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8 谢绝订单3句英文任你选We regret that, owing to the shortage of stocks, we are unable to fill your order.由于存货短缺,很遗憾,我方无法供应贵方所需货品。It is hard for us to supply the amount you need.我方很难提供你们所需的量。We are sorry to inform you that we are not able to supply these articles for the moment.很抱歉,这些商品我们暂时不能供应。半个句型要记牢inform sb that (告知某人某事)Tip:inform作动词,意思是;通知,告知;常用的搭配 inform sb of/about sth通知某人某事,拓展 information n.解情况的;明智的, well-informed adj.消息灵通的 /201604/434109。

  • US Government Takes Over Two Major Financial Firms保尔森:接管两公司以防金融动荡  Amid a continuing housing crisis in the ed States, the Bush administration is taking over two failing mortgage firms in an effort to limit further turmoil in the sector. 就在美国房地产市场继续在危机中挣扎时,布什政府将接管两个陷入困境的住房抵押贷款融资公司,以防止金融市场出现进一步的动荡。The last year has seen a spike in foreclosures among U.S. homeowners, falling housing values in most parts of the country, and tighter credit that has made it more difficult for Americans to acquire loans.  在过去一年中,美国房主因无法偿还贷款而被金融机构收回房屋的情况大幅增加,美国大部分地区的房价下跌,而且市场信贷紧缩使美国人更难获得贷款。In recent months, the picture has grown worse with news that two mortgage giants, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, were on the verge of insolvency. Combined, the two firms own or guarantee close to half of all home loans in the ed States. 在最近几个月中,情况变得更糟。美国两大住房抵押贷款融资机构房利美和房地美已经频临破产边缘。这两个公司持有或担保的住房抵押贷款几乎占全美住房抵押贷款总量的一半。In a news conference Sunday, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson announced that the federal government is taking control of the firms - a move he described as necessary to avoid further financial upheaval. 美国财政部长保尔森星期天在新闻发布会上宣布,联邦政府将接管这两个公司,他说,这是为了避免金融市场进一步动荡而采取的必要措施。"Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are so large and so interwoven in our financial system, that a failure of either of them would cause great turmoil in the financial markets here at home and around the globe. This turmoil would directly and negatively impact household wealth, from family budgets to home values, to savings for college and retirement," he said. "And a failure would be harmful to economic growth and job creation." 他说:“房利美和房地美的规模太大,而且它们和美国的财政系统有着千丝万缕的联系。让它们中的任何一个倒闭都会强烈动荡美国及全球的金融市场。而这种动荡将直接给家庭财产带来负面影响,从家庭预算、房产价值到人们为大学教育和退休而储蓄的存款。这两家机构的倒闭会伤害美国的经济发展和就业市场。”The Bush administration says Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are being placed in a government conservatorship with new executive leadership. They will be operated by a government agency until their financial pictures improve and they are no longer at risk of failing.  布什政府说,房利美和房地美目前处于政府接管状态中,政府还任命了这两个机构的新领导人。这两家机构将由一个政府部门来管理,直到它们的财政状况出现好转,不再面临倒闭风险时为止。Paulson says every effort will be made to spare taxpayers from having to assume massive financial burdens stemming from the takeover. 保尔森说,政府会尽全力避免让纳税人承担这次接管所带来的巨大经济负担。Most Americans secure home mortgages through private banks. For decades, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have made it more attractive to banks to make mortgage loans by purchasing the loans from the banks, and then selling them to private investors. 大部分美国人通过私人来获得住房抵押贷款。几十年来,房利美和房地美从手中购买贷款项目,再把它们转卖给私人投资者,以吸引发放更多的抵押贷款。But recent years have seen mortgage loans made to millions of individuals with poor, risky, or insufficient credit - many of whom have either defaulted on the loans or are at risk of doing so. Fannie Mae's and Freddie Mac's exposure to massive financial losses stemming from the housing crisis has put them on the verge of insolvency. 但是在最近几年里,数百万贫穷、有欠款危险或者信用值不够的个人得到了抵押贷款,现在,他们中的许多人已经或即将无法偿还贷款。房屋市场的危机给房利美和房地美带来了巨额亏损,把它们推到了破产的边缘。News of the government takeover prompted swift reaction from both presidential candidates. Speaking on CBS' Face the Nation program, Republican presidential nominee John McCain said the move "has to be done.""I think that we have got to keep people in their homes. There has got to be restructuring, there has got to be reorganization, and there has got to be some confidence that we have stopped this downward spiral. It is hard, it is tough," said McCain.McCain added that the woes of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are symptomatic of an overall failure of Washington to tackle important issues. He said the federal government has become less effective due to what he termed cronyism and the influence of special interests and lobbyists.His Democratic challenger, Barack Obama, also expressed support for the government takeover. But an Obama ally, Virginia Democratic Governor Tim Kaine, said blame for the financial upheaval lies with President Bush."It is an important step that they [the Bush administration] have taken, but they are way too late. During the Bush administration there has been a complete abdication of responsibility for regulating the nation's financial markets, and so it has come to this," said Kaine.Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have seen their stocks plummet in value in recent months. The federal takeover includes some government purchasing of the firms' stock and an infusion of funds to assure the firms' continued operation.  房利美和房地美的股票价格在最近几个月里大幅度下跌。这次联邦政府的接管计划包括政府购买这两家公司的股票以及向它们注入资金,以保这它们能继续经营下去。Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are government-sponsored enterprises, which are among several financial service corporations created by the ed States Congress. 房利美和房地美是受到政府持的企业,是由美国国会创立的几个金融务公司之中的两个。200809/47735。
  • Clinton Scores Victory in Pennsylvania Primary克林顿在宾州初选中较大优势获胜  Senator Hillary Clinton has kept her presidential bid alive with a nearly 10-point victory over Senator Barack Obama in Tuesday's crucial Pennsylvania primary. The victory is a boost for Senator Clinton, but she still trails Senator Barack Obama in the total number of votes received in state primary races and in the total number of pledged delegates needed to win the Democratic nomination.  希拉里.克林顿参议员星期二在宾夕法尼亚州举行的关键初选中以超过对手奥巴马将近10%的选票保持了她继续竞争总统候选人提名的活力。这次胜利增强了克林顿参议员的竞争力,但是她在举行了初选的各州所得的总票数以及民主党提名所需的做出保的党代表人数方面还都落后于奥巴马。On the morning after the Pennsylvania primary, Senator Hillary Clinton summed up her feelings about her nearly 10-point win on the CBS Early Show. 宾夕法尼亚州初选过后的星期三早晨,克林顿参议员在哥伦比亚广播公司的早间节目中总结了自己赢得超过对手10%选票的感受。"It was a wonderful night," she said. 她说:“昨天晚上太美好了!”A number of political analysts had said Senator Clinton needed a convincing win in Pennsylvania to stay in the race, and that is exactly what she got. Some Democrats were hoping for a closer outcome that would have compelled Clinton to drop out of the race, allowing the party to unite behind Senator Obama and focus on defeating Republican candidate Senator John McCain in the November general election. 很多政治分析人士曾说,克林顿参议员要在宾州得到有说力的胜利才能继续竞选下去,而她恰恰得到了这样的胜利。有些民主党人希望投票结果更加接近,迫使克林顿退出竞选,以便民主党能在奥巴马的周围团结起来,在11月总统大选中集中力量战胜共和党的竞争对手麦凯恩参议员。At a victory rally late Tuesday in Philadelphia, Senator Clinton told her cheering supporters that the tide is turning. Speaking to CBS News, she said the victory would give her momentum for the next primaries, and explained why she believes more voters chose her. 星期二晚上,在费城举行的胜利庆祝集会上,克林顿参议员向对她欢呼的人群说,选情正在好转。她对哥伦比亚广播公司说,这次胜利会在后面的初选中给她带来获胜的势头。克林顿解释了为什么她认为更多的选民会选择她。"They believe that I offer them and their families the, you know, best chance for a better future," she said. "And I think that is what is going on here." 她说:“他们相信我可以给他们自己和他们的家庭提供未来最好的机会。我认为这里的情况就是这样。”Senator Clinton also said that her campaign raised more than million overnight with an Internet appeal after her victory. Her campaign had gone into debt during the Pennsylvania race, while Senator Obama still has plenty of funds for the next contests. 克林顿参议员还说,她在宾州胜利以后的竞选筹款通过因特网的吁求一夜之间筹到了三百多万美元。克林顿的竞选资金到了宾州初选的时候已经开始负债,而奥巴马参议员接下来的竞选所需的资金仍然雄厚。As in other races, Senator Clinton carried her core supporters, voters over the age of 60, female voters and lower income voters. Senator Obama again did best with young people, higher income voters and Black voters.  和在其它多次初选中一样,克林顿参议员的持者多数以60岁以上选民、女性选民以及低收入选民为核心,而奥巴马参议员最受年轻人、高收入、以及黑人选民的持。Obama, 46, sought to reassure his supporters late Tuesday at a rally in Evansville, Indiana. He pointed out that Senator Clinton had led in opinion polls by more than 20 percentage points in Pennsylvania six weeks ago, and that he gained ground in the state. 46岁的奥巴马星期二晚上在印第安纳州的伊万斯维尔的一个集会上再次寻求要他的选民放心。奥巴马指出,克林顿参议员在六个星期前的一个民意调查中领先他20个百分点,这次初选他本人在宾州扩大了地盘。"And now six weeks later, we closed the gap. We rallied people of every age, and race and background to the cause. And, and whether they were inspired for the first time, or for the first time in a long time, we registered a record number of voters and it is those new voters who will lead our party to victory in November," he added. 奥巴马说:“六个星期过去了,我们的差距在缩小。我们这次集会的持者年龄、种族和背景都非常广泛。不论他们是第一次受到这样的鼓舞,还是多年来第一次受到这样的鼓舞,我们纪录在案参加投票的选民已经创造了新纪录,就是这些新的选民将在11月的大选中带领我们的党走向胜利。”But before either candidate can turn their sights on the November election against Senator McCain, Democrats must decide which one of them is the nominee. There are nine more contests between now and early June, starting with primaries in North Carolina and Indiana on May 6. Senator Obama is heavily favored to win in North Carolina, and Senator Clinton currently has a slight lead in most voter surveys in Indiana. 但是在参加11月总统大选和共和党的麦凯恩竞争以前,民主党人必须决定这两人之间由谁来参选。从现在到6月初,还有9个州要举行初选,首先是北卡罗来纳和印第安纳州在5月6号举行的选举。奥巴马参议员在北卡受到特别强烈的持。克林顿参议员目前在印第安纳州所有的民调当中都有小幅领先的优势。 200804/36462。
  • Anchor: At 49, successful journalist Judsen Culbreth found herself divorced. Determined to date again, she turned to the internet for help. She posted an ad under the name GolfyGal, and told prospective guys: let's have some fun, it wasn't long before she was matched with Wally, a self-described southern gentleman. Apparently it worked out that because Judsen and Walter are gonna celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary this January. She offers her advice in her new book-The Boomers' Guide To Online Dating. And Judsen Culbreth is here with her husband Walter Kirkland. Good morning to you both!Judsen: Good morning.Walter: Good morning, Rene.Anchor: We've been hencesuch a good time chatting about it during that last segregate. Why did you decide to turn to the internet initially?Judsen: Well, I wasn't having very much luck on my own. Two years, two blind dates, at that rate, you know, I would've never met someone. So I heard these women at a brunch, they were professional women; they were talking about their successes. I said I am gonna give this a try. I posted a profile, and the next day, I had 84 responses, so it felt so great. (84, 84)Anchor: And then, so you hear about her, and, I mean, how did you guys, tell me what it was like when you first actually met, face to face?Walter: Well, I usually set up a very low risk date. So when we set up a date, typically what I would do is to say let's meet for a drink after work. And we did it at a restaurant down in a SOHO, and, but I said prior to, when I set the date up, I said I gotta leave at 7:00 o'clock, (yeah) because I have something else to do. Anchor: Just in case you did, (exactly, you know. It is risky) you know, just wasn't like what you start, is that right?Walter: This set up this sort of things that give yourself an ....(sure)But when I came in and I saw her, uh, about 5 minutes later, I said, you know my plans for the rest of the evening have been cancelled. Would you like to have dinner?Anchor: And, and the rest is history as they say. (Exactly.)You know the book is really quite interesting, I think because it makes it, it's sort of de-mystified. I think a lot of people have an aversion to Internet dating, they think,oh, there's so.., it could be unsafe for what happen to you (Yes) what do you, what do you tell people when you hear that?Judsen: Well, it's much less strangerers than meetings , I call it strangerers than meeting someone at a bar, or randomly, you know a lot about them, you have a chance to really find what their values are, what their interests are, what they like as a person before you ever meet. And the great thing about the, about the Internet dating is you get pre-qualified candidates, people who say they want a relationship, and tell you a lot about themselves.Anchor: You know, and you have these tips (yes) to, uh, to determine whether you are y and this is the acronym that you use y: the first one is that you recovered from the past, the E is you are engaged in activities, the A is / accepting attitude toward men, and do you find a lot of women who are in this situation, don't have that?Judsen: Yeah! I, my motto is you either hate him or date him. And if you wanna date him, don't put up ads and say no jerks allowed, or are you normal? or you know, only good guys need to apply , it's really, really a put-down. So think about your feelings about the opposite sex, get over that, and enjoy. Anchor: So you really have to be y. And the D is destined for love. And the Y is yearning to connect. I wanna take a closer look though at your, uh… and the R is recovered from the past. But I wanna take a closer look at you ad, the ad that you placed. Because, um, I think again, that might be a potential sticking point people trying to figure out what to put up. So here is your profile, and you put up the name Golfygal, why did you choose that?Judsen: Well, I think in the activities, you wanna be a person, who's engaged in activities , fun to be with. And golf by the way, ladies, is perfect, coz more men and women love Golf. (Sure) And I was a golf nut, so I put up Golfygal. But it could be your career or a physical attribute or some, or you're warm-hearted, or outgoing, something like that.Anchor: And the subject you put: let's have some fun.Judsen: Yeah! Fun is important. People are looking for a companionship at our age, they don't wanna fight, they don't wanna, you know, have arguments, they wanna be with someone who like them, and someone that's engaged in fun activity.Anchor: I like the profile, smart, trim professional, enjoys active, being active and sociable. That says a lot about you, too.Judsen: Yeah! And if you can't think of these adjectives for yourself, ask a friend, what are the 15 words you will use to describe me? You wanna a blend of psychological traits, and your success or career and the things you like to do.Anchor: And under the summary.Judsen: Well, when I say...Anchor: Brings it all together and puts a nice little photoJudsen: You really are, uh, selling your self, you wanna a clear photo that shows what kind of product you are, and the last sales tip is to ask for the business, tell someone I want to meet you, why don't you come to my site? why don't you talk to me? and, and you really wanna ask them to meet you.Anchor: And, Walter, you guys probably would've never met, coz you were live in New Jersey, she was in Mahattan, well, you would never have met her in person.Warter: Yeah, it wouldn't be possible to meet somebody like her in any other circumstance. SoAnchor: Wow, you guys. Congratulations!Judsen: Thank you.Anchor: On the three and half years, and hopefully many, many more.Judsen: Oh, yes.Anchor: Judsen Culbreth and Walter Kirkland, good to see you guys.200807/44002。
  • In India, Infrastructure Falls Short as Economy Moves Forward印度基础设施落后拖经济后腿 India is building new roads, airports and power plants to cater to the needs of an economy that is growing at a rapid pace. But, infrastructure continues to be woefully inadequate.  印度正在修建新的道路、机场、发电站,以满足经济高速发展的需要。不过尽管如此,印度的基础设施仍显得不堪重负。Later this month, a gleaming, new airport will open in India's famous information technology hub, Bangalore, meeting a long-standing demand of the I.T. industry.  本月晚些时候,一座崭新敞亮的机场将在印度信息产业中心班加罗尔正式投入使用。这座素有“印度硅谷”之称的高科技城市长期以来一直需要这样一座机场。However, access roads to the new airport -- 36 kilometers north of the city center -- have not been widened to ease chronic traffic snarls. As a result, people fear the commute to the airport could take up to three hours -- longer than a short-haul flight.  但是,位于班加罗尔北部、距离市中心36公里的机场虽然落成,从市区到机场的公路却没有相应拓宽,交通仍然拥挤不堪。于是人们担心,从市里到机场可能要花上三个小时,比一般的短途飞行时间还要长。Inadequate transport networks in bursting cities is just one of the problems confronting a country where all infrastructure is in short supply -- whether it is reliable power, highways, ports or world-class airports.  大城市交通设施的缺乏只是印度基础设施面临的问题之一。这些问题还包括缺乏可靠的电力供应、高速公路、港口、以及世界一流的机场。Bidisha Ganguly, a consultant at the Confederation of Indian Industry, says these shortages have intensified amid the recent economic boom.  比迪沙.刚古利是印度工业联盟的顾问。他说,印度经济的高速发展使基础设施落后的问题暴露无遗。"India has been growing at a very fast rate," Ganguly said. "So, as a result, all infrastructure is strained, so there are huge gaps and bottlenecks everywhere. We don't build infrastructure ahead of demand. We typically build it once the bottlenecks are there and fairly apparent."  刚古利说:“印度经济近来增长迅速。因此,所有基础设施都感到压力。瓶颈现象随处可见。我们没有在需求到来之前修建基础设施。我们典型的做法是在瓶颈出现后才开始考虑补救。”The bottlenecks are becoming severe. Vehicles choke aly crowded roads as car sales go up. Average loading and unloading time at busy sea ports is 85 hours -- 10 times longer than at Singapore or Hong Kong. Airports and ports often run short of warehouse space. It takes manufacturers days to transport goods from one part of the country to the other -- partly because trucks are barred from congested cities during the day for fear they might bring traffic to a standstill. 的确,印度发展的瓶颈变得越加严重。汽车销量上升使得本来就拥挤不堪的道路更加堵塞。在吞吐量较大的海港,货柜装卸的平均时间是85个小时,相当于新加坡或香港的10倍时间。机场和港口的仓储能力常常不足。制造商把货物从印度一个地区运到另一个地区常常要花上几天时间。这其中的部分原因是为了防止交通状况进一步恶化,很多城市禁止卡车白天进城。Lack of adequate power is perhaps the most severe problem. Most industries and offices rely on massive power generators because electricity is often shut off for hours at a stretch, even in prime business and industrial areas.  缺少电力可能是最严重的问题。由于频繁停电,即使在繁华的商业区和繁忙的工业区,很多工厂和办公楼仍然需要安装大型发电机来保持供电。The head of the Indian Council of International Economic Relations, Rajiv Kumar, says lack of adequate infrastructure holds back growth and discourages investors -- both domestic and foreign. 印度国际经济关系理事会的负责人拉吉夫.库玛尔说,基础设施匮乏阻碍了经济增长,同时也令国内和国外投资者望而却步。"The industry has to provide all the infrastructure needs, itself, rather than these be available to it as it is in all other countries routinely as a part of the delivery of public services," Kumar said. "That means that even for those who can afford to do this, the costs become very high. But for a large number of medium and small enterprises it just means that they simply have to forego investment opportunities. So, infrastructure deficit in my view is probably costing India up to two percent growth in GDP (gross domestic product)." 他说:“印度的企业常常要自行满足基础设施需要。而在其他国家,这只是公共务的一部分。这意味着,即使有的印度企业有能力这样做,但是成本将因此变得很高。而对于很多中小企业来说,这意味着丧失投资机会。所以,我认为,印度基础设施不足至少把印度的GDP拉低了两个百分点。”The government acknowledges the country is grappling with a huge infrastructure deficit. It estimates India needs to invest 0 billion, in the next five years, to build roads, seaports, airports, high-speed expressways and power plants. The government is calling on the private sector to share the task.  印度政府承认基础设施不足的问题。印度政府估计,印度需要在未来五年里投资5千亿美元修建公路、海港、机场、高速公路和发电厂。印度政府呼吁私营企业跟政府共同承担基建费用。Some of that investment is aly in the pipeline. A project to link the country's four major cities with wide roads is to be completed this year. Modern airports are being built in several cities, under a new model under which private groups will build facilities, collect tolls and eventually hand the project back to the government. 一些基础设施投资已经在规划之中。一条连接印度四大城市的高速公路项目预计将在今年完工。几座城市的现代化机场也正在修建。私营企业出资修建这些机场,然后收取使用费,并将最终把机场交还给政府。The government says the results of all these investments will be visible in five to 10 years. But many fear it may be longer, because many infrastructure projects often get delayed.  印度政府说,这些投资将在五到十年内产生效果。但是很多人担心需要更长时间,因为很多工程受到延误。Ganguly says India needs to speed up the pace at which projects are implemented. 印度工业联盟的顾问刚古利说,印度需要加快工程进展速度。 "The feeling is that much more should be done," Ganguly said. "While the government has a broad plan, there are problems in implementation, getting clearances. Bureaucratic delays are there and it is not a straightforward issue, where you can just go and build a port or a airport." 他说:“我们认为需要做得更多。印度政府的计划很庞大。但是计划的执行、审批过程出现很多问题。很多时候是官僚机构的拖累,所以没办法直接了当地修建港口或机场。”But many acknowledge that it is not always easy to fast track projects in a democracy where issues like land acquisition are sensitive and time consuming. 不过,很多人承认,在民主体制下,包括土地征用等问题都非常敏感,解决起来也是旷日持久。Critics often compare India to the other Asian giant, China, which has built world-class infrastructure in record time. But others point out that although the Chinese central government's nod is enough to get a project off the ground, the task is far more difficult in India, where consensus is needed before any project can go ahead. 观察人士常常把印度和亚洲另外一个经济大国中国相比。中国在创记录的短时间内修建了世界一流的基础设施。但是也有人指出,很多在中国只需要中央政府点头就可以上马的项目,在印度却需要各方达成共识。200805/37524。
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