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Qunin, Yaoshu《齐民要术》Qunin, Yaoshu (also Main, techn,iques for the Welfare of the People ) is the most completely preserved of the anaent Chinese agricul-tural texts, and was written by the Northern Wei Dy-nasly offcial Jia Sixie. The book is believed to have been completed in the second year of Wu Ding of Eastern Wei, namely in 544, while anolher account gives the completion belween 533 and 544. The text of the book is divided into ten volumes and 92chapters, and records 1500-year-old Chinese ag-ronomy, horticulture, afforestation, sericulture, an-imal husbandry, veterinanlt medicine, breeding,brewing, cooking, storage,as well as remedies for barren land.The book ed nearly 200 ancient books.Important agricultural books such as Fansheng Zhishu and Simin Yueling from the Han and Jin Dynasties are now lost, so future genera-tions can only understand the operation of agriculture at the time from this book.Since the publication of the book, historical Chinese govemments have long otto-ched great importance to it. Since the book sp overseas, it has also often been considered a classic to study changes in the ancient species. When Charles Datwin was researching the theory of evolution, he made reference to an encyclopedia of anaent China. It is said that the book he referred to was in fact Qimin, Yaoshu .The book#39;s name Qimin, Yaoshu can be explained as techniques by which common peo-ple make their livelihood, and also be explicated as techniques to harness the people#39;s livelihood.《齐民要术》是迄今保存最为完整的我国古代农学著作,由北魏时期官员贾思勰所著。有人认为《齐民要术》成书于东魏武定二年,即公元544年,还有记载说该书的完成时间在公元533和544年间。该书正文分十卷,共九十二篇,收录了中国1500年前农艺、园艺、造林、蚕桑、畜牧、兽医、配种、酿造、烹饪、贮藏以及治荒等方面的知识。书中援引古籍近200部,所引的重要农学著作如《泛胜之书》、《四民月令》等汉晋重要农书现已失传,因此后人只能从此书了解当时的农业运作。该书自出版后,长期受中国历朝政府重视,传遍海外后亦常被认为研究古物种变化的经典,达尔文研究进化论时曾参考一部中国古代百科全书,有说此书正是《齐民要术》。《齐民要术》可解作平民谋生方法,亦可解为治理民生的方法。 /201601/419327

Apple has issued a voluntary recall of millions of its two-prong AC wall plugs after incidents of them breaking and causing electric shocks.近日,苹果公司主动召回了大批双插交流电源插头转换器,因为这些插头曾出现了破损和触电等事故。Apple said it knew of 12 such incidents and asked customers to stop using them.苹果方面表示,目前该公司已获悉12起事故,并已通知用户停止使用有问题的插头转换器。The plugs came with Macs and other iOS devices sold in Continental Europe and five other countries around the world between 2003 and 2015 and were included in the Apple World Travel Adapter kit. Apple said customer safety was its ;top priority;.这些有问题的部件在2003年至2015年随Mac和其他iOS设备一同在欧洲大陆和世界上的其他五个国家上市,还曾包含在旅行充电套装Apple World Travel Adapter kit当中。苹果公司表示他们始终把用户的安全问题放在首位。The recall relates to plugs for: Continental Europe, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea.包括欧洲大陆、阿根廷、巴西、澳大利亚、新西兰和韩国在内的国家和地区的转换器将参与召回。It does not affect plugs for: US, UK, China, Japan and Canada.而在美国、英国、中国、日本和加拿大等国家出售的插头转换器不受此计划影响。Affected users can exchange their plug at their local Apple store or request a replacement via the website.用户可以在当地苹果公司零售店更换插头转换器,也可以选择在官网申请更换。Last year, Apple urged owners of one of its Beats loudspeaker systems to stop using the kit because it posed a fire risk.去年,苹果公司曾召回一种存在火灾风险的Beats音响。In 2014, the company offered a free exchange for one model of USB iPhone chargers sold in Europe between 2009 and 2012, after a few cases of overheating.另外,2009年至2012年在欧洲出售的一批苹果USB手机充电器出现数次过热事故,苹果公司在2014年针对该批部件提供了免费更换。 /201602/425226

China is seeking to make its own secure smartphones, in an attempt to insulate its handsets from US surveillance.中国正寻求自主研制安全智能手机,以防中国手机被美国监控。The effort involves both State-owned companies and some of the country#39;s savvier technology firms and marks the latest step in Beijing#39;s quest to build a homegrown tech industry that cuts out US suppliers.国企和一些相对顶尖的科技公司都在为此努力,这是中国寻求发展一个美国供应商无缘的本土科技行业的最新举措。Now, a number of Chinese technology companies are making progress toward cutting the cords to Western technology.目前,一些中国科技公司在摆脱西方技术依赖方面正在取得进展。ZTE Corp is working on a secure smartphone for government agencies using an operating system developed in-house, and a processor chip from a Chinese supplier, a spokesman said.中兴通讯一名发言人表示,公司正在为政府部门研发一款安全智能手机,这款手机采用了自主研发的操作系统和中国供应商的处理器芯片。The country#39;s largest chip-design company, Sptrum Communications Inc, separately said it would begin mass producing a set of chips that run a Chinese operating system by year-end.中国最大的芯片设计公司展讯通信有限公司另称,公司将于年底前开始批量生产一系列运行国产操作系统的芯片。Alibaba Group has joined with China#39;s Ministry of Public Security to develop a mobile operating system for police officers.阿里巴巴集团已与公安部联合开发警员专用的移动操作系统。 /201511/412388

Ten years is a long time in the technology industry. It was 2006 when GoPro released its first digital camera — a waterproof, shockproof device with 32MB of memory for .十年在科技业是一个很长的时间。2006年,GoPro发布了其首款数码相机——防水抗摔、32MB记忆容量,售价80美元。A decade on, GoPro is publicly listed with sales set to exceed .6bn in 2015. Its cameras sell for up to 0 but new competition is pulling the price back.十年过去了,GoPro已经上市,2015年的销售额将会超过16亿美元。该公司相机最高售价达到500美元,但新的竞争正在压低价格。Last week, GoPro warned that the past quarter had not been as successful as it had hoped. Its shares fell faster than a base jumper, wiping hundreds of millions of dollars from its valuation.最近GoPro警告称,上一个季度不像之前期待的那么成功。该公司股价大跌,抹去数亿美元市值。In 2006, GoPro’s action camera was unique but today it is facing an attack of the clones, led by the 0 Yi Action, above.2006年,GoPro的运动相机还是独一无二的,但现在它面临以售价100美元的小蚁运动相机(Yi Action)为首的同类产品的竞争。Shared likeness共享的相似性Its manufacturer, Xiaoyi, which makes home security cameras, is a China-based affiliate of local smartphone maker Xiaomi. It uses the tagline “See Different” but its cameras look pretty familiar.小蚁运动相机的制造商小蚁(Xiaoyi)生产家庭安保摄像头,是中国智能手机制造商小米(Xiaomi)旗下的子公司。小蚁推出了“改变你的拍摄方式”的标语,但它的相机看起来相当眼熟。Placed side by side, it is not immediately easy to tell the Yi Action camera from the long-running GoPro design. Both are matchbox size with an off-centre fisheye lens and two big control buttons.如果把它们放在一起,很难一下子分辨出哪个是小蚁,哪个是早就推出的GoPro。两款相机都是火柴盒大小,都有一个偏离机身中心的超广角镜头和两个较大的控制按钮。The Yi’s waterproof case, an extra , even has the same three-ringed screw that fits many GoPro accessories.小蚁的防水型相机价格还要高30美元,该款相机甚至有三环螺杆,适配许多GoPro配件。The similarity is more than skin deep. The Yi camera uses a 16 megapixel Sony Exmor R image sensor, similar to those in GoPro’s line-up, and the same Ambarella chipset that is used in GoPro’s cube-shaped Hero4 Session, its latest camera. The Session was priced at 0 but by December that had been slashed to 0.相似之处并非只有外观。小蚁相机使用了1600万像素的索尼Exmor R影像传感器,与GoPro的配置类似,它还使用了与GoPro最新推出的立方体形状的Hero4 Session上一模一样的安霸(Ambarella)芯片组。Hero4 Session最初售价400美元,但到去年12月已大幅下跌至200美元。The Yi does make some concessions to cost, including an all-plastic case instead of the metallic plate often found on higher-end GoPros. With the ability to shoot in full 1080p high-definition at a slow-motion-friendly 60 frames a second, however, its specs are at least as good as the 0 GoPro Hero+.小蚁相机确实节约了一些成本,包括全塑料外壳,而不是较高端的GoPro相机往往采用的金属材质。 然而,小蚁相机能够以1秒60帧的速度拍摄1080P的全高清画面,轻松获得慢动作效果,这样的配置至少和200美元的GoPro Hero+一样好。The images reflect the high-quality parts. I took a Yi and a GoPro Session on a road trip in snowy US National Parks in Utah and Arizona. Both cameras produced excellent pictures and s, with the GoPro’s higher resolution noticeable only if you zoom in.图像反映出相机部件的质量非常高。我带上小蚁和GoPro Session驱车前往美国犹他州和亚利桑那州大雪覆盖的国家公园。两个相机都拍摄出了精美的相片和视频,只有在放大的时候才会注意到GoPro的分辨率更高一些。Because both lack screens, most controls are done by wireless connection to a smartphone. I found the Yi app better than GoPro’s, which often struggled to connect to the camera. Neither excelled in low light but both survived the sub-zero temperatures of the Grand Canyon — unlike my iPhone, which lost its charge.由于两款相机都没有屏幕,大多数控制通过与智能手机的无线连接完成。我发现小蚁的APP比GoPro更好一些,后者往往很难实现与相机的连接。两个相机在低光环境的表现都不怎么样,但在美国大峡谷零度以下的环境下还能使用——这与我的iPhone不一样,它的电池会失去电力。In short, other than queasy feelings about intellectual property, I see little reason why anyone would pay twice as much for a low-end GoPro when they could have the Yi — with change left for a selfie stick.简言之,除了对知识产权感觉不安以外,我不明白为何人们在可以买小蚁的时候会花两倍的价格买低配的GoPro——省下的钱可以买自拍杆。Three rooms for one1台设备监控3个房间If GoPro is seeing the effect of competition from this Chinese rival, Nest should be worried by Yi’s home camera. The Alphabet-owned smart-home pioneer’s Nest Cam is seen as the leading security webcam, but at 0, it aly looked pricey.如果说GoPro看到了这家中国竞争对手的竞争的影响,那么Nest应该担忧小蚁的家用摄像头。Alphabet旗下这家智能家居先驱公司的Nest Cam被视为领先的安全网络摄像头,但200美元的价格已经显得有些贵了。That was before Yi arrived with its product, which costs . You can remotely monitor three rooms for the price of one Nest Cam. Again, there are trade-offs: the Yi Smart camera has only 720p resolution, unlike Nest’s 1080p, and the plastic finish is less elegant than its US rival’s metal body.那还是在小蚁推出其售价60美元的产品之前。你可以用一台Nest Cam的价格远程监控3个房间。同样,这里的取舍是:小蚁智能摄像头只有720P视频分辨率,而Nest有1080P,而且其塑料材质也不如美国竞争对手的金属机身美观。At first glance, though, the two products again look similar. Take the camera modules out of their stands and I struggle to discern a difference.不过乍看之下,这两款产品再次显得有些相像。从架上取下摄像头模块,我很难看出两者的差异。Much of the magic of these devices is in the software. Nest Cam made big improvements over its predecessor, Dropcam, in eliminating false alarms. Yi Camera, however, apes the Dropcam’s tendency to jump at its own shadow. Every evening, it interpreted its own switch to night-vision mode as an intrusion alert.这些设备的许多神奇体现在软件中。Nest Cam在消除错误报警方面比其前款产品Dropcam有了明显改善。然而,小蚁继承了Dropcam误报警告的倾向。每个晚上,它都会因自己转向夜间模式而发出入侵警告。The Yi, however, has a trick that almost makes this worth bearing. Whereas Nest charges a month for cloud storage of s, Yi Camera has its own micro SD card slot, to which clips can be saved at no cost.然而,小蚁用一个小技巧让人们几乎可以忍受这个缺陷。Nest对视频云存储每月收取10美元的费用,而小蚁自带micro SD卡槽,可以免费存储视频片段。Verdict结论Xiaomi’s smartphones have long been criticised for looking like an iPhone but, its software innovations are enough to fend off copycat accusations. However, Yi’s cameras have little such differentiation — just a big price advantage.小米智能手机一直因酷似iPhone而遭受批评,但软件创新足以让其避免抄袭的指责。然而,小蚁相机几乎没有此类差异化,只是有巨大的价格优势。Does the high quality of these GoPro and Nest rivals excuse the flagrant imitation? GoPro’s sudden drop in sales suggests many customers believe it does.GoPro和Nest的这些竞争对手的优质性能可以作为公然模仿的借口吗?GoPro销售突然下降表明,许多客户认为可以。 /201602/425886

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