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Michigan has 883 operating wind turbines.Theres been a big push for wind farms since 2008. That was when lawmakers decided a certain amount of our electricity must come from renewable resources, and utilities built wind turbines to comply.The cost of building wind farms has fallen dramatically since then. But nobody is rushing to put up more turbines.In fact, the man who has developed the wind farms we have in northern Michigan says his enthusiasm for wind is waning.Marty Lagina used to drill for natural gas. His new company, Heritage Sustainable Energy in Traverse City, builds wind farms and Lagina has been surprised by how angry it makes the neighbors.;We thought we were doing something really good,; he says. ;We still do, but to be the target of these vicious attacks, it gets old pretty quickly.;Heritage has been sued in both counties where it has built wind farms, and also has filed one lawsuit of its own.The most recent suit against the company claims turbines on the Garden Peninsula in the U.P. are a threat to human health and the lives of birds.Lagina finds some criticisms of wind energy ridiculous, but he will acknowledge there are issues, like the noise.;They make some sound and to some people, at least ostensibly, its very aggravating,; he says.Even though the cost of building a wind farm today is less than half of what it was when he started about five years ago, Lagina isnt sure its worth the trouble.;The wind industry is sort of on the cusp of being the low-cost producer,; he says. ;But the big obstacle went from price to this pushback.;But pushback from the neighbors is not the only problem. Not everyone in the electricity business thinks wind is a good deal. Dan Dasho at Cloverland Electric Cooperative in Sault Ste. Marie is one skeptic.;Ive talked to a lot of people who are thinking about projects, but they could find no one to buy the output,; he says.Cloverland supplies electricity to the eastern U.P., and Dasho says the cooperative will be looking to burn natural gas to meet its electricity needs in the future. Dasho says the problem with wind is it doesnt blow all the time.;So what do you do for the rest of the time?; he asks. ;Well, youve got to have a gas generator to back up that wind. So the cost of wind isnt just the wind generator, its wind plus gas, so you have the capacity there when you need it.;Looking inlandWind proponents contest that math. Skip Pruss was the states chief energy officer in the Granholm Administration and now has a consulting business called 5 Lakes Energy. Pruss says all energy generators need backup, and the electricity is fed into a common market.;Every generating source, whether its a coal plant, a natural gas plant or a wind farm or a solar farm, that is backed up by other generation sources,; he says.And Pruss says the cost of backing up wind power is negligible.He says people living in coastal areas like Benzie County and Leelanau County may never warm up to wind farms. But he says new studies have shown the wind blows better than they thought in the center of the Lower Peninsula.;We can build a lot more wind capacity in central Michigan, in agricultural areas where wind becomes the most reliable revenue stream and crop or harvest for farmers,; he says.But even some farming communities are tired of windmills. Most wind farms in Michigan are in Huron County. Earlier this month, the county approved a moratorium on new ones.201504/369983。

When sediments are released slowly, the nutrients in them help sustain life in the lagoon, so everything flourishes.沉积物被缓慢分解,其中的营养滋养了环礁湖中的生物,生命因此繁荣。Where conditions are just right, corals manage to grow right next to the coast.环境条件理想的地方,珊瑚能一直长到岸边。Here pristine tropical rainforest grows right down to the waters edge, a stones throw from coral reef.在这里,原始热带森林一直延伸到了水边,离珊瑚礁只有一石之遥。Its a place where two worlds meet and animals from the reef and rainforest can be found right next to each other.这里,两个世界彼此交汇,环礁湖的海洋生物与热带雨林的动毗邻而居。201504/372111。

We are back with Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory欢迎回来 这位是《生活大爆炸》的Jim Parsonand we are gonna prepare you the first play you did on Broadway was我们现在要给你预演一下 你在百老汇的第一场演出叫A Normal Heart,A Normal Heart,and then you are going to do what,Harerv,Harerv平常心 平常心 然后你是要干什么 Harerv Harervwhich is the movie,which is the,I was spending my summer with an imaginary bunny既是电影 也是 我整个夏天都是和一只想象中的兔子度过的All right,that sounds fun,it does sounds fun,fantasy football and an imaginary bunny听起来蛮有意思的 确实挺有意思 又是有趣的足球又是幻想中的兔子Its really,what a life!all right,so to help you to prepare实在是 生活其乐无穷啊 为了帮你做好充分的准备because you know a lot of people,you can hear your phones ringing你懂的 总是会有些观众 你都能听到他们电话铃响啊People call,awful,people sleep,people yowed,absolutely,whatever有的打电话啊 太恐怖了 睡觉的 哼哼唧唧的 经常 等等等等So I have something youll be ing from,yeah,its like a soliloquy,I think its Romeo and Juliet来 我给你个东西念念 好 应该像是一段独白 出自于《罗密欧和朱丽叶》So you can pretend,that is not like a soliloquy,that is soliloquy then你拿着道具演 这不是像独白 这就是独白Oh hell,all right.just put this on your shoulder probably不是吧 好吧 把这个批身上Oh my head is huge Okey.all right.oh yeah.there you go哦 我的头这么大啊 是啊 好吧 准备了啊and youll just perform and then youll see if I can distract you in the end anyway你就念那诗 然后你试试 看看我有没有办法能让你分心all right?Ok.go right ahead.行不 可以 那我们就开始啦But soft,what light through yonder window breaks?轻声 那边窗子里亮起来的是什么光it is the east,and Juliet is the sun,who is aly sick and pale with grief那就是东方 朱丽叶就是太阳 她已经气得面色惨白了That thou,her maid,art far more fair than she你不要忠于她吧Be not her maid since she is envious,her vestal livery is but sick and green,and none but fools do wear it.cast it off.既然她这样妒忌着你 脱下她给你的这一身惨绿色的贞女的道 它只配给愚人穿的Its my lady.Oh,it is my love,oh,that she knew she were.那是我的意中人 啊 那是我的爱 唉 但愿她知道我在爱着她She speaks yet she says nothing.how does this go?what of that她欲言又止 试试这个怎么样 大绝招 /201607/454690。

Ill start with you, Nicole.In the fairy tale,Jack and the Beanstalk,妮可 我从你开始问咯 在童话故事 杰克和魔豆中what does Jack plant that makes the bean start to grow?杰克种了什么豆子才开始生长的呢A bean? A bean, right?Is it a bean? Is it a bean豆子 是一颗豆子对吧 是种了一颗豆子对吗Yes, magic beans but all...Magic bean! Magic beans!Yeah, thats good. Yeah.Alrigt.没错 有魔力的豆子 但是都 有魔力的豆子 对了 答对了 好了Melanie, Platinum blonde is a hard hair color to have because it grows out fast.梅拉妮 浅银灰色是很难维持的发色 因为新头发很快会显现出来Name a celebrity that just dye their hair Platinum Okay. I am thinking. Er...Lets see here.请举出一个最近刚把头发染成浅银灰色的名人 好的 我想想 让我想想Okay. Just dye their hair Platinum. Um.Oh, no. Okay. Im trying to think a.刚把头发染成浅银灰色 哦 不 好了 我想是.I was thinking Rapunzel from Tangled.But, thats not it.Okay, um.我本来想的是;长发公主;里的拉庞泽尔 但那不是 那么.No, Rapunzel was but its not someone current.长发公主的确算 但她不是最近的Yeah, thats not someone current.Youre right. Youre right.对啊 不是最近的 你说的对 你说的对Thats all I get to watch, so this is um.... - Yeah.Let me see. Er.我只能想到这么多 所以这. -嗯 让我想想Okay. What if the initials, the first initial was K,好的 名字的首字母 第一个首字母是Kand then the last initial maybe was a K.Ah...Keira Knigh...Keira Knightley.第二个首字母也许也是K 哦 凯拉奈 凯拉·奈特莉Thats right, isnt it?Am I right?They have K.答对了吗 我对了吗 她的名字首字母都是KYou know what? I just love that answer.Its Kim... thats... its Kim Kardashian.我也很喜欢这个 但其实是金·卡戴珊But... Okay.Wow, she goes with the silent K. Thats a wonderful thing.但 好吧 哇哦 她想到了哑音K 真不错 /201601/420631。

Officials said on June 24th that at least 23 people in West Virginia have died in the states worst flooding in more than a century. 6月24日官员表示,一个多世纪以来最严重的洪水已致西弗吉尼亚州至少23人死亡。Hundreds more have been rescued from swamped homes.数百人从被淹没的家园获救。The mountainous state was pummeled by up to 10 inches of rain on Thursday, June 23rd causing rivers and streams to overflow. 6月23日周四,这个多山的州遭到高达10英寸降雨的袭击,造成河流泛滥。A spokeswoman for the state Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management put the death toll at 23.国家国土安全和应急的发言人称死亡人数达到23人。West Virginia received one-quarter of its annual rainfall in a single day.西弗吉尼亚州一天内降下年降雨量的四分之一。译文属。201606/451064。

The ed States is urging North Korea to release an American held prisoner.美国敦促朝鲜释放一名关押的美国囚犯。The State Department also asked that his 15-year sentence of hard labor be pardoned and released as humanitarian gesture.美国国务院还要求赦免他15年的劳役,并以人道主义姿态将其释放。State Department spokesman John Kirby called for Otto Warmbiers release during a daily news briefing on August 31st.美国国务院发言人约翰·柯比在8月31日举行的例行记者会上呼吁释放奥托·瓦姆比尔。The American student received a 15-year sentence in March for trying to steal an item with a propaganda slogan.这名美国学生因试图窃取带有宣传口号的横幅被判15年监禁。He was initially detained in early January.他最初在一月初被关押。译文属。201609/464066。

The European Union budget欧盟预算The gourmands of Brussels布鲁塞尔的贪食者The EU may be spending less, but the cost of running it is rising欧盟也许会削减开,但是运营成本在增加THE European Union is on the verge of cutting its spending for the first time ever. A 3% cut in real terms will save 34 billion ( billion) from the seven-year budget framework for 2014-20. ForBritain’s David Cameron, who pressed the hardest for a cut, this is a triumph. But every silver lining has a cloud: EU spending on administration will still rise, by a total of 8% in real terms.欧盟是第一次面临削减开。按实值计算,削减3%意味着从7年期(2014-2020年)的预算框架中节省340亿欧元(合470亿美元)。对于坚决持削减政策的英国首相大卫·卡梅伦来说,这算是一大胜利。但并非事事如人愿:欧盟的行政费用仍将增加,按实值计算总计会达到八个百分点。The sums involved are relatively small: the total budget is only 1% of EU GDP, and just 6% of this goes on administration. Yet it has political resonance. Taxpayers do not like paying for civil servants at the best of times. Spending more onBrusselsbureaucrats at a time of deep recession and high unemployment is even harder to swallow.所涉及的金额只是相对较小的一部分:整体预算是只占欧盟GDP的1%,可预算的6%会用于行政开。然而这有着政治上的共鸣。即使是在最好的时代,纳税人也不愿意给公务员买单。而在经济严重衰退和高失业率的状况下,多给布鲁塞尔官员任何一分钱都比以往时候更难让民众接受。A European Commission spokesman likens EU governments to a restaurant customer who wants more, better and cheaper food. But the EU institutions could do more and better for less. There is plenty of fat to trim: generous tax breaks, far higher average pay than in national governments and benefits that include a 16% expat top-up and payment for children’s education until they are 26.欧盟委员会一发言人将欧盟政府比作餐馆的食客,他们想要更多品质更好的食物,却希望价格更便宜。但是欧盟机构可以做到这一点。因为有很多地方可以“瘦身”:慷慨地减免所得税,远比国家政府高的平均工资水平以及优渥的福利待遇,这里的福利包括在国外工作的人追加16%的补贴,对欧盟官员子女的教育津贴 的年限延长至26岁。A rare chance to cut back was missed when staff regulations were renegotiated this year. Barring a few concessions, such as a 5% headcount cut by 2017 and a rise in the pension age to 66, reforms were few. Hardly any change was made to allowances, or to automatic promotions and salary rises, and there was no big pension reform, even though this is a growing concern forBrusselsas well as for national governments.今年人事条例再次协商的时候,错失了一次难得的削减开的机会。会议上做出了一些小让步,比如:到2017年为止,裁员5%以及将退休年龄提至66岁,但除此之外,几乎没有什么改革。补贴或是自动升职和加薪方面几乎没有变动,而且官员的养老金方面也无大改革,无论是在欧盟还是各国政府,这方面的改革都是备受关注。Trimming running costs is something most EU governments have been doing assiduously.Spaincut pay by 5% in 2010;Irelanddid even more, cutting it by 5-15%. InBritain, as part of plans to cut costs by a third by 2015, the central government pay-bill was cut by 6.3% in real terms between 2010-2013. Yet EU salaries have continued to rise in the past four years.削减运营成本是大部分欧盟政府一直努力在做的事。2010年西班牙削减了5%的出;爱尔兰削减的更多,比例高达5%-15%。作为计划的一部分,英国截至2015年将开降低三分之一,2010-2013年的政府工资单按实值计算已经削减了6.3%。但是过去四年,欧盟官员的薪金一直在增加。If institutions that so often propose reforms do little at home, it gives less hope for changes in costlier policies. TheBrusselsdefence is that administrative spending is “tiny”, so reducing it will make little difference. But the appearance of indulgence weakens the EU’s reputation at a time when most polls show citizens everywhere have lost faith in it.假如机构经常提议改革却不从自身做起的话,那么想对成本更高的政策做出变革的希望会更加渺茫。布鲁塞尔的官员辩解称,行政出是“很小”的一部分,所以削减它并不会造成什么差别。但是,恣意放纵的表相一度弱化了欧盟的声誉,许多的民调显示各地的市民们都对欧盟失去了信心。Later this month, European parliamentarians and their entourages are planning to travel toStrasbourgto vote through the rise in the EU’s administration budget. The 200mannual cost of this travelling circus is hardly huge, but most European taxpayers still see it for the incomprehensible extravagance it is.本月下旬,欧洲议会议员和他们的随行者正在计划前往斯塔拉斯堡,就提高欧盟行政预算进行投票表决。每年用于巡回访问的200亿欧元的费用并不算是个大数目,但是许多欧洲纳税人仍然将其视做无法理喻的奢侈消费。译者:沈晓旭 校对:姜开锋 译文属译生译世 /201511/412554。