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My funnyyyyy valentineeee...我可爱的情人……Who the hell are you?! How did you get in here?!你是谁?!你怎么在这里?!John loved singing in the shower, just not his own约翰喜欢在洗澡的时候唱歌,不过不是他自己的 /201607/454518

Elton John once sang that sorry seemed to be hardest word but now scientists have found that the perfect apology requires more than just the word #39;sorry#39; itself.英国著名音乐家埃尔顿·约翰曾唱到,对不起是最难说出的话。不过现在,科学家研究出最完美的道歉方式,而且远不止“对不起”这么简单。Based on the findings of a new study, researchers said there are six key elements to make one#39;s apology more sincere and easy to accept with two being very critical in ensuring acceptance. They are accepting one#39;s own fault and offering to repair the damage when making an apology, according to Ohio State University researchers.俄亥俄州立大学一项新的研究成果提出了道歉的六大关键因素,让道歉更真诚,更能被对方接受。其中最关键的两点,就是承认错误,并主动提出弥补伤害。The study looked at how 755 volunteers reacted to apologies that contained some or all of the six key elements in two separate parts.该研究将755名志愿者分成两组,分别观察他们面对全部或部分包含六大关键因素的道歉时做出的反应。The first part involved 333 adults acting out a fictional scenario where they were an accounting department manager interviewing a potential employee. The applicant had filed an incorrect tax return during their previous work but when asked during the fake interview about it, they apologised. The adults involved in the study then had to rate different apologies which contained one, three or all of the sorry elements listed above. The scale was between one (not at all) and five (very).第一组的333名成年人扮演正在面试求职者的会计部门经理。面试过程中,求职者将为自己曾在工作中填错了报税单而道歉。求职者的道歉中将包含上述的一种、三种或全部道歉的关键因素。这时,“部门经理”们就要为求职者的道歉打分,1表示不满意,5表示很满意,从1分到5分,程度递增。In the second part of the research, 422 undergraduates had the same scenario but this time they did not know what elements were within the apologies and had to rate it in a similar fashion.面对同样的场景,第二组的422名大学生也要给这些道歉打分,不同的是他们并不知道这六大因素的存在。The results were not exactly the same, but very similar, researchers said, and those apologies that contained more of the elements were rated higher than others.两组的结果没有完全一致,但非常接近,都表明道歉中包含的关键因素越多,分数就越高。;Apologies really do work, but you should make sure you hit as many of the six key components as possible,; said Roy Lewicki, from the university#39;s Fisher College of Business.俄亥俄州立大学费舍尔商学院的罗伊·路维其教授是这项研究的发起者,他表示“道歉虽然管用,但要尽可能多的包含这六大因素。”;Our findings showed that the most important component is an acknowledgement of responsibility,; Mr Lewicki, who led the study, said. ;Say it is your fault, that you made a mistake.;“研究结果显示,人们最看重的是承担责任。如果原因在你,那就主动承认错误。”He added that an offer of repair was crucial because ;one concern about apologies is that talk is cheap;. But by offering to fix the damage, ;you#39;re committing to take action to undo the damage;, he said.另外,主动提出弥补伤害也是十分关键的因素。路维其教授认为,人们总觉得口头认错并不走心,而提出解决方案,降低错误造成的损失,这才是将道歉付诸行动的做法。 /201604/437285

If you thought running was just great for the body, then think again.如果你认为跑步只对身体有好处,那么再想想吧。Scientists have uncovered evidence the sport not only keeps people trim but also boosts brain power.科学家已经找到据明体育运动不仅能让人保持苗条身材,还能提升脑力。The research found that people who keep fit are more likely to have larger brains, better memories and clearer thinking.研究发现,喜欢健身的人一般大脑更大,更好,思维更清晰。They also found that unfit people tended to have smaller brains and reduced cognitive skills.他们也发现不喜欢健身的人往往大脑较小,认知功能退化。The findings add to a growing body of evidence which links exercise with helping protect the brain against ageing and also aiding it replace dying cells.越来越多的据表明,锻炼有助于抵御大脑老化,促进死细胞代谢。This might reduce the risk of debilitating illnesses and diseases such as Alzheimer#39;s.锻炼还可能降低患老年痴呆症等退行性疾病的风险。One research paper within its latest issue sees scientists at Kentucky University putting 30 adults aged 59-69 on a tmill.在研究这一新论题的一篇论文中,肯塔基大学的科学家们对30位59-69岁的人做了一项实验,让他们在跑步机上锻炼。Their heart and lung capacity was measured and an MRI scanner was used to assess the blood flow to their brains.研究者测量了他们的心肺功能,使用磁共振成像仪判断大脑的血液流量。Those who were less fit had smaller brains compared to the fitter volunteers who had larger brains.那些身体不太健壮的志愿者大脑较小,而体格健壮的人大脑较大。Scientists in Germany followed 21 adults aged between 60-77. As they went through a three-month fitness program they saw improvements in their memory.德国的科学家们对21名60-77岁的成人做了跟踪调查。经过三个月的运动健身,他们的得到了改善。Researchers are not yet sure why exercise helps to protect brain cells but some research in mice has produced results.研究者们还不确定锻炼有助于保护脑细胞的原因,但一些对老鼠的研究已经找到了。Mice, examined at the National Institute on Aging, in Baltimore, found that cells in the hippocampus, an area of the brain used for memory, were actively reproducing while their fatter peers were in decline.位于巴尔的的美国国家衰老研究所发现,那些体型苗条的老鼠,大脑用于记忆的区域——海马体中的细胞在积极地繁殖,而胖老鼠的海马体细胞在下降。Linda Clare, professor of clinical psychology of ageing and dementia at Exeter University and a member of the Global Council on Brain Health told The Sunday Times: #39;Moderate-intensity aerobic activity such as brisk walking, cycling or running can produce changes in brain structure and function.#39;英国埃克塞特大学衰老和痴呆临床心理学教授、全球脑健康委员会成员琳达#8226;克莱尔对《星期日泰晤士报》说:“快走、骑车、跑步等中等强度的有氧运动可以改变大脑的结构和功能。” /201605/444157

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined members of the Royal Family in paying tribute to the Duke of Westminster, who died suddenly on Tuesday.威斯敏斯特公爵本周二过世,剑桥公爵与公爵夫人和皇室家庭成员一同向其致敬。Billionaire duke, Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor – the third richest man in Britain who was worth an estimated £9 billion- is believed to have died of a heart attack at the age of just 64 on Tuesday afternoon.杰拉尔德·卡文迪什·格罗夫纳公爵,是英国第三富,身价数十亿,达90亿英镑之多。据称,周二下午死于心脏病突发,年仅64岁。The father-of-four, the 6th Duke, was the richest property developer in the UK, whose vast wealth comes from estates in Oxford, Cheshire, and Scotland as well as huge swathes of Mayfair and Belgravia.第六代威斯敏斯特公爵膝下有四个孩子,是英国最富有的地产开发商。地产覆盖牛津、柴郡、苏格兰和梅费尔和贝尔格雷夫大片土地。His tragic death means that his son Hugh will now inherit the entire estate, including the family seat in Cheshire, Eaton Hall, at the age of just 25.公爵不幸过世,他25岁的儿子休将会继承其所有房产,包括柴郡的宅邸和伊顿庄园。Friends described him as an #39;introspective#39; man, one who was lonely in many ways, and, it has been reported, came close to a nervous breakdown in 1998, when he said the pressures of business and the great number of public appearances he was making overcame him.朋友们称他为“自省”者,在诸多方面都很孤寂。据报道,1998年曾精神崩溃,生意压力过大、一直要抛头露面让他不堪重负。Gerald Grosvenor was passionate about helping those less fortunate than him, working for many years with young offenders and drug abusers as well as campaigning on rural issues. During the 2001 foot-and-mouth outbreak he donated £500,000 to farmers affected by the crisis.杰拉尔德·格罗夫纳热衷帮助运道不及他的人们,多年来一直为少年犯还有嗑药者奔忙,还致力于乡村问题。2001年手足口病爆发,他给受此危机影响的农夫们捐赠了50万英镑。In his early 20s, on becoming trustee of the estate, he had been forced to abandon his dream of a career in the Armed Forces, but later satisfied his love of all things military by serving in the Territorial Army.在20多岁出头、刚刚成为房产理事的时候,他不得不放弃自己梦想的从军事业,不过后来在英国本土防卫自卫队役,满足了军旅之心。During the second half of the 20th century, his business expanded into the Americas and developed Annacis Island and Vancouver in Canada in the 1950s.20世纪下半叶,他的产业扩张至美洲;在50年代,发展了加拿大阿纳西斯岛和温哥华地区。 /201608/460361

Science finds money can buy happiness, if you spend it right.  科学发现如果花对了,钱确实可以买到快乐。  Despite decades of people telling us that money can#39;t buy happiness (;it#39;s all about the experiences!;), researchers have found new evidence that spending actually can make our lives a whole lot better - as long as you buy the right things.  尽管很多人告诉我们说钱可以买到快乐(全部是经验之谈),研究人员发现新据表明消费确实可以让我们的生活变得更好,只要你买了对的东西。  So what should you purchase in order to bring yourself some much-needed joy? The scientists looked at nearly 77,000 bank transactions in the UK, and found that people who spend money on purchases that suited their personality traits were more satisfied with life.  那么为了给自己创造必要的快乐,你究竟应该买什么呢?科学家调查了英国将近77000张交易单,发现那些把钱花在适合自己个性特点东西上的人对生活更满意。  That sounds pretty obvious, but this is one of the first studies to show that spending money on ourselves - and not just giving it away - can actually make us happier, if we do it right.  听起来是十分显而易见的,但是这仅仅是其中一个研究显示在自己身上花钱(不只把钱花出去)可以使我们更开心,如果做得恰当的话。  ;Historically, studies had found a weak relationship between money and overall wellbeing,; said lead researcher Joe Gladstone from the University of Cambridge. ;Our study breaks new ground by mining actual bank-transaction data and demonstrating that spending can increase our happiness when it is spent on goods and services that fit our personalities and so meet our psychological needs.;  “历史上的研究发现了钱和幸福之间比较微弱的关系,”剑桥大学的首席研究员乔·格莱斯顿说。我们的研究开辟了新天地,通过挖掘实际的交易数据,明当我们花钱购买那些契合我们个性和满足我们心理需求的商品和务的时候,出会增加我们的幸福感。  But in order to unlock the benefits of spending money, you first need to understand yourself.  但是,为了解锁消费的益处,你必须首先要了解你自己。  In the study, the researchers worked with a major bank and convinced 625 anonymous participants to take a test that measured how strong they were in the #39;Big Five#39; personality traits: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.  在研究当中,研究学者们与一大进行合作,确定了625名匿名参与者,让他们参加一个测试,看他们在五大个性特点中的占比问题,这五大个性特点是:开放、尽责、外向、亲和、神经质。  They also asked them to take a life satisfaction questionnaire, and looked at their bank transaction data over a six-month period to see what they were spending on. Almost 77,000 transactions were broken down into categories associated with personality traits.  他们也要求参与者做一份生活满意度调查表,调查了他们近六个月的交易水单中的消费明细。将近77000份交易单根据他们的个性特点被分类。  You can see an example of those categories below, and where they fall in each personality trait (either low or high). And believe it or not, some personality types out there don#39;t mind spending their money on traffic fines:  下面是分类的例子,以及他们具体在那一类别里(或高或低)。不管你信与不信,具有某些个性的人确实不在乎把钱花到交通罚单上面。   The researchers found that not only did people spend more money on things linked to their strong personality traits - for example, extraverts spent on average US more per year on pub nights than introverts.  研究人员发现人们不仅仅将钱花在和其个性特点相关的事情上面,比如,外向性格比内向性格的人每年平均多花费73美金在夜店里。  Not only that, but life satisfaction was more closely tied to those #39;personality appropriate#39; purchases, rather than total income or total spending - so it wasn#39;t just that these people were enjoying more money, it was what they were spending it on making all the difference.  不止这些,生活满意度也与那些“性格合适”的花费紧密联系,而不是总收入或者是总出。因此,让人幸福的并不仅仅是有很多金钱,而是花钱让生活发生改变。  The team backed this up with a second experiment that involved giving people one of two vouchers: either to spend at a bar, or to spend at a bookshop. The extroverts who were forced to spend their vouchers at a bar were happier than introverts, while the introverts were more satisfied than the extroverts when they spent the book voucher.  研究团队为了加以佐而进行了第二个试验,试验有两类人参与,分别给予一类人酒吧的抵用券,另外一类人书店的抵用券。那些被迫在酒吧消费抵用券的外向型人比内向型人要快乐很多,而那些在书店消费抵用券的内向型人比外向型的人也感觉到更满意。  Although the research hands down some pretty great advice for all of us - think about how what you#39;re about to buy fits your personality traits before you spend - the scientists also hope it could one day help online retailers make better suggestions.  尽管此项研究为我们总结出了一些非常好的建议,即在消费之前你如何思考购买适合你的个性特征的东西,科学家也希望此项研究在某天可以帮在线零售商提出更好的建议。  ;By developing a more nuanced understanding of the links between spending and happiness, we hope to be able to provide more personalised advice on how to find happiness through the little consumption choices we make every day,;  通过更深入地了解消费和幸福感之间的关系,我们希望能够提供关于怎么通过每天的小小消费选择来寻找快乐的更为个性化的建议。  After all, money does make the world go round.  归根结底,有钱能使鬼推磨呀~~ /201605/440797

Spaces of drinking wine饮酒的场合Wine has been considered as a special culture in China. Poor people and rich people both drink wine.酒一直被认为是一种特殊的文化,穷人和富人都饮酒。To describe the excessive extravagance of the nobles,it was said:“wine fills a pool;meat forms a forest”;and “wine and meat decay inside the vermilion door.”人们用“酒池肉林”和“朱门酒肉臭”来形容贵族的过度奢侈。Sending off an army on expedition or celebrating triumph,wedding, anniversary or alliance treaties signing ceremonies,wine is always present.欢送远征的军队或者庆祝胜利,婚礼,周年纪念日或是联盟条约的签署仪式上都会有酒的参与。On occasions of tomb sweeping,wine is sprinkled at the ftont and on the top of tombs in honor of the deceased.扫墓的时候,人们会把酒洒在墓碑前和墓碑上,来纪念死者。In ancient times,when people practised divination,prayed for rainfall,or worshipped deities and ghosts,wine was often used to show reverence. Even when a prisoner was taken off to be executed,he was offered a bowl of wine.在古代,人们进行占卜、祈雨或祭拜鬼神时,常用酒来表示敬畏。甚至在处死犯人时,也会为犯人提供一碗酒。On all solemn occasions wine is not replaceable by tea. In the eyes of the Chinese people wine has a special place.在庄严的场合下,酒不能茶代替。在中国人的心中,酒有着独特的地位。 /201606/445303

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