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6、roast duck charge: micro-bred ducks on the hot iron on top of the painted iron warming spices. Live ducks as hot iron will be around, then began to jump. Ya Zhang finally burn it, ducks still alive, cut Zhuangpan offal on the table, with the other ducks do.6,烤鸭掌:活鸭放在微热的铁板之上,把涂着调料的铁板加温活鸭因为热,会在铁板走来走去,到后来就开始跳最后鸭掌烧好了,鸭子却还活着,切下脚装盘上桌,鸭子做其它用7、soft-shelled turtle iron: the fresh soft-shelled turtles are on the seasoning with the back of the cold soup simmer. Soft-shelled turtle is alive, when the water temperature gradually, because it will be hot and soft-shelled turtle soup, sauce on the nature of soft-shelled turtles into the body. Gradually increasing the fire hot, soft-shelled turtle watching the suffering of the pot rolling, give the chopsticks were all excited. Finally, the familiar soft-shelled turtle, turtle soup and outside of the cans of soup, so soft-shelled turtle meat in the soup has the taste, is said to taste great.7,铁板甲鱼:将鲜活的甲鱼放在有调料的凉汤中用慢火煨甲鱼是活的,当水渐渐升温后,甲鱼就会因为热而喝汤,调料自然就进入了甲鱼的体内渐渐火越来越热,看着锅中甲鱼痛苦的翻滚,举箸之人无不兴奋异常最后甲鱼熟了时,外面的汤和甲鱼喝下的汤,使甲鱼肉味中都有汤的味道,据说鲜美无比8、water Donkey Meat: The dish is also a donkey and make life difficult the live donkey fixed, there is next to the boiling of the Lao Tang. Those who want to eat a particular food Specified part of the cook off a piece of that Lvpi, fresh look. Mu Shao Fei Tang scoop water with that piece of meat, such as water and cooked the meat was cut off again, Zhuangpan the table.8,浇驴肉:这道菜也是和驴过不去,活驴固定好,旁边有烧沸的老汤食用者指定要吃某一部分,厨师剥下那一块的驴皮,露出鲜肉用木勺舀沸汤浇那块肉,等浇得肉熟了再割下来,装盘上桌9、Zi three children: newborn mice (live) a, a seasoning. Those who eat with chopsticks caught live mice, rats ;Zi children,; called out, (This is the first child Zi), then it Zhandao sauce, the rat will ;squeak child; A, (this is the first Zi second child), when the population into those who eat, issued a last-mouse ;child Zi; (a total of three children Zi). Simple recipes, food needs are endless Taotie power and courage, can dish taste.9,三吱儿:刚出生的小老鼠(活的)一盘,调料一盘食用者用筷子夹住活老鼠,老鼠会“吱儿“的叫一声,(这是第一吱儿),再来将它沾到调味料时,鼠又会“吱儿“一声,(这是第二吱儿),当放入食用者口中时,鼠发出最后一“吱儿“(共三吱儿)菜谱简单,食用者需要无穷的饕餮动力和无比的勇气,才可以品尝这道菜、Hericium: here is not to say Hericium Mushroom Hericium, but the real monkey brain. A hole in the middle of the table, Wei Zhuo a few people sitting in the middle of the hole is not as hot pot or Mala Tang so much, just allow a monkey head out. A very lovely pull-out monkeys, it is said to be devoted to the consumption of monkeys, the first large. The monkeys head out from small holes with metal Gu Zhu, and the hoop is very tight, with a knock lightly Xiaochui, skull drop. The monkey brain completely naked in front of their customers. At this time, there are a number of greedy people who have been using red and white spoon into a phase of the monkey brain, with the monkeys Yishengcanjiao dying under the table, beginning the raw monkey brain a prelude to the carnage.,猴头:这里说的猴头绝不是食用菌猴头,而是真正的猴脑一个中间挖洞的方桌,几个人围桌而坐,中间的洞并不象火锅或是麻辣烫那么大,正好容一只猴子的头伸出一只非常可爱的猴子牵出,据说那是专门食用的猴儿,头比较大猴儿的头顶从小洞中伸出,用金属箍住,并且箍的非常紧,用小锤轻轻一敲,头盖骨应声而落猴的脑部就完全裸露在食客们的面前这时,有较馋一些的人,已经用汤匙伸向红白相间的猴脑,随着桌下垂死猴子一声惨叫,拉开了生食猴脑惨状的序曲 1361

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What if you could predict your own death? Would it be coincidence, or some sort of sixth-sense intuition? These people had their deaths predicted, and while skeptics may see these stories as mere coincidences, the predictions are just so bizarre you cant help but wonder otherwise.如果能预言自己的死因,大家什么感觉?是纯属巧合,还是人类真的有某种所谓的第六感?以下个人都曾准确预言自己的离世,有些人质疑说这些故事仅仅是巧合,可是这么准的死亡预言,也太诡异了吧?.Frank Pastore.弗兰克·帕斯托雷Frank Pastore was a famous baseball player the Cincinnati Reds who later went on to host his own Christian radio show on in Los Angeles. He made a comment about getting into a fatal motorcycle crash following a discussion about the afterlife with his viewers, saying, ;Look, you guys know I ride a motorcycle, right? So, at any moment, especially with the idiot people who cross the diamond lane into my lane, all right, without any blinkers — not that Im angry about it — at any minute I could be sp all over the .;弗兰克·帕斯托雷原来是一个非常有名的棒球运动员,效力于辛辛那提红人队(Cincinnati Reds),后来在洛杉矶开设了基督教广播电台节目并担任主持人在一次节目中,他对一起致命的托车事故进行,跟听众一起探讨有关人的来世的话题他说:;大家都知道我平常是骑托车出行,所以随时有遭遇事故的可能要是碰到那种从共乘车道(diamond lane:有菱形标志的车道,只能允许个人以上共乘的汽车使用——译注)突然开到机动车道、还不给你打变道指示灯的傻x,那我估计会在高速公路上被撞得一塌糊涂,身首异处;Only three hours later, Pastore was hit on his motorcycle by a woman who lost control of her car. Pastore suffered major head injuries and died a short time later. Maybe it was just an odd coincidence, but others think his comment was much too detailed to be anything but fate.巧的是,就在说完这话不到三小时,骑着托车的帕斯托雷就在下班途中被一个汽车失控的女人给撞了帕斯托雷头部遭受重创,不久便与世长辞或许这次事故只是个离奇的巧合,但有人觉得帕斯托雷在节目中把死因说得那么具体,也许这就是他的命数吧9.Arnold Schoenberg9.阿诺德·勋伯格Arnold Schoenberg was a famous composer and a superstitious man who looked symbolism throughout his life. He suffered from a debilitating case of triskaidekaphobia, a fear of the number . His avoidance of the number consumed him, as he was born on September , 187 and believed he would die on a year that was a multiple of thirteen. He would even change the names of his songs to keep them from having letters.阿诺德·勋伯格是一位著名的作曲家,他非常迷信,一生都对数字很敏感因为出生于187年9月日,所以勋伯格总觉得自己会在一个含有倍数的年份死去,对的恐惧情绪吞噬着他,使他终身都遭受着 ;恐数字症(triskaidekaphobia);的折磨如果碰巧作品名字里有个字母,他甚至会给作品改名,以避免接触数字Every years Schoenberg became consumed with the fear and paranoia that the year would be his last. He prepared himself death in 1951, and had an astronomer by the name of Dane Rudhyar make him a horoscope. To Schoenberg horror, Rudhyar inmed him that years with the multiple of were the least of his worries and it the ages that add up to that he was really in danger from. Schoenberg soon found himself sick in bed on Friday the th of July 1951 at the age of 76 (seven and six make ). Schoenberg was minutes away from midnight and surviving his superstitions when he suddenly passed away, just as he predicted.每个含有倍数的年份都会让勋伯格感到恐惧,妄想着那会是他在世的最后一年1951年,勋伯格预感死期将至,于是请了一位名叫戴恩·罗德耶(Dane Rudhyar)的天文学家来给自己看星象令勋伯格感到惊恐的是,罗德耶告诉他不必担心含有倍数的年份,因为他的死期更可能是在年龄相加为的年份说来也怪,没过多久,在同年的7月日星期五,勋伯格就病倒在床,这一年他正好76岁(7+6=)勋伯格身卧病榻,一直到临近午夜点,本以为自己就要挨过这个;劫;,没想到就在午夜钟声敲响的前几分钟,突然离世而这一切,似乎也恰巧应验了他对自己的死亡预言8.Abraham de Moivre8.亚伯拉罕·棣莫弗Abraham de Moivre was an accomplished mathematician who most known his work in chance and probability. He worked with numbers his whole life and made large contributions to the world of mathematics. Not only was Moivre able to use numbers to his benefit, he was able to use them to predict his own death.亚伯拉罕·棣莫弗是一位颇有成就的数学家,其有关机会和概率的著作影响深远他倾其一生与数字打交道,对数学界做出巨大贡献棣莫弗不仅利用数字给自己赢得了美誉,还利用数字预测出了自己的死期As Moivre began to age, he body began slowing down. Unlike most people who simply disregard the fatigue, Moivre somehow knew that his time was near. The more fatigued he became, the more hours he needed of sleep, allotting himself extra minutes each day. Moivre predicted that when those minute intervals added up to a full hours on November 7,5, he would die. Incredibly, this inventor of mortality statistics passed away on that exact date.随着年龄的增长,棣莫弗的身体状况也每况愈下不像那些不在意自己疲劳状况的人,当发觉自己越来越容易感到劳累时,棣莫弗便深知自己大限将至身体越疲劳,需要的睡眠时间就越久,于是棣莫弗每天都会给自己多加分钟的睡眠时间他预测到,在5年月7日,每天累加的分钟会正巧凑足小时睡眠时间,这也就意味着自己在那一天会长睡不醒没想到,这位数学家真的就在那一天过世了7.William Thomas Stead7.威廉·托马斯·斯特德William Thomas Stead was a writer and a man of great superstitious beliefs. He believed himself to be clairvoyant and have the ability to talk to ghosts and spirits. Also known as the father of the modern tabloid, Stead was said to have sometimes gotten his inmation from sources in the after-life. While that claim seems a bit far-fetched, the coincidental predictions he made regarding his own death are undeniable.威廉·托马斯·斯特德是一名作家,也特别迷信他坚信自己会通灵,能跟幽灵跟鬼魂对话斯特德被称为;现代小报之父;,据说他的有些信息就是从与幽魂的对话中得来的虽然这个传言听上去有些牵强,但他对自己死因的预言真是准到让人无话可说The first he wrote eshadowing his death covered the danger of not having enough lifeboats aboard ships after two ships collided in the Atlantic and left hundreds dead. The second and even more eerie prediction came in a story he had written called From the Old World to the New. It was about a ship that collided with an iceberg, leaving many passengers dead while the survivors were rescued by a captain named Edward Smith.斯特德曾发文称,假如两艘轮船在大西洋发生撞击事故,船上未配备足够的救生船,就会导致数百人丧生,极其危险,该文也成为斯特德给自己死因预言埋下的第一个伏笔第二个更加诡异的伏笔出现在他所作的另一篇文章《从旧世界到新世界(From the Old World to the New),斯特德在文中讲述了这样一个故事:一艘轮船触礁冰山后,很多乘客丧失性命,还有些遇难者因一位名叫爱德华·史密斯( Edward Smith)的船长的解救而幸存下来Stead boarded the Titanic in 19 to set sail to America a peace conference, and was in his cabin when the ship hit the infamous iceberg. When he reached the deck, he found that there werent enough life rafts to go around. To Stead horror, he realized that his previous stories were coming true bee his very eyes. While he believed in the superstitious, Stead failed to realize his very own predictions — the captain of the Titanic was even named Edward Smith. Accepting his fate, Stead sat down to a book in the first class smoking room until the waters overtook him.19年,斯特德踏上泰坦尼克号游轮,前往美国参加一场和平会议,游轮触礁冰山的时候,他正待在自己的客舱里等他走到甲板,发现救生筏已经不够用了斯特德感到十分惊恐,意识到自己之前写的故事正一幕幕在自己眼前呈现于是,他放弃了求生的念头,走到一等舱的吸烟室,一个人坐下来看书,直到被海水吞没斯特德是个很迷信的人,可是他只意识到了轮船失事、乘客丧生的预言,却忘记了还有位船长可以解救很多遇难者的预言,而且这位泰坦尼克号的船长正是爱德华·史密斯6.Abraham Lincoln6.亚伯拉罕·林肯Abraham Lincoln had a dream about his assassination almost two weeks bee he was shot. In the midst of the Civil War and facing an overwhelming amount of stress, it not surprising that Lincoln was prone to violent and vivid dreams. He recalled that he felt a ;death-like stillness; as he walked down stairs and heard the sounds of sobbing. He found no one as he searched the house, yet everything in it seemed very familiar to him. When he reached the East Room he found a coffin being guarded by soldiers and holding a corpse in ;funeral vestments.; He found people mourning in the room and when he asked a guard who had died in the White House he answered, ;The President, he was killed by an assassin.; Lincoln was immensely bothered by this dream, and it came true on April , 1865, after which his coffin was placed in the East Room of the White House and guarded by soldiers.亚伯拉罕·林肯在遭遇杀的两周前, 曾经做过一个关于自己被暗杀的梦当时正值美国内战时期,面对铺天盖地的重重压力,也难怪林肯会经常做一些涉及暴力情节的梦,陷入逼真的梦境他回忆说,他梦到自己走下楼梯,听到阵阵啜泣声,气氛死一般的沉寂他搜寻整个房间,发现一个人都没有,但一切似乎又那么熟悉林肯走到东室(East Room),看到士兵们保卫着一具棺材,棺材里躺着一具裹着葬的尸体大家在房间里一同哀悼,他走上前询问士兵白宫里死的人是谁,士兵回答说:;是总统,总统被暗杀了;这个梦让林肯感到极度烦扰,在1865年月日,梦境成真,而他的棺材也真的被放置在白宫东室,由士兵保卫翻译:毛志遥 来源:前十网 391987

If money is no object, there is no shortage of ways to spend it. Here is our rundown of the most wallet-walloping holidays and some must-have extras. 假如钱不是问题,那么花钱的办法就有很多我们在这里介绍一些花钱如流水的度假方式及其它1. Singapore Airlines' double-bed suitesWhen an airline is engaged in a perpetual battle the world's richest people, it has to pull out all the stops. So when Singapore Airlines was deciding how to design the First Class cabins of their A380 behemoths, they hit on a novel idea. Why not end all arguments about legroom by offering a double-bed suite, complete with privacy blinds? One word of warning: if you attempt what the airline deems "inappropriate activity" you will be asked - probably very politely - to stop.Singapore Airlines suites with double beds are only available on routes served by A380. Fares vary but we were ed about pound;,0 (,5) per person a return flight from London to Singapore.假如一家航空公司总是在和这个世界上最有钱的人在打交道,它就要使出浑身解数所以,当新航在决定如何设计A380巨无霸飞机的头等舱时,他们有了一个新主意:就不要为膝部空间的大小再争吵了,索性搞一个有双人大床的套房吧,再装上保护隐私的百叶窗但是这里要提醒一下,假如你的行为被新航认为“不恰当”的话,他们会——也许是很有礼貌地——要求你停下来新航的双人大床套房只有在A380飞机的航线上可以提供,机票价格会有变化年时我们询问了从伦敦到新加坡来回的票价,当时的报价为,0英镑 95

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