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湖州二院激光祛痘多少钱湖州交通医院玻尿酸多少钱星巴克明年将于上海建造其海外首家咖啡烘焙工坊及臻选品鉴馆 --7 :1: 来源: STARBUCKS Coffee Company today announced that it will bring its first international Starbucks Roastery and Reserve Tasting Room to Shanghai in .今日,星巴克宣布其将在年在上海开设海外首家咖啡烘焙工坊以及臻选品鉴馆Located along Nanjing Road W., one of the worldrsquo;s busiest shopping destinations, the Roastery will be part of the soon to be built HKRI Taikoo Hui Project, Shanghairsquo;s newest premium world-class retail, office, and hotel area.烘焙工坊坐落在世界最繁华的商业街之一的南京西路上,入驻于即将完工的兴业太古汇兴业太古汇是上海最新的集零售、办公、酒店于一体的建筑Scheduled to open in late , the new Starbucks Roastery and Tasting Room in Shanghai will be inspired by the first location that debuted in December in the companyrsquo;s hometown of Seattle, Washington.全新的上海星巴克咖啡烘焙工坊及臻选品鉴馆计划于年开放,并且从年月开放的总部西雅图店中得到灵感The ,700-square-meter Shanghai space will reflect a similar, immersive all sensory experience. This interactive, retail environment will allow customers in China to better understand the craft of roasting and brewing a range of Starbucks coffees including the rare, limited availability of Starbucks Reserve coffees from around the world.700平方米的门店会给人带来相似的沉浸式感官体验这样的互动零售环境能够让中国的消费者更好地感受制作烘焙咖啡豆和泡制咖啡的工艺,其中包括一系列在全球高端门店中才能体会到的宝贵体验;China represents the most important and exciting opporty ahead of us. As our first international Roastery, we will take even bolder steps to make this Shanghai location our most stunning store, while making it completely unique and relevant to the Chinese customer,; said Howard Schultz, chairman and chief executive officer of Starbucks.公司的主席兼首席执行官霍华德;舒尔茨表示:;中国对我们来说代表着最重要和令人激动的机会作为我们首家海外烘焙工坊,我们会更加精心地让上海门店成为最棒的一家,并且同时让其与众不同且使中国消费者感到亲切;;The Starbucks Roastery environment honors coffee innovation as a modern day Willy Wonka experience, where customers are only feet away from the theatre and artistry of our coffee craft. I am confident this will be one of the most highly-anticipated store openings in our international markets.;;星巴克烘焙工坊希望能够实现王家卫电影中所呈现的登生活,顾客们距离剧院和我们咖啡手作的艺术只有几步之遥我认为这将是国际市场里最值得期待的星巴克门店之一;China is, today, Starbucks largest international market with more than ,0 stores across over 1 cities, including 55 Starbucks Reserve stores.如今,中国是星巴克最大的海外市场星巴克的500间店面分布在全国1座城市里,其中包括55间星巴克储备商店湖州曙光整形美容医院冰点脱毛多少钱 []又相信真爱啦!好莱坞模范情侣(双语) --3 :53:57 来源:sohu 维多利亚;贝克汉姆和大卫;贝克汉姆-相守19年 Victoria Beckham And David Beckham——19 Years Together 明星情侣总是分分合合有时他们更换伴侣的速度甚至快到让我们跟不上节奏!但并不是所有的名人情侣都会分手没错,绝对不是他们中也有人与伴侣一生厮守,谱写了一段美好恋歌 维多利亚;贝克汉姆和大卫;贝克汉姆,碧昂斯和JAY-Z,贾达;萍克特;史密斯和威尔;史密斯,汤姆;汉克斯和丽塔威尔逊这些明星都榜上有名 Celebrity couples come and go. Actually, they come and go so fast it's hard to keep track of who's dating who these days! But not all famous people break up. Nuh-uh, definitely not. Some of them stay together a lifetime, and it's absolutely beautiful. To prove so,wehas compiled a list of celebrity couples who show us that love can last ever. Victoria Beckham and David Beckham, Beyonceacute; and Jay Z, Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson - they're all on the list. 1. 迈克尔;凯恩和夏奇拉巴克-相守3年 Michael Caine And Shakira Baksh - 3 Years Together . 梅丽尔; 斯特里普和唐冈默-相守37年 Meryl Streep And Don Gummer - 37 Years Together 37年?在好莱坞这不叫做婚姻——这是奇迹! 37 years In Hollywood, t hat's not a marriage - that's a miracle! 3. 柯克; 道格拉斯和安娜; 拜登斯-相守6年 Kirk Douglas And Anne Buydens - 6 Years Together 多么般配的一对 What a great couple. . 汤姆;汉克斯和丽塔威尔逊-相守年 Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson- Years Together 是那个小胡子硬汉 That mustache though. 5. 杰梅; 李; 柯蒂斯和克里斯多弗;盖斯特-相守3年 Jaime Lee Curtis And Christopher Guest - 3 Years Together 现在的他们看起来更加光照人! They look even better now....Gorgeous! 6. 凯文; 培根和凯拉塞吉维克-相守年 Kevin Bacon And Kyra Sedgwick - Years Together 恩,他们仍然是一对迷人的夫妻 Awww, they are still such a cute couple. 7. 塞缪尔; 杰克逊和理查德森-相守36年 Samuel L. Jackson And Latanya Richardson - 36 Years Together 貌似右边的照片更年轻些... 我眼花了吗? actually they look younger on the right pic... amI missing sth? 8. 迈克尔; 福克斯和特蕾西普兰-相守年 Michael J. Fox And Tracy Pollan - Years Together 一段佳话 Beautiful story 9. 贾达;萍克特;史密斯和威尔;史密斯-相守年 Jada Pinkett Smith And Will Smith - Years Together 他们没有变化... . 波诺和艾莉森; 休森-相守1年 Bono And Alison Hewson - 1 Year Together 怎么完全不像过了1年,难道他们进到了时光机之类的东西里? They don't even LOOK 1 now. Did they jump into a TARDIS or something? . 艾伦; 德杰尼勒斯和波蒂亚德罗西-相守年 Ellen Degeneres And Portia De Rossi - Years Together 她们在一起真是养眼的一对! They look so cute together! . 戈尔迪霍恩和库尔特; 拉塞尔-相守33年 Goldie Hawn And Kurt Russell - 33 Years Together . 丹泽尔和宝蕾塔华盛顿-相守39年 Denzel And Pauletta Washington - 39 Years Together . 斯汀和特鲁迪;斯泰勒-相守年 Sting And Trudie Styler - Years Together 明星也有痴情种,别再给自己的花心找借口! English Source: Bored Panda解放天性!美国妇河中分娩走红网络,够前卫! -- :01:50 来源: 近日,一位母亲将自己当初在野外小河生下第四个女儿的视频传到网上,视频的观看人数达到了50万这位母亲在震惊于关注人数的同时也回应了一些争议 A 3-year-old mother who gave birth to her fourth baby unaided in a stream has insisted she isn’t ’hippy drippy’ - as the footage of her labour has been watched by a staggering 5 million people.一名3岁的母亲曾在没有任何护理人员在场的情况下在一条小河生下了自己的第四个孩子她坚称自己并不是在“人眼球”,而这段分娩视频的观看人数达到了令人震惊的50万Simone Thurber, 3, who now lives in Park City, Utah, says she has been shocked by the amount of attention her -minute-and-3-second long home has attracted.3岁的西蒙妮如今住在犹他州的帕克城,她表示自己也对这段时长分钟3秒的视频的观看人数感到震惊The graphic film initially shows the brunette labouring in and out of a bathtub set up in a garden bee she heads down to a creek in the Australian Daintree Rainest and finally gives birth without a midwife or doctor present.这段视频的开头,一名白人女子在花园中的浴缸中进行生产,随后她钻出浴缸,来到澳大利亚丹翠雨林的一条小河,在没有接生婆或者医生在场的情况下完成了分娩Footage shows her naked and cowering on all fours, bee a baby’s head emerges.视频片段显示她在孩子露出脑袋前一直是全裸的,身体蜷缩趴在垫子上Simone, who is trained doula and birthing therapist, is then seen pushing her daughter out as her partner, Nick, steps in to help.接着西蒙妮努力将孩子挤出体内,这时恋人尼克上前帮忙据悉西蒙妮曾接受过产妇陪护和分娩理疗师的培训After giving birth, she holds her newborn to her breast with the rest of her young daughters watching on.西蒙妮将出世的孩子放在自己的胸部上,其余几个女儿在一旁看着她们Simone said she uploaded the to YouTube to show people what it would be like to give birth in nature and she never expected the amount of attention it has received.西蒙妮表示自己将视频上传到YouTube的目的在于向世人展示在野外分娩的样子,对视频吸引如此之多的关注也是始料未及The mother-of-four added: ’After 50 people watched it I thought OMG my friends have seen me really naked, after 500 I was shocked.这位四个孩子的母亲写道:“观看人数达到50的时候我在想‘天哪,我的朋友都看到我裸体的样子了’当这个数字超过500的时候,我震惊了”’To know that more than 5 million people have taken the time to watch me having my now four-year-old daughter Perouze and to get messages from mums and dads thanking me sharing this intimate birthing experience because it helped them feel less stressed or scared about their birth choice decisions is great.’“超过50万人观看我是如何生下已经四岁的女儿Perouze的过程,年轻的父母感谢我的分娩经验助他们克紧张和恐惧,这一切实在太美妙了”According to Simone she always wanted to have a baby in the wild which she knows to many people sounds extraordinary.西蒙妮表示自己一直想在野外分娩,她知道大多数人对此感到不可思议Explaining her train of thought, she said: ’I am not a hippy drippy mum but I wanted my fourth child to be born away from beeping machines and a hospital environment.她解释了自己的想法:“我不是个不着调的母亲,可我不希望我的第四个孩子出生在医院哔哔作响的机器里”’Let’s face it women have been giving birth in the wild thousands of years but the thought a modern women squatting in a creek and giving birth horrified many people even bee I gave birth and shared the .’“妇在野外分娩已经有上千年的时间了,可在我分享视频前,人们一想到女性趴在小溪上分娩就被吓得不轻”When Simone fell pregnant with her fourth child she discussed her dream of a birth in nature with her then partner Nick, who supported the idea.西蒙妮怀上第四个孩子后和当时的恋人尼克讨论了自己在野外分娩的梦想,尼克对此表示持The couple, who were living in Melbourne, Australia at the time, then went about finding the perfect location.这对情侣当时住在澳大利亚的墨尔本,于是他们开始寻找合适的分娩地点A friend of theirs offered them a house in the Daintree Rainest area of Queensland and from there, they found a stream nearby.二人的一位朋友请他们住进了自己位于昆士兰丹翠雨林的房子里,二人在附近发现了一条小河Sadly the beach was not an option because of an infestation of jelly fish which is common along that area of Australian coastline.可惜小河旁常有这片海域常见的海蜇出没,不适合作为分娩地点The stream area was extremely dark, so in case of a night birth Simone and her partner installed a bathtub in the garden.这片水域在晚上会变得很暗,于是西蒙妮在花园中装了浴缸以备夜晚生产Simone went into labour at pm and was expecting it to be short.西蒙妮于晚上点开始生产,分娩时间本来预计不会很长However, she was still experiencing contractions at 9am and so she jumped in a car and headed to her ’dream’ birthing location.然而直到转天早上九点,西蒙妮的子宫仍处在收缩状态于是她跳上车,前往自己“理想”的分娩地点Two hours later squatting and naked in the stream Simone gave birth to her daughter who was named Perouze and is now four-and-a-half years old.全裸的西蒙妮在河水中蹲了两个小时,生下了女儿Perouze如今Perouze已经四岁了长兴县人民医院做双眼皮开眼角手术多少钱

湖州激光去唇毛多少钱火星移民不是梦 探险者的单程票 --9 :56:5 来源:   An ambitious project to establish a human colony on Mars has attracted applications from tens of thousands of would-be astronauts, just two weeks after applications opened.  一项雄心勃勃的火星人类殖民计划在开放申请短短两周之内就吸引了成千上万名宇航员志愿者  The mission, a private venture by the Dutch non-profit organization Mars One, aims to send a crew to the Red Planet in – and, due to the physiological change in the human body after a stay on Mars, there’d be no coming back. That hasn’t deterred people, though: so far, over 0,000 people have applied to become one of Mars’ first immigrants. “This is turning out to be the most desired job in history,” says Bas Lansdorp, co-founder of Mars One.  该计划由荷兰非盈利组织火星一号发起,目标在年向火星遣送一批人员由于停留在火星上会使人体出现一些生理上的变化,这批人员预计不会再返回地球,而这并没有阻止人们迄今为止,已有超过万人报名首批移民火星火星一号联合创始人巴斯·兰斯卓普称,“这将成为历史上最令人钦羡的工作”  Day-to-day life on Mars will be no picnic: The organization says that the daily routine on the planet would involve construction work on the colony (installing greenhouses, example), maintenance of the settlement’s systems and research into Mars’ climate and geological history–all in an inhospitable environment with unbreathable air and an average temperature in the planet’s mid-latitudes of around -58 degrees Farenheit.  在火星上的日常生活并不会多痛苦:该组织介绍,在火星上的日常活动将包括殖民地的建设工作(例如安装温室),殖民地系统的维修工作以及研究火星的气候和地质历史所有这些工作都需要在恶劣的生存环境中完成,火星上没有适宜人呼吸的空气,殖民地将设在火星中纬度地区,平均气温大约是-58华氏度(-50摄氏度)  But Mars One says it is not looking applicants with specific skills, such as a science degree, that might be useful during an interplanetary posting. Instead, they are looking people who “have a deep sense of purpose, willingness to build and maintain healthy relationships, the capacity self-reflection and ability to trust.” They also want volunteers who are “resilient, adaptable, curious, creative and resourceful.” Candidates will receive a minimum of eight years training bee leaving Earth, the company says.  但是火星一号组织同时也表示,他们并不需要申请者拥有什么特定技能,例如获得了可能在宇航活动中派上用场的科学学位不过,他们希望申请者“具有很强的使命感,愿意建立并维系良好的关系,能够反思并信任他人”,同时还应“坚韧,有很强的适应力、好奇心和创造力并且机智”公司称,候选人在离开地球前将接受为期最短8年的培训  Candidates hailing from over 0 countries (although the vast majority are from the U.S.) uploaded a to Mars One’s website explaining why they’re suitable the mission. Kyle, a 1-year-old grocery store clerk from the U.S., says he wants to be “an explorer and pioneer at the efront of history.” Steven, a 3-year-old American who works in electronics, has even higher hopes the mission: “I would like to go to Mars… to discover new life,” he says.  来自0多个国家的候选人(虽然大多数来自美国)在火星一号网站上上传了自己的视频,解释他们为什么适合这次的任务1岁的凯勒来自美国,是一家杂货店的店员他表示他希望成为“一名处在历史前沿的开拓者和先锋”3岁的史蒂芬也来自美国,从事电子方面的工作,他对这次的任务有着更高的希望:“我希望到火星上去发现新的生命”  In addition to people skills, successful applicants must be good fundraisers too: Mars One plans to raise much of the mission’s billion estimated cost through a reality TV show following the applicants as they undergo preparations the one-way trip to Mars.  除了人际交往能力之外,候选人也必须有很强的筹资能力:火星一号计划通过真人秀为该次任务筹措所需的大约60亿美元资金,真人秀节目将会跟踪拍摄候选人准备这趟有去无回的火星之旅的过程湖州市第一人民医院激光去痘多少钱 新式现代病“爆炸头综合症” --01 :50:53 来源: 感觉自己总是“鸭梨山大”、失眠多梦、情绪失控,脑袋里老是嗡嗡作响,莫名其妙地看到电火花或闪光,耳边经常响起巨大、刺耳的爆炸声?歹势,你可能患上了一种名为“爆炸头综合症”(exploding head syndrome)的新式现代病"There"s this sudden crescendo of noise, then a profound and jarring explosion of sound, electrical fizzing and a bright flash in my vision, like someone has lit a spotlight in front of my face."“噪音突然增大,然后我听到巨大、刺耳的爆炸声,看到电火花和明亮的闪光,就像别人把聚光灯打到我的脸上一样”That's how Niels Nielsen describes what it's like to live with"exploding head syndrome"– an unpleasant and sometimes terrifying sensation. Others describe it as like a bomb going off next to their head as they fall asleep. Sometimes it occurs just once in a lifetime, others it happens multiple times a night.这就是尼尔斯·尼尔森对“爆炸头综合症”的描述——一种让人不适,有时甚至让人感到恐怖的体验也有其他人将这种症状描述为,就像是快睡着时头附近有炸弹爆炸一般有些人一生只经历一次,另一些人则一晚会经历多次The physician Silas Weir Mitchell first described the disorder in 1876, when he described two men who suffered from what he called "sensory discharges" – the men themselves described it as hearing "loud bells" or a "gunshot" that would wake them from sleep.1876年,外科医生西拉斯·魏尔·米歇尔首次记述了这种病,他当时描述称两名男子出现了他称之为“感官放电”的症状——他们自称因听到“巨大的钟声”或“声”而惊醒Theories about the cause of an exploding head are speculative, says Brian Sharpless, assistant professor of psychology at Washington State University. Several ideas have been proposed, including ear disorders and partial epileptic seizures. But the most compelling theory comes from a handful of studies in which people with the condition have had their brain activity monitored overnight. These studies suggest that there may be a burst of neural activity in the brain that coincides with the reported explosion.华盛顿州立大学心理学助理教授布赖恩·夏普莱斯表示,关于爆炸头综合症的原因尚无定论目前已提出几种可能,包括耳功能障碍和癫痫局部发作等其中一种理论最具可信度,多项对夜间大脑活动进行监控的研究显示,发现爆炸头症状出现的同时往往伴随着大脑神经活动的突然活跃While there is no cure-all treatment, antidepressants reduce occurrence, as do relaxation and stress-busting techniques. "You can help a lot just by reassuring a person that they're not crazy or experiencing symptoms of a tumour or some other brain disorder," says Sharpless.虽然还没有根治的方法,抗抑郁药可以减少该病症出现的次数,放松和减压技巧也有相同效果夏普莱斯称:“只要让患者确信自己没有疯掉,这也不是肿瘤的症状或其他的大脑病症,就是对他们的极大帮助”德清县第三人民医院打美白针多少钱

湖州曙光整形美容医院自体脂肪移植怎么样白敬亭:羞涩的少年,逐梦的青春 --7 3:50: 来源:i1st 导读:不堕胎、不出国、不车祸、不离婚……国产青春片还能怎么谈青春?青春是迷茫的,因为我们总会在梦想和现实之间手足无措;现实是残酷的,它总想让我们放弃梦想,部就班地走下去,不过白敬亭早早就知道追寻梦想比照既定轨迹生活更重要Bai Jingting may come off as bashful and reserved in person, but his character in the new movie Yesterday Once More (《谁的青春不迷茫), which premiered on April , shows a different side of the actor.白敬亭给人的印象是腼腆和内敛,不过在月日首映的新片《谁的青春不迷茫中,他扮演的角色展现了自己性格中的另外一面In the movie, the -year-old plays a high school punk named Gao Xiang, who doesn’t get along with the class’s top student, Lin Tianjiao. Lin loathes him dawdling around, and he scorns her trying too hard to appear perfect while neglecting her true desires. As you might expect, the two end up falling each other.电影中,岁的白敬亭饰演一个名叫高翔的高中混混,他和班里的优等生林天娇水火不容林天娇厌恶他的游手好闲,而他鄙视她总是努力表现得完美而忽略自己真正的梦想正如你所料,两人最终坠入爱河“Most of the time, I’m more like Qiao Ran [one of his earlier characters from the web series Back in Time (《匆匆那年,)]. I tend to keep things to myself and be a listener,” said Bai. “But I can be active when I’m with close friends. Portraying Gao drew out this part of me, and I’m actually trying to be more like him in the future.”白敬亭说:“大部分时候我更像乔燃(他在之前的网播剧《匆匆那年中的角色)我会把心事藏在心里,当一个倾听者但当和很熟的朋友在一起时,我也可以很活跃塑造高翔这个角色激发了我的这一面,今后,我会努力让自己更像他”Just like Gao, Bai follows his heart. As a senior at Capital Normal University, Bai majored in recording arts, but he gradually began to realize it wasn’t what he really wanted to do in life. So he transferred to a different path - and became an actor.白敬亭有一点和高翔很像,那就是遵从自己的内心作为一名首都师范大学录音艺术专业的大四学生,白敬亭渐渐发现自己并不想一辈子从事专业相关的工作于是他选择了一条不同的道路——成为一名演员He spent his first summer vacation during his freshman year sending resumes, going to interviews, and getting trained at a South Korean show business company. It was not long bee he got the opporty to interview Back in Time.大一那年暑假,他一直在投简历,参加面试,还接受了韩国演艺公司的培训不久,他得到了《匆匆那年的试镜机会But becoming an actor wasn’t just a momentary whim. “I’ve been interested in acting since high school, when I was trained both music and acting. I would ponder the details I saw when watching films, and sometimes I would even get stuck in the mood of a character,” said Bai.但是对他来说,当演员并不是三分钟热度白敬亭说:“高中时我接受过音乐和表演的训练,那时我就对表演很感兴趣看电影时,我会琢磨里面的细节,有时还会陷在角色的情绪中无法自拔”No longer just an audience member, Bai recently had the opporty to explore what goes on behind the silver screen. Yesterday Once More is Bai’s first experience with movie acting, and he says his experience on set was dramatically different from his previous acting experiences. “When we were shooting the online series, we were always rushing to get ahead without reflecting on our acting,” said Bai. “But with movies, it’s much more serious. We frequently get together to rehearse again and again, to polish our acting.”如今他已经不仅是一名观众了,他甚至获得了走上大银幕的机会《谁的青春不迷茫是白敬亭第一次出演电影,他说拍电影和之前拍电视剧的体验完全不同“当我们拍摄网剧时,我们只是匆匆完成拍摄,丝毫没有反思过自己的表演而拍电影就严肃多了我们会时不时地聚在一起,反复排练,完善我们的表演”Bai said he had periods of doubts and confusion about this decision, but he is positive now because he sees the importance of following his own dreams rather than staying on a pre-set path. “Achieving prosperity and fame isn’t the only definition ‘success’,” he said. “Keeping yourself happy is also a kind of success, and only by doing what you really like will you achieve that.”白敬亭坦言,决定(当演员)时自己也有过怀疑和迷茫,不过现在他很乐观,因为他知道追寻梦想比照既定轨迹生活更重要“财富和名气不是定义‘成功’的唯一标准让自己开心也是一种成功,而只有当你真的做了自己喜欢的事,你才能收获这种成功” 短语:垃圾箱着火,没得救了~ -- ::6 来源:chinadaily 钱钟书说,老年人恋爱,就像老房子着火,没得救英文中有个类似的表达,也可以用来描述失控的状态,就是垃圾箱着火 Dumpster fire refers to a person, organization, or situation that is hopelessly and disastrously out of control, or something very difficult that nobody wants to deal with. “垃圾箱着火”指的是某人、某个机构、或某种情况处于绝望境地,或者处于灾难性地失控状态也可以指某件事很棘手,没人想处理 例句:This project is a complete dumpster fire. 这个项目完全就是垃圾箱火灾 In entertainment or sports, dumpster fire refers to a laughably poor permance usually caused by: 在或体育领域,“垃圾箱火灾”指的是表现差得可笑,通常是因为如下原因: 1. Lack of planning, preparation or talent. 缺少计划和准备,或缺乏人才 . Random events that effectively sabotage the eft (i.e., technical problems). 足以破坏掉努力的随机事件(比如技术问题) 例句: Dumpster Fire is the kindest thing I can say about Oakland's game against San Diego. 奥克兰队对阵圣地亚哥的这场比赛就像一场垃圾箱火灾,这已经是最仁慈的说法了湖州脸上去斑要多少钱湖州曙光整形医院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱



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