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妇女节(The Women's Day)英语作文范文 -- :8:3 来源: The Women's DayMarch 8th is the Women's Day,it's a big day all the women.On that day I went home early after school and father was aly there.We decided to give mother a surprise.We cleaned the house and made supper together ,that's my first time to cook,though I just acted as a assistant.We made decilous fish ,chicken and some green vegetables.The time when mother open the door ,father and Iwere standing there ,there are fresh flowers bought from the flower store in fathers hands.I'll never get the big smile on mother's face that day.三月八日是妇女节,是女性们的重要日子那天,我早早地就放学回了家,而爸爸已早就到家了我们决定给妈妈一个惊喜我们一起打扫了房子还做了晚饭那是我第一次做饭虽然我只是打打下手而已我们做了香喷喷的鱼,鸡肉还有一些蔬菜当妈妈打开房门的那一刻,我和爸爸就站在那里,爸爸的手里捧着他从花店买来的鲜花我永远不会忘记那一天妈妈脸上的灿烂笑容。

  • 五年级英语作文:Landmarks in Guangzhou --1 :00:5 来源:   how is everything coming?  last week, my chinese friend mia took me to the ancestral temple of the chen family. it was lay on the seventh zhongshan road. mia told me, the temple had 6 year history; the chen suorted money to build it the students. i was attracted by the beautiful ornamengts on the wall there! they are colourful, lively, and also mysterious, it must be a rarely which is so grand! besides, it showed feelings of native soil.then we went to sun yat-sen memorial hall. iide there is a picture gallery, an exhibition of dr. su#39 life, and a large hall that may be used as a theater, concert, or meeting hall. do you know sun yat-sen? he founded the first republic in china in 19 after many year fighting. he is a important person the past china.  now i am more and more enjoy chinese trip, tomorrow we will go to the temple of the six banyan trees and tianhe orts complex, i am excited it!  yours joyce。
  • “唐顿二”惊艳伦敦话剧舞台 -- :37:56 来源: Downton Abbey star Laura Carmichael gave an admirable permance her West End debut in Chekhov classic Uncle Vanya.《唐顿庄园(Downton Abbey)女星劳拉·卡尔迈克尔(Laura Carmichael)在话剧契诃夫的经典之作《万尼亚舅舅(Uncle Vanya)中奉献了精的西区首秀The actress - known her role as Lady Edith Crawley in the hit TV show - stars opposite Anna Friel, Ken Stott and Samuel West in the play which opened at London's Vaudeville Theatre in the Strand.劳拉因饰演热播剧《唐顿庄园中的伊迪丝·克劳利(Lady Edith Crawley)而被影迷所熟知在这部于伦敦斯特兰特地区的沃德韦耶剧院上演的话剧中,劳拉饰演桑娅(Sonya),与安娜·弗里尔(Anna Friel),肯·斯托特(Ken Stott)与塞缪尔·韦斯特(Samuel West)上演对手戏Laura stoically carried on with her closing monologue despite a member of the audience in the front rows becoming unwell and causing a commotion.演出时,前排的一名观众突感不适,引起一阵骚动,但劳拉泰然处之,念完了最后一段独白In the audience to support the actress were her Downton co-stars Joanne Froggatt, Amy Nuttall and Phyllis Logan, who play housemaid Anna, disgraced maid Ethel and housekeeper Mrs Hughes.前来给这位女星打气的有不少《唐顿庄园的演员:饰演女仆安娜(Anna)的琼安·弗洛甘(Joanne Froggatt),饰演堕落女佣艾瑟尔(Ethel)的艾米·纳托尔(Amy Nuttall)和饰演女管家休斯太太(Mrs. Hughes)的菲利斯·洛根(Phyllis Logan)Also in the audience were Luther star Idris Elba and Anna's partner Rhys Ifans, who made V victory signs to her during the curtain call.观众中还有《路德(Luther)男星伊德瑞斯·艾尔巴(Idris Elba)以及安娜的男友瑞什·伊凡斯(Rhys Ifans),后者在谢幕时给了安娜做了一个胜利的V字手势 Phyllis said of the show: "I loved it. Laura was great. She must have thought she was being heckled but she just kept on going. She did so well."对于这场演出,菲利斯道:“我非常喜欢这部戏劳拉太出色了她当时肯定在想有观众起哄了,但她还是很镇定地继续演了下去她做得很棒”Amy said: "She was amazing. But we think she was miscast because she kept saying 'I'm so plain' and she's so beautiful."艾米说:“她真的很赞但我们觉得选她来演这个角色不是最合适,她一直说着‘我毫无姿色,相貌平平’,但她其实可漂亮啦!”Joanne agreed and added: "We loved our girl."琼安很同意,并补充道:“我们很爱她”。
  • How I Learn English? 我是如何学习英语的? -- 19:55: 来源: How I Learn English? 我是如何学习英语的?  Learning English is really difficult me.  When I began to study English two years ago, I couldn't understand the teacher when she talked to the class in English. Then I started to watch English-language TV. It helped me a lot. Later on, I found that it doesn't matter if you don't understand every word. Also I was afraid to speak in class, and I couldn't make complete sentences. So I decided to do more writing and speaking. I took lots of grammar notes in class. I spoke English to anyon who knew English. Now I'm enjoying learning English and I got an A this term.  学英语对我来说真是很难  两年前,当我开始学习英语时,我听不懂老师用英语说的话然后我就看电视上的英语节目,这对我帮助很大后来我发现,听不懂老师说的每一个词也没关系还有,我上课不敢开口讲,而且我还造不成完整的句子于是我决定做更多的说和写的训练我上课记了好多语法笔记我跟任何懂英语的人讲英语现在我享受到了学英语的乐趣,这学期我得了A。
  • 熊猫(Pandas) -- 1::3 来源: 熊猫(Pandas)  there are some pandas in the zoo. they look like a bear, but they are not a bear.  they live in china. they have a small tail and fat body. they are black and white. they’re very clumsy, but they can climb trees. they like to eat bamboo very much. look! the baby panda is under the mother panda, they are sleeping. they look very lovely. pandas are my favourite animals.。
  • 我的宠物 My Pet -- :: 来源: I have a lovely pet. It's a small cat. It's name is Candy, becauseit looks like a candy.It has white and blackcolors. It's smaller than general cats. When I first saw it in the market, I liked it. Theree, I begged my mother bought it to me and I succeeded. It has come to my home three months. It is attracted. Everyone come to my home likes to play with it.It hides under the sofa or bed often. When I call it, it would react to me. Sometimes, it would walk to me quietly. I like my cat very much.我有一只可爱的宠物,是一只小猫咪它的名字叫Candy,因为它长得像糖果它比普通的猫要小,毛色是黑白的当我在集市上看到它时,就喜欢上它了,所以央求妈妈给我买下,我成功了它来我家三个月了,它很受欢迎,每个人都喜欢来我家跟它玩它经常躲在沙发底和床底下,当我叫它时,它就出来回应我,它走起路来有时很轻盈我好喜欢我的小猫。
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