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重庆市星宸医院怎么样?重庆星宸医院医生电话自我介绍英语小作文 -- 18::37 来源: ladies and gentmen; Good afternoon .I am of great hornor to stand here and introduce myself to you .First of all ,my english name is ...and my chinese name is ..If you are going to have a job interview ,you must say much things which can show your willness to this job ,such as ,it is my long cherished dream to be ...and I am eager to get an opperty to do...and then give some examples which can give evidence to .then you can say something about your hobbies .and it is best that the hobbies have something do with the job. What is more important is do not get to communicate with the interviewee,keeping a smile and keeping your talks interesting and funny can contribute to the success. I hope you will give them a wonderfull speech .Good luck to you !重庆重医附二院医生有哪些 职业-- :7:31   What line of work are you in?   你做哪一行的?   如果有人这样问你的职业,你大可不必非常详细地告诉他你具体在做什么样的工作,只需告诉他你所从事行业的大致领域就可以了   如你是一个编辑,你可以简单地回答说:   I'm working in the publishing field.   我是从事出版行业的Our English Teacher 我们的英语老师 -- :56:01 来源: Our English teacher, Mrs Wang, is about ty years old. She always wears a pair of glasses. She is very strict with us. When we make a mistake, she often makes us stand up. But we hear that her home is far from our school. Every morning she has to walk to school ty minutes. And she is never late. Then we come to see that Mrs Wang loves us dearly. She teaches us so carefully. In fact, she is a good teacher.  我们的英语老师王老师大约四十岁,她总是带着一副眼镜她对我们很严格当我们出了错,她经常让我们站起来可是我们听说她家离学校很远每天早晨她步行0分钟到学校,从不迟到逐渐我们发现王老师很爱我们,她教课特别认真实际上,她真是一位好老师重庆市星宸整形医院电话预约

重庆星辰医学美容医院是不是正规医院六年级英语作文:My Dream Home --1 :: 来源:   I have two kinds of dream homes. One is quiet, and the other is on a busy street.  I want a quiet home because I want to have a rest there. The house is on the gra. In front of the house, there is an ale tree. I want to have many ales to eat every autumn. I also want to play the swing at the tree. There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, two sitting rooms, a kitchen, a dining room and a big study. There are lots of books in the study and there is a computer in it. I can books, surf the Internet and play computer games there.  I want a flat on the busy street. Itrsquo close to my school. I have seven rooms. The biggest one is the sitting room. There is a TV and a comtable armchair oosite the TV. After dier, I sit in the armchair and watch TV. Itrsquo very nice. I have a balcony. I can enjoy the suhine on it.重庆星宸做整形怎么样贴吧 关于描述人物的英语作文:我的妈妈 --31 18:53: 来源: 关于描述人物的英语作文:我的妈妈My mother is 3 years old,she has long black hair ,and a round face.She's very thin.我的妈妈3岁了,她有一头长长的黑发,和一张圆圆的脸蛋她很瘦Mother likes cooking very much,and bothe my father and i like the dishes she made very much.Mother is very happy when we eat the food happily.But mother never eat too much,because she wants to keep thin.妈妈非常喜欢做饭,我和爸爸都很喜欢她做的菜当看到我们吃得很开心的时候,妈妈就很高兴但是妈妈她从来都不会吃太多,因为她想保持苗条的身材Unlike other mother,my mother doesn't care much about my scores.She usually says that scores don't mean everything,she will be happy as long as i study hard.和别的妈妈不一样,我的妈妈不太注重我的分数她经常说,分数并不代表一切,只要我努力了,她一样的开心So you can see how open-minded my mother is,i love her very much.所以,你们都知道了吧,我的妈妈多么开明,我真的很爱我妈妈重庆星辰皮肤正规吗会不会乱收费

重庆星辰整形医院几点营业DREAM HOUSE --3 :: 来源: DREAM HOUSEdream house i have a dream house.it is big and nice.there will be a garden, a kitchen , a balcony, a living room, a dining room, a bedroom and a dathroom .there won't be a swimming pool.do ypu like my drean house? 新同居时代(第一集上)-- :6:9 Allison and Nick are sitting in the lounge after the landlord just paid them a visit…  Allison: I can’t believe that the landlord is putting up the rent again! I couldn’t really afd the original rent in the first place! What am I gonna do?  Nick: You’re always going on about money. If you can’t afd the rent, why dont you move out?  Allison: Coz it is really near to work. You know that I dance at ‘Equinox’ disco! It is just around the corner.  Nick: Well what are we gonna do? As a journalist I’ve found out that Houhai has become more and more popular as a bar destination. I thought something like this would happen! What can we do about it?  Allison: I know. Why dont we have a group meeting tonight after everyone is back from work to discuss it?  Nick: Sure.  房东刚走,Allison 和Nick 坐在客厅里  Allison:我简直不能相信房东竟然又涨房租了!原来的房租我就真的承受不了了!该怎么办啊?  Nick:你老是唠叨关于钱的问题如果你住不起,为什么不干脆搬出去?  Allison:因为这里离我工作的地方很近你知道我工作的那家‘Equinox’迪厅就在附近  Nick:那我们该怎么办?以我记者的身份观察,后海的酒吧越来越多了我想事情肯定是这样的!我们该怎么办呢?  Allison: 我知道我们为什么不等大家都下班回来开个会商量一下呢?  Nick: 好  好用句:  To go on about (something) 长时间谈某一件事(尤指抱怨或令人生厌)  如果有人总是不停地说一件事情的时候,就可以用这个句型  Eg. He really loves sport! He always goes on about soccer and basketball!  他真是太喜欢体育了,总是唠叨足球和篮球  Later that evening, a group discussion was held.  Melissa: God it’s hot in here.  Allison: You’re always complaining how hot it is! You shouldn’t wear such big clothes then! Why dont you go and change into a T-shirt or something.  Melissa: No, actually I’m ok now. As the flat we could just rent out the spare bedroom. What do you guys think?  Yummy: That is a really good idea. I think that it solves the money problem.  Kurt: I agree. It makes sense as otherwise it is just wasted space.  Nick: I hope we get a guy! We need a balance in the house, as there are too many girls!  Allison: Hey! Well I hope it is a girl as girls are better than boys!  Nick: Dont get me started! But whatever, I think that we should put an ad a new roommate in the local paper 晚上,大家一起商量  Melissa:天哪,这里好热哦  Allison:你总是抱怨这儿热!你就不该穿那件厚衣!干嘛不换件T-shirt或别的  Melissa:不,事实上,我现在感觉还行至于我们的房子,我们可以把那间空房间租出去,你们觉得怎么样?  Yummy:这主意不错我觉得那样可以解决我们的租金问题  Kurt:我同意这主意挺明智的,不然我们就浪费空间了  Nick:我希望我们可以找个男的!这里女生太多了,我们要平衡一下男女人数  Allison:嘿,我希望找个女生,女的比男的好!  Nick:别跟我提这个!但不管怎样,我认为我们应该先在报纸上登个找房客的广告  好用句:  Dont get me started (on something) 别跟我提这个!(不然我就住不了嘴了)  A: I hear you didn’t do too well on your last test.  我听说上次考试你考得不怎么样  B: Don’t get me started on that! I lost all my notes the night bee the exam!  别和我提这个!考试前一个晚上,我把笔记丢了  FLATMATE NEEDED!  求室友  URGENT REQUEST A FLATMATE TO HELP SHARE THE RENT.  急寻一位可以分担房租的室友  SPACIOUS ROOM WITH BIG LIVING ROOM AND KITCHEN  房间宽敞,有起居室和厨房   HOUR HOT WATER AND SHOWER  小时热水,可以洗澡  SHARING WITH FIVE OTHER EASY GOING ROOMIES  和另外五个性格随和的人同住  RENT IS 00 RMB A MONTH  每月00人民币  MUST BE CLEAN AND TIDY, A NON-SMOKER AND GENERALLY EASY GOING. PREFERABLY A MALE, BUT FEMALES ALSO CONSIDERED  讲究卫生、不吸烟,性格随和,男士优先,女士也可考虑  CALL ****** IF YOU’RE INTERESTED  如果你感兴趣,请致电******重庆市星宸整形医院整形美容价格重庆市星宸医院院长是谁



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