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赣州俪人整形美容医院面部美白怎么样赣州去眼袋赣州隆胸手术一般多少钱 1.How about having dinner with me?和我一块儿吃饭如何?2.Ive got married.我已经结婚了。3.Can I come with my husband?我可以和我丈夫一块儿来吗?4.Ill ask my husband.我要问我先生。5.I have two children.我有两个小孩。6.Its O.K.I can come with my friend.没问题,我可以和我的朋友一块儿来。7.I came here with my parents so I have to talk it over with my parents.我是和我父母一块来的,所以我必须先和他们说一下。8.Shall we go for a drink tonight?今晚我们一块儿去喝酒吧?9.I cant drink.我不能喝。10.Ill have a headache when I drink.我一喝酒就头痛。11.I have an appointment tonight.今晚我有约会。12.I feel ill now,so the next time,please.现在我觉得不太舒,改天吧!13.How about going for a cup of tea?去喝茶如何?14.Im tired,so Ill come back to the hotel.我很疲倦,想要回旅馆。15.I have no time to kill.我没有时间可以消磨。16.Could you dance with me?你可以和我一块跳舞吗?17.Im sorry I cant dance.很抱歉,我不会跳舞。18.I dont like to dance.我不喜欢跳舞。19.I cant understand what you say.我不懂你在说什么。20.No kidding.别开玩笑了。21.Please dont follow me.请别跟着我。22.Im annoyed with that man following me around.那个人一直跟着我,我很生气。23.Would you please just act like my friend?请你做得像我的朋友一样好吗? /201502/35900210.Asking Questions at the Polling Place 10.在投票站问问题A: This is my first time voting and I need some help.A:这是我第一次投票,我需要一些帮助。B: Ill be happy to help you. Whats your name and address?B:我很乐意帮助你。你的名字和地址是什么?A: Heres my identification.A:这是我的身份。B: You are in the right place.B:你是在正确的地方。A: How do you know?A:你怎么知道?B: Your name is right here. Sign next to the image of your signature.B:你的名字就在这。在你的签名旁边签字。A: Okay, sign here. Then what?A:好吧,在这里签字。然后呢?B: Then you are y to vote.B:然后你准备投票。A: Where do I do that?A:我在哪里投票?B: You can use that empty booth right behind you.B:您可以使用在你身后的空投票箱。A: You are so helpful.A:你是如此乐于助人。B: Im just doing my job as a poll worker. B:我只是在做我作为一个调查工人的工作。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201603/428831赣州医院张德春出诊情况

赣州玻尿酸祛鱼尾纹一般要多少钱01. Such high housing prices have rendered me a mortgage slave.这么高的房价把我变为房奴。02. Mortgage slave is adopted to de scribe those people whose mortgage paymnent is more than half of their monthly salary.;房奴;一词被用来描述那些按揭还款超过月薪一半的人。03. John is a stressed mortgage slave.约翰是个心力交瘁的房奴。04. He described himself as a mortgage slave to his apartment and car.他称自己是房奴和车奴。05. Ive got a fixed-rate mortgage on my new home.我以我的新居为抵押得到了一笔固定利率的按揭贷款。06. She is a typical mortgage slave.她是典型的房奴。07. Do you have any apartments for rent right now?你们现在有没有公寓要出租啊?08. How big is this apartment?这间公寓有多大?09. This is the master bedroom with an adjoining bathroom这是主卧连浴室。10. How much deposit should I pay?请问要多少押金?11. How about the management?管理费是多少呢?12. The living room faces south and the bedrooms face north.客厅向南,卧室向北。13. The layout of the flat consists of one dining room, one living room, one master bedroom and two bedrooms.这套房子的基本设计为三室二厅。14. You have to pay for the electricity and water.你需要付水电费。15. The apartment has been recently renovated and comes completely furnished.这房子已经装修过了,而且其他家具也都齐备。16. Are the utilities included in the rent?房租中包括水、电和煤气费吗?17. When can we move in?我们什么时候可以搬进来?18. How about the bedroom?卧室是怎样的?19. Do you know if there are any discounts for the rent?这房租能低一点吗?20. The other two bedrooms are for children.另外两个卧室是给小孩子的。 /201508/392891赣州美白针团购 兴国瑞兰美白针多少钱

兴国县假体丰胸多少钱I will not let you down. 我不会让你失望的。例句:Trust me,I will not let you down.相信我,我不会让你失望的。You can count on me,I will not let you down.你可以指望我,我不会让你失望的。I promise Ill get an “A” in my final math exam,and I will not let you down.我保在期末数学考试中的一个“A”,我不会让你失望的。背景音乐:Jason Mraz-try try try关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201611/477347 54 Renting A Video(4)第54课 租录影带(4)The clerk is recommending some s to the customers.店员正向顾客推荐一些录像带。S: As for comedies, I suggest this new Eddie Murphy film.店员:至于喜剧片,我建议这部新的埃迪·墨菲影片。C2: Sure, I like Eddie Murphy.顾客乙:好啊,我喜欢埃迪·墨菲。C1: Okay, then well get these two.顾客甲:好的,那么我们要这两部。S: Do you have a membership card?店员:你们有会员卡吗?C2: Yes, here it is.顾客乙:有,在这儿。S: Okay, thatll be .00 for three nights rental.店员:好,3天的租金总共是5元。C1: Here you go.顾客甲:钱给你。S: Thank you for visiting ICUC Videos.店员:感谢您光临ICUC影带店。 /201505/367658赣州硅胶隆鼻哪里做的好赣州祛除雀斑费用是多少



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