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Israeli security forces shot dead a Palestinian in Jerusalem on Monday. The man had reportedly attacked an Israeli border police officer with a knife at the Lions Gate entrance to the Old City.周一以色列安全部队在耶路撒冷击毙了一巴勒斯坦人。据报道,该名男子在进入古城的狮子门入口持刀袭击了一以色列边境警员。Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said: “Paramilitary police officers noticed the man acting suspiciously and ordered him approached to be searched.”以色列发言人罗森菲尔德称:“武装警察发现该男子形迹可疑,要求对他进行搜查。”“The man attacked an officer with a knife, but he was wearing a protective vest and was not injured,” Rosenfeld said.罗森菲尔德称:“这名男子用刀袭击了一名警员,好在他穿了防护背心,并没有受伤。”Four Israelis and 24 Palestinians including eight children have died in 12 days of bloodshed. That is being fuelled in part by Muslim anger over increasing Jewish visits to the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, revered by Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary and Jews as the Temple Mount.12天的流血事件造成4名以色列人和24名巴勒斯坦人死亡,其中包括8名儿童。位于耶路撒冷的阿克萨清真寺被穆斯林和犹太人奉为崇高的圣殿和圣殿山,越来越多的犹太人前往于此一定程度上激怒了穆斯林。Israeli officials last week reportedly urged residents to carry weapons for protection amid the increased tension and violence.据报道,上周在紧张和暴力加剧的形势下,以色列官员呼吁居民携带武器防身。Those calls have been criticised by a former Foreign minister who said that shifting the job of protection from state to citizen would lead to chaos.这些呼吁遭到了前外交部长的批评,他表示保护工作从政府转移到民众会引发混乱。译文属。 /201510/403263

I went to Blackwells in Oxford...and I bought an astronomical atlas.我去了牛津的布莱克威尔医院 我买了一本天文图One of my sisters-in-law said.;This is a very prophetic thing for you to have done.;我的一个弟媳说 ;这是你做的很有预见性的一件事;How real is time?Will it ever come to an end?时间有多真实 时间有没有终点Where does the difference between the past and the future come from?过去和未来有什么区别Why do We remember the past.But not the future?为什么我们能回忆起过去 而不是将来I can remember the day...when we traveled through London and the blackout was over.我还记得那天 我们经过伦敦 然后灯火管制刚结束And the trains, instead of being shut in by blinds so that you just traveled in a train.火车仍然在行驶 通过火车的百叶窗看去we were coming over one of the bridges...and all the lights well, such lights as were left我们正经过一座座的铁路桥 看到灯光闪耀 灯光消逝的地方were on in London, but it was also a completely starry night and you could see the light. It was beautiful.便是伦敦城区 那也是一个星光闪耀的夜晚 你能看到那些星光 非常漂亮I remember we all used to lie on the grass,looking straight up through a telescope...我记得我们都常常躺在草坪上 透过望远镜and seeing the wonders of the stars.Stephen always had a strong sense of wonder.仰望璀璨的星空 史蒂芬总是充满了好奇and I could see that the stars would draw him...and further than the stars.我知道那些星星吸引了他 还有比星星还要深远的东西201603/432877

  African athletes buy souvenirs in Beijing非洲运动员在京购买纪念品Tea sets and traditional ornaments might some be some things that are usually considered as things to take home when visiting Chinas capital.茶具、传统饰品通常会是来中国首都北京必须购买带回祖国的纪念品。Not for Guineas Mohamed Lamine Dansoko, and the Democratic Republic of Congos Rossene Mpingo, who had a much more mainstream souvenir in mind to have in their hand luggage on their trip home.而来自几内亚的穆罕默德·西索科和刚果民主共和国的罗塞内·马尼格却不走这样的寻常路线,他们有着想带回祖国更为主流的其他纪念品。 译文属201508/396399

  栏目简介:《造物小百科How it’s made》介绍了许多东西的制作或者说发明方法,非常实用。其中的英语视频发音地道,内容浅显易懂,过程形象生动,是提高英语听力水平,积累英语知识和一些简单生活常识的好素材。201509/392041。

  The cosmos had taken its first step towards the beautiful place it is today.宇宙向形成今天的绚丽多迈出了第一步All thanks to irregularity, imperfection, a lack of order.都归功于宇宙的不规律,瑕疵以及缺乏秩序So next time someone complains that you have made a mistake,所以下一次,如果有人抱怨你犯了错误tell him that may be a good thing告诉他这或许是件好事because without imperfection, neither you nor I would exist.因为如果没有瑕疵,你我都将不复存在13.5 billion years ago, the universe was mostly hydrogen gas135亿年前,宇宙主要由氢气构成with gravity doing what gravity does万有引力发挥其作用which is to slowly pull it into vast clouds.缓慢地将氢气汇聚成广阔的云层Hydrogen is the simplest of gasses.氢气是最简单的气体But it has a very special property.却有一种罕见的特性Its a tremendous source of power.它是个巨大的能量来源Heat hydrogen to around 10 million degrees将氢气加热至约一千万度and it begins to produce the energy that makes the stars shine它便产生出能够使恒星发光的能量and supplies the universe with warmth and light.并为宇宙提供温暖和光亮To see how this works,为进一步理解lets imagine we can make a small star here on earth.让我们想象可以在地球制造一颗小恒星First, we need plenty of hydrogen gas,首先,我们需要足够的氢气about a sports stadium full would be perfect.最好能充满整个体育场Next we need to imagine squishing this hydrogen together,接着,想象将氢气压缩just as gravity does in space.就像太空中的万有引力那样As the hydrogen compacts,伴随着氢气的压缩the atoms of gas starts bouncing off each other气体原子逐渐相互排斥and the temperature begins to rise.温度开始上升By the time its compressed down to the size of a soccer ball,在压缩至足球大小时the hydrogen reaches the critical 10 million degrees.氢气到达临界的一千万度And a process called nuclear fusion begins.核聚变便开始了The hydrogen starts to fuse together,氢开始聚合到一起making a new, heavier material, helium.生成一种新的更重的物质,氦With every step of this tiny bump and grind,通过一步步微小的撞击和擦some matter gets converted into pure energy.一些物质转变为纯粹的能量201509/396816

  Molasses contains carbohydrate, water and a small amount of B vitamins and minerals.糖蜜含有糖类,水和少量的维生素B以及其他矿物质The carbohydrate composition in molasses include fructose, glucose and sucrose.糖蜜中的糖类成分包括果糖,葡萄糖和蔗糖Molasses also contains 16 calories per teaspoon.每汤匙糖蜜的能量含量也为16卡路里Brown sugar is cane or beet sugar with Molasses.红糖是加入了糖蜜的蔗糖或甜菜糖This is the next step in processing sugar.生产于糖加工的下一个阶段It is used for a specific colour, flavour and texture.其色泽,味道和质地都十分特别Cane and beet sugar is the most basic sugar and is very commonly used.蔗糖和甜菜糖都是最常用,最基本的糖Its scientific name is sucrose.其学名统称蔗糖Which is made of glucose and fructose.它由葡萄糖和果糖组成Granulated and powdered sugar would be the most purest products of sucrose砂糖和粉糖是能在杂货店中that you can purchase in a grocery store.购得的最纯净的蔗糖Honey is another type of added sugar and is 82% carbohydrate or sugars.蜂蜜是另外一种添加糖其糖分含量为82%The main sugars found in honey are fructose and glucose.蜂蜜中的主要糖分含量为葡萄糖和果糖Honey also contains a small amount of protein vitamins minerals and anti oxidants.蜂蜜中还含有少量的蛋白质,维生素,矿物质和抗氧化剂Although the composition is very different than尽管其成分与常规的糖有很大的不同regular sugar it contains 16 calories per teaspoon.但每汤匙蜂蜜中所含的能量也为16卡路里High fructose corn syrup is produced through the wet milling of corn.高果糖玉米糖浆是通过玉米湿加工生产出来的,This product contains 55% fructose.其中含有55%的果糖Fructose is naturally found in fruit果糖天然存在于水果汁中but it is becoming a common additive in the processed foods and beverage industry.但也是食品加工和饮料工业中常用的添加剂Fructose is sweeter than glucose.果糖比葡萄糖更甜High fructose corn syrup is becoming more popular高果糖玉米糖浆由于其价格低廉because it is a low cost additive.越来越成为倍受欢迎的添加剂The caloric content is similar to sugar in that it contains 4 calories per gram.其能量含量与糖相似,为每克4卡路里Stevia is a sweetening agent and the product sweetleaf, Truvia and Pervia.甜菊糖甙是一种甜味剂,常见品牌有甜叶,Truvia和PerviaThis sweetener comes from a shrub that originates in South America.这种甜味剂是从南美的一种灌木中提炼出来的Rebaudioside A, so called Rauina or Reb A is a sweet substance that is taken from this shrub.瑞鲍迪甙A是一种从这种灌木中提取出来的甜味物质It is the most abundant and sweetest chemical on the plant.它是世界上最丰富,最甜的化学物质,This chemical is also 250 to 450 times sweeter than sucrose.它比蔗糖要甜250-450倍,So much less has to be used to get the same sweetening effect.只用少量就能同样的甜味效果Powdered products that contain Reb A are very shelf stable,含有瑞鲍迪甙A的粉末状产品能够储存很长时间have good thermal and cooking stability其温度和烹调稳定性都极强but has some degradation in acidic conditions.但是在酸性条件下容易失效Stevia is non nutritive because it is quickly excreted through the urinary tracts甜菊糖甙没有营养,因为它会很快通过尿液排出体外and the body has very low systemic exposure.很难被人体全面吸收If it is absorbed it is converted to glucuronate一经吸收它就会转变为葡糖苷酸盐which is quickly excreted by the kidney.并迅速通过肾脏排出体外201512/418928At the chiefs house,在村长家hes doing his bit to prove not all men are useless in the kitchen.他正在身体力行的说明,并非所有男人在厨房里都是废柴Hes making chicken soup with ginger and chilli.他用姜和辣椒做鸡汤This dish is relatively simple.这道菜相对来说比较简单Hes very smart not to do anything complicated!他很聪明的没有做更复杂的事But I think people dont realise, when youre cooking at home,但是我觉得人们没有意识到,在家做饭时you should keep it really nice and simple.应该做到简单精致Im using chilli and garlic to make one of my favourite dishes -我用辣椒和蒜做了一道我最喜欢的菜chicken stir-fry with fresh herbs.用新鲜的草本植物爆炒鸡肉Im just going to put my chicken in.我准备把鸡放进去Adding the marinade in there...然后加上卤汁..and Im going to add all my lovely herbs here.然后加我喜欢的草本植物This is what I love about Chinese food. All you need is a wok,这就是我喜欢中国菜的原因,你只需要一口锅a flame and fresh ingredients to make a simple and delicious supper.一把火和新鲜的佐料就能做出一道美味To go with the chicken, Im making a classic Yunnan dish.我用鸡肉做出了一道云南经典菜Pineapple rice.菠萝饭Ginger, a little bit of salt.姜和少许盐Then we do our rice.然后开始做米The key ingredient in this dish is pre-cooked cold rice,这道菜的关键是先把生米煮一下ideally a day old, stir-fried in very hot oil.理论上要先(把煮过的米)放一天,用热油烹To break up the clumps, give the rice a good stir.把米块打碎,充分搅拌Then add the pineapple and fresh mint.然后加上凤梨和新鲜薄荷The wood fire gives it a lovely smoky flavour.柴木给了这个菜增加了烟熏的美味With fresh local ingredients,用当地新鲜的佐料this is traditional village cooking at its best.使这种传统的家常菜达到极致In Thailand, we say ;hom;. What mean ;hom;?在泰国,我们说hom 这是什么意思Fragrant - if something smells good,是芳香—如果味道好闻we say ;hom;. ;Hom;?我们说HOM. HOMFragrant? We are y.芳香,我们准备好了Just have to wait for Ching and the rest of the women for the fish.等女人们弄好鱼就好了Yeah, everyone is hungry.大家都饿了So this is the banana leaf wrap, thats the fish.这是香蕉叶,那是鱼Ah, beautiful!很不错She says its very good!她说这个不错This is a soup the chief made,这是村长做的鸡汤and this is pineapple rice.这是菠萝饭You know what you just ate? No. Its a centipede.你知道你吃的是什么么。不,蜈蚣啊Oh! Thats an interesting flavour!多有意思的美味Its quite sweet.尝起来有点甜Yes, but I wouldnt order it every day.恩,但我觉得我不会天天吃这个Wow, this rice is delicious!这个米太好吃了So inspired by their use of the local ingredients,他们对自产食材的充分利用fishing for your own fish.自己抓鱼这种方式启发了我You cant get fresher than that. Isnt that wonderful?最新鲜也不过如此了,太棒了不是么Theyre really close to the earth. Nature. Yes.这里的人真的是亲近土地。是的,接近自然201510/402769

  A suicide car bombing near Kabul airport has killed at least one person and injured more than a dozen others.喀布尔机场附近发生一起自杀式汽车爆炸事件,造成至少1人死亡,12多人受伤。The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the blast which it claims targeted a convoy of foreign forces.塔利班声称对袭击事件负责,并声称目标对准一国外护航队。Police though say the attack near a school was aimed at sping fear among ordinary Afghan citizens.All the victims are said to be civilians.警方表示,学校附近的袭击是为了在普通阿富汗民众中传播恐惧,所有的受害者都是平民。The latest in a recent series of suicide bombings, the explosion shattered windows and sent debris flying onto the street.最近发生了一系列自杀式爆炸事件,爆炸震碎了窗户,碎片飞向街头。I was standing near my shop when suddenly I heard a huge explosion and everything went dark around me.我正站在我店里附近,突然听到一声巨大的爆炸声,我周围变得一片漆黑。There were pieces of iron flying over. I was around three metres away from this blast. I saw a teenage boy killed on the ground. It was really terrible.有铁片飞过。我在离爆炸三米远的地方。我看见一个十几岁的男孩倒在地上。真的是太可怕了。Taliban insurgents have claimed several attacks this month, including an assault on a Spanish embassy guest house in the Afghan capital and a suicide bombing near Bagram air base that killed six American troops.塔利班武装分子声称实施了本月数起袭击事件,包括在阿富汗首都一西班牙大使馆招待所的袭击,以及在巴格拉姆空军基附近造成六名美国士兵死亡的自杀式炸弹袭击。译文属。 /201512/418826栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201506/378722


  North, fighting to preserve the union.北方力争保持统一South, to break away,To preserve its economy based on slave labor.南方却要分裂 要保持南方经济的发展 依靠的是奴隶劳动Once these two ideas clash ...hell is on earth.一旦这两种理念交锋 美国就变成了地狱July, 1863.Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.1863年七月 在宾夕法尼亚州的葛底斯堡After two years of Civil War,The confederate army invades the north.经过两年的内战 南方邦联军入侵了北方At Blochers Knoll, they have union forces on the run.在布洛赫高地上 他们让北方联邦军节节败退But private Reuben Ruch stands his ground.但士兵鲁本·鲁赫有他自己的立场22 years old, idealist, patriot.他年仅二十二岁 是个爱国的理想主义者He writes in his diary:The bullets were whistling about like hail.他在日记中写道 子弹呼啸而过 像冰雹一般A man behind me was shot.At that same moment, the man on my left was killed.我身后的人中弹了 同时 我左边的人也牺牲了He fell with half his length ahead of me.他倒在我前面 离我只有半个身位的距离The thought occurred that I might be next.我想我可能会成为下一个牺牲品;This will be the bloodiest battle ever fought on US soil.这将是美国国土上最血腥的战争Industry in the north gives union troops an edge,北方的工业给了联邦军一定的优势The latest military technology:the .52-caliber sharps carbine.那就是最先进的军事技术: 0.25口径的卡宾201604/438797。

  I could feel that one going through.我都感觉到它的牙齿了Shouldve had the double glove.你应该带双层手套的I learned the hard way!我也是吃过苦头才知道的The big mouse aly has a 50% chance of being dead.这只大老鼠已经有50%死亡的可能OK, so hes doing well to be alive?它还活得挺好的Hes lucky to be alive, thats right.很幸运它能活到现在- The small one probably has another year to go. - Oh, right.-而这只小的还有一年的寿命 -好的The little guy will live这只小家伙能活到on to the equivalent of what, 120 in human?按人类的年龄来算的话 120岁吗Exactly, yeah.是的Another 30 to 40 years in human years.折算成人的话 它还有三四十年的寿命- Can I pick it up? - Go ahead.-我能把它抓起来吗 -抓吧- By the tail. - OK.-抓尾巴 -好的The little mouse Im holding我现在抓住的这只小鼠is actually a man-made creation.其实是基因改造的产物The reason hes so small and so long lived它之所以如此瘦小和长寿is because hes been genetically engineered.是因为它的基因被改变了He has incredibly low levels of a growth hormone它体内的生长激素 也就是called Insulin-like Growth Factor 1.类胰岛素一号生长因子的水平非常低And it seems IGF-1 is a key factor看来类胰岛素一号生长因子是linking calorie restriction and longevity.将低热量饮食和长寿联在一起的主要因素重点解释:1.go through 经历;浏览例句:He thought it his duty to go through the papers.他认为自己有责任检查这些文件。2.be lucky to幸运地例句:Youre very lucky to be alive after that accident.你大难不死可真幸运。3.pick up 捡起例句:He picked up his knife and fork.他捡起了刀叉。 201509/401088

  But the sun is much more than a giant lightbulb.但是太阳不只是个巨大的灯泡There are other forces at work in the sun.其内部还有其他的力量正在运作Forces that change over minutes and over years.这些力量可能在数分钟或数年内改变Forces that tear the surface apart.撕裂太阳表面We are only now beginning to understand these forces我们现在才开始了解这些力量and the effects they have on the Earth.及它们对地球的影响But we have known about them for hundreds of years.但我们早在几百年前,就知道它们的存在Because the sun gets spots.因为太阳上会出现黑点Sun spots are dark regions on the surface of the Sun,太阳黑子是出现在太阳表面的黑色区域typically about the size of the Earth in terms of area.一般来说,大小和地球差不多Heres a live shot of one today.这是今天拍到的即时影像Unfortunately weve got a very windy day with high thin clouds,可惜今天风很大,而且高空有稀薄的云层so the pictures bouncing around and not very sharp,所以画面晃得很厉害,画质也不清晰but with very high resolution images we can see但以高度来看,就能看到detailed structure in the sun spot.太阳黑子的仔细构造The inner part of the sun spot,太阳黑子的内部…the dark umbra as we call it is dark即所谓的暗影only in comparison to the rest of the sun.只是与太阳其他地方对比下,才显得黑暗Its actually bright enough that it would blind you其实暗影很亮,单独直视它的话if you looked at it alone.会瞎掉The spots are not static.太阳黑子并非静止不动These images show the edges of the spot crawling,我们拍到的画面显示,黑子的边缘almost as if it was alive.正在鲜活蠕动The movements of sunspots have been studied自从伽利略用望远镜观察太阳for four hundred years.对其行为有重大发现后Ever since Galileo trained his telescope on the sun人类就开始研究太阳黑子的活动and made the first crucial discovery about its behaviour.至今已四百多年Surprised to see black dots creeping over the surface伽利略惊讶地发现,太阳表面有移动的黑点he kept track of them over a number of days因此连续观察了好几天and found that they were all moving in the same direction.结果发现它们都朝着相同的方向移动To Galileo the meaning was clear对伽利略而言,其意义再清楚不过the sun was rotating太阳在旋转and was turning faster at the equator than at the poles.而且赤道旋风的速度比两极快It was a discovery that was to prove critical这项发现对我们in our understanding of how the sun works.了解太阳的作用机制至关重要Ever since Galileo records have been自伽利略之后kept of the coming and goings of sunspots人们便开始记录太阳黑子的出现与消失and variations soon became clear.其变异很快就呼之欲出Sometimes the sun is covered in hundreds of spots有时太阳表面出现数以百计的黑子other times there are none at all.有时连一个都没有201504/368530

  Wow, were really high up哇,这地方很高啊and this is a gorgeous little village!这是一个很棒的小山村Zhanglang is home to 45 families, 80% of whom make a living张郎镇居住着45个家族,其中80%依靠from selling pu-erh tea leaves to processing factories.贩卖普洱茶叶给加工企业维持生计Shau-Li and Shau-Lu are two young tea picker friends.小丽和小露是两个从事采茶的朋友They started tea picking when they were 11 and 12.她们从11岁 12岁就开始采茶So very young!相当年轻They went to primary school, theres a school in the village,她们读了小学,村里有一所学校but they left school about ten.但在大约十岁时便辍学And theyve been tea picking ever since.从那时起就做起了采茶工We head outside to the plantation so the girls can show me the ropes.我们前往茶园,女孩子们就可以给我们引路Chinas emerging free market economy and state promotion of tea过去十年中国新兴的自由市场经济以及over the last ten years resulted in an export boom.国家推动茶叶发展造就了出口激增Many villages in Yunnan converted their subsistence land很多云南的村庄把他们赖以生存的土地into tea terraces.转换成茶叶梯田This is just, the size of it! Its huge!这就是,它的规模,太大了Ive never experienced a tea plantation this big.我从未体验过如此巨大的茶园But an investor buying frenzy但投资者的抢购狂潮led to lots of fake pu-erh teas flooding the market.导致大量假普洱茶充斥市场And in 2008, the bubble burst,在2008年泡沫破灭and thousands of tea producers went out of business.成千上万茶叶生产者破产了Theyre super-fast!他们超级快Its like a blink and then theyve gone through a whole bush.眨眼的功夫他们就把一丛茶叶采完But with their organic production methods and indigenous skills,但是运用他们的有机生产方法和本地技艺passed down through the generations,并传授给下一代the Bulang were able to brand the authenticity of their pu-erh tea布朗族能够辨别普洱茶的真伪and ride out the collapse.使得他们安全渡过了难关So this is the best part,所以这是最好的部分this is the part that they pick off the leaves of the tea.就是他们采摘茶树叶子的部分First the tender shoot, thats coming out,首先嫩芽,长出来的部分and the top two leaves - thats the most prized bit.然后最上面的两片叶子-这就是最值钱的部位And its because it has more tea fragrance,因为它含有更多的茶香as opposed to the older leaves.相对于更老的叶子Ive never cooked with these pu-erh green tea leaves before,我之前从未用这些普洱绿茶叶烹饪so Im really excited.所以我真的很激动Its very tender...非常嫩…..slightly bitter, but its good for you!…清淡的苦味,但对身体很好Cos actually, with tea, in traditional Chinese medicine,因为事实上在传统中医里面有这种说法they say that you must have tea in your diet,食必须有茶because theres that bitterness that we lack.因为我们缺乏的就是苦味You can get salt, sweet, sour,你可以在诸多不同种类的蔬菜水果中fiery, pungent flavours from many different vegetables,获得咸,甜,酸,火热,辛辣的味道and fruit, but you cant get bitterness, that flavour profile.但是你无法获得苦味这种味感特征But you can get it from tea.但你可以从茶里获取201510/403827

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