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重庆市星宸整形医院做整形美容要多少钱重庆市星宸整形看病贵不贵栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201603/433869重庆市妇幼保健院是什么等级 The History of Valentines Day情人节的由来This is the day we celebrate love. Welcome to watchmojo.com, and today well be learning more about Valentines day.这是我们欢庆爱情的日子。欢迎收看watchmojo.com,今天我们会学到更多有关情人节的东西。You choo-choo-choose me?你选、选、选择了我?Happy Valentines!情人节快乐!Valentines day is celebrated annually on February 14. On this day, people exchange greeting cards and presents in the name of love and St. Valentine, which is why it is also known as St. Valentines Day or the Feast of St. Valentine.情人节每年在二月十四日受人庆祝。在这天,人们以爱情及圣瓦伦丁之名交换贺卡及礼物,这也是为什么它同样也以圣瓦伦丁节或圣瓦伦丁的盛宴为人所知。It is the feast of the martyrdom of St. Valentine. Please, Jack. Dont tell me youre one of those convenient Catholics that only goes to church every Sunday.这是圣瓦伦丁殉难的节日。拜托,Jack。别告诉我你是那些只在每个周日上教堂贪图方便的天主教徒之一。In the Christian tradition, there were several martyred saints with the name Valentine or Valentinus. According to legend, one of these Valentines was a priest who went against the orders of Roman Emperor Claudius II by conducting marriages between soldiers and their loved ones. These actions ultimately led to his execution.在基督教传统中,有数个名叫Valentine或是Valentinus的殉难圣徒。根据传说,这些Valentine中其中一名是一位牧师,他透过主持士兵及他们恋人的婚礼,违抗了罗马皇帝Claudius二世的命令。这些行动最终导致了他的处决。However, before being put to death, St. Valentine cured his jailers daughter from blindness and fell in love with her. His last communication with her was a letter signed ;From your Valentine,; and this marked the very first Valentine greeting.然而,在被处死之前,圣瓦伦丁治好了他狱卒的女儿的盲眼,并和她相恋。他与她最后的联络是一封信写着“你的瓦伦丁留”,而这也纪录了第一个情人节的问候。To honor him, Pope Gelasius I made February 14 St. Valentines Day in 496 AD.为了向他致敬,教宗Gelasius一世在西元496年订定二月十四日为圣瓦伦丁日。Some believe the choice of this particular date was an effort by the Christians to curb the celebration of a pagan fertility festival called Lupercalia. Taking place between the 13th and 15th of the month, the festival honored a Roman god and the founders of Rome through rituals of sacrifice and feasting.有些人相信这特定日期的选择是基督徒做出的努力,以遏止一个叫做“牧神节”的异教徒祈求多产庆典的庆祝活动。在该月的十三日及十五日之间举行,这个庆典借由牲礼及盛宴的仪式来向罗马之神及罗马的建国者表达敬意。The association of romantic love with Valentines Day did not actually emerge until the Middle Ages when a poem by Englishman Geoffrey Chaucer linked February 14 with the start of the mating period for birds.浪漫爱情与瓦伦丁日的结合实际上并没有出现,直到中世纪前,当一首由英国人Geoffrey Chaucer写的诗将二月十四日与鸟类交配期间的开端连结在一起。As Valentines Day earned more literary mentions, it grew in popularity over the centuries. People soon adopted the tradition of exchanging romantic handwritten notes with one another.当瓦伦丁日得到更多文学上的叙述,它在数世纪间受欢迎度逐渐成长。人们很快地采用了互相交换浪漫手写字条的传统。Then, in the 1800s, a woman named Esther Howland became inspired by the fancy and intricate cards being made in England. By spearheading the mass production of similar cards in the ed States, she became known as ;The Mother of the American Valentine.;然后,在1800年代,一名叫做Esther Howland的女性受到那些在英国制作的花俏及精细卡片所启发。借由引领在美国类似卡片的大量制作,她变得以“美国情人节之母”为人所知。During the next century, the celebration of Valentines Day expanded to include gift-giving of items like flowers, chocolate and jewelry. These tokens of affection are exchanged not only between romantic partners but also between loved ones and friends.在接下来的一个世纪间,情人节的庆祝活动扩展到包含物品的礼物赠与,像是鲜花、巧克力及珠宝。这些爱慕之情的象征不只在恋人间交换,也在心爱的人及朋友间交换。All women should look as tasty as you when theyre old.所有女人当她们上了年纪时,都应该要看起来像你一样秀色可餐。With billions of dollars spent on cards and gifts annually, Valentines Day has been criticized in recent years for being too commercial. Regardless, it is widesp in popular culture and continues to be the subject of literature, movies, television episodes, and more.由于每年有数十亿元花费在卡片及礼物上,情人节在近几年被批评太过于商业化。尽管如此,它在大众文化中广为流行,并持续成为文学、电影、电视影集及更多东西的主题。Today, Valentines Day is celebrated around the world, especially in Europe and North America.今天,情人节在世界各地受人庆祝,特别是在欧洲及北美洲。I made it especially for you.我特别作了这个给你。Oh, thanks.喔,谢谢。Many other countries also have a day dedicated to love, though it may have another name, fall on other dates, or involve different customs.许多其他国家也有献给爱情的日子,但是它也许有另外的名字、落在其他日子、或是包含不同的习俗。For some Valentines Day cooking ideas, or for more great historical s, be sure to subscribe to watchmojo.com.想要一些情人节的烹饪点子,或是想要更多超棒的历史相关影片,一定要订阅watchmojo.com。There you have it: young love full of promise, full of hope, ignorant of reality. From Henderson High on Valentines Day, Im Greg Gilkins, and its Channel 13.这就是了:充满承诺、充满希望、漠视现实的年轻爱情。在情人节从Henderson高中报导,我是Greg Gilkins,这里是第十三频道。201503/361668Hello. My name is Stephen Hawking.Physicist,cosmologist,and something of a dreamer.大家好 我是史蒂芬·霍金 一个物理学家 宇宙学家 有时还是个梦想家Although I can not move and I have to speak through a computer.虽然我行动不便 也必须通过电脑发声In my mind,I am free.Free to explore the most profound mysteries of the cosmos.但我的思绪却在自由驰骋 得以探索关于宇宙的大哉问Such as: Why is the universe the way it is?好比宇宙为何是这副模样Why does it follow rules and laws?为何会遵守规则和定律运行Why is there order instead of chaos?为何会有秩序而非混沌一片Finding out leads us to the very deepest of secrets.穷究这些问题 就可解开最深的奥秘To the one principle that sit the heart of everything in the cosmos.Check it out.找出宇宙万物的核心准则 欢迎收看The Aurora Australis or Southern Lights seen from the International Space Station.从国际空间站 鸟瞰南极光Ive devoted my life to the search for an explanation to such.beautiful mysteries.我一生的精力 想解释如此美妙的 神秘现象Because I believe it would lead us to the secrets of the universe itself.因为我认为 它有助于解开宇宙本身的奥秘201601/420020重医附一院价位表

重庆市星宸美容有学生套餐?Ive brought the young ones silver dollars.我给年轻人们带来了美元银币In China, its traditional to give coins in an envelope as tokens of good luck.在中国,封红包是一种习俗,来获得好运气Well, they loved my mum a lot.他们很爱我母亲Its, uh...Its evident.这是,嗯…这是很明显的And they said they...他们说,他们…When they heard she had passed on, they did a lot of offerings to her,当他们听说她去世了,他们为她做了很多祭祀so that was very nice.所以,他们真的很好This morning, my cousins are taking me to our ancestral village in the Foshan region of Guangdong.早上,我的堂兄弟们带我去祖先生活的村子,在广东佛山Its an area dominated by paddy fields,这里到处都是水稻田where my fathers family were rice farmers going back several generations.我父亲的家庭就是稻农,延续了好几代I said, ;Is it hard work?;我说,这工作辛苦吗She said, ;Well when youre young, I mean, you dont think about it,她说,当你年轻的时候,你不会考虑这些的;how backbreaking it really is to plant each stalk of rice.;你不会去想种植每块稻田实际上有多么辛苦She has to get down there, bend down to do that,她不得不去,弯腰工作and they say when people actually eat他们说当人们真正吃到食物时they have no idea where it comes from and how its harvested.人们不会知道它是从何而来,如何收获的My family are gathering at my grandparents grave to mark Qingming,我的家人都来到了祖先的墓地纪念清明,an annual ceremony of grave sweeping,一个一年一度的扫墓仪式when relatives meet to tidy the burial sites of their loved ones.亲戚们相约来清扫亲人们埋葬的地方Traditionally, its believed that the spirits of the dead按照传统,人们相信死者的灵魂will look after their living family if theyre offered gifts of food会照看他们的仍然活着的家人,如果他们提供食物and fake money to keep them happy in the afterlife.和冥币让他们在另一个世界里感到高兴Despite the occasion, it can be quite a lively event.若不考虑场合,它可以是一个非常热闹的事情Its very different, our attitude.这是非常独特的,我们(对待扫墓)的态度If you think of something like this in the West, its very sombre.如果你用西方的思维方式,这是件很阴郁的事I mean, nobody would think of...我是说,没有人会认为This is almost like a picnic here.这几乎就像是一次野餐Before we eat, we must fulfil one last Chinese custom.在吃饭前,我们还必须进行最后一项中国传统Really准备好了吗Wow!哇Well, no evil spirits will come here now!现在,没有邪灵能靠近这里了!201512/418655重庆星辰皮肤是大医院还是小医院? 栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们边看视频边学英语。正宗地道的口语,假一罚十。美剧电影真人秀都看过了之后还能看什么学口语呢?当然是看这些双语视频啦!又好玩,又原汁原味,又顺便学一两句地道英语,多痛快!快来看看吧!201512/413342重庆市星辰美容医院电话号码是多少

重庆市星宸报价从遗传学角度来说,强壮的的个体永远很能吸引异性的注意。。。。。。。 好了,我们不是生物学课程,今天Jenny要告诉你的就是和WORK OUT、健身这个话题有关系的一些内容,告诉大家各种美好的肉体应该怎么说,以后在gym见到Mr. Muscle,就知道怎么和他们开聊了。201507/387043 Five Rules for Presentations by Nancy DuarteNancy Duarte的五个简报原则Presentations are a powerful communication medium. For more than 20 years, Duarte has developed presentations to launch products, align employees, increase company value, and propel global causes. Along the way we discovered five simple rules for creating world changing presentations.简报是强而有力的沟通媒介。过去二十多年来,Duarte制作出简报去推动新产品、训练职员、增加公司价值、以及推动全球事业。一路上我们发现了五个简单的原则,能够设计出改变世界的简报。The first rules is—treat your audience as king. You audience deserves to be treated like royalty. Design a presentation that meets their needs, and not just yours. Audiences wanna know what you can do for them, why they should adopt your view, and what are the steps they need to follow to take action. Give them those things in a clear, easily understandable way, and you will undoubtedly find favor with the king.第一原则是--把听众像国王般对待。你的听众理当享受皇家般的待遇。要设计一个合乎他们需求的简报,而不只是你的需求。听众想要知道“你可以为他们做些什么”、“他们为何要接纳你的观点”、以及“他们需要做什么来跟进并采取行动”。用清楚,容易了解的方式提供他们那些东西,你无庸置疑地会赢得国王的赞赏。The second rule is—sp ideas and move people. Your audience didnt show up to your 60-page on-screen dissertation. Theyre there to see you, to be inspired by your message and witness the quality of your thought. Youre not giving your presentation to have another meeting. Youre there to convey meaning. So consider including imagery that powerfully illustrates your point. Sometimes moving images can inspire in a way that static slides cannot. A sequential build adds a sense of suspense. And a thought provoking moves your audience in a way that can not only change minds, but hearts.第二个原则是--散布理念并感动人群。你的听众并不是来阅读你荧幕上六十页长的论文。他们是来看你的,想要被你的讯息所激励并见你优质的想法。不能像是开个会般的做简报。你是为了传达意念而站在那的。所以考虑加入能够强烈阐述你的观点的图像。有时候动态的影像能够用静态幻灯片所做不到的方式去激励听众。连续的架构添增一些悬疑感。而一段发人深省的影片用一种不仅改变想法,且打动人心的方式,感动你的听众。The next rule is—help them see what you are saying. Half of the people in your audience are verbal thinkers, and the other half are visual. Combining minimal text with meaningful visuals means that you will reach everyone. Brainstorm graphics that will effectively communicate your message, and then replace those words with a picture, a chart, or a diagram. Then apply a consistent treatment to your graphics to give your whole presentation a unified look, so that your audiences are attracted to, rather than distracted from your message.下一个原则是--帮助他们“见到”你所说的。你的听众有一半是语言思考者,而另一半是图像思考者。结合最少程度的内文以及有意义的视觉图像意味着你将会打动每位听众。脑力激盪出能够有效传达你的讯息的图像,然后将文字换成一张图片,图表或示意图。然后运用一致的方式处理图像,给你的整个简报一种整体感,以至于你的听众被你的讯息所吸引,而不是被分散注意力了。Rule number four—practice design, not decoration. As tempting as it is to fill your slides with stuff, often de-decorating is the best policy. Any writer or designer will tell you that 90% of the creative process is destructive. Do you have one main point? Consider just putting just one word on the slide by itself. You want them to remember a few items? Then dont show everything at once. Instead, show one item at a time. Do you have a picture that accurately expresses your idea? Scale that picture so that it fills the slide. Do you know a e that says it all? Then let it say it and remove everything else.第四原则--运用设计,而不是装饰。即便用东西填满你的幻灯片很有吸引力,通常减少装饰是最棒的方针。任何一位作家或设计师都会告诉你有百分之九十的创作过程是破坏性的。你有一个重点吗?考虑看看就只把一个字独自放在幻灯片上。你想要他们记得一些东西?那么不要一次全部展示出来。而是一次展示一个。你有能够精准地传达意象的照片吗?将照片调整比例让其填满整张幻灯片。你知道一句引言能够表达得尽善尽美?那就让它来表达,拿掉其他所有东西。The last rule is—cultivate healthy relationships with your slides and your audience. Letting go is hard. We know, but dont hide behind your slides. Breaking your dependence on your slides can do a world of good for your relationship with the audience. Reduce the amount of text to just a few words, and put the rest of the information in the notes, and then practice, practice, practice. Thinking of your slides as digital scenery allows you to connect eye-to-eye with your audience in a meaningful way.最后一个原则是--跟你的幻灯片和听众建立良好关系。要放得开很难。我们知道,但不要躲在幻灯片后面。破除你对幻灯片的依赖对你和听众的关系有莫大的帮助。将内文减少到几个字,并把剩下的资讯写到笔记中,然后练习、练习、还是练习。把幻灯片想成是数位布景,让你能够面对面地和听众有意义的接触。So, those are the rules, but the question remains: Why go to all these trouble? Why not do it the way youre used to? The answer is simple: Because everyone else does it that way too, and you need to stand apart and be different. When you apply these rules, and keep the audiences needs top of mind, your presentation will not only hold their attention, but also change the world.所以,那些是原则,但问题仍旧存在:“为何选择所有这些麻烦事?”“何不照以前的方式做?”很简单:因为其他人也都那样做,而你需要与众不同,表现出差异。当你运用这些原则,并以听众的需求为优先时,你的简报将不只会抓到他们的注意力,同时也会改变世界。Well, at least your part of the world.嗯,至少是你那部分的世界。201505/376509重庆市星宸整形医院网上咨询重庆市星辰美容是公立医院还是私立医院



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