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What this is telling us, really,这告诉我们,is that we might be thinking of ourselves and of other people in terms of two selves.我们在思考自己和别人时,用了两种自我。There is an experiencing self,第一种则为经验自我,who lives in the present and knows the present, is capable of re-living the past,这种自我活在当下,洞察当下,同时也能回味过往,but basically it has only the present.但基本上他只属于当下。Its the experiencing self that the doctor approaches --一般医生接触的皆是经验自我--you know, when the doctor asks, ;Does it hurt now when I touch you here?;正如,当医生问你,“我碰你这里时会疼么?”And then there is a remembering self,另一个自我则是记忆自我,and the remembering self is the one that keeps score, and maintains the story of our life,他负责记录生活,抒写生活故事,and its the one that the doctor approaches in asking the question,医生要找他时会这么问,;How have you been feeling lately?; or ;How was your trip to Albania?; or something like that.“最近感觉如何?”或“去阿尔巴尼亚好玩么?”等类似的问题。Those are two very different entities, the experiencing self and the remembering self,经验自我和记忆自我是截然不同的,and getting confused between them is part of the mess about the notion of happiness.两者的混淆是导致我们不懂快乐的部分原因。Now, the remembering self is a storyteller.记忆自我负责讲述故事。And that really starts with a basic response of our memories -- it starts immediately.故事从记忆中直接撷取--即时上传。We dont only tell stories when we set out to tell stories.并不是我们在讲我们要讲的故事。Our memory tells us stories, that is, what we get to keep from our experiences is a story.是我们的记忆在讲故事,它是我们从经验中储存下来的故事。And let me begin with one example.让我用一个例子开始。201610/472181。

Im really short, and the riser hasnt come out yet. There you go.Thank you, President Fenves. Before I begin my remarks, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the challenges that happened in our campus over the last year. No university president across the country that I know, in their first year, has faced so many challenges with such grace and such dignity. It made me proud to be a graduate of The University of Texas knowing that Greg Fenves was the person I could count on to lead us through such difficult times. Please join me in acknowledging President Fenves.Regent Beck, Ambassador Garza and members of the platform party, it is an honor to join you on this very special evening.It is so good for me to be home, especially to a place that means so much to me and to my family – The University of Texas.Id like to extend, as President Fenves did, my appreciation to all of you who were instrumental in the education of tonights graduates – the administration, the faculty, the parents, the family members and the friends.To all of you associated with The University of Texas, the faculty and the administration – youve invested a lot of time and effort in these students, and tonight you get to see the proverbial fruits of your labor.To the parents, the family members and friends – youre where it all began. Youre going to see from my remarks tonight how much I value the role youve played in your childrens education.And finally, but most importantly, my congratulations to the graduates – the class of 2016. Youve worked so hard to get to this point. And as…said, your feelings have to be bittersweet – excitement for what comes next and sadness for what youre leaving behind.Among the memories that you take with you, I hope you remember your place in the history of The University of Texas at Austins commencements: the 133rd class of graduates who have the potential to change the world.I know you beam when you hear those now familiar words, ;What starts here changes the world!; I listen to those words every time they come on the commercials. But last September, in his inaugural address, President Fenves defined why thats been possible for so many years when he described The University of Texas at Austin as ;the university of whats next.;What is next for you? I would tell you I did not have an opportunity to attend my own commencements, when I earned my journalism degree, when I earned my MBA – both my degrees were off-cycle. All right, I know were around the clock, but journalism, do you want to take one more shot? When I earned my journalism degree, and when I earned my MBA – both my degrees were off-cycle. But if I had been sitting in your seats, there is one thing that I would know for sure: I could not have predicted how my life would unfold after either degree.My mistake? Somehow, I thought picking a major meant choosing a career. Little did I know that choosing a major was simply choosing something to explore. It was the exploration and journey where I was here that mattered. Choosing my jobs, choosing my companies were not the defining moments I thought they were when I sat in your seats. Knowing that now, it would have saved a lot of anguish as I was anticipating where I was gonna go from here.The university of whats next – our alma mater knows how important it is to continue to evolve, to reinvent itself, to stay among the top-tier universities. Its a lesson for all of us. We, too, have to keep evolving. More important, we have to determine when its time to reinvent ourselves. We, too, have to keep asking ourselves, ;whats next?;Our lives are a series of journeys – the journey that brought us all to this magnificent campus, our journey through here and, now, what starts tonight, the most important journey of all: your journey to discover the potential that lies within each and every one of you – the journey that will define your purpose.Can you remember the moment you decided to come to UT? Think about it.My message tonight starts with my father. It was December 1969 and my father got the family y to watch what many were saying was the college football national championship game between number one, Texas, and number two, Arkansas. I hope you got to see the movie My All American this last year, if you saw that movie, youll know the game Im talking about.Never mind the excitement of the game – what I remember most was what my father said when we said, ;Daddy, why this game was so important?; He said, ;Because this is the best school in Texas and its your chance to see them win the national championship.;Years later, when I was in high school, my father drove my classmates and me from Laredo to this campus for a UIL (University Interscholastic League) competition.It was our first visit to this campus. We were so excited and we ran from the car, but I thought I should say thank you. So I turned around and I looked at him and I said, ;Thank you, Daddy, thank you for bringing us up to Austin.; I wish I could describe for you the look on his face. He looked at me and he said to me, ;Its so beautiful here. Everything is so clean and fresh. If Im lucky, one of my children will get to come here one day.;201606/448114。

You cant take it with you The Egyptians tried it, and all they got was robbed. 你不可能把它们一起带走埃及人试过 带走的后来都被盗了So, the question is, what are you going to do with what you have? Im not talking how much you have. 所以问题在于 你要怎么利用你拥有的东西?我不是在说你拥有多少Some of you are business majors Some of you are theologians, nurses, sociologists. 在座的诸位 有人学读商科有人会成为神学家 护士或是社会学家Some of you have money. Some of you have patience Some have kindness. Some have love. 有些人有钱 有些人拥有耐心有些人有善心 有些人心中充满爱Some of you have the gift of long-suffering Whatever it is, whatever your gift is. 有些人拥有历经艰苦而带来的果实不论你拥有的是什么 你的天赋是什 么What are you going to do with what you have? Alright, now heres my last point about failure. 你打算怎么利用它们呢?好了 现在我要讲关于失败的最后一点Sometimes its the best way to figure out where youre going Your life will never be a straight path. 有时候失败是找到方向的最好方法生活不会是一条直线I began at Fordham University as a pre-med student I took a course called Cardiac... Morph.... 我最初是佛罕大学医科的预科生我学过一门课程叫 心...形...I still cant say it Cardiac Morphogenesis. 我连这个都说不好心脏形态学I couldnt it I couldt say it, and I an sure couldnt pass it So, then I decided to go pre-law, then journalism. 我连这个也读不好 理所当然也就挂科了后来我就决定读法律预科 再后来是新闻学And with no academic focus my grades took off in their own direction. 不知道应该专注于什么学科我的成绩进入了它自己的轨道Yeah, down I was a 1.8 GPA, one semester. 没错一路向下有一个学期 我的平均分只有1.8201611/473726。

After the hour was up, I rolled down my window, and I checked for mama grizzly.一小时的时间到了之后,我摇下了车窗,看看灰熊妈妈还在不在。Oh good, shes over there eating her huckleberries.哦太棒了,她在挺远的地方吃她的蓝莓呢。So I got out of the truck and I got to work.所以我下了卡车继续我的工作。I went to my first bag with the birch. I pulled the bag off.我走到第一个罩上袋子的那棵桦树旁边,把袋子扯了下来。I ran my Geiger counter over its leaves. Kkhh! Perfect.我在那棵树的叶子旁边用盖革计数器检测一下。咔!完美。The birch had taken up the radioactive gas. Then the moment of truth.那棵桦树已经完全吸收了放射性的二氧化碳。然后就是见真相的时刻了。I went over to the fir tree. I pulled off its bag.我走向一棵花旗松,扯下树上那个袋子。I ran the Geiger counter up its needles, and I heard the most beautiful sound. Kkhh!在它的针叶旁边用盖革计数器进行检测,然后我又听到了那最悦耳的声音。咔!It was the sound of birch talking to fir, and birch was saying, ;Hey, can I help you?;这就是纸皮桦对花旗松说话的声音,纸皮桦说:“嘿,我能帮你点什么?”And fir was saying, ;Yeah, can you send me some of your carbon?然后花旗松回应它:“啊对了,你能给我点你的碳吗?Because somebody threw a shade cloth over me.;因为刚才有人用遮光布把我罩住了。”I went up to cedar, and I ran the Geiger counter over its leaves, and as I suspected, silence.接着我又走到西部红杉旁边,我用盖革计数器在它的叶子旁边检测了一下,结果正如我猜测的一样,一片寂静。Cedar was in its own world.西部红杉还真的是与世隔绝的。It was not connected into the web interlinking birch and fir.它并没有连接到纸皮桦与花旗松互连的网络中。I was so excited, I ran from plot to plot and I checked all 80 replicates.我特别激动,我在那80棵样本之间跑来跑去,对所有的树都进行了检测。The evidence was clear.最后的结果显而易见。The C-13 and C-14 was showing me that paper birch and Douglas fir were in a lively two-way conversation.碳13和碳14的流向告诉我,纸皮桦和花旗松之间的交流是双向的。It turns out at that time of the year, in the summer,结果还表明在每年的这个时间,在夏天的时候,that birch was sending more carbon to fir than fir was sending back to birch, especially when the fir was shaded.纸皮桦给花旗松送的碳比花旗松反送给它的要多,特别是当花旗松见不到阳光的时候。201611/480011。

点击此处下载音频大家好!广播学口语又和大家见面了。这里是Andy老师,献上最真挚的祝福。前些日子,我们学过了一些关于fly的俚语。不知道你是否掌握了,今天我们要学习的依然与它有关。(音乐)似乎英国人挺喜欢苍蝇的,不然为什么amp;;not hurt a flyamp;;呢?或许是英国人都很善良吧!在中国形容心地善良,有一句经典的话:见到蚂蚁都绕道走。不杀生,被列为善良的重要特点。难怪amp;;not hurt flyamp;;也有amp;;心地善良,温顺amp;;的意思。不仅可以看家,更是人类的好朋友。我家就有一只特别听话的小。Our dog may look fierce but he wonrsquo;t hurt a fly.(我们家的看起来很凶。但其实他很温顺)近来,一起杀人案引起了人们的观注。为什么嫌疑人会是一个老太太呢?We all know that she wonrsquo;t hurt a fly.(我们都知道她心地善良)然而好人就未必有好报。所有的嫌疑都指向了她,She is up a tree now. amp;;up a treeamp;;难道是她爬上了树吗?等音乐之后让我们再来揭开迷底。(音乐)曾经看过《狼》的寓言故事。最后凶恶的狼把人逼得爬上树,可见情况之危险。所以amp;;up a treeamp;;代指amp;;陷入困境amp;;。当经济危机席卷泰国时,Many companies were up a tree for lack of capital.(很多公司都因为资金短缺而陷入了因境。)如今Andy也正在愁呢?因为Andy又想和朋友们聚一聚了,只是可惜他手里没有钱呀。因为财政大权已经交给了妻子了。Irsquo;m really up a tree for I have no money in my pocket.(我身无分文),可也应该庆幸,钱如果在Andy手里,肯定已经;颗粒无归;了。(音乐)时间过得真快。到了我们说再见的时间了。还是让我们再来复习一下我们学习的句子:(1)Our dog looks fierce but he wonrsquo;t hurt a fly.(我们家的看样子很凶,可是很温顺)(2)Many companies were up a tree for lack of capital.(很多公司因为资金短缺而陷入了因境)OK! See you next time!。

I believe that is the right way to provide this country with the strong, the stable, the good and decent government that I think we need So badly.我相信,这是实现为国家组建一个我们非常需要的强大、稳定、良好政府的正确途径。Nick Clegg and I are both political leaders that want to put aside party differences and work hard for the common good and for the national interest.尼克·克莱格和我都是希望撇开党派差异、为公益事业、为国家利益而努力的领导人。I believe that is the best way to get the strong government that we need, decisive government that we need today.我认为,这是打造我们所需要的强大而采断的政府的最佳方式。I came into politics because I love this country. I think its best days still lie ahead and I believe deeply in public service.我之所以从政,是因为我热爱这个国家,我相信最好的日子还在前面,我深信公共务。And I think the service our country needs right now is to face up to our really big challenges, to confront our problems, to take difficult decisions, to lead people through those difficult decisions, so that together we can reach better times ahead.我认为,务国家最重要的是直面我们真正的大挑战,直面我们的问题,做出艰难的决定,并领导人民克这些困难,这样我们就能够一起迈向更美好的明天。One of the tasks that we clearly have is to rebuild trust in our political system. Yes thats about cleaning up expenses, yes that is about reforming parliament, and yes it is about making sure people are in control-and that the politicians are always their servant and never their masters.很明显,我们的任务之一就是重建对政治体系的信任。是的,这就要求我们清理开、改革议会、保对人民的管理并确保政治家始终是人们的公仆,而非主人。201703/498034。

1_04 You’re doing fine. You’re doing fine. 你做得很好. You got it. 你知道该怎么做. Keep on going. 再接再励,继续努力. That’s the way. 你的做法对. That’s how to do it. 就是这么做. Don’t change a thing. 不要改变. Keep working hard. 继续努力. Keep doing great. 继续好好地做. Keep on doing what you are doing. 继续做你现在正在做的事情. /200705/13647。

Kendall Jenner is also here.Kendall Jenner也来了。And we had a chance to meet her backstage.我俩在后台见到了,She seems like a very nice, young woman.她看起来是位很不错的年轻女士。I’m not exactly sure what she does,我不太清楚她到底是干嘛的,but I’m told that my Twitter mentions are about to go through the roof.不过有人告诉我说,我的推特上at数量要爆炸了。Helen Mirren is here tonight.Helen Mirren今晚也来了。I don’t even have a joke here, I just think Helen Mirren is awesome.我这不是段子,我就是觉得Helen Mirren太牛了。She’s awesome. Sitting at the same table I see Mike Bloomberg.她太棒了。跟她一座的还有Mike Bloomberg。Mike, a combative, controversial New York billionaire is leading the GOP primary and it is not you.Mike充满战斗力和争议的纽约巨富领跑共和党初选,而这人竟然不是你。That has to sting a little bit.你感觉肯定有点不舒吧。Although it’s not an entirely fair comparison between you and the Donald.当然拿你跟川普相提并论不太妥当。After all Mike was a big city mayor.毕竟Mike当过大城市的市长。He knows policy in depth.他对政治有深入了解。And he’s actually worth the amount of money that he says he is.而且他的身家财富并没有注水吹牛。What an election season.这大选季太精了!For example, we’ve got the bright new face of the Democratic party here tonight, Mr. Bernie Sanders.比如,民主党闪亮的新面孔,今晚也来到现场,他就是伯尼桑德斯先生,Bernie, you look like a million bucks.伯尼你容光焕发,像捡了一百万美元似的。Or, to put in terms you’ll understand, you look like 37,000 donations of each.用你能懂的方式来说就是37000份27美元的捐款。A lot of folks have been surprised by the Bernie phenomenon,很多人被伯尼的成功震惊,especially his appeal to young people. But not me. I get it.尤其是他对年轻人的吸引力,不过我没惊我懂的。201607/455017。