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Mr. Dursley always sat with his back to the window in his office on the ninth floor. If he hadn't, he might have found it harder to concentrate on drills that morning. He didn't see the owls swooping past in broad daylight, though people down in the street did; they pointed and gazed open-mouthed as owl after owl sped overhead. Most of them had never seen an owl even at nighttime. Mr. Dursley, however, had a perfectly normal, owl-free morning. He yelled at five different people. He made several important telephone calls and shouted a bit more. He was in a very good mood until lunchtime, when he thought he'd stretch his legs and walk across the road to buy himself a bun from the bakery. He'd forgotten all about the people in cloaks until he passed a group of them next to the baker's. He eyed them angrily as he passed. He didn't know why, but they made him uneasy. This bunch were whispering excitedly, too, and he couldn't see a single collecting tin. It was on his way back past them, clutching a large doughnut in a bag, that he caught a few words of what they were saying. “The Potters, that's right, that's what I heard—” “— yes, their son, Harry—” Mr. Dursley stopped dead. Fear flooded him. He looked back at the whisperers as if he wanted to say something to them, but thought better of it. He dashed back across the road, hurried up to his office, snapped at his secretary not to disturb him, seized his telephone, and had almost finished dialing his home number when he changed his mind. He put the receiver back down and stroked his mustache, thinking… no, he was being stupid. Potter wasn't such an unusual name. He was sure there were lots of people called Potter who had a son called Harry. Come to think of it, he wasn't even sure his nephew was called Harry. He'd never even seen the boy. It might have been Harvey. Or Harold. There was no point in worrying Mrs. Dursley; she always got so upset at any mention of her sister. He didn't blame her — if he'd had a sister like that… but all the same, those people in cloaks… He found it a lot harder to concentrate on drills that afternoon and when he left the building at five o'clock, he was still so worried that he walked straight into someone just outside the door. “Sorry,” he grunted, as the tiny old man stumbled and almost fell. It was a few seconds before Mr. Dursley realized that the man was wearing a violet cloak. He didn't seem at all upset at being almost knocked to the ground. On the contrary, his face split into a wide smile and he said in a squeaky voice that made passersby stare, “Don't be sorry, my dear sir, for nothing could upset me today! Rejoice, for You-Know-Who has gone at last! Even Muggles like yourself should be celebrating, this happy, happy day!” And the old man hugged Mr. Dursley around the middle and walked off. Mr. Dursley stood rooted to the spot. He had been hugged by a complete stranger. He also thought he had been called a Muggle, whatever that was. He was rattled. He hurried to his car and set off for home, hoping he was imagining things, which he had never hoped before, because he didn't approve of imagination. As he pulled into the driveway of number four, the first thing he saw — and it didn't improve his mood — was the tabby cat he'd spotted that morning. It was now sitting on his garden wall. He was sure it was the same one; it had the same markings around its eyes. “Shoo!” said Mr. Dursley loudly. The cat didn't move. It just gave him a stern look. Was this normal cat behavior? Mr. Dursley wondered. Trying to pull himself together, he let himself into the house. He was still determined not to mention anything to his wife.。

  • After taking a lot of complicated notes, they were each given a match and started trying to turn it into a needle.记了一大难复杂的笔记之后,每个人都分到了一根火柴,大家开始使足劲儿要把这根火柴变成一针。By the end of the lesson, only Hermione Granger had made any difference to her match;然而,一节课结束时,只有荷米恩;格林佐使她的火柴有一点点变化。Professor McGonagall showed the class how it had gone all silver and pointy and gave Hermione a rare smile.麦康娜教授让全班人都看了如何让这火柴变得银白和变尖,还给了荷米恩一个非常少见的微笑。The class everyone had really been looking forward to was Defense Against the Dark Arts, but Quirrell#39;s lessons turned out to be a bit of a joke.大家都盼望着上的课程是黑巫术防御法,因此这门课程的老师屈拉,他上的课实在太搞笑了。His classroom smelled strongly of garlic, which everyone said was to ward off a vampire he#39;d met in Romania,屈拉上课时,教室里总是弥漫着一股浓烈的大蒜味。人们传说这是屈拉教授为了避开以前在罗马尼亚遇到过的一个吸血鬼。and was afraid would be coming back to get him one of these days.屈拉一直担心那个吸血鬼会有一天跑回来找他。His turban, he told them, had been given to him by an African prince as a thank-you for getting rid of a troublesome zombie,他那顶缠头巾状的帽子,据他自己讲是某个非洲王子为了感谢他帮忙赶走一个难缠的还魂僵尸而送给他的。but they weren#39;t sure they believed this story.不过,大家都不怎么相信这个故事。For one thing, when Seamus Finnigan asked eagerly to hear how Quirrell had fought off the zombie,因为有一次谢默斯;范尼更好奇地问他是怎么大战还魂僵尸时,Quirrell went pink and started talking about the weather;屈拉的脸马上就红了,还借故谈起天气以转移话题。for another, they had noticed that a funny smell hung around the turban,而且大家发现屈拉的头巾帽子总是散发着一种奇特的味儿,and the Weasley twins insisted that it was stuffed full of garlic as well, so that Quirrell was protected wherever he went.威斯里家的双胞胎坚持说那也是大蒜的味道。如此说来,屈拉对吸血鬼的防卫真是从头到脚,武装到了牙齿呢。Harry was very relieved to find out that he wasn#39;t miles behind everyone else.哈利发现他与班上其他同学的差距并不大,这使他悄悄松了一口气。Lots of people had come from Muggle families and, like him, hadn#39;t had any idea that they were witches and wizards.大部分同学都是来自一般家庭,而且都跟他一样,一点儿也不觉得自己是个女巫或男巫。There was so much to learn that even people like Ron didn#39;t have much of a head start.这儿实在有太多东西要学了,即使像罗恩那样的人也没有超前太多。。
  • People also talked of a man called Alan Breck. Some called him a murderer; others said that he was a brave fighter. He was in danger every time he returned to the Highlands,be cause the English would pay a good price for him-dead or alive. I listened with interest to everything that they told me.But I liked it best when I heard Alan described as a fine man and an honest Highlander.人们也谈论一个叫艾伦;布雷克的人。有人叫他杀人犯,也有另外一些人说他是个英勇的斗士。因为英格兰人出高价悬赏捉拿他;;不管他是活还是死的,所以每次他返回苏格兰高地时都处在危险之中。我饶有兴趣地听着人们告诉我的每一件事。但当我听到艾伦被描绘成一个品德不错的人和一个诚实的苏格兰高地人时我最喜欢。When I got out of the boat in Appin, I sat down among some trees to decide what to do next. Should I go on, and join Alan, whose friends were King George#39;s enemies, and whose life was full of danger,or should I go back south again,quietly and safely, to the Lowlands?我在阿平下船后,坐在一些树中决定下一步该怎么办。是继续走并伴随其朋友与乔治国王为敌及其生活充满了危险的艾伦呢,还是悄悄地、安全地又回南方到低地去?As I was thinking, four men on horses came past me on the road. As soon as I saw these men, I decided to continue my adventure, although I cannot explain why.当我思考时,四个人骑着马从我面前走过。虽然我无法解释原因,但我一看见他们就决定继续我的冒险。I stopped the first man, who was tall and red-haired.我挡住了第一个人,那是个高个子并长着红头发。lsquo;Could you tell me the way to James Stewart#39;s house,sir?rsquo;I asked.;您能告诉我去詹姆斯;斯图尔特家怎么走吗,先生?;我问道。All the men looked at each other. The red-haired man did not reply,but spoke to one of the others,who looked like a lawyer.lsquo;Is Stewart calling his people together, do ye think?rsquo;所有的人互相看着。长红头发的人没有回答,但对其他人中一个看似律师的人说:;你是否认为斯图尔特正在召集他的民众呢?;The lawyer replied,lsquo;We#39;d better wait here for the sold iers to join us, before we go any further.rsquo;律师回答道:;在我们继续走之前,最好在这儿等士兵来加入我们的队伍。;The red-haired man,I suddenly realized,must be Colin Campbell himself.lsquo;If you#39;re worried about me,rsquo; I said,lsquo;I#39;m not a Stewart, but a Lowlander, and I#39;m for King George.rsquo;这个长红头发的人,我猛然意识到一定是科林;坎贝尔本人。;如果你们为我烦恼的话,;我说,;(我告诉你)我可不是斯图尔特人,而是一个低地人,我赞成乔治国王一边。;lsquo;That#39;s well said,rsquo; replied Campbell,lsquo;but, if I may ask,why is an honest Lowlander like you so far from his home?Today is not a good day for travelling. This is the day when the Appin Stewarts have to leave their farms, and there may be trouble.;;那说得漂亮。;坎贝尔回答道,;但是,允许我问一句,为什么像你这样一个诚实的低地人要远离你的家园呢?今天并不是个适于旅行的好天。就是在今天所有的在阿平的斯图尔特人都得离开他们的农场,这可能会有事端。;He was turning to speak to the lawyer again,when there came a sudden bang from the hill, and Campbell fell off his horse.lsquo;They#39;ve shot me!rsquo; he cried, holding his heart.忽然从山上传来砰的一声时,他正又扭头和他的律师说话,接着他就应声落马了。;他们打中了我!;他手捂着心脏,喊着。He died almost immediately. The men#39;s faces were white as they looked down at his body.I saw something move on the hill,and noticed, among the trees, a man with a gun, turning away from the road.他几乎马上就死了,当他们俯视着他的尸体时,他们的脸像纸一样苍白。我看见小山上有什么东西在移动,并透过树丛注意到有一个带的人从路上跑开了。lsquo;Look! The murderer!rsquo; I cried, and began to run up the hill towards him. He saw me chasing him, and went faster.Soon he disappeared behind a rock, and I could no longer see him. I stopped next to some trees, then I heard a voice below,on the road.;看!杀人犯!;我叫着,开始拔腿上山向他跑去。他看见我追他,跑得更快了。很快他在一块岩石后消失了,我再也看不见他了。我在一些树旁停住了,接着听到从下面的路上传来一个声音。The lawyer was shouting to a large number of redcoated soldiers, who had just joined the men around Campbell#39;s dead body.lsquo;Ten pounds if ye catch that lad!rsquo; he cried.He#39;s one of the murderers! He stopped us in the road,to give the killer a better chance to shoot Campbell!rsquo;律师正对着一大群身穿红色制的士兵大喊,他们正并入围拢坎贝尔的尸体的人中。;谁抓住那个小伙子,给谁10镑!;他喊道。;他是其中的一个谋杀犯!他在路上截住我们,给刺杀者向坎贝尔开的良机!;Now I felt a new kind of fear. My life was in serious danger, although I had not done anything wrong.现在我感到一种别样的恐惧。虽然我什么都没做错,但我的生命处在巨大的危险之中。My mouth felt dry, and for a moment I could not move. I stood there in the open,on the hill,while the soldiers lifted their guns,y to shoot.我口干舌燥,有一会儿竟不能动弹。我站在山上的空旷处,而这时士兵们举起了,准备射击。lsquo;Jump in here among the trees,rsquo; said a voice near me.;跳进这里,到树丛里来,;我附近有个声音说道。I did not know what I was doing, but I obeyed. As I did so, I heard the banging of the guns, and realized that the sol diers were shooting at me. In the shadow of the trees, I found Alan Breck standing there. It was he who had spoken to me.我不知道我在干什么,但我遵从了。我这么做时,听到了的砰砰声,并意识到士兵们在向我开。在树的阴暗处,我发现艾伦;布雷克站在那儿。刚才是他和我说话。 Article/201203/175575。
  • 尽管彬格莱怎么样说俏皮话,怎么样拿她的“美丽的眼睛”开玩笑,达西却始终不肯受她们的怂恿,夹在她们一起来编派她的不是。;I am perfectly y, I assure you, to keep my engagement; and when your sister is recovered, you shall, if you please, name the very day of the ball. But you would not wish to be dancing when she is ill. ;Lydia declared herself satisfied. ;Oh! yes--it would be much better to wait till Jane was well, and by that time most likely Captain Carter would be at Meryton again. And when you have given YOUR ball, ; she added, ;I shall insist on their giving one also. I shall tell Colonel Forster it will be quite a shame if he does not. ;Mrs. Bennet and her daughters then departed, and Elizabeth returned instantly to Jane, leaving her own and her relations#39; behaviour to the remarks of the two ladies and Mr. Darcy; the latter of whom, however, could not be prevailed on to join in their censure of HER, in spite of all Miss Bingley#39;s witticisms on FINE EYES. Article/201106/142155。
  • The Meatland Packing Company is a cattle slaughterhouse in southern California. Because of rumors that workers were mistreating animals, a member of the Humane Society managed to visit the slaughterhouse one day. With his camera, he secretly filmed a worker prodding a lame cow with an electric shock stick, a worker pushing a sick cow with the metal bars of a forklift, and a worker shooting water from a hose into the nostrils of a sick cow. He filmed a forklift operator lifting and transporting dead cows onto the "kill floor." The made national TV news. The workers told federal investigators that they were only following orders.The US Department of Agriculture requires humane treatment of sick and lame cows. It allows the slaughter of healthy cows only. Meatland Packing Company is a major beef supplier to US school systems and fast food outlets. USDA demanded a recall of all Meatland beef—143 million pounds, the largest amount of beef ever recalled in the US. “Unfortunately,” said a health official, “the USDA became aware of the problem too late.” Almost all of the beef had been consumed before the recall was announced.“Consumers got lucky this time,” the official said. “We haven’t had one report of illness. Next time consumers won’t be so lucky. And there will be a next time, because USDA inspects only five percent of the nation's meat supply.” A federal prosecutor has charged two Meatland supervisors with felony animal cruelty. Both men could spend six years in prison if convicted. The Humane Society asked the public to donate more money to help it prevent more cruelty to animals. Article/201108/148089。
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