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福建福州博爱医院网上预约The educational materials presented here今天展示的教育材料were developed by students and faculty是由爱荷华州立大学营养学of the department of food science and human nutrition和人体营养学系的at Iowa State University.学生和老师提供的Funding for this project was provided by grants该项目的资金由from the American Cancer Society Mid West美国中西部地区癌症协会and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.及兰斯,阿姆斯斯壮基金会提供The materials are intended for educational use这些材料仅用于教学and are not meant to provide medical advice.并非用以提供医疗指导We welcome your feedback about these materials.欢迎大家对这些材料做出反馈Please use the evaluation survey link on the homepage请用主页上提供的调查评价链接to provide your comments and suggestions.提交你们的和建议Caffeine#39;s role in tea, coffee and cancer.咖啡因在茶,咖啡与癌症方面所起的作用Caffeine is found in many beverages and foods.许多饮料和食物都含有咖啡因This chart compares the amount of caffeine这个图表比较了咖啡因found in coffee and tea.在咖啡和茶中的含量As you can see the coffee is significantly higher可以看见咖啡所含的咖啡因in caffeine content than tea.要远远高于茶The way coffee is prepared also affects the amount冲制咖啡的方式也会影响of coffee in the beverage. Black, white and green tea咖啡因的含量,红茶,白茶和绿茶contains measurable amounts of caffeine.含有不少的咖啡因This may be surprising to some people有些人也许会因此感到吃惊who may think that green tea is caffeine free.因为他们觉得绿茶中不含咖啡因Decaffeinated teas have very low amounts of caffeine不含咖啡因的茶含有极少量的咖啡因and are a good alternative if you are interested in这种茶是个不错的选择,如果你想limiting your caffeine intake.控制咖啡因的摄入量的话The caffeine content in brewed coffee averages每杯煮咖啡含有的咖啡因between 100 and 200 milligrams per cup介于100到200毫克while the amount in regular tea但普通茶中的咖啡因含量在ranges from 40 to 100 milligrams.40到100毫克之间This chart lists a variety of beverages, foods这个图表列出了一系列饮料,食物and medicine with their caffeine content.及药物的咖啡因含量Note that caffeine content is not required to请注意,咖啡因含量是不允许be included on the food label, so finding the amount注明在食品商标上的,因此要知晓of caffeine in a product may take some research.某个产品咖啡因的含量需要做一些研究There are several websites where this information有一些网站上能够找到这类信息can be found including those of the manufacturer包括食品生产商of the product and also the Mayo Clinic nutrition site.梅约诊所(美国一家医院)的营养网站Something that may be surprising令人吃惊的是is the amount of caffeine in 2 tablets两片特效止痛片中咖啡因的含量of extra strength Excedrin; this is about the amount因为含量差不多相当于一杯咖啡中的含量provided in a cup of coffee and is delivered in 2 pills.但两片药就含有这么多咖啡因Now that you have an idea of how much caffeine is既然大家已经对咖啡因在in some popular beverages and foods,一些饮料和食物中的含量有所了解了let#39;s take a look at how caffeine affects the body;我们一起来看看咖啡因对身体的影响caffeine stimulates the central nervous system.咖啡因能够刺激中枢神经系统It makes you more alert and boosts energy.可以提高人的警觉性,增加体能For these reasons it is used in因此咖啡因经常用于many over the counter pain relievers许多非处方止痛药such as Excedrin Migraine.例如一种叫埃克塞德林的止痛药How much caffeine is considered safe?多少咖啡因才算安全剂量呢There is no standard for caffeine consumption没有固定的标准however a range of 500 to 600 milligrams per day但是每天摄入500到600毫克的咖啡因is considered to be safe.属于安全范畴This would be around 4 to 7 cups of strong coffee,这就相当于4到7杯浓咖啡3 to 4 grande Starbucks vanilla lattes,3到4大杯星巴克的香草味拿铁9 to 11 cans of mountain dew9到11听激浪or 6 to 8 small cans of red bull.或者6到8小听红牛 Article/201502/359310南平去哪家医院弱精Whether celebrating an accomplishment or just having friends over for drinks, these tips will help you put together an impromptu bash without a lot of fuss.无论是庆祝成功还是仅仅想邀请朋友过来喝一杯,下面的建议都可以帮你毫不费力地举办一场即兴聚会。You Will Need你需要Online social network在线社交网络Packaged cookie dough包装的饼干生面团Prepackaged food提前包装好的食品Frozen snacks冰冻的零食Paper plates and cups纸盘和纸杯Plastic utensils塑料器皿Bottle of champagne香槟酒Candles蜡烛mp3 Playermp3播放器Toothpicks (optional)牙签(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Invite friends1.邀请朋友Call or text eight to 20 close friends or invite them using an online social network. Make sure to ask for an RSVP.打电话或发短信给8至20个亲密的朋友, 或者通过在线社交网络来邀请。一定要求他们尽快回复。When it comes to the guest list, stick with close friends – they#39;re more likely to show up on short notice.在制定宾客名单方面,坚持邀请亲密的朋友,即使较短时间内通知,他们也更有可能也会到场。STEP 2 Give a reason2.提出理由Give a reason for the party, even if it#39;s as simple as celebrating the first day of spring or that you just received a promotion. Happy Tuesday!给出举办聚会的理由,即使像庆祝春季的第一天,或者你刚刚升职这种简单的理由。或者星期二快乐!STEP 3 Bake cookies3.烘烤曲奇饼Bake cookies from packaged cookie dough. It#39;s a cheap, easy way to give your party a homemade touch.用包装的生面团烘烤曲奇饼。这是在家中举办派对省钱而简单的方法。STEP 4 Use prepackaged foods4.使用提前包装的食品Keep things simple by buying prepackaged foods or frozen snacks, and soda and other beverages.购买提前包装好的食品或冰冻的零食,以及汽水和其他饮料,这样比较简单。STEP 5 Use paper products5.使用纸制品Use paper plates and napkins and plastic utensils.使用纸盘,纸巾和塑料器皿。You can skip the paper plates and utensils and serve finger foods or snacks that require nothing more than toothpicks.你甚至可以不需要纸盘和塑料器皿,只提供手指拿着就可以吃的食品或零食,只要牙签就可以了。STEP 6 Open old champagne6.打开珍藏已久的香槟Open up that bottle of champagne that has been sitting in the fridge since last New Year#39;s Eve.打开从去年圣诞节前夜就已经珍藏在冰箱里的那瓶香槟酒。STEP 7 Light candles and play music7.点燃蜡烛,播放音乐Dim the lights, light some candles, and hook up your mp3 player with a party playlist to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.把光线调暗,点燃一些蜡烛,打开mp3播放器,播放一些派对音乐,打造温馨怡人的气氛。In 2009, the Rolling Stones became the most expensive act to perform for a private party, charging million to play a wedding for one hour.2009年,滚石成为为私人聚会演出最昂贵的乐队,为婚礼演奏一小时收费800万美元。视频听力译文由。 Article/201410/336452龙岩做宫腔镜正规医院

三明市做包皮手术三甲医院福建福州博爱医院做人授怎么样See if it#39;s gonna work.Okay, that#39;ll be good.看看它好不好用 很不错A few coconut leaves on this, and I#39;ll be good to go.再来点椰树叶子 就大功告成了Actually, it#39;s probably worth putting up a simple windbreak here.实际上 在这做个简易防风墙 非常有必要You know, that sea breeze is I don#39;t want to get sandblasted all night. Let#39;s do that.海风是很强劲的 我可不想晚上被沙子刮伤 我们动手做吧Palm leaves are plentiful and will provide me with some added protection from the powerful trade winds that blow through here.岛上有大量的棕榈树叶 它能抵挡从这里吹过来的强劲信风 给我提供一些额外的防护Let#39;s use some of this vine to bind it all together,stop it blowing away.我们用藤条把它们捆起来 防止它被吹走Split palm leaves are malleable and easy to weave into bedding.把棕榈叶从中间分开 它枝条柔韧 很适于做我的床Tie these just to keep it on that.把这些系在这固定它Okay, so I#39;m off the ground and got a little bit of bedding, as well.好的 现在我不仅离开了地面 还有了张舒适的吊床Good,shelter done.Now for my next survival priority,food.很好 栖身之处落成 现在我要为寻找食物奔波了Stinking bit of fish carcass.臭烘烘的烂鱼Might well have just been munched by a shark,看来曾是鲨鱼的一顿美餐And then the carcass taken by the birds, dumped here,or just washed up on the high tide.然后尸体被鸟叼走 扔到了这里 或是涨潮的时候被冲到了岸上But carcass like this is useful full of bones that I can then make into a fishing hook. 不过这样的动物尸体是有用的 我可以把未腐烂的骨头改造成鱼钩Island survival is all about ingenuity,turning the useless into the useful.荒岛求生的关键在于匠心独运 变废为宝Really sharp point to that.这里很尖Attaching this sharp bone to a piece of carved bamboo with paracord makes an improvised hook,用细绳把这块尖骨头 系到削过的竹子上 一个临时的鱼钩就做成了And with that, there#39;s a chance of catching fresh fish.有了它 我们就有可能会抓到鲜鱼And then what you#39;re left with is that.最后制成的鱼钩就是这样了 Article/201703/500929My very first drink was possibly at the age of six.我第一次喝酒是在6岁Sneaked one from my mum.从我妈那里偷了点来喝I was about 12 probably.我差不多是在12岁I drunk it in hiding.我是背着大人喝的But despite its widesp use by children但因为现在孩子们普遍都喝酒its very difficult to research its effects on the teenage brain.很难研究喝酒对他们大脑发育的影响Ethically no-one can justify giving alcohol to a child.也没有人对此做实验Only once back in 1984 did scientists conduct a study to directly look at this.只有一个1984年的研究项目涉及于此A group of children between 10-15 were brought together for an experiment.研究对象是平均10到15岁的孩子们Each of them had an intravenous needle inserted in their arms他们每人都在肩膀上打了一静脉针so their blood levels could be monitored.以便可以监测到血液情况Then a dose of ethanol pure alcohol然后再把乙醇 也就是纯酒精was added to a soft drink and given to them.混到汽水里给他们喝Then they had to stand on a vibrating platform再让他们站在一个振动的平台上so their steadiness and balance could be was tested.看看他们是否还能够保持平衡稳定 Article/201507/384270福州治子宫偏小那里最好Social environments have a huge impact on社会环境不光对儿童的膳食摄入有着dietary intake for everyone, not just children.举足轻重的影响,对每个人都是如此This food preference has been often found to increase通常发现,当孩子们目睹他们的父母when children witness their parents enjoying foods.享用食物时,这种食物喜好会增加This places a lot of emphasis on the importance of这就让父母成为孩子的行为榜样的parents to be good role models to their children.重要性大为彰显Children are always watching and mimicking their孩子总是会观察和模仿他们parents#39; habits. Children can acquire similar habits父母的习惯,孩子会养成与他们父母类似of the parents. Children will set standards of的习惯,孩子根据他们父母如何进食expectations based on how their parents eat.来设立自己的期望标准If a child observes a parent enjoying fast food on如果一个孩子看到父母中一个经常吃a regular basis the child will establish a standard快餐,那么他将会建立的标准就是that consuming fast food on a regular basis is经常吃快餐就是the norm. However if a child observes their parents那个规范,但是,如果一个孩子看到他的父母enjoying healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables,经常享用健康食物,如水果,蔬菜dairy, and whole grains on a regular basis their奶制品和全谷物,那么孩子children will establish a standard that is the norm就会把那样的标准当作规范and be more likely to eat these foods. The importance也更有可能会去吃这些食物,倡导让儿童of introducing healthy food options in children is best选择健康食品的重要性不言而喻because studies have shown that eating habits因为研究已经显示,儿童时期养成的developed as a child can carry over into adolescence饮食习惯会被带入青春期and adulthood. Another important factor when乃至成人阶段,另一个鼓励儿童健康encouraging healthy dietary habits in children is饮食习惯的重要因素是that younger children are more easily influenced与青少年相比,更年幼的儿童更容易by parents#39; dietary habits than adolescents.受到父母饮食习惯的影响This is because adolescents have aly developed这是因为青少年已经养成了their eating habits and a more reluctant to change.他们自己的饮食习惯而不愿加以改变Again,this is why it is so critical to begin introducing所以,这也更加说明了为什么在儿童时期healthy habits in children and to continue to build on开始培养健康的饮食习惯并让这些习惯随孩子these habits as children grow. As children grow up一起成长是如此重要,孩子成长的过程中they become more independent which means他们变得越加独立,这意味着the responsibility of feeding children is transferred喂养孩子的责任已经从父母from the parent to the child itself.Once the adolescent转移到了孩子自己身上,当青春期来临years arrive adolescents begin to only rely on their青少年开始只需要依赖他们的父母parents to supply the food for them to eat at their给他们提供食物,他们可以用他们personal convenience. In a study focusing on the个人方便的方式来吃,有人研究了home environment in adolescent food intake found that青少年食物摄取的家庭环境,发现the food available in the home is going to influence家庭的可用食物将会影响到what adolescents eat. Increasing the availability of青少年的进食,将家庭中水果,蔬菜fruits, vegetables and dairy products in the home will和奶制品的可用性增加,那么increase the consumption of these foods in children#39;s儿童的饮食中这些食物的摄取也会增加diets. The study also found that availability of energy研究也显示,能量密集型食品--糖,脂肪dense foods, those foods high in sugar, fat and salt,和盐含量高的食品--的可用性decrease the consumption of healthy foods in the home,会使得家庭中对健康食品的摄取减少the reasoning being that when children are given原因是当孩子要在健康食品和能量密集型the choice between healthy foods and energy dense食品之间做出选择时foods they will reach for foods which appeal to他们会伸手选择那些更加吸引他们的食品them more, thus the energy dense foods. Let#39;s所以,能量密集型食品就胜出了,我们take a look at some of the negative and positive来看看,父母鼓励孩子养成健康饮食习惯consequences of parents encouraging healthy dietary会带来哪些积极和消极的影响habits in children.A lack of encouraging healthy habits如果不鼓励孩子养成健康饮食习惯in a child can lead a child to not understanding就会造成一个孩子不了解the importance of consuming healthy foods. It can also去吃健康食品的重要性,同时lead to some negative health consequences such as也会带来一些对健康不利的后果,比如the risk of childhood obesity or obesity as an adult,儿童期肥胖或成人后肥胖的风险increased risk of cancer and many lifelong health risks癌症和许多终身健康风险因素的增加such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and比如高血压,胆固醇和type 2 diabetes. By encouraging healthy habits it can2型糖尿病,通过鼓励养成健康习惯,一些also lead to positive outcomes such as children积极的效果将会产生,比如,孩子们gaining awareness of healthy food options,开始有了健康食物选择的意识consuming healthy food options, meeting or becoming饮用食用健康食物,开始达到或接近closer to those recommended daily intakes and building那些推荐的每日摄入营养,开始养成healthy habits which can carry over into adulthood.健康的习惯,这些习惯会伴随他们长大 Article/201504/371770福州市第七医院做试管婴儿多少钱

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