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The redesigned 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-class, the serene, cetacean presence you see before you, this sack of krill, is probably the world#39;s most technologically rich automobile. 重新设计的梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)2014款S级轿车,也就是你眼前看到的这个气质沉稳、体型庞大的家伙,可能是世界上科技含量最丰富的汽车。 The company#39;s new flagship sedan/limousine/state car requires the services of 60 onboard computers, up to 100 servo motors (operating, among other things, the powered door and trunk closures, seat-belt tensioners, and the elaborate articulation of the seats), and more than 500 LED lighting units, from its taillamps to its (amazing, game-changing) headlamps. Under the flat, brooding instrument binnacle are two high-res, 12.3-inch TFT screens, arrayed cinema style in a single, broad bezel that, at night, floats in a pool of suffused LED backlighting, like something signed out from the Starfleet motor pool. Holy mother of awesome. 奔驰新出品的这一系列旗舰轿车/大型豪华轿车/礼宾车配备60个车载电子控制系统、多达100部伺电机(它们操控电动门、行李箱开合、安全带拉张器和精细的座椅铰接),以及遍布尾灯及其(令人赞叹、改变游戏规则的)前大灯的500多个LED照明元件。平展低覆的仪表台下是两块12.3英寸的高分辨率TFT屏幕,它们以影院风格排列在一块宽阔的面板上。面板在晚间则会笼罩在一片漫射的LED背光当中,如同从星际舰队车辆调度场调来的车队。简直太震撼了。 Gorden Wagener, Mercedes-Benz head of design, told me that the new S-class was the #39;best car in the world.#39; I am not y to make such a pronouncement, and I#39;d be unlikely to do so anyway about a car that looks like it was swallowed by a manatee. But the S-class is unquestionably a tour de force, a showy, almost arrogant display of auto-making genius (assuming it all holds together). The important thing here is Stuttgart#39;s willingness to invoke #39;best car#39; verbiage, which historians associate with icons such as the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, Duesenberg SJ, Mercedes-Benz 300SL, Bugatti Veyron and -- a late entry on the list -- Tesla. Cheeky monkeys. 奔驰负责设计事务的主管戈登#12539;瓦格纳(Gorden Wagener)对笔者说,新款S级轿车是“世界最好的汽车”。我还没准备好做出这样的表态,而且无论如何我也不大可能就一辆看上去似被海牛吞噬的汽车做此表态。不过,毫无疑问的是,S级轿车是一款力作,一款张扬地、几乎是自负地尽展汽车制造天赋的产品(假设这些特点能够同时并存的话)。重要的是斯图加特乐意使用“最好的汽车”这一措辞,因为历史学家们往往把它与劳斯莱斯(Rolls-Royce)的“银魅”(Silver Ghost)、迪森贝格(Duesenberg)的SJ、奔驰的300SL、布加迪威龙(Bugatti Veyron)以及新近加入此列的特斯拉(Tesla)等标志性车型联系在一起。顽皮的家伙。 For four decades and five generations of the S-class, the car has traditionally been the company#39;s technology icebreaker, introducing now-fundamental systems such as stability control and ABS braking, adaptive cruise control and adaptive body-roll control. In that time, S-class product planning has also become increasingly a victim of its own rhetoric, with each generation obliged to blow buyers#39; minds anew, sometimes with trivial, half-baked #39;technologies#39; (the shambolic first edition of the infrared night-vision system comes to mind). 奔驰S级轿车前后历经四十年时间和五代车型,它历来是奔驰取得技术突破的车型,推出了现在已必不可少的系统,比如车身稳定控制系统、防抱死制动系统、自适应巡航控制以及自适应车身倾斜控制系统等。在此期间,S级系列产品的设计日益成为其豪言壮语的受害者,每一代新车型都不得不向买家呈现新东西,有时只是微不足道尚不成熟的“技术”(我想起了杂乱的第一代红外线夜视系统)。 This new car represents a genuine break with the past on several fronts, and they are, in descending order of importance: active safety; cabin materials and construction; in-cabin electronic functions and amenities. Indeed, the sheer weight of innovation in this car -- more than 2,000 patents flutter in its slipstream -- is itself theatrical, a message to consumers and competitors alike: A giant has awakened. Checkbooks, run for your lives. 这款新车型确确实实在几个方面都与过去的车型截然不同,按重要性从高到低排序,它们分别是主动安全性、驾驶舱的用材与构造、驾驶舱内的电子设备与方便设施。确实,这款车分量十足的创新性──它集2,000多项专利于一身──本身就十分引人注目,向消费者和竞争者传达出一条消息:巨人已经苏醒了。票簿,赶紧逃命去吧。 It almost doesn#39;t matter where you start. Would you like to know about the perfume injection integrated into the cabin air-filtration system, offering one of four fragrances (human-factors approved, I#39;m sure) held in a cut-glass reservoir in the glove compartment? German engineering meets John Waters#39;s Odorama. 无论你着眼的是哪一方面,它几乎都无可挑剔。你想了解一下它驾驶舱空气滤清系统集成的香氛喷雾发生器吗?香氛精油盛放在手套箱中的雕花玻璃容器内,有四种香型可供选择(我敢肯定这个人性化因素会得到认可)。这可谓是德国工艺遇见了约翰#12539;沃特斯(John Waters)电影的香氛卡。 Here#39;s a fun one: Magic Body Control, which uses stereoscopic cameras integrated into the windshield header to the road ahead, looking for shadow and contrast that might indicate a perturbation in pavement, so it can instantly adjust the air suspension in anticipation of the bump. The #39;magic#39; part is that it seems to make speed bumps disappear. 它还有一个有趣的功能:魔力车身控制系统(Magic Body Control)。它利用前挡风玻璃上方的立体摄像头来扫描前方路面状况,寻找可能表明路面有障碍物的阴影和反差,以便预测颠簸从而立即调整气垫。其“有魔力的”一面是它似乎让减速带在它的轮下消失了。 Among other things, Mercedes is attempting to reassert its incumbency as the safest car in the world. To that end, a fully equipped S550 (figure 5,000) is like a freaking Awacs plane, with the aforementioned stereo cameras, long-range thermal imaging (Night Vision Assist with active pedestrian illumination), and a dozen or so ultrasonic and radar-based sensors that create a multi-wavelength, 3-D map of the world around the car. 除了其他方面,梅赛德斯还试图加强其作为全球最安全汽车的地位。为此目的,顶配版的S550(售价135,000美元(约合人民币82万元))就如一架配备了让人震撼的机载预警和控制系统(Awacs)的飞机,它配备了上文提到的立体摄像头和远程热成像系统(具主动识别行人功能的夜视辅助系统),以及大约十几个可将车辆周围环境绘制成多波长3-D地图的超声波或雷达传感器。 This #39;sensor fusion#39; is fed into the car#39;s driver-assist systems, including: Distronic Plus; active lane-keeping; all-speed adaptive cruise control (#39;Stop and Go Pilot#39;) that follows the flow of congested traffic without driver intervention; and active lane-departure correction, which nudges the car back in a lane via asymmetric application of the front brakes. These technologies, which Mercedes collectively calls #39;Intelligent Drive,#39; basically give the car situational awareness. 这一“传感器融合”技术被融入车辆的驾驶辅助系统,它包括限距控制系统增强版(Distronic Plus),主动式车道保持技术,在堵车状况下无需驾驶员干预便可跟随前方车辆停停走走的全速段自适应巡航控制技术(停走向导(Stop and Go Pilot)),以及可在车辆偏离车道时通过前制动器的单侧制动使车辆移回原车道的主动式车道偏离纠正技术。这些技术被奔驰总称为“智能驾驶”系统,它使车辆基本上具备了情境感知能力。 Example: With its array of rear sensors, the car can detect the threat of an impending rear collision and react, by going into crash-hardening mode, cinching down the passenger seat belts, rolling the windows up, and locking the brakes, to reduce the delta-v -- the violence of the crash, in other words -- and minimize the risk of the car#39;s being thrown forward into another vehicle or an intersection. In Euro-spec cars, the brilliant LED taillights strobe to alert the driver of the closing car (U.S. regs currently limit strobing lights to emergency and official vehicles). 例如,因车辆后部安有一批传感器,所以它能侦测到逼近的追尾威胁并做出反应,进入抗撞击模式,拉紧乘客的安全带、拉上车窗、锁定刹车,以降低速度变化率(delta-v)──也就是撞击的强度──并将车辆被向前甩到另一辆车上或十字路口中的风险降至最低。在欧洲版的车型中,明亮的LED尾灯会频闪以提醒逼近车辆的驾驶员(美国目前的规定只限急救车和公务车使用频闪灯)。 I know what you#39;re thinking: Who knew you could be this fascinated and bored at the same time? But the degree to which all this approaches a reliable, robust, autopilot feature -- Mercedes goes so far as to use the phrase #39;semiautonomous#39; -- makes the S-class historically significant. Daimler has invested heavily in driver-assist and crash-avoidance/mitigation-systems research over the past decade, as well as advanced research in human factors engineering. Now the company is beginning to commercialize these investments. 我知道你们心里在想什么:谁知道你会不会在如此着迷的同时又感到厌倦呢?不过,所有这些技术已经达到的可靠强劲的自动驾驶程度──奔驰甚至使用了“半自动驾驶”一词──赋予了S级轿车以重要历史意义。过去几十年间,戴姆勒(Daimler)在驾驶辅助与避撞/碰撞缓解系统研究、以及人性化设计的前沿研究中投入了大量资金,现在该公司开始将这些投资商业化。 Take note of the moment: Mercedes is the original, the ultimate old-established firm, with a lot of stakeholders, stepping into relatively unknown territory with new technologies of high criticality. The company aly has fully autonomous prototype vehicles in hand, using technologies that in some cases have yet to be approved by safety regulators in Europe and North America. For example, the S-class#39;s Adaptive High Beam Assist can pinpoint the position of an oncoming vehicle and activate tiny shutters built into the headlamps to block, in real time, the portion of high-beam that would otherwise shine on and blind the other driver. This system outpaces current U.S. headlight regulations, which require a separate switch setting for high and low beams. 请注意这一刻:奔驰是最早的顶级老牌汽车制造商,拥有大量股东,现在它凭借极其关键的新技术迈入了一个相对未知的领域。奔驰已经开发出全自动驾驶原型车,而且采用了一些某些情况下尚需欧洲与北美的安全监管机构批准的技术。例如,S级轿车的自适应远光灯辅助系统能确定迎面驶来的车辆的位置,启动前大灯中的小遮光片,以实时阻止发出可能会照着对方车辆驾驶员并使其眼花的远光灯光束。该系统超出了美国当前对前大灯的管理规定,它要求远光光束与近光光束要有单独的开关操控。 But whether it#39;s five years or 10, commercially available autonomous automobiles are coming, and Mercedes has made the strategic decision to lead the way. 不管是五年还是10年,可投入市场的自动驾驶汽车终归会出现,而奔驰做出了引领发展方向的战略决定。 Pity about the styling. Formal, ceremonial, heavy, a preemie Maybach. This thing isn#39;t within 10,000 kilometers of #39;pretty.#39; But it#39;s worth noting that the smooth-skinned S-class achieves a 0.24 coefficient of drag, making it more aerodynamically efficient than a Toyota Prius. And that#39;s with the S-class#39;s new grille, which is 30% bigger than the previous grille and the largest as a percentage of the vehicle#39;s frontal area among all cars in this category, according to Mr. Wagener. I knew it was 30% more something. 令人遗憾的是这款车的外型。它看上去正式、庄重、庞大,犹如早产的迈巴赫(Maybach)。这家伙与“帅气”一词相差十万八千里。然而,值得指出的是,车身线条流畅的S级的风阻系数仅为0.24,因此它在空气动力方面的表现要好于丰田(Toyota)的普锐斯。瓦格纳称,S级车型的新进气格栅相较上一代增大了30%,它在车辆前脸所占的比例是这一类型所有车辆中最高的。我知道这个比例要高于30%。 A cynic would take one look at the chromic effrontery of the S-class#39;s new grille and think: China. The Middle Kingdom is now the world#39;s largest car market, and the luxury audience there has a measurable preference for big grilles. But that is to discount Mr. Wagener#39;s own orientalism, his love of material richness, evocations of tradition and electronic ornament. It#39;s this aesthetic that has shaped the S-class#39;s sculptural cabin, with its breaking waves of burled walnut and French-stitched leather flowing into the doors, pulls and integrated grab handles. The central band of wood, shaped like an archer#39;s recurve bow, is perfection, and the details just keep coming: the lustrous aluminum switchcaps, the polished-metal air vents (note the delicate #39;click#39; as you move the vanes to center), the console-mounted, central rotary-controller knob. 愤世嫉俗之人会看一眼S级新进气格栅的铬合金装饰条,心里想到:中国。这个中央之国如今是全球最大的汽车市场,而那儿的奢侈品追随者明显偏爱大进气格栅。然而,这一想法却低估了瓦格纳本人对东方风格的偏爱,他对材料的豪华程度、传统的再现以及电子装饰的喜爱。正是这种审美造就了S级雕塑感的驾驶舱,才出现了波浪形的瘤纹胡桃木木饰,以法式缝线缝制的真皮则见于车门、拉手以及一体式扶手上。木饰的中段形似弓箭手拉出的反曲弓,非常完美,各处细节也是可圈可点,比如光亮夺目的铝质调节旋钮、抛光金属出风口(注意将叶片拨到中间时细微的“口哒声”),以及中控台上的中控调节旋钮。 The S-class cabin deploys more than 300 LEDs -- according to Mercedes-Benz, this is the first passenger car since Edison that uses no incandescent light bulbs -- allowing the designers to paint the cabin with light, gathering it in gentle pools for illumination. Drivers can choose one of seven ambient lighting schemes. I like tangerine, myself. 梅赛德斯-奔驰称,S级车型的驾驶舱安有300多个LED光源,这是自爱迪生(Edison)发明电灯以来第一辆未使用白炽灯泡的乘用车。这使得设计师能够以光线来装饰驾驶舱,采用温和的光线为驾驶舱照明。驾驶员可在七种氛围照明模式中挑选自己喜欢的一种,我喜欢的是橘色。 Well, does it even have an engine? Indeed it does. U.S. buyers will first see the S-class as the S550, with a twin-turbo, 4.6-liter, 449-hp V8 under the hood and a seven-speed automatic, in either rear-drive or all-wheel-drive configurations. Globally, the car will be available in short- and long-wheelbase configurations (North America, LWB only), with a variety of powerplants, from the screaming, AMG-built 5.5-liter, 577-hp biturbo V8 to a thrifty diesel hybrid. I#39;ll be driving some of these cars in the coming year, with more thorough road testing to come. For the moment I would describe the S-class as a sumo ninja, moving through the world with agile heft and great stealth. 说了这么多,难道它没有发动机吗?当然有了。美国消费者最早看到的S级轿车会是S550,它配备了最大输出功率为335千瓦的4.6升双涡轮V8发动机,后轮驱动与全时四轮驱动款均配备七速自动变速器。该款车的短轴距型与长轴距型在全球范围均会有售(北美只售长轴距型),而且提供各种马力的配置,既有由AMG制造的动力十足、最大输出功率达430千瓦的5.5升双涡轮V8发动机,也有节油的柴油混合动力发动机。明年我会试驾其中部分车型,届时会奉上更详尽的路测报告。就眼下而言,我认为S级车型好比一名有着相扑身材的忍者,体型虽大,却能灵敏并悄无声息地行动。 Perhaps after a few more turns at the wheel, I, too, could pronounce the S-class the best car in the world. For now, I can say for sure, it#39;s certainly good enough. 或许在多驾驶几次之后,我也会宣称S级是世界最好的汽车。目前来看,我可以肯定地说,它显然已经足够好了。 /201311/265701。

For those who know former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, it’s hard to view his move to reclaim the reins of his business empire, publicly unveiled late yesterday, as anything but inevitable.最近,纽约前任市长迈克尔o布隆伯格对外宣称将重掌其商业帝国。对于了解布隆伯格的人来说,他的回归是必然的。Even when he had a big city to run, the billionaire remained intimately involved in the affairs of his privately owned data-and-media powerhouse, as Fortune’scoverage of Bloomberg LP last year made clear.《财富》(Fortune)杂志去年对彭(Bloomberg LP)公司的报道明确显示,即便他在担任纽约市市长时,这位亿万富翁也一直在密切地参与管理彭的各种事务。彭是布隆伯格私人持有的数据与新闻媒体集团。On several occasions, the then-mayor showed up at Bloomberg headquarters after hours for business meetings—including a presentation on a redesign of Bloomberg’s website held during a blizzard. He monitored the company from his Bloomberg terminal at City Hall. And he received weekly briefings from Dan Doctoroff, his handpicked CEO.在多个场合中,时任纽约市长的布隆伯格会在下班后出现在彭公司总部,参加公司的业务会议,其中包括彭网站新设计展示的会议,而且当时正值暴风雪天气。他还从位于纽约市政大楼的彭终端跟进公司事务。布隆伯格钦点的首席执行官董德融每周都会向他汇报公司情况。So despite years of public declarations by both Bloomberg and Doctoroff that it would never happen, it hardly comes as a shock that Mike (as he is known at Bloomberg LP) is reassuming command of his business at the end of 2014, just under a year after leaving office. His previous plan had been to devote the majority of his time to his extensive philanthropic activities.因此,尽管布隆伯格和董德融多年来一直对外宣称布隆伯格不会重回公司,但当布隆伯格(彭员工亲切地称他为迈克)将于2014年年底重掌公司的消息传出时,外界对此并不感到惊讶,而这离他离任市长一职还不到一年。他此前的计划是将大部分时间用于开展广泛的慈善事业。The odd man out, of course, is Doctoroff, 56, the former deputy mayor who has been running Bloomberg LP since 2008. That wasn’t an easy task. Even while Mike—who owns more than 80% of the business—was at City Hall, he loomed over everything at Bloomberg LP. “People live there in the shadow of Mike,” former HR chief Melinda Wolfe told Fortune last year. “There’s a constant questioning: What would Mike do?”56岁的董德融便理所当然地成为了出局之人,这位前任纽约副市长自2008年便一直掌管彭。这并不是件容易的事。即便在担任市长期间,布隆伯格(持有彭超过80%的股份)一直在彭幕后关注着公司的大小事务。彭前任人力资源总监梅琳达o伍尔夫去年对《财富》杂志称:“员工时刻能感受到布隆伯格在公司的影子。遇到问题时,人们总是会问:要是迈克会怎么做?”That reality—along with the presence of powerful sacred cows inside the company, such as news chief Matt Winkler and terminal boss Tom Secunda—created a management nightmare for Doctoroff. He labored to change Bloomberg’s eccentric, Mike-shaped culture, starting new businesses and reining in costs in the face of changing times and slowing terminal sales.此外,公司还有大佬级人物的存在,例如新闻业务负责人马特o温科勒和终端业务掌门汤姆o瑟昆达。这一切对董德融而言无异于一场管理噩梦。董德融一直在努力地改变彭古怪的、由布隆伯格建立起来的企业文化,并在时代不断变化和终端业务销售放缓的情况下创建新业务、控制成本。Bloomberg remains highly profitable and kept growing, with revenues expected to reach billion for 2014. But with Mike back on the premises—and constitutionally unable to play the role of second banana—the situation quickly became untenable.彭的盈利能力依然强劲,而且处于上升状态,其2014年营收有望达到90亿美元。但是随着布隆伯格的回归,并且鉴于他不可能在公司里屈居他人之下,这一局面很快发生了变化。“Mike is kind of like God at the company,” Doctoroff explained on Wednesday, sitting with Bloomberg at a New York coffee shop, to Andrew Ross Sorkin of the New York Times. “He created the universe. He issued the Ten Commandments and then he disappeared. And then he came back. You have to understand that when God comes back, things are going to be different. When God reappeared, people defer.” (Through a spokesman, Bloomberg and Doctoroff both declined interviews.)最近,董德融在纽约一间咖啡馆(在座的还有布隆伯格)向《纽约时报》(New York Times)记者安德鲁o罗斯o索金解释道:“迈克在公司就像上帝一样。他创建了宇宙,发布了十诫,然后消失了。现在又回来了。人们有必要意识到,一旦上帝回归,事情就会发生变化。当上帝重新出现时,人们就会变得言听计从。”(布隆伯格和董德融通过发言人拒绝了《财富》杂志的采访。)So what does this reappearance mean for the business—and the world?因此布隆伯格重返彭对于该公司和世界意味着什么呢?Bloomberg LP’s lavish profits are driven by subscriptions to its financial-data terminals—the count is now 321,000—which cost ,000 a year apiece. But its operations also include a huge news service, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and a TV financial-news operation—all big money-losers.彭丰厚的利润得益于其金融数据终端业务。该业务的用户数量目前达到了32.1万,每位用户年费为2.1万美元。彭的业务还包括一个庞大的新闻务部门、彭《商业周刊》(BusinessWeek)以及电视金融新闻业务,但这些业务都处于严重亏损中。Doctoroff had moved to diversify the company, starting new businesses and installing traditional corporate management systems and controls. Yesterday, Bloomberg told the Times he didn’t expect to shift direction. “The plan that we have is the plan we should execute,” he said.董德融此前实施了业务多元化战略,创办了新的业务并推行了传统的企业管理制度和管控。昨天,布隆伯格对《纽约时报》表示,他并不打算改变这一发展方向。他说:“我们现有的计划就是我们应该执行的计划。”But it’s hard to imagine that the new boss (same as the old boss) reclaimed his post simply to stay the course. In his previous incarnation as CEO, Bloomberg focused almost single-mindedly on increasing the number of terminals sold, trusted his gut, hated meetings, never laid anyone off, and didn’t worry about spending.但是人们很难想象新掌门(与他自己之前担任该职务时一样)在接任后会纯粹地沿着这条道路继续走下去。在他此前担任首席执行官时,布隆伯格几乎只专注于提升终端销售业绩,凭直觉做事,讨厌会议,从来不裁员而且对于开也不在乎。Mike, who now occupies a fifth-floor desk at the company’s lavish Lexington Avenue headquarters, has returned to a business three times the size of the one he last ran in 2001, with 16,000 employees. It’s hard to manage exactly the same way, and Bloomberg faces fresh challenges to its lucrative terminal franchise.布隆伯格目前的办公室位于公司来克星顿大街豪华总部的五楼。他回归后所掌管的业务是其在2001年卸任时公司规模的3倍,并拥有1.6万名员工。用同样的方式进行管理是很困难的,而且布隆伯格在其利润丰厚的终端业务方面也面临着新挑战。But, at 72, his management approach—and passions—seem unlikely to change. As mayor, he launched a string of crusades. Upon leaving office, he declared his intention to focus on philanthropy—Forbes places his wealth at billion—as a way to continue his public-policy activism, which includes supporting gun-control and anti-smoking efforts.然而,尽管已是72岁高龄,但他的管理方式和热情似乎不大可能会发生变化。在担任纽约市长的时候,他曾推出了一系列改革举措。在离任市长职务时,他宣布打算把主要精力放在慈善事业上(《福布斯》杂志估计他拥有330亿美元的资产),作为延续其公共政策行动主义的一种方式,其中包括持管制和反对吸烟的努力。Now that he’s again running Bloomberg LP, with an array of powerful platforms at his disposal, expect Mike Bloomberg to remain an unconventional CEO, focused far more on amplifying his voice and boosting his influence than on the mundane business of making money.既然他已重新执掌彭公司,而且拥有一系列强大的平台供其配,人们预计迈克尔o布隆伯格仍将是一位不同寻常的首席执行官。对于他来说,壮大声势和提升影响力也许远比赚钱这种世俗的事重要得多。 /201409/327317。

When people hear about China#39;s Huawei Technologies, German car maker BMW probably never comes to mind. 谈起中国的华为技术有限公司(Huawei Technologies Co.),人们一般不会想到德国的宝马汽车公司(Bayerische Motoren Werke , BMW, 简称:宝马)。But according to Ren Zhengfei, Huawei#39;s founder and chief executive, there are similarities between the two companies. 但华为创始人兼首席执行长任正非认为这两家公司有着相似之处。In Huawei#39;s latest annual report released this week, Ren says the Chinese telecommunications equipment maker#39;s challenges are similar to those of BMW as the luxury car maker takes on nimble new competitors like Tesla Motors. 在本周发布的华为最新年报中,任正非说华为作为移动通讯设备供应商所面临的挑战,相似于宝马面对的来自特斯拉(Tesla Motors Inc.)这样灵活的竞争对手的挑战。#39;Can BMW match Tesla#39;s pace? This has been an issue of debate for some time at Huawei,#39; says Ren. #39;Most believe that Tesla vehicles represent a disruptive innovation and will surpass BMWs. I think that BMW may not lose the game if they take an open approach to improve themselves.#39; 任正非在CEO致辞中说:“宝马追不追得上特斯拉,一段时间是我们公司内部争辩的一个问题。多数人都认为特斯拉这种颠覆式创新会超越宝马,我持宝马不断地改进自己、开放自己,宝马也能学习特斯拉的。” He even has a piece of advice: #39;BMW needs success, not a narrow sense of pride that everything has to come through its own innovation.#39; 他甚至还给了条建议:“宝马需要的是成功,而不是自主创新的狭隘自豪。”A spokesman for BMW in China couldn#39;t immediately be reached for comment. 笔者尚无法与宝马驻中国的发言人取得联系就此置评。 #39;Huawei is like BMW, in that we are also a big company. We live in an information society that is fast-changing with lots of disruptive innovations,#39; Ren says. #39;Can we continue to survive? Admit it or not, this is a question right in front of us.#39; 任正非说,华为也就是一个“宝马”(大公司代名词),在瞬息万变,不断涌现颠覆性创新的信息社会中,华为能不能继续生存下来?不管你怎么想,这是一个摆在你面前的问题。As Ren rarely makes public appearances, the annual report represents one of few occasions in which he shares his views on Huawei and the industry. Ren founded Huawei in 1987 as a telecom gear sales agent and the Shenzhen-based company soon started making its own products. Over the past decade, Huawei has rapidly expanded outside China to became the world#39;s second-largest telecom equipment supplier only behind Sweden#39;s Ericsson. 由于任正非很少公开露面,他在年会上的讲话就是他分享自己对华为和行业看法的少数机会之一。任正非1987年在深圳创立华为,当时华为还是一家电信设备销售代理商,但很快就开始生产自己的产品。过去10年中,华为在海外迅速扩张,成为世界第二大电信设备供应商,仅次于瑞典的爱立信(Ericsson)。While there may be similarities between the challenges facing Huawei and BMW, the Chinese company is also coping with more unique problems, especially in the U.S. In 2012, a U.S. congressional report recommended that U.S. telecom carriers avoid using Huawei#39;s equipment, saying that the Chinese company#39;s gear could be used by Beijing to spy on Americans. Although Huawei has repeatedly denied such allegations, the company has been effectively shut out of the U.S. telecom-equipment market. 虽然华为和宝马面临的挑战有许多相似之处,但华为还面临着许多更为独特的问题,尤其在美国。2012年,美国国会的一份报告建议美国电信运营商避免采用华为的设备,说这家中国公司的设备可能被中国政府用于对美国进行间谍活动。虽然华为一再否认这类指控,但它事实上已被拒于美国电信设备市场之外。Even so, Ren portrays the U.S. in a positive light in his message. 尽管如此,任正非在讲话中仍然对美国进行了正面评价。#39;We must be conscious of the power of the ed States. They have advanced systems, flexible mechanisms, clear property rights, and respect and protection of individual rights,#39; Ren says, adding that those qualities have helped the U.S attract the world#39;s best talent. #39;The light that never goes out in the Silicon Valley continues to shine.#39; 他说,我们要正视美国的强大,它先进的制度、灵活的机制、明确清晰的财产权、对个人权利的尊重与保障,这种良好的商业生态环境,吸引了全世界的优秀人才。他说,硅谷那盏不灭的灯,仍然在光芒四射Ren also gives Tesla a shout-out: #39;The U.S. is not lagging behind; it is still a model for us to learn from. Isn#39;t Tesla a good example?#39; 任正非还提到了特斯拉:美国并没落后,它仍然是我们学习的榜样,特斯拉不就是例子吗? /201404/283667。

How do you get from zero to billion in revenue in five years?如何在五年内使公司收入从零达到10亿美元?Google (GOOG) did it by organizing the world#39;s information.通过组织全世界的信息,谷歌(Google)做到了。Facebook (FB) did it by making the world more open and connected.通过让这个世界更开放和联系更密切,Facebook也做到了。A hyper-growth trajectory, you might assume, requires a world-changing idea, brilliant programmers, and a Silicon Valley address.你可能认为,这种超速增长需要能改变世界的创意、头脑聪明的程序员和一个位于硅谷的办公室。Not necessarily. Hamdi Ulukaya borrowed million to buy an 85-year-old factory in upstate New York, came up with a new recipe for an ancient product and took on Fortune 500 giants in a consumer category that most experts figured was locked up.其实不一定。哈姆迪#8226;乌鲁卡亚借了100万美元,买下了纽约北部一家有85年历史的工厂,并找到一种传统产品的最新秘方,然后就开始在大多数专家认为已经饱和的消费市场向《财富》美国500强公司(Fortune 500)发起了挑战。Five years after selling the first case of his Greek-style yogurt, Chobani, in October 2007, Ulukaya reached billion in annual revenue. This kind of growth is unheard of, particularly for a startup, in the packaged-goods business—and rare in the tech world.2007年10月,乌鲁卡亚卖出了第一箱乔巴尼(Chobani)希腊酸奶。五年后,这家公司的年收入达到了10亿美元。这样的增长速度前所未闻,尤其是对于包装商品行业的一家初创公司来说——即使在科技行业,这也非常罕见。But Ulukaya has landed in the league of tech#39;s fastest-growing companies--and can claim something that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Google#39;s Sergey Brin and Larry Page cannot: He owns 100% of his startup.但乌鲁卡亚确实成功实现了科技行业增长最快的公司所创造的奇迹,而且有一点连Facebook创始人马克#8226;扎克伯格和谷歌创始人谢尔盖#8226;布林与拉里#8226;佩奇都要自叹弗如:乌鲁卡亚拥有这家公司100%的所有权。On Saturday night in Monte Carlo, Ulukaya, 41, was named Ernst amp;Young#39;s World Entrepreneur of the Year, copping the grand prize in a competition that pitted him against 48 entrepreneurs whom Eamp;Y designated tops in their own countries. Ulukaya#39;s win was a surprise only because many of the 1, 000 attendees at the professional services firms#39; annual confab guessed that the judges—successful entrepreneurs from across the globe—wouldn#39;t bestow the top award on a U.S. founder. But Ulukaya, who emigrated from Turkey to America at 22, impressed the judges and everyone else with his up-from-nothing success story.一个周六的晚上,41岁的乌鲁卡亚从安永会计师事务所(Ernst amp;Young)挑选出的48名企业家中脱颖而出,在蒙特卡洛获得安永年度全球企业家奖(World Entrepreneur of the Year)。安永挑选的候选人都是在各自国家出类拔萃的企业家。乌鲁卡亚的成功之所以令人吃惊,是因为参加会议的1,000名与会者中,有许多人猜测,由来自各国的成功企业家组成的评审团不会把这个奖项授予美国创业者。而22岁从土耳其移民至美国的乌鲁卡亚凭借其手起家的成功故事打动了评审和所有人。Over breakfast in Monte Carlo last Thursday, Ulukaya told me about growing up in a tiny village in eastern Turkey, working on his father#39;s dairy farm and moving to the U.S. hoping to learn English and go to business school. New York City#39;s hubbub overwhelmed him. So he moved upstate, took some classes at the Albany branch of the State University of New York, and started a wholesale feta cheese business called Euphrates.最近在蒙特卡洛的早餐期间,乌鲁卡亚跟我讲述了他在土耳其东部一个小村子里的成长故事,他在父亲的奶牛场工作的经历,以及为了学英语和读商学院而来到美国的过程。纽约市的喧哗令他不知所措。于是他搬到了北部,在纽约州立大学(State University of New York)奥尔巴尼分校攻读了几门课程,并创办了一家名为Euphrates的公司,做羊奶酪批发生意。Everything changed one day, a decade later, when Ulukaya opened a piece of mail that said: ;Fully equipped yogurt factory for sale.; Defying the advice of cautious friends and advisers, he borrowed just over million from the SBA and Key Bank (KEY) to buy the Breyer#39;s yogurt factory that plant Kraft Foods#39; (KFT) was shuttering. He recruited four workers from the plant and a ;yogurt master; from Turkey and started work on creating the best-tasting, highest-quality yogurt.乌鲁卡亚的人生在十年后的一天被彻底改变。那一天,他打开一封信,里面写道:“出售设备齐全的酸奶厂。”虽然朋友和顾问都提出了谨慎的建议,但他依然从SBA和Key Bank贷款100万美元,买下了卡夫食品公司(Kraft Foods#39;)正准备关闭的布雷耶酸奶厂。他从工厂里挑出四名员工,并从土耳其聘请了一名“酸奶大师”,开始创造最美味、最高品质的酸奶。Ulukaya has no serious business training, no corporate role models (;I never worked for anyone except my father.;) and no investors except for himself. So it#39;s natural that Chobani#39;s strategy is based on instinct—the founder-CEO#39;s. The organization is flat—;no layers,; Ulukaya says. He employs 3,000 people in New York State and Idaho and at a dairy he bought in Australia. His corporate motto: ;Nothing but good.; From the start, Ulukaya has allocated 10% of Chobani#39;s after-tax profits to philanthropy. Chobani#39;s foundation is small but growing rapidly.乌鲁卡亚没有接受过正规的商业培训,也没有可以学习的创业榜样(“除了我父亲,我没有给任何人打过工。”),而且除了他自己,没有任何投资人。所以,乔巴尼的策略自然是依靠公司创始人兼CEO的直觉。公司实行扁平化的组织结构——“没有层级,”乌鲁卡亚说。现在,公司在纽约州和爱达荷州,以及他在澳大利亚收购的一家乳品公司,共拥有3,000名员工。他的公司口号是:“只要好的。”从一开始,乌鲁卡亚就将公司10%的税后利润投入到慈善事业当中。乔巴尼的基金会虽然规模很小,但却发展迅速。A billionaire at least on paper, Ulukaya says he longs to inspire other entrepreneurs to do some version of what he#39;s doing—that is, make real stuff in real America. ;I want to help bring entrepreneurship back to small towns, or else wealth will be only on the coasts,; he says.如今,乌鲁卡亚已经是理论上的亿万富翁,他表示自己希望能激励其他创业者去做类似的事情——在真实的美国创造实在的事物。他说:“我希望帮助创业者们回到小城镇,否则财富将全部集中在海岸城市。”As for the glamorization of the tech and social-media crowd, he adds, ;Who says you have to be a certain way to be a cool entrepreneur?;至于科技和社交媒体的光环,他补充说:“谁说必须要走某一条特定的路才能成为出色的创业者?” /201307/246283。

Apple called BS last week to the U.S. Mac sales numbers IDC and Gartner sent to clients two weeks earlier, AppleInsider‘s Daniel Eran Dilger reported Saturday. The two market research firms had sales falling. Apple had them growing by “strong double digits[s],” according to the earnings call transcript [see note below].据AppleInsider网站的丹尼尔·伊兰·迪尔格上周六报道,苹果(Apple)在上上周指出,IDC与高德纳(Gartner)给出的Mac电脑在美国的销售数字有误。这两家市场调研公司称,Mac电脑在美销售出现下滑,而苹果收益电话会议的文字记录显示,公司称Mac电脑在美销售增长强劲,“增幅高达两位数”。It’s not the first time Gartner and IDC have been caught with their methodological pants down. In November 2010 Asymco’s Horace Dediu was aghast to discover a 77 million unit discrepancy in their mobile phone data — data he depends on to draw his famous charts and graphs.这不是高德纳和IDC第一次被人发现方法论错误。2010年11月,Asymco的贺拉斯o德迪乌惊讶的发现,两者的移动电话销量数据差额高达7700万台,而德迪乌著名的图表正是基于该数据绘制。“Our methodologies, which are continually updated and improved, are among our most valuable assets,” according to Gartner, which goes on to describe them in the vaguest possible terms:高德纳称:“我们的方法论在不断更新和完善,它是我们最宝贵的财富之一。”该公司继续极为含糊其辞的描述道:“Once an objective is set, analysts gather information through formal and informal surveys of IT users, technology providers and investors, business professionals, academicians and other researchers.” [From Inside Gartner Research]“一旦目标设定,分析师会通过向IT用户、技术提供商和投资者、商务人士、学者和其他研究人员发放正式或非正式的调查来收集信息。”[摘自“高德纳内部研究”]It’s even squishier than that, according to a former IDC researcher who spent eight years with the company in the late 1990s and early 2000s.而据一名IDC公司的前研究员称,销售预测比上面说的更不可靠。该研究员曾于20世纪90年代末至21世纪初在IDC工作了八年。After I posted a story about the 77 million missing phones, he described in some detail how IDC goes about estimating sales.我发布了一篇关于“移动电话销量数据相差7700万台”的文章后,这名研究员给我透露了一些IDC公司如何进行销量预测的细节。According to my source, who for legal reasons asked that his name not be used, here’s how it worked:出于法律方面的考虑,这位线人要求匿名。他的讲述如下:“Philip, I know something about this sausage-making process, as I used to do it for IDC. In 3Q98, I did a cross-section, an excavation, if you like, of our methodology, putting a crowbar to it and snapping it into fragments. It was the PC count, but the methodology is the same for phones.“菲利普,我曾在IDC公司从事销量预测,所以对其中的肮脏内幕有所了解。1998年第3季度,我对公司的方法论进行了一番深入挖掘。尽管我做的调查是有关个人电脑销量预测,但手机销量预测的方法论是一样的。 ”“In most quarters, the team starts with OEM guidance and, depending on the country, does some by-country cross-checking. However, for the US team, we just did some systematic adjustments to the vendor guidance and called it a day. For example, we knew that lots of Macs were transshipped from Miami to Latin America. So, we took some percentage of Macs (Apple, of course, never helped; in fact, even objected, saying it wasn’t so) and reallocated them from the US to a smattering of Latin countries, effectively modeling the market but with no low-level data.“在大部分季度,团队先以原始设备制造商的销量指引为基础,并根据国家的不同,按国别进行交叉检验。然而,对于美国市场,我们只对供应商的销量指引做些系统性的调整就算完事。比如,我们知道许多Mac电脑是通过迈阿密转运到拉丁美洲的。因此,我们将美国市场的Mac电脑销量减去一定比例(当然,苹果从来没有帮过忙;事实上该公司甚至反对这种做法,称实情并非如此),由此得出来的销量就被安在几个拉美国家头上。这有效地模拟了市场状况,但缺乏底层数据持。”“So, in 3Q98, I analyzed the ‘choke points,’ those parts of the supply chain where the channel narrowed enough to get a definitive count. At the time, it was OS, processor, graphics, and hard drive. As I recall, I found 20 million processors with no homes. The market at the time was about 100 million, so this was a 20% discrepancy.“因此,在1998年第3季度,我分析了‘瓶颈’,即供应链中渠道窄到足以得到最终数字的部分。当时,“瓶颈”是操作系统、处理器、显卡和硬盘驱动器。我记得,我发现多出了2000万台处理器销量。而当时的市场容量大概是1亿台,所以差额高达20%。”“The process that ensued was a marvel of obfuscation. The leader of the Tracker team figured out a way to rationalize away all the extra units (e.g., multiprocessor servers, inventory, speculation, etc.). It was politically impossible to force the extra units on the regions because it would introduce gross distortions to the historical trends.“随后发生的事情简直堪称蒙混过关的典范。Tracker小组的组长想出了办法,让所有多出的处理器销量变得名正言顺(比如多处理器务器、库存、投机炒作等)。但多出的销量强加到这些类目上会有大问题,因为这将严重扭曲历史趋势。 ”“So, the mantra became, preserve the growth rates; to hell with the actual numbers. Even the growth rates are fiction. The fudge is in the “others” category, which is used as a plug to make the numbers work out. In fairness, we did do survey work, calling around, and attending white box conferences and venues to try to get a feel for that market, but in the end, the process was political. I used to tell customers which parts of the data they could trust, essentially the major vendors by form factor and region. The rest was garbage.“所以,最后就成了保留增速数据,别管实际数字。而即便增长率数据其实也是瞎编。关键在于“其它”类目,每当有平不了的数据就往“其它”里塞。平心而论,我们确实做了调查工作,四处打电话,参加白盒测试会议与聚会,试图感受市场情况,但说到底,整个过程并不靠谱。我曾告诉客户他们能信任哪部分数据,基本上也就是各大厂商的形状因素和地区数据。其它数据都是垃圾。”“The industry itself was aware of these issues, but agreed to maintain the fiction because it was convenient. Most vendors kept their own numbers, but referred to IDC for public purposes. Thing is, real executives got real compensation based on our numbers. There were other games played, but that’s for another time.“该行业本身意识到了这些问题,但选择了继续瞎编,因为这太省事了。大多数供应商自己统计了相关数据,但在公开场合都使用IDC公司给出的数字。关键就在于,那些高管们获得的薪酬是基于我们给出的销售数字。这里头还有其它一些把戏,不过这些下次再说吧。”“The question always came down to, are these fiduciary numbers that investment managers charged with keeping money for widows and orphans rely on, or are they just inside baseball for the industry to squabble over and not all that important? That question has never been answered.”“问题最终归结为,这些预测数据到底是那些为孤儿寡母理财的投资经理们进行投资决策的依据,还是只是行业内部自说自话的产物,根本无足轻重?这个问题一直没有。”[Note: The language Apple CFO Luca Maestri used in his prepared remarks -- ;We achieved strong double digit Mac growth across many countries, including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the UK, Germany, France, Australia, China, India and the Middle-East; -- is open to interpretation. Does the growth rate apply to the set of countries listed, or to every element in the set?[注:在事先准备的发言中,苹果首席财务官卢卡o马斯特利的原话是:“Mac销量在许多国家实现了强劲的两位数增长,包括美国、加拿大、墨西哥、英国、德国、法国、澳大利亚、中国、印度以及中东。”这句话可以有不同的解释。马斯特利所说的两位数增长,是指上述所有国家的Mac总销量,还是指在以上各个国家的销量?Apple spokesman Steve Dowling confirmed Monday that the growth was double digit (i.e. 10% or more) in each of those markets.]苹果发言人史蒂夫·道林本周一实,Mac销量在上述各市场都实现了两位数增长(即增长率达到10%或10%以上)。] /201407/316469。

Best-man Toshiyuki hands out two iPads at a Japanese wedding reception. He#39;s something of an early adopter while some of the older guests are unfamiliar with touch screens, despite their country#39;s tech-savvy reputation. But the tablet#39;s intuitive quality wins them over as they begin happily perusing a slide show of images from the betrotheds#39; lives -- not something wedding guests might do outside of Asia but which, in Japan, is de rigueur.在日本的一个婚礼上,伴郎森川智之拿出了两台iPad。尽管日本以科技发达而著称,但在场的不少年龄较大的宾客对触摸屏并不熟悉,在他们面前,森川算是较早精通这款产品的人了。不过,当这些客人在iPad上开心地浏览一对新人的生活照时,平板电脑便捷好用的特性立刻征了他们。在亚洲以外的国家,婚礼上不太可能安排这个环节。但在日本,这么做完全合乎礼仪。Applications unique to Japan are blossoming here thanks to Apple#39;s (AAPL) iPad. In the absence of a popular home-grown alternative, domestic app makers have come up with some unusual -- sometimes inspiring -- approaches. ;The fishermen in Hokkaido are using the iPad to record where they have fished to avoid over-fishing. In Saga prefecture, all the ambulances uses iPad to quickly locate where the patient has to be transferred. In Kobe, physicians using iPads during operations,; says Tokyo-based tech consultant Nobuyuki Hayashi. ;I could name another cool 50. There is almost nothing on Android tablets.;苹果(Apple)iPad问世后,日本涌现出大量特有的本地化应用。因为本国没有流行的替代产品,日本的程序员就自己开发了一些特别的用途,有时候还真能给人不少灵感。位于东京的日本技术分析师林伸行说:“北海道的渔民现在开始用iPad记录自己捕捞过的地点,以防过度捕捞。在佐贺县,所有救护车都用iPad快速定位病人需要转诊的地点。神户的外科医生则在手术中使用iPad。我还能再举出另外50个很酷的应用,但它们大多都不能在安卓系统上安装。”What is working in Japan? Here are a few examples:日本人喜欢什么样的应用呢?下面举几个例子:Marriage of Convenience婚礼助手With heaps of protocol to observe, wedding planning in Japan is a complex affair. What an expensive, human wedding planner might otherwise do, the Chabio app promises to accomplish with minimal fuss. Not only will it keep tabs on all the necessary information -- such as your fiancée#39;s mother#39;s name -- but it also sports a huge pre-populated to-do list. It is divided by time frame (e.g. six to 12 months prior to wedding, four to one day before the wedding, etc.), so users won#39;t be shouting ;get me to the church on time; on the big day. Guests can also use Docomo#39;s popular ;i-concier; service to point their mobiles at a wedding invite and be told how exactly to get there.在日本,婚礼的繁文缛节一大堆,所以婚礼策划是件非常复杂的事。请人来执行婚礼策划成本很高,但一款名为Chabio的应用却能保基本不掉链子地完成任务。它不仅能标出所有必需的信息——比如您丈母娘的名字——还能提供一大张预先填好的事项清单。这张清单按照时间段来划分婚礼筹备进程(比如婚礼举行前的6到12个月,婚礼前的4到1天等),到大喜日子到来的那一天,新人就不用大喊“送我准时赶到教堂!”之类的话了。来宾们也能使用移动运营商多科莫公司(Docomo)的人气务“i-concier”。只要把手机对准婚礼请帖,手机就会详细告诉他们,如何到达婚礼现场。See the World漫游世界Japanese cellphone owners have long enjoyed location-based services and spiffy mobile navigators. But the Sekai Camera app goes further to generate ;a new, fourth dimension everybody has dreamed of,; says Takahito Iguchi the application#39;s creator. Like other so-called augmented-reality apps, it calculates your position, then, using the camera, displays location-specific information graphically on top of a real-world view. But the genius of Sekai Camera is that individuals and businesses can add their own information. They just point a smartphone/tablet camera at the landscape adding ;tags; that can include text, images, and sound that can be picked up by others in the area later. Tags can translate into coupons from businesses (a free Guinness when you stop at a bar serving the black stuff for example) or travel tips from friends.日本的手机用户很早就开始使用各种定位务和导航务。但新应用Sekai Camera的开发者井口崇人表示,Sekai Camera进一步拓展了定位功能,创造了“大家都梦寐以求的全新四维空间”。和其他所谓的现实增强应用一样,它先计算出你所在的位置,随后用一个摄像头在一幅真实图像的顶部显示跟你位置相关的特定地理信息。这个应用的绝妙之处在于,个人和商家都能添加自己的信息。他们只需要把智能手机或平板电脑对准某个场景,就能添加包括文本、图像和声音在内的“标签”,来到这个区域的其他人就能读到这些信息。这些标签可以变成商家提供的优惠券(比方说,你可以在一家黑啤酒吧领取一瓶免费的吉尼斯黑啤),或者朋友给你的旅行建议。Waiting for Godot等待戈多As witnessed in post-tsunami Japan, looting is rare. So, hand out an iPad in a pub with a on it, or in a restaurant, and you are very likely to have it returned. Without fear of theft, many restaurants now use iPhones and iPads as order-taking devices (for the waitress). What#39;s unique at Toku, a Korean BBQ restaurant in Kyoto, is it uses the iPad as a /ordering system for direct use by customers. It could make waiting on tables obsolete.就像大家在海啸之后的日本看到的那样,很少有人抢劫。所以在酒吧或饭店给客人一个带有菜单的iPad,客人多半会把它还给店主。因为不怕被盗,现在很多饭店都开始用iPhone和iPad作为务员的点单设备。而京都的一家叫Toku的韩国烤肉店则更有特色,它让顾客直接拿iPad点餐,务员就不需要在饭桌边等候了。Golden ths量体选衣Former fashion model Kaoru Igarashi had a theory, based on the golden mean ratio, that there might be an algorithm capable of calculating what fashion best suits you using your vital stats and facial dimensions. A tie-up with online fashion retailers Digital Fashion generated that algorithm. The result is an app that proves her theory used by a department store in Kobe to recommend suites and dress. An iPad is used to snap the customer, and the program does the rest.曾经当过时装模特五十岚馨有一套基于黄金分割律的理论,就是说可能有这样一种算法,它能用你的关键尺寸和脸部比例算出你最适合哪种时装。她和在线时尚饰零售商数码时尚(Digital Fashion)合作开发了这套算法。现在,神户的一家百货公司就借助一款采用了这个理论的应用,向顾客推荐装。用一台iPad迅速扫描一下客户的身材尺寸后,程序就会自动完成剩下的任务。 /201303/232694。