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莆田治疗男性精子多少钱福州那个医院做试管婴儿最好India's Congress Party Starts Work on Forming a New Government印度国大党开始讨论组建新政府 In India, the ruling Congress Party got down to the job of choosing partners and forming a new government, a day after it beat forecasts to win a better-than-expected victory in general elections. The Congress Party-led alliance has won 261 seats in the 543 member parliament, while its main rival, the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party trails with 159 seats. The remaining seats have been won by an array of smaller parties. 在印度,执政的国大党接下来的工作是挑选合作伙伴和组建新政府。一天前,国大党跌破很多观察家的眼镜,在议会人民院选举中赢得出乎意料的胜利。国大党领导的联合进步联盟在543名议员组成的下院中赢得了261个席位,而其主要竞争对手、反对党人民党以159席落后。余下的席位则分别由一系列小党获得。Top leaders of the Congress Party met in New Delhi Sunday to identify small groups and lawmakers who will help the party get a parliamentary majority. 印度国大党最高领导人星期天在新德里会见了一些小团体和议员,他们将有助于国大党获得议会的多数席位。The Congress party-led alliance won what is being hailed as a "spectacular victory" in a country where no party has come close to a parliamentary majority in nearly two decades. 国大党领导的联盟获得了被誉为“壮观的胜利”,这个国家已经有将近20年没有一个党接近赢得议会的多数席位。The Congress-led alliance is less than a dozen seats short of an outright majority in parliament. 国大党领导的联盟离赢得议会人民院的绝对多数还差不到12个席位。Congress Party spokesman, Rajiv Shukla says the party can easily pick up the support it needs to craft a workable coalition. 国大党发言人拉吉夫.舒克拉说,这个党可以轻而易举地获得它所需要的持,组建一个可行的联盟。"Well, we are very close to the magic figure of 272, people have given us a clear mandate, lot many small groups and independents they are available, more than willing to support the government," said Shukla.他说:“嗯,我们已非常接近魔术数字272 ,选民给了我们明确的授权,许多小团体和无党派人士都非常愿意持政府。”Political analysts say although the Congress Party will continue to head a coalition government, its strong showing will give it ample room to implement policies without being hamstrung by regional and leftist parties, as happened during its last term in office. 政治分析人士说,虽然国大党将继续领导一个联合政府,但这个党在选举中的强劲表现将给与这个党在施政方面足够的空间,从而不会受到一些区域政党和左翼政党的钳制,如上届议会所发生的那样。Top Congress Party leaders are also discussing the formation of the Cabinet, which is expected to see the induction of some younger leaders. 国大党领导人还讨论了组阁的问题,一些年轻领袖有希望进入内阁。There is some belief that will include Rahul Gandhi, son of Congress Party President, Sonia Gandhi. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said he would like him to join the government.据信入阁的青年人包括拉胡尔.甘地,他是国大党主席索尼娅.甘地的儿子。印度总理辛格说,他希望拉胡尔.甘地加入政府。Rahul Gandhi is being toasted as the man who led the party's resurgence, particularly in the key state of Uttar Pradesh, where the party had been decimated in recent decades.拉胡尔.甘地被誉为领导国大党复兴的关键人物。特别是在重镇北方邦,该党近几十年来一直表现不佳。Gandhi's strategy has been to energize younger leaders and voters in a country where most politicians are old, but two thirds of the population is under 35 years old.甘地的竞选战略激励了印度年轻人和这个国家选民。印度的大多数政客是老人,但三分之二的人口在35岁以下。Gandhi says reviving the party remains his main goal.甘地说,恢复他的党仍然是主要目标。"My job is to change the politics of this country, using youngsters," said Gandhi. "My job is to try and empower youngsters in this country."他说:“我的工作就是要改变这个国家的政治,重用年轻人,让年轻人拥有权力。”Rahul Gandhi is the heir apparent of the Nehru-Gandhi political dynasty, which has been at the helm of the Congress Party for decades. He is aly being projected as a future prime minister.拉胡尔.甘地显然已经称为尼赫鲁-甘地政治王朝的继承人,甘地家族领导国大党有长达几十年的历史。他已被预测为未来的印度总理人选。Political analysts have called the decisive victory of the Congress Party a vote for stability in a country tired of the enormous influence wielded by regional, leftist and caste based parties in the federal government. Many of these parties - particularly leftist parties fared poorly in the elections.政治分析家把国大党的胜利称为决定性胜利,选举胜利标志着选民投票赞成印度的稳定,在这个国家,一些以地区,左派和种姓为基础的政党试图在联邦政府发挥巨大的影响力。其中许多政党,特别是左派政党,在这次选举中表现差强人意。The main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party is also discussing the reasons which led to its poor performance.主要反对党印度人民党也在讨论其表现不佳的原因。05/70154福州去哪里做人授手术最好 April 18, 1906, California's San Andreas Fault snaps, shaking San Francisco for nearly 60 terrifying seconds .When the trembling stops, the disaster is only beginning. Gas lines rupture, setting off massive fires, some 700 people die. Most of the city is reduced to ruins. This trembling of the ground caused when masses of rocks suddenly shift below the Earth’s surface is called an earthquake. Hundreds of little earthquakes shake the planet every day, but most pass unnoticed. They usually occur along the boundaries of the thin plates that cover the Earth like an egg shell. Driven by the heat deep within the Earth’s core, the plates grind against each other along lines called faults. When a plate’s motion is blocked, stress builds up. Finally the fault gives way. The released energy raises through the Earth in the form of seismic waves .Scientists record these waves on a device called a seismograph.These zigzag lines show the strength of various seismic waves. Using the line, scientists grade the earthquakes on the Richter scale. For a quake to measure one number higher on the Richter scale, it must release about 30 times as much energy as the number below it. Every year about 100,000 earthquakes rumblethrough the ground hard enough for people to feel them. Of these, only about 1,000 are strong enough to damage property. But a powerful earthquake can be devastating. On average, about 10,000 people die each year as a result of earthquakes .The greatest recorded earthquake ever to hit North America measured a massive 9.2 .The tremor struck Alaska on March 28, 1964. A camera onboard a ship docked in Valdez recorded the draining of the entire harbor as a chasm opened up on the seafloor. There is no stopping the surface of the Earth from changing and moving, so engineers are focusing on ways to create better buildings, highways and bridges, structures that will remain safe and stay in one piece the next time the Earth begins to shake.1. fault : n.a large crack in the rocks that form the Earth's surface2. seismograph: n.an instrument that measures and records the movement of the earth during 3. chasm: n.a very deep space between two areas of rock or ice, especially one that is dangerous200811/54979The Moment Obama's World Changed Newly released images capture the life-changing moments when the Obamas became America's new First Family. Now the President Elect is aly on next step of the journey, and must decide his key appointments. From Washington, Keith Graves reports. A moment of triumph and truth, the moment when Barack Obama watching television with his family and friends, realized he was about to become the most powerful person in the world.These still photographs just released show a man who appears as ever to be cool / under pressure, but these are the moments when the Obama family's life's changed, not just for the next few years, but forever.The trappings of the presidency are aly taking over Barack Obama's life, in his first radio address to the nation today, he once again warned Americans not to expect too much from him, because there is no quick cure for the ailing economy.Tens of millions of families are struggling to figure out how to pay the bills and stay in their homes. Their stories are an urgent reminder that we are facing the greatest economic challenge of our lifetime, and we must act swiftly to resolve them.President-elect Barack Obama's insistence at his first news conference that George W. Bush is still in the driving seat, may have as much to do with pragmatism as protocol, between now and the January 20th when he takes over, things can only get worse.It's not going to be quick, and it's not going to be easy for us to dig ourselves out of the hole that we are in, but America is a strong and resilient country, and i know we will succeed.Even as he was damping down the expectations that he has no miracle cure, the hole got deeper, 240 thousand jobs lost last month, unemployment / at a 14 year high. Industrial giants GM and Ford bleeding cash and talking of going broke, all of which makes his appointment of a treasury secretary crucial, and there're some very heavy hitters on the shortlist.Timothy Gelthner is a highly respected head of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, aly playing a crucial role in tackling the banking crisis. He's calling for the current financial systems to be overhauled. Lawrence Summers could make a comeback, he was treasury secretary during the last two years of Bill Cliton's presidency. He believes in more government regulation in the economy, especially in banking. Paul Volcker is a real Washington insider, and one of Mr.Obama's most trusted economic advisors, he served as chairman of the federal reserve under president Carter a democrat, and president Regan a Republican,and has plans to tackle inflation and high unemployment. The economy then will be Mr. Obama first priority, but other major problems will be in his intray from the moment he walks into the oval office, not the least of which will be foreign affaires. The economy is going to occupy him too much and he will not have any time to devote to / foreign policy issues, which in my mind are just as pressing ....He wants out of Iraq but more engagement in Afganistan, where America/ and her allies including Britain appear to be fighting a losing battle, and the likelier of Iran achieving its nuclear ambitions are problems that demand immediate attention. This weekend Mr. Obama is spending out of the spotlight with his family, he should enjoy it while he can.Keith Graves Sky News,Washington.200811/55742福州市一人民医院解扎好不好费用多少

宁德治疗男性精子到哪里好Self-help 自助 My big fat career 我的远大前程How individuals can survive in the new world of work 新职业世界生存法则Sep 10th 2011 | from the print edition“I REWROTE MY entire book after my experience of Spain and seeing what is happening in America, to recast it in terms of survival job-hunting,” says Richard Bolles. His book, “What Colour is Your Parachute?”, was first published in 1970 as a guide to finding a fulfilling job and has sold millions of copies. When Mr Bolles went to Spain in March to give advice on dealing with its indignant army of unemployed, he found that nobody had much idea how to get people back to work.“由于西班牙的经历和当今美国的见闻,我重写了整本书,并用生存性求职的观点重塑了这本书,”理查德.鲍尔斯如是说。他的书《你的降落伞是什么颜色?》作为一本求职指南首次发表于1970年并获得了几百万的销量。今年三月他去西班牙为怨气冲天的失业人群提供指导时,才发现大家对如何帮助失业者重返工作岗位一无所知。Even in tough times there are jobs to be had, but applicants have to work far harder to get an employer’s attention, says Mr Bolles. The main thing is to give them hope and teach them the latest techniques for looking for work, of which he lists no fewer than 18. They need to market themselves better and consider a broader range of employers than they might have thought of. Not least, they must “clean up their act on the internet”. Facebook is now routinely scrutinised by human-resources departments, which will be instantly put off if they find anything negative or embarrassing.鲍尔斯提到,即使在很糟的情况下仍然会有工作可做,但此时应聘者需要付出很多努力才能获得雇主的青睐。关键是要给求职者以信心,并且教给他们最新的求职技巧,鲍尔斯列出了不超过18条这样的技巧。求职者需要更好地推销自己且应该扩大原来设想的求职范围;尤为重要的是,他们应该清理其在网络上的痕迹,现在公司的人力部门经常定期检查Facebook,一旦发现任何负面或者不妥的迹象,求职就会被耽搁。Better the devil you know恶魔之上The good thing about the internet is that it offers a vast amount of information to jobhunters, especially once they have secured an interview. Glassdoor.com, a website launched in 2008 that now covers more than 120,000 companies worldwide, lets employees (anonymously) share information about firms, ranging from what people think about the boss to salary levels and details about the interview process. Last year’s annual Glassdoor list of oddball interview questions was topped by Goldman Sachs, which asked a candidate for an analyst’s job, “If you were shrunk to the size of a pencil and put in a blender, how would you get out?” One Glassdoor contributor’s suggested answer was, “Ask the government to bail me out,” which would probably not have secured the job.网络很好的一点就是它为求职者提供了海量的讯息,这一优点在获得面试后尤其明显。网站Glassdoor.com成立于2008年,现在覆盖了全球120,000家公司,雇员们可以在这个网站上匿名分享关于公司的信息,从对老板的看法、薪资水平到面试细节都有。去年高盛位列该网站的年度怪问题清单之首,高盛问一个求职分析员的人“如果你被缩到铅笔那么小并被放进了一个搅拌机,该怎么逃出来?”,网站上有人给出的参考是“让政府救援我”,当然这个不一定能保你获得这份工作。201109/154048福州治输卵管堵塞去哪好 E. coli in Germany 德国的大肠杆菌疫情Don't shoot the cucumber沉冤得雪的黄瓜A deadly outbreak in Hamburg causes ripples round Europe爆发在汉堡的致命性疫情引发欧洲震荡Jun 2nd 2011 | BERLIN | from the print editionSEVENTEEN deaths, some 1,500 confirmed or suspected cases and hundreds of millions of euros in losses: the outbreak of E. coli infections in northern Germany is causing havoc across Europe. The culprit is an especially nasty strain of E. coli, which normally resides harmlessly in the gut. Type O104:H4 can cause bloody diarrhoea, convulsions and, most lethally, haemolytic-uraemic syndrome, which attacks the kidneys. Nearly all the dead are women. Nobody knows why.7人死亡,约1500例确认或者疑似病例,数以亿计欧元的经济损失:在德国北部爆发的大肠杆菌疫情让整个欧洲都陷入了一片混乱。罪魁祸首是特别恶心的大肠杆菌族的一种,通常情况下驻于肠内且对人体无害。这种叫O104:H4型的大肠杆菌能造成出血性腹泻,痉挛,以及更为致命的溶血性尿毒综合征症状,引发肾衰竭。几乎所有的死者都是女性。没人能解释这一现象。German health authorities at first traced the infection to organic cucumbers from Spain and advised people to avoid them, along with salad and raw tomatoes. Now it seems the cucumbers were innocent (though some may have been contaminated with another strain). But the vegetable warning still stands, and the economic and political damage is mounting.德国卫生部门最先把疫情“元凶”定为从西班牙进口的有机黄瓜,并告诫民众避免食用它们,包括沙拉和生西红柿。现在看来黄瓜貌似已经“沉冤得雪”了(尽管有些可能被其他的病原体所感染)。但是对于蔬菜的食用警告依然有效,政治经济损失也逐渐增大。201106/139835南平去哪家医院看无精症

福建妇幼保健院治疗弱精多少钱Japan high-tech toilet makers flush with successIn Japan, the global leader in high-tech toilet design, the latest restroom marvel should come with a health warning for hypochondriacs -- it doubles as a medical lab that can really spoil your day.Japanese toilets have long and famously dominated the world of bathroom hygiene with their array of functions, from posterior shower jets to perfume bursts and noise-masking audio effects for the easily-embarrassed.The latest "intelligent" model, manufactured by market leader Toto, goes a step further and isn't for the faint-hearted: it offers its users an instant health check-up every time they answer the call of nature.Designed for the housing company Daiwa House with Japan's growing army of elderly in mind, it provides urine analysis, takes the user's blood pressure and body temperature, and measures their weight with a built-in floor scale."Our chairman had the idea when he was at a hospital and saw people waiting for health checks. He thought it would be better if they could do the health tests at home," says Akiho Suzuki, an architect at Daiwa House.Toto's engineers developed a receptacle inside the basin to collect the urine for sugar content and temperature checks, and an armband to monitor blood pressure. The out is displayed on a wall-mounted computer screen."With the current model, your data is sent automatically to your personal computer, and then you can email it to your doctor," said Suzuki."In the next generation model, the data will be sent automatically to family members or doctors via the Internet," she said.The electronic marvel, called the "Intelligence Toilet", is capable of storing the data of up to five different people and retails for 350,000 to 500,000 yen (about 4,100 to 5,850 dollars) in Japan, she said."For now our customers are essentially middle-aged and senior people. But we hope the young generation will also become more health-conscious."The model is the latest advance in a string of sophisticated toilets, known as "washlets" in Japan, which have become ubiquitous in recent decades.Vocabulary:hypochondriac: a person who suffers from hypochondria; hypochondria is a state in which somebody worries all the time about their health and believes that they are ill when there is nothing wrong with them(疑病患者)posterior: the part of your body that you sit on; your bottom(臀部;屁股)faint-hearted: lacking confidence and not brave; afraid of failing(胆怯的;怯懦的)answer the call of nature: 上洗手间washlet: 自动喷水马桶,卫洗丽ubiquitous: seeming to be everywhere or in several places at the same time; very common(似乎无所不在的;十分普遍的)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/112607 US: Iran Missile Test Underscores Threat to Middle East, Europe美称导弹防御系统符合俄罗斯利益The ed States says the reported test of a new Iranian ballistic missile underscores that country's threat to the Middle East and Europe, including Russia, which has opposed a planned U.S. regional missile defense system. Big-power diplomats are expected to discuss Iran's nuclear program and missile activity Thursday in Paris.美国表示,伊朗试验新的弹道导弹显示这个国家对中东以及包括俄罗斯在内的欧洲构成威胁。而俄罗斯一直反对美国在欧洲部署区域导弹防御系统的计划。一些大国的外交官预计星期四将在巴黎讨论伊朗的核计划和导弹活动。The Bush administration says the Iranian missile test violates U.N. resolutions and other international obligations,and will likely be added to the agenda of Thursday's meeting on Iran of the five permanent U.N. Security member countries and Germany, the P-Five-Plus-One.布什政府表示,伊朗试射导弹违反了联合国有关决议及其它国际义务,由五个联合国安理会常任成员国和德国在周四举行的关于伊朗问题的五加一会议的议程中可能会加上这一事态发展。Iran said it successfully tested a two-stage solid-fuel missile with a 2,000 kilometer range, which if verified would be an advance over the less-versatile liquid-fuel rockets Iran has developed in the past.伊朗称,它成功试射了一个两级固体燃料导弹,射程为两千公里。这一消息如果被实,那将是在伊朗过去发展的功能相对不全的液体燃料火箭之上的一大进步。The test came on the eve of the Paris meeting of P-Five-Plus-One political directors, who will review efforts to persuade Iran, through incentives, to stop a uranium-enrichment program the ed States believes is weapons-related.伊朗导弹试验是在巴黎五加一会议即将举行的前夕进行的。与会的政界人士将审查通过奖励措施动员伊朗停止铀浓缩计划的努力。美国认为伊朗的核活动与武器有关。The U.S. delegate to the Paris meeting, Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs William Burns, was in Moscow for talks on various issues -including the missile-defense system the ed States plans to deploy in central Europe to counter the Iranian threat.参加巴黎会议的美国代表、美国国务院负责政治事务的国务次卿伯恩斯在莫斯科和俄罗斯官员举行会谈的时候谈到各种问题,其中包括导弹防御系统。美国计划在欧洲中部部署导弹防御系统来对付伊朗的威胁。Moscow this week rejected a U.S. proposed set of confidence-building measures, including on-site inspections, designed to allay Russian concerns that the U.S. system would threaten its strategic missile forces.State Department Deputy Spokesman Robert Wood reiterated Moscow has nothing to fear from the proposed system, and said the Iranian test should illustrate why the deployment should go forward.美国国务院副发言人罗伯特·伍德重申,莫斯科对美国计划中的防御系统没有什么好担心的。他还说,伊朗的导弹试验说明为什么应该部署这个系统。"I think it is pretty obvious that when Iran launches one of these ballistic missiles that this is something of concern to the international community, and I am including Russia in the international community here," Wood said. "And so again we think missile defense is in the interest not only of the ed States and its European allies, but also Russia. So we will continue to make the case to Russia that we need to cooperate closely on missile defense."伍德说:“我认为这很明显,在伊朗发射这种弹道导弹的情况下,国际社会显然会对此关注,我认为国际社会也包括俄罗斯在内。因此,我们重申,导弹防御系统不仅符合美国及其欧洲盟国的利益,同时也符合俄罗斯的利益。所以,我们将继续努力说俄罗斯,在导弹防御系统问题上,我们需要密切合作。”The U.S. plan calls for placement of 10 interceptor missiles in Poland and a related radar system in the Czech Republic.美国计划在波兰设置10枚拦截导弹,在捷克共和国设置相关的雷达系统。Russia has threatened to deploy short-range missiles and jamming equipment in its Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad, bordering Poland, if the U.S. program goes forward.Officials in Moscow were ed as calling the new U.S. transparency proposals inadequate, while also suggesting the Bush administration is trying to pre-empt missile-defense decisions by President-elect Barack Obama.An Obama spokesman said this week the incoming president only supports deploying a missile-defense shield when the technology has been proven workable.一位奥巴马的发言人本周表示,当选总统只有在有关技术已经被明是切实可行的条件下,才会持部署这一导弹防御系统。200811/55995龙岩去那里查生育福州查生育三甲医院



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