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宜昌包皮手术怎么样武汉治疗早泄男科医院赞比亚小象头脑冷静,击退只雌狮 --9 :01: 来源: 赞比亚的一只象从只雌性狮子口中逃脱,展示了他在压力下保持冷静头脑的能力拍摄视频的旅行团观光客说这只象在绝处逢生并赢得“大力神”的绰号 SOUTH LUANGWA NATIONAL PARK, Zambia, July 7 (UPI) -- An elephant in Zambia demonstrated his ability to keep a cool head under pressure when he escaped being made into a meal by female lions.赞比亚,南卢安瓜国家公园,7月7日(UPI)——赞比亚的一只象从只雌性狮子口中逃脱,展示了他在压力下保持冷静头脑的能力The , filmed by Jesse Nash on a tour with Normal Carr Safaris at the Chinzombo Safari Camp in Zambia, shows a group of lionesses descending on a young elephant.Jesse Nash在跟Normal Carr旅行团在赞比亚Chinzombo Safari营的行程中录制了该视频:只狮子涌到一只小象身上The elephant, keeping calm, swats at the lionesses with his trunk while making his way to a nearby body of water.这只象,冷静地,用鼻子扑打着狮子,并设法走到附近的水里The pachyderm reaches the water, but only a handful of the predators decide to stay on shore while the more daring members of the pride give pursuit in the shallows -- including one lioness riding piggy-back on the elephant’s rear.这只象走到水里后,只有少数的狮子决定待在岸边,更大胆的狮子们却一直追到浅滩里——其中一只狮子骑上了小象的背The elephant flees further into the water, causing the lioness to jump off its back, but the big cats continue to stalk the elephant.这只象又往水里走,使它背后的那只狮子跳离了它的背,但这些大型猫科动物继续追踪它The ends with the elephant, finally fed up, charging the lionesses and causing him to flee.视频的结尾这只象终于厌倦,向狮子猛冲并成功逃离The safari tour group said the elephant survived the encounter and earned the nickname Hercules.旅行团说这只象在绝处逢生并赢得“大力神”的绰号武汉华夏男子医院几点上班 户外学习“促进儿童发展” -- 19:50: 来源: 还在家里“北京瘫”?国外研究表明户外活动更利于个人发展奥,好了,又给你一个理由出去玩了 Childhoods were dramatically changing, with fewer opporties to spend time outdoors, researchers observed.有研究表明,随着出门的机会的减少,儿童的童年正在发生巨大改变The loss of exposure to the natural environment would have negative long-term consequences, they warned.研究人员警告户外时间减少将对儿童的长远发展产生负面影响Establishing an "outdoor learning hub" would help teachers, and help shape policies and strategy, they suggested.他们建议建立“户外学习中心”,这将有助于老师教学,有助于确定相关的政策和策略Long-term risks长期的危险The report highlighted previous studies that showed that busier family lives, combined with an increased sense of fear in society, children were having fewer opporties to explore their surrounding natural environment.该报告突出强调了之前的研究结果,即随着家庭生活变得繁忙,家长对外界不安全因素的日益担忧,孩子们在户外自然环境中曝光的机会在减少This was hampering children’s social skills as well as risking stifling their long-term physical, emotional development and wellbeing. Theree, it was important that schools did not overlook the opporties that outdoor learning provided to bridge this gap.户外时间的减少不利于儿童社交能力的发展也不利于他们长期、全面的身心发展,学校重视(不忽视)户外学习机会对弥补这种差距起到的作用就显得非常重要At the moment, if outdoor learning is part of a school’s curriculum in England, it is largely because the teachers recognise the value of it, said report co-author, Sue Waite, a er in outdoor learning at Plymouth University, UK.苏·威特是该报告的联合作者之一,也是英国普利茅斯大学户外教育的高级讲师她说“目前在英国,如果有学校将户外学习纳入教学课程,很大程度上是因为老师意识到了户外学习的价值”With so much focus on academic attainment, there can be pressure on teachers to stay in the classroom which means children are missing out on so many experiences that will benefit them through their lives.“过度关注学习成绩,会对老师造成教学压力,迫使老师待在教室教学,这就剥夺了很多能使学生终生受益的户外学习经历”Joined-up thinking协调性思考Ms Waite added that the report showed that although there was a significant body of research that supports outdoor learning in both mal and inmal contexts, it was likely to remain on the margins of education until the benefits were recognised by policymakers and reflected in policies. The report calls it to be adopted by national curricula.苏·威特补充说,虽然报告表明已经有相当多正式或非正式的研究理论持户外学习,但户外学习的地位似乎仍处于教育的边缘地带,除非决策者认识到其价值并通过政策体现这种价值该报告呼吁国家课程体系将户外课程纳入其中The report made a number of recommendations, including the establishment of a "strategic policyresearch hub" to "collate existing research, prioritise future research needs and help improve the alignment between research and policy".该报告列出了一些建议,包括通过建立“策略性政策研究中心”“梳理现有研究,确定未来研究需要的优先级并优化理论研究和政策之间的对接”The report also proposed a "Framework 1st Century Student Outcomes" that could be delivered through regular lessons in natural environments.该报告还提出了“面向1世纪学生成果评价的框架”,将通过学生在自然环境中的常规课程得出The outcomes were grouped into five themes:该成果评级分为五个主题:A healthy and happy body and mind健康、幸福的身心A sociable, confident person友善,自信A self-directed and creative learner自我指导,充满创造力的学习者An effective contributor重要的贡献者An active global citizen积极的世界公民We need to be a little bit clearer about what ms of outdoor learning meet what purposes and aims (of curricula), Ms Waite told B News.苏·威特对B表示“我们需要搞清楚特定类型的户外教育所能满足的课程目标和目的”So rather than just being outdoors magically making things happen, activities such as residential outdoor experiences would be particularly effective developing social skills and leadership, she said.“所以与其没有计划的开展户外课不如有意识设计一些活动比如户外露营,将对培养学生的社交技巧和领导力很有帮助”威特补充说What we argue in the report is people to think about the purpose and place (of the activity), as well as the people involved, in order to construct different ms of outdoor learning that will meet certain (teaching) aims.“我们在报告中所讨论的是想让人们考虑户外活动的场地和目的以及参与活动的人,目的在于搭建出特定的户外学习模式满足教学的目的”Ms Waite said that the findings acknowledged that schools were under pressure to deliver results, and found increasing constraints on time, finance and other resources.威特表示研究结果表明学校方面不仅有教学结果的压力,还存在时间不足,资金和环境资源的限制She said that linking outdoor activities to learning outcomes would allow it to become part of a curriculum so there would be "no need to find extra time" outdoor learning.她说将户外活动同学生的学习成果联系起来,户外课就是整个课程的一部分那么就没必要再找额外的时间进行户外活动She added: "Getting it embedded within policy gives that extra reassurance to teachers that this is something justifiable to do."她说:“将户外课纳入政策可以使教师确信开展户外课很有意义”Ms Waite’s fellow co-author Prof Karen Malone, from Western Sydney University, added: "This report maps the evidence to encourage researchers and policymakers to meet at the interface of research and policy in order to shape a positive future our children."威特的同伴,报告的联合作者卡伦·马龙是西悉尼大学的一名教授,她说:“为了给我们的孩子创造一个更加积极的未来,我们在研究中详细的描述了鼓励研究者的研究和决策者的政策相结合的据”产权之争:第五季《中国好声音暂更名为《中国新歌声 -- :5: 来源: 由于最新法院裁决节目方禁止使用之前的冠名,浙江卫视于本周三宣布大型歌唱选秀节目《中国好声音暂更名为《中国新歌声 Zhejiang Television had to change its top singing competition show from "China’s Good Voice " to "China’s New Singing Voice" on Wednesday night due to a court ruling that bids it from using the mer name.由于最新法院裁决节目方禁止使用之前的冠名,浙江卫视于本周三宣布大型歌唱选秀节目《中国好声音暂更名为《中国新歌声"Zhejiang Television always respects the rule of law and will respect the court ruling. To obey the authority of the justice system, the TV station’s ’China’s Good Voice ’ will be temporarily renamed ’China’s New Singing Voice,’ and the renamed show will be broadcast on July , , as scheduled," the statement said.浙江卫视声明:“浙江卫视一直秉持法治理念,尊重司法裁判为维护司法权威性,浙江卫视《中国好声音节目将暂时更名为《中国新歌声,节目更名后仍将于年7月日如期播出”The English show title was previously changed to "Sing! China," but it is currently unknown if the English name will also be changed again.先前节目将英文版名称改为了“Sing! China.”但不知现如今该英文版名称是否也会随之更改The Beijing Intellectual Property Court rejected the appeal of mer producer Canxing Productions of "The Voice of China" (its Chinese name is literally "China’s Good Voice") on Monday night, ruling that they cannot produce further episodes under the name. But this is a temporary protection order the plaintiff rather than a verdict in a copyright infringement case.7月日晚,北京知识产权法院驳回了灿星的复议请求,维持之前针对灿星的诉前保全裁定,责令上海灿星文化传播有限公司停止使用“中国好声音” 、“the Voice of China”的节目名称及相关商标标识然而,这对于原告方来说也只是暂时的保护令,而并非版权侵权案件中的仲裁行为The brand and mat are owned by Talpa Holding, which originally produced "The Voice of Holland." Canxing acquired the rights of the show and co-produced four seasons with Zhejiang Television and made the show the top rated show in China.好声音的品牌和设计由《荷兰好声音的出品方Talpa Holding独家拥有后来灿星获得了节目的播出权,并且与浙江卫视在前四季都有合作,一步步将《中国好声音打造成为中国顶尖的歌唱节目This year, Canxing and Talpa’s negotiation fell apart and Talpa found another Chinese agent, the Zhejiang Talent Television Film Company Limited. But Canxing continued doing a similar show with some amended changes and the same Chinese name ("China’s Good Voice") that will be broadcast on July . So Talent filed a lawsuit.今年,灿星与Talpa的谈判决裂,Talpa转而向浙江唐德影视股份有限公司寻求合作然而,灿星仍旧使用相同的中国品牌名《中国好声音,制作相似的歌唱类节目,并计划在7月日播出唐德对灿星提起了诉讼But Zhejiang Television said the Chinese name of the show, "China’s Good Voice," was created by the television station itself according to laws and contracts and is approved by China’s TV watchdogs. It has also registered the trademarks and owns the rights to the name.然而,浙江卫视则坚持认为节目的中国名称《中国好声音是电视台根据法律和相关合同条款合法冠名,并且当时也得到了国内监管机构的认可除此之外,浙江卫视也表示已经登记注册了商标,应当有使用该名的权利The television station said the temporary renaming will cause them significant damage and that they maintain the right to sue the relevant parties.电视台表示现如今临时改名给台内造成了重大损失,他们表示将保留追诉相关责任方的权利Tian Ming, the CEO of Canxing Productions, said they would countersue Talent their reckless legal action and restraining order, demanding damages. Tian added his company won’t import eign show mats in the future and will focus on original creation instead.灿星公司的CEO田明表示他们将会就唐德公司草率仓促的禁止令反诉对方,并要求索赔同时,田明还表示公司未来将不会再引进国外的制作形式,将会全力着重节目的独创性武汉华夏医院泌尿科较好的门诊医生有几个

孝感中心医院包皮手术多少钱亚洲百万级富豪傲视群雄 -- ::0 来源: 尽管中国经济增长放缓,日本经济依旧疲软,亚洲的百万级富豪人数仍然实现了增长,超过了北美和欧洲 Asian millionaires now control more wealth than those in North America, Europe and other regions, according to a report from finance firm Capgemini.金融企业Capgemini发布报告称,亚洲百万级富豪掌握的财富总额已经分别超过了北美和欧洲的百万级富豪掌握的财富总额Driven by China and Japan, Asia’s millionaires saw their wealth jump by % in , the firm’s World Wealth Report found.报告显示,以中国和日本的富豪为首,亚洲百万级富豪的财富总额去年增加了%Millionaires held nearly trillion (?0 trillion) worldwide last year, four times higher than 30 years ago.去年全世界的百万级富豪掌握的财富总额接近600万亿美元(00万亿英镑),这个数字是30年前的倍That could rise to 退欧还是留欧?荷兰也即将面临抉择 -- :5:58 来源: 英国退欧余波震荡北海,引起部分国家交流而另一个问题也逐渐引起人们的关注,荷兰会成为下一个退出欧盟的国家吗? Geert Wilders, leader of the Eurosceptic Freedom Party, was among the first to congratulate his colleagues across the North Sea securing their "Independence Day".吉尔特·威尔德斯是荷兰反欧盟自由党领袖,他是第一批为其英国同志取得“独立日”胜利而送上祝贺的人There are shared concerns about European immigration and Brussels bureaucracy among the Dutch electorate.荷兰的选民对欧洲移民和欧盟官僚主义有着相同的看法And yet, "Nexit" is by no means inevitable.但是,“荷兰退欧”并非不可避免In fact, according to the rules of the Advisory Referendum Act there is no legal possibility of holding a vote on the Netherlands’ membership of the EU. Referendums can cover only new legislation and treaties, and are only advisory.事实上,根据《咨询公投法案的规定,对荷兰的欧盟成员国身份进行表决不存在法律上的可能性公投只能覆盖新法案和新条约,而且只能是咨询性的The only way to hold a Nexit vote would be to change existing legislation, and that is only likely to happen if Mr Wilders wins elections next year.唯一有可能使得荷兰退出欧盟的办法是修改现存的法律,而那只有威尔德斯在明年的大选中胜出才有可能办到Most recent polls suggest a slight majority of voters oppose the idea of an in-out Nexit vote. A Maurice de Hond survey suggested that 53% were against a referendum.最近大部分的民调都显示,略微过半的人反对进行一场荷兰退欧投票据Maurice de Hond的调查显示,53%的人反对进行公投"We don’t see the EU as a threat as a big imperial monster, we see it as something you can negotiate with," says Hans Steketee, editor of the NRC Handelsblad newspaper.NRC商报编辑汉斯·斯特克蒂说道:“我们不认为欧盟是一个庞大帝国怪物那样的威胁,我们认为是可以和欧盟进行谈判协商的”"It’s like Brussels sprouts, you might not like them but you eat them because you know they’re good you. My gut feeling is that people will say: ’Oh well, if this is what happens after Brexit we should definitely think twice.’"“这就好像芽甘蓝一样,你也许不喜欢但是你还是要吃它,因为你知道它们对你的身体有好处我的直觉是人们会说:‘呃,如果英国退欧之后发生了这么多事,那么我们一定要对荷兰退欧一事三思而后行’”Nestled in a booth in a cosy cafe beside an Amsterdam canal, prominent Eurosceptic campaigner Thierry Baudet warns me of a deliberate and cynical attempt by European politicians to punish the UK to prevent others from following suit.在阿姆斯特丹运河旁边一个舒适的咖啡馆里,著名反欧盟活动家蒂埃里·宝迪依偎在卡座里警告我说,欧洲政治家正蓄谋对英国进行打击报复,以防止其他成员国也效仿脱离欧盟"Do they really think this is the way to keep countries in? By scaring and fighting Britain?" says Mr Baudet, one of the key instigators of an April referendum in which Dutch voters rejected an EU trade deal with Ukraine.宝迪说道:“他们真的认为这个方法能把欧盟成员拧在一起吗?通过吓唬和打击英国?”荷兰今年月份举行了一场公投,荷兰选民们拒绝了一个和乌克兰的欧盟贸易协定,而宝迪正是煽动这场公投的一个主要人物However one potential deterrent could be a cap on bankers’ bonuses imposed by the Dutch government in .年荷兰政府颁布了对奖金上限的规定,这有可能起到潜在的威慑作用Prime Minister Mark Rutte has tried to reassure the banking industry, suggesting the cap of % of annual salary is "flexible eigners".首相马克·吕特曾试图安抚业,表示说年薪%的上限“对外国人有灵活的安排”The Dutch cap is far lower than the 0% cap set by the EU in response to public outrage at excessive bankers’ pay during the financial crisis.在金融危机时,民众对于家们的过高收入感到愤怒,欧盟对此设立了一个0%的上限,而荷兰的上限只有%,要比欧盟低得多And Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem appears less keen to remove those limits. "The really big investment banks are driven by a bonus culture, the majority of pay there is bonuses, and I don’t see any room that in the Netherlands," he says.而财政部长戴塞尔·布鲁姆似乎不太热衷于解除这些限制他说道:“真正的大投资是由奖金文化驱动的,收入的大部分来源是奖金,而在荷兰我没有看到任何这样的情况” Mark Rutte, the fallout from Brexit is personal as he lost a close friend and ally in David Cameron.对于马克·吕特来说,英国退欧的后果只局限在他个人,因为他失去了一个至交和盟友--卡梅伦They texted regularly - "mostly about stupid stuff," he told me recently.两人经常互发短信--“都是一些蠢东西,”他最近告诉我说And the self-confessed anglophile prime minister took a somewhat softer stance than other European leaders over Brexit, arguing that Britain should not be rushed, given the country had "collapsed - politically, economically, monetarily and constitutionally".马克·吕特自认为是一个亲英派,在英国退欧一事上他采取了一个比其他欧洲领导人都要温和的立场,认为英国不应该受到太大冲击,因为这个国家已经“崩溃了--无论是从政治、经济、货币、还是宪法上来说”That message was perhaps partly to his own electorate - suggesting they should be careful what they wish .这一信息也许部分是针对荷兰的选民--建议他们对其所渴望的事情小心谨慎Ahead of parliamentary elections in , Brexit has presented him with a valuable opporty to show what the Netherlands has to gain from remaining in the EU.在年议会大选前夕英国退欧给了他一个宝贵的机会,使得他能够展示留在欧盟荷兰能够获得的东西Instead of spawning referendums elsewhere in Europe, the UK vote could serve to counter the Eurosceptic rise in the Netherlands, France, Sweden and elsewhere.不把英国当做榜样来引起其他欧洲国家也进行退欧公投,反而可以用英国退欧一事来打击荷兰、法国、瑞典和其他地方反欧盟主义的抬头But with eight months bee the Dutch election, there is plenty of time the tide to turn.但是目前距离荷兰大选还有8个月,有充足的时间来使得局势反转 trillion by 5, Capgemini said.Capgemini表示到5年这一数字有可能升为00万亿美元Asia’s growth in high net worth individuals - defined as having million in assets -came despite slowing economic growth in China and a weak Japanese economy.尽管中国经济增长放缓,日本经济依然疲软,亚洲拥有百万美元净资产的富豪人数仍在上升’Dominant ce’“统治力”Capgemini found the growth in Asia was driven mainly by financial services, technology and health care industries.Capegemini发现亚洲富豪人数的增长主要集中在金融,科技和健康行业The region’s millionaires held $. trillion of wealth, compared with $.6 trillion in North America, the report said.报告显示,亚洲的百万级富豪掌握了万千亿美元的财富,超过了北美富豪的万6千亿美元"If past growth rates hold, Asia-Pacific is likely to continue to be a dominant ce over the next decade, representing two-fifths of the world’s HNWI wealth, more than that of Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa combined," Capgemini said.“亚太地区如果保持这样的增长率,再过十年仍将保持这样的统治地位亚太地区百万级富豪的人数占到了全世界的五分之二,超过了欧洲、拉丁美洲、中东和非洲的总和”Poor permance in US equity markets slowed growth in North America to .3% last year, although the US still had the highest number of millionaires with .5 million.美国的百万级富豪人数为5万,仍是世界第一,疲软的股票市场令富豪人数的增长率降到了.3%Europe’s millionaires saw a .8% increase in wealth, which was led by Spain despite the country’s record unemployment.欧洲地区百万富豪的财富总额增长了.8%,西班牙的失业率创下历史新高,却无碍该国成为这轮增长的主导力量The UK had the fifth highest number of high net worth individuals, although it only increased 1% to 553,000.英国的富豪人数为55万3千人,增长了1%,排在世界第五Latin American millionaires suffered a decline in net worth of 3.7%, driven by political volatility and a turbulent stock market in Brazil.拉丁美洲政局动荡,巴西股票市场一片混乱,该地区富豪的净资产下降了3.7%Worldwide, the wealth controlled by millionaires grew % last year to .7 trillion (?39.5 trillion).去年全球百万级富豪掌握的财富总额为587万亿美元(395万亿美元),增长了%Earlier this year, Oxfam found that the richest 1% now have as much wealth as the rest of the world combined.前段时间,乐施会发现占世界人口1%的最富有人群的财富总额等于剩余99%的人口掌握的财富总额武汉华夏男子医院有检查精液的吗 趣味习语:各种“白”意思你真的造么? -- :: 来源:chinadaily 据说颜色可以达到一个字不说就能交流的地步但是,它所传达的意义就要高度依赖于颜色在各个国家的文化意义了感觉讲得通,然而,颜色经常出现在各个国家的语言中,而且还不仅仅是用于传达字面意思例如你知道什么是白色的谎言吗?White elephant是白色的大象吗? Today's color of choice is white, in what will hopefully become a mini series on idioms and color in the English language. 今天简单介绍下白色,希望可以作为英语颜色习语方面的一个小专题 1. raise (or wave) a white flag Meaning: to indicate that you have been defeated and you want to give up 意思:暗示你被打败了,你愿意放弃 Sample Sentence: After we captured them, they had to raise a white flag. 例句:当我们抓住他们后,他们不得不举手投降 Pop Culture Reference: Pop singer Dido references the symbolism represented in this idiom in her song ;White Flag,; singing: ;..and I won't put my hands up and surrender. There will be no white flag above my door...; 流行文化推荐:流行歌手蒂朵在她的歌曲”白旗“中采用了这个习语的象征主义手法,歌中唱到:”…我不会举起双手投降在我门前绝不会有白旗飘起…“ . white-tie eventaffair Meaning: an event that requires guests to wear mal dress such as men wearing white bow ties with mal evening attire 意思:要求客人穿着正装的场合,例如男人着正式晚礼,带白色蝴蝶结领结 Sample Sentence: There was a white-tie wedding ceremony last week which I had to attend. 例句:上周我不得不参加一个白色领结结婚典礼 Pop Culture Reference: Band names are known being creative or including play on words. The popelectronica band The White Tie Affair chose to name themselves with this idiom. 流行文化推荐:以创新风格闻名或包含双关语的乐队名流行摇滚电子乐队The White Tie Affair就是以这个习语命名的 3. white elephant. Meaning: a useless, an unwanted possession that often costs money to maintain. 意思:无用的,不需要的累赘物,通常会花费很多钱来维护它 Sample Sentence: Your car is a white elephant, as it often breaks down, causing you too much expenditure. 例句:你的车就是个累赘,经常抛锚给你带来那么多花销 Pop culture reference: As one alternative to the Western Christmas gift exchange tradition of ;Secret Santa,; a White Elephant gift exchange includes a group of family, friends, or coworkers each of whom gets one wrapped gift. Staying true to the idiom's meaning, the gifts are usually inexpensive, humorous, or used items from home, seeking to provide entertainment those involved rather than value. 流行文化推荐:作为西方圣诞节Secret Santa(抽签交换礼物)的一个传统备选方案,;a White Elephant; 礼物交换是指在家人,朋友或同事之间进行的一种礼物交换游戏,每个人都会得到一个包裹好的礼物而说到这个礼物习语,其实它原指便宜的,有趣的或家中用过的物品而并非有价值的物品,作为礼物送给对方以达到效果 . white lie Meaning: a harmless or small lie told to be polite or to avoid hurting someone's feelings. 意思:一个没有恶意的或小的谎言,谎言的目的是为了礼貌或避免伤害某人的情感 Sample Sentence: He told a white lie when his father asked where he was going. 例句:当他爸爸问他要去哪儿时,他撒了一个善意的谎言 Pop Culture Reference: The popular TV series Breaking Bad has gained so many fans across the world that some have decided to craft special beers in honor of the protagonist Walter White who told many white (and perhaps even more unwhite) lies throughout the show. The India white ale beer is a play on words in itself, named Walt's White Lie. 流行文化推荐:流行电视节目《绝命毒师在全世界获得众多粉丝热捧,剧中的主人公沃尔特.怀特由于讲了太多善意(也许更多的是非善意)的谎言,以至于一些粉丝决定为其特制一种啤酒以示庆祝印度白啤酒这个名字本身就是一种文字游戏,名为沃尔特怀特的谎言 5. white as a sheet Meaning: pale 意思:苍白 Sample Sentence: Jane was as white as a sheet because of the illness she had suffered months. 例句:由于数月病痛折磨,简的脸色面如白纸 Pop Culture Reference: In the poem Song of Myself, in the famous poetry collection Leaves of Grass, the great Walt Whitman writes the line: ;The captain on the quarter-deck coldly giving his orders through a countenance white as a sheet...; 流行文化推荐:在著名诗集《佰草集中有一首诗歌叫做《自己,伟大的诗人沃尔特;惠特曼曾在诗中这样写道:“船长站在甲板上,面色苍白地发着冷酷的指令”大冶看男科医院

武汉市儿童医院男科百位女性裸体拍照 反对特朗普 --1 :: 来源:chinadaily More than a hundred women stripped and posed naked with mirrors in Cleveland, answering a photographer's call to blend art with politics and portray Donald Trump as unfit the White House. 超过一百位女性在俄亥俄州克利夫兰市手持镜子,裸体摆姿势这是在响应摄影师将艺术与政治融合的号召,并表达唐纳德?特朗普不宜入主白宫的观点They gathered on the eve of the Republican National Convention, where the New York billionaire will be anointed the party's nominee president after winning a raucous primary race despite alarm from the party establishment and the country at large about his divisiveness. 她们集会的时间是共和党全国代表大会召开前夕会上,纽约亿万富翁特朗普将被提名为共和党总统候选人尽管党内大佬和多数民众都对其分裂主义表示警惕,他还是在喧闹的初选中赢得了胜利"He is a loser," photographer Spencer Tunick told reporters after the sunrise shoot in which 0 women took part. One hundred of them will be featured in the picture to be unveiled shortly bee the November 8 election. 摄影师斯潘塞?图尼克在日出的拍摄结束后对记者说:“他是个失败者”0名女性参与了拍摄其中有一百位女性出镜的照片将在月8号大选前公开The installation took place on private property in sight of the arena where the convention kicks off on Monday. 拍摄在一处私人房产内进行,从周一召开全代会的场馆可以看到这里The owner gave permission, said Tunick, and so while public nudity in Cleveland is illegal, it was not possible police to intervene. 图尼克说,虽然在克利夫兰,公共场合裸体属违法行为,但房产的主人给予了许可,警察不能干涉Entitled "Everything She Says Means Everything," the photo art featured women of all shapes, colors and sizes participated, holding up mirrors toward the arena. 这一摄影艺术作品以《她言即一切为名,参与的女性身材、肤色和体型各异她们举着镜子对准会议场馆Tunick's website said the mirrors reflected "the knowledge and wisdom of progressive women and the concept of 'Mother Nature'... onto the convention center, cityscape and horizon of Cleveland." 图尼克的网站称镜子将“进步女性的知识、智慧和‘自然母性’的观念投射向会议中心、克利夫兰这座城市和它的地平线”The artist is well known his sometimes startling images of nude people. But Tunick told reporters he thought it was his most political shoot ever, saying he felt compelled to take action. 这位艺术家因拍摄时常令人震惊的裸体群像而闻名但图尼克告诉记者,他认为这是自己最具政治意味的摄影作品,他觉得必须进行采取行动Just voting against Trump at the ballot box in November was not enough. 仅仅在月的选举中不投给特朗普是不够的"I have two daughters and a wife," he said. "I can't believe the language and rhetoric of hate against women and minorities coming from the Republican Party." 他说:“我有妻子和两个女儿我不敢相信共和党对女性和少数群体的那些仇恨言论和措辞”He said he had to do something to counter "this idiotic thinking." 他表示自己必须做些什么来对抗“这种愚蠢的论调”- Fearless – - 无所畏惧 - MaPo Kinnord, 55, an art professor and artist, said she took part because she loved Tunick's work and happened to be visiting her niece in the city where she grew up. 55岁的马波?金诺德是一位艺术学教授,也是艺术家她表示自己参与拍摄是因为喜爱图尼克的作品,且恰好来克利夫兰看望侄女金诺德在这座城市长大"To be totally naked and out in the open and to be fearless is what we need to be," Kinnord explained. 金诺德解释说:“在露天完全并且无所畏惧,这是我们需要做到的”Kinnord said she would "never" vote Trump and expressed hope that Britain's recent referendum voting to leave the European Union had been a wake-up call against complacency in the US election. 金诺德说她“绝不会”投给特朗普,希望英国最近的脱欧公投给美国大选中的自鸣得意者敲响警钟Morning Robinson, 18, took part with her mother, saying she wanted "to do something a little different" bee going off to college that would enable her to express herself freely. 18岁的莫宁?罗宾森和母亲一起参与了拍摄她表示想在进入大学前“做些不一样的事”,让她自由表达心声"I was really nervous at first," but it felt good being out in the open and not afraid of her body, she said. 她说“一开始很紧张”,但处于户外且不畏惧自己身体的感觉很棒"Republicans have this view of how women should be in society and I just don't agree," she said. "I don't know exactly, I just know their views don't match mine." 她表示:“我不认同共和党关于女性在社会上该如何自处的观点我知道的并不确切,但我就是知道他们的想法跟我的不一致”英文来源:每日邮报翻译:实习生徐晓彤编辑:yaning <牛人_句子>武汉治疗前列腺增生男性医院武汉最好的泌尿科在哪里



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