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How to select tea怎样选择茶叶The following steps are some simple ways that may help tea drinkers select tea:下面几个简单的步骤可能帮助品茶者来选择茶叶:a. Tea leaves should always be kept dry. Customers can use their fingers to press tea leaves to see if they are dry. Slight finger press easily breaks dry tea leaves into small pieces.a.茶叶应该保持干燥。顾客可以用手指按压茶叶看其是否干燥。轻微的手指压力很容易把干燥的茶叶弄碎。b. Aroma is the most important factor. Good tea always smells good.b.气味是最重要的因素,好茶总是闻起来清香扑鼻。c. The color of the tea liquid and the shape of tea leaves vary with different types of tea. Generally; the tea liquid should remairr clear and free of impurity,and the shape of good tea leaves in the liquid should be whole and even.c.茶汤的颜色和茶叶的形状因茶的种类不同而有所区别。一般来说,茶汤应该干净无杂质,并且好茶的茶叶在茶汤中应该是完整的,舒展的。 /201606/445299。

  • 女性们会因为各种原因而外出,不管是去探索新区域还是寻求商业合作,或者和男人们不同的是,女人们有时只是想简单的休息和放松一下。事实上,女性独自出门在外,旅行也好出差也好,安全意识万万不可少!女性独自出门在外要注意哪些问题呢?   1.Know the risks  1.了解风险  A risk assessment should address your concerns as a female traveller, including safety and security, health conditions, the political and economic environment, local laws, customs, and cultural norms.  对于旅行地的风险评估包括安全、卫生条件、政治和经济环境、当地的法律、风俗和文化规范。  2.Plan ahead  2.提早做计划  Make sure you have travel health insurance that covers all medical expenses for illness or injury (including hospitalization abroad and medical evacuation), loss or theft of valuables, damage to baggage, and flight cancellations or interruptions.Consider taking a self-defence course for women.  确保你有能覆盖所有医疗费的旅行医疗保险:包括治疗疾病或者伤害(包括国外住院和医疗疏散)、贵重物品的遗失或遭窃、行李的损坏、航班取消或中断等。可以考虑参加女性自我防卫的课程。  3.Go lightly  3.轻装上阵  Always travel light, if possible, to protect yourself against loss or theft of money and valuables. You’ll be much less vulnerable and more independent if you’re not weighed down with a lot of luggage.  如果可能的话,旅行的时候要轻装上阵以免钱和贵重物品丢失或者遭窃。如果你携带的行李比较少的话,你就比较不容易那么脆弱,进而会更独立。  4.A safe haven  4.安全的栖息之处  Finding safe accommodations is one of a woman traveller’s primary goals.Travel early in the day, so you’ll have time to find a suitable place before dark. Better still, book your lodgings in advance, especially if you’re due to arrive late at night. Make sure you feel comfortable about your accommodations and their location. Always ask to see the room before taking it. Does the door lock properly? Are there holes in the door or walls that could be used by peeping Toms? Are there fire alarms and escape routes? Avoid ground-floor accommodations or any room that has easy access from outside, such as from a balcony or fire escape. Book a room that’s close to an elevator and away from exits.  女性独立外出旅行最重要的就是找到一个安全的住所。尽量在白天早一些的时候外出,那么在天黑之前你就有充足的时间可以找到一个合适的地方了。最好是提前预定住宿,尤其是你很晚的时候到达。确保对你居住的地方感觉到舒。在选择之前尽量先看看房间。门锁是否完好?门上和墙上的洞是否可以被人偷窥得到?是否有警报器和逃生通道?避免住在一楼或者容易从外面进入的房间,比如有阳台或者安全出口的房间。预定一个离电梯近且远离出口的房间。  5.What to wear  5.穿什么很重要  The rules of dressing for success vary hugely from culture to culture. They’re often based on age-old religious and moral beliefs. Defying these customs may be strictly forbidden in some societies and put you at risk.Find out what women wear in your host country before you arrive. Pack a suitable wardrobe based on your research.  文化的不同,成功着装的规则也是大相径庭。他们通常基于古老的宗教和道德信仰。无视这些习俗可能会被禁止而且会使你处于危险之中。在到达之前,要确认在你的旅行目的地的国家妇女的穿着。根据你的调查准备合适的衣吧~ /201604/435729。
  • Two men on the train invited me to their sister’s wedding, but they didn’t look at all like brothers.火车上认识的两个人邀请我参加他们的婚礼,但是他们完全不像是兄弟俩。Tall, fair-skinned Achmed and short, swarthy, moustachioed Mustafa entered my cabin midway between Marrakech and Fez. “A thousand welcomes to Morocco,” they said, putting their hands over their hearts.又高又白的艾哈迈德(Achmed)和又矮又黑、还留着小胡子的穆斯塔法(Mustafa)半路走进了我从马拉喀什(Marrakech)到非斯(Fez)的车厢。“非常欢迎到洛哥,”他们说,并将他们的手放在心口。I gave them a noncommittal nod, wary of yet another scam, having spent most of my time in Marrakech fleeing from touts, tour guides and con artists. Lacking contacts, a guidebook or much cash, I was essentially a refugee in this land, dependent on the good will of people I didn’t know.我礼貌性地点了点头,谨防这又是一场骗局,因为在马拉喀什的大部分时间我都疲于应付各种兜售、导游和骗子。不善交际、也没有旅游指南或很多现金,我基本是这片土地上的一个流浪汉,依赖于我不认识的那些人们的善意。The duo asked why I was visiting Morocco. I was too embarrassed to say it was actually just a cheap side trip from my stay in Spain. I didn’t want to admit I chose Marrakech because of a Crosby, Stills amp; Nash song and that I was travelling to Fez because of the funny hats.那对兄弟问我为什么要来洛哥。我尴尬不已,不好意思说这只是我在西班牙逗留期间的一次穷游而已。我不想承认我选择马拉喀什只是因为美国民谣合唱团体“Crosby, Stills amp; Nash”的一首歌,而我到非斯旅行则是因为滑稽帽子。So I made up a story with the old clichés, telling them I had always wanted to visit the land of the Arabian Nights, snake charmers and exotic desert adventures.因此我编造了一个陈腔滥调故事,告诉他们我一直都想拜访天方夜谭之地、弄蛇人和异国沙漠之旅。They laughed.他们大笑。“Well, perhaps those tales have some truths. But if you want to see the real Morocco, you must come to our sister’s wedding tonight,” Achmed said.“好吧,或许这些故事不无道理。但是如果你想见识真正的洛哥,你一定要来参加今晚我的婚礼。”艾哈迈德说,“Really?” I said, slowly looking them up and down. “I’m supposed to believe you two are actually brothers?”“真的吗?”我说,一边上下细细打量着他们。“我应该相信你们是真的两兄弟吗?”“We have different mothers. Our father has three wives, you see. And 15 children! What do you think about that?”“我们是同父异母的兄弟。我们的父亲有三个妻子,你看。还有15个孩子!你觉得呢?”“Your father must be a very energetic man.” “你们的父亲一定精力充沛。”“Oh yes! He once played for our national football team. But nowadays, we usually only take one wife here in Morocco. It is too expensive to support all those women.”“当然!他曾经入选过我们国家的足球队。但是现在,在洛哥,我们通常都只娶一个妻子。要养活这些女人可是太贵了。”“Plus it’s less trouble with one – you don’t have to worry about the other wives ganging up on you.” They laughed. “而且一个妻子也会少很多麻烦——你不用担心其他妻子联合起来对付你。”他们大笑。“You will see all this and so much more at the wedding.”“在婚礼你不仅能见到这些,还有更多其他方面。”“You will come, yes?” “你会来的,对吗?”They both looked at me intently, awaiting my reply. The rhythmic “ca-chunk, ca-chunk” of the train filled an awkward moment of silence.他们俩认真地看着我,等待回应。在这略显尴尬的沉默时刻,只有火车发出有节奏的“咔嗒、咔嗒”声。I tried to find a face-saving excuse.我试图找到一个不太丢面子的借口。“But I’m just backpacking here,” I said, gesturing to my dirty bag on the luggage rack. “I don’t have anything to wear to a wedding.”“但是我只是在这里自助旅行,”我说,用手指着行李架上的脏袋子。“我并没有参加婚礼可穿的衣。”They smiled at each other. Achmed said, “Oh, not to worry at all! Of course, we will help you buy a genuine Morocco djellaba robe at the market!”他们相视一笑。艾哈迈德说:“完全不用担心!我们当然会帮你到市场买一件正宗的洛哥长袍!”Mustafa then asked me if I had a hotel aly. “No? Of course we will find you a good hotel in Fez, very safe, very clean and very, very good price!”穆斯塔法然后问我有没有预订酒店。“没有?我们当然也会帮你在非斯找一家好酒店,非常安全、非常干净而且价格非常实惠!”Ok, I thought, this was the old “help for a commission” scam. They’d lead me to a hotel and market and get a cut of my purchases. Still doubting the wedding story, I shrugged and agreed, figuring it would be a small price to pay for temporary guides.好吧,我想,这就是古老的“助人为钱”骗局。他们会把我带到一家酒店和市场,然后从我购买的东西里得到回扣。对婚礼的故事将信将疑,我耸了耸肩表示同意,心想在临时导游上也花不了太多钱。But when we arrived at Fez, Achmed grabbed me just before we exited the rail station. “I will say goodbye for a moment. You will meet me at the end of the block, by the cafe, in a few minutes. It wouldn’t look good if we walked out of the station together.”但是当我们到达非斯时,艾哈迈德在我们要走出火车站时抓住了我。“我要离开一会了。几分钟后我们在街区的尽头见面,咖啡馆旁边。如果我们一起走出火车站的话,会不太好看。”“What, why not?”“什么,为什么不好看?”“People in Fez are funny. Don’t worry. No problem.”“非斯的人们很有趣。不用担心。没问题的。”Confused, I walked to the end of the block by the cafe and waited. A few minutes later, Achmed emerged, leading me to a dingy nearby hotel where he negotiated a rate and had me store my backpack.带着疑惑,我走到了街区尽头的咖啡馆等待。几分钟后,艾哈迈德出现了,带我到了附近的一家有些昏暗的酒店,他跟老板商量好价格后就帮我存放背包。We then went me to Fez’s Old Town market, where shouting merchants stood behind stone counters covered with kaleidoscopic arrays of shimmering cloth. He asked me to choose my favourite robe and secretly signal it to him so he could haggle for the best price.然后我们去了非斯的老城市场,在那里叫卖的商贩站在石头柜台后,上面盖着闪闪发光、五斑斓的桌布。他让我挑选最喜欢的长袍然后悄悄向他示意,然后他去向老板讨价还价。I selected a long white robe with an embroidered collar and a silvery hue, with a pocket on one side and a slit cut in the other. The shop owner declared that such a fine robe could not be sold for less than the absolute final and rock bottom price of 550 dirham – double the price of my hotel room.我选了一件带有刺绣衣领的银白色长袍,一侧有一个口袋,另一侧则是一条狭缝。店主表示这么好的一条长袍,最低价至少550迪拉姆——是我酒店房间价格的两倍。 /201606/450658。
  • Bullet points, question marks, underlining and a couple of impressive looking equations.着重号,问号,下划线,还有其他几个令人印象深刻的方程式。These are the methods used by one cheeky office worker to appear engaged in front of his boss during a mundane meeting.这就是一位调皮的员工用来在常见的会议上在老板面前假装很忙的方法。The bored employee uploaded a copy of the hilarious handwritten notes he took during a conference to Reddit on Wednesday so others could learn how simple it is to fool you employer into thinking you#39;re a productive member of staff.周三,这位觉得开会很无聊的员工将自己在某次会议期间手写的一份非常好笑的笔记上传到Reddit网站上,以便让大家学一下骗老板以为你效率很高有多简单。#39;Pretend to pay attention and look like you’re writing important things even though it’s all BS,#39; he scrawled on a note pad.他在记事本上潦草地写道:“假装在注意听讲,看上去你在写啥重要的东西,其实啥也不是。”#39;Indentation and bullet points are always a nice touch,#39; he added.他补充道:“缩进和着重号是不错的点缀。”After sitting and listening for another ten minutes, the officer worker jotted down some numbers and equations so it appeared he was paying close attention.又听了十分钟的会议内容后,这位员工草草记下了几个数字和方程式,因此看上去他在开会时很专心。He had several other pointers about how underlining, using question marks and drawing arrows made your notes look legitimate from afar.他又提出了几条建议,告诉大家划线标注、使用问号、和画箭头如何能使你的会议记录远远看上去合情合理。His last piece of advice was to make sure you jam some writing into the margins to #39;avoided having to fill up more than one page#39;.他的最后一条建议是,在纸张边缘处写些字,免得还要另用一张。#39;I can#39;t wait until working in traditional offices are a thing of the past and working remotely from my bed becomes standard,#39; the man added.他补充说:“非常盼望在传统办公室工作的时期成为过去,在家办公成为新标准。”Reddit users were quick to draw comparisons to their own #39;waste of time#39; meetings, while others said the man should have used his time to be more productive.Reddit网站用户很快就将其和自己参加的“浪费时间”的会议作了对比。也有些人说这位员工应该更高效地利用时间。#39;Seriously, I don#39;t know how many ;mandatory; meetings I have that are better suited to be email or on the company messenger,#39; one user wrote.一位用户写道:“认真地讲,我不知道我参加了多少‘强制’会议,而这些会议内容其实以电邮或者公司内部通讯工具发送会更好。”#39;I did that once too! Wrote something like ;just writing things down so it looks like I#39;m paying attention;. I still have the notebook at work,#39; commented another.“我也这么干过!写一些类似于‘随便写写,这样看起来我在认真参会’的东西在纸上。我还保存有工作时的记事本”,另一位用户道。The writer of another note, obtained by Daily Mail Australia, appears to have taken the man#39;s advice, using dot points to jot down what a waste of time his hour and a half meeting was.《每日邮报》澳洲版还拿到了另一份会议记录,写下这份会议记录的员工似乎已经采纳了前文所述员工的建议,使用圆点记下了这个长达一个半小时的会议有多浪费时间。#39;Projector not working – standard. Good start.#39;“投影仪坏掉了,普遍情况,不错的开始。”#39;No one is listening to you mate.... bla bla bla,#39; he wrote.“讲话的这位,没人在听你说啥啊……吧啦吧啦吧啦”,他写道。He then took down the date of a quality audit with a short reminder to #39;chuck a sickie#39; that day.之后他记下了质量审核的日期,加了个简短提醒,那天“请个病假”。#39;That’s it. Great. 1.5 hours gone,#39; he wrote, marking the end of the meeting.“就这样,不错,会开了1个半小时”,会议结束时他写道。The unidentified officer worker sat through another unbearable meeting on Thursday and compiled a sassy account of what was said after wasting some time while he waited for his boss to arrive. 这位身份不明的员工周四还耐着性子开完另一个让人难以忍受的会议,写下了一份活泼的会议记录。等老板到会还耽误了一会儿时间。#39;Oh yeah, 10 minutes still waiting for directors to arrive.#39;“噢耶,还有10分钟主管才能来。”#39;No worries, plenty of time, got nothing else to do,#39; he wrote.“别担心,时间足够,没啥可做的”,他写道。He slammed one man for his #39;boring#39; contribution, asking #39;how does this relate to my project?#39;他还批评了一位在会上说的话“很无聊”的人,问道:“这和我的项目有啥关系?”#39;Wow this guy is putting people to sleep. Seriously.#39; he said, adding that he was the only one in the meeting who bothered to take notes.“噢这人把大家都催眠了,讲真”,他写道,他还补充说他是会上唯一一个不厌其烦地做记录的人。 /201606/451454。
  • Genetically modified cells could eliminate the need for daily injections to treat type 1 diabetes, experts have revealed.专家透露,有了基因改良细胞,1型糖尿病患者就可不必天天注射胰岛素了。The human cell line is genetically engineered to produce, store and release insulin in response to blood sugar levels in the human body.人类细胞系经基因改造后,可随着人体内血糖水平的变化产生、储存并释放胰岛素。Scientists said the insulin-producing #39;Melligen#39; cells show promise as a possible cure for type 1 diabetes.科研人员表示,产生胰岛素的“Melligen”细胞有望成为1型糖尿病的新疗法。In type 1 diabetes, the immune system destroys the pancreatic cells responsible for making insulin, a hormone crucial to converting blood sugar into energy.1型糖尿病患者的免疫系统破坏了负责分泌胰岛素的胰腺细胞,而胰岛素是将血糖转化成能量的关键激素。This month, they secured US patent protection for the cell line from the US Patent and Trademark Office.这项细胞系技术本月获得美国专利商标局的专利保护.Professor Ann Simpson, who led the team at the University of Technology, Sydney, said: #39;My team and I are extremely pleased that the US patent for the Melligen cells has been granted.悉尼科技大学的安#8226;辛普森教授是该研究的领头人,她说道,“获得Melligen细胞的专利,我们整个团队都特别高兴。”#39;This takes us a step closer to releasing diabetics from the need to inject insulin daily, and more importantly, protecting them from the debilitating complications of the disease, such as blindness, kidney failure and cardiovascular problems.#39;“糖尿病患者要是能不用天天注射胰岛素就好了,而Melligen细胞让我们离这样的未来又近了一步,更重要的是,它还能保护患者,使其不因产生并发症而日渐虚弱,如失明、肾衰竭及心血管疾病。”The researchers are now working with US clinical biotech firm PharmaCyte Biotech to develop the research into new treatments.研究人员目前正与美国临床生物科技公司PharmaCyte Biotech合作,将该项研究开发成新型疗法。PharmaCyte specialises in the development of targeted treatments for cancer and diabetes using its signature live cell encapsulation technology.PharmaCyte公司运用其招牌技术——活细胞胶囊技术,专门研发癌症及糖尿病的靶向疗法。This technology, known as Cell-in-a-Box, is a key process in the commercialisation of the Melligen cell as a revolutionary treatment.该技术被称为Cell-in-a-Box,是Melligen细胞成为突破性疗法、实现商业化的一大关键。#39;This is a culmination of many years#39; work by our group and we look forward to working with PharmaCyte#39;s Diabetes Consortium to utilise the Cell-in–a-Box technology to encapsulate the cells for preclinical trials aimed at curing diabetes,#39; said Professor Simpson.辛普森教授说道,“这是我们团队多年努力研究的结果,我们期待与PharmaCyte公司的糖尿病团队合作,在治疗糖尿病的临床前试验中利用Cell-in–a-Box技术将细胞胶囊化。”#39;We anticipate that the capsule technology will protect the Melligen cells from the body#39;s immune response that normally destroys foreign tissue, allowing the Melligen cells to be transplanted into humans.#39;“我们预计胶囊技术能保护Melligen细胞不被人体免疫系统当成外来组织破坏掉,以便顺利植入人体。”PharmaCyte#39;s chief executive officer, Kenneth Waggoner, said: #39;We at PharmaCyte consider ourselves to be very fortunate in having secured the exclusive world-wide licence to use the Melligen cells to develop a treatment for diabetes.PharmaCyte首席执行官肯尼思#8226;瓦戈纳说道,“PharmaCyte有幸获得全球独家许可,运用Melligen细胞研发糖尿病疗法,真的非常幸运。”#39;For the millions of people worldwide who suffer from a disease of epidemic proportions, our treatment could relieve them of the onerous daily requirements for insulin administration and dietary restrictions and offer a life free from the very serious and even life-threatening complications associated with diabetes.#39;“全球有数百万人患有糖尿病,与流行病患者比例不相上下。糖尿病患者每日均需注射胰岛素,饮食严格受限。糖尿病引起的并发症十分严重,甚至具有致命性。我们研发的疗法可令这类患者从中这堆麻烦中解脱,且不再受并发症的折磨。”With the World Health Organization attributing more than 1.5 million deaths to diabetes in 2012 and more than 422 million adults suffering from the disease in 2014, the development has the potential to impact millions of lives.世界卫生组织称,2012年有超过150万人因患糖尿病而死亡,2014年有超4.22亿成人患有糖尿病,这项研发可能令数百万人受益。 /201606/447749。
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