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He just keeps going.He is professional.Nobody is not gonna notice maybe.他一直在讲没有停 真是专业 也许压根没人注意到I dont know I think he was talking about.I dont know Croatian.我不清楚 我想他正在谈论 我不了解克罗地亚人I think he was addressing the Croatian chair crisis.That was going on.This is so good.我想他正在陈述克罗地亚的缺椅子危机 危机尚未平息 这条很棒This is an interview from monster truck rally in Georgia.这条采访来自佐治亚州的疯狂大脚赛车Why is this monster truck racing such a good time?为什么疯狂大脚赛车让人如此兴奋Because its fast.I have a man, who has five kids.因为它跑的很快 我男人有五个孩子You have five kids?Well, I dont.And he has a dad truck.你有5个孩子 当然 我没有 同时他有一辆老爷卡车His dad truck is a monster truck at home.You guys got a monster truck at home?他的那辆老爷卡车就是放在家里的大脚卡车 你们在家里放着有一辆大脚卡车Oh yes, we live here in Georgia.We have a monster truck in life .是的 我们就住在佐治亚州 我们平常是有一辆大脚卡车在家里How does that... Awh, has he showed you his monster truck?那怎么 额 他向你展示过他的大脚卡车吗I dont know. I got him on.I said I will do you right here in front of everybody.我不知道 我上了他 我说我要在所有人面前做了你We were in same team, we...Can you believe those two found each other?我们当时在同一战线上 我们 你能相信他们俩居然找到彼此了吗I mean if that doesnt make you believe soul mates,Nothing will.如果这件事都不能让你相信世上存在灵魂伴侣的话 我信了你滴邪I have never been to monster truck rally.我从没有去过疯狂大脚赛车But thats exactly what I thought it would be like.但是跟我想象中的完全一样 /201602/425239French rail strikes法国铁路罢工Unhappiness is the truth其实不快乐A rerun of Francehs bad old days tests the Socialist governments resolve法国艰难昔日的重演是社会主义政府决心的试金石The long march to work上班长征路IT WAS a deliciously French moment of exasperation. On June 16th a railway strike prompted public rage when it threatened to disrupt a national philosophy exam. On the sixth day of a rolling strike, unions at the SNCF national railway encroached on the first day of the baccalauréat school-leaving exam, a ritual that begins with a four-hour philosophy essay. As strikers downed tools and commuters battled to work, some 340,000 French teenagers were wrestling with the question “Do we live in order to be happy?”这是一个有趣的法国愤怒时刻。6月16号,当一次铁路罢工影响到了全国性的哲学考试时,它触犯了众怒。在连续罢工的第六天,法国国营铁路公司(SNCF)工会在中学毕业会考的首日开始了作乱,这一考试始于四小时的哲学论文。当罢工者停止工作,乘客奋力奔向公司时,约340,000名法国少年正在纠结:“我们活着是为了开心吗?”If Fran?ois Hollande had been sitting the exam, he would surely have answered: “Fat chance as long as there are rail unions around.” A strike originally expected to be short-lived was extended on June 18th into its ninth day, the worst industrial action since he became president in 2012. On some days, more than half of TGV fast trains have been cancelled, as well as two-thirds of certain commuter trains in the Paris region. The SNCF management called it the worst strike for 13 years.如果弗朗索瓦·奥朗德参加了那场考试的话,他绝对会答道:“只要有铁路公会存在,那就希望渺茫。”这一场原被认为会短命的罢工竟持续到了6月18号,已进行了九天,这是自奥朗德2012年当上总统以来发生的最严重的劳工行动。在某些日子里,超过一半的法国高速列车和约三分之二的巴黎通勤列车被取消了。法国国营铁路公司管理部门称之为13年来最严重的罢工。The two unions behind it, the CGT, which is close to the Communist Party, and the even harder-talking SUD, are protesting against plans to merge two rail companies: the SNCF, which runs the trains, and RFF, the highly indebted firm that manages the tracks. After months of discussion, this reform went before parliament on June 17th. Nothing in the bill changes the special status of railway workers. But the unions suspect it will lead to changes in working practices and perks once the railways are opened up to competition in 2019.幕后的两个工会,亲共党的法国总工会(CGT)和更难协商的法国干部总工会(SUD)正在抗议合并两家铁路公司的计划,这两家公司分别是运营列车的法国国营铁路公司(SNCF)和管理铁路、负债累累的法国铁路网公司(RFF)。经过数月的磋商后,这次改革于6月17号提交到了国会。法案中没有改变铁路工人特殊地位的条款,但工会怀疑一旦2019年铁路公开竞争,这将导致工作实践和津贴上的变化。This conflict is the first big union-led test for Mr Hollande. Until now, the largest protest he has faced was over the legalisation of gay marriage. In fine tradition, he has booted the problem to his new prime minister, Manuel Valls, who has sounded tough, declaring that there is “no question” of shelving the reform. They are betting partly on union divisions to undermine the strike: Laurent Berger, leader of the CFDT, a big union which backs the reform, has accused those on strike of “contempt” for bac candidates. Mr Valls also has public opinion on his side. An overwhelming 76% say they oppose the strike. With the economy at a standstill and unemployment high, there is little sympathy for public-sector rail workers. The French are well aware that they get perks such as free tickets and that most train drivers retire at 50.这次冲突是工会领导的第一次对奥朗德的大测试。直至目前,奥朗德面临过的最大抗议是关于同性婚姻立法的。按照优良传统,他将问题踢给了他的新首相曼纽尔·瓦尔斯。瓦尔斯听起来口气强硬,声明搁置改革完全“没问题”。他们将部分赌注放在了工会内部分裂、罢工渐渐停息上:持改革的法国劳工民主联合会(CFDT)领导人劳伦·柏杰指责罢工是对考生们的“蔑视”。瓦尔斯也赢得了大众舆论,多达76%的人表示他们反对罢工。在经济停滞、失业率居高不下的情况下,公共部门的铁路工人难以获取大众同情。法国人很清楚铁路工人们享受着免票等的特殊待遇,多数火车司机50岁就退休。Yet the reason this strike has hardened goes beyond railway reform. Paradoxically, it partly reflects union weakness. Grass-roots members are frustrated that industrial action has lost much of its punch. The sort of paralysing strikes once common in France have become rare. By law, public services must run a minimum service during strikes, and days of industrial action are no longer paid. Between 2005 and 2011, the number of days lost to strikes per 1,000 employees fell from 164 to 77. On the SNCF works council, support for the CGT has dropped from 44% ten years ago to 36% today. Thierry Lepaon, the CGT leader, faces intense pressure not to give up the fight.然而罢工愈演愈烈的原因已不仅仅是铁路改革了。很自相矛盾的是,这在某种程度上反映了工会的弱点。草根成员对于劳工行动丧失了重大影响力而感到沮丧。这种曾在法国常见的瘫痪式罢工已变得鲜见。按照法律,在罢工期间,公共务应提供基本的务,劳工行动期间不发放工资。在2005年到2011年间,每1000雇员中将日子用在了罢工上的天数由164天降到了77天。在SNCF劳资委员会中,CGT的持率由10年前的44%降到了今天的36%。CGT领导人蒂埃里·莱鲍面临着巨大的压力不能放弃抗争。The conflict also seems to have crystallised broader discontent with the government. Some strikers talk of anger over its new business-friendly policies and austerity plans. So do part-time theatre workers, who are protesting against benefit changes. Mr Valls can ill afford to let the chaos continue. But, billed as a bold reformer, neither can he be seen to give in to his first protest on the streets.这场冲突似乎也更广泛地具化了对政府的不满。一些罢工者愤怒声讨新的招商引资政策和紧缩计划。兼职戏剧工作者也在抗议着福利政策的变化。瓦尔斯无法承担让混乱继续的局面。但被视为大胆改革家的他也不会屈于第一次面临的街头抗议。译者:王颖 校对:张丹 译文属译生译世 /201508/391476Flood insurance洪水保险Sea change海平面上升If you have an expensive house near the sea, its time to sell如果你在海边有一栋豪宅,那么现在赶快抛售吧ON DECEMBER 6th the largest storm surge since 1953 hit Britains coasts, flooding 1,400 houses. The fact that only two people died—compared with 326 in the earlier storm—is testament to the tidal barriers built in Britain over the past few decades. Yet the system that created many of those sea defences, and encouraged people to keep living in flood-prone areas, is being abandoned.12月6日,英国沿海地区遭遇自1953年以来最严重的暴风雨,有1400间民居受灾,两人死亡。和1953年死亡326人的情况相比,这场灾难人员伤亡大大减少。原因是,在过去几十年里,英国修建了大量的防波堤。尽管之前政府修建了许多海防工事并鼓励人们住在洪水风险区的,目前这一计划正面临着搁浅的命运。Since the 1960s the government has paid to build flood defences while insisting that insurers cover most properties in flood-prone areas. This arrangement has gradually become a casualty of austerity and climate change. Spending on flood defences fell from629m (2m) to 510m between 2010 and 2012. Simply repairing existing defences would cost 1 billion per year by 2035. New flood defences will be subject to a rigorous cost-benefit analysis, with more land in effect surrendered to the sea. The last agreement with the insurance industry came to an end this July.自从20世纪60年代以来,英国政府就出资修建海防工事,并宣称住在洪水风险区的承包人的保险可覆盖大部分财产。这一政策调整逐渐成为通货紧缩和气候变化的牺牲品。从2010年到2012年,用于海防工事的投资从六亿两千九百万英镑(九亿七千两百万美元)降到了五亿一千万英镑。到2035年,每年仅检修目前的海防工事就要耗资10亿英镑。新的海防工事将纳入严格的成本效益分析,涉及更大范围的沿海地区。今年六月,英国政府与保险业签订的上一个协议落下了帷幕。In place of the old system, the government has proposed shifting the costs of flooding onto homeowners. All households taking out insurance will now pay a 10.50 levy to Flood Re, a not-for-profit fund, to subsidise premiums for 500,000 houses in flood-prone areas.新的保险系统下,政府提出将洪灾的费用加到房主的身上。参与洪水保险的家庭现在要向洪水再次保险(一个非盈利性的基金会)缴纳10.5英镑的税款,以帮助修复那些位于洪水风险区的500,000间房屋。The new scheme is patchy. Whereas the old agreement covered all properties with no worse than a 1-in-75 annual risk of flooding, the new scheme will exclude many. Houses in the top council-tax band and businesses will not be allowed to join the scheme. Houses built since will also not be covered (28,000 were planned to be built on floodplains in 2011 alone). If properties flood too often they will be thrown out of the scheme. MPs in flood-prone places such as Hull are not happy.新的洪水保险计划条款很琐碎。旧保险系统覆盖了1到79项洪灾严重性的情况下所有财产的保险,而新保险系统则删除了很多受灾情况。缴纳最高家庭税的房子和公司不能加入这一保险计划,也不包括建于年后的房子(仅2011年在泛滥平原区就计划修建了28000间房子)。如果涉及洪水的财产太多,政府将搁置这一计划。来自洪水风险区的国会议员,如赫尔,对此非常不满。Worse, Flood Res sums do not yet add up. One government study suggested that the fund has a 58% chance of running out of money in the initial 20 years the scheme is to run for. Some fear that the state may find itself spending some of the money saved by building fewer defences on topping the scheme up.更糟糕的是,还未合计洪水再保险的资金总额。一项政府调查说,该基金有58%的概率已经花完了该计划前20年的资金。有些人担心政府会为了省钱而减少海防工事的修建量,从而堵上该计划的资金漏洞。The housing market seems aly to be pricing in higher risk. Between 2008 and 2012 property prices rose in four out of the five Lincolnshire postcodes with the lowest flood risk. They fell in four out of the five areas of highest risk (see chart). This may have some good effects. Forcing homeowners to shoulder more of the costs of flooding should encourage them to invest in precautions and discourage builders from erecting houses in risky areas. But in the meantime, in low-lying parts of Britain, wellington boots and sandbags may make wiser investments than houses.房地产市场的房价似乎面临着更大的危险。从2008年到2012年,由于少有洪水灾害,林肯郡的房价已经涨了80%。由于日前洪灾的巨大威胁,房价已经降了80%。这可能会起到一些积极的作用。迫使房主承担更多的洪灾风险可促使他们谨慎投资,避免建筑商重建危险地带的房屋。然而,在同一时间,在英国低洼地区,与房地产投资比起来,投资长筒防水靴和沙包是更为明智的选择。译者: 毛慧 译文属译生译世 /201511/408069

Thats sweet,thank you,have a sit everybody真太感人了 谢谢你们 大家请坐Have a sit,thank you so much,that goes right back to you谢谢 大家请坐 所有的掌声都还给大家I appreciate all that energy and it goes right back to you我感谢这些热情 并把它们如数奉还Did you enjoy the superBowl everybody,do you like that超级碗大家都玩得开心吧 喜欢吧Look at that on one is bulling like all you think your team won看看居然没有人在吹嘘说自己喜欢的队伍能赢Will I like to say congratulation to the NY giants那么我还是得说恭喜纽约巨人对Good for you,Its a great game I mean it really spectacular很厉害 很精的比赛 确实非常完美I want talk everything that happened,but Im a little hangover to remember all我想聊聊发生的所有事 可我有点喝大了 记不住那些事了So I talk about probably tomorrow,I that every year of that superbowl所以也许我明天会聊聊 我每年都会关注超级碗 1.5 million people call it sick to work,because they are so hangover听说每年有150万人因为玩的太嗨了 都生病不能上班了They call it superbowl flu,which is wired because my producer might get superbowl flu 他们叫它超级碗流感 奇怪的是我的制作人也许会 after New Years Day,after Presidents Day,after Grand Hall Day and almost Wednesday they has that在新年之后 在总统日后 在大礼堂日后 还有大部分的周三他们都会得这种流感actually I wasnt hangover this morning,Ill tell you what I was doing其实我今儿个早晨没有喝大 我告诉你们我干了什么I like to get to know my fans,so I spend my morning going through the Facebook page that every single person in this audience我喜欢去了解我的粉丝们 所以我今天早晨花了时间去看 这里每一位观众的Facebookand Im gonna surprise the couple of them right now我现在就要给你们其中一些人点惊喜Cause I found a few that I would like to,I have questions因为我发现有一些我很想去 我有点问题Where are shary Luniduski and Hungs Fini? where are youShary和Hungs在哪呢 在哪呢 /201607/452355

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