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Meeting a beautiful woman can be bad for your health, scientists have found.The effects are heightened in men who believe that the woman in question is ;out of their league;.科研人员日前发现,与美女会面可能有害健康。尤其是当男性遇到他们觉得“遥不可及”的美女时,这种影响会增强。Cortisol is produced by the body under physical or psychological stress and has been linked to heart disease.人的身体在生理或心理的压力下会产生一种名叫皮质醇的物质,这种物质与心脏病的发生有关。Researchers tested 84 male students by asking each one to sit in a room and solve a Sudoku puzzle. Two strangers, one male and one female, were also in the room.研究人员对84名男性学生进行了测试,让他们每人坐在一个房间里做一道数独题。房间里还同时安排了一男一女两个陌生人。When the female stranger left the room and the two men remained sitting together, the volunteer#39;s stress levels did not rise. However, when the volunteer was left alone with the female stranger, his cortisol levels rose.当陌生女性离开房间,屋内剩下两名男性时,研究对象的压力水平没有升高。而当调查对象与陌生女性单独共处一室时,他的皮质醇水平便出现了升高。The researchers concluded: ;In this study we considered that for most men the presence of an attractive woman may induce the perception that there is an opportunity for courtship.研究人员得出结论:“在这项研究中我们发现,对于大多数男性来说,美女的出现会让他们产生这样一种想法,即存在求爱的机会。;While some men might avoid attractive women since they think they are #39;out of their league#39;, the majority would respond with apprehension and a concurrent hormonal response.“尽管一些男性会因为觉得美女‘遥不可及’而避免与她们接触,但大多数男性的反应还是比较积极,同时荷尔蒙水平也会发生变化。;This study showed that male cortisol levels increased after exposure to a five-minute short social contact with a young, attractive woman.;“研究显示,当男性与一个年轻漂亮的女性短暂接触五分钟后,皮质醇水平就会升高。”Cortisol can have a positive effect in small doses, improving alertness and well-being. However, chronically elevated cortisol levels can worsen medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and impotency.少量的皮质醇能给人体带来一些积极影响,如提高机敏度,增进健康。然而,皮质醇水平长期过高会加重心脏病、糖尿病、高血压和性无能等疾病患者的病情。 /201508/394163。

  • The publisher of the Guardian and Observer newspapers is close to axing the print editions of its newspapers, despite the hopes of its editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger to keep them running for several years.尽管主编艾伦?罗斯布里奇希望可以将印刷版多运营几年,但英国《卫报》和《观察家报》的发行商还是将削减印刷版业务。Senior figures at Guardian News amp; Media are seriously discussing the move to an entirely online operation, it has been claimed, leaving Mr Rusbridger increasingly isolated.据称,卫报新闻传媒集团的主管们正认真研究完全转向网络运营一事,这导致罗斯布里奇希愈发孤立。The longstanding Guardian chief wants to develop the Guardian’s digital-only US operation before pulling the plug on the print edition, in the hope that it will provide a useful blueprint for the online business in Britain.在完全结束印刷业务之前,《卫报》资深负责人想在美国发展数字版,并希望这可以为在英国的网络业务提供一份有益的规划。However, trustees of the Scott Trust, GNM’s ultimate owner, fear it does not have enough cash on its books to sustain the newspapers for that long, according to More About Advertising, the website run by former Marketing Week editor Stephen Foster.但根据《行销周刊》前编辑史蒂芬-福斯特创办的广告资讯网站的介绍,卫报新闻传媒集团的拥有者、斯科特信托基金的受托人担心,并没有足够的资金持这份报纸这么久。The Guardian publisher has spent the last few years battling to stem losses of £44m a year. However, it has been slow to make savings and any money that it has clawed back has been spent on expanding its US and online operations.在过去几年,《卫报》发行商一直设法防止每年亏损4400万英镑,但增收速度非常慢,而且所有弥补性收入都被用于发展美国版和网络经营。The investments helped to fuel a 16pc increase in digital revenues to £45.7m last year, but this was not enough to balance GNM’s operating losses.相关投资帮助该集团去年的数字营销收入达到4570万英镑,增长率达到16%,但这还是不足以抵消营业亏损。Guardian Media Group, GNM#39;s parent company fared even worse. Its operating losses more than doubled to £129.1m after nearly £55m of write-offs.卫报新闻传媒集团的母公司、卫报传媒集团的经营状况更差。在冲销掉大约5500万英镑后,该集团的营业亏损仍然达到1亿零291万英镑,是之前的两倍多。Meanwhile, the company has been forced to steadily shrink the Guardian newspaper, getting rid of some of its flagship supplements. GNM has also pledged to axe up to 100 of its 650 editorial staff.同时,该公司还被迫逐渐缩减《卫报》的发行规模,取消一些主要增刊。卫报新闻传媒集团还决定在其650名编辑团队中削减100个职位。Last year, GNM also looked at closing the £80m printing plant it opened seven years ago, and moving its printing presses out of London.去年,卫报新闻传媒集团还考虑关闭七年前开业的价值8000万英镑的印刷厂,并把印刷业务搬离伦敦。However, it now seems more likely to stop running the presses altogether.但现在看来,该集团更有可能停掉印刷版业务。A GNM spokesman denied that it intends to stop printing newspapers, saying they would “remain the foundations of our organisation for many years to come”. The newspapers generate three quarters of GNM’s revenues but do not turn a profit.卫报新闻传媒集团的一位发言人否认将停止印刷版,并表示印刷版业务“在今后若干年内仍将是整个集团的基础业务”。报纸业务创造了该集团3/4的营业收入,但却没有利润。 /201210/204479。
  • A big part of China#39;s private economy will change hands in the next decade, from first-generation entrepreneurs to their children, many of whom are foreign-educated and have a very different view about running a business than their parents do.在下一个10年,大部分中国私营企业将会被第一代企业家传到他们的子女手里。下一代接班人基本上都是在国外接受的教育,他们对经营企业的看法与他们父母这一辈有很大差别。#39;I believe the government needs to face our generation, #39; the daughter of China#39;s second-richest man was ed as saying in Guangzhou#39;s Time Weekly. #39;Our generation can never be like my father#39;s generation.#39; Ms. Zong, who attended high school and college in California, declined to comment directly but acknowledged she made the comments to the Time Weekly.杭州娃哈哈集团董事长宗庆后的女儿宗馥莉就公开表示,并不赞同父亲亲历亲为的管理风格,她也对企业为政府马首是瞻的行为方式不以为然。广州《时代周报》援引宗馥莉的话说:“我觉得政府需要面对我们这一代,我们这一代人永远不可能像我老爸这一代一样。”宗馥莉是在美国加州读的中学和大学。她虽然没有回复记者希望她发表的邮件,但也没有在后续的其他采访中否认上述言论。Ms. Zong may be particularly outspoken, but the children of China#39;s most successful entrepreneurs in general have little patience for the endless wining and dining of government officials that is necessary to do business in China. And they are not the nuts-and-bolts, get-their-hands-dirty managers that their parents are.宗馥莉属于较为直言不讳的一类,她的说法其实也反映了中国不少成功企业家子女的心声。对于在中国做生意过程中必不可少的与政府官员们的吃喝应酬,以及揣官员的言外之音,他们中的大多数人并不耐烦,而这些可能被他们的父母当成是商业机会。此外,他们也不再像他们父母那辈人一样喜欢脚踏实地做企业,而会更倾向于做投资、金融和务业。他们父母积累的财富,也给了他们一个很高的起点。But many are shifting their parents#39; businesses into service industries in sectors such as health care and finance that are important areas in China#39;s economic overhaul. Others are following their parent#39;s entrepreneurial spirit. Either way, the government faces the question of how to embrace this homegrown resource even if this generation doesn#39;t follow standard Chinese business practices.很多富二代正将他们父母的企业向医疗保健和金融等务业转型,这是他们自己的兴趣所在,也是中国经济未来主要发展的方向。也有另一些富二代继承了他们父辈的创业精神,打造自己的企业。尽管这些富二代并不遵循在中国从商的传统套路,但中国政府需要善待他们这群本土资源,因为这批人很大程度上决定了中国私营企业的未来。#39;It is harder to be an entrepreneur in China compared to in the West, but there are also more opportunities here, #39; said Duan Liuwen, who heads up an organization for second-generation wealthy called Relay China that has about 200 members. #39;The good thing is the government is changing, too; even in the government there are more overseas returnees.#39;中国富二代组织“接力中国”(Relay China)的负责人段刘文表示,与西方相比,在中国做一个企业家更难,但中国的机会也更多。而好的一面是,政府也在改变,即使在政府内部,海归的人数也增加了。Mr. Duan, 32 years old, has a relatively unusual background. His father, Duan Yongji, one of China#39;s most successful technology entrepreneurs and former chairman for Sina Corp., was worried that his son might get spoiled, so he sent him to a military college in Chongqing to study to be a doctor.现年32岁的段刘文是中关村之父、原新浪董事长段永基之子。段永基曾担心儿子会被惯坏,所以就把儿子送入重庆第三军医大学去学医。Mr. Duan tried a few times to escape the school by scaling its walls, but ultimately graduated and went on to the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He later returned to China to set up Halation Photonics Corp., a display-technology company. Mr. Duan sees no benefit to working for his father. #39;When I worked at Sina, no one would give me any real work, but the credit all came to me when it was done, #39; he said.段刘文在校期间曾数次企图翻过学校的围墙逃出军校,但最终顺利毕业,之后去了宾西法尼亚大学的沃顿商学院深造。他回国后,创建了一家显示技术公司汉朗光电,产品运用在电子书和超市显示牌等方面。段刘文不喜欢在他父亲手下工作。他表示,在新浪工作期间,没有人会给他压力,或安排他做任何实际的工作,但在工作完成之后,成果却都归到他的名下。Karen Chen#39;s parents built a profitable property business around Shanghai, but with the government trying to rein in real-estate prices, the business is struggling to grow. Ms. Chen is now building senior-citizen homes, which is encouraged by China as the population ages.陈星言的父母在上海附近建立了一家盈利不错的房地产企业,但在政府担心房价泡沫化的情况下,地产属于被遏制的行业。陈星言现在正在建设养老院,这是在日趋老龄化的中国社会被政策鼓励的行业。Armed with an economics degree from a Canadian University, she also started a micro-financing business, to help women in small businesses. And she is working with a co-founder of peer-to-peer finance company Lendingclub.com to build a similar company in China.在加拿大某大学拿到经济学学位的陈星言创立了一家小微企业融资公司,专门帮助女性经营的小企业。她也正在与美国企业互助融资公司Lendingclub.com的一位创始人合作,准备在中国创建一家类似的公司。#39;I have to change the business model and do the right things to keep the business alive, #39; said the 29-year-old Ms. Chen. #39;My education abroad has helped us to look at the long term and think about ways to combine businesses with social responsibility.#39;今年29岁的陈星言表示,本地企业需要转型才能生存。她在国外的教育帮助她考虑问题更长远,同时会寻找将企业发展与社会责任结合起来的模式。Similarly, Yoyo Yao is adding modern management style and ideas that fit with China#39;s long-term development goals to her family#39;s property business. She is trying to build a plastic-surgery center in Hebei province, after seeing a lot of Chinese going to Korea for such services. The development, about three hours north of Beijing, covers an area about 10 times the size of Monaco.姚亚晨的情况也有些类似。她正在把符合中国长期发展目标的理念和现代管理风格,融入她们家族的房地产企业中去。在看到很多中国人去韩国做整形手术之后,姚亚晨正在河北省打造一个美容城。地块有10个洛哥那么大,离北京大概三个小时车程。#39;When I was little, I didn#39;t want to go into properties, thinking it#39;s not very elegant for ladies, #39; said Ms. Yao. #39;My father says, now you have finally started to pay attention.#39;姚亚晨表示,她小时候不想进入房地产行业,因为觉得和民工、政府以及包工头打交道,不够优雅。爸爸听了她美容城的主意,高兴地说,你终于开始想事情了。Some second-generation wealthy Chinese have chosen to stay abroad, because they are pessimistic about the Chinese economy. Carl Meng, who got a master#39;s from Cambridge University, is one of them. #39;It will be difficult for me to adjust to the Chinese way of doing things, #39; said Mr. Meng, who now works for an investment bank in London. #39;The Chinese economy looks like a dead end and my parents don#39;t mind me staying abroad either.#39;有一些中国的富二代则选择留在国外,因为他们对中国经济持悲观看法。从剑桥大学获得硕士学位的Carl Meng就是其中的一位。他目前在伦敦的一家投资工作,并认为自己很难适应国内的做事方式。他说中国经济似乎已经走进了死胡同,他父母也不介意他留在国外。#39;I#39;m quite optimistic about China#39;s second generation, #39; said Rupert Hoogewerf, founder of Hurun China Rich list. #39;They have good education, broad experiences, and a lot of DNA close to their parents, who have succeeded against all odds.#39;但也有很多富二代雄心勃勃,希望在国内建立自己的事业。胡润百富榜的创始人胡润表示:“我很看好中国的富二代,他们拥有良好的教育背景和海外经验。何况他们身上还继承了很多与他们父母一样能够百折不挠获得成功的基因。” /201310/259885。
  • 导读:对于刚刚毕业,正忙于求职的大学生来说,就业协议(employment agreement)可谓是一颗定心丸。而现在就业热潮也催生了一种新现象,就业协议被摆上货架进行交易。Employment agreements, those indispensable and allegedly nontransferable contracts that serve as an early link between students and their future employers, have, in a new phenomenon, become goods that can be sold and purchased on the Internet.作为学生与未来雇主之间的初期纽带,就业协议是一份必不可少的契约,且一旦签订便不应转让,而如今,一种新现象应运而生——就业协议被当作商品在网上进行买卖交易。If a student finds a better job and does not want to work for the company he has aly signed an agreement with, he or she must pay several thousand yuan to the former company as compensation to terminate the agreement, after which he or she can obtain a new employment agreement from the university to sign with another company.如果一位学生找到了一份更好的工作,不再想去已签订就业协议的单位工作,那么他就必须向之前的单位缴纳几千元的违约金以终止该协议;此后,他就可以从学校那里获得一份新的就业协议,来跟另外的公司签属合同。Unfortunately, not all students are rich enough to afford the several thousand yuan, so some of them have come up with the idea to buy "fresh," or unsigned employment agreements from other students, who might start their own business or progress on to graduate school and don`t need the agreements any more. Then, they can use the newly bought agreement to sign a new contract with another company and leave the former one behind.遗憾的是,并不是所有学生都有财力来承担这几千元人民币,所以他们中的一些人萌生了购买“新鲜合同”的想法,也就是说他们要从那些准备自主创业或读研的学生那里购买空白就业协议,因为对于这些人而言,就业协议已经没什么用了。然后,他们便可以用买来的协议与其他公司签新合同,将之前的公司抛在脑后。 /201103/127571。
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