片呜 真有意思啊 老板挺严厉啊In oregon,a number of brewers are competing to turn sewer water into beer.True story.俄勒冈州 一群酿酒商在比赛 将下水道脏水变成啤酒 真的The brewer said,hey,if bud light can do it,we can do it.酿酒商们说 既然百威淡啤能做到 我们也行Theyre not sponsors either.Right jeff?Hes saying not anymore.反正他们也不是赞助商 不是吧 杰夫 他说这下不是了We dont need money to do this show.我们不需要钱也能做这节目啦 Hey get this.Theres an app for brides.A new app,just for brides.知道吗 有一款为新娘设计的应用软件 新应用软件 专为新娘设计And it tells the bride when you havent purchased a gift yet on their bridal registry.如果你还没买婚礼礼物清单上的东西 软件会通知新娘It alerts the bride that you havent purchased a gift yet on their bridal registry.会提醒新娘你还没买婚礼礼物清单上的东西You can download the app from bed,bitch and beyond.True story.软件可在床和贱女的种种下载到 真事哦201607/454496赣州市肿瘤医院专家预约 But so,and what else?还有什么Its,I mean you live here so you can have a glass of water and dont feel guilty about it.住在那里 你喝水不会觉得愧疚Theres a lot of water and great food.有很多水 食物很好I have friends from England and if they come over in the summer,they always,what do you want to do,guys?我有英国的朋友 夏天来玩 我问他们想做什么why dont we just go for a walk in the park.他们就说去公园逛逛I go,and its silly.Its just because in Denmark,when its warm and sunny and people go to park to sunbathe and everyone is topless.我说这事挺傻的 因为在丹麦 天气好的时候 大家会去公园晒日光浴 大家都裸着上身What,in public parks?Yes.Thats not silly,thats fantastic.什么 公共公园吗 是的 这不傻啊 这多棒So there are topless women in the parks in Denmark in the summer?Yeah,yeah.夏天丹麦公园里有裸上身的女人吗 是啊Well,I know where were doing our shows.我知道我们要去哪做节目了That sounds amazing.I didnt know that.听上去好棒啊 我不知道呢Well,its nice.Right.But its funy.And yet youre the third happiest country.是挺好 嗯 但挺好玩的 你们还第三幸福国家呢I dont know what happened.What else could you want?不知道是怎么回事 还能求什么啊Its because of Swiss are bottomless.Bottomless always wins.Bottomless wins.因为瑞士不穿底裤 不穿裤子的总是赢家 不穿裤子的赢Well,Game of Thrones,I want to make sure I mention this to anyone who doesnt know,I think thats absurd,but it airs sunday at 9:00 on HBO.《权利的游戏》我一定要对不知道的提一句 不过应该不会 周日9点在HBO播出Its bringing great delight to many people.So nice to see you again.nice to see you.这部剧给很多人带来了无限欢乐 再次见到你太好了 见到你也很高兴Great,yeah,really good talking to you.Nikolaj coster Waldau.we will be right back,Zach Woods.跟你聊天太好了 尼可拉·科斯特 瓦尔道 我们稍后回来 扎克·伍兹将到场201608/460324石城县人民医院可以治疗妇科吗

赣州妇女儿童医院电话预约 In the crypt of the castle,Himmler wanted to hold pagan SS ceremonies by the light of an eternal flame.在城堡地窖里,希姆莱想进行异教徒般的党卫军仪式点燃永不熄灭的火焰。Above the crypt was a hall, for the leaders of the SS to meet,like the warrior knights of old.地窖上是大厅,供首领们会面使用像古时骑士一样。Always subordinate to their heroic master, Adolf Hitler.永远效忠英雄般的主人—希特勒。He is a genuinely great man and, above all, a true and pure one.他是真正的伟人,最重要的是,他够真实、纯粹。Himmler believed that, just as Hermann had once proved to be a superior kind of Germanic hero, 2,000 years ago,Adolf Hitler would prove to be just such a hero today.希姆莱相信,两千年前的赫尔曼曾被认为是优等的日耳曼民族英雄,如今希特勒也会有如此礼遇。In 1923, the political atmosphere in Munich was tense and unstable.1923年,慕尼黑的政治气氛紧张,政局动荡。By now, Hitler had been leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party,which some called the Nazis, for two years.希特勒作为德国社会主义工党党魁,当时被称为纳粹党,已有两年。And hed built a large and growing paramilitary organisation,the Stormtroopers.他组建一极具规模 且日益壮大的准军事组织冲锋队。In November 1923, he decided to act,and to try and spark an uprising in Munich.1923年11月,他决定采取行动在慕尼黑发起暴动。 译文属201511/411491赣州市第五人民医院不孕不育多少钱宁都县人民医院做彩超多少钱



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