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福州市第七医院人流多少钱福州治疗不孕不育哪家最好Chinese regulators said they would be working this Friday to tackle any abuses by merchants on Singles Day, China’s festival of consumption and the biggest online shopping day worldwide.中国监管机构表示,在本星期五的“光棍节”,他们将努力打击商家的任何不端行为。那一天是中国的购物节、全球网购成交额最高的一天。Every November 11 — Singles Day is named after the “double elevens” (11-11) celebrating single life — Chinese consumers go online in droves to buy sale-priced merchandise on ecommerce sites such as Alibaba and JD.com. Alibaba’s transactions alone exceeded bn last year and are expected to grow this year.每年11月11日——人们会在“双十一”(11-11)庆祝单身生活,“光棍节”由此得名——大量中国消费者到阿里巴巴(Alibaba)和京东(JD.com)等电商平台购买折价商品。去年光棍节,仅仅阿里巴巴一家的成交额便超过了140亿美元,今年预计还会更高。In previous years, merchants have been accused of a number of abuses — most annoying to Chinese online shoppers are “fake discounts”, in which sellers jack up prices in the weeks before Singles Day only to lower them dramatically on the day itself. Sellers say they are under huge pressure from Alibaba to offer discounts, in return for which they are given advantageous placement online.过去几年,商家被指责进行了大量舞弊做法——最令中国网购者讨厌的是“假打折”,即商家在光棍节之前的几周把价格调高,到光棍节当天再戏剧性调低价格。卖家们表示,阿里巴巴向他们施加了巨大压力,要求他们打折,以换取有利的线上位置。Other problems endemic to ecommerce in China, such as selling fake goods and fake reporting of sales — are also in the crosshairs of Chinese regulators.中国电子商务大量存在的其他问题——如出售假冒伪劣产品和虚报销售数字——也都成为中国监管机构的打击目标。On Tuesday, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) said it had met Alibaba, JD.com and several other Chinese internet companies, warning them against tolerating abuses by merchants online.周二,中国国家工商行政管理总局(SAIC)表示,已约谈了阿里巴巴、京东和其他几家中国互联网公司,警告他们不要容忍网上商家的不端行为。“The SAIC will strengthen market supervision#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;monitor and manage online marketplaces according to law, and together with the majority of industry players, jointly create an online market environment of fair competition and an environment for online consumption that is safe and secure,” it said.工商总局表示,“我们将加强市场监管……依法监控和管理网购平台,并与广大业内人士一起,共同营造公平竞争的在线市场环境和安全可靠的在线消费环境。”An Alibaba spokesperson said “We are the industry leader in combating unfair and illicit practices; We never tolerate malpractices by merchants on our marketplaces.”阿里巴巴的一名发言人表示:“我们是打击不正当和非法行为的行业领导者;我们绝不容忍商家在我们平台上的不端行为。”A JD.com spokesperson said: “Our commitment to quality products and service has always been a key differentiator for us in this market and we employ additional resources for major sales to keep that promise even during the busiest periods.”京东的一名发言人表示:“我们对于优质产品和务的承诺,一直是我们在这个市场上与众不同的一个关键特点,对于重大销售,我们投入更多资源确保在最繁忙时期也坚持履行我们的承诺。”The SAIC is not the only regulator wanting to police Singles Day: last month, the National Development and Reform Commission, a government agency in charge of economic planning, said it would focus on combating fake reviews on Singles Day.工商总局并不是有意整顿光棍节的唯一监管机构。上月,政府经济规划部门国家发改委(NDRC)表示,将把重点放在打击光棍节的虚假上。 /201611/476853龙岩第一医院检查输卵管造影 Apple is to set up two more research and development centers in Shanghai and Suzhou, following Beijing and Shenzhen, Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the China Development Forum in Beijing.苹果首席执行官蒂姆·库克近日在北京举行的中国发展高层论坛上称,继北京和深圳后,苹果将在上海和苏州再建两个研发中心。The California-headquartered company has committed to investing 3.5 billion yuan in these centers, which will seek graduates of China#39;s leading universities including Peking University, Tsinghua University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University.这家总部位于加利福尼亚的公司承诺向这些中心投资35亿元人民币,将招揽包括北京大学、清华大学和上海交通大学在内的中国顶尖高校的毕业生。Apple#39;s efforts to expand its operations in China show that the country is no longer just a big consumer market, but also an indispensable part of Apple#39;s global Ramp;D community.苹果在中国拓展业务的努力显示,中国不再仅是一个庞大的消费市场,还是苹果全球研发社区不可或缺的一部分。By expanding research and development in China, the company looks forward to working collaboratively with more local partners and academic institutions, said Dan Riccio, Apple#39;s senior vice president of Hardware Engineering.据苹果公司硬件工程高级副总裁丹·里乔表示,通过扩大在中国的研发活动,该公司希望能够和更多中国本土合作伙伴及学术机构合作。Shanghai decided to transform itself into a global research and development center in 2014 while Suzhou in Jiangsu Province is also a popular destination for foreign enterprises to build the centers.2014年,上海决定将该市转变成一个全球研发中心,而外国企业也偏爱在江苏省苏州市建立研发中心。 /201703/500425三明市检查输卵管造影医院

龙岩做人工授精专科医院China’s Tomb Sweeping Day清明节April the fourth or fifth of the solar year (according to the Gregorian calendar) is a traditional day for the Chinese people to show respect for their ancestors.每年公历4月4日(或5日)的清明节,是中国人传统的扫墓祭祖、哀悼先人的纪念日。On this day, people sweep their ancestors’ tombs and burn paper money to wish their ancestors good luck.每到了这一天,人们纷纷来到祖先的墓地,焚化纸钱,拜祭先人。There is a legend related to this tradition.清明节这一习俗源于晋文公重耳悼念介之推的。According to the legend, during the Spring and Autumn Period, a person named Jie Zhitui followed his master Chong’er, the prince of Jin, and stayed with him during all the 19 years when the prince was in exile.传说:相传春秋时期,晋国的介之推跟随晋公子重耳逃亡国外19年,忠心耿耿。Jie Zhitui was so loyal to his master that once when the prince was starved to death, Jie cut one piece of flesh from his leg to feed his master so as to save his life.一次重耳在魏国被困,几天吃不上饭,介之推就偷偷割下自己腿上的肉来给他吃。However, when the prince ascended the throne and became king of the Jin state, he forgot about Jie Zhitui completely. He awarded all his other followers except Jie.后来,重耳回国登上王位,成了晋文公,对跟随他逃亡的大臣论功行赏,却偏偏忘了介之推。Jie, on his part, left his master with his old mother without even one word of complaint.介之推也没有争功,自己一个人背起老母悄然离去。The local people were very indignant about this and they compiled a rhyme to satirize the king.晋国的老百姓很替介之推鸣不平,就编了一首歌谣讽刺晋文公。The king learned about this and in order not to ruin his reputation, he ordered his men to go to Jie’s home to bring him back,yet they failed to find Jie.晋文公得知后,立即派人去介之推家里找他,却没找到。The king then learned that Jie had hidden in the Mian Mountain, so he ordered his men to search the mountain,again, they failed to find Jie.后来听说介之推去了绵山,又派人去找,也没找到。The king knew that Jie was a filial son, so he thought if he set the mountain on fire, Jie,for his mother’s sake,would definately come out.晋文公知道介之推很孝顺,就想在绵山上放一把火,逼迫介之推自己背着母亲跑出来。The fire lasted three whole days and nights,绵山一场大火烧了三天三夜。In the end,Jie and his mother’s burned bodies were found beside a tree.当晋文公派人去看时,介之推母子已抱着一棵枯柳被烧死了。That was the 103rd day after the Winter Solstice.这一天正好是冬至后的103天。The local people admired Jie Zhitui for his moral integrity.老百姓很敬佩介之推的骨气,To commemorate him, they ate cold food and restrained from making fire on that day and the following two days.后来每到了这一天,人们就不忍心生火做饭,连续3天只吃冷食,以纪念介之推。Due to the fact that Cold Food Day and Pure Brightness often fall on the same day, the two are combined to form a comprehensive folk festival, during which time people go for outings, play kites, and sweep their ancestors’tombs.因为寒食节和清明节在日期上经常是在同一天,久而久之,人们 便将寒食与清明融合在一起,逐渐形成了祭祖、扫墓、踏青、放风筝等习俗,从而使 清明、寒食融为一体,成为一个综合性的民俗节日。注:寒食节是每年冬至后的103天,也就是次年的4月4日(如果2 月是29天,则为4月3日),而清明一般是每年的4月4日或5日,所以经常是在同一天的。 /201509/395327三明市治不育哪个医院最好 南平那家医院优生优育检查

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