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The Art of Chinese Dietary中国饮食中的艺术Chinese dietary culture can communicate with other forms of art,thus making it a genuine art winning a high reputation at home and abroad.中国饮食文化可以和其他艺术形式进行交流,这样使其成为一种真正的艺术并赢得了国内外的高度赞誉。With its diverse flavors,its complicated and magical techniques,and the combination of appearance and taste,Chinese food culture has become a colorful art form,redolent with a strong sense of aesthetics and artistic appreciation.中国饮食文化以其多样的味道、复杂神奇的烹饪技巧和形与味的结合成为一种多的艺术形式,散发着美学和艺术价值。 /201606/445321If you haven#39;t seen Alpaca meat on the yet, chances are you soon will.如果你还没有在菜单上看到过羊驼肉,那么我想你很快就会看到了。Alpaca meat is rising in popularity, with the Gold Coast Bulletin reporting about 70 restaurants across Australia feature the meat in their dishes.羊驼肉现在正变得越来越流行。据《黄金海岸公报》报道,全澳大利亚约有70家餐厅把羊驼肉纳入了菜单中。Among them is Melbourne restaurant Pastuso, whose head chef appeared in a by the Australian Alpaca Association to discuss how diners have embraced the cuisine.一家位于墨尔本、名叫帕斯图索的餐厅的主厨在澳大利亚羊驼协会的视频中亮相,为我们讲述了食客是怎样喜欢上羊驼肉的。Alejandro Saravia, who is a Peruvian chef at Pastuso, has cooked with alpaca meat for four years and described the taste as similar to beef or lamb.帕斯图索的秘鲁厨师亚历桑德罗·萨拉维亚已经有四年烹饪羊驼肉的经验了,他认为羊驼肉的味道和牛羊肉的味道很像。Alpaca has been very well embraced from the Australian public,#39; he said in the . #39;Flavour wise it#39;s very easy to understand, between beef and lamb, so it#39;s not so challenging, and also it#39;s very healthy meat. The future of breeding alpaca for human consumption will be just going better and better.#39;“澳洲民众都很喜欢羊驼肉,”他在视频中说。“羊驼肉的味道很容易被人们所接受,介于牛肉和羊肉之间,所以吃起来并没有太大的挑战性,并且这种肉也非常健康。养殖羊驼供人类消费的前景只会越来越广阔。”Renowned chef Matt Moran, who owns some of Sydney#39;s leading restaurants, previously wrote an article for The Daily Telegraph to discuss his experience cooking alpaca meat.著名厨师马特·莫兰在悉尼拥有好几家高档餐厅,他在之前给《每日电讯报》写过的一篇文章中讲述了他烹饪羊驼肉的经验。Moran said he had never tried the meat until he visited an alpaca farm, and described the flavour as #39;very tasty#39;, especially the meat from the neck.莫兰表示,他直到有一次参观了一个羊驼养殖场,才第一次尝试了羊驼肉。他形容羊驼肉 “非常美味”,特别是脖子上的肉。Alpaca has also starred in dishes at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, with the The Age reporting in 2013 about 20 Australian restaurants served the meat, a number which has grown considerably since.羊驼菜品也曾在2013年墨尔本美食佳酿节上亮相。据《时代报》当时的报道,约有20家澳大利亚餐厅供应羊驼肉。这个数字自那以后大幅增长。In Australian alpacas are primarily farmed for their fleece, but the Australian Alpaca Association website said farming alpacas for meat is a growing industry.在澳大利亚,人们养殖羊驼主要是为了获取羊毛,但澳大利亚羊驼协会网站表示,饲养羊驼供应肉类消费正逐渐成为一项新兴产业。Alpaca meat is a good source of protein with little saturated fat and cholesterol, it is also environmentally sustainable to produce. Alpacas are able to withstand dry conditions for longer than most livestock, and their soft feet cause minimal damage to the soil and ecosystem.羊驼肉是蛋白质的优质来源,几乎不含饱和脂肪和胆固醇,而且养殖过程也生态环保。羊驼比大多数牲畜的耐旱时间更长,而且它们蹄子柔软,对土地和生态系统的破坏很小。 /201605/441860

A of a group of fathers line dancing while wearing their babies strapped to their chests has become an online hit - melting the hearts of millions.网上一段奶爸与婴儿共舞的视频已经爆红,奶爸们排成两列,胸前用背带托着自己的宝贝,百万大众的心都被他们融化了!The dads, who perform a routine to Wild Cherry#39;s Play That Funky Music, perform the moves largely in sync carrying their children in baby carriers and appear to be deep in concentration.这些爸爸们跟着歌手野樱桃(Wild Cherry)的名曲《Play That Funky Music》纵情舞动,他们背着托儿带,动作基本上相互一致,而且跳得非常专注。The , which has been watched more than 2.7 million times which was said to be was part of a class called Mommy Mingle, Daddy Dance in California.这段视频的浏览量已经超过了270万次,据说是一个名为“妈妈聚会,爸爸跳舞”的课程的一部分,这个课程面授地址位于加利佛尼亚。The studio, which specializes in #39;funky baby-wearing line dancing classes#39;, is run by Meeshi and Amber Anjali.开办这个课程的工作室的特色课程是“时髦亲子列队舞”,主办人为Meeshi和Amber Anjali.They praised the parents, saying: #39;They were ;dancin#39; and singin#39; and movin#39; to groove; just to show these mamas how much they appreciate them. And that#39;s the greatest love of all!#39;主办人对这些爸爸的表现夸赞有加:“他们又唱又跳,载歌载舞,非常开心,他们在用行动向妈妈明自己对她们的爱。这是爱情最好的表达方式!”The clip, which is nearly four minutes long, has attracted thousands of admiring comments from viewers.这段视频有将近4分钟长,无数网友的目光被它吸引,好评如潮。One woman wrote: #39;Love it! Playing the babies like guitars was my favorite! Awesome job dads! #39;一位女士在中写道:“太喜欢了!他们像弹吉他一样托着婴儿,这是我最喜欢的部分!粑粑们干得好!”Another said: #39;Thank you for this .I Love it.The dads are amazing and they know how to dance with their babies and soul mates.#39;另一个网友说,“谢谢粑粑们为我们提供了这段精的视频。我喜欢它!这些爸爸真帅,他们懂得怎么和自己的宝贝、伴侣相拥起舞。” /201607/454768

Cupping involves a cup attached to a pump. Athletes put the cup on their skin and create suction with the pump. Some say the technique increases blood flow and helps a person’s sore muscles heal.拔火罐是以罐为工具,利用燃火、抽气等方法产生负压。运动员们将真空杯子紧紧吸在皮肤上造成局部皮肤充血。有人认为这种疗法能通经活络、行气活血、缓解肌肉疲劳。The largest side effect is the presence of the large, circular bruises on the skin. While the bruises may be uncomfortable at times and linger for a few days, cupping is harmless when done properly by a licensed or skilled professional. In addition to bruising and redness, cupping can cause mild discomfort, and in rare cases, burns and infection.最大的副作用就是会在皮肤上留下圆形的淤青。尽管淤青有时会带来身体上的不适,并且一连持续好几天。但是只要在专业医师的正确操作下,拔火罐不会对人体造成任何伤害。除了淤青和红肿外,拔火罐还会伴随有轻微的不适感。极个别情况还有可能造成烧伤和感染。Alex Naddour has tried massages, a hot tub for recovery and gotten cortisone shots before a competition. The relief they offer from the wear-and-tear his body has taken from gymnastics is often only temporary.But he’s found a solution on Amazon.亚历克斯曾经尝试过、水疗等方式,甚至在赛前注射可的松(一种用于治疗活动性风湿症、类风湿关节炎等病的激素类药物)。这些疗法对于多年体操训练给身体造成的磨损来说都只不过是暂时性的。然而,他在亚马逊上用15美金淘到了一种有效的治疗方式! /201608/459821

Want to work out like your favourite athlete? Strength training is your answer!想要和你喜爱的运动员一样锻炼吗?力量训练就是!Your goal doesn#39;t have to be to make it to the Olympics in order to get the most from your workouts.想要取得最好的锻炼效果,你的目标并不一定是去参加奥运会。Whether you#39;re training for a race or simply looking to stay active, why shouldn#39;t you at least be able to train like your favourite athletes? Fitness expert and coach Nick Grantham - who has worked with many top athletes and Olympians - thinks we should all be able to train to our full potential regardless of our individual goals.不管你是为了一场赛事训练,亦或只是为了看起来积极向上而训练,为什么不像你最喜欢的运动员一样锻炼呢?健身专家兼教练尼克·格兰瑟姆曾与多位顶级运动员以及奥运选手合作,他认为不管个人的目标是什么,每个人都可以锻炼,直至发挥全部潜能。His new book The Strength amp; Conditioning Bible: How to Train Like an Athlete is designed to give you everything you need to make it happen. #39;Anyone who wants to improve their fitness levels and is willing to invest some time and effort can optimise their training and performance,#39; he says. #39;And that#39;s pretty much anyone!#39;他的新书《力量与环境界圣经:如何像运动员一样锻炼》旨在为每个人提供建议,让大家都能像运动员一样锻炼。;每个想要更加健康,并愿意花时间和精力的人都可以使锻炼和表现达到最佳状态,;他说道。;几乎每个人都可以;。Gone are the days when you needed the most expensive training tools and elite trainers by your side to train smart. From guide books to online personal trainers, there are increasingly easy and effective ways to get training - but with Nick#39;s experience working in high-performance fitness and sport science, you can really count on The Strength amp; Conditioning Bible to not only explain what to do and how to do it, but also why you#39;re doing it.锻炼时需要最贵的锻炼器材和优秀的教练以使自己更好锻炼的日子已经一去不复返了。从指导书到在线私人教练,训练的方式越来越简单有效--由于尼克在高性能健身和运动科学方面的工作经验,因此你可以完全信赖他的新书,新书中不仅解释要做什么以及如何做,而且还解释了为什么要做。#39;As a coach I know the power of understanding,#39; Nick says. #39;If you understand why you#39;re performing an activity, you#39;re far more likely to stick to the training programme.#39;;作为一名教练,我明白理解的力量,;尼克说道。;如果你明白自己为什么进行锻炼,你就更可能坚持这项锻炼计划。;As well as giving you the chance to take exercises up a notch, it also preps you to continue your training confidently on your own. #39;It offers sample sessions, and appropriate progressions#39; he adds. #39;It also provides the er with an understanding that will allow them to develop their own effective programmes.#39;这本书不仅给了你锻炼水平再上一个等级的机会,同时也使你准备好独自一人自信锻炼。;这本书有样本锻炼和适当的进步锻炼,;他补充说道。;本书会让读者有些了解,他们可自行设计适合自己的有效锻炼计划。;译文属 /201607/456195

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